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While schools are under pressure to distribute condoms at schools, not one of We distributed a lot of condoms in one rural

ural areas that had a high rate of which they may be physically hurt or exploited, due to their lack of mental
the 12 African countries represented at a high level meeting in Durban is doing sexually transmitted infections. Although the condoms were disappearing, the maturity and physical vulnerability.
so and most education officials felt this would be inappropriate. STI rate remained high. When we investigated, we discovered the condoms
were being used as fishing bait. Condom distribution in schools leads to a false sense of sexual security
Officials were unanimous that sexual abstinence should be the key HIV among students who lack experience with condom use, imposes ideas that
message at schools, but a number felt that schools should nonetheless help The officials, from 15 African countries, were attending a winter school on the contradict the religious beliefs of many students and their families, and sends
sexually active secondary school students to get access to condoms. impact of HIV/AIDS on education systems, organised by the University of a contradictory message to students that ultimately encourages them to
KwaZulu-Natal's Mobile Task Team on HIV/AIDS Impact on Education engage in more sexual activity. Therefore, "Con" is the far superior position.
Education is about providing information. We can provide information about (MTT).
condoms and where to get them, but they should not be distributed at schools. Thank you, and I look forward to the opposition's refutations.
The health department should do the distribution, said Zambia's Irene The first of its kind in the world, the three-week long course was designed to
Malambo. help ministries of education understand the impact of HIV/AIDS on
education systems, design a sector-wide response, and develop and cost a
sustainable implementation plan. One of the key trends to emerge was that 1. When the consequences are as drastic as unintended pregnancy
There will be a problem if teachers distribute condoms, as they will be seen to and STD transmission, I would certainly call 82% efficiency of
countries had focussed on addressing HIV/AIDS though life skills classes at
be promoting sexual activity, said Peter Fenton, from the Western Cape
schools. improper condom use extremely ineffective, especially
education department.
when seven in ten US adolescents have sex before age 19 [1] and
with high frequency.
There were few programmes focusing on the treatment, support and care for
It would be better if the schools provided access to condoms, but the health
department did the actual distribution. Earlier an official from KwaZulu-Natal teachers and students living with HIV/AIDS.
Correlation between age/experience and improper use: "
reported that teachers who gave sex education lessons were branded as
demonstrate that effectiveness increases with experience, leaving
promiscuous while those that picked up condoms were branded as being Many countries still did not have fulltime staff dealing with HIV/AIDS, and
those adolescents with the least experience at greatest risk for
unChristian. the stigma associated with the disease meant that a number of countries
improper use." [2] Inexperienced adolescents, hence, are more
disguised their HIV/AIDS interventions by placing them in departments such
as quality control and employee assistance. susceptible to improper use, which puts them at greater risk for the
Phuti Chonco, from South Africa's national education department, said while aforementioned serious ramifications.
she favoured providing condom education schools should not distribute them
in any way. Botswana's Sally Nkoane, who co-ordinates HIV/AIDS for the Countries teams attending the Winter School include Botswana, Burkina Faso,
Schools programs do, in fact, misrepresent and exaggerate
country's education ministry, was also against condoms on school property. Ethiopia, Kenya, Guinea, Malawi, Mali, Namibia, Senegal, Swaziland,
condom effectiveness. Some of the myths leaked through these
Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. (Source: Health-e, 31 August 2004)
programs are debunked in this source. [3] As a result of these
Yes, students are sexually active. But our education policy says students are hyperbolic facts, many adolescents develop a false sense of
not to have sex at school, so how can we give out condoms at schools? These are the premises for the "Con" claim: security in regards to their use of condoms during sex, despite the
fact that they are more susceptible to misuse due to a lack of
Uganda's Aggrey Kibenge was also adamant that condoms should not be 1: It must be noted that the effectiveness of condom use is very exaggerated. experience, as evidenced before.
distributed at schools. Improper implementation, something which school-age teenagers are more
vulnerable to than the average male adult (due to intoxication or lack of A study at St. Francisco's Balboa HS resulted in the publishing of
There was a decrease in HIV prevalence in Uganda before condoms were experience), causes condoms to be extremely ineffective. One must remember the following excerpt: "The number of students having sex
distributed, said Kibenge. Children under the age of 18 are not trusted to take that, with typical condom use, 18% of women become pregnant. [1] Hence, doubled [after the instatement of the condom distribution
independent decisions so why should we give these children condoms. Our the availability of condoms often gives teenagers a false sense of security program] The schools overall pregnancy rate increased by one
duty is to guide this person. They could be having sex out of naivete. Our duty when engaging in intercourse, while encouraging such activity to take place. fourth. With an increase in pregnancies, it can be assumed that
