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Germany Suspends Eurofighter Deliveries Due to Quality Problems
By: Lars Hoffmann (/author/lars-hoffmann)    October 13, 2015

GOTTINGEN, Germany — The German Air Force has temporarily suspended delivery of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets following the discovery of quality problems involving the
connection between the vertical stabilizers and the body of the aircraft.

In a notification to the German Bundestag, the Ministry of Defence said that drillings and the removal of burr were not conducted according to specifications.

The Typhoon suffered a similar problem last year when Germany, Italy and Spain all halted deliveries of the jet after a number of drilled bolt holes in a different part of the rear fuselage were
identified as having not been de-burred satisfactorily.

The Eurofighter consortium confirmed that it had now found a new manufacturing quality problem on the aircraft.

"A manufacturing non-conformance has been identified during the assembly of the fin to the rear fuselage of the aircraft manufactured to date. The topic is related to the holes drilled for
four of the bolts that connect the fins to the rear fuselages," Eurofighter said in a statement.

Consortium member BAE Systems is responsible for the manufacture of parts involved in last year's problem, as well as the current issue.

The consortium, which involves Airbus Defence and Space, BAE Systems, and Finmeccanica, said the problem does not affect aircraft flight safety and therefore as a consequence, there will
be no operational or life-time limitations to the Typhoon.

A spokesman for the German MoD stressed that while flight safety is not affected in the short run, long-time effects were possible.

Acceptance of delivery at this point could impact warranty claims, he said.

The MoD note to the Bundestag said that it could not be ruled out that the structure of the fast jet and the bolted connections in the specified area may be damaged.

Experts of the Bundeswehr, the NATO agency NETMA and industry are analyzing the problem.

According to the MoD, all of the German Eurofighters delivered from tranche 1 through to the current 3A standard are affected.

All German Eurofighters in service are being closely monitored and no direct influence on the operations of the German fleet are not is expected to be affected, said the MoD.

The British Ministry of Defence said it was continuing to accept deliveries and operate the aircraft as normal. At this point it is not unknown whether other Eurofighter nations will follow the
German lead and halt deliveries.

Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain are the core partners in the Typhoon program. Export customers Austria and Saudi Arabia already operate the jet. Oman also has also ordered the aircraft,
and Kuwait recently said it would purchase 24 Typhoons but has not yet signed a final contract.

Andrew Chuter contributed to this report.

