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Course Name : LTE extension include in 5Generation

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Network design and Radio or Telecom Network Operation &
maintenance personnels, Equipments & application designer, Telecom software testing &
developer professionals.

Target group:
Persons having previous knowledge of GSM/WCDMA/CDMA would be preferred.

Instructional Methods:

Lectures in Classroom, on Power-point slides, discussion, Questions & Answers. All

participants will also receive comprehensive course materials.

Course Objectives:
After the training, the participant will be able to:
Explain the basic principles of LTE technology
LTE-A feature and their extension
5Generation features explanation

Content: DAY 1
Overview of the LTE network
Explain all LTE release with features
Describe LTE Extension include 5G
Summary of the LTE features
LTE advance key technologies
Carrier aggregation
Enhanced uplink multiple access
He NB mobility enhancements
Support for heterogeneous network

5Generation features and explanation: DAY 2

C-RAN architecture
The four CS of C_RAN
Co-ordinated multi point (CoMP)
Cell outage detection and compensation (CODC)
Energy saving management (ESM)
VoWIFI and VoWIFI to VoLTE handover
UE configuration for Vo WIFI
Network architecture for Vo WIFI
Higher order modulation 256QAM
Device to Device connectivity
LTE D2D Pro Se scenario
Overall Pro Se network architecture
Pro Se direct communication
PHY and MAC layer for Pro Se
New SIB for D2D Pro Se
Smart congestion mitigation
Enhanced interference mitigation & traffic adaptation (eIMTA)
IOT and explanation
NVF and cloud
Machine Type communication

Class size : Max 15

Lecture type : Class room