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Delta Securitas takes the honour and privilege
to introduce ourselves as one of the most
professionally managed security organization,
having history of providing user specific
committed quality services at justified rates for
more than 13 years in the Indian Corporate
Sector. We are an operations based
organization under the able direction of

Being an extremely focused on professional

training and quality of our guards, we are one of
the few security organizations having proper
training facilities and an ISO certification for our

We are a DGR (Ministry of Defence) registered Company having a dedicated team of

personnel from Sr. Rank ex. Army and Police officers to look into your customized security
needs. We provide security solutions with quality-trained manpower. Our security personnel
are put through a basic training programme and then on specific customer need based training
before deployment. We follow it up by regular refresher trainings and reviews in time with
changing customer needs.

We ensure proper supervision of deployed security personnel through regular patrolling during
day and night and through regular interaction with the appropriate authority for improving
quality of our services.

We have deployed more than 4000 security personnel with the leading groups in the Indian
Corporate Sector & MNCs. To name a few of our satisfied customers, it reads as Reliance,
Tata Tele., Tata Chemicals, Birla Group Cos, DCM Group Cos , IFFCO Plants, VEDANTA
Group etc.

With the added advantage of having provided security services to almost all Five Star Hotels in
India, we are in the elite group of those who have a rich experience in production, hospitality
and service sector.
Delta Securitas approach to Security is perceived and implemented as a key Management
Function with the same principles as Planning, Organization and Operations in any other field
adopting a systems approach. The security department is considered key component of Risk
management and covers important areas like:

Asset protection - (Men and Material)

Crime control
Disaster management

The major strength of any Company lies in its Management profile be it Top or Middle level
Management Cadres. Delta Securitas Pvt. Ltd. has been alive to this vital aspect and thus has
Key people who have the Requisite background and experience to Perceive, Plan and
Implement Security concerns and have handled similar tasks in their illustrious Careers. An
interservice panel of senior and experienced officers from Defence, Paramilitary Forces and
Civil Sector are part of the management in various capacities.

Major Gen. B.N.Kapur :- Gen. Kapur retired as the provost Marshal that is Director General of
Military Police of the Indian Army. The officer has commanded the largest Division of the Army.
He was also the Commandant of the Military Police Training School. He has been advisor in the
Security planning cell set-up for Jammu and Kashmir. He is Director Security and Planning.

Maj. Bhupender Sharma :- He has played Key role in Anti Hijack and Counter Terrorist
operations besides looking after operations of VVIP Security for 3 years. He has also held
appointment with Army Guard, which is responsible for the complete Security of Rashtrapati
Bhawan. The officer was also instructor in Commando wing. He was actively involved in
Counter terrorism operations in Sri Lanka for almost three years. He has also served in the
Military Intelligence arm of the Army and carried out numerous intelligence/Counter intelligence
operations during this term. He retired from Military Intelligence Arm.

Brig. (Dr.) B.D.Mishra : - Brig. B.D. Mishra was DIG(Operations) . He has planned and directed
operations in Civil Aviation, Hostage rescue/anti terrorist attacks in Hotels/Airports/Sensitive
Govt. Offices, protection of VVIPs which include protection by fire/marshal arts. The officer was
instructor in the Staff College, Wellington and Higher Command in the College of Combat. He
has been in charge of the wing responsible for Recruitment and Training of Officers and other
ranks in The Army. He is looking after the training, recruitment and overall up gradation of the
work force of the Company.

