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UFO Phenomenon / September 2017

An Account of the 7th Programmed Sighting at Mount Shasta (2017)

On September 4th 2016 came to an end another encounter at Mount Shasta, the mysterious
mountain in northern California which has been the setting for several sightings scheduled
by the extraterrestrials. Hundreds of witnesses have been present during these interactions
which, on several occasions, have been recorded using night vision equipment.

At the gathering, participants had asked me when the next appointment would be. So I shared
with them the brief telepathic message I had received during one of the meditation practices:
Come back to this place, Sand Flat, in August, between the 18th and the 20th. We shall be
here..., is what I was told by Ivika, one of the beings who has been in contact with us since
our incredible expedition to Yungay in the Peruvian Andes (2015). A few days later, on
September 9th 2016 more precisely, I publicly announced the programmed encounters for 2017
on my official Facebook page, among which this new contact at Mount Shasta.

Above: Our Facebook publication of programmed encounters for 2017 on September 9th 2016.
Although I did not want to be more specific to prevent the event from getting out of hand, I
knew that Ivika's invitation had leaked. This was inevitable. And it had already happened to
us in various countries: on the precise dates we had given for these encounters various groups
which had nothing to do with us would get organised and camp in our vicinity. Even though my
vision of contact is a broad and integrative one, I have to say that I try to be very careful with
protocol and discipline during these encounters, especially given the likelihood of opportunists
showing up. These encounters are too serious an issue to make a circus out of it.

It was in Monte Perdido, in the Spanish Pyrenees during the June 24th 2017 encounter that
this new contact appointment in Mount Shasta took on another aspect. Investigator Paola
Harris had joined our gathering in Europe and there she informed me on the intentions of the
famous Canadian investigator Grant Cameron to come to Mount Shasta. Cameron, I have to
say, was not aware of the programmed sighting at that time. So then Ivika, through another
telepathic communication, told me to share the invitation with Cameron. She insisted that
Cameron be informed before his arrival at the mountain that they were going to show
themselves in the sky of Shasta. I understood this protocol of the extraterrestrials. I knew that
the coordinate of their manifestation was set for Saturday August 19th, at Sand Flat esplanade,
between 21:00 and 22:00.

Grant Cameron is an experienced UFO phenomenon investigator. He became involved in the

serious study of the unidentified as a result of the well-known incident Charlie Red Star
(1975), one of the major UFO cases in Canada, of which Cameron himself was a witness in the
small town of Carman, Manitoba, near the border with the United States. He has since

dedicated himself to understanding the nature of the UFOs, going as far as visiting the National
Archives in Washington, DC on more that twenty occasions as well as interviewing key
witnesses of UFO sightings with high military credentials or interviewing high-ranked politicians
like Dick Cheney, vice-president of the Unites States at that time. The list of his
accomplishments and the road travelled are long. I met Grant at a UFO congress in Nevada.
He is an outstanding investigator.

I confess that accepting this new request on part of the extraterrestrials has not been easy.
Although we have already publicly demonstrated our contact and interaction with them, a
programmed sighting with journalists and famous UFO investigators is overwhelming because
of the responsibility implied. In the case of Cameron, it would be the seventh sighting I was
announcing to such expert witnesses.

On Saturday August 5th, upon a mental telepathic request from the extraterrestrials, I had a
powerful sighting in Capilla del Monte (Crdoba, Argentina) while with my wife, Sol, an
experience which was a last confirmation that the appointment at Mount Shasta was still valid.
We only had to wait

A pulse of light over Grant Cameron

Around a hundred and thirty persons from twelve different countries gathered at Mount Shasta
for this appointment which we had announced almost a year in advance. Paola Harris and
Grant Cameron attended the encounter and were warmly welcomed by the participants among
whom were other investigators, youtubers and even skywatchers like my friend Francisco
Ayala of Mexico. I announced to all present the moment of the sighting to take place on
Saturday so that they be attentive. And when I was asked about the exact time of the
sighting, I specified Ivika's instruction: 21:33. Curiously enough, Raquel Smith from Uruguay
came to me afterwards and showed me a telepathic psychography she had received from
Antarel, where the extraterrestrial was indicating her the same time I had previously received.

A few sightings took place on Friday 18th, one of them was very clear, but when that happened
neither Harris nor Cameron were present since they had already withdrawn from the gathering
to the camping site. This did not worry me because their appointment was for Saturday.

And so, on this unforgettable Saturday August 19th 2017 from 20:00 on, all the participants took
place in the now famous esplanade of Sand Flat, the same spot where another scheduled
sighting had taken place when Dr. Michael Salla and Giorgio Piacenza had joined us (August

Above: the group gathering and an aerial view taken by a Mavic Pro drone (F. Lpez).

Shasta shone with a subtle mist which took over the mountain and the pine peaks blurring
them. Visibility was not at its best. For that matter, at nightfall, the stars could be seen slightly
blurred and only the planes with their flashing anti-collision lights could cross the membrane
covering us. At that moment, I was asking myself how the sighting would be with such weather
conditions since, in order to be well-observed, the object would have to fly as low as a plane, or
emit a light strong enough to be easily identified. To give an idea of the distance, a commercial
plane flies at an approximate altitude of 10 kilometres (6.2 miles). A Low Earth Orbit satellite is
situated between the atmosphere and the Van Allen radiation belt, hundreds of kilometres from
the Earth. For instance, remote sensing satellites are to be found 800 km away from the
surface. The ISS was not visible, and other phenomena such as the common Iridium flares
had low intensity observation. Actually, moments before the sighting I saw one of these flares,
a feeble and solitary flash in the sky. We now have a considerable amount of experience in this
matter, and moreover, our equipment with its sophisticated applications always monitors
satellite routes, geostationary satellites or the already mentioned ISS, in order to counter any
attack from shift detractors.

