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Star Donaghey Mickey Rogers D Yvonne Maruniak Paloma Varela Annette Flavel Frances Carmichael English a ret macmillan education Welcome to Waty 1a fantastic new Englsh couse designed to help you take your English to the next level. Way 1 conteinstessons that challenge you. bud your learning skills, and teach you real language in reablfe contexts. In adaition, your Student Book is full of great new features to help you maximize your learning potential. These include: Introductory Spreads for each lesson to explain exactly what you are learning. Self-Tests for every unit so you can check your leaming. Check out the Contents page to find all these great features Saal (OT iiccemasom and many more. Your Student Book also contains icons next to activities that help you decide what to do or that tell you which skils or competencies you use to complete each activity. Itis important to read and understand these icons because they will help you with your learning. This icon indicates that you will do a listening Use the Glossary at the back of the book activity. Make sure you understand what to do to learn new words. it has clear, simple before you listen. *%° explanations that will help you understand the words in the Student Book. When you see this con, your teacher will tell you fo read some pages from your Reader. This icon indicates an activity where Don't forget to bring your Reader to class. G you need to think about society and the world around you, exploring themes This icon tells you when an activity helps such as respect, cultural differences, and you develop your thinking skills, such as protecting the planet. organizing, categorizing, planning. It also tells you when you need fo analyze language Activities with this icon improve your to help you understand it better. ww learning sills to make you a better learner of English and a better learner in general. This icon is concerned with self-reflection. In & ‘other words, activities with this con encourage You find this icon next to activities that you to think about yourself, your opinions, your $ % improve your team and communication ‘emotions, and your strengths and weaknesses skils, and that encourage mutual respect (what you can and can't do} and cooperation. seve row WORT ogo tach ni Bookand to meove you Engh, Remember that learning another language is a challenging process and you will need. to study hard during the school year. If you do, we are sure you will be very successful. Good luck.