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Chapter 9

Developing good work ethic

1. The Definition of Work Katherine Natividad

Work is both a personal and social activity. As a personal activity it is aimed at

developing a person and as a social activity its purpose is the preservation of human
society. Work therefore, has moral and legal implications.

Work is the legitimate use of our mental and bodily powers for economic gain or profit.

1. Work is the use or application of our physical powers to accomplish certain tasks. It is
use because nobody can own another mans body, nor can anyone sell his body or any
part of it, for purposes of material advantage.

2. The Meaning of work in the Holy Bible

In Genesis chapter 1, God creates a pattern of work and rest for us to follow he
created the world for six days and rested on the seventh day. The reason for this respite
is for man to appreciate and value the meaning of work.

3. The Theological Meaning of work According to St. Thomas Aquinas

Rhency S. Sison

Four purposes of WORK

St. Thomas Aquinas

Summa Theologica

1. It provides for ones daily livelihood

2. It prevents idleness which is a source of many evils

3. It curbs the rebellious flesh

4. It enables man to give alms from his material surplus

For St. Thomas Aquinas is called to serve God through his work.
4. The Human Perspective of Work

Human Perspective of Work

Work Worker Other Worker

Object: Subject: Context:

- A task to - The Human - Others
be done Person

When he works:

- He accomplishes
- He defines himself
- He measures his
work as a person
- He develops himself
- He provides an
occasion to relate
with others
5. How to enjoy Work and Create Spiritual Values in the work place:

- Rodhelyn Roxas

1. Practice the Golden Rule

2. Guard your mouth

3. Stop the green Jokes

4. Practical ethical Behavior

5. Learn to Forgive

6. Be Generous

7. Respect Superiors and coworkers

8. Be considerate

9. Perform your work and fulfill your duties to the best of your ability

10. Be a grateful Person

11. Do not Bring the problems at home to the workplace or viceversa

12. Be an inspiration to others

13. Read the bible everyday

14. Develop a personal relationship with God and

15. Smile and enjoy your work.

6. Basic Duties of Employees

1. Respect Dignity of the workers

2. Appreciate their work

3. Never treat them slaves for making money

4. Never assign them tasks beyond their strength, nor employ them in work not suited to their
age or gender

5. Give them commensurate and fair wages

6. Provide for their health and social recreation

7. Provide them time for the practice of their religion

8. Instruct them on how to use their money wisely

9. Instruct them to love their family and

10. Provide them with opportunities for promotion.