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Training + Guaranteed Job

PM DIMENSIONS Organization Overview

What does PM DIMENSIONS do?

 Creates talent pools of practicing engineers in its TRAINING DIVISION
 Employs trained engineers on projects in India /globally in ENGINEERING SERVICES division

(What the IT industry has done in the last 20 years trained and exported IT professionals to 60 countries,
PM DIMENSIONS does similarly in the core engineering domain focus on energy industry)

Where is PM DIMENSIONS based?

 India : Mumbai (HQ), Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, Delhi

 Austria, Europe : Vienna
PM DIMENSIONS Nuclear Engineering Practice

 175+ nuclear experts ex-BARC, NPCIL, AERB, etc

 Partners of the World Nuclear Association
 Training Center in Gandhinagar, Gujarat
 Only company worldwide to have a nuclear power plant on lease in Europe, Zwentendorf
Nuclear Power Plant in Austria, Europe

 Training Partners of the IAEA, World Nuclear University

 Authorized Partners of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
 Member of Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology
PM DIMENSIONS provides Indian Nuclear Engineers for Global Projects

 Massive growth in nuclear power projects globally

 At least 10 new projects in India Kalpakkam, Kudamkulam, Kota, Kakrapar, etc
 Every project requires 10,000 12,000 engineers over 5 years
 Undertake : Engineering Design, Construction, Technical Services, QA, Documentation, Safety
Analysis, etc.
 PM DIMENSIONS has customers in India (Kalpakkam), Europe (Germany/Bulgaria) and Africa
PM DIMENSIONS is recruiting 150 Nuclear Engineers in July/Aug 2012

 Between 2010 2013, PM DIMENSIONS needs 300 nuclear engineers

 150 have already undergone training in 2010-12 and have being recruited
 10 CNEP batches are over
 Current recruitment drive is for an additional 150 engineers
 Training is expensive includes 1 month in Europe at Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant,
 PMDIMENSIONS needs to ensure 100% professional commitment from young student
engineers and that they do not disappear after the training
 Hence we have a PAID TRAINING (funded by Bank) + GUARANTEED JOB approach
Nuclear Engineers will be assigned to Engineering Services Projects

Business Functions
 Business Development
 Project Management
 Solutions Management

Engineering Functions
 Design Analysis (CFD, FEM, RTH,
 Documentation Services
 Research Analysis
 Technology Consulting
PM DIMENSIONS Model : Training + Guaranteed Job for 150 Engineers

PM DIMENSIONS signs loan
(a) Bank approves loan only because
application as GUARANTOR of job guarantee & PM
of repayment DIMENSIONS guarantor status

(b) Student effectively pays Rs. 0.71L

calculated Rs 1.25L Rs 0.54L

Student pays Rs. Student applies for

1.25 L over 1 year Rs. 4L bank loan

Student Engineer
joins Engineering
Services Division @
Certified Nuclear salary of Rs 4L per
Engineering Professional year
Student paid
Program 1 Year (incl. 1 Rs 0.54L during
Process Loan repaid over 5
month in Europe) internship/misc
years from salary

Costing Rs. 5.25 Lakhs

CNEP Program Overview

The programs intent is to develop an inquisitive and capable

workforce that has a rounded understanding of nuclear
Objective engineering and is ready to contribute to both the local and global
nuclear industry.

B.Tech. or equivalent in Mechanical/ Electrical/ Electronics/

Eligibility Chemical / Instrumentation / Civil / Metallurgical Engineering

52 Weeks (including internship and visit to the Zwentendorf

Duration Nuclear Power Plant in Vienna, Austria)

Selection Technical Test

Process Interview
CNEP Program Structure

Classroom Instructions for 8 Months (36 Weeks)

(Labs will be conducted at Gandhinagar )

3 Weeks Nuclear Power Plant Training at

Zwentendorf, Austria

3 Months (13 Weeks) Internship

Deployment in PM DIMENSIONS Engineering

Services division
Courses, Lab Work, International Training, Industry Internships


