Freshmen Success

9th Grade Academy

Math Workshop/Algebra I
Fall Semester 2017: August 7st, 2017 – December 21st, 2017
Spring Semester 2017: January 8th, 2018 – May 31th, 2018

Mrs. Ashley Lau
(Ms. Deeks is my maiden name)
Classroom: P-3
Class Phone: (808) 305-3722
Class Website:

Office Hours: I am normally available before school by 7:30am, during lunch, and after school till at
the latest 4:00pm. However, please schedule a time with me in you plan on coming in after school,
since I sometimes have meetings during that time.

Math Workshop/Algebra I is the foundation! This class is the study of language, concepts and techniques of Algebra that will
prepare students to approach and solve problems following a logical succession of steps. Skills taught in the course lay
groundwork for upper level Math and Science courses and have practical uses. The content of this course is important for
students’ success on both the ACT, SAT, and college entrance exams.

This is a TENTATIVE Course Map.
Semester 1 Semester 2
 Combining Like Terms  Solving Systems of Linear Equations by:
 Order of Operations o Graphing
 Domain & Range o Substitution
 Function Notation o Elimination
 Evaluating Functions  Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities
 Linear Functions  Solving Quadratic equations by:
o Slope-Intercept Form o Factoring
o Standard Form o Quadratic Formula
 Linear Inequalities o Vertex Form

Supplemental websites and material:
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All students will need a composition book for their You may donate the following:
Interactive Notebooks  1 roll of scotch tape (optional)
 1 paper towel (optional)
Required:  1 hand sanitizer (optional)
 1 Composition book (preferably 100 sheets)  1 container disinfecting wipes (optional)
 1 inch binder  1 box of tissue (optional)
 Pencils
The items above will become part of a class set.
Recommended: Donations will be accepted throughout the school year.
 College ruled folder paper (recommended)
 2 black pens (recommended) If you have any questions or concerns about the
 4 different color pens (not black) (recommended) recommended supplies and donation items please feel
 2 highlighters (different colors) (recommended) free to email or call me!


Respect Yourself
 Come to class on time with your materials (Notebook, pencil, etc.).
 Follow the Dress Code.
 You must have your ID and Dress Top on before you come into our class.
 Be ready to Learn!
 Give your best Effort!
 Have a Positive Attitude!

Respect Others
 Use Appropriate Language!
 Respect each other’s property.
 Listen Attentively.
 No Bullying!

Respect your Teacher, Classroom and School
 Clean up after yourself!
 Use school equipment appropriately.
 Use technology appropriately and as instructed.
 Return all borrowed materials.
 Obtain teacher’s permission to leave class.
 No charging electronics in our classroom!

 Parents must call and/or send written documentation explaining the reason for absence whenever their child is
absent. Keep in mind that this is a safety issue as well.
 Written documentation will be kept on file at school.
 Phone calls will be documented to include both reason for the absence and who provided the information.
 Attendance Consequences: Please refer to the student planner.

Report an Absence
 Call the Office Call James Campbell High School at 305-3837 and leave a detailed message.
 you can now report an absence via the James Campbell High School website. Under
the Parents & Community tab select Report An Absence.

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Early Sign Outs
 Only Parents or Guardians authorized by in school records can release and pick up a student.
 Please call the school at 305-3600
 Text messages or direct cellular phone calls to your student will not be accepted as proof for dismissal.

 Absent for a regular class:
o If you are absent from a class you will need to complete the notes, guided practice and new material
activity when you return to school. Please see Mrs. Lau or your fellow classmates to get the material that
you missed.
 Or please refer to our class website for your missing notes or assignments.
 Absent for a test or quiz:
o If you are absent the day of a test/quiz you MUST see Mrs. Lau to schedule a time to make up a test or

 All students must have a tardy slip or pass to enter the classroom after the bell had rung.
 Tardy Violation Consequences: Please refer to the student planner.

