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Student ID
Pre-service Teacher Aimee Eberhard 2135166

School Reynella East College

Year Level 6/7

Mentor Teacher(s) Kate Leonard, Shari Lush

School Co-ordinator Karen Church

Jane Parkin Coordinator

University Liaison Jackie Thomson

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Teaching Days Extended Placement: Up to 65 days

Please add brief context statements about the school and class:
School sector; size and composition of campus (R-12, Area, Primary); particular
features or unique characteristics; index of disadvantage.

Reynella East College is the largest public school in South Australia with an enrolment in 2017 of 1800
P-12 students. It is a category 5 metropolitan site.

Both the Primary section and Secondary sections of the school are zoned and both sections of the
school are currently under enrolment pressure. The school is set on 11.61 hectares. The school has been
extensively re-built and re-furbished.

The primary school has 20 R-7 classes with a total of 530 students. The primary leadership team,
including a Student Counsellor, supports students in the Primary section of the College. Most classes
are composite and the teaching staff work collaboratively in year level teams. There are 12 SSOs that
work with students in classrooms to support students at risk.

Weekly staff meetings focus on professional learning. The Site Improvement Plan identifies the
following priorities: Mathematics, Positive Psychology, Differentiation (in particular stretch) and
Student Voice.

Class (including children with special needs) Class

1 Year 6/7
3 EALD, 3 NEP, 5 Learning Difficulties
Class 2 Year 6/7
3 NEP, 5 Learning Difficulties, 1 student with severe hearing loss


Please place an X at the point along each continuum that best represents the development of the pre-service
teacher towards each of the standards at this time.


Standard 1 Know students and how they learn

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 2 Know the content and how to teach it

I I x I I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 3 Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 4 Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 5 Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

I I Ix I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient


Standard 6 Engage in professional learning

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient

Standard 7 Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

I I I x I__
Complete Novice Emerging Graduate Proficient
SUMMARY STATEMENTS (You may choose to comment on both personal and professional characteristics)

School Coordinator/Principal

Aimee developed and maintained positive relationships with every one of her students, taking
time to get to know each one as an individual; they quickly learnt to value and respect her as
one of their teachers. Aimee attended numerous after school professional learning meetings and
worked with her learning team in a highly professional manner. At all times she maintained a
high level of professional integrity and worked and interacted positively with teachers, the
leadership team, counsellor and SSOs. Her thoroughness and dedication to lesson preparation
was one way in which she constantly demonstrated her commitment and professionalism. We
wish Aimee all the best for the future and know she will be an asset to the teaching profession.

Date: 5/7/17
Name: Karen Church

University Liaison

I support this report based on three observations and discussions with all involved.

provided thorough and detailed lesson plans and was exceptionally well organised
had a good command of knowledge content and built on the students' prior knowledge
was positive, direct and clear in her explanations and instructions to the students
used a clear, calm voice and approach utilizing both why questioning and thinking
strategies. Middle Schooling methodologies seemed apparent.
provided a safe learning environment with a high level of respect shown to the students
and from the students to Aimee
hooked the students in and supported them to take charge of their own learning and
behaviour. The students were all settled and actively on task and participating.
used different teaching strategies: mind maps, share pair share, thinking time and
questioning was encouraged
discussed student work with them and used rubrics for summative assessment

Aimee is dedicated and passionate about teaching and learning. She has high expectations for
herself and her students and was keen to see all succeed. Her positive manner and energy
certainly flowed through to the students. Aimee is continuing to work on differentiating the
curriculum when needed.

I wish you all the best in your future teaching career Aimee.

