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Algo Trading Low Latency Trading Developer - C++

The Client Connectivity Team focuses on equity electronic trading related infrastructure
development, new system deployment & client integration. SPEEDWAY provides low-latency,
high-frequency, and co-location trading capabilities to our quantitative clientele.
Electronic Trading has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the recent years. Our
Group closely partners with the Equity Electronic Trading Desk to provide IT solutions to service
our clients electronic trading needs. We provide state-of-the-art, bespoke, highly performance-
tuned software/hardware, connecting clients to exchanges throughout the region. This includes
supporting major exchange protocols, as well as, industry standard FIX protocol (Financial
Information Exchange). This unique product pushes technology to its cutting edge in terms of
speed, while satisfying some of the most rigorous equity trading regulations.
After joining our group you will become an expert in the high speed trading domain. You will
learn about the core technicalities in our colocation software (and hardware); integrate with our
internal risk/control, booking systems; gain invaluable industry knowledge in equity
trading/booking/regulatory related matter;
The job responsibilities provide much opportunity to partner closely with our Electronic Trading
Desk, Risk Managers, Operations teams and different IT teams across ICT and EI. You will also
ultimately have opportunities to interact with external clients/exchanges, providing technology
services on behalf of Morgan Stanley.

Good knowledge in C++;
Good knowledge in Linux/Solaris distributed environments;
Good understanding of XML/SOAP and MSDE/MSTK infrastructure;
Good hands-on experience with scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python);
Excellent Communication Skills & Inter-Personal Skills
Quick Learner
Good Team Player. Ready to propose solutions, share ideas and be open to new approaches to
solving problems.
Good Time Management & Coordination Skills
High Energy for our fast-paced environment