 Contraband items include: iPods, cellular phones, portable speakers, tablets, personal laptops, other electronic
devices, airsoft guns, lighters, deck of cards, dice, laser pens and all other items as outlined in the JCHS student
 Contraband items will be confiscated if they are being used at inappropriate times and will be returned at the end
of the period or at the end of the school day.

*Any unwillingness or refusal of the student to comply with teacher request will be considered insubordination and the
student will receive a referral.
** Students will be allowed time in class to use cellphones and other electronic devices as instructed, however, James
Campbell High School will not be liable for theft, loss, or damage(s). Under NO circumstances will a student be allowed
to charge their phone or other contraband electronic device in our classroom.

Dress tops, Campbell shirts with school logo or college shirts MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!
Please refer to Student Planner for rules and policies.

All 9th grade students will use the designated classroom pass as a bathroom pass. They must sign out and sign in on the
pass as well as in the sign-out binder when going to the bathroom. Students are released one-at-a-time.

Plagiarism is dishonesty. Plagiarism is the inappropriate use of someone else’s written work. Plagiarism will not be
tolerated in the Freshmen Success Academy. Evidence of plagiarism will result in a zero for that assignment and,
depending on the weight of the assignment in the final grade, probable failure of the course.

Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to, cheating on assessments; copying of assignments;
falsifying data; unauthorized collaborations; and forging of signatures. Anyone involved in dishonesty of any form will be
disciplined by one or more of the following: retake assessment; conference with teacher; a grade of zero; referral to
counselor and/or Vice-Principal; and/or conference with parents/guardians.

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Math Workshop Algebra I Semester 2
Your final grade for Term 1 & 2 will be Your final grade for Term 3, Term 4, and Semester 2 will be
determined as follows: determined as follows:

100% Summative Assessments/Projects, 100% Summative Assessments/Projects, Homework/Formative
Homework/Formative assignments assignments (including Starters, Exit Tickets, Homework Quizzes, and
(including Starters, Exit Tickets, your Interactive Notebooks)
Homework Quizzes, and your Interactive The Algebra I Final will account for at least 2 summative grades (this is
Notebooks) subject to change)

 In order to retake a summative assessment, the student must complete a Test Corrections Form which will be
available to them at the time their Summative Assessments are returned.
 Students can only retake a Summative Assessment once.
 Summatives CANNOT leave our classroom. If you are doing a Test Corrections Form you must complete it
during designated class time, Saturday Credit Club or come in on your own time when I am available.
 A student can choose to add .5 to their original test score once corrections are completed with 100% accuracy and
in complete sentences if their original score is a 2 or higher.
 Or a student may choose to retake the test after their Test Correction Form is completed with 100% accuracy and
in complete sentences. The new test score will be the result of the retake, the .5 may no longer be added.
 If the score for the retake is lower than their original test, I will take whichever grade is higher.
 Any student that receives lower than a 2 on the original test MUST complete a Test Corrections Form and do a
retake. They are not eligible for the .5 increase from corrections.

The grading scale will be in accordance with the Hawaii Content Performance Standards-based scale and
JCHS standards:
Letter Grade Scale Standard Measure
A 4.0 to 3.5 Exceeding the Standard
B 3.49 to 3.0 Meeting the Standard
C 2.9 to 2.0 Reaching the Standard
F 1.9 and Below Well-Below/Not Meeting Standard

The class website contains all of the information from this syllabus and will also include homework assignments, a class
calendar, and additional resources.
Below is a link and a QR code to the website.

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Parent Acknowledgement Form to be returned by: Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Relationship to
Name (Last, First) student Email Phone Number
Circle one: Cell Work Home

Circle one: Cell Work Home

Circle one: Cell Work Home

Circle one: Cell Work Home

I have reviewed this syllabus in class and understand:

__________________________________________________________________________ _________________
Student Printed Name: Class Period

__________________________________________________________________________ ______________________
Student Signature Date

I have reviewed this syllabus and understand:

_____________________________________________ ________________________________
Parent/Guardian Printed Name Relationship to Student

___________________________________________________________ _____________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date

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