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The sun rs more than light. lt is nourishmenl and energy, warmlh and beauty, miracle and mystery.

Progress, in a more mortal dimension, also is more than light alone. Progress Lighting enables you
to create a home environment that is more relaxed, livable and enjoyable by day and nighl. An
envrronment that is healthier and helpful for work and play. "Atmosphere" for entertarning. And
Progress Llghting fashtons add to the beauty of your own individual ilfestyle. Because Progress
searches the sunlit world to bring you the styling you want-Med jterranean, Early American, Con-
temporary or Traditional. To match or to mix. Use Progress Lighting as the easiest, most inexpen-
sive way to make a dramatrc drfference in a room. Let there be Progress Lighting in your home.

chnrrrde lien

You can capture a transitory mood of today in

fashions which will be just as appealing tornorrow.
The Greeks did ii. The American Colonials did it.
And Progress has done it with eterna ly handsome
chande ier scu ptures. They embody the dlstinc
tively different look of c ean lined "now" fashions.
Yet they mix equa ly wel , as counterpoint, with
more ornate Traditional furnishings.
Italy, a and rich in yesterdays, has spawned
many leaders of today's Contemporary designs.
This rnasterpiece is an ltalian import. [xc usive y
deslgned and quality crafted for Progress Lighting
by Sciolarj of Rome, one of the world's finest chan
delier houses.
P 4534 A beauty to the casual observer. But, like
fine sculpture, it deserves study. Like fine sculp-
ture, it has a deeper, changing beauty which varies
as you look at it from various points around the
room. The gleaming upward thrusting pi lars of
polished silver are varying sizes. Translucent
Lucite rods extend their forrn while maintaining
the feeling of spaciousness. The horlzontal silver
bars are polished top and bottom, and brushed
on their sides. They are iastefu ly placed at vary
ing angles and heights to develop the intriguing
perspectives of this Contemporary sculpture.
Dia. 28", body hl.27", a,rerall ht. 42". Fifteen
candelabra bu bs. The same design, in a sma ler
sca e, is shown on ihe fol owing page.
. qr*,::.

I r[, ],. I r'- l , r.r. []-r it , _,r " :: l

P 4533-09
P 4s33"18
:ts.rij ti lt .r :i,-::'.-.a-._aII ,-
.rrri ,., ii. i:r"al ::, I i tr a li,i aa |r o
: ff: rr i ':. )11... t 1 ! i: i Lr-
,,i Lri : .I. .1 ,

:rl ri : a-r :t,

, ,lisa ' ri ri.I,:-Lrl r..:: i-trr,.!,
ia,tt I:r, iii jt'.,j .r't :: itt-.]
-a,;)t:..., r '_
il i;r'. r
:i I
'rr ;:i .
:l :.,ir,' rt,'::t |_ , .ti
a,... i:;,:ti t:i
ri. _, r .r ri i t .r' ,. ',

ul ll il ,t 'i. 1 rr irr '- i,, r ,. rr .l i

fit il ttllir :.,,riri| ir r_, , ,i lt: l ir l,.
ir ri .:l :
'',rirr';ir :r I
I .: ,r r.
r , i.
i., .-, I I

ft t

L llL lt ::t,t:..:,111
r,,.ii.l I
,, .:
t:r' ",
.: I

.ri, i,: r , I 1;q1, 1.: 1:

lli :. l_ri :t lr ,.: I :: t.: ,.:. i

:t | | -::. i...: ,, I -:. I .,r i,r, arl

..-t 'r',,'., ' l it, it-t , I I t.

- rl :r 'ri,rL
,'..irll-j , F.r :ir- , ,

*.s t:,,.:la! jr.iill.

i r,i_ j l
, ., I
r,, .
! ;.r.r il
tt .l :
,ra l:il I Irr I ,t

5ja ir,r; jlriairai, ,r, ,,i .iij ,1- a,rL,i:ri .

arrr'tr riar r Lrr,r,: ar t,r,:!.. rjll

iti [il'',j'FJi,]-r: inv :i

, rI LI.',
.' I lr .L:
L a-il
P 4044
P 4056
ir 4335.15
.7 llil;"15.?i8

P 4334-48 P 4334-30
P 4334-15 P 4334-15
P 4334-30 P 4334-48

P 4014 Contemporary that a so charms tradl-
tiona seit ngs. lr.ported satin etched tr plex
glass. Squared arms of polished solld brass.
Walnut f n shed wood co umn. Dla. 27", body
ht. 15", overa ht. 42". Five 75w bulbs.
P 4.158 For rnodern sty e setters. Stark black
stems with geaming chrome col ars hand
sorne y support 6" seeded g ass g obes. Dia.
223/a", body ht. 16", overa ht. 42". Five
G 16Y, or 60w c ear candelabra bulbs.

P 3814 Po ished brass

wal flxiu re Satln etched
trip ex glass. On off
switch. [,4atches P 4014
and P 3713 on page 58.
Extends 9" ht. 9". One
75w bu b.
P 4014

P 4334-15 Chrome Dramatca ydifferentbulb

c uster chande ier Clean y drawn column, can
d . p6ao .d dr r . CoFpd or (r,a-
".ld d43. "d
thru amp on page D a. 19". body ht. 1Byr",
overal ht 42". Eight G 32 wh te bu bs.
P 4334.30 Wh te
P 4334-48 Hot orange

P 3858 ConterNPorar\i
b ack and chrorne wal
ght with seeded glass
globe. 0n-off sw tch
[4atches P 4] 58. Ht.
1oYr", extends 7".0ne
G 16Y2 or 60w clear can
delabra bulb.

P 4158

P 3869-1 0 Poiished brass
wa lightw th topaz g ass e fu'*S
g obe. Nlatches P 4569-
10. 0n oif swltch. Ht. # :F'{.
9Y2", exiends 8"
G 1612 c ea( cande abra
bLr b.
P 3869-10

P4335-15 Chrorne. Spectacular twelve ight

vers on of P 4334. Dla. 24" , bady hl. 2f " , a\er
al hl.42" . Twe ve G 32 white bulbs.
P 4335-30 Wh te
P 4335-48 Hot orange
P 4569-10 See through and shinel Square
b,rushed brass arms sweep out to high y po -
ished brass shafts and cand e co ars. Bubb es
of 6" topaz slass. Dia 22', body ht. 14", overall
ht. 42". Five G-1612 cear candelabra bu bs
P 4569-10

fqshioNe d lon pnoqness

bv sciol,qni of home
*lon uo, search the word for the
f nest chandellers Sclo ari of Rome
stands 0ut as a leader. He ls known
for exQUisite designs and met cu ous
craftsmansh p The P 4179. P4180
and chandellers oresented on pages
3 4 and 33 were fashioned esPec al Y
for Progress Llghting. These are dis
tingu shed exampes of awardwln-
n ng Scioiari creat ons.
P 4179 Sub me Contemporary crys
tal chandeller splendid y crafted by
Scio ari of Rome. Rounded triangular
rods of ead crystal shlmmer against
the eamlng polished s lver flnish
Squared arms f ow from the F oren
t, e o. ..d . .6. o, a-or. o tL

henagona co umn Tw nl. ng Strass

(rvstal 50L-rares c u5ter around the
co rmn. c asp ng de tate scrol 5
Large Strass crystal jewe s nest their
rainbow hued ref ect ons n the curve
of eo ro Sa-. il' 'd4de'
stand atoo ^ leht ng the
l!cld discs,
chandeller wlth coldfire bri llance.
Dia. 22". bady ht 187:". overal ht.
42" Six.lear cande abra bulbs
P 4180 A captlvat ng 8 arm rend tlon
0 ..F4- o Da lr .ooo, -- 2l
o.ard I hr. 42 t ght l"a' o^dP a'
bra bulbs.

P4365 Spark ng coronas of Strass

crystal lewe ry enrlch the Contenpo
rary pur ty of this d stlngLlished rn
port. Each ndivldual jewel ls set n
a so talre rnounting and dlarnond
like, g tters wlth red, blue and ye low
rainbow soark es The s x wh te can'
d es are c eanly ta ored into chrome
cups. repeat ng the essentia s of the
h ehlV po lshed chrome form. D a
2f1"" body ht 20r"!'overa ht,12"
S x c ear cande abra bu bs
P4365 A magnificent ten-light two
tiered rend tlon of P 4365. Dia.
25y2" body ht. 22", overall ht. 42".
Ten clear candelabra bulbs.
pRoqRESS chnrudelien jewrlny
Superbly styled Progtess chandeliers
sumptuously b-"decked with a pralusian of
q-.d. eh- tnp - . a.t ot .t) ,d,
fQ 1-Oh the ,ppc.a q .a.1, o' .d. odo
ctystal, picture sunlighl dancing thrcugh
diamand facels Far each octagonal Strass
stane is sharply cut ta 24 facets like a dia-
mand Then it is palished to the distinctive
the ethereal reds, blues and yellaws af the rainbow. To set off
-l g t r oa . D.du') P.OEtp.Sto .Fd-pat trt
LA-non -i at -
d' ar at Eaap' 'p"rdot tachana;.. talt.o
for you by European artisans with a 3A0 year traditjon of

P3746 Daintlly scaed eegance for small

dln ing areas, ha ls or foyers. Strass lead crys-
tal gems that sh immer with rainbow spark es.
Gracefu ly cast scrol s are hand chased and
luxuriously 24K go p ated. Lead crystal
bobeches and ceiling canopv overay. Dia.
14V2", body ht. 15/2", overall hl. 42". Faut
clear candelabra bulbs.
P 4316 Chande ler iewe ry in
Strass crysta and 24K go d
plate. Generous y festooned with
dazzling strands of Strass lead
crysta . SrY graceful Y scrol ed
arms ho d Strass draPed crysta
bobeches. Center light br ngs
out al thelr fire and co or. CrYS
tal over aid ceil ng canopy. Dia.
2312", body ht. 21", overa I ht
42". Six c ear cande abra bulbs
p us cande abra center light.

