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Volume 10, Number 5, 2004, pp. 867877

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.


A Personal Perspective on Energies in Future Energy Medicine



This paper deals with the evolution of medicine from chemical medicine to energy medicine to information
medicine as, first, standard electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields are applied to a patient and, second,
as subtle energy fields are applied to the patient. Next, a brief reporting is given on our specific intention im-
printing of a simple electrical device, which, when turned on in a given space, lifts the inner symmetry state
of that space and tunes that space so that the specific intention, acting on the materials in that space, causes
well-designed target experiments running in that space to yield results in full accord with the specific inten-
tion. A new theoretical model of nature is provided to explain these seemingly anomalous phenomena. A new
perspective on what constitutes the whole person is also provided and one finds that human consciousness will
become an important experimental variable in future medicine.

INTRODUCTION Function L Structure L Chemistry L

Electromagnetic Energy Fields Equation 2
For the past two centuries, traditional Western medicine
has considered that living organisms operate largely via the This expansion of concept was the first stage in the de-
following sequence of reactions: velopment of a new branch of medicine which became la-
beled as energy medicine, largely because of the use of
Function L Structure L Chemistry Equation 1 nonchemical procedures to restore and enhance function
in living systems. In our normal U(1) electromagnetic
When an organ was not functioning properly, the cause (EM) gauge symmetry state, this means that we must con-
was often ascribed to structural defects in the system arising sider the movements of both positively and negatively
out of chemical imbalances. It was recognized that chemical charged electric ions and of neutral molecules, especially
level homeostasis may have been dependent upon a con- with large electric polarizabilities or electric dipole mo-
nection with a deeper level energy structure in the organism, ments and magnetic dipole moments. The movement of
but no clear discrimination of this connection followed un- the former is determined by the electrophoretic force,
til the latter half of the last century. It is the Equation 1 phi- which is proportional to the electric field, E, while, for the
losophy that led to what has been called chemical medi- latter, it is the dielectrophoretic force (Pohl, 1978) or the
cine by some people (Tiller, 1997). Forward steps were diamagnetophoretic force (the last term is changed from
taken in the past century using small direct current (DC) and usual usage for pedagogic reasons that relate to any ac-
alternating current (AC) current applied to the brain and other cessibility to magnetic monopoles), which is proportional
parts of the body to induce behavioral changes, enhanced to the gradient of E2 and H2, respectively. If we place a
fracture healing, and electrophysiologic responses in animals living animal or human in a homogeneous, uniform elec-
and humans. This caused Equation 1 to be expanded to tric or magnetic field, because the skeleton and organs

William A. Tiller Foundation for New Science, Payson, AZ.


