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Description of place: The Municipality of Valle del Guamuez, is located in the South - West of the Department

of Putumayo; bordered to the north by the municipality of Orito, to the east with the municipality of Puerto
Ass, to the west with Orito and to the Department of Nario and to the south with the municipality of San
Miguel and the Republic of Ecuador. It has an area of 841 km 2, a height of 280 msnm, and the average
temperature of 28 C. The urban center of the Hormiga, capital of the municipality, is located in the geographic
coordinates 00 25 30 "north latitude and 76 54 20" longitude West.

Its topography is formed by some valleys, combined with mesones and lomeros, is crossed by innumerable
rivers and ravines, that make of its lands a great pantry open to the commercialization of the different fruits. It is
an integral part of the Colombo - Ecuadorian border corridor, considered in transit and transportation with
Ecuador. The advantageous position of the municipality as a border area allows to promote integral
development. It is surrounded by the municipalities of Orito, Puerto Ass and San Miguel in the department of

Activities that people usually do in that place:

- Doing sport (gymnastics, aerobics, soccer, skating).

Description of the activities in the image:


Things you like about the place:

I like the natural environment, its flora and fauna, its rivers, culture, gastronomy.

Things you do not like about the place:

I do not like the politics, the administration of the Municipality, the insecurity as far as the robberies and