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Cinematic Mode is a way of playing
WOIN games in a more heroic, flashy
way. Characters in Cinematic Mode have
more HEALTH, more LUCK dice, and
more. Cinemetic Mode is great for
emulating some of the more
swashbuckling settings, both fantasy and
Sometimes, you want the other end of
the spectrum, though. Maybe you’re
playing a game based around
Lovecraftian horror, or particularly hard
sci-fi. Such settings feature characters
who do not seek out the glory of combat,
because combat in those settings is
Alternatively, you may wish to the push
the envelope into cartoonish action,
especially in a game which features a lot
of comedy.
This article introduces two new game
modes - Grit Mode and Cartoon Mode.

Grit Mode
Grit Mode is an alternative to Cinematic
Mode. It is designed for deadly games,
and is particularly appropriate to
survival or horror games or to hard sci-fi.
In Grit Mode, the following applies:

1. Characters do not have a LUC pool.
They still have a LUC score, which can
be rolled like other attribute scores, but
no character may spend LUC dice.

not just critical hits . Characters do not have a Maximum ammo using the following rules. If you Dice Pool prescribed by their Grade. as ammo conservation is part ridiculous feats. so it is 2. Characters only heal 1 point of HEALTH when they spend their 5 minutes to recover HEALTH. characters will be reluctant to throw themselves into combat and will know when to retreat. 4. and slower. However. . 4. Cartoon Mode Cartoon Mode is the diametric opposite of Grit Mode.push characters one stage along a status track. At the actions which make the rest of the end of every encounter. basic ammunition unconscious. Characters earn LUC dice for comedic Ammo uses a countdown pool. The game feels cautious. you may choose to track 3. it’s a hassle to keep track with full HEALTH. They merely fall In most WOIN games. All characters recover all HEALTH assumed that PCs have enough ammo on when they spend their 5 minutes to them. Playing in Grit Mode makes for a very different game. of the survival-horror genre. Tracking Ammo 1. Ammo must be tracked using the rules later in this article. and wake up the next day is not tracked. recover. All hits in combat . countdown pool and remove any sixes. of and super-cheap to replace.2. Characters do not die. are playing in Grit Mode. and pushes the boundaries of believability far further than even Cinematic Mode does. 3. you must use This enables them to perform these rules. you roll the group laugh out loud.

the first die of ammo costs 5cr. Weight. What does this mean? It means you dropped it.generally. . and so on. Suppressive fire. this costs rule. If you already have two dice of ammo. The first die costs one-twentieth (5%) the cost of the weapon. The GM will be the featured in a WOIN game. you have run out of ammo. Usually reloading isn’t donating the ammo. This means that you cannot always predict when you will run out of ammo. antimatter. left it behind somewhere. Each ammunition die weighs This applies to regular ammunition. When buying more ammo. or a Sharing ammo. and each die thereafter costs double the previous die.) these slower weapons. laser. So for a 100cr pistol. the third costs 20cr. which means they can only fire once type of weapon (slugger. but you are not counting each shot exactly. Suppressive fire automatically discards one ammo die. Ammo can be shared quiver full of arrows. This can have unusual consequences . Any weapon which between characters by handing each uses ammunition is tracked using this other ammo dice. or whatever other explanation you or the GM care to proffer. you simply buy “dice” . You know when you are running short. the second costs 10cr. This abstracts the reloading of etc. you start by paying for the third die (20cr). You can top up at any time you would normally be able to buy ammo. the one pound. Some arbiter of what ammunition can be weapons are designated with the single shared . one action on the part of the character Reloading. per round.When you discard the last buy ammo and then immediately run out. In combat. power packs of energy weapons. it got wet. it should be the same trait.