have different electric permittivity and magnetic perme- tion pattern inherent in silver emissions as a collection of
ability than the rest of the body, these uniform external specific frequency photons, when entangled with the gas dis-
fields are converted to inhomogeneous internal fields and charging tube EM carrier wave and thereby transported to
the neutral molecules must then move toward the high the bacteria, is a sufficient condition to kill the bacteria.
field regions, setting up enhanced voltage gradients that From this, we would conclude that we would also kill the
accelerate ion movement. This applies to either direct cur- bacteria if we optically combine the outputs from several
rent (DC) or alternating current external fields. Thus, ex- light sources, each with a frequency of one of the key peaks
ternal electric and magnetic forces strongly drive chemi- in the silver EM emission spectrum, and focus such a com-
cal processes in our bodies. bined beam onto the beaker of water. At least one of these
Within the same timeframe, Western explorations into frequencies has the specific photon energy to be absorbed
new medical therapeutic modalities, such as acupuncture, selectively by the bacteria (Brooks, 2003; Brooks and Blum,
electrodermal monitoring, kinesiology, Therapeutic Touch, 2003) and, if the beam intensity is high enough, that is what
nonlocal healing, polarity balancing, and renewed interest kills the bacteria. Such specific optical frequencies, and
in homeopathy, all began to be catalogued under the broad other subharmonic EM frequencies to these, can be success-
label of energy medicine. During the 1970s I began to use fully utilized as a catalyst to replace costly metal catalysts
the term subtle energies, as distinct from EM, to discrimi- in specific chemical reactions (Brooks and Blum, 2003).
nate energy contributions that were thought to underlie the The second example relates to a particular healer who
fabric of EM in nature, so Equation 1 was expanded yet was extensively studied by Green et al. (1993) via his cop-
again to become (Tiller, 1997): per wall apparatus. Green devised a simulated healing ex-
periment involving an accomplished healer located inside a
Function L Structure L Chemistry L Electric specially designed environment, which was, in turn, located
& Magnetic Energy Fields inside a larger room. The healer, wired to a variety of elec-
E trophysiologic measurement instruments, stood or sat on an
Subtle Energy Fields electrically insulated framework placed within four large
Equation 3 square copper walls, one in front, one behind, one above,
and one below. Electrically insulated electrometers simul-
I defined subtle energy fields in the mid-1970s to be all fields taneously recorded the individual voltages of these four
other than those generated via the four accepted fundamen- walls plus that from an electrode placed on the healers ear-
tal forces of the prevailing paradigm (gravity, EM, the weak lobe.
nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force). Members of this Instead of showing the 10 or 15 millivolts (mV) baseline
new category of field are not necessarily weak but rather reading with 1 mV ripples that are typical of the human
elusive and difficult to detect by todays instruments for a body, the healers body voltage often plunged 30300
variety of reasons. Unfortunately, most of todays measure- volts and then returned to baseline within 0.510 seconds.
ment instruments are based upon electric signal responses, This astoundingly large body voltage pulse is 100,000
which are constrained to travel slower than the light veloc- times normal, and correlated pulses of 15 volts appeared
ity, c. Thus, for subtle energy fields that travel faster than on each of the four copper walls. In a 30-minute session,
c, some transduction mechanism must exist for them to be this healer manifested 15 of these anomalously large pulses.
detected by such instruments and, unfortunately, many will From this experiment, I generated a theoretical model (Tiller
therefore just interpret such data as another aspect of EM. et al., 1995) of a nonobservable subtle energy pulse emitted
Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to pause a moment from some location in the healers body, transduced through
and reflect upon two simple examples illustrating (1) how a series of stages to become a magnetic vector potential
EM field patterns can mimic and replace chemistry and (2) pulse, A(t), (A is a recognized potential of current electro-
how a recognized subtle energy field can produce electric dynamics) and thus ultimately manifests as an electric field,
field correlates. E(t), acting to cause an electric dipole to form in the body;
For the first example, consider the familiar practice of there is a standard mathematical connection between this E
placing colloidal silver particles in a beaker of water that and A(t) (Jackson, 1962; Kraus and Carver, 1973). Using
contains abundant bacteria. It is well-known that doing this this quantitative approach, I was able to make an analysis
will kill the bacteria. What is not so well-known is that the of the data from the 15 pulses.
bacteria will also be killed by placing colloidal silver parti- In 13 of the 15 pulses, the place of origin was predicted
cles in a nearby gas-discharge tube and focusing the EM (Tiller et al., 1995) to be the lower abdomen, front side of the
emissions from the tube onto the beaker (Brooks, 2003). Us- body. The electric dipole was predicted to be 5 feet long
ing such a tube without the presence of silver does not kill with the positive end at the lower part of the body. Interest-
the bacteria. We can deduce from this that (1) physical con- ingly enough, there is an acupuncture meridian that extends
tact between the silver and the bacteria is not a necessary from the soles of the feet to the shoulder region in all humans.
condition for killing the bacteria and (2) the EM informa- It was also possible to show that a very small current flow in