P 4317 A wreath of go d, e abo-

ratey draped wlth fier!/ Strass
ead crysta lewels Adorned with
a crown of cut crysta . R (h 24K
go d patrna. Suspend ihis import
ful ength, or c ose to cerl ng
(as showf) for bedroom or foyer.
Dia. 16Y2", body ht. 1oYr",
overall ht. 36". Four clear can-
delabra b!lbs.


P 4318 A regal y scaled and lav

sh y jewe ed eight arm chande'
ler. Gracefu y swagged from
base to crown wlth a sh immerlng
varlety of Strass lead crysta
gems. Swlrllng, delicately ca st
scro s are hand-chased and
24K go d p ated. Lead crysta
bobeches and ce ling canopy
overlay. Dla. 25V2", body hf.
2AY2", ht. 42". Elght
clear cande abra bu bs plLrs can-
de abra center ight.
P 4327 rnported del cate y
scaled chandelier. Sumptuous y
bejewe ed wlth the ralnbow spar
k ng bri iance of Strass gerns.
Pr smatic center splre of cui and
po ished ead crystal adds dls-
tinction Crysta bobeches and
cei ng canopy overlay.24K ga d
p ated D a. 16Yr", body ht.
77Ya" . averal hl. 42" Ftve c eat
cande abra bulbs.

Ihese Strass cryslal chandeliers

are shipped fully assembled and
sTRASS jewelny
P 3740 A pet te treasure of Strass lead
crysta ard glitter ng go d. The festooned,
dlanrond ike gems are he d together w th
ernbossed jewe er c lps. Unique go den
fowers have the hafd-hammered look of
ntricate texturlng. At the heart of each
b ossom ls a wh te stone over a blue. The
faceted crysta ba , overlay on the body
and canopy, and Strass c.ysta pendants
complete its spark ng beauty. Dla. 13",
bod\ hI. 17V2", o',/eta hI 42" F)ve c)ear
candelabra bulbs
P 4357 Delicacy of detai and a wealth of
crysta mark the dlstinctive r chness of thls
ntimately scaed masterpece. Brl anty
24K god plated. The fineyformed fins
and arrns are adorned w th af abundance
of Strass crysta lewels connected by or
fate jewe er c ps. Faceted lead crysta
bobeches and column 0rnament. Dla 18"
bady hl 17V2", overal ht 42". Five c ear
cafdelabra bu bs.
P 4358 A larger rendit on of the P 4357
with the same European craftsrnansh p
and prec ous profusion of Strass lead crys
la. 24K EOd pated. Dla 24", body ht
22\'z" . overa ht.42" Six clear cande abra
P4508 Thls golden, flowered flve light
chandelier fa r y drips with rainbow spar-
kles of Strass ead crystal. Each jeweled
strand is strung with embossed jeweler
clips. Various sizes of Strass crystal pen-
dants reflect ful'bodied opu ence. Each
textured, go den flower has a heart of blue
and white genrs. Crystal bobeches, bal
and overlays on the body and cei lng can
opy. Dia. 20", body ht. 18", overall ht.
42". F ve c ear candelabra bu bs.
P4509 A iarger, even tnore magnifcent
e aboration of the P 4508 D a. 26", body
ht.221/2" o',te.a I ht. 42". Six c ear can
de abra bLr bs
P 4555


P 4553

The art of cutting crystal began in

Bohemia some 300 years ago. Today
skilied Bohernians st ll rnake lead
crystal of unexcelied qua ity, such as
those on page 15, for Progress Light
ing. They stil cut it by hand and wood,
wheel pol sh every facet to sharplV
defrne its waterclear bflll ance
P 4329 Handsome chandelier in
hand-chased bronze with antique gold
patlna. Cut crystal column and bo,
beches. Trimmed with imported ,full,
cut, wood wheel pollshed lead crvstal.
Dra. 22", body ht. 20" . a'teratt ht. 42" .
Five clear caIdelabra bulbs.
P 4380 Pure, waterclear perfection
distinguishes this genuine Bohemian
lead crystal chandelier. Sharply hand-
cut and wood wheel polished to lewel-
like brll 1ance.0ltve-cut reeded arms

\+$:#!' {. , Sand.cast, hand chased bronze cups,

trns and cTown. in r ch antioue sold.
. r.: 1i?':T.\ Dta. 22", bodv ht. 22". overati ht
rlr'l$ 42". Six ciear aandelabr; butbs.
P 4381 Magnlficent genurne Bohe-
tl :: rnian chandelier w th water-white
clarity of hand cut, wood-wheel pol-
ished lead crystal. Flowing crystal
arms are fiuted and ollve-cut. Sand-
cast, hand chased bronze crown, fins
and bobeches n antique eold. Dia
26" , body h\. 26r/2" , ouerai ht. 42" .

Eight clear candelabra bulbs.

P 4385 Genuine Bohemian chande-
lier blends hand chased antique gold-
iinishsi [1pn2g 31ff15 and column w th
hand-cut, wood-wheel Dolished crvs-
ta Hand-cut crystal column orna-
ment D a 24Vr", body ht. 24", overall
ht. 42" Six ciear candelabra buJbs
P 4553 Alluring hand,chased cast
bronze chandelier with imported lead
crystal pe nda nts, bobeches and
Waterford style coiumn ornament. An,
tique gold finlsh. Shipped assernbted.
Dia. 18", body ht.21", overall ht.
42". Five clear candelabra bulbs.
P 4554 6'light, l9" version of P 4553.
P 45558 Iight,25" version ol p 4553.
P4556 Ten lighi, twotier version of
P 4553. Dia. 25".
P 4474

dnnnnnric inoru
& cnysrnl
P4432 The boldness of artfully
wrought black iron scrolls elegantly
touched wiih antiqued go d leaves,
bobeches and crown. A vivid contrast
to the glittering variety of imported
cut lead crystal sizes and shapes. Dia.
2312" , bady hl. 25y2" , overall ht. 42" .
Six clear candelabra bulbs.
P 4472 European artisans created the
swir ing wrought iron frame and
gi ded it with an antiqued richness.
Ihen it was draped wlth a spark lng
array of irnported cut lead crystal.
Dla. 20", body ht.21", overall ht.
42". Six c ea( candelabra bulbs.
? 4473 An mposing black wrought
iron centerpiece fu ly decorated with
a cascading col ection of crystal e e
gance French pendalogs, kites,
drops, -festoons and rosettes. Further
enhanced by antlqued gold eaves,
bobeches and crown. D a. 26", bady
hL 27Y2', overa ht. 42". fweve
c ear cande abra bu bs
P 4474 A mlni-vers on of the g lded
P 4412, so approprlate for sma ler
apartments, d ning areas and foyers.
Dia. 12Y2", body ht. 20", overa I ht.
42". Fov c eat candelabra bulbs.
See the selection ot Town & Country
decoratot bulbs on page 127.
by pRoqRESS
fhe inlarmal watmth af these woad and
metal crcations also blend sa well with
Cantemporary, Cauntry and Americana
P 4359 This functional beauty is crafted
of a seamed and riveted antique brass
cone, wide hand-formed candle cups
and Swedish iron arms and banding. A
downllght in the cone dramatizes iable
setti^gs ano p'ovidps good task lighting.
T-ree way sw:tch'or oow^ 'gqt, .andles
or both. Dia. 21", body ht. 15", overa I
ht.42". Six candelabra bulbs and one
50w (R'20) bulb.
P4360 Ten cand es, in two tiers, sur
round the hand crafted antique brass
cone. Saucer-sized cand e cups. Swed
ish iron scro led arms and decorat-"d
co umn bands. Dia. 26", body ht. 23",
overall ht.42". Ten candelabra bulbs.
P4393 rine rvo.klldn5rip g "es rh;s
scro led corona an unencumbered sim-
p lcity. A bo d comb nat on of Swedjsh
iron, antique brass candle hoiders and
'aa i<ii., a-lrq-ed d. p cand e< D;a
2312", body ht. 19", overall ht. 42".
Ten candelabra bu bs.