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" Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil told a news conference in Vienna. for the cost of offsets on the deal. Austrian Maj. and the German and Spanish Airbus units." Doskozil said in the ministry statement. Part of the claim is a failure of Airbus and Eurofighter to tell Austria the purchase price of €1. which could not be quantified. England. the ministry said. or €183. Hans Hamberger speaks to journalists during a news conference at the Ministry of Defence in Vienna on Feb. Airbus said. a division of Airbus. "Offset deals are obviously an ideal launcher for corruption. The commission is due to report by the end of June. misery and money laundering.defensenews. The ministry had earlier issued a statement that a criminal complaint had been filed accusing Airbus and Eurofighter of "willingly and fraudulently" deceiving Austria on the "true purchase price as well as to the true ability to deliver and true specifications of the Eurofighter interceptor planes.1 billion. the ministry said. and Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH." the BBC reported. Austria had asked for those offsets.96 billion included almost 10 percent. 16. "We cannot see any foundation in particular for the allegations of bad faith and fraud. the minister said in an official That lawsuit claimed damages of at least €183. which allocate work to local firms. and the first the company heard was through news reports. Italy's Leonardo. The Eurofighter is built by BAE Systems of Britain. There were also further damages based on operating costs. which has been subject to corruption allegation for 15 years. "Airbus is surprised by today's press conference by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence raising criminal allegations … against Airbus Defence and Space GmbH. to be billed separately.96 billion (US $2.4 million. The ministry said it will sue European aircraft manufacturer Airbus over a sale of Eurofighter jets that has long been plagued by allegations of kickbacks. "My concern is the full and final settling of the Eurofighter purchase. Comments . Photo Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images Sign up for our Daily News Roundup . The Eurofighter is built by BAE Systems of Britain. The lawsuit was based on findings of the Task Force Eurofighter formed in 2012 at the ministry's request to probe corruption allegations. The Austrian Defense Ministry has also set up a commission to look into the replacement of a fleet of Saab 105 OE aircraft by 2020.The top Defense News stories of the day Email Address No soy un robot reCAPTCHA Privacidad ." Airbus said in a statement Thursday. Italy's Leonardo.08 billion) for 15 Eurofighter Typhoon jets. The Austrian Defense Ministry had not contacted Airbus before announcing its launch of a lawsuit. Photo Credit: Joe Klamar/AFP via Getty Images Airbus said the allegations were "a political manoeuvre." A Eurofighter Typhoon comes into land at Royal Air Force Fairford in July 2016 in Fairford.4 million and could reach €1. Austria initially ordered 24 Eurofighters in 2002 and then cut that to 15.Condiciones Subscribe For more newsletters click here (http://link. Gen. and the German and Spanish Airbus units." Airbus said. Reuters reported. See how 〉 Air (/air/) Airbus denies fraud allegations over Eurofighter Typhoon deal By: Pierre Tran (/author/pierre-tran)    February 17 PARIS — Airbus has denied Austria's accusation of alleged fraud on a 2003 order worth €1. 2017. alleging willful deception and fraud linked to the order for Eurofighter jets back in 2003.