such a meridian (nanoamperes) for a very short time (0.1 and then place it in a separate electrically grounded FC, un-
to several seconds) was all that was necessary to achieve this til the specific target experiment was ready to receive it. Full
result. Such a small current is much less than that typically details of this experimental procedure have been disclosed
observed (1000 nanoamperes) when any two different elsewhere (Kohane and Tiller, 2001; Tiller and Dibble,
acupuncture points are electrically connected. 2001; Tiller et al., 2001). What is important to note here is
What I deduced from this study was that (1) the healers that (1) if the aluminum foil wrapping and the FC protocols
intention to heal can manifest, via at least one subtle energy were not used then, even in the electrically off state and
correlate, ultimately as large electric voltage pulses in phys- separated by 100 meters, the imprinted device still had
ical reality; (2) some medium exists that couples the nonob- available to it some unknown information channel whereby
servable subtle energy/information pulse to an observable it could transfer the imprint statement to the unimprinted de-
physical energy; and (3) a precise mathematical analysis vice, and we lost our control; (2) four target experiments
could be generated to concretize this elusive concept. were selected and they were robustly successful (described
There are dozens to hundreds of similar or even more below); and (3) we learned that by continuing to run the
profound examples of energy/information-generated events same target experiment with its intention imprinted electri-
that are quite inexplicable based upon the known behavior cal device (IIED) in the same space for 23 months, the
of the four fundamental forces. This is not the place to lay EM gauge symmetry state (Atchison and Hey, 1982;
out such a long list; here; my purpose is to move onward to Moriyasu, 1983) of that space was raised to an appreciably
a testable model of subtle energies, subtle information func- higher level than our normal U(1) state and, further, that this
tioning in nature, and the whole person. The next section raised EM gauge symmetry state was a necessary condition
presents some key experimental results in this regard and a for achieving successful results with the target experiments
theoretical model that is capable of accommodating the new (Tiller et al., 2001). Just continuing to activate the IIED in
data, plus what we must learn in order to push onward suc- the space is sufficient to raise the EM gauge symmetry state,
cessfully. The final section expands this viewpoint to a per- and running the target experiment for the first time will yield
sonal perspective of what constitutes the whole person and, enhanced results.
thus, what both basic science and future medicine must be The four target experiments were:
prepared to deal with.
1. To lower the pH of purified water in equilibrium with air
by one full pH unit with no chemical additions: our mea-
surement accuracy was better than 0.01 pH units
EXPANDING THE PARADIGM 2. To raise the pH of the same type of purified water in
equilibrium with air by one full pH unit with no chemi-
The implicit, unstated assumption of both todays quan- cal additions
tum mechanics paradigm and the former classical mechan- 3. To increase the thermodynamic activity of a specific liver
ics paradigm is that no human quality of consciousness, in- enzyme, alkaline phosphatase, by a significant amount
tention, emotion, mind, or spirit can significantly influence (experiments revealed an 25% increase at p  0.001)
a carefully designed target experiment in physical reality. 4. To increase the adenosine triphosphate (ATP)/adenosine
Furthermore, there is no place in the formal structure of ei- disphosphate (ADP) ratio in the cells of fruit-fly larvae
ther paradigm for any of these human qualities to enter. Only so that they would be more fit and thus have a reduced
if such a quality could be mathematically phrased as a valid development time to the adult fly stage (experiments re-
thermodynamic potential energy could it be incorporated vealed an 20%25% increase in ATP/ADP ratio and a
into Schrdingers wave equation and thus influence the similar reduction in larval development time, both at p 
quantum wave function. Because we generally think of these 0.001 [Tiller et al., 2001]).
human qualities as being different than some type of energy,
it is necessary to find out precisely what these qualities are, The particular follow-up experiment that revealed the rais-
how they are correlated to energies, and how to expand the ing of the EM gauge symmetry state follows.
basic framework of quantum mechanics to incorporate such Figure 1A shows the typical water vessel containing both
qualities. However, perhaps it is first necessary to describe pH and temperature monitoring sensors used in all the pH
what is clearly the detection of a white crow type of ex- experiments. In addition, a disc-shaped DC magnet was
periment. placed under and axially aligned with the water vessel. First,
Our white crow experiment (Tiller et al., 2001) was to the pH was monitored for several days with the S-pole of
take two identical low-technology electronic devices, wrap the magnet pointing upward. Next, the magnet was turned
one in aluminum foil and place it in an electrically grounded over so that the N-pole pointed upward for several additional
Faraday cage (FC) as the control and, from a state of deep days. This protocol did not change the basic magnetic field
meditation, imprint a specific, target experiment-influenc- symmetry relative to the jar of water. Only the field polar-
ing intention into the other device, wrap it in aluminum foil ity changed and, because the magnetic force is proportional

