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Sadness or Pain by: artbyflow

in the Land of the Broken links

Among one of the misunderstandings we have in between the many wrong

believes we inherited from within our DNA or from the culture we grew up with, is to
feel the "broken" third dimension we are in as if it was our fault to undergo the
sensitivity as we identify the wrongness on the video of LIFE and caress it with
our heart... As a part of a personal collapse we sweet it with music and sad
emotions... That feeling we call been blue. When in reality is one of the results of
the mistaken options of this dimension and is called in reality: Pain over an
involved experience.

We suffer pain when we are in alignment with the broken circuits of this dimension,
and we called that: We are Sad.
Humanity must transcend Pain and Fear through the events of their personal life
to be rewarded by the Universe. It is one thing to face the challenges and the pain
of the experiences but to continuing to keep fears and resentments... and another
very different thing is to face the challenges and to transform the pain involved in
the emotion and to look at the experience with thanks and Love.

In the beginning of this XXI century we began experiencing the needs for
correction of those broken links. Once we find out that an elite of beings had being
looking for the past 80 years ways to destroy our future and our happiness, then
we started sensing those wrongs twist in life and question many things like
believes, feelings, educational formulas and many other aspects. It is good to
mention that since 2014, the geometrical figures on the webs of quantum and
Christi had been changing their forms into higher shapes. This means that our
perception of Fear and Pain must parallel evolve into a harmonious level of
equilibrium as a collective.

In that persuading of feelings and emotions and thoughts, we as new humans

searching for a better way of looking at the glass of our self among the whole
existence, began a new task, the task involving what we really came for to this life
on this planet: the journey of the "XXI Century Heroes"... And so a new her@e is
born, not inside a movie, but in that cruel reality we call life... Our ordinary life.
Because we as heroes, need to find out what is wrong within this dimension
experiences and at the same time, we need to find out who are the guilty one
behind the scenes of wrong moves among those broken links, in order to expose
them into the void of the empty spaces of the universal mind, for us to start building
a new reality towards the Oneness and from this third dimension It will be easier
to quit the job and kill ourselves, or to swim inside the darkness of an escape
goat looking in blindness for the easy death of a looser.
Sad is a word we used a lot in many occasions and situations in order to fit
ourselves in the realities that we had been offered by the social system that tries to
make us believe that everything is alright when is not, and that whatever we
choose to go ahead with, is fine... But in reality, is not fine for sure. Is just a parallel
sense or emotion or thought inherited within the broken cultural Community we
choose to be born in from our past life, but we had forgotten it.

All of that after all is just the pain caused by the broken links that the elite that rules
the situations wanted us to believe as Normal because they know well about the
broken links of this dimension. Inside that way we learned that the feeling of
discomfort or misadjusting from the pains, fears or wrong moves we absorbed
everyday accompanied by some good tunes that go along that emotional
feeling are ok. Then we go to a bar, heard the tunes again mixed with the felling
of misadjusting we had been carried on for years and bring out the distresses
inside conversations or activities we are sensing at the moment all mess up with
some beers or some drugs to finally reach out the real kingdom of sadness...

So we experience sadness and loneliness and emotional emptiness... And we

began destroying our inner beauty little by little until we finally fall inside the many
places the system of the elite had built for us like: nice hospitals, nice cemeteries,
nice cold streets, nice drugs hells, nice pharmacy medications, nice psiquiatrical
centers, nice ways to be sick, and nice many more other symptoms of deceased
positions the elite had proposed to the citizens of any nice country.

Once the citizens realize the true behind the curtain of Pain and sadness and the
other facts that mistreated their lifes, the human began knowing inside their
material mind that the defective element around their unconformities is just outside
the innermost self... And the fault falls on the defective third dimension he/she is in.

If you go further in thoughts, animals and plants are already ready to do the
transition as well as the planet itself. You are the one with the issues of material
nature that are holding you down in a reality that is not real and after all, is painful.

Do not compare yourself with any nobody, the path ahead of you is to be walked
alone. There are times of solitude outside, but within, there is a full company of the
many. Do not pray for help, wake up and change yourself. There is nonexistent
being that is coming to help you, there is no a god to coming to help us... There are
only you in at new reality you are sensing now. Sadness is gone behind and don't
misunderstand being alone in that path with being sad as before... The songs you
listened before along your old paths of sadness and loneliness now had a different
effect in you, because you began changing your reality to become a better human
being outside the webs of sickness planted by the elites from that dark side of the