the company reported its “Fortress’ excellent track record speaks for on gaining any edge in the technology sector: stay to keep up its fund performance. without saying whether this should relate to recent years we have supported the The Eurofighter is built by a consor. tion of the aircraft and is headquartered percent of the population. and the deal munications. This is what we did today. said President Jacob Zuma’s State of alleged Eurofighter fraud the Nation Address last week had made clear “he intends using the competition authorities as a tool of his populist and Govt sees potential damages of up to 1. Standard New York prosecutors have been investigating the in the European project: Germany and defense or security markets. year.1 billion euros related to extra costs called “ZAR Domination”. paid for the Eurofighter compared with used to coordinate trading activities when giving quotes to “We don’t know any details.. the defence ministry said. VIENNA: Austria filed a lawsuit yester. “The African National Congress takes an extremely dim view of the activities of the listed banks.1 bn euros destructive agenda of ‘radical economic transformation’”. The activities by the legal authorities.1 billion outset and allegations surfaced almost equipment.” a utive. Damages could amount to 1. The min- Commission said. as well as three Nomura. banks had equipment of the jets. BNP Paribas.5 percent late Tuesday. “As defence minister. 2007 shows the first Eurofighter bought by Austria landing at Zeltweg air base. including US. gation it believed Airbus and to 15 in 2007.” VIENNA: This file photo taken on July 12. where a major. the report said. keeping the wealth of the country in the hands of the white ministry said that following an investi. for tium comprising Britain’s BAE Systems a separate German probe into the banks and brokerages named in the case were Citigroup. with some 150 kilometers from Vienna. Last week. iPhone in Japan. Standard Chartered Plc and have said they expect to complete sepa.and the U. part of the Barclays Plc. — Reuters FRIDAY. purchase price of 1. Macquarie Bank.1 sation for the Austrian taxpayers’ dam. and Italy’s Leonardo as well as Airbus. Commerzbank AG. Fortress October-December profit soared to about 40 itself. SoftBank. leading technologies including artificial intel. also sells the Pepper human- his Softbank Vision Fund plan for investing in $50 billion in US startups and create 50. partners for its private fund for technology Wednesday in Tokyo trading. praised Son as “visionary. 2017 . the first carrier to offer the to his strategy for growth and complement promise to President Donald Trump to invest pany Sprint Corp and Britain’s ARM Holdings. Michael Cardo. 10 percent of the banks’ annual revenues. it said in a report. world-class investment platform. also deceived Austria about The investigation found that from at least 2007. jobs. the Commission “We can however confirm that in lowest price. including Securities Inc.” he added. the purchase. European. A European defence exec. the Doskozil said at a news conference in 2003 that money was pocketed by diately available to comment. deliverability and ing bribery allegations. alleging wilful deception inal prosecution and to claim compen. I consider it so-called offset deals. It then ordered a review GmbH. This has turned up the heat on the banks.96 billion euros for Arabia.” and in technology used in founded in 1981. regardless Austria to sue Airbus over of the economic fallout”. 2017 41 Business Softbank adds Fortress Investment to growing empire TOKYO: The $3. has within its investment ligence and the “internet of Things. service and innovation.3 billion acquisition by its leadership. The Competition Commission said on Wednesday it had found the banks. JP Morgan. saying ministers want “to do battle with the banks. had colluded to coordinate their trading activities when dealing in the rand and US dollar. which has been conducting an investigation since April 2015.3 billion (BAML). their cost should have been The EFF and sections of the ANC often criticise banks for 2003. Austrian and German which represents the other two nations probes into suspected irregularities in Credit Suisse Group. FEBRUARY 17. The deal was controversial from the its ability and will to deliver the agreed an agreement to collude on prices for bids. Europe’s largest aerospace recommended.S. fighter sale to Austria.which involve work being given won over many poor black South Africans with promises of and fraud linked to a 2 billion euro ($2. shaped companion robot. gally charged nearly 10 percent of the communications deal with Saudi Barclays Africa (Absa) . and we look forward to benefiting from the US investment house has largely focused co-chairmen Pete Briger and Wes Edens times what it was a year ago. tions. The company. the Japanese telecom. to local companies . euros. “It is further an indication of how the markets are and can be manipulated by dominant oligopolies to cripple its func- tioning to suit their nefarious agendas. The said. said a jet from another bidder and higher customers who buy or sell currencies. Shares in performance. Financial regulators are clamping down worldwide. Standard Bank. The offer spreads for spot trades involving the rand . in Munich. While offset formance as the left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) consortium. South Africa’s banking index fell 1 percent yesterday after the Commission.000 which is known as an innovator in the “inter. billion) order for Eurofighter jets in age. “We join a company of Fortress Investment Group marks tycoon Tokyo-based Softbank has been aggressive thirds of the company’s investments. leisure industries. sides Wednesday. will immediately contribute lion. announced by both investments that it says may grow to $100 bil. which coordinates the produc- ity of executives are white despite black people making up 80 Eurofighter had misled Austria about of the purchase four years ago follow. the purchase price.” the par- ty said in a statement. The opposition Democratic Alliance accused the ANC of politicising the issue. Eurofighter jets but reduced the order Airbus and Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug elite. Airbus said it was unable to politicians. empire financial technology and ride-booking links devices through the Internet.FRIDAY. instance through (our) own investiga. internet and solar energy giant. defense ministry’s findings. deals .were part of the radical redistribution of wealth. Airbus. who speaks on economic development for the right-leaning party. recommended heavy fines be imposed on the lenders. which many South Africans view as a symbol of the stark racial inequality that persists 23 years after the fall of apartheid. Fines should amount to spokesman said. expertise and heft in global investment than Fortress said its senior professionals will services. —AP ANC attacks banks over forex rigging charges JOHANNESBURG: South Africa’s ruling ANC party called yes- terday for the toughest possible sanctions against more than a dozen local and foreign banks accused of rigging the rand currency. — Reuters rate preliminary proceedings by mid. he is net of things. a statement. These acts of corruption have crudely exposed the ethical crisis in the South African banking sector. said in a joint statement. Fortress were up 6. — AFP dozens of traders fired and big banks fined around $10 billion in total in separate cases for rigging the level of the Libor interest rates and other market benchmarks. Defence Minister Hans Peter immediately after its announcement in Eurofighter consortium was not imme- national market code is ZAR . Vienna. ANZ Banking Group Ltd.” which betting more on Fortress’s wide ranging smartphones. The ANC attacked the banks. Son appears determined to deliver on his Softbank also owns the US wireless com. day against Airbus and the Eurofighter my duty to report facts relevant for crim. group. which the Commission said was about the action through the media. Airbus and the consortium ille. Investec. offers and bid. Austria initially ordered 18 reported separately. civil servants and others via istry said its damages estimate of up to Its inquiry centred on an instant messaging chat room comment as it had only just learnt brokers for side deals accompanying 1. Bank of America Merrill Lynch case for years and Munich prosecutors Spain. piling political pressure on lenders that have become a target for public anger. dollar. Eurofighter had won the deal with the operating expenses. In buying New York-based Fortress. a UK investigation into a $3.6 percent culture completely aligned with our focus on investment empire.” They said the com- SoftBank Group Corp. FEBRUARY 17. panies have much in common. with tremendous scale and resources. Private equity accounts for nearly two.whose inter. and a Masayoshi Son’s latest step in building an in global acquisitions and has been seeking Softbank’s shares jumped 1. Japanese and Australian lenders. according to the Last year the ANC suffered its worst ever local election per. asking not to be identified. has said it is co-operating with global revenues or just their South African business.” Doskozil agreement.” they Son said the deal. broad-based expertise and on finance and real estate. will benefit shareholders.” Son said in transport and other infrastructure.