is to promote positive moral values, conduct and behaviour. We would be there was a similar increase in student exposure to sexually
undermining this through condom promotion. 2: Presenting condoms to students in a publicly funded environment will transmitted diseases." [4] Some credible studies certainly support
offend students of a wide range of faiths and their respective families, the claim that sexual activity increases because of condom
The Western Cape's Fenton advocated a compromise, arguing that a pro- including those of the Catholic faith, many of those of the (Orthodox and distribution programs at schools. This seems to match with what
abstinence, pro-values approach could be adopted in schools to balance Conservative) Judaic faith, and many of those of the Protestant faith. [2] By one would logically expect; condom use is advertised and, through
students' access to condoms at schools. giving students access to condom and encouraging their use, public schools that, students receive the message that sexual activity is expected
are interfering with the fundamental religious beliefs of students and their of them... or at least not unexpected of them.
We would need to include parents, stressed Fenton. Schools could hold families.
meetings and decide not to distribute condoms at schools but places nearby, 2. "Schools with condom-access programs are in no way forcing
like spaza shops. Zimbabwe's Andrew Mavise stressed the delicacy of the 3: By teaching students about both abstinence and use of contraception, any students to use or even accept condoms."
issue, saying that condom distribution could undermine the entire school school programs are sending mixed messages to students. If the school wants Schools are certainly encouraging condom use to students through
HIV/AIDS programme if parents were opposed to it. them to not have sex, why would it give them condoms that they could use their sex education programs. The pork comparison is not
as contraception during intercourse? Hence, the distribution of condoms appropriate in this situation. Schools are certainly not just
He also cautioned that many condoms could be wasted at schools as students contradicts a school's attempts to promote abstinence. Moreover, the displaying condoms on trays like pulled pork sandwiches in the
could use them for other things. distribution of condoms leads to increased sexual activity among students; lunch line; they are advocating condom use and are
an increased level of sexual activity among students may lead to situations in thereby implying that sexual activity is not unexpected of the
adolescents... and that it is okay as long condoms are implemened. from the AIDS virus with the use of condom. It is not safe because the virus Providing condoms to students in public education programs will reduce the
can pass through even the smallest hole in a condom, the prelate said in an incidence of underage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted
Condom distribution at schools does, in fact, interfere with interview with Radio Veritas. diseases. If one accepts the premise that condoms are an effective means of
parents' rights. Based on the ruling of the court case Alfonso v. prevention, it stands to reason that their distribution could have a significant
Fernandez, voluntary condom distribution programs in schools impact. Condoms are one of the most effective means of protecting against
Instead of free condoms, he added, the government should raise public
interfere with the rights of parents to rear their children as they STDs, HIV and pregnancy. For their cost, they are easily the most cost-
awareness to prevent the spread of the disease.
effective means of protecting against these threats.
saw fit. [5] Parents have a fundamental right to rear their own
children, and these programs took away from it, so parents should Father Anton Pascual, chief operating officer of Radio Veritas, said sex is Chifundo Nkhoma
be given the right to opt their children out of it. sacred and must be shared only by responsible married couples.
It is best to have students abstain 100 percent, its a fact that youths are
3. "[S]chools and faculty are generally not in 100% agreement with already exposed to dangers through early sex and that condoms would be of
Pascual suggested that instead of condoms, the youth or any member of the
themselves..." service. Providing students with condoms actually encourages the earlier
community should practice sexual abstinence outside of marriage, to be
onset of sexual activity. If young people believe they will be safe when
faithful to one partner when married and value love and sacredness of sex as
The opposition makes an unclear argument. The decision to using a condom they are much less likely to be deterred from engaging in
a gift of God in marriage.
dangerous and immoral behaviour.
distribute condoms or to promote abstinence is almost always
determined solely by faculty, whether it be superintendents, Alex Jimu
Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary, Catholic Bishops Conference of the
members of the school district committee, or other working Philippines public affairs committee, branded the DOH campaign as nothing
members of the school community. "Schools," by definition, are but a waste of taxpayers money. Widespread condom distribution will establish sexual activity as the norm
places of learning and hence cannot "agree" with policies... or among young teens, creating peer pressure to participate in sex. The added
anything for that matter. The opposition is politely asked temptation to engage in sexual activity that is protected will result in more
Distributing condoms will only condone sexual activity among students. women having sex at a younger age, perhaps furthering their exploitation.
to clarify.
The government should invest more in educating people about the perils of