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

Orient Clothing Ltd, Gurgaon
Saurashtra Cement Ltd. Porbandar
Ridhima Overseas Ltd, Gurgaon
BALCO, Korba
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Chittorgarh
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Debari
ZAWAR Mines, Udaipur
BOSCH, Jaipur


Hydel Construction Ltd, Delhi

Leighton Contractors, Delhi


National Thermal Power

Corporation, Noida
National Thermal Power
Corporation, Badarpur


IFFCO Plants Kalol

IFFCO Plants. Kandla
IFFCO Head Office Delhi
DCM Chemicals Ltd Kota
Tata Chemicals Ltd, Mithapur (Guj)
Mediplus, Bahadurgarh
Star Track Terminal, Noida
Trident Terminal Subsidiary of
Shipping Company of Govt. of
Singapore, NOIDA
CMA Logistics Park Dadri
ANCHOR Container Depot, Dadri
Le- Meridian Hotel. Delhi
Nikko Hotel Delhi
South Indian Hotel Delhi
Laxmi Palace Hotel Delhi
Ashok Country Resorts. Delhi
McCann Erickson Ltd, Delhi
CIE Ltd. Delhi
Nies Bud Delhi
Joint Plant Committee Delhi
Eastern International Delhi
Escorts Ltd. Delhi
Tata Tele Services, Punjab
LG Electronics, Delhi

Balaji Hospital, New Delhi Birla Home Finance Ltd, Delhi

Daffodil Handlooms & Handicrafts, NOIDA

Apeejay College of Engineering
Sohna (Gurgaon)
Delta Securitas Pvt. Ltd. and its group Companies are highly
professional and quality conscious. We are in a position to
provide following range of personnel to meet different
Operational / Administrative requirements of qualitative
manpower in different disciplines which are listed below:

Security Guard
Armed Security Guard
Lady Security Guard
Executive Protection Staff
Mobile Protection on Gypsies (By Ex NSG personnel armed
and equipped with wireless sets in Delhi / movement outside
Chauffeurs (For all kinds of vehicles).
Computer Operators to maintain a check on activities at
Material in / Outlets. (Security Staff is also trained in these
House Keeping/ Pantry Staff { Allied Ventures Group Co}
Secretarial/ Maintenance Staff. { - DO - }
Plant Operators, Lift Operators. { - DO - }
Intelligence/ Vigilance Staff.
Cash Van Facility.
Mail sorting, sifting and Delivery services.
Dog Squad (as part of bomb detection team).
Fire Protection Services.
Chemical Detection.
Criminology Services.
An ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company

Error Free Service- through trained security staff managed by experienced Sr. Ex-
Army officers.

All statutory compliances fully met.

Non Unionized Guard Force.

Excellent liaison and contacts with law enforcing agencies.

Extremely Quick Response to customer needs.

Dynamic Organization Keeping pace with changing security needs of the


Firm Policy of quality delivery at reasonable price.

Operations Headed by experienced Senior Army Officers who know the best of
security operations.

Central Control Room back up for round the clock service to our customers.

Thoroughly Organized & Structured Organization with effective delegation of

duties & responsibilities with proper accountability at all levels.

Selection and Recruitment of personnel is done by systematic procedures.

Basic and customized trainings are imparted as per requirements.

Management of contracts is done by regulated procedures of deployment & post

deployment audits, visits, checks, monitoring, periodic reviews & regular
customer interactions.

Experience of providing Turnkey security set up in project and fully operational

phase to the largest Refinery Reliance Petroleum, Moti Khandi Jamnagar
Providing effective security to largest plants in deserts in similar production and
sensitive environment.

Providing full Insurance covers for damage / theft / should at all it takes place.

Patterned on service staff selection system comprising: -

Physical Standards.

Medical Fitness.

Educational Qualification.

Psychological Profile.

Track record verification.

Successful completion of basic training programme.

The above aspects are taken into account while selecting and
enrolling persons for duties. Individuals are recruited from
various state to provide a mix of individuals from various states.
Local candidates are generally avoided for Local Clients.
Supervisors / Guards

Security Guards assigned to your esteemed

Organization would undergo background
screening and possess basic skills in reading
& writing the English language. They also
would have passed job related test after
completion of basic and special training
including unarmed combat skills.

Min Educational Qualification - Matric - preferably Ex service man

Minimum 3-5 yrs. Of industry experience for civilian candidate and
Helpful positive attitude.
Highly motivated.
Exemplary conduct.
High standard of integrity
Conducive body language and pleasant mannerism

Police verification of Character, background check by own staff

through village heads / neighbors, wherever possible.


As laid down for recruitment of Jawans in Army / Paramilitary


Height : Min 59
Weight : Min 60 kg.
Chest : Min 34

Good physical stamina to undertake rigorous duties. Be able to

run a mile in 5 mins 20 secs.


In addition to the primary duty of security the Company ensures

that staff so deputed to your firm has Multi Role Capabilities and
would willingly imbibe the work culture prevalent in your
establishment and feels part and parcel of your Company.

He identifies himself with the goals and targets assigned for

which he has the requisite background experience.

He is well equipped for his primary duties with basic minimum

qualification of 10th and working knowledge of English language.

The Company is fully equipped with modern

gadgets of the profession. Including wireless
sets / Mobile phones have also been given to
zonal officers.

24 hours Operational Control Room exists with

complete wireless communication system. Mobile
Squad is kept standby to deploy manpower as
and when required.


When we speak of security, we must

consider the category of security that
this type of Industry involves. Primarily
it comes under the title of preventive
enforcement keeping in view the
cardinal principals of Hospitality. It
therefore, must include measures to
avoid illegal entry, careful checking of
all categories:-

Personnel who have their establishments in the Property.

Visitors, Contract Staff, permanent staff

Traffic control, Vehicle Management.

Material transported in and out by various suppliers in the

We ensure Customized training to our personnel. A concise capsule
and re- orientation training is given to the guards prior to any particular
assignment. Our training capsule consists of Basic (4 days), Client
specific (3 days) and on jobs training (3 days). Refresher courses are
also given at suitable intervals.

The training is given keeping in view the following:-

Geography of premises.
Brief outlines of the Company ops. / Nature of Event
Desert drills.
Search of persons, Vehicles. Etc.
Conduct of guards, Tele phone mannerism.
Gate Pass regulations, access control of Men and Material.
Fire Prevention, Keys Management
Reports and Forms.
Reporting of incidents, Information and personnel security.
Patrolling of risk areas.
Guest relations, executive protection
First Aid.
Intelligence and Feedback.
Continuous vigil and escorting casual / maintenance workers
(as also maintenance of logbook records).
Disaster Management.

We provide adequate site supervision, including replacements required. Field

officers, Operation Manager, Branch Manager, ED, MD, visit at regulated

Dedicated Personnel

We provide only trained security

personnel and fireman to
Company premises and their
replacement too will be trained,
in line with the needs of the

All security personnel shall meet all stipulated requirements and be qualified to
the minimum specifications. Company may, at its option, conduct validation of
Companys capabilities.

All Security Staff may be required to

perform dual duty of fireman cum
security guards as per the laid down
Company instructions.

To deliver quality services to our clients

emphasis is placed on planning,
organizing and conducting basic,
specialized and refresher capsules.
We pay full entitlements and on laid down dates at the sites to our personnel.
They are well motivated. Our employees retention rate is above 98%.

Deployment of personnel is done after a comprehensive review and operational

requirements are taken in to consideration

Point of Contact

1 We maintain a single point of contact on call (round the clock basis), including
week ends and holidays.

2 Delta Securitas will ensure that all security posts are manned at all times. All
posts have site post instructions

3 Delta Securitas shall be responsible for any damage or loss to co. property by
any action or due to negligence of duty by the staff provided by it.

4 We ensure regular checking of security personnel during day & night by

responsible staff not deployed at the site. Field officer visits twice a week,
Operation Manager once a fortnight twice a week night checks are conducted.

5 We ensure that uniform by all security personnel and fireman is received in

time so that they maintain their good turnout.

6 Delta Securitas will perform and report to corporate office about compliance

Customer Interaction.

We manage our contracts by regular interaction with our clients. Our field
officers, Operational Managers regularly interact with our employees and client to
effect continuous improvement. Deployment is reviewed every three months and
detailed views of clients are obtained to maximize the performance. All reports of
day/night Checks and visits along with action taken for improvements are sent to
client Suggestions/Comments of clients are implemented and reported to the

Emergency Management

The aim of disaster / Emergency Management

is to minimize the losses in terms of human
lives and various assets and to resume normal
working conditions as soon as possible.
Correct anticipation and evaluation of hazards,
advance and meticulous planning, training of
personnel in disaster management and regular
rehearsals and drills of the disaster plan of
action reduce the losses to the minimum.

Emergency Response

Delta Securitas will be maintaining the emergency response plan. In case of any
emergency arising in the premises, contract Security Staff shall also perform the
following functions.

Carry out fire fighting in case of fire in Factory premises.

In case of strike or any such kind of disturbance, carry out functions as directed
by companys Management.

To deal with anti- social, rowdy elements and remove them from the Factory
premises as per instructions from Security Manager.

To assist police authorities to establish

law and order in case of riots, natural
calamities etc.

To assist police to carry out investigation

of crime and theft cases of property in
accordance with SECURITY MANUAL.
Communication / Quick Reaction Team

A well- established communication setup exists with Walkie Talkie sets.

Pagers, Mobile phones etc. at respective operational levels. A Quick Reaction
Team comprising of a Field Officer / Inspector and with 6- 7S/ Guard is
perpetually on mobility for quick response to any emergent situation.

A round the clock operations room monitors the strength of all units and reacts
to any demands most promptly through the closest patrolling van to reach the
spot and attend to the emergency.

The concept is identical to police PCR Vans with integral Force functioning,
Delta Securitas Security staff when required also perform vigilance and
intelligence duties.

We collect information of any company activities being planned or of any planned

activity to damage company property and report to manager Security of company

We keep abreast of any disturbances in neighbouring industries and of nearby


As and when required provide training to company staff and security personnel.
Intelligence Inputs
Good Ground level intelligence is a vital
input to the Management. Delta
Securitas Pvt. Ltd. with its investigation
and intelligence wing gives this added
information of Ground level intelligence
which Manager / executive would benefit
from. We tap various sources to give
timely information to the Management for
any impending trouble spots for
instituting immediate remedial measures.
This Company has an excellent track record in preventing, assisting the

Management in breaking strikes / gheraos and standing by the Management in

its hours of crisis and needs. This could be verified from some of our client such
as CFCL (Kota) Escorts, EuropCar etc, where we effectively intervened to tide
over such problems.
Multi Role Capability
Unlike most Security Agencies our staff has the potential and skills of multi role
capabilities and would willingly imbibe the work culture prevalent in your
establishment (only positive) and thus feel part and parcel of your Company. The
Staff also identities themselves with Corporate / Organisations Goals of business
development and improving the bottom lines through loss prevention coupled
with unobtrusive approach to workers / clients / guest relation / other concerned.
Investigation / Verification Tasks
The Company has a sizeable experience and expertise in Investigation work and
has handled such cases for various multinationals / Banking Companies. We are
in a position to take on cases of verification / investigation on regular basis in
respect of your company.
Bank Related Work
We also serve the Bank / Other Industry specilised need like collection / deposit
of cheques, cash collection, bank related work as we have a large presence in
the banking sector. The cash / valuable in transit are fully protected as per
standards norms and duly insured.

As organization becoming global the security perspective is also changing from

low priority to one professionalism with the visibility of a well managed system. It
should be a balanced mix of good security staff with professional approach and
technology. The importance of selecting a good security team, their training
motivation and good pay are essential ingredients and cannot be over
emphasized. This is where Delta Division Steps in to provide,

1 Consistently High level of service.

2 Supervision
3 Flexibility
4 Well-managed and qualified staff.

This when coupled with high degree of interaction with the client for prompt
response makes it one of the best in the industry. We are in apposition to provide
you all the Support Services, which will not only be cost effective, but comparable
to best in the industry. We assure you the most competitive rates, which are
negotiable without compromising on quality. Our company has necessary
Registration / Licenses to meet all statutory requirements.