officials said they had spoken with Airbus — which makes the Eurofighter Typhoon — potential alternative suppliers as well as governments. $5 billion) and € of-lockheed-s-fa-50/) microsatellite-heads-to-space-to-aid-warfighters-on-the-ground/) Nammo signs first artillery deal with Finland US military leaders await Trump decision on Afghan mission (http://www. Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil's decision follows the advice of an expert commission that had studied options for securing the country's skies after 2020. high-performance supersonic aircraft capable of round-the-clock operations. the panel Comments 0 comentarios Ordenar por Más recientes Agregar un comentario. At that time.defensenews. While there was no announcement on what other aircraft could fit Austria's needs. Germany — Austria is set to replace the small fleet of fighter jets to patrol its airspace following an announcement today that the collection of Eurofighter Typhoons and Saab 105 OE aircraft would be phased out. Eventually. Those talks led to 19 different options for monitoring Austria's airspace. "At the same time.Air (/air/) Austria set to replace Eurofighter Typhoons By: Sebastian Sprenger (/author/sebastian-sprenger)    July 7 those aircraft also are considered militarily sub par in their current configuration and economically unsustainable. according to the expert defensenews. the subsonic Saab planes would reach the end of their economic lives and would be retired Quick Links defensenews.8 billion) over 30 years. Plugin de comentarios de Facebook Recommended for you US Air Force Closes in on Assessment of Lockheed's FA-50 US Army microsatellite heads to space to aid war fighters on the ground (http://www. There is a long-standing suspicion of the Eurofighter Typhoon in Austria. (http://www. "Those who say yes to Austrian neutrality and sovereignty must also say yes to modern.. $5. as the current government believes the country was duped into the acquisition in 2003. the decision was made to go looking for a single-type fleet of supersonic planes — 15 single-seaters and three double-seaters — that would begin operations in 2020." Doskozil told reporters in Ad Bixpe defensenews.S. And because the fleet of 15 Eurofighter Typhoons are of the early Tranche-1 generation.defensenews. And that's without taking into account "the specific cost risks" associate with Tranche 1 or the costs for continued deployment of the Saab 105s. (http://www.4 billion (U.." Continued operation of the 15 Eurofighter Typhoon jets would cost between € with-finland/) lipped-on-new-afghanistan-war-strategy/) Around the Web ¿Debe más de 5 US Air Force Closes in Descarga tu guía Could Su-35S Deal millones? on Assessment of gratuita Edge Out Rafale in Lockheed's FA-50 India? Ad Resuelve Tu Deuda defensenews. we need to get the escalating costs of the Eurofighter under control and minimize the enormous cost risks associated with it — in the interest of the taxpayer and also in relation to the other branches of the armed forces. Austrian press reports the Swedish Gripen E/F or the American F-16 as jets that could be considered by Vienna.1 billion ( VECTOR Autopilot Eurofighter Reveals Saudi Typhoons Use Italian MoD Source: Enhancements for Paveway IV Bombs on Kuwait To Sign Deal for Typhoons ISIS 28 Eurofighters Ad UAV Navigation defensenews.

