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On the subject of the The Galactic Federation of Light and telepathic/channeled information.

New Age Movement started with Madame Helena Blavatsky and her channeling of the Ascended
Masterswhich with time developed into the so-called Ashtar Command. Out of Blavatskys
teachings came the Theosophical Society, a highly Luciferian/Enkian movement. Ashtar is said to
originate in Sirius, but also has tentacles that are reaching out toward Arcturus and the Pleiades.
Mme Blavatsky even wrote a book called Isis Revealed. Astarte is simply the Greek name of the
Babylonian goddess Ishtar, and so is Attar and Astar. The word Ast means Female of Throne, or
Queen of the Throne, and refers to Isis who is the heiress of the Throne of the Orion Empire. The
Ashtar Command can now easily, by sound, be interchangeable with the Ishtar Command. This
means, these channelings are coming from the Enki camp, through an organization (Blavatsky),
which was devoted to Enki/ Marduk/Isis. The Ashtar Command goes back to a channeler called
George van Tassel, who claimed to be channeling this group of beings in the early 1950s. Since
then, many channelers claim to have had contact with this Galactic group of ETs or spiritual
entities. They have often predicted end-of-the-world-scenarios with themselves being the saviors of
mankind. The origin of these beings differs depending on whom you are talking to, but there are
many who say they have been told by the Ashtar Command that they reside in one of the Pleiadian
star systems. Although Marciniaks Pleiadians do not want to discuss the Ashtar Command and
dont believe in Saviors whatsoever, these beings are still promoting themselves as benevolent
toward mankind and are said to be working with Marciniaks Pleiadians boldly state that the
Galactic Federation of Light is disinformation, but does this mean that the Ashtar Command and
the Federation dont exist? Not necessary. They exist but are not what they say that they are. This
means that Erekigalherself a Pleiadian resident who took over Ishtars/Inannas and Isiss role
here on earthis most possibly in charge of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Ashtar
Command and she is Enki's partner. Most people fall for the deception that Enlil, Enkis brother was
Lucifer.. Enki did everything to discredit Enlil and present himself as the savior of mankind
although he is the guilty one (of destroying us as we where created). And it worked well because I
see a lot of people here who don't see through the deception, thinking when they come back (they
never left) they will save us and usher in a new age of glorious existence, which may seem like it,
but only in the beginning. They catch everybody, who doesn't know anything, in door #1 with the
tunnel of light, and the people who think they are awake go to door #2 where you will ascend
into the 4D reality, the New Earth, the 4th/5th dimension with your new body of light/crystal. All
that is part of the deception, another layer! Be aware.
Anybody thinking that channeled messages come from benevolent entities is mistaken, they all
give you some truth, just to mislead you on other issues, they all (with no exception) have their
own agendas. We are all one because our soul comes from the same source but that's it. We
shouldn't be merging into social memory complexes (like the RA channels). We (the people who
think they are awake) are being manipulated slowly but sure to get used to the thought of All is
One, where we loose our individuality and our thinking happens only in group terms, the group
comes first and you can imagine, how easy manipulation and control is after that. So please,
anybody, think first, be critical, don't believe anything because the layers of deception are many
and the complexity is greater than you can imagine.