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Course Name: eENB BTS and Solution

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed to provide a good understanding on Huawei eNB and solution including basic
Troubleshooting and configuration exercises for Operation and Maintenance Engineers, Configuration
and Fault Management Professionals who would be handling BSS operations on Day to Day Basis

Target group:
Persons having previous knowledge of GSM/CDMA would be preferred.

Instructional Methods:

Lectures in Classroom, on Power-point slides, discussion, Questions & Answers. All participants will also
receive comprehensive course materials.

Course Content:

Day 1

ENB system Overview

ENB system structure
Board and Module of the BBU3900
RF Module
Power Module
eNB expansion and networking

Day 2 (Remote commissioning)

ENB Software Installation
ENB System Commissioning
Preparation for ENB Commissioning
Procedure of ENB Commissioning
eNB remote commissioning on the M2000/U2000
eNodeB Local Commissioning on the LMT
eNodeB Local Commissioning through the USB Disk

Day 3(Local commissioning)

eNodeB Local Commissioning through the USB Disk
Download and Activate the Software and Data Configuration File
eNodeB Local Commissioning on the LMT
Prepare for the Local eNodeB Commissioning on the LMT
Upgrade the eNodeB Software and Data Configuration File on the LMT
Download the License on the LMT
Query the Running Status
Establish an operation and maintenance Link Between the M2000 and the eNodeB
Day 4
eNodeB Data Configuration Introduction
Preparing eNodeB Data
Global Data
Equipment Data
Transport Data
Radio Data
Creating a Configuration Area
Creating eNodeB Data
Adjusting eNodeB Data
Checking eNodeB Data
Exporting eNodeB Data

Day 5
The Hedex structure of the eNodeB
Finding information in the Hedex with use of regular expression
Powering up/down the eNodeB and connect up LMT to the node
Finding the alarm list of eNodeB
Perform corrective and preventive maintenance on eNodeB
Finding Faulty Hardware units and replace them

Day 6
Operation and Maintenance System
ENB Routine Operation
System Management
Alarm Management
Equipment Management
Cell Management
Real-time Monitoring
Software Management
File Management
Tracing Management
ENB Routine Maintenance

Day 7
Troubleshooting Overview
Abnormal Downlink Power
Failure to Deliver the ENB License through M2000
Intermittent Interruption of CPRI Link
Sleeping Cell
BBU CPRI interface error
VSWR threshold crossover
CANBUS serial communication failure
RF unit faulty
X2 Interface Fault
S1 Interface Fault
User Plane Path Fault
RF Unit Software Program Error

Day 8
eNodeB connectivity on interface overview
S1 interface configuration on Different transmission solution
ENB to MME transport medium on IP over SI-MME interface
ENB to S-GW transport medium on IP over S1-U plane
Functionality of the Transmission and Management unit
Definition of the Transport board in eNB
Capacity of the Transport of the enodeB
Creation of the X2 link between two eNB to eNB

Day 9
Preventive maintenance as per the defined schedule
Network equipment as per the requirement
Performing corrective maintenance as work order
Perform all documentation required on the field
New technologies support
Provide assistance to the engineers on the field
Analyzing the network requirement as per customer demand

Day 10
Handle all responsibilities assign on the field
End to end trouble shooting with tools
Identification of the correct fault management
Trouble shoot the enviourmental alarms
Trouble shooting the transmission fault
Escalates the higher level fault to concern team
Managing the media connectivity

Class size: Max 15