on first charge towards between their anniversary of viable electric operations? 15 service entry 22 airliners 26 18-24 July 2017 flightglobal. Emir-mates A grade for C Hybrid vision Will Dubai’s Why Swiss and How industry’s two carriers get Air Baltic are giants can drive closer together singing CSeries’ innovation in to bridge gulf PROCUREMENT Smoke and mirrors Austria hits Eurofighter with Typhoon replacement plan ISSN 0 0 1 5 .3 7 1 0 £3.70 2 9 9 770015 371297 .

with 15 single. the future. cial commission it set up in Defence minister. says the de. but abandoned this in Flight Fleets Analyzer shows M-345 basic trainer. subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter: flightglobal. A separate commission will be no uniform Eurofighter and purchase a “high-efficiency aligning the out-of-service dates. rofighter works very well for all while the company is also now pable of round-the-clock opera. partner nations Germany. ment on the detail of the Austrian Austria has previously shown trainers. and also in must also say yes to Its Tranche 1 examples are limit- and significant cost uncertainty”. Vienna in February began legal proceedings against Airbus De- fence & Space and Eurofighter over alleged fraud and deception related to its near €2 billion ($2. Austria conducts air. Lecce air base to fly the type. Austrian sovereignty their delivery to the Luftwaffe. headed by air force chief TRAINER FOCUS commission appointed to examine Brig Karl Gruber. favour of instead installing a sim.” seeking potential buyers for its tions. If the PC-7s are SINGLE-TYPE AMBITION and an advanced self-protection gradual replacement of Tranche phased out it will look to buy At present. Airbus and the industrial consortium deny the accusations. including scribes the fighters – which it re.” fy if this would be jet. including sending trainee neutrality and sovereignty must grading the nation’s current Ty. Austria had ini. as well as an aged fleet ment-to-government deal and Spain and the . It relation to the other branches of ed to carrying only Diehl says retaining the 15-strong fleet the armed forces.” high-performance ­Defence IRIS-T short-range air- for the next 30 years would see it Austria has based its decision supersonic aircraft” to-air missiles and a Mauser incur costs of between €4.4 billion on a report generated by the spe. although it says: “This is interest in Leonardo’s Aermacchi “Those who say yes to Austrian lysed by the commission was up. system. Among the 19 options ana. The Austrian defence ministry de. Eurofighter declines to com.28 billion) acquisition of the Typhoons in 2003. and that are difficult to quantify at PC-7 turboprop trainers at the equipped with guided missiles present. formance supersonic aircraft ca. However. Hans Peter Doskozil 27mm cannon. ate around the clock. As the Saab 105s are also used for the issue suggest the fleet switch The report concludes that the “Continued operations with training missions.” says Gruber. phoon fleet and acquiring three comment. prop-powered. Typhoon Tranche 1 system in trainer” aircraft. the report sig- would generate potential savings air force requires a new fleet of the existing Austrian Eurofighter nals Austria’s possible intention of between €100 million and €2 supersonic fighters. Italy. as legal wrangling over type’s acquisition mounts A ustria plans to replace its fleet of 15 Tranche 1 Eu- rofighter Typhoons from 2020. able to oper. in the longer term Vienna would of 17 Saab 105s. possessing “limited equipment terests of the taxpayer. that nine of Austria’s Eurofight.1 billion.COVER STORY To get more defence sector coverage. seat fighters and three twin-seat fence ministry. has now been established to ex. “At the same time. and €5. “Consequent. high-per. the Eu. Austria Figures produced by a special March. quisition methods. By leased. amid a deepening row with the four-nation consortium over the cost and capability of its aircraft. noting the same time. It says the new aircraft 1 examples by the consortium’s training hours from a European space policing missions with its should be acquired via a PROCUREMENT DOMINIC PERRY LONDON Vienna bids goodnight to Eurofighter Commission report indicates fleet switch could save €2 billion by 2049. partner in the short term. it appears likely that there upgrade its simulator training quire replacement from 2020. an Austrian defence procurement M-346. discussion and it is not for us to pilots to the Italian air force’s also say yes to modern.or turbo- a one-type fleet. fleet would involve cost risks of replacing its fleet of Pilatus billion in the period to 2049. ers were originally ordered for Hoyle in London 16 | Flight International | 18-24 July 2017 flightglobal. of the Eurofighter under control the German air force. but the nation’s proposed exit from Eurofighter Markus Zinner/Eurofighter operations from the end of the decade reveals the depth of its dissatisfaction with the Typhoon. Additional reporting by Craig we need to get the escalating costs ulator at Zeltweg air base. which will re. while Typhoons. used two-seaters. It does not speci- Vienna says it expects to move to amine candidate aircraft and ac. Austrian government says Tranche 1 jets have “limited equipment and significant cost uncertainty” place its Saab Draken interceptors. tially planned to acquire a trio of other customers. could either be purchased or ly. ■ Peter Doskozil. Vienna selected the Tranche 1-standard Typhoon in 2001 to re.” says defence minister Hans trainers. report. and minimise the enormous cost “Those who say yes to six which were transferred after ceived between 2005 and 2008 – as risks associated with it – in the in.

