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= Fulfills English requirement;

For for Main School only
REQUIRED COURSES School = Fulfills English requirement;
Eng 8 OR Eng 8
Byng Arts Only
For for Byng Arts only
Select ONE course for each
grade level to fulfill your Main
English requirement. School = Fulfills English requirement;
For for Main School & Byng Arts
Students in the Main School: Main
Choose from the courses in School = Electives for ALL students
Eng 9 ***Eng 9 Eng 9 Only in Grade 11 & 12, both
blue or green boxes. OR OR For
Literary Arts Byng Arts Main School & Byng Arts
Students in the Byng Arts School
*** = Teacher Permission Required
Mini-School: Only
Choose from the courses in
yellow or green boxes.

OTHER COURSE OPTIONS: Eng 10 ***Eng 10 Eng 10

Please see your counsellor Literary Arts Byng Arts SENIOR ENGLISH ELECTIVES
or English teacher if you are
interested in the following: Open to ALL students in Grade 11 & 12
Eng 10/11 First Peoples Teacher permission is NOT required!
Communications 12 Cannot be used to replace an English 11 or
English 12 course requirement
Eng 11 OR ***Eng 11 OR Eng 11 English Literature 12 counts as an
Enriched Byng Arts approved academic course for university

English Creative
Literature 12 Writing 12

Eng 12 Eng 12 OR ***Eng 12 OR Eng 12

(If a class is oversubscribed, priority will be given to
First Peoples Enriched (AP) Byng Arts
students in Grade 12 and to students who need to fulfill
Literary Arts requirements)