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9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide | Agrifarming.


Growing Broiler Chicken.

Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide

Broiler Farming (Poultry) Detailed Guide:-

Broiler farming.
Introduction of Broiler chicken:- What is broiler? Its a tender meat young chicken of male or female
that grows from a hatch weight of 40 grams to a weight over approximately around 1.5 kg to 2 kg in about
6 weeks time period only. Broilers today has emerged as the one of the fastest growing poultry segment
with the increased acceptance of broiler chicken meat in cities, towns, and villages, the demand and
consumption of broiler chicken is increasing day by day in a fast pace. In India, during the last few years,

poultry farming has taken a U- turn from a backyard venture into a fastest growing commercial sector. For 1/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

achieving better profits from poultry industry, One should be aware and have good knowledge on its
technicality viz: housing, breed, feed management, and over all maintenance.

Broilers breeds reared for meat purpose are: a) Commercial Broiler breeds b) Dual purpose Broiler

1. Commercial Broiler breeds in India.




Colour broiler.



2.Dual purpose Broiler breeds.

Kuroiler Dual.

Rhode Island.

Red Vanaraja.

Grama Priya.

Krishibro a
coloured Broiler.
Housing/Shed & Management in Broiler farming:- To achieve optimum chick growth and body weight

gain in broiler farming, It is essential to provide comfortable and growth specific housing or shed area for

One should consider the following factors or parameters for better Broiler housing and

management.Housing/Shed design and site selection are major factors to be considered.

Selecting the Site for Broiler farming:- 2/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

Should have sufficient land area.

Should have good water supply and electricity.

Preferably higher land should be considered to avoid water logging in rainy season.

Better to have road connectivity and transport facility.

Should be far from human activities and housing estates.

Should have market access to procure any farm inputs and selling of farm produces.

Housing /Shed Design in Broiler farming:-

Housing should have good ventilation and wind flow.

In deep litter system, space requirement is 1 sq ft / bird.

Should consider East-West as length-wise direction of the shed.

Shed Direction.
Housing or Shed System:- Try to make housing at low cost, so that saved amount can be used for bird

purchase or feed or any other farm inputs. For building a low cost housing system, use locally available
material like mud, bamboo, thatch roof/chitra etc. Management is the important part of the broiler

farming to achieve desired meat production. Following are the vital parameters to be considered in Broiler

management System.

1) Broiler breed selection: Day-old chicks with good quality should be selected.

2) Preparation housing before arrival of chicks:

Remove the previously used litters and wash the house equipments properly.

Should spray sanitizers on litter and entire poultry house.

Should spray selected disinfectants.

Should clean water pipelines.

Should consider fumigation of poultry house with suitable agents. 3/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

3) Brooding:

Should start brooder 1 day prior to arrival of chicks to the farm.

Should adjust the hover temperature to 95 F at first week and reduce by 5 F every week until 70 F.

Should Place chick guard for first week.

First day- Broiler Chicks in your shed

4) Ventilation: The shed /house should be designed with cross ventilation for allowing fresh air to
circulate inside the house by providing wire mesh net on two opposite sides of the shed.

5) Lighting: Continuous lighting should be provided from day old to till marketing of chicks.

6) Floor space requirement in the shed: 1 sq ft / bird.

7) Deep Litter Management in Broiler farming:

Litter materials used in the shed should be either rice husk, saw dust, or chopped wheat straw etc
depending upon availability of the material.

Should remove old litter and use fresh litter for rearing pullets and new batches of 4/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

To avoid caking of litter due to high moisture level in the shed, stirring litter should be carried out on
regular basis and humidity of the shed should be maintained.

Poultry Feed Management:- As feed plays vital role in poultry farming and is the major cost of poultry
production which seriously affects the production output of the birds. So the feed and feeding
management is the major important consideration for efficient commercial poultry farming. Improper

feeding causes several deficiency disease which results in poor production performance.