drconnre wirh
P 3897 P 4197

P 3897 Wood finished black scrolled P 4'197 Equal y at home in a Spafish or

nd bd t.wirh d-ber ribbed op an 0 d Eng ish cast e. Five black scro ed
glass cylinder [/atches P 4197. Has d r s brd .l ouL [ro1 the f,e s ded
swtch. Width 472", ht. 14", extends molded. woodj nished column. Amber
I 1". One cande abra bulb. r bbed optic glass cy nders complete its
ook of romantc yesterdays. Dia.24".
See the selection of Town & Cauntry
decorator bulbs an page 127.
body ht 1gYr" overal ht. .12" Fve
cande abra bu bs
P3901-36 Granada iron Castilian wall P 4542 Striking chandelier of Granada
sconce. Crackled amber glass cylinders. iron with crackled amber glass cylinders
on-off switch. Width 15", hl. 16Y2', and hobnailed wood column finished in
extends 47a". Two clear bulbs. antique oak. Dia. 22", body ht. 22",
overall ht.42". Five clear bulbs.
P 3905-36 Granada iron wall torch with
crackled amber glass cylinder. 0n-off P 4575 Amber optic glass shades spread
switch. Width 6" , ht.27" , exlends 7y4" . a warm glow. The graceful black iron
0ne clear bulb. arms are decorated with scrolls. And the
molded wood.finished column has the
textured look of weathered wood. Dia.
25", body ht. 20", overall ht.42". Fiue
clear bulbs.
P 3742 lmported b ack wrought iron
t lantern holds a shining cluster of
four whiie cand es. For ha , foyer,
I bedroom or bath. See swag kit on
page 32. Dia. 12" body ht. 18",
overal ht. 42". Four cande abra
P 3848 Spanish iron wal torch.
Textured arnber cy lnder. Matches
P 4346 and P 4348. Wldth 7/z', ht.
21". extends 9Ya". One 60w bulb.
P4128 Be shaped Swedlsh iron
dome w th a warm amber optic glass
P 4348 glowing in ts center. Wood finia s.
Short. thlck ant qued drip cand es.
D a 22" body ht. lBYr". overa I ht.
42". 5 cande abra bu bs and one
cefter ight
P4129 RLrstlc Swedish ron crown
with tiny meta "fowers" hang ng
from open c over cutouts 9" opa
g ass globe. AftiqLred. wax- ke drip
cand es. Da. 21", body ht. 15",
o'leG I hl 42" S x cande abra bu bs
and one l00w bu b.
P 4'174 A bold chande ier hand
crafted of heavy wrought iron scro l-
work by furopean artisans. Dlstinc-
tive V deta led from the b.aided loop
and the ro l-"d,rrm ends to lhp tram-
mered candle cups. Short ihick
candles are drarnatlc whlte contrasts
to the biackian afttslt y. Dia.24",
body ht. igYr", overa I ht 42". Slx
candelabra bu bs.
P 4346 This compact scrol ed chan
delier is perfect for small dining
areas Hand wrought, b ack iron lal-
tice body is decorated with rosettes
and petaled candle cups. Dia. 13Ya",
body ht 15Yr", overa ht.42". Four
candelabra bu bs.
P 4348 A delightfu ly difierent Old
Span sh atticework creation ln
handjorged wrought ron. lntrlcate
rosettes aId petaled cand e cups
insp red by hand hammered o pl-
na s. [4atch ng lantern on 4-9.
Unique 18" x 25" ova sty lng,
hl. 22". a\eta ht 42". Eight (an-
de abra bulbs

deconnre wirk

P 4174



ffi rii:

w l.i




F 41il
l \

/' .,.

: 'l-rr',. :_ .lr t --
ili ll,rri'|.r -a

,t.i- :.-r I,r

. r'.:i- ti, ,t a.. ,r'; !J! i.,,, .i Ll rrT,l

,.-r T"r . i-l ri:'i .a :rrral
: i I. I;. i i, : ',: lt;.. '_,, LLrl:
r: i I lr I il : ,l ll-ii ::r'l'
, ,,:,. ': r I :-lr-'l I
ll . .i . r r: .,t-r i'
:..1,!3-i't ..: I r',,:.i
''j; :' F ar.a, .r : l-r:: !.ln,ll I
.r.,,r :i. .,,:ri-l r , .,,,.1 ,l r;;,I11 I.''1,.,'
..,. t . ,-,', :'i."'i t :tr,l lt t: :tr_r.
1..,: t,.:: l t. .,.,.rr:r .L .l.r' [,.]r P 4168-14
', 1;:,1 i, i L li, P 4168-11
: ,. - -.-:-.
:!e r':ii: lr ":_':r
l'r:r l:-'lrrrlr: A

.it l" r.ri,-,ir al'--. tr,, L i i a' , i ir

Sfr- -.. !,.i.1!:- .i al r_' l- lr':l ,r ii he

t::l lla,'l r ,l i Ll ::
: : ' . .'..:
! I rP . i .- rr -1+.: [].r :r' rtatt. nt.
l',r- i. t: la S .,1'a:rLt l:
P 4a51.-:,'1" : ' : -,) -: "i L er:d 'en.
i,,_ itt : I i,;: : : r.; tit! t:t,ri,. l:
D.' l'.r t:.:ti : ,-,':r,r l-'.11". L:l :
P 4503-37 :,,.. '' , - :,'l:l .-- ,'i l l lljr { rl3
|1 , Tl i.: .r' i '. :r rlii-l 'ir:lr!:f r:.rrrrl P 41{8
''! i ar '1. -r 1.1 ::.,,rr ,l ,' r 'rai -:.r'f.f Lr I
.!Lr.!: r,: Lir ' i-rl. I : 'i. t. . l: :-.

P 4504-37 a. -:r IJrfl:il ilr:: ,r'th tn-.

ah.r..l: !' r-.," Ll:irk rit.i:: 5:ada and
S,!'id :_ 'r , r i: ,,r l alark r,'t C arr LriTr
I ad-. "
",. t lry

F 4192

P 3914 Hand-forged lmported black

lron wall bracket wlth scrol s strapped
to a spear-ended shaft. Shori, squat
candles. Wldth 10", ht. 22" extends
5". Three cande abra bulbs.
P4136 The yesterday ook of hand
worked Swed sh lron artistry. The col-
umn is a melon sectioned ba atop a
tapered sp ke. Squared aTms curve
from clover patterns up to flylng head
at the crown. Antiqued th ck drip
candles. Dia. 19V+", body ht. 13",
averc ) ht. 42" . Six candelabra bu bs.
P 4139 A mln ature version of P 4136.
Dia. 13", body ht. 12", overa I ht.
42" FoLrr candelabra bu bs.
P 4159-56 Antique avocado. Latln
scrolLs blnd the fonts of six short,
thick candles into an lron hexagon.
Suspended by square spiraled rods.
Dia. I8Vz", body ht. 17", overa I ht
42". Six candelabra bu bs.
P 4159-37 Swedish irorl
P4164.31 Black. Wrought iron im
port. Flows from spiked knobs up to
the flanged crown. 10" opal glass
g obe. Dla 20Y2", body hl. 22Y2',
overa I ht. 42". One 150w bu b.
P 4164-56 Avocado
P 4165-56 Avocado. Celling rnounted
verslon of P 4164. Has 9" opal g ass
globe. D a. 17', ht. 10' 150w bulb.
P 4165-31 B ack

P 4191 Rustic sk s are reflected P 4165-56

in sturdy, hand'wrought Swedish P 4165-31
iron arms w th flanged c aw ends
and the weathered wood column.
Dla. 16", body ht. 153/a", overal
ht. 42". Four candelabra bu bs.
P 4192 Six /ight verslon of P 4191
goes with Nred terranean, Country
or Frontier Amer can settings. Dia.
187a", body ht. 15", overall ht.
42". Six candelabra bulbs. P 4164.31
P 4164-56
P 4526

l, opt Dia Slrad..s

by pnoqnrss
P 4529 Th ! .:rr(t! slte lrrrDort-'c rcp.odLlc
t !f iti a r ,r-t-r' rt : Frenarh J' l qLri 15 sorrll
:iln! ,,er! ::,a-a : i)r iltai:I rlro ,"'arl'. l!
a:rtlLr.r l_a f a!oa !f ala\'5 irtiti iN. Titit ilis
: fa:,rtr :r a rlilr ar ir! Jirl :5k i-i y saild
aar:t i"rith d! aila 5a,r:he :t :r [])a: re ef.
i,4e o. p;r:iar'f5 rei-reir: throJitlr l'i aa Lirn
'r!ni i-T!,/r ria iri a T:ra I fr y:oar|,.d arm5
aLr'\re Lrp :ii irottc:lrits and tai aaad e ped
eatil5 r/_ alr are shiafr v dra,lr : r sic.'d
aasllfgs Th-. i nir toLr.h l! 15 ,rrri! fin
sh of bLr.n !h.-d !,1! ri \i;iar fg ah; n hLrng
;rr! of p.:gc 32. Da 22" body ht 21"
o/cra ht. ,12 ' S r aande aiira rLrllrs.
P 41'14-11 Antique brass Fash onab e
do{rf ght pract ca ty. ArtfLr yforgedfylng
heads at the arorr'n Me or and bead de
tal ed bobeches The colLrmn houses a down-
lght for accent or work ightlng. Ant qLred
wax ke d. ir cand es ihree ',^,ay s!ry tch for
dcwn ghi. aand es o. bcth. D a.22)/?," body
ht 15y?" overa i hi. 42". One 75w (R 30)
afd slr cande abra bLr bs.
P 4114-17 Pi.\r'l.r
p 45?6 Rlch y anilqued cast brofre arns
Lobpahes ano ao rrrnn aCaTr-tmeits alaent
the hlgh y Dc shed .h:rrll !!!cd co Lrrnn.
Dia 221t: , bod,/ hi lq'. a'teta 12".
Six cance abra bu bs. ^1.
P 454i 0rnate ant que !rilnzc castings dls
tlrg!sh tlr s European mport. F at !arol e0
aTns comt,iemeai the iL ro!nCed ao,Lrnn
anC bcbcches. Da. 23r,':" booy hi. 15"
0!era ht. 42". Sir carde abra bu rs
P8740-31 B, t Opi " ". I o
cafdeiab.a bu bs t! add a dainty to.rch and
scft y d ffuse the lght. A have wn te Lexan'
in ng D a. 4", nt. ,lt'a".
P 8740.50 Green shantung
P 8740-51 Fieo shan:ung
P 8740-70 Beige shantLrng

