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Famous Places

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1. Read and make a list in the back side of the

sheet of all the COGNATES.
2. Choose the place for each description. .
3. Match the sentences with the pictures.
4. Color the pictures.

1) This ancient stadium is located in Rome. It was built from 72 to 80

A.D. It seated 45,000 spectators and was four stories high.
2) This is one of the most spectacular natural wonders in North America.
It is located on the border between the United States and Canada. It is
almost 58 metres high. .
3) This elegant mansion has got 132 rooms and is the home to the
President of the United States and his family.
4) This ancient Greek temple was built almost 2,500 years ago. It was
built to honour Athena, goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.
5) This beautiful tomb is in Agra in Northern India. It was built between
1563 and 1632 in memory of the Shahs wife.
6) This is the largest Christian Church in the world. It is in Rome, Italy. It
is built in the shape of a cross. The magnificent dome was painted by
Michelangelo. .
7) This mysterious arrangement of stone is in Wiltshire, England. These
giant stones were put there more than 3,500 years ago.
8) This place covers 9.1 million square kilometers. It stretches across
northern Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. It consists
mostly of huge plain of sand called ergs.
9) This place is nicknamed Smoke That Thunders. It is in Africa on the
border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. The water crashes down
from as high as 108 metres. .
Victoria Falls 10) This amazing place is in Arizona, USA. Parts of it are 1.6 kilometres
Sphinx deep and 29 kilometres wide. Its got 640 kilometres of hiking trails.
Niagara Falls
St. Peters Basilica 11) The sculptor Gutzon Borglum started carving the heads of George
White House Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore
Great Barrier Reef Roosevelt in 1927. Each face is about 18 metres from chin to
forehead. They are carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA.
Mount Rushmore
Grand Canyon .
Sahara Desert 12) This extraordinary statue stands near the Great Pyramid in the hot
Parthenon Sahara Desert of Egypt for almost 4,500 years. It is 73 meters long and
Taj Mahal
20 metres high. .
13) This is the largest, most magnificent coral formation of the world. It is
found along the northeast coast of Australia.
Famous Places

Choose and write. Then match

the sentences with the pictures.

1) This is a white marble bell tower in Italy. Its foundations were laid in
the year 1173. By the time the builders were up to the third tier, the
tower began to lean and continues increasing its leaning by 2.56
centimetres every nine years. .
2) This suspension bridge is in San Francisco, California. It was designed
by Joseph B. Strauss in 1937. It is 7,721 metres long.
3) It is located in Wyomings Yellowstone National Park in the USA. It is a
geyser, which is a spring that shoots hot water up from beneath the
earth with a very explosive force.
4) This huge clock tower is in England. There is a huge bell inside it which
got its name from Sir Benjamin Hall.
5) This is one of the highest dams in the world. It stands 221 metres high
and 379 metres long. It is in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River,
USA. .
6) This is in the Himalaya mountain range between Tibet and Nepal in
Asia. It is 8,787 metres high and it is the highest place in the world.
The first people to climb to the top of the world were Sir Edmund
Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on the 29th of May, 1953.
7) This statue stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Its real name
is Liberty Enlightening the World. It was a gift from France to the
USA and it was designed by Frederic Auguste Bartoldi in 1885.
8) This city in Italy lies on 118 islands linked by over 400 bridges. The
main water street is called the Grand Canal. The traditional means of
transport are called gondolas. .
Great Wall
Leaning Tower of 9) This is a temple in the name of Jesus Christ. It is in Utah, USA. It took
Pisa 40 years to construct. .
Hoover Dam 10) It was designed and built in Paris in 1889 to honor the French
Golden Gate Bridge
Old Faithful Revolution. It is 298 metres tall and was designed by Alexandre-
Big Ben Gustave Eiffel. .
Suez Canal
11) This place is in Egypt and joins the Mediterranean and Read Seas. It
Mount Everest
Statue of Liberty was opened in 1869 and its about 188 kilometres long.
Salt Lake Temple .
Canals of Venice 12) This is a volcanic rock that rises straight up from the land around it. It
Eiffel Tower
Devils Tower is 262 metres high and it is in the USA.
13) This construction is 6,400 kilometres long and it was built by hand. It
twists and turns like a dragon over mountains and hills and around
deserts. It is in China. .
1. Colosseum
2. Niagara Falls
3. White House
4. Parthenon
5. Taj Mahal
6. St. Peters Basilica
7. Stonehenge
8. Sahara Desert
9. Victoria Falls
10. Grand Canyon
11. Mount Rushmore
12. Sphinx
13. Great Barrier Reef
1. Leaning Tower of Pisa
2. Golden Gate Bridge
3. Old Faithful
4. Big Ben
5. Hoover Dam
6. Mount Everest
7. Statue of Liberty
8. Canals of Venice
9. Salt Lake Temple
10. Eiffel Tower
11. Suez Canal
12. Devils Tower
13. Great Wall