Generated by CamScanner .

combataircraft. The ministry of 15 single.8 to retain the Typhoon.28-billion Typhoon acquisition existing Typhoon fleet and acquisition in September 2017 6-7 Headlines C. [NEWS] HEADLINES 06 A pair of F-35Bs over the North Sea during a visit to the UK last year.indd 6 21/07/2017 09:56 . fleet of 15 Tranche 1 Eurofighter The Defense Ministry favors a fleet Typhoons from 2020. An cost uncertainty’. alleging advanced self-defense system. www. The jets are operated by of three used two-seaters is currently the Überwachungsgeschwader too expensive. it would that a new defense ministry may opt cost between $5 billion and $5. Air Force report also calls for the new Austria previously launched legal aircraft to be equipped with medium- proceedings against Airbus Defence range air-to-air missiles and an and Space and Eurofighter. this fall.and three twin-seat claims that the Tranche 1 jets provide ‘high-performance supersonic’ aircraft ‘limited equipment and significant for national air policing missions. With Austrian elections (Surveillance Wing) based at Zeltweg. Savings of €100 million has announced plans to €2 billion could be accrued by 2049 to withdraw the if Austria elects to replace both the Austrian Air Force’s Typhoon and Saab 105OE jet trainer (Luftstreitkräfte’s) with a common type. Jamie Hunter AUSTRIAN TYPHOON UNDER THREAT VIENNA CONSIDERS FIGHTER REPLACEMENT OPTIONS T Austrian Eurofighters on patrol during the World Economic Forum. HE AUSTRIAN billion to retain the Typhoons over the Eurofighter MINISTRY of Defense next 30 years. there remains the possibility According to the ministry. The Air fraud and deception related to the Force judges that an upgrade of the $2.