P 8740-31 P 8740-50 P 8740-sl P 8740'70

P 3704 Hand-etched 8" French glass
globe in English bronze setting, Chain
triood suspension. Dia. 11", body ht,
12V2". oveial ht. 19". One 100w bulb.
P 3850-61 Amber optic glass. Cast wall
bracket in French gold. on-off switch. Ht.
10", extends 9". One clear candelabra
P 3850-62 Smoke optic glass,
P 4319 Swirling baroque embellishments
in an open scroll-upon-scroll design
which maintains a light, airy feeling, ln-
tricate French sand castings are hand-
chased, hand-polished and clad in a
patina of antique gold. Dia. 23", body ht.
22/2", overall ht. 42". Six candelabra
P 4321 A mini-version of P 4319 with the
same European crafted detailing. Dia.
16lz", body hl. ISlq', overall h1, 42".
Six candelabra bulbs.
P 4350-61 Amber optic glass. French
gold chandelier with elegant cast column
and hand.blown shades. Dia.25r', body
ht. 18", overall ht. 42". Five clear can-
delabra bulbs.
P 4350-62 Smoke optic glass
P 4524 Victorian grandeur! Sumptuously
styled in antique gold from the cast
crown and fluted column pillar to the
beaded, melon forgings on the column
and fonts. The opal glass shades are
adorned with antique gold crowns. Dia.
26". body ht. 19y2" , ouerci ht.42" . Five
P 4562 Antique hunteas delight!nglish
bronze finish with Greek key patterns in
the column and burner fonts. Authentic
8as-type arm fittings, French hand-
etched open glass globes. Dia. 25Yz',
body ht. 18", overall ht. 42i'. Six cande-
labra bulbs.

drconnre wirh
hnrrrqirrrq lnrvrps
The Prcgress way to place a handsame lamp tot ]ood.
liEhting: withoui tahinC up table space. Over an end
tibte, desk or re"ding chair. at in lhe bedroom.
P 4577 Black metal shade. Detailed forgings in Old
English bronze. ttched glass difiuser. On'off switch.
Die. 77y4',, hody hI. 20y2', overall ht. 42". Three
100w bulbs.
P4580 Classic desipn. Forped and f nis"ed in 0ld
Enpr'sh bronze. S mltated ;andle shafls t"ree
buibs c usre'ed n black metal shade. Dia. I7y2",
body ht. 21", overall ht. 42".fh(ee 100w bulbs.
P4581 Regency fashion with Waterford-style lead
c.V<tal u.n. 24K go djinisned casti"]gs. B ack neta
shade. Etcheo glass di'1user. On-of sw tch. Dia.
I7Vz", body hl. 27lz', overall ht. 42". Three 100w
P4599 Distinctively sand-cast triangular column
with hand-chased seashell design. Simulated cand e
shafts. Black metal shade with gold trim. Matches
P 4529 on page 28. Dia. I7Va" , body hL 22" , ovetall
ht. 42" . fhtee 100w bulbs.

SWAG KITS The easy way to hang a amp or virtual y

any chain-hung Progress fixture where there's no
ceiling outlet box. Comes with easy installation in-
structions. Wlres splice inside fixture canopy as
shown. Plugs in wa I outlet. Kit includes 12 ft. chain,
15 ft. wire with plug, on-off switch, and hardware.

P 4213-10 Polished brass

P 4213-! ! Antique brass
P 4213-19 Antique gold
cast chain
P 4213-31 Black

P4330-11 Florentine brass. Colonial aristocrats im

ported their chandeliers from Europe, and this Tradi-
tional Georgian masterpiece is by Sciolari of Rome.
ATple Sleff,elo re.on designs e( ho on lhe colu'nn and
rl e sub<lanlial oooec^es. AntiqLed orip candles stand
tal or e evat.d peoesta s. Dia.29". body ht.21", over-
all hl. 42" . Eight cande abra bulbs.
P 4330-10 Polished brass
P 4331 This malestic twelve'light, iwo tier e aboratlon
of the P 4330 is done in po ished brass. lt measures 30
magnificent lnches across and was an award winner at
the esteemed Hanover Fair. lt wi I win you compliments
for good taste in your horne. Dia. 30", body ht. 28",
o'leftl ht. 42" . Twe ve candelabra bu bs.
P 4389.11
P 4389-10

P 4390-10
P 4390-11

colonrinl nnnenicnrun by PRoqREss


P 4374-17 PeMer. Colonia grandeur authen P 4390-10 Polished brass. A two t er-.d
tlcally reprodLrced from class c scro aTms to duction n palatia proportions. W th its sp ra ed
rnelon and bead patterns on forged cand e coumn, scroled arm ends and m..onbead
p ates. Dia. 23", bady ht. 183/+'. overa ht. forged bobeches, it m ght have h!ng n the d n
42". Six candelabra bulbs. ng roonr of Mount Vcrnon. Dia. 29", body
P 4374-1O Polished brass hl. 27y2", a\eta ht. 42". T\/e ve cande abra
P 4374-11 F emish brass bu lbs.
P 4390.11 Flemish brass
P4375-1'l Flemsh brass. A large'sca e rep-
lica, in so d brass. The same fine detai lng as
P 4374. Dia.27r/2". bady hf.2I3/a". overc I hl. Matching scanc".s and alher Calantai t'ashians
42". Eicht cande abra bu bs. an paEe 36.
P 4375-10 Po ished brass
P 4375-17 Pewter
P4376-10 Po s "o b " . Cl""r L ri .
"r ty
glass shades add body and further aLrthentic
tothe P 4374. Dla.24", body ht. 183/a", overa
ht. 42". Slx cande abra bu bs.
P 4376-11 F emish brass
P4389-11 Flemish brass. A compact two deconnre wirk
tia-.o !e' on ol l8 h C.r Lr, C.o gid ,'
metry. Dia. 187:", body ht. 1872", overa ht.
42". Ten candelabra bulbs.
P 4389.10 Po lshed brass LIGHT]NG


l l1


P 4373-10
P 4373-11

P 3821-11 F crlSh brass Ear y \'/a I

sr!fle !'/l:lr st,talr. !l dtlr 1lz' ltt 12' ex

: in'- lend:r 7" 0f.. .ande abra bu b.
P 3821-10 Po :hed bfass
P 3822-11 F cm sh l-rrass Dotrb e Ear y Aner'
c;f bra.ket rlih on ofi s!rlt.n \r'/ldth 12"' ht
12" artefds 6". Tr'/o cande abra bu bs
P 3822-10 Pc sh-"C brass
P3865 t- ) 'at I
I P ol5d
'' ol .O o \" \o a t l
erterds llr;". Ore 100w buLb.
P 4020-11 P 4020-11 Flen sh brass. C(] on. st!' ng with
P 4020-10 sweelifE arrns. D a. 22". bod! ht 17",
P 4020-17 overa ht 42". Fi,/e a:lrlde ab.a bLl bs
P 4020-10 Po isred brass
P 4020-'17 Pe!/ter
P 4373-10 Po lshed brass. C assic Early Amer
can syrnoetry on a sna et sca e D a. 15%",
brrdy lit 13yr" overa ht.42". F ve cancie abra
tr! bs.
P 4373..11 F cmlsh brass
P 4565 Erqu s te y detai ed kerosene amp sty-
ng in ant qLre llrass Forged scrcl, 8"
opa glass shades. frosted qhirnneys \,^, th c ear
tops Dla. 24', lrldy ht 15". overal ht 42".
Thrce 75w bu bs.
P 4566 Three .and es io Slpp ement ght ng
from kerose .
styie lamp. Flnely forged scroL
arms and bclreches in ant que brass. 14" opa
',ro -d ol ' .d ^ a/ Tt 6e
.\'r .. . d' .,bo- Da.
19:,'r" body hl 171'2", overa I ht 42" Three
cande:b.,a bu bs and ore 150w Ed son bu b
P 4567 San-" irs P 4565 w thout candles but
w th a 50'200' 250!v bu b Three vr'ay sv,r tch.
Dia. 18", body ht. 171'r", ov-.ral ht.42".
P 3822-11
P 3822-10 f*
See olhrr lSlh Ceiilttty G-"atgtar
Frshion-s cr page-s 33 35