sporadic sexual activity than procuring and distributing condoms, he said. Albert Chazama
The distribution of condoms does, indeed, increase sexual activity,
as the provided source claims. [4] I feel condoms does not increase sexual activity but can decrease unintended
The issue of sex education has long been a controversial one. The two basic
pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. So I feel In the interest of
types of sex education in the Malawi are abstinence-only and comprehensive.
In Conclusion: public health, restrictions and barriers to condom use should be removed.
While comprehensive education advocates abstinence as the primary defence
Condom distribution cannot increase sexual activity.
against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and
The opponent's refutations have been countered. Through these HIV/AIDS, it also addresses the inevitability that some adolescents have or
counters, CON proves to be the superior stance on the issue, Mayamiko Butawo
will engage in sexual behaviour. Providing information about contraception
proving that condom distribution in schools is detrimental and and how to have safer sex is an integral part of comprehensive sex Sex education program including condom provision accepts the inevitability
must therefore cease, a claim that PRO has thus far failed to education. Providing condoms in schools is a much debated aspect of some of adolescent sex and encourages students to make wise, safe decisions if
effectively falsify. comprehensive programs. In contrast, abstinence-only programs discuss they do have sex. It is a wise investment by the government to supply
abstinence, or refraining from sex until marriage, as the only guarantee of condoms for schools in that it is very expensive to address problems created
Thank you, and I greatly look forward to PRO's retort. protection from the growing epidemics of teenage pregnancy, STDs, and by irresponsible sexual behaviors.
HIV/AIDS. Some schools and parents are afraid to give student's condoms
out of fear that it will push them to engage in sex before they are ready. Emmanuel Phiri
CHURCH leaders are supporting the campaign of the Department of Health Condoms play a key role in preventing HIV infection around the world. In
(DOH) against irresponsible sex but not the distribution of condoms in public sub-Saharan Africa, most countries have seen an increase in condom use in When the school tries to substitute the family as the shaper of personal
schools, saying it will only worsen rather than solve the rising number of recent years. Even when condoms are available, though, there are still a values, it weakens the authority of the family. If the school weakens the
HIV/AIDS cases among the youth. number of social, cultural and practical factors that may prevent people from family, it will contribute more to the increase of venereal disease and
using them. In the context of stable partnerships where pregnancy is desired, unwedded motherhood among teenagers than it can counteract by
Data show that from 1984 to October 2016, about 10,279 of the total number or where it may be difficult for one partner to suddenly suggest condom use, distributing condoms.
of 38,114 HIV/AIDS cases were in the 15-24 years-old range. this option may not be practical. Thengo Kavinya asked several people their
STDs: Will condoms in public schools reduce sexually transmitted
Among 15 to 24 years olds, there were 10,279 HIV cases during the period, of The need to reduce the risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases?
which 9,066 were tallied during the last five years or from 2011 to 2016, disease for those who decide to have sexual relations requires less
prompting the government to tag it a youth epidemic. divisiveness. Parents can still instruct their children as they see fit, but [] []
To address the problem, the DOH is toying with the idea of making condoms parents and their elected representatives should entrust school boards with [Edit] [Edit]
available in public schools starting in 2017. the power to supplement that instruction with informed, health-based Yes No
But according to Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani Jr., the programs and services, including condom distribution programs. The Distributing condoms in public Condoms in schools would
proposal of the DOH would only create more problems because it would principal message teens should receive is that their continued health and schools will reduce the spread of encourage sex and so increase STD
encourage the youth to engage in premarital or extramarital sex. safety is key. STDs Condoms are an effective risks. I feel that if condoms in
means of combating the spread of schools could in fact increase the
Its a wrong tactic. There will be more damage than before. Aside from Patrick Msomba sexually transmitted diseases. On incidence of venerial disease as it
being risky, it will also deliver the wrong message to that they will be safe this premise, it stands to reason could spread the information to
that their distribution in schools the younger students still not because there is the opposite apparent encouragement of sexual . Whether the government will distribute free condom or not . We cannot
and use will reduce the spread of achieved puberty. It would drive gender in schools. It is possible to activity an affront to their religious stop the youth from having sex. I say , Yes . Distribution of free condom is
sexually transmitted diseases the sex imagination in their in ban the opposite gender in traditions.[4]
much better than having unprotected sex. . For me as a student, it depends
among students.[5] their minds. schools, but that is only part of Religious considerations are not
Condoms are one of the most The effectiveness of condoms is the problem. The other irrelevant. Various religions are upon my perception if I will use or not the condom . . I am supporting the
