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By Acyclica

Maximum Data Collection is more than just travel-times.
Acyclica augments this data by
measuring intersection delay by
Superior Information phase, providing tools for traffic
engineers to mitigate congestion.
are integrated into the fabric
Shipped with 4GB USB memory of Acyclicas analytics software.
stick for data backup and easy Ranging from Purdue Coordination
access to IP settings and con- Diagrams to the LA Route Intersec-
figuration. tion Coordination Metric, Acyclica
brings numerous Measures of
Effectiveness to hand
USB port for external data Acyclica complies with both NTCIP
storage or qualified peripherals Center-to-Center and the TMDD
including GPS and certain v3.0 protocol as a means of sup-
cellular modems. porting inter-operability into a
range of ATMS systems.
How does the BlackCompass stack
BlackCompass up to the competition?
This is the workhorse of the congestion data collection. Designed to optimize the collec-
Records per Hour 240,000
tion process, the BlackCompass can collect over 240,000 records per hour, providing a new
Sampling Rate 28%-45%
benchmark in performance. By collecting exclusively Wifi data, the BlackCompass passively
Data Latency 35s
collects MAC addresses with signal strength - allowing determination of relative proxim-
Accuracy +98%
ity and the ability to actually measure intersection queueing. The compact data collection
device needs only power, communication and a 2.4 GHz antenna and the rest is plug and

Wifi Intersection Delay Passive Data Collection

Breaking ground by being the first The BlackCompass makes it possible Unlike Bluetooth, which relies on
product to offer Wifi data collection in to measure congestion, not just travel- an interrogation and response for
addition to Bluetooth, the CrossCom- times. Along with Wifi comes the collecting data, Wifi is completely
pass sets a new standard in passive ability to detect intersection delay at passive meaning that the sensor
traffic data collection. Higher sample all approaches with a single sensor at only listens. Passive data collection
rates translate to more accurate origin distances of up to 1/8 of a mile. Together eliminates the possibility of interference
- destination, more reliable travel-times with the Acyclica Analyzer software, with other 2.4Ghz equipment such as
and higher quality data. delay can be analyzed for each phase. wireless radios or other access points.

Features Technical Specifications

Dedicated Scanning Temperature range -20 to 75 C (industrial option: -40 to 85 C)
The BlackCompass maximizes data capture
Relative humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
by scanning for only Wifi devices.
Dimensions 1.77 H X 4.27 W X 6.30 L
Signal Strength Filtering
Scanning sensitivity can be dynamically Power requirements 5VDC
adjusted by limiting the signal strength of Power consumption < 5 Watts
CPU 1 GHz Cortex ARM7
MAC address hashing can take place on the Connectivity (wired) 10/100BaseT
BlackCompass to maintain privacy. Data Capture Rate Up to 250,000 records per hour
Simple Integration Wifi 1 Watt 2.4Ghz Radio
An advanced API is available for users inter-
Data Interface NTCIP Center-to-Center XML
ested in integrating with existing systems
MTBF > 100,000 hours
Web Interface
Built in web server for device management Data Latency 35 Seconds
Data Storage Capacity 100MB (internal) / 32GB (USB storage)
2013 Acyclica Inc.
323 West Main St. Suite 202, Frisco, CO 80443