e ,jla
P 3821.11
P 3821-10
deconqrt wirh

P 3864 AntiqJe brass wal sco'ce with

topdr glass chinney. Corrpa^.on +or
P 4564. On-otf switch. Width 4y2", ht.
12", exiends 7". One clear candelabra
bu lb.
P 4240 Country warmth of a pjerced an-
tique brass crown with cast Swedish
iron rings holding life- ike antiqued wax
drip candles. Dia. 16", booy hr. I6".
overa I ht. 42". Four candelabra bL'bs.
P4241 Handsome sixlight version of
P 424a. Dia. 27Y2", body hl. I8lq",
overall ht. 42". Six candelabra bu bs.
P4391 Primitive materials are fash-
ioned with the suggestion of nodern
lines for today's lighting needs. The
heavy wood co umn supports four an-
liqLe orass squared Lones with decora-
tive wdx-d ip.and'es on top and func-
l ona dow-'ight inside. Has three way
swit(h fo ca-dles, dow^lights or both.
Perfect for dramatizing table settings,
illuminating gaming tables and lighting
the chores olten done on dining tables.
Dia. 23", body ht. 16", overall ht. 42".
Four candelabra and four 50w (R-20)
bu lbs.

P 4392-11 Antique brass. Handsome oil

larnp styling with opal glass shades and
clear glass chimneys. Dia. 25", body ht.
18", overa I ht. 42". Three 75w bulbs.
P 4392-10 Polished brass
P4554 Hurricane lamps with thor-
oughly modern manners! Tal topaz
g ass chimneys on antique brass fonts
contrast with square black arms and
melow dark wood accents. Dia. 21",
body ht. 15", overall ht. 42". Flve clear
candelabra bulbs.
P4588 Romantic ruby glass oi lamp
reproductlon. Antique brass smoke bell
and flligreed galleries. 14" shade and
clear glass chimney. Dia. 16", body ht.
18", overa hL 42". Ane 150w bulb.
See the selection of Town & Countty
bulbs on page 127.

deconnre wirJr
P 4075,11
P 4075-14

P 3878-11 Antique brass. l\4atching

wal bracket with frosted g ass chim-
ney. Switch. Ht 13", exlends 9". One
P 3878-11
75w bulb. P 3878- t 4
P 3878-14 Antlque copper
P 4000-30 l\y'atte white 6 foot ce ling
traverse track for pull downs and
cord hung pendants. Connects to wa
or ceiling out et. l5joot cord and
p ug.
P 4075"11 Antique brass Rustlc
rnafr e wooden wagon whec with
meta shades over frosted g ass ch m
neys Leather thong. Dla. 29" body
ht. 20", overa ht. 42" Three 60w
P 4075-'14 Antique copper
P 4076-14 Antlque copper. Szable
map e wooden wagon whee wlth us
trous shadcs and trir.r Frosted El ass
chlmneys Dia. 32", body ht. 20".
overall ht 42". Five 60w bu bs
P 4076-11 Ant quc brass
P 4108.11 Ear y American antique
brass styling. Smoke be , opal hob P 4076-14
nall g ass shade, frosted chlmney. 3 P 4076-tl
way swltch. Dia 19", body ht. 22".
overal ht. 42 . One 50 100 150w
P 4142 Arnericana antique brass pu
down. Opal g ass ch mney wood font
3-wav switch D a. 19" body ht.
19lz'1 o'tera I lrt. 28" to 64" One
501100/ 150w bLr b.

P 4143 Cha n hu ng version of P 4142.

3 way swltch Overa I ht. 42". 0ne
50i 100/ 150w bu b.
P4145 Antqe-. brass puldown for
dn np sew ng or study areas. Wh te
etched g lass dilfuser. Three-way
s\ ritch Dia.21", bodyht. I0".overa
ht 19" to 55". Four 60w bu bs.
P4146 Ce ling moLrntcd version of
P 4145. Ht. 9". Four 60w bu bs.
P 434'l Thrce hand blown arnbcr op
tic g ass ch mneys accent thls antlque P 4000-30
brass frxture wlth wood trlm 0rt olf
swltch. Dla 21" body fl. Ifr/2", Ceiling
overal ht.42". Threc candelabra lraverse
bu lbs. track
P4578 Frontler stye ol arnp wlth
concea ed down ght. n ant qLe
brass. opa gass chlmney. 3 way
sw tch Dla. 21 ", body hl. 24y2", ovet'
al ll. 42'.One 150w and one 50w
(R-20) bu b.
P 414s
Chain hunE fixlures can be swag
mouried See kit an page 32

P 4096-66
P 4095-76 P 4096-73
P 4095-71 P 4096-74

P 4090.75
P 4090.71

P 4080-71
P 4080.66


P 4O9O-75 Green & gold Crown shade w th '10

text!red g ass pane s ln lead strips. 6" ceramic
wh te glass globe. Dla I6". body ht. 11", overa
ht. 42". One 100w bulb.
P 4090-71 Honey & gold
P 4095-76 Red & go d An 8" ceram c wh te g ass
P 4080-71 Honey & go d Progress reproductlon globe sets of{ the domed shade and crown of 56
of oig:nd T'a, d" d'ip/r'112 oot'. iextu.ed g ass pane s. Dia 16". body ht. 12rlr".
-^,lLJ eO Rlac Aa F, a ' .a' , o a.rec n '.d.1 overa ht 42" One 150wbulb
lead stripa. Dia. 16", body ht. 10", overal ht.42". P 4095-71 Honey & go d
One G 40 whlte bu b.
P 4080-66 Avocado & go d
P 4081 Textured g ass pane s of b ue red. greef
P 4096-66 Avocado & go d Colo.fu T flany wlth
a 10" ceram c whlte glass globe ln ts domed
shade and crown of 63 text!red glass paneis D a.
and arnber g ass are f tted nto lead bue rneta. 18". body ht. 14" overa I ht 42" One 200w bu b
Hand forged crown.9" sat n r]pa g ass globe Dia. P 4096-73 Hone! & red
20" body ht. 15" overa ht 42". One 150w bu b P 4096-74 Avocado & gree|

See paEe 32lor chain swag maunting kit.

pRoqRESS pENdnnrrs
P 5000-60 White. lmported triplex glass. Dia, 6",
body ht, 13". 100w bulb.
P 4049 See-thru Contemporary spaciousness.
Smoke acrylic dome with chrome cap and arms. P 5002-60 White. Teardrop imported triplex glass.
See compaiion chande lers on page 6. Dia.76V2" , Walnut trim. Dia. 8y2", body ht, 13y2". 100w bulb.
body hL 74y2" , auerall ht. 42" . Three G-32 white P 5003-60 White. lmported oval triplex glass, Wal-
bulbs. nut trim. Dia. I2y2" , hady ht. 14". 100w bulb.
P 4210 Two-l ehr pol;shed brass spreader k t fo' P 5006-61 Amber prismatic glass cylinder with
DO all cord-l"ung pe'da-ts. Renovable boho'r plate
for easy lnstal ation. 16y2" spread.
soft white triplex glass shade. Dia. 7", body ht.
13". 100w bulb.
P 4211 Three'light version
P 4356 See-thru cord-hung Contemporary topaz Each cotd-hung pendant complete with canopy,
glass g obe. Sniny ch'one cap. Dia, .10". body ht. 50" ot cord and socket.
10y2", overall ht. 52' max. One G-25 or l00w
clear bulb. Fot cord-hung ceiling traverse track, see page 41.
deconnrE youR
hntt & foyen
wirh pRoqRESs
lnviting lighting t'ar your fayer For yaur
tamily room, powder raom ar bedraam,
tao. And remember ta avoid accidents
by lightinE shadov/y halls and stairways.