A both electric and magnetic monopoles naturally coexist and

use of the word magnetophoresis as a physical force be-
comes relevant.
From other experiments (Tiller et al., 2001) carried out
in IIED-conditioned spaces, oscillations in pH, electrical
conductivity, water temperature, and air temperature have
been observed. Fans blowing on an array of thermistors lo-
cated in this space did not cause the oscillations to dissipate
as they would if the temperature changes were caused by
natural convection in the air. Also, removing the FC con-
taining the water vessel, thought to be the source of the os-
cillations, did not cause the T-oscillations to immediately
dissipate. Rather, these phantom oscillations lingered for
many days to many weeks, so it became possible to run an-
other experiment with them. First, a larger natural quartz
crystal was placed with its c-axis pointing upward within
the original circle of the now-absent FC; this just increased
the amplitude and sharpened the details of the T-oscillation
profile with distance. However, when the crystal was rotated
to lie on a prism face with the c-axis now pointing along a
line of thermistors, the shape of the T-oscillation waveform
B immediately inverted with a 2-fold increase in frequency
and a 3-fold decrease in amplitude. From all of these ex-
periments it was deduced that the T-oscillations were com-
ing from the vacuum level of reality which meant that the
space between the fundamental particles that comprise the
atoms and molecules surrounding humanity. Because these
particles are so tiny compared to the size of an atom, one
can conclude that almost all the interior space of an atom
can be considered to be vacuum-level space.
Before considering a theoretical model that can account
for all these weird data, it is necessary to note something
about the energy content expected to reside in the vacuum.
A number of theoretical physicists have calculated that, for
relativity theory and quantum mechanics to be internally
self-consistent, the vacuum must contain 1094 grams/cc of
mass energy (E  mc2 type of energy), which is a very large
number. To put this number in perspective, if one can think
FIG. 1. A. Experimental setup for testing changes due to a di- of the universe as being almost flat in a curvature sense (and
rect current (DC) magnet placed under the water. B. pH changes astronomers say that we can) then, if one compares the la-
with time for pure water for both N-pole up and S-pole up axially
tent vacuum energy contained within the volume of a sin-
aligned DC magnetic fields at 100 and 500 gauss.
gle hydrogen atom to the mass energy contained within the
volume all the planets and stars out to as far as the best tele-
scopes can reach (15 billion light-years), one finds that
to the gradient of H2 in the U(1) EM gauge symmetry state, the former is much much larger than the latter. From this
one should see no change in pH by reversing the magnet one can conclude that the physical vacuum state must be a
polarity. However, for an IIED-conditioned space, Figure very important part of any relevant expanded paradigm.
1B shows a large pH  pH(S)  pH(N), indicating that
the EM gauge symmetry state of the laboratory had changed.
As one reflects on this result, it becomes clear that access
to some aspect of magnetic monopoles is a necessary con- A MULTIDIMENSIONAL THEORETICAL
dition for producing a DC magnetic field polarity effect such MODEL OF NATURE
as seen in Figure 1B. From physics theory, one finds that at
the higher SU(2) EM gauge symmetry state (which is also For more than 30 years I have been conceptualizing and
a higher thermodynamic free energy per unit volume state), developing a model that can quantitatively account for both

1. It would have produced a particle and wave simultane-

ity viewpoint with the RF for the particles being direct
and the RF waves being reciprocal space (B-space or Kx,
Ky, Kz, Kt-space) space (D-space or x, y, z, t-space). The
prevailing mathematics would have revealed that a par-
ticular quality manifesting in one subspace had an equi-
librium conjugate quality manifesting in the other with a
quantitative connection between them that is called the
Fourier transform pair relationship (Bracewell, 1965).
They would have deduced that, from this new perspec-
tive, every quality manifesting in physical reality consists
of two parts, a D-space part and an R-space part, with
the relative magnitudes of the two parts being determined
by the degree of coupling between the elements of sub-
stance functioning in the two subspaces (i.e., between the
particle part and the wave part).
2. It would have shown that every point in one subspace is
connected to every other point in that subspace via
Fourier transform pair relationships with the other sub-
space. This would mean that every object in D-space has
some spatial extension via the R-space connection to its
conjugate aspect in R-space, so that no pointlike object
FIG. 2. A visualization of dual four-space frames embedded in can exist and, thus, the very troublesome, proliferating
three higher dimensional frames. mathematical singularities of present QM would be elim-
inated (of course, maybe then the invention of string the-
ory would not have been needed and, therefore, would
not have occurred). Once again, it is the degree of cou-
the phenomena studied by conventional science and the psy- pling between the conjugate physical matter aspects in
choenergetic phenomena studied by unconventional science. the two subspaces that determines the degree of this man-
Precursors to this model were the many publications avail- ifesting extension.
able on Vedic and theosophical philosophy. These caused 3. It would also show us that, in nature, one can observe
me to come to the conclusion that humans are primarily el- both local forces from the D-space aspect and nonlocal
ements of spirit having a physical experience as we ride the forces from the R-space aspect of what one calls matter
river of life together and, as such, we require some kind of or substance. Again, the relative proportions of these two
vessel that is an appropriate interface between the spirit as- forces depend upon the degree of coupling mentioned
pects of nature and the physical aspects of nature. Figure 2 above.
is a schematic structural representation of this model. It is
a reference framework or map that I chose for finding my It is interesting to note that all three of these features have
way about the larger reality. At present, the reference frame been ascribed as belonging to novel characteristics of a QM
(RF) sufficient for conventional science to describe its world description for nature. However, this particular BCBS RF
is a single four-dimensional space, now called spacetime yields these results as a part of a purely classical RF change.
and designated by the four coordinates x, y, z, and t. It is Quantization has yet to be included into the formal nature
my contention that the founders of quantum mechanics of this BCBS model. This BCBS model would lead one to
(QM) should have realized that, before the leap into the propose, as did de Broglie so long ago, that each particle
quantum world, there was another important classical me- traveling in spacetime has a pilot wave envelope that trav-
chanics step to take in our primary RF for studying nature. els with it. At the time, this new concept became a corner-
Adoption of a biconformal base-space (BCBS) RF consist- stone of QM and later, via a relativistic QM analysis, it was
ing of two, four-dimensional, reciprocal subspaces, in which shown that
one is spacetime, yields the central core of the Figure 2
map. This is a new concept not present in the root Vedic VpVw  c2 Equation 4
and Theosophical literature, and it allows one to understand
better what has been previously called the etheric domain where vp  c is the particle velocity, and vw  c is the ve-
of nature. If the founders had followed such a path, they locity of the waves comprising the pilot wave. These waves
would have noted that this simple change would have done were then labeled as information waves in order not to cause
many useful things for them: trouble for relativity theory. The waves of our cognitive ex-

