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I-TIM Overseas Internship Guidelines

HTT291 - Internship
1. GPA of at least 2.50, minimum conduct score is 130 points for both years, and tuition fee must
have been fully paid.
2. Students and guardians are required to sign an agreement with school promising to return to
Thailand on completion of the internship program.
3. The maximum time permitted is twelve months.
Please note:
 Students intake 41 get special exception for GPA less than 2.5
 During internship students must follow the establishment’s rules and regulations.
All students must keep in contact with the school via e-mail.

Purpose of Internship
The Internship provides students an opportunity to undertake hands on experience in the real world of
the hotel and tourism industry. In addition, it provides students with an understanding of how
hospitality establishments operate. Please follow the format below in writing the Internship Report.
The report should demonstrate what student learned and accomplished during the internship. Students
receive four credits for the internship. This report should illustrate that the internship was
commensurate with this level of effort and learning.
Students are required to return to Thailand within 30 days after the end of internship and submit an
internship report in person. Failure to do so will result in an “F” for internship and a conduct score
deduction of up to 100 points. Once submitted, the report belongs to I-TIM. The report must be
submitted in the I-TIM folder and requires the following sections:

Internship Report Format
I. Cover page (see example attached)
II. Table of Contents
III. Introduction: Describe the objective of internship and where your internship was carried out
(company, department, location, etc.). Summarize your internship goals, activities, and
accomplishments. Descript why this internship report can be useful to you and other
readers. (less than a page)
IV. Establishment Information
a. Background of establishment (Name, history, chain, etc.)
b. Location – include a location map
c. Nature of establishment (Type of products or services, Number/ type of guestrooms,
market, growth potential, etc.)
d. Establishment organization chart
V. Your place in the establishment
a. Your job title.(Trainee, in capacity of …………..position)
b. Copy of your job description for the position you are assigned plus specific tasks for
each duty in the job description.
c. Copy of your departmental organization chart, noting your position.

Appendices a. Our goal is to reward students who demonstrate enough pride. and patience to produce intelligent. Please note: If you face any problems during your internship period. What I-TIM helped in preparing you before entering the internship b. d. Could you have prepared yourself better beforehand to get more out of this internship experience? b. 50% . Monthly report b. to I-TIM. Your future plan in Hospitality industry. Midterm Summary c. Critique of I-TIM a. VIII.Evaluation from the establishment Note: The value we have placed on student’s writing skills reflects our belief that student should be able to communicate effectively in writing. Conclusions a. Would you enjoy working for this organization on a permanent basis? c. What did you learn from this internship experience? c. evaluation procedures. including training system as much as you know. training will be provided) b. by phone call or e-mail. Duty photos Internship Grading 1. Suggestion of what to be added in the teaching lesson. b. IX. c. training manager or Human Resources Manager. X. 50% . What are three areas that you would like to improve? Give examples of what you would do differently if you have a 2nd chance. Analyze the work process (2nd year students only. You should also report. VII. Description of the establishment’s recruitment. training. self discipline. . Value of work experience a. Final Summary d. Summarize the usefulness of your internship in advancing your understanding of the hospitality profession. VI. d.Internship report 2. orientation. What areas in which you learned new techniques or skills? d. Changes in your level of confidence about your abilities to work and deal with people and situations f. the first contact point should be your supervisor. Your appreciation to what/who drove you to succeed the internship. well-written internship reports. Self Critique a. Suggestion for improvement in the school. Changes in your ideas about this line of work or the industry e. What are your three primary strengths? Give examples of what you did well.

(Font: Times New Roman Size: 18) HTT291 – Internship Report Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Industry Management Establishment’s name: State:. Intake: Class Advisor: Start Date for Internship: End Date for Internship: Report Date: . Group:. Country: Position: By Name: Student ID:.