P 3657 Rlchlv detal ed cast bronze cei

ng ght f n ihed in antique gold C ear
q.a p"n.l . Pd qa g .d g'r .,ti\al
6 q I lr- lwo .ono" abta b, b'.
P 3658 Chain hung fourlight antern of
--. r
dre .dsr o or 7" A4- ore gold 'in-
sh. C ear glass pane s. 8" sq. body ht.
I41/a" . a\teta I ht. 42" Four candelabra
bLr hrs

P3659 Ce lng .nounted version of

P3658. 8" sq ht. 15Ya". Four cande
abra bu bs.
P 3562 Antique gold cast bronze antern
w th hand-cut crysta cy nder.Dia.8tl2",
body ht. 15tlr", overa ht. 42" Shown
lOF-o Ai go- on6
Four cande abra bulbs.
P3670 Chaln hung two- ght of casl
bronze finlsh n antique go d. C ear glass
pane s. 6" sq.. body ht. 15" overa ht
42". Two candelabra bu bs.
P 367'l Elegant four-sided chain hung
lantern. Flne y cast and f n shed in an
t que gold. C ear glass pane s. By2" sq.,
body hL 17ya", overal ht. 42". Fout
candelabra bulbs.
P 3672-61 Amber g ass. A fu lV scaled
six sided fashion to decorate a hal
foyer or int mate d ning area. Ornate
castings w th a rich patina of antique
go d. Dia. 163/.r", body ht. 18ya" overat
ht. 42". Slx caIde abra bulbs.
P 3672.68 C ear crystal glass
P 363't-36
P 3631-19
P 3251 Rouncl rilcrted b llvn arysta
spark..s :hroutjh :rn -ner ffost Ilg of
q ass beaC: Cast Eo d ae nE nlLrt
Dia 10'. ht 5r,"" i!,/o 75..l bLr bs

P 3252 So!a'e ncorieC b orir arysta

acmfr emenls the eregar:c? of ant que

P 3253 Snia
sq .t. 7"
iflm flatcies vaf t!'
i " s.r hi 6 '. T\i c 75v;rrr bs

L0tri br b.
e. leTS on al P 3252 1"
ql'rts on

P 3630-19 F'en.h ait go d i n sir

Fano b 0/,'n heav ! faaetec a'ista g a:s
n f g.eea .e nF rroJnt fg lr4atlh ng
L.O P 3630.19
o P 3630-36
Cfe 75v"'bLr b
P 3630.36 Gr:-:ca ,oi'f n s'
P 3631-36 Granada iron f n sfi Larger
rers of cf P 3630 Dla 12' ht. 7'. Two
60\,! !u bs
P 3631-19 French antlque gr d f n sh
P 3650-10 Po shed :r.a:s S:a.-a!: be!
e ed q ass L.a"e s vli icth 51"" bodf l-t.
i2' a@'a I-i
36" T,,'/. cande abra
P 3550-11 A"t irtLre tr,rass

P 3651-11 Ant que :lrass Cei ng

ro;nteo ,'ers on of P 365C U sef! to
a ear ooer- ng io!rs. \{ dtr 534" ft I P 3252
13". abra bLr bs.
Tr'r'o aande
P 3651-10 Po shed brass
P 3652-10 Po sheo brass D st ln.t ve
star c,rt be!e ed g a:s !afc s \i/;dth 7".
body hi. 14:1" 0!era: ht 1i l,i lT
rafde abra bu bs.
P 3652-11 Ant oJe brass
P 3653-10 Po shec brass. C ass c sx
sided anterr Hand aui beve ed g ass
pane s !! it. B:,/r", bodt ht. 15t'r"
overa ht 36" Three cande abra bu bs
P 3653-11 Ant'q!e br;:S
P 3654"10 P. .rhec brass C ass c Geor-
g an des gf Haid alt :t;r patterns on
beve ed afched g ass !ane s Dia 15"
lody rrt 19' o\rera ht 42". S r cande
aLrra b- bs
P 3654.11 Ant q!e brass
P 3655'10 Po sheo brass Beaut fLl
.e ng i ri!re..d.Beve. ed.
.. . gD".
81,2". l'. IIr;z' T,/ic cance 3bra bu ',ls
t P 3655-'t l A.t c!e :'ass
P 3656-10 Por shed brass Ha nosome
.na n-h u ng rers on arf P 3645 D a 8\,t2"
b dy lr:
1031 . overa ht. Tvr'o 36'
cande abra bLr !s.
P 3656"'l Anr:qre brasr
P 3560-10 Pc'shed bras: Ce ng fir
tu.e th hafd aui oeve ea g ass Bot
tln Dane : star aLt: 912" sq. ht 4' P 3251
T!ir! car[]a abra bu bs.
P 3660-11 Anil.tue bra:s
P 3760.61 Ambe. cpt. g as: Cast ntls
I d
ait que qo D a. 71,t" oue.a I ht.
12 '. One I00!'r' . ea. b! b
P 3760"62 STo(e ilpi. g;:s
P 3668 Roofed Mediterranean lmport
Wrought iron wlrn textured amber cylrn
der. l\ratches P 4348 on page 22 Width
9r/2", bady ft.
1Al2' overa I ht. 36".
one 100w bu b.

P 3696 P 3674Ronrantic lvlediterranean

P 3697 wrought iron scro lwo r k. l\1a tc h es
P 4?48 on page 22.Dia.7ta'.bodJ fl.
loi overall ht 42' ftvo candelabrd
b! bs.
P 3675 Wrought ron scro ls and hand
decorated go d eaves frarne elght tex
tured gJass rounde s of red, green, blue
and amber. [,4atches P 4148 on page 25.
Dja. 11%" bodyht. 18",overa 1ht.36".
Thr-"e.ande abra bu bs.
P 3686 ntr cate y faceted ceillng bow
of fine cut lead crystal. Antique gold
band. Dia.814" ht. 6Ya". Two c ear 40w
candelabra frLr bs
P 3587 1O/a" dia. verslon of P 3686. Ht.
7". Two clear 40wcandelabra bulbs.
P 3688 12ya" dia. version of P 3686. Ht.
712" .fftee c ea( 40w cande abra bu bs.
P 3690 Spark lng ceiling rnounted bas
ket w th full cut, hand po ished mported
,ado , tdr. L,_6 r 6r OO Fd _ f i
lshed in antique god. Dia. 8Y2" ht.
6Y2". fwa cleat candelabra bulbs.
P3691 10Yz' dia. versiof of P 3690.
Hl. 7yz". Iwo clear cande abra bulbs
P 3692 72lz' d a. verslon of P 3690.
Ht.8yr". Three clear candelabra bu bs
P 3695 A cha n hung rnport of hand PO '
ishecl. fu l-cut ead crystal. Forged
bronze ga lery ln antlque gold To clear
OOO d_go Oo .o "On" Dta
9%" body ht. 15". overa I ht. 42" One
c ear Ed son bu b.
P 3692 P3596 11Yz' dia. verson of P 3695.
Body ht. 15", overa I ht. 42" Two clear
cande abra bu bs.
P 3697 131/z' dla verslon of P 3695.
Body ht. 17Y2", overa I ht 42". Three
clear candelabra bu bs.
P 3732 A gl ded bouquet of meta crafted
avender. yel ow and orange b oSSoTns.
r'J'+d Hand decorated in ta y lvlatches P 4171
on page 25 Dia 972", body ht. l6t/2"
overa ht. 42". Folr cande abra bu bs.
P 3770 Goth c b ack ron hexagon Gold
frames amber cathedral g ass w ndows.
D a.9", body hl. 1512", a\erc hl 42".
One 100w bulb.
P 3781 Three t ers of Strass ead-crysta
lewe ry with gold plated cast crown. D a.
10" body ht. 10y2", overal hl.42".Are
.i. 1'o.'. c ear 60w Edlson bulb.
P 3742 12" dia , four t er version of
P 3781. Body ht. 13", overall ht. 42".
Three c ear 60w candelabra bu bs
P3783 14" dia. four ter version of
P 3781. Body ht. 1372". overa lht 42".
P 3686 Three c ear 60w candelabra bulbs.
P 4338 Wrought lron scro work bo d y
contrasts w th textured arnber column.
W dth 6", body ht. 14", overa ht 36".
One 100w bulb.
fl a
P 4354-62 Smoke opt c g ass Cast ngs
in rlch go d I nish. D a. 71a", bod'/ ht.
16" overa I ht. 36". One 100w bu b.
P 4354-61 Amber optic g ass

P 3668

P 3674

Df't P 4354-62
p 4354-61




D)' P 3732

P 3675

bnrh & vnniry
benury liqhrs
Gaod lightinE, on both sides af the face,
is what she needs tot make-up and he
needs for shaving. Goad lighting is goad
loakingwhen you decarate with Pragrcss.
P 3108 Heavi y'faceted hand-blowf
crystal g ass on French antique go d wa l
b-o.te' w,'h to'ged b'dss dolph ' . D a.
5Y2' , hL 9h', extends 772". 0ne c ear
75w bu b.
P 3109 Two- ght verslon of P 3108 with
dellcate y forged seashel s on wa I

