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350 VeDyakdam Impartible [@33; T.N. Act

,'[TAMILWADU] ACT No. I X OF 19333.2
ESTATE ACT, 1933.)
(Received the assent of the Governor on the 28th '
February 1933, and that of the (Sovernor-General
on the 5th April 1933; the assent of the Gmernor-
General wasJirst ptiblished in the Fort St. George
Gazette of the 2nd May 1933.)
An ~ c tot declare the Velliyakundam Zamin to be
impartible within the meaning of the '[Tamil
Nado] Impartible Estates Act, 1904.
WHEREAS it is expedient to declare that the Velliya-
kundam Zamin is an impartible estate and that
its ,proprietor cannot exercise unrestricted
power of alienation in respect thereof;
ANDWHEREAS the previous ~lanctionof the Governor-
General has been obtained,to rhk passing of this
Act; It is hereby enacted as fdl1ows:-
hart title. 1. This Act may be called the Velliyakundam
Impartible Estate Act, 1\933.,
'he VeIIiya- 2. Notwithstanding any decision ofLcourt, rule,
unddm Zamia of law or enactment to the contrary, the Vellt akundam
o be an
Zamin in the Madura district is hereby de ared to
an impartible estate within the meaning of the
d .
!c meaning '[Tamil Nadu] Impartible states 4ct, 1904, and sfiall iCTamil
'he 'lTarni' in the hands of the owner 8s well as his hdrs N ~ ~ u ]
npartible and sLtccessors bc subject to the provisions of that Act11 0'
itates Act, Act.
'04. 3. This Act shall not affect ally alienation made or
debt incurred before the coming into force of this
- -- ---
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T h c ~ cwords wcrc substituted for the Word "Ma&as" by the
T,illlll Nadu Adptpl ~tiorlof L ~ WOrdef,
S 1969, as amended by the
Tanlit N ~ d uAdaptation of Laws (Scoond Amendment) Order,
For Statement o f Objects and Reasons, see Fort &. amre
a d r e f t o , dated the 22nd Novernbcr 1932-Part IV, pages
As the estate has been .notified under seotion 1 4 of the
Tamil Nadu Eotates Abobtio* and Conversion into Wyotwari)
Act, 1948 (Tamil NQ u Aot XXVI of 1948 , this Act should be
deemed to have been repealed b vlrtue,o seotlon 3'(a) bf Tamil
~ a d ku t XxVI of 1948 akp&d. . ., +tb&blba , ,
' . <, '
4&&7y'.z%* -q**.*$b "; q+ '"
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