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Reading exercise The Black Cat

1. Look at the pictures in this story. What type of story do you think it is?
Do the people in the pictures look kind and happy, or frightened an
angry? Does the cat look friendly?
I think that The Black Cat is a drama, suspense and terror story, also, the people
in the pictures look very frightened and angry. As for the first cat, it look fearful in
the second pictures and the second cat look suspicious and evil.

2. Find these words in your dictionary.

- Evil: (adjective) morally wrong or bad, immoral, wicked, harmful, injurious.

(Noun) something evil, evil quality, intention or conduct.
- Funny: (adjective) provoking laughter, amusing, comical. Ill, slightly sick.
(Noun) funnies, [plural] comic strips or the section of a newspaper containing
them. (Adverb) oddly, strangely, peculiarly.
- Happy: (Adjective) characterized by or showing pleasure, contentment, or
joy. Delighted, pleased, glad
- Horrible: (adjective) extremely unpleasant, deplorable, disgusting. Causing
horror, shockingly dreadful.
- Horror: (Noun) overwhelming distress caused by something shocking,
terrifying, or revolting. (Adjective) Inspiring horror. (interjection) This word is
used to express mild dismay, surprise, disappointment, etc.
- Lovely: (Adjective) having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well
as to the eye; charmingly or gracefully beautiful.
- Mad: (Adjective) mentally disturbed or mentally ill, deranged. Angry; greatly
irritated, enraged.

Which of the words are bad or frightening?

In the wordss list, the words: evil, horrible, horror, and mad are the words
with similar meaning that bad frightening

3. Find these words in dictionary

- Axe: (Noun) a tool with a blade on a handle, used for hewing, chopping,
splitting, etc
- Bury: (verb) to put (a dead body) in the ground or a vault, or into the sea,
often with ceremony. to put in the ground and cover with earth
- Cellar: (Noun) a room or set of rooms underground and usually beneath a
- Object: (Noun) anything that can be seen or touched and is for the most part
stable or lasting in form, and is usually not alive. A thing, person, or matter to
which thought or action is directed, the cause of such thought or action.
- Plaster: (Noun) a pasty mixture of lime, sand, and water, applied to walls,
ceilings, etc., and allowed to harden and dry.
- Servant: (Noun) one who works for another, esp. around the house.

Now use the words to complete these sentences

a. He killed her with an axe and then buried her body in the ground
b. The servant made the beds and cleaned the rooms
c. The plaster on the wall was wet because it was new
d. She went down to the cellar and saw a black object near the door