mounting. Wldth 15", ht. Bya", extends

8". Two clear 60w bulbs.
P 3110 Torch version of P 3108. Width
5lz', hl. 737+', extends 8". one clear
75w bulb.
P 3111 Single pendant of heavily-
faceted, hand-blown crystal glass wlth,^^ gold r;'r. rnar'l dnd (ei'ng P 3t13
hooks. Drape with cei ing hooks or hang
directly from canopy on ceiling. Dia. 5",
ht. 17". One c ear 100w bulb.
P 3112 Two pendant version of P 3111
with 6 ft. of chain for each pendant, two
ceiling hooks, two plaster toggle bolts
and two wood screws. Two clear 100w
P 3113 Matching crystal glass, with cast
acorn flnials. l\4ounts horizonta ly over
a mirror or vertically on either side.
Grounded convenience outlet. Wldth
20' hl. 412', extends 5". Two clear
75w bu bs.
P3630-19 French antique gold. Hand-
b own, faceted crystal g ass in filigreed
ceiling rnountifg. Dia. 81c", nt. 9y2".
One clear 75w bu b.
P 3630-36 Granada iron f nish
P 3631-19 French antique go d
version of P 3630. Dia. 12",
Two c ear 60w bulbs.
P 3631-36 Granada iron finish
P 3733 Lovely three- ighi chandelier
with hand-blown faceted crystal glass,
French antique go d castings and forged
dolphin embel ishments. Dia. 14Y2",
body ht. 14", overallht.42". Threeclear
75w bulbs.
P3000 lhissi'se wal' l'eht is doubly
handsome mounted on both sides of
a T.r'or. Fan.y 'uflled "tulrp' s\ades
of wn ite-o.-wh;te decorated opalescent
s a<s. Richrv-carved hand-chased cast
Sronze bracket in a-tioue eold. width
6'. ht. 151/c',extends 9". One G'76Y2
candelabra bulb.
P3002 Two Iieht wall rendition of
P 3000. Periect over a bed or mirror.
Width 27Y2' , ht. 7Y4", extends 7". Two
G-16Y2 candelabra bulbs.
P 3003 Three-lieht rendition oJ P 3000.
tNidlh 21lz', hI. 7y4", exlends 7y2".
Three G- 16Y2 candelabra bulbs.
P3066 lmported blown crystal cubes
are deeolv faceted to complenent lhe
elega-ce bf anl q,e goldjinished Last-
ings. Length 14' , hl. 4!z', extends 6".
Two 60w clear bu bs.
P 3067 Three-light version of P 3066.
Perfect ove', o'al both s'des of, a nir-
ror. lF-gth 23V2". fhrce 60w bulbs.
P3068 Four-light version of P 3066.
Length 33". Four 60w clear bulbs.
P3105 Or-ate caqt wall ro'(h ot in-
ported o'ovvn ,-'isto lhal spar[es wrth
a f ery while-ess t-'ough its n"er frosl-
ing of gass bedo<. Brigrt gold fi^ish.
0r oll switc-. W.ot^ b", rt. .[4". ex-
tends 7". One 60w clear bulb.
P3106 Two- ight brackei version of
P 3105. Width 15r/a" , hl.9y2", exlends
8Ya". Two 60w clear bu lbs.
P3107 Three light bracket version of
P 3105. Width 26", ht. gYr", extends
7lz" . Three 60w clear bulbs.
P3251 Round ceiling light matches
P 3105. Cast gold crown. Dia. 10", ht.
5Ya". Two 75w clear bulbs.
P 3252 Square cei ing llght of imported
blown crystal with cast go d crown.
N4atches P 3066 series. 11" sq., ht. 6".
Two 75w clear bulbs.
P 3253 Sma ler version ot P 3252.7"
sq., ht. 7". One 100w clear bulb.
P 3263 Close-tothe ceillng fixture with
chande ier styling. Charming ln a bed-
room ha or loYe , loo Hd-d-chased
cast o'on/e in golo. Ruffed
opa escent g ass shades. l\4atches
P 3000. Dia. 27" , overall ht. 8ya". Three
G-16Y cande abra bulbs.

See lhe se/ectlon of Town & Country

decorator bulbs on page 127.
P 3260

hA A

Two P 3165 shown wired
on wall and draped from shown can
opy hung.

P 3T60

P 3161

P 3050-33 Ui h te and go d FoLr mo ded .c'.ttcs P3161 Triolighl ver:on of P 3160. Vi dth
s,ot on a ,//h tc meta channel Groufded i-on 15t'r", ht. t0" extends 7" TwO 100w bu bs
'ref erce out et Length 33", ht. 4l's". extends
5li" Frur 40w cande abra cornplex on bulbs P3164-33 Wh te and god fu4atch]ng doube
pendant with hand sc.eened gold design on
P 3050-19 Anti.t!e go d sat n etched vr'h te tr L.lex g ass. nclLrdes cast
P 3051-33 Whlte afd go d Six ighL versicf of wal canopy, 6 ft of cha n for eaah pcndant. two
P 30!0. Lengih 49". ae ng hQoks two p aster toggle bolts, two wood
P 3051-19 Antlqu. go d s.revr's Penda|t dia. 5". ht 107:" Two 75w
P 3053-19 Antique go d Exqu s tc mo dcd re P 3.164-19 Art que go d
prodLrcrion oi a c ass. eaf carving Length
21'jt" hl 31A" extend:4" FrJur,10\,1/.ande P 3165-19 Ant que gold. S ngle pendant version
iabra aornp" ex on bLr bs. oi P 3154. Drape u/ th cei ng hooks or hang
P 3053-33 Vy'hltc.nd go d direct y irorn.an0py on c.. lng. One 75w bu b.
P3054-19 Antq!,. god Sr ght version of P 3.155-33 Whlte and go d
P 3053. Length 391!'.
P 3054-33 Vr'hite and go d
P 3.173 T\ro rnported satin opal tr p ex g obes
with gold fora design. Casi t.irn, chain and
P 3160 R riliiy de.orated artiqLte go d wa fix ce iing hooks I niShed n vr'hite and go d. ln
rure "r'ith hand 5crcefed go d tab eaLt on sat I c ldes cast wall canopy 6 ft ol cha n for each
etched ,4hi:e tr p ex g ass Cast brackr: arrd pendant. twc ce ling hooks, two pastcr toggle
aanop! Gr!!ncled conveni-.n.e cLti rt. D a 6" bo ts t\,/o \,^"'ood scre$,s Pefdaft dia. s 7y?".
ht. 10" 83/i" One 100v/ bL,lb bodv ht 1{rt;" Two l00w brlbs
P 3174


P 3762-19
P 3762-33

P 3261
P 3262

P 8703 1,, I 1,. ...1. ii

l ,' .'rl I

'll- -l ), ,.
? 1. 'r: , I

i: I l

P 3050-33
P 3050-19
P 3051-33
P 3051-19

:-'' : ". :

._:- "t.

P3174!.1 I'r '1,:r -,.r rilIr:' .' ..:3262 , jr ,, :,1 [']rr I ,' rir,:r
.'.'it rr r l.: r , r'1-.'r , :,
fl' I t.- rl I ..
P3260 r,,rl -.: . ,f .' le,l
ln,i762-19 .. I , :j il
.. 1.1 i . r :,1 ., I r :
:, I

l-. . :li; l,r i:3762-33r.', r, I -.. r'l

P 3261 a rr'1.
.,'1.'rr ,l ,rlrrl
I , r':,:r r: .1, II .; ltl l,-l, It
:lr [.: -l l]'- Ti. .. 1.. 1,.
I P 3170-10
P 3170-15

P 3172-10
P 3172-15

t a
P 3171-10
P 3171-15

P 3009
P 3010

,o P 3190

P 3008

P 3196
P 3192
P 3193

P 3197

P 3198
P 3199

P 3008 Ceramic white diamond textured chan P 3190 Hand decorated gold " cing" on white
nel glass with clear design. Knockout for switch. textured channel glass. 0n-off switch. Grounded
Grounded convenience outlet. Length 13", ht. convenience out et Width 4" ht. 77a", extends
5r'4", extends 5". Two 75w bulbs. 57a". One 60w b! b.
P 3oo9 24' version of P 3008. Four 75w bulbs. P 3191 Go d "icing' hand app ied on whlte tex
iured channel g ass. Grounded conven ence out.
P 3010 36" version of P 3008. Six 75w bulbs et knockout for switch. Length 13", ht. 5rla",
P 3170-10 Polished brass. Attractive extr!ded extends 5". Two 60w bu bs.
aluminum wall iight with sculptured end caps. P 3192 21" version of P 3191. Four 60w bu bs.
Prismatic glass with clear bottom. Grounded
convenience outlet. N4ount horizonta ly or ver P 3193 36" version of P 3191. S x 60w bulbs.
iically. Length 9y2", ht.43la", extends 5y2". 0ne P3t96 Hand applique gold fiora desgn with
100w bulb. white roses on white textured channel glass. 0n-
P 3170-15 Chrome off switch. Grounded conven ence outlet. Width
P 3171-10 Polished b.ass.1712" long version of 4' , ft. 7r/4" , extends 5/a". One 60w bulb.
P 3170. Two 100w bulbs. P 3197 Decorative white roses and gold floral
P 3.171-15 Chrome '' clng" applied by hand on white textured chan-
P 3172-10 Polished brass. 26" long verslon of nel glass. Knockout for switch. Grounded con-
P 3i70. Three 100w bulbs. venience outlet. Length 13", ht. 5ya", extends
P 3172-15 Chrome 5/a". Two 60w bulbs.
P 3198 24' version of P 3197. Four 60w bulbs.
P 3199 36" version of P 3197. Six 60w butbs.
P 3122-15
P 3122.27
P 3120.30
P 3120-15
P 3120-27
:!:. s,
6... rtst
,; s*
S:j'r &
i,l s, s@c
E irr @s
ti 8s
of ss/
:;'g 4
s@4* 6
$a lsa*f
P 3014 Arounil the-mirror lighllng n s* {}{*** $$st
! tai cred stv e Anod zed go d ex-
.l-"an DS GO*{}s e6sg4
trudei a um num fTames handsonle sf slsr0s {8 S&${'
marb eized Danel. Knockout for swilch
Crounded convenience out et Length ts
I7Y2' hl. 5' , extends lYr" Four 40w
cande abra cornP exlon bL.l bs.
P 30'16 Six- ight ve.sion of P 3014.
Length 25".
P 3088-33 \/hlte and go d. Superb gco P 3089-33
anlL OF o'l^O i od d i' Or- P 3089-15
-. 'Old F
en, n .\ ln lre LO ' O r P 3089-r9
e ee'anae Thev conblne to surround a
m r:ror vr th distinctlon. Length 17%",
hi 5", ertends 2". Three 40w cande
abra aomp ex on bulbs
P 3088-15 Ch ronre
P 3088-19 AftlqLre go d
P 3089-33 Wh te afd go d F ve- ight
D@ vers on of P 3088. LenFth 30
cande abra coraplexlcf bLr bs
'. F ve 40w