effective means of protecting exaggerated. If not used properly, contributing factor is teenage members of society, and these
distribution but I never thought of using the condom distributed.
against STDs, HIV and pregnancy. condoms can be highly ineffective. hormones. An interest in citizens have a right to voice their
For their cost, they are easily the Young people are more likely to engaging in sexual relations does views about condom distribution
most cost-effective means of use condoms incorrectly, due to not undermine religious doctrine, or machines in their schools.
protecting against these threats.[6] lack of experience with them or unless one wants to become a Schools are not the place for Teen pregnancy would decrease
because they are drunk. Moreover, priest. Religious doctrine does not condom machines, just as schools
the temptation to have sex without forbid sexual relations, but are not the place for cigarette
a condom may be significant encourages the safe or machines, or alcohol bars. Many
where the supply of condoms is responsible management of it, high school students also have a
not plentif and this usually includes problem with smoking and In my opinion this would be more helpful and can prevent many teens to go
discouraging pre-marital sex, drinking, but that does not mean through the process of abortion. There are approximately 250,000 teenagers
coveting someone else's wife (and schools should distribute filtered
probably husband as well), and cigarettes or have a designated that had a baby in the year of 2014. Now the numbers most likely rose. 35
adultery. driver program. Certain activities, percent of those girls choose to have an abortion and regret doing that after.
Responsibility: Will condom distribution make students more sexually
such as drinking and smoking, are
responsible? Therefore schools should give out condoms and educate them in order for
legally appropriate for adults.
Sexual activity should also at least them to act mature and responsibly.
[] [] be recognized as an activity best
[Edit] [Edit] reserved for mature adults.
Yes No
Providing access to birth control Widespread condom distribution
Teen pregnancy: Will condoms in public schools help lower teen
empowers women with more will establish sexual activity,
pregnancy rates? Average age of first act of intercourse in the US: 17 Average age of
control over their creating peer pressure to
bodies. Historically women have participate in sex. The added graduation from high school in the US: 18
often suffered more because of temptation to engage in sexual [] []
restrictive policies related to activity that is "protected" will [Edit] [Edit] Teens are going to have sex if they want to, there's nothing that we can do to
reproduction (abortion laws, result in more women having sex Yes No stop that. However if we offer them methods of preventing STI's and
restrictions on birth control at a younger age, perhaps If students are having sex, they Providing students with condoms unwanted pregnancies, we can make sure that they are practicing safe sex.
purchases, parental consent furthering their exploitation.[13] need to know about safe sex. If encourages early sexual activity. If If schools give teens the methods to practice safe sex and prevent STIs, the
policies).[11] Condom distribution will students in school are having sex young people believe they will be student body will have a lower rate of STIs. A lower rate of STIs means a
Condom distribution encourages encourage sexual activity and other they should have the option of safe when using a condom they healthier student body, which means more time spent in class learning and
the responsibility of men: It can risky behavior.[14] having safe sex and they need to are much less likely to be deterred
less time sick at home or at the doctor.
also establish condom use as the know the advantages of having from engaging in sexual
Also, Imagine that you have 2 teens: they have sex and there is a pregnancy.
norm, not something that women safe sex. intercourse. Higher rates of sexual
Condoms in public education will intercourse might offset the Suppose they decide to keep the baby. Think of the impact that has on the
continually have to negotiate,
often from a position of reduce underage positive effects of condom use in education of both parents and of the baby.
weakness.[12] pregnancy Condoms are an preventing pregnancy.[3] Having condoms easily accessible in schools promotes education and
effective way to lower pregnancy learning.
rates. As such, their distribution
within schools will result in
Religion: Can condoms be distributed without upsetting religious
lower teen pregnancy and student Give the students what they want !!!
pregnancy rates.[2]for sure
students have sex, someday,
[] [] earlier or later, it will happend in Students are already having sex whether we like it or not, so to be SAFE why
[Edit] [Edit] a range of age between 12- 18.
Yes No not just give them what is needed to prevent STIs and unwanted
Putting a condom machine in a Condoms for students can offend
school does not mean that all people from different
students are encouraged to have religions. Catholics and followers When students get pregnant and contract STIs it is just degrading our
sex. Teenage sex predates both of other religions who do not No evidence exist that offering condom will increase sexual activity. society.
condom machines and high believe in birth control, and
schools. Teenagers are probably orthodox practitioners of a number Giving these condoms won't encourage sex, it encourages safety and we all
interested in sexual relations, of the worlds religions find the
schools are learning institutions not pharmacies but schools distributing
Yes, they should. I do not think so..!!
these can be part of developing a greater future for a country's society...