nodal network structure of the mind domain in this teaching

machine (Tiller, 1997) which, in turn, via various logical
processes, ultimately manifests as an action in physical real-
ity (Tiller, 1997). The bottom line is that specific inten-
tions are thought to modulate the deltron coupling function
in specific ways so as to materialize this specific intention
as a particular form in physical reality. Each of these vari-
ous domains of substance illustrated in Figure 2 is expected
to contain several unique subtle energies, just as D-space con-
tains several unique types of energy associated with the four
fundamental forces of conventional science.
A very important point to make here is that I have ex-
panded the domain of what we call physical reality to in-
clude the substances of both D-space and R-space plus the
deltron coupling medium. Thus, in the future, when one
FIG. 3. Illustration of one possible process path whereby spirit thinks of physical substance, one should hold the following
produces action in the physical domain.
picture in mind

perience are all the result of undulations in particle densi- D-Space Electric Deltron R-Space Magnetic

ties or particle fluxes and are quite different from these con- Monopole Substance Substance Monopole Substance .
tinuum-like information waves that one sees drawn in the
textbooks. However, for this important picture to be viable, It is the higher dimensional qualities of nature that can be
one needs to invent some type of coupling agency between directed to perturb physical reality by modulating this del-
the particle aspect and the information wave aspect. tron coupling substance. It is the currently unseen R-space
To integrate our recent experimental findings described aspect of physical reality that allow all psychoenergetic
in the previous section, the first important postulate is: processes (remote viewing, distant healing, energy psychol-
ogy, etc.) to occur.
Postulate 1 To illustrate how the measurement process of present-day
instrumentation can register a signature from the magnetic
The magnetic monopoles, traveling at v  c in the vac- monopole domain of reality, consider Figure 4. Here, one
uum, write the information waves as polarization traces in sees a deltron cloud surrounding both the slower moving
that vacuum. electric particle (v  c) and another deltron cloud sur-
Now this really causes trouble because one is implying rounding the magnetic monopole-constructed particle (v 
that things traveling at v  c can interact with things trav- c). Deltrondeltron interactions occur between the two del-
eling at v  c. Such relativistic heresy could only be possi-
ble if a coupling medium existed between these two aspects
of substance that had its origins in a higher dimensional
space so that normal relativistic constraints do not apply.
This leads to the second postulate.

Postulate 2
A particle exists in a higher dimensional space than the
particular BCBS and can travel both slower than v  c to in-
teract with the electric monopole aspect of substance and also
travel faster than c to interact with the magnetic monopole
aspect of substance. This unique substance has been labeled
deltron, which are inhabitants of the domain of emotion in
Figure 2. This is a 9-space if one considers this BCBS to be
a particular member of the general 8-space. This 9-space do-
main of emotion is, in turn, embedded in the domain of mind,
a 10-space, and this ten-dimensional construct presented in
Figure 2 is thought to be a teaching device for spirit (an 11-
dimensional and above construct) to grow in coherence and
develop its gifts of intentionality. Figure 3 illustrates one
process path whereby a specific intention, from the domain FIG. 4. Illustration of how deltron sheaths can allow faster-than-
of spirit, can imprint a correlated specific intention onto the light particles to interact with slower-than-light particles.

tron clouds so a definite magnetic monopole interaction via THE WHOLE PERSONWHAT IS IT?
magnetoelectric (ME) photons and deltrons is transferred to
the deltron sheath surrounding the electric particle, and the A metaphysical picture of the whole person, based on Fig-
low-velocity portion (v  c), which is transferred to the ure 2, is given in Figure 5A. Ultimately, this is what pre-
electromagnetic (EM) photons, communicates to the physi- sent and future medicine must deal with in its attempt to
cal measuring instruments. Thus, at this point, one can only serve the health needs of the whole person.
say that a correlate of the faster-than-light species is trans-
ferred to the measuring instrument. It should be recognized
that the deltron sheath surrounding the electric particle in
Fig. 4 is not actually necessary for such an interaction to oc- A
cur. Future experiments are needed to provide the necessary
scale adjustments for this type of interaction.
Recent experiments by my associates and myself have
discovered five additional advances:

1. The pH-increasing IIED experiments have been repli-

cated (Tiller et al., 2004) in two U.S. remote sites to date;
2. Information entanglement between IIED sites and sup-
posed non-IIED control sites occurs whether they are
2 miles or 2000 miles apart, so that measured pH data
show substantial increases beyond the theoretically cal-
culated U(1) EM gauge symmetry value (Tiller et al.,
2004). The rate of these pH increases seems to increase
in direct proportion to both the enthusiasm of the remote
site investigators and to the inverse of the separation dis-
tance between an IIED site and a non-IIED site;
3. A conditioned, higher EM gauge symmetry laboratory is
a sensitive detector of subtle energies (Tiller et al., 2003);
4. All humans and perhaps all vertebrates have their R-
space circuitry, and specifically their acupuncture merid-
ian/chakra system, at the SU(2) gauge symmetry level B
(Tiller et al., 2003); thus, a chi/prana pump causes chi
(ME energy at c  v  c* where c* 9  1020 cm/sec-
ond) to flow through this system to enliven all chemical,
electrical, and optical systems of the D-space aspect of
our total biobodysuit (Tiller et al., 2001) and produce
the coarser aspects of what is called life; and
5. I and a colleague (Dibble) have recently discovered a
procedure for measuring a portion of the change in the
thermodynamic free energy elevation for a conditioned
space above the normal U(1) EM gauge symmetry level,*
which manifests itself as an effective magnetic monopole
potential energy that we labeled the magnetoelectro-
chemical potential energy of the proton,
. Time-de-
pendent maps,
(t), have been generated for both all
IIED sites and all supposed control sites for this overall
remote site experiment (Tiller et al., 2004).

Finally, the general BCBS theory provides a rational basis

for the experimentally determined information entanglement
process between IIED sites and non-IIED sites (Tiller, 2003).* FIG. 5. A. The whole person, biobodysuit metaphor. Each layer
These considerations can now be applied to the whole person. has a unique substance and infrastructure. The outer two layers
constitute temporal physical reality. The middle shell is nontem-
poral and could be called the soul. The layer infrastructures and
*Tiller WA, Dibble WE Jr. Apparatus and Methods of Chang- the coupling between layers largely determine the state of wellness
ing a Thermodynamic Potential of a Limited Space Characterized of the whole person. B. Relevant information ripples all the car-
by a Series of Symmetry States. U.S. Patent Pending. rier waves.