Above: The poor visibility conditions on the night of Saturday 19th August appear clearly. The
upper photo was taken by a drone just hours before the sighting. The lower photo was taken
four days later by our friend Diego Barrera.

Thus, in the midst of a highly emotional atmosphere and some tension, I have to say , with
Grant Cameron and his translator Khaterine Castillo sitting by my side, they made their
appearance, at the time they had announced: 21:33

Right above us, according to our perception, above the area where Grant and I were sitting
an object lit itself with a very beautiful golden flash. We pointed at it with our laser torch
seeking for some interaction and then the object launched a sort of bluish-white powerful light
pulse which went through the mist triggering the group's merriment. Cameron himself
acknowledged before all present that he had never seen such a flash. The object, after having
stationed above us, started to move, emitting several other pulses of light before disappearing.
The sighting was short it only lasted for half a minute but overwhelming. The investigators
and skywatchers on the spot had been unable to record it due to different strange reasons
at this gathering, Ayala did not manage to set off his night vision equipment, which he had
previously tried and calibrated . But Grant's testimonial as well as the other hundred and thirty
persons' was what mattered. We have successfully recorded the occurrence of these objects
during many other occasions.

Francisco Ayala's equipment failed in Mount Shasta.

Immediately after the sighting, I received the following psychographical message from Antarel,
another member of the extraterrestrial crew who is in communication with us:

Yes, I am Antarel.

We made ourselves present in the time setting on the date indicated in order to show all of you
that our communication is real and necessary. We announced this appointment in advance to

enable you to evaluate to what extent you have evolved and learnt.

We have a message for Grant Cameron. The aim of this scheduled encounter was not to
convince him of our presence, for he already knows that we are real, that we exist. He has
already had the opportunity to ascertain our manifestations in the skies of the Earth. We want
him to feel part of this contact process because, in reality, all is connected. Cameron will know
how to put together new pieces of a big puzzle he has been investigating upon. His vision and
work can influence other investigators as well as all the other persons they will reach. And
when the moment comes, he will be able to see us. He knows it. We appreciate that he let
himself be guided to come here.

To Paola Harris, we should like to say that we are happy to see her come back to this marked
contact place. She must remain confident. She already knows she is not alone in this task of
raising other people's awareness of our genuine intentions and the importance of what is to

We placed one of our spaceships above the group's location, the powerful pulse you have felt
has not only been an interaction mechanism with you, but also an information vehicle, an
archive which has subtly been seeded in many of those present. You will know how to decode
what you have received in due time.

You came seeking for answers. You followed the guidelines. And our contribution was this
archive. Our system of contact and the approximation protocols we follow caused us to act

Concerning your question, we shall be present, like I have already told you, in Marcahuasi.
This is part of a process of new indications for what is to come. Detailed guidelines shall be
revealed there concerning the contact excursions that we have indicated to you at the marked
node to a new area in Mongolia, the forests of Paititi in Peru, Tassili in Algeria and another spot
which will be revealed to you soon.

Pay attention to the upcoming revelations of Stephen Hawking and his team. You will
understand. The way to Alpha Centauri shall be concealed, but the evidences of this leap in
time shall be conclusive. New experiments related to particle physics and its connection with
the Minius are on their way.

After concluding this new stage of the program, you will return to Shasta on September 8th


I am Ivika.

We have already told you that the different missions of authorised operations on Earth are
connected. And with this we refer to all the secondary programs we coordinate within the
global project which is aimed at inspiring a new humanity that can teach us what we have
forgotten, what we have lost or need to learn again. For this reason, the different axes or
coordinators of these secondary plans could temporarily get into contact with you in order to

join distinct efforts in one sole purpose. And we need you all. It is for this reason that Grant and
Paola and all of you are here. As time goes by all shall be confirmed. You will see.


Moved, I read the message and Grant listened attentively. It was a great experience. That
night, while I was sleeping in my tent, happy with the way everything had unfolded, I woke up
with a start. It was 3:00 am. I remember I was dreaming of different future scenes related to
the Earth's climatic balance mingling with other images of trips to places I did not know.
Where is all this coming from?, I asked myself. And then I understood I was seeing part of
the alleged archive that the extraterrestrials had presumably deposited within ourselves
through the pulse of light. Although it was not the right moment to deepen all that as back
then I could not understand it , I provided some advance information during the final meeting
on Sunday, while Grant Cameron was present I will publish this part in a coming report .
During the meeting, I learnt that other persons from the group had had powerful personal
experiences on that very early morning where they assured me they had seen holographical
projections of very tall beings walking in the woods. As soon as I receive their reports and
authorisation, I will publish them.

During the final meeting we analysed the programmed sighting, and that is when I highlighted
its significance, for one thing is the fortuitous observation of a UFO however close it may be
and another thing a previously scheduled contact which unequivocally demonstrates these
beings' intention to approach a witness.

I know there will be skeptics who will try to convince Cameron that what he experienced with
us was not real. This happened to Salla and even to Harris herself when disinformers argued
that we had filmed military drones a total delirium . Extraterrestrial contact bothers. It
irritates. But, whether people like it or not, what has happened in Mount Shasta is genuine, and
this is what Cameron acknowledged before all those present. In any case, a bright object in the
sky is not what is most transcendental, but all the context is, what it entails. And I trust that
Cameron understood this message...

Ricardo Gonzlez

With Grant Cameron and Paola Harris at Sand Flat, Mount Shasta (August 2017).

Testimony by Paraterrestre: