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My 1st Song- LIFE- RAP cum Hip-Hop- by Chirag Saiya:

All My Life I Was Fooled Like An Idiot Ass.

But Now I Am Armed With Truth. A Strong Smart Ace.

They Brought Me Here. They Sent Me To School.

I Jumped Into Books. Teachers Scared Me With Looks.

I Wrote Exams To Pass But I Got No Reality Class.

I Went Playing & Just Saying That All That Crayoning Was Not Actual Growing.

I Kept Searching & I Was Always Wondering That The Life I Am Living Is It My Calling.

I Was Busy Into Aimless Scrawling & Deceptive Rolling.

I Wasted My Time & Spent Money On Wine.

But All That Was Not Fine As That Kept Me Away From Shine.

I Fell In Love & I Was Slave Of Lust. All That Made Me Bust & Life Kept Getting Worst.

Then I Started Thinking With Precision That All These Is Just An Illusory Prison.

But I Still Had To Find My Vision. Getting Degree Was My Sole Mission. All That I Did
Was Others Decision.

Degree Got Me Job & Even I Started To Rob.

Then Soon I Realized That They Are Killing My World & If I Continue To Woo Then Who
Will Set All Free From Zoo.

I Took A Stand & Decided To Withstand.

I Became A Fighter By Making Me A Writer.

I Started To Speak But I Had A Narrow Beak. Now I Am Here To Roar As I Am No More
Alone & Weak.

You All Spoke Enough Now Listen To Me.

All That You Know Is Not The Actual Reality & Let Me Teach You The Factual
Spirituality. It Is About You, Me & Universal Mutuality.

Stop This Illusion Of Society & End The Delusion Of Religion. Lets Get Together &
Make A Decision That It Is Now Or Never To Save Our World From Extinction.

All You Please Get Hold Of Your Sinking Soul. Losing Your Mind Can Never Be A Valid

As A Human You Deserve To Win Freedom Which Is Nothing More Than Common
Sense & Application Of Basic Wisdom.

Let Me Make It Short, Simple & Straight.

Your Own Body Is Holy Temple & Dont You Mis-Believe & Pray Like A Mental. This Is
The Truth & Not Me Being Judgmental.

All Your Sensual Pleasures Are Curse & Not Treasures.

Consumption Is Suicidal & Controlling Desires Is Getting Incremental.

Free Your Mind From Material Attraction As Thats Keeping You Trapped In This
Worldly Frustration.

Now Wake-Up & Run For Your Liberation. Lets Unite & Build A New Generation.

Where-Ever You Lay Attention Thats Meditation. I Am Done Now & You Are My

All My Life I Was Fooled Like An Idiot Ass.

But Now I Am Armed With Truth. A Strong Smart Ace.

Chirag Saiya

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