One can think of this construct as a type of biobodysuit pump is circulating magnetoelectric energy (c  v  c*)
that the spirit-self wears in order to experience the many through the meridian circuitry of this inner layer and, because
phenomena of spacetime. Each layer of this vehicle has the SU(2) level is at a higher thermodynamic free energy per
unique substance and infrastructure. The outermost shell, unit volume level than the U(1) level (Tiller et al., 2003), via
comprised of (1) the coarse, electric monopole-generated, the deltron coupler, it will drive chemical, electrical, magnetic,
particulate substance, and (2) the fine, magnetic monopole- and optical processes in the D-space layer. Thus, at a very min-
generated, information wave substance, hosts the personal- imum, human electric and magnetic performance will be math-
ity self and constitutes what is an expanded view of physi- ematically inconsistent with conventional Maxwellian electro-
cal reality with its BCBS reference frame. These are the dynamics. Furthermore, because intention modulates the
layers that one grows during human embryo development mathematical magnitude and scope of this coupler medium (ac-
and shed off after physical death. This two-layer shell is cou- tivated deltrons), human performance in all areas of personal
pled to the middle shell of Figure 5A, which is the higher activity will be correlated strongly with the strength, bandwidth,
dimensional vehicle of the soul self that houses a portion of consistency, endurance, et cetera, of this developing intention
the spirit (Tiller, 2003). The more infrastructure develop- power source. This is what separates great performers in any
ment occurring in these layers during successive reembod- area of human activity from their less-developed kin.
iment experiences in the physical state, the more ones high So now there is a big picture view of humanity and na-
spirit self (or God self) can enter the soul body, and thereby ture. Where do we go from here?
the more conscious does the entire biobodysuit becomes.
This high spirit self is an essential part of that spectrum we
refer to as God (Green, 2001; Tiller, 2003). One might think
of our individuated God self as one note in the grand sym- IMPLICATIONS FOR HUMANS, SCIENCE,
phony that one calls God. AND MEDICINE
A companion picture to Figure 5A is another metaphor
given by Figure 5B. Here, I represented three key carrier From the foregoing, one learns that:
waves of vastly different frequencies, one for each of three
selves. During an individual personality self lifetime, expe- 1. From a deep meditative state, some humans can embed
riential information is created and then modulates the car- a specific intention in, or cause to entangle with, a low-
rier wave of the personality self. At the death of this self, technology electronic device so that it becomes an IIED,
relevant lifetime-gained information transfers to the carrier which appears to have been raised to the SU(2) EM gauge
wave of the soul self. After many many reembodiment ex- symmetry level.
periences of a particular soul self, the information enrich- 2. Because of this, a new category of communication chan-
ment becomes such that the spacetime classroom has noth- nel is available in nature that is able to drive a wide va-
ing more to teach the soul and it graduates, so to speak. riety of energetic processes, some conventional, and
At graduation, all the essential information modulating the many subtle, so that the properties of materials are al-
carrier wave of the soul self is transferred to the carrier wave tered in line with the specific intention statement.
of the God self and this soul is absorbed into this larger con- 3. All humans, and perhaps all vertebrates, have such a
struct (Green, 2001). mechanism available to them within their own biobody-
Considering Figure 5A from a medical perspective, the out- suits.
ermost layer of this human biobodysuit is the layer treated by 4. This mechanism, radiated from either an IIED or a well-
allopathic medicine, while the first inner layer is the layer developed human, can raise the EM gauge symmetry of
treated by acupuncture and homeopathic medicine. One can the local space either metastably or stably to a level ap-
also readily see the relevant domains for psychology, psychia- proaching the SU(2) level wherein specific intentions can
try, and theology. In this overall multidimensional model, one have a dramatic effect on the characteristics of physical
can see how intentions from the spirit level of self can be con- reality.
sidered to generate a set of specific mathematical boundary con-
ditions for the BCBS domain of physical reality, a consider- One major implication of this is that humans matter and
ably expanded picture compared to our present worldview. are intimately connected to each other. They can change
Within that domain, it will be necessary to modify the set of their environment and other living things within it, depend-
operational differential equations of current D-space physics to ing upon the strength of their intention and upon the level
incorporate the coupling factor that connects D-space to R- of development of their own chi/prana pump. This allows
space. It will also be necessary to generate a companion set of a knowledgeable path for conscious human evolution. This
operational differential equations for R-space. In this regard, also allows the development of measurement devices for the
with respect to human electrodynamics, it is important to note involved subtle energies so that they can be utilized in a
that, although the outer layer of the personality self in Figure biofeedback mode to aid in and accelerate this conscious-
5A is at the U(1) EM gauge symmetry level, the inner layer is ness-driven human evolutionary process. Many new types
at the SU(2) EM gauge symmetry level. The human chi/prana of energy are intimately involved in such a process.