Name: Jane Parken Date: 7/7/2017

SUMMARY STATEMENT (May be used as a referee statement)

Classroom Teacher/Mentor
Student Name: Aimee Eberhard

Professional Knowledge
Aimee has approached her final practicum with integrity and has a thorough understanding and
knowledge of The National Australian Curriculum. She has used different resources to support
the curriculum areas being delivered which allows for higher order thinking and empowering her

Aimee has utilised professional development sessions and collaborated with accomplished
colleagues to gain further knowledge within these areas (Panalatinga Professional
Development; Whos Doing the Thinking Sonia Cooke, Whats The Buzz? & Innovation,
Collaboration, Critical and Creative Thinking) and developed engaging literacy and social skill
activities that were responsive to students.
Within this new learning, Aimee was able to model activities through constructed and accessible
questions that allowed the students to grasp new concepts. At times, directed by mentors, she
was able to change her teaching delivery to cater for learning within the Zone of Proximal

Aimee used Australian Curriculum documents to plan units of work and learning experiences.
She developed and used appropriate rubrics to allow students to consolidate learning and
established clear levels of achievement, whilst enabling her to accurately assess student
learning. Aimee often discussed students work with them and encouraged them to achieve
their full learning potential. With guided assistance she was able to implement teaching
strategies for the use of ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students.
Aimee observed colleges and noted how teachers interacted with students to promote
independent thinking and questioning. She discussed ideas and sought further knowledge
about all aspects of running the class as well as the general functioning of the school.

Professional Practice
Aimee displayed growing confidence and used initiative from the beginning of her placement.

Aimee thoroughly researched, planned and implemented lessons and units of work. She
constantly discussed ideas, shared her lesson plans and reflected on her performance.
Aimee discussed her ideas with us in regards to appropriate content, time allocation and
suitability of the activities. With guidance, Aimee was able to select appropriate resources to
support lesson objectives, and was competent in reflecting on the effectiveness of lesson
plans and delivery. Throughout the 10 week placement, Aimee demonstrated her
understanding of how important it is to be flexible with learning activities to ensure that all
students may experience success. At times lessons had to be shortened, changed completely
or postponed to a more suitable time because of the many and varied interruptions and
student circumstances which are commonplace when working in a Primary setting.

Aimee continually supported students throughout learning tasks by questioning and

discussing their work, giving learners feedback. She made intuitive and accurate
observations of students learning and used this to inform further planning and practice.
Aimee worked hard in improving her ability to create inquiry-based learning tasks, whilst
engaging students in meaningful learning experiences with clear learning objectives. Aimee
was able to achieve success with this through a Science inquiry task on Natural Disasters, in
which students were able to gain ownership of their learning journey and enjoy reflecting
upon their new understandings. Aimee developed and used both formative and summative
assessment strategies to assess student learning.
Aimee gained confidence in delivering good verbal and non-communication strategies to
support student understanding and participation through body language, walking around the
classroom, using online class management programs (Class Dojo) and modelling appropriate
behaviour. She continued to use the established set of class agreements and successfully
maintained a safe and positive classroom environment. Aimee made sure our students were
always welcomed and made to feel safe.
Professional Engagement
Aimee established a professional working relationship across the school community. She
listened to advice, accepted constructive feedback and then acted upon it. She interacted
professionally and politely with staff, parents and students and established good relationships.
Aimee actively participated in yard duty, using it as another opportunity to develop
relationships with students.

Aimee showed knowledge of The National Professional Standards for Teachers and identified
personal professional learning needs. In the Year 6/7 cohort, Aimee was able to regularly
contribute to collegial discussions and listen to constructive feedback from colleagues to
improve her professional knowledge and practice.

Aimee attended weekly Staff Meetings where she participated in professional discussions.
She was actively involved with our unit team meetings and planning sessions and contributed
her thoughts and ideas to them. Aimee also participated in assessment moderation with other
local schools, to support consistent judgements of student learning. Aimee attended training
and development opportunities at our school as well as a partnership cluster day.

Aimee had daily discussions with us regarding her lesson plans and her teaching. She
identified her lessons strengths, areas for improvement and took on board constructive
advice and ideas and adapted follow-up if required. Aimee asked specific questions during
her teaching placement which has helped her gain professional knowledge and awareness of
procedures for reporting to parents and caregivers.
Aimees calm teaching manner was well respected by students and colleagues as she was
able to gain further confidence in sharing her personality with the class, which allowed her to
enjoy the lessons that she was teaching.

We wish Aimee the very best in her wonderful teaching career ahead; she will be an uplifting
teacher to any school.

Written by: Shari Lush and Kate Leonard Date: 5/7/17