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Year : 6 Date : Day : Wednesday

THEME World of Knowledge

TOPIC Treasures of Malaysia

LEARNING STANDARD 5.1.1 Able to use nouns correctly and appropriately :

(b) collective nouns
LERANING OBJECTIVE By the end of the, pupils should be able to:
(S) i) Underline the collective nouns in a given text
ii) Complete the sentences by choosing the correct collective noun.
iii) Write a short paragraph using the collective nouns.

ACTIVITIES Set Induction (10 mins):

1.Pupils are shown a video from The Lion King .
2. Pupils are asked how many group of animals were in the video song and
state them.
3.Pupils are given their respons how do a group of animals refers to.
4.Pupils are shoen a powerpoint of collective nouns and explains its

Presentation (15 min)

1. Pupils are given 10 pictures with some animals and asked to discuss in
group about the collective nouns of the animals.
2. Pupils discuss the correct collective noun.
3. Pupils plays the SNAP GAME within their group.

Practice (15 min)

1. Pupils are shown a reading text
2. Pupils read and explain on the text
3. Pupils are given worksheet and pupils discuss in group to underline the
false collective nouns and correct them in the text
3. Pupils put up their work on the wall around the class.
4. Pupils conduct the gallery walk within them.

Production (15 min)

1. Activity sheets are distributed to the pupils.
2. Pupils write a short paragraph using the collective nouns.
3. Pupils write simple sentences with collective nouns on a given situation.
Group 1 : Jungle
Group 2 : zoo
Group 3 : park
Group 4 : beach

4. Pupils work will be checked.

Closure (5 mins) :

1. A pupil is selected randomly and will be given a dice.

2. Pupils are asked to roll the dice.
3. Each face of dice contains a group of animals.
3. Pupils make the sentence according to the collective nouns which were
diced by them.
4. Pupils who answered correctly will be given a reward.

TEACHING AIDS i. Pictures of animals

ii. Video
iii. Dice
iv. Power point presentation
CCE I. Learning strategies/approaches/techniques: Communicative approach,
Whole class,
ii. Multiple intelligences: Verbal Linguistics, kinesthetic, audio lingual,
interpersonal and musical.
VALUE Love animals, confidence, teamwork ,creative