Condoms should be distributed in schools to prevent pregnancy, STD's and

Giving Away Condoms Does Not Encourage Sex. set a good example. We know from research that abstinence education does I stringently oppose the subject. I would like you to answer some questions

not work and will not stop young people from having sex if they decide that below for their respective countries as the consent differ from country to

As the title states, giving them condoms does not encourage sex, but it's something that they want to do. It is most responsible for schools to teach country -

encourages safety. The same tired argument is made regarding needle kids how to keep themselves safe. Q1) What is the age of the children when they pass the high school?

exchanges. As countless studies have shown, providing needles to addicts Q2) What is the legal age for sexual activities?

reduces the spread of diseases and the harms that come from IV drug use. Q3) Is there any need of condoms at such age?
Schools are to teach students about safety.
Likewise, providing condoms will only ecourage kids to have Sex safely
since they are going to do it anyway. It has been proven abstinence only In my country, student generally pass the high school at 17 and legal age for

classes do not work AT ALL, and schools that use these have been known to consent is 18. Therefore, there is no point in distributing condoms in schools.
Schools shouldn't tell you not to do something like under-age sexual
have STD epidemics. Give kids condoms so there will be less STD's and less
relations, they are meant to give you all the facts and make sure you know
teen pregnancies. It is the ONLY common sense option.
how to do it safely. Another example is drinking alcohol, they tell you all the
bad things which can be cause but in the end the student makes the choice, That would be quite contradictory, wouldn't it?
Don't you think adolescents have a right to be safe? and thanks to the schools guidance they can do want they choose to do
Schools teach against underage sexual activity! And by giving out condoms
The statics shows us that more than 50% of the population of teens are in school that would just be supporting it. Plus, if someone doesn't want to
Give them Safety
having sex or have had sex at least once in their life. So if we know that their use a condom, just because their school provides it doesn't mean they're
already having sex and even though we teach them to abstain from any necessarily going to take use of it. When anyone decides to participate in
sexual activities or wait until marriage, they still won't listen and at the end such acts it is their responsibility to use protection or not, the only thing
As I've heard people say that not mentioning sex to adolescents is the most
of the day it's their choice, why don't we teach then how to protect schools should do is teach the circumstances of these actions.
correct maneuver in preventing STD's. It is not. The correct action in
themselves. In 2009 there was a survey done in Germany in a specific town
prevention of this hazard is giving the kids a correct education of the harmful
where the amount of teen pregnancies and adolescents who contracted an
effects of not using a condom when committing intercourse. Condoms being
STD in a year was totaled and the following year an experiment was done
distributed in school demonstrates the importance of actually using the
where they distributed condoms in a high school in that same town and the Interest in sex
condom. Most kids would think it unthinkable for their teachers to give them
amount was far less than ever before
condoms so they will see some importance.