Also, make sure the feed have all the required nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein, minerals & vitamins)
in right proportion for better growth of the birds. In addition to the regular nutrients, some additives are
required to facilitate digestion and growth and is usually added in reputed commercial feed.

Types of Poultry Feed:-

Age of chicks Feed Type

0 10 days Pre-Starter

11 21 days Starter

22 days Till marketing Finisher

Estimated Feed consumption of Broiler farming:-

Chicks age in days Feed Weight in grams Body Weight gain/day

1st day2nd day 3rd 20gm/bird/day22gm/bird/day 45 55 gms55 95

day4th day 24gm/bird/day26gm/bird/day gms 95 135

gms135 175 gms

5th day 28gm/bird/day

175 215 gms

6th day 30gm/bird/day

215 255 gms

7th day 32gm/bird/day
255 295 gms
8th day 34gm/bird/day
295 335 gms
9th day 36gm/bird/day
335 385 gms
10th day 38gm/bird/day
385 425 gms
11th day 40gm/bird/day 5/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

12th day 42gm/bird/day 425 465 gms

13th day 44gm/bird/day 465 505 gms

14th day 46gm/bird/day 505 545 gms

15th day 48gm/bird/day 545 585 gms

16th day 50gm/bird/day 585 625 gms

17th day 52gm/bird/day 625 665 gms

18th day 54gm/bird/day 665 705 gms

19th day 54gm/bird/day 705 745 gms

20th day 56gm/bird/day 745 785 gms

21st day 58gm/bird/day 785 825 gms

22nd day 60gm/bird/day 825 865 gms

23rd day 62gm/bird/day 865 905 gms

24th day 64gm/bird/day 905 945 gms

25th day 66gm/bird/day 945 985 gms

26th day 68gm/bird/day 985 1,025 gms

1,025 1,045 gms

Application of Effective Micro-Organism Liquid (E.M.) in Broiler farming:

E.M. 6/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |
What is E.M? E.M. Is a brown colour concentrated liquid produced from the cultivation of 80 strains of
beneficial microorganisms collected from natural environment of India.

What are the advantages of E.M. Technology in Livestock Production or in Broiler farming ?

It reduces cost inputs more efficiently and improves gain in body weight.

It maintains better health condition of chicks.

It helps Clean shed, less flies, ticks and less disease incidence.

E.M. in Broiler feed on daily basis:-

Age of birds E.M. Bokashi

01 07 days 30 gm/ kg feed

08 14 days 20 gm/ kg feed

15 days onwards 10 gm/ kg feed

E.M. Solution as additive in drinking water on daily basis:-

Age of bird E.M. Solution

01 14 days 1 ml/ liter of water

15 days onwards 0.5 ml/ liter of water

Caution Note: E.M.solution should not be mixed with anti-biotic, disinfectants / chlorinated water.

Diseases, Control and Vaccination schedule in Broiler farming:- CLICK HERE.

Bio-Security Measures in Broiler farming: Bio-security is a method of preventing the spread of disease

onto your poultry farm.

Bio-security has 3 major components:


Traffic Control.

Sanitation. 7/8
9/25/2017 Broiler Farming (Poultry) Information Guide |

What are the Bio-security Measures in Broiler farming ?

Should have fencing.

Should keep visitors to a minimum.

Should limit visitations to other poultry farms.

Should keep all animals and wild birds out of poultry sheds.

Should practice sound rodent and pest control programs.

Must inspect bird flocks daily and recognize disease symptoms.

Should have good ventilation and relatively dry litter.

Should keep areas around sheds and feed bins clean.

Never go for exchange of feed and equipments.

Disinfection and sanitization of poultry sheds & equipment should be carried frequently.

Dead birds must be disposed properly.

Possible Ways of Disease spread

Marketing of Broiler Chicks:- Marketing should be planned in advance of starting a farm. A successful
farming will depend on the good poultry market and the price offered. In India, consumption of chicken

will be less on certain festival times.

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