For science, there is no turning back to the old worldview words and symbols in coin that has value for our modern
if the practitioners of this discipline have any real personal worldthe coin of science.
integrity. A new doorway in nature has been opened to them From my own meditations and intuitions plus the ex-
and it can be seen in somewhat familiar terms provided they perimental findings of my own group and those of others,
are willing to make the effort to look at the experimental over the past 35 years I have fashioned a work in
data. Once they walk through this doorway, they will see an progress model of nature and the whole person that is
amazing vista of possible new experimental and theoretical fairly easy to visualize and works both from an individual
exploration adventures that can keep them happily occupied level and, at least for me, from a scientific structure level.
for centuries. At present, it seems broadly consistent with the great tra-
For general technology, although many new technologi- ditions mentioned above (and to them I owe a great debt
cal creations can be brought into existence, the IIED tech- of gratitude). Thus, it can serve as a useful target for fo-
nology can first be utilized to enhance the efficiency of each cusing our attention and at which we can throw future ex-
type of technology in use in the world today. For medical periments. I do not know if it will stand the test of time
technology, the creation of higher EM gauge symmetry spaces and future experimentation, but I think that it will at least
in offices, laboratories, nurseries, and emergency rooms, help us get out of the rut we are in with respect to our very
with specific intention imprints for each room, is an obvi- narrow perspective concerning the ultimate richness of na-
ous pathway for serious application. However, one needs to tures boundless expressions.
be clear that this is a very new technology with a great many Most importantly, by focusing on experimentally acces-
things needed to be still learned about the basic science in- sible higher EM gauge symmetry states than our conven-
volved. For example, the nonlocal information entanglement tional U(1) level in nature, and recognizing that our own
phenomenon, the present inability to achieve an effective acupuncture meridian/chakra system functions at one of
shielded U(1) EM gauge space within the general confines these levels in the personality selfbody, we, in essence, can
of an SU(2) space, or the present uncertainty as to how one see a ladder with rungs placed at successively higher EM
deconditions a higher EM gauge symmetry space back to gauge symmetry levels. This ladder allows humanity, via
the U(1) state, are all areas of necessary study before full personal intention, commitment, devotion, and discipline, to
usefulness of this new potentiality can be materialized. climb from our present state to a state like that of one of the
Finally, for philosophy, it is important to note that per- great manifestors, Sai Baba, and ultimately to the many el-
haps for the first time one can clearly see a process in na- evated states beyond.
ture that decreases overall entropy production so as to cre- For those readers who have trouble or unease with my
ate a higher thermodynamic free energy per unit volume introduction of experimentally accessible aspects of mag-
state in a space hundreds to thousands of cubic feet in vol- netic monopoles when the U.S. government, via many very
ume. That process is directed human consciousness via the competent experimenters, has spent billions of dollars look-
creation and operation of IIEDs. ing for them at the U(1) level of reality, there is something
that they must come to understand fully. You must eventu-
ally get it that all prior experiments conducted in U(1) EM
CONCLUSIONS gauge spaces are largely irrelevant to experiments conducted
in sufficiently higher EM gauge symmetry spaces. There, it
From time immemorial, long-term committed practition- is an entirely new ballgame, because new players are now
ers of a wide variety of meditative practices and/or devo- on the field and new thermodynamic variables alter the rules
tional systems in the yogic, qigong, Sufi, Christian, Heart- of the game. For readers who are troubled in this way, I ask
Math, and other, traditions have become highly inner them to provide an alternative explanation for the data in
self-managed individuals who manifest seemingly superhu- Figure 1B.
man abilities. For the United States, in recent times, one can For those readers who are strongly wedded to the con-
point to Yogananda, Edgar Cayce, Krishnamurti, Muk- ventional QM paradigm and subliminal expressions of na-
tananda, and his heir Gurumayi, Ramana Maharshi, and his ture, I ask them to consider only three pieces of experimental
many advanced students, plus many, many others. They all data and provide an internally self-consistent explanation for
serve as excellent examples to us of what humans may de- these data from their viewpoints. These three are: (1) the
velop themselves into as they follow such disciplined, de- Figure 1B data, (2) the observation reported on here and
votional paths. For myself, I have had the luxury of stand- elsewhere (Tiller et al., 2001) that merely placing an unim-
ing on their shoulders as well as upon the shoulders of the printed device and an imprinted device (IIED) about 100
many great sages of Vedic, theosophical, anthroposophical, meters apart with both in the electrically off state still al-
Persian, Oriental, and Christian traditions so that I might see lows information transfer between them such that the orig-
more clearly into the many wonders and phenomena of na- inal unimprinted device becomes imprinted in 37 days
ture that have captured my attention. Much of what I write with the specific intention imprint of that IIED, and (3) the
about are items that we all know at some deep level of self observation reported here that information entanglement be-
and I have been attempting to articulate such concepts via tween macroscopic size (1000 cubic feet) IIED sites and

macroscopic size (1000 cubic feet) control (non-IIED) shows that there is a connection between the last two terms.
sites of the same overall experimental system occurs even We cannot presently quantify this particular connection but
when these sites are 20008000 miles apart (Tiller et al., we know that it must be included in any discussion of con-
2004). servation laws and nonlocal phenomena that we readily de-
From my perspective, one key issue is magnetic mono- tect via some information entanglement process between
pole measurement accessibility, even though magnetic very macroscopic spaces over very large distances, from a
monopoles are presumed to be superluminal and not conditioned space.
tachyons (mathematically imaginary). If they were sublim- Truth resides in the experimental data. Ones theoretical
inal particles, there is no good reason that they would not interpretation of that data may be suspect. However, it seems
have been experimentally observed before this. However, to clear that we have entered a new era for scientific investi-
be superluminal, something must be added to make them gation of natures mysteries and we had better get used to
experimentally accessible with electric-type instrumenta- it. Quantifying the connection between the last two terms of
tion, which can only respond to subluminal signals. For this, Equation 5 will be challenging for all of us!
I invented the deltrons from a higher dimension that were
not constrained by conventional relativity theory. A suffi-
cient concentration of deltrons allows stronger coupling be- ACKNOWLEDGMENT
tween electric (v  c) and magnetic (v  c) monopole
species and allows the EM gauge symmetry state to rise. Thanks to Ditron, LLC (Excelsior, MN), and the Samueli
The Figure 4 proposal, then, allows measurement accessi- Foundation (Newport Beach, CA) for partial support of this
bility to the v  c aspect of the world. With this, all three work.
of the experimental observations mentioned in the previous
paragraph can be rationalized and somewhat quantitatively
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