Applied Mathematics Safety Evaluation & Analysis

Materials Science Project Management

Nuclear & Reactor Physics Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

Nuclear Power Plant Engineering NDT & QA

Radiation Protection Waste Management

Reactor Structural Engineering Balance of Plants

 Industry Internships
 3 weeks training in Vienna, Austria

Training is conducted by 30 nuclear experts ex-BARC, NPCIL, AERB, with

more than 30 years experience in nuclear power projects
International Training

3 weeks training in Vienna, Austria at

(a) Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant

(b) Siebersdorf Laboratories

(c) International Atomic Energy Agency



The training is conducted by European

experts who are ex-IAEA
CNEP Students undergoing training at Zwentendorf

SC Katiyar

Former Station Director of Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) of The Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL)
30 years+ experience in the areas of plant management, operations, maintenance, construction and commissioning.
Head of the training division of TAPS
Responsible for the comprehensive planning and implementation of retro fitment of the Tarapur Atomic Power Station

M.S. Gupta

35 years of experience across operations, quality assurance, safety reviews, planning and scheduling functions.
Actively involved with training personnel on project management and operation and maintenance in a power plant.
Hands on experience of root cause analysis; quality assurance; regulatory compliances, documentation and control.
Held the position of Associate Director (Regulatory Affairs) at Nuclear Power Corporation India Ltd (NPCIL), India.
Advisor to Heavy Water Board

A.K. Babbar

Former Head (Probabilistic Safety Assessment Section, Reactor Safety Division) at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Renowned faculty on Reliability Engineering and Risk Assessment, Probability Theory and Operations Research at
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, IIT Bombay and BARC Training School.

Details Amount Remarks

Admission Fee Rs. 25000
Education Loan Rs. 400000 From Corporation Bank or HDFC Credila
Term 1 Rs. 33000
Term 2 Rs. 33000
Term 3 Rs. 34000
TOTAL Rs. 525000 Student
Monetary Benefits Amount Remarks pays Rs. 71000
Accommodation Rs. 24000
3 months internship Rs. 30000
TOTAL Rs. 54000

Loan repaid through salary earned from PM DIMENSIONS on completion of training


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4

General Engineering Technical & HR Selection: Trainee Registration
& Interview Offer Letter to
Aptitude Test Candidate

 Why paid training + job guarantee model?

This model ensures that there is firm commitment from both, the student engineer and
PMDIMENSIONS towards the professional relationship.
Both sign the loan application, hence the student does not disappear after completion of an
expensive training program
The company also ensures that he/she develops skills worthy of a job of Rs 4L per year for several

Why doesnt PM DIMENSIONS take a bond or keep original certificates?

Bonds are difficult to execute and certificates are of no use if the students disappear after the
expensive training program. We need committed and capable student engineers

 Why is PM DIMENSIONS guarantor status important?

Corporation Bank and HDFC Credila have evaluated PM DIMENSIONS. Loans are sanctioned only
because the guaranteed jobs build in the repayment capacity in the student engineers. Loans will not
be sanctioned without PM DIMESIONS signature

 Where will training be held?

Hyderabad, Gandhinagar (Labs) & 3 weeks in Vienna

 How many students have been trained so far?

Over 175+ .Batch No. 11 of CNEP is in progress

How many have been absorbed?

60+ have been absorbed, the training for the balance is in progress

Where will I be based after the training?

Gandhinagar/Mumbai or at a client location such as Kalpakkam (Chennai) or Rajasthan or Hyderabad

 What will be my job profile?

You will join the engineering services division (engineering design, documentation, safety analysis,
risk/reliability, etc)

 Can I be based at international locations?

About 10% of 300 students will be based internationally

 What are my growth prospects in the company?

You will be assigned to a group within engineering services. Growth is based on performance,
capabilities and commitment to work
Contact Numbers

Counselor Numbers:-

Hyderabad: +91 - 40 - 6589 6146

Gandhinagar : +91 - 79 - 4010 0321/22
Mumbai : +91 - 22 - 6734 9815