In learning we say that the teachers role is to spark interest in the learner,
They should be distributed Not in school
students will not participate unless they have someone to introduce them to
the activity, therefore I feel that introducing condoms in the school acts as a
If they don't get access to them, they will have unprotected sex, either way, Giving condoms to kid in school is just supporting them to have sex. First of medium through which students are made aware of sex. The thought pattern
we cannot control teenagers hormones and feelings, but the giving them all, if a school is considering this, how many pregnant students do you have shifts and more focus is put on the latest trend that is sex. Since everyone is
condoms will make them be safer than sorry. Who would want to see his/her in that school? If you have a lot then obviously your not teaching health class doing it, why shouldnt I. This one action of bringing condoms in schools
child suffer from HIV and AIDS? Or have a child with no future because correctly. Second of all its just a stupid idea all together. If the kid is stupid brings about a string of events that eventually lead to pregnancies and stds
he/she is already a parent? enough to have sex then that's there fault for not using a condemn. aka a chain rxn.

Posted by: keflor

mean that schools now have to take precautions and hand out contraceptives Another problem is that giving condoms at school could promote early age
Stupidity at it's finest. If the government have set a law, stick to it.
to them. The students can go buy them on their own if they plan on doing intercourse which is illegal. Receiving condoms could allow students to think
those things in their spare time. Also, we'd probably have to pay MORE tax that they are old enough to have intercourse although they are still underage.
If the age of consent is 16 and over in the UK, why are the government dollars to fund such a program. Many would argue that if they are old enough to learn about anatomy and
equpping school children for underage sex? As a teenager myself, not proud how the body works, they are old enough to have intercourse. Another point
to be I shall add, I know that other teenagers will try and outdo eachother to representing my choice is that you can give the students condoms but it is
share their pathetic sexual encounters with the rest of the year group. People still their choice to use it. If they have it, it doesn't mean that they will use it.
in authority and the media verge on paedophilic by pressuring young people Schools are not the proper venue for distribution of "condoms". Although people can say that it is better to have condoms and not use them
so much to have sex. They are further perpetuating this notion of underage than not to have any condoms at all. Another counter argument to my
sex by subtextally saying "everybody is doing it? Why can't you?". Who cares discussion is that it can prevent many diseases like STD's. This is a very
what everybody else is doing? What if you don't have those pathetic urges at We are in school to learn and study. It is unethical to distribute condoms in important factor when weighing in whether condoms should be handed out
that age? Then what? You'll be subject to being called "frigid" if you're female school especially in high school because majority of the students there are in schools. There are many different points to argue if condoms should or
and "loser" or "gay" if you're male. Now with the argument of underage minors. It will also promote sexual activity and promote more of premarital should not be given out in school but personally, I feel that handing out
pregnancies and STDs. Hypothetically speaking, if underage people didn't sex to the youths. Educate them not give them condoms period. condoms would not help the students in the schools.
have access to contraception and got an STD or an unwanted pregnancy,
clearly it's their own damn fault. They should have applied their knowledge Posted by: flowerpot

of this to their own common sense. If you do something illegal, they No to distribution but proper education...

shouldn't expect that their won't be consequences.

DOH doing this to made their job easy. Why not going to schools and
educate the students properly the disadvantages of having sex at early age?
What are the consequences if they will become parents at an early age? I
Why in schools? think educating the students is much more important than promoting this
giving them free condoms in schools.

A school is a place of learning, not a pharmacy.

Are we to hand out birth control pills at the front desk as well?
Teach them about proper sex safety, sure. Condoms should be distributed in school.
But why would we actively distribute condoms in the school? We have
places that sell condoms, and we should focus on those places being
accessible to the kids if they aren't already. The debate of this topic is endless. Whether it be for or against the topic, this
I really haven't heard any valid reasons for distributing them at the school topic is quite controversial. I believe condoms should not be distributed in
itself. school. Although there are many arguments that prove condoms should be
distributed, I still believe that they should not be. It also depends on the age
group of which the condoms are distributed. If the age of consent is 16 for
sexual intercourse, then there would be no need to hand out condoms earlier
A school is a place of education, not a place to distribute contraceptives. than 16. Another reason against condoms is that in the media it is normal to
have intercourse, "everybody is doing it? Why can't you?". This pressures

We all went to school to learn. How much we learned depends on how many people into sex as if it is seen as the norm all over the internet and in

involved we were. Sure, we had to take a sexual education class that was a the media. Many would argue that condoms are a part of the sexual

part of the curriculum, but just because students know that sex exists doesn't education needed at school but I believe that condoms should be used in
sexual education but they should not be distributed throughout schools.