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Rehan Ashraf Memon Tel : 0321-3033930

e-mail :
Citizenship : Pakistani ▪ Date of birth : 17th March 1984

Flat # 16, Block # 32, Defence housing authority, DHA Phase – I, Karachi.
I am looking to make my career in Supply Chain, Cost Management, Investment Analyses, and Marketing
fields and trying to make a good position in these fields through providing a quality and effective services with
flexible approach to absorb the current uncertain economical situation in the world.


In Progress MBA (Industrial management). Majors In Supply Chain Management

Institute Of Business Management (IoBM)

BBA (hons) (september 2007) (September 2007)

2004 to 2007 ISRA University Hyderabad
 Distinction in 3rd, 5th and last semester.
CGPA: 3.45 (88.06%)

Work Experience
Dubai Islamic Bank Internship

Cash department One week

Customer relation management One week

Treasury One week

Finance department One week

Marketing department One week

Managing business of floorings and children From 8 years

garments with father
Maintain the responsiveness of the
To search for perspective suppliers.
changing demands of the products.
To select compatible the suppliers.
Manage the cost of supply channels.
To negotiate with suppliers.
Maintain the supplier’s account. Maintain the sales, expense, and stock
Key Skills

Did projects on: IT skills:

 Macro & Micro Economics (dynamics of 1. M.S Office 2007
financial and commodity markets  Word.
prices).  Excel.
 Economic development (reasons and  Access.
solutions for the under the line poverty  PowerPoint.
in Pakistan).  Website development
 Computer applications.  HTML.
 Financial pro-forma Of New Business  DHTML
 Investment analyses (Which Way the
Commodities Are heading).
 Supply chain management of steel  Visual basic.
industry & textile industry of Pakistan.  C++.
 Business communications.  Structure query language(SQL)
 Marketing management.
 Financial management (management of 3. Software:
emergency financial risk).  Minitab.
 Strategic management (strategic  Visio organizational charts.
management of textile industry of  Adobe photo shop.
Pakistan).  Windows movie maker.
 Statistical inference.  Windows XP.
 Web-site development.
 Industrial management. Taxation and business laws:
 Business laws.
Communication skills:  Industrial and labor laws.
 In presentation.  Environmental impact assessment of an
 Negotiation with backline and frontline organization.
supply chain agents  Tax calculation of Pakistan system and U.K
 Memo writing. system
 Analytical Research, informational,
conference, feasibility, yardstick, and Management skills:
justification/recommendation Reports
Writing.  Supply chain management.
 Corporate Interpersonal communication  Automatic Financial planning, statements,
skills. and transaction system development and
 Persuasive and sales messages writing. management.
 Business letters.  Total quality management (TQM)
 Project Management.

Carrier Interest

Currently I am looking to work in Supply Chain management, Cost Management, Investment

analyses, and Marketing management fields.