P 3089-15 Chrome

il P 3089-19 An1 .lLre g. d

P 3120-30
slnip lc
13" h:
White Contemporary
ty fo. wa o. cei ng
5./2". Folr G32 60!\r b!
P 3120-15 Ch rome
P 3120-27 Satin go d
P 3121-15 Ch"ome. Conteniporirry light5
f.arne a m rror v/ith 3turI ng simplrc ty.
Length 19" erte'-rds 53/: " Three G 32
60w bu bs
P 3121-27 Satin gc d
P 3122-15 Clfome \/e' lghr vers of oi
P3I 21 . Has kncckout for grd conv. o!t
et Leng:h 31 " extends 6" F !e G 32
6Jr/ bulbs.
P 3122-27 Sat i. go .r

Se-" ath".r ,/anily mirrcr tEhtirrg cn pa*


deconare wirk

For kitchen, familY room,bedroom or
A[[ puRpose liqhrinq any room. Good lighting in goad style.

: *:r{*

P 4033

P 37'13 Ccnt,.mp!rarJ .e lng mounted P 4930-58
n oe . Po 'l o I a ), P 4930-31
mp.rteo -cat n et.rled tr p er g a:: \t'ia
. P 4930-56
stra gh: !r'r']\'e. ! a 21" olara ht 1;'
PB 0.25" w th po lsned t-rass exiensl!n lri
aiuded Three 75v/ bLr l,!.
P4033 [,4ape 'n:hed shps wlree
Hobnai T k $h te g ass po isned b.ass
trni Da 2C" ht. l0".Three75\i/!!irs
P 4035 Rlsti. c ose io the.ei ng I x
tlrc Canop! n ent que trra:: !! th p ne P 4931-33
wocd aollmf m lk ,,,rh te h-.bnar g als P 4931'19
D a 16', lody ht 101i". Thrcc 7:,,r
bu bs.
P 4036 Un qLre .a:hskc er 5t! e FoJr
ile \,r'eat-
a',l-lbc'g a:s L5arr? s l-.rlghter
e'ed v/!!d franr,. Po 5hed L.ais aa
aenls D a 19" ht. 101-2" Fo.rr t0"! r'lt
P 4038-48 Hot orange ConlerPorarJ/
sunb!rst with spr ng-mcLtnteC 6" !'/i te
lpa g aSs g obe5 aiountS on wa !r ael
.tg. Da.241,'r", ht 7li" Four 6llw P 4651
P 4038-31 B a.k
P 4039 shed sr p s 'rhre
Wa f Lrt frn
th a fber hobniri g a5s shades and

brass rr n ! a 24' ht.8r,i" FoL,r 75'r

tl! b3
P 4063 Bo d black ron r ng with crack
ed ar.ber g ass D.r. 18". body ht. P 4653
91k" a'/eta ht 13" Thrcc.andela
bra bulbs
P 4064 I ack ron rlng w th stLrblly carl
o o t, bol '". D..
D)4,t 17", body ht B" ^ood
overa ht 13". Three
cafdelabra bulbs.
P 4643 Cerrrn a !.i| le p'snr;rtl] g:5t
.l ff,r.e. 11 th 5ee throLrEfr s.r! d-.! gn
Pol:5hrC trra:s f.iT D a. 18 Fcur 60vr P 4643
lLr bS
P 4651 D ,n-"nsi!na g0 d a nX !!!r
ary: a e,lr ales fn !n aer:m a ,"\'h te 1er.
brar5r :r m D.l
18' ".s: ?ob!5hrd
FoJr bo,/r br
P4653 0, d . , I I

d-"aoaat !e a,.r!rn a wh t9 ! a:a d fJLraer

D a 18' F0,.50,.i l-.u l-.:

P4658 / . j ..
w th ;n nner lra/r' . Po 5hed L.a!-r aa
cents D a 18" Tl'ee tr0i/ bi 15.
P4705 Spark fg je,,./e ed pr:f5 aird
Or ''O
1,!hiie q ass
L r (, O
wl:h s'rL ated aut
* s
des,gn CLrt c.tsta penC.rnt D: 15"
Tr ree 50,^ bu trs.
P 4658
P 4855 Sat I
frostec vr'h te g ass ,//ith
brass edg ng D315" lhree60rbub5.
P 4858 18' ve.s !n of P 4855 Forr 5Cr
b! b5.
P 4930-58 Harvestgc;d Sra op.p3ngls
ring v/ th terturea ceram c !!h te g ass
Da 15" ht 5l/2" Th.ee60wbL,bs.
P 4930-31 B eck
P 4930-56 Avocado
P 4931-33 V/h te and go d.!ery
n d:d b)d ^LL pL 6d
wh te gass. Da. 15" ht.51,t".Ihree
60v/ bLr bs.
P 4931.19 Ant que go d

P 1214',

P 3212'

e&to'P.--" f
--. V
* Torsion springs
P s2o|'g!t-- for easy relamping

p s2o6[*--. !L--fl

Chrome finished ceilinE fixtutes 0pal l

glass diffusers.
P 4447-16
P 3206 Dia. 6',hl.4lq' One 60w bulb P 1447-12
P3208 Torslon spring mounted Slass
Dla.8". ht. sYa". Two 60w bulbs.
P3210 Torsion spring mounied glass.
Dia. 10". ht. 5Ya". Two 75w bulbs P 4448-12
p 3212 Torsion rnountPd gass. P 4448-16
Dia 12". ht 5Ya". Three 60w bulbs
P 3214 Torsion spring mo!nted glass
Dla. 14", ht. 5r/2".Ihree 75w bulbs
Round satin etched white triplex glass P 4449-16
forcion springs for easy relamping P 4449-12
P3524 Dia. 83/a", hl. 4Vz" One 75w
bu lb.
P 3526 Dia. \'O'/a', hl. 4Y2".Iwo 6Av't ,--\
b u lbs.
P 3528 Dla. 725/a' , hl. 4r/z' . Three 60w P 4451-12 : 1

P 4451-16
bu Ibs.

Souarc satin etched white triplex glass,

larsrcn sDrinP mounted.
P3525 br8- 5q., nl. 41,,'. one 75w
bu lb. P 3526
P 3521 IO5/e" sq., ht. 4Y2". Two 60w
bu bs.
P 3529 72la' sq., hl. 412". Three 60w
bu lbs. P 3528

Contemporary opal Slass Elobes on hang

slratehl rcos. 6' and 12" srcms in'
P 4447-16 Satin aluminum. Dia. 8", ht.
15". One 1OOw bulb. I
P 4447-12 Satin brass P 3525
P 4448-12Satln brass. Dia. 10", ht. 17 ".
One 150w bulb.
P 4448-16 Satin alurninum
P 3527
P 4449-16 Satin a uminum. Dia. 12", ht.
19". One 200w bulb.
P 4449-12 Satln brass
P 4451-12 Satin brass. Dia. 14", ht.
21". One 200w bulb.
P 4451-16 Satin a uminurn

1f Torsion springs
Y tor easy relamprng
f[uonEscENr fnshiorrrs fnonn PRoqRESS

P 7179-14
P 7 t 79'56
P 7179-58

P 7167-14
P 7167-56
P 7167-s8

P 7104 (22wl32wl
P 7105 (32wl40w)
P 7188-58 (2-40w)
P 7188-14 (2-40w)
P 7188-56 (2-40w)
P 7189-s8 (4-40w)
P 7189-r4 (4-40w)
P 7189-56 (4-40ry)

P 7178-56 (2-20w)
P 7178-14 (2-20wl
P 7178-58 (2-20w)

Suriace rnodular fluorescent fix- P 7168 Wa In ut-fin ished wood P 7178-56 Avocado. Trigger LPF
tures. Tapered walnut f ra mes, frame. Smooth white drop Plexiglas ballast. Width 1212" ,lenglh 25t/a" ,

Heavy-gauge 3 dimensional Plexi' diffuser snaps out for easy relarnp- hI. 41h". fwo 20w lamps.
glas diffusers snap out for easy ing. trigger LPF ballast.25" sq., P 7178-14 Antique copper
rela m ping. ht.4". Six 20w lamps. P 7178-58 Harvest gold
P 7100 Trigger LPF ballast. Width P 7179-14 Antique copper. Trigger
IIt/c" ,length 26" , ht. 4". Two 20w LPF ballast. Width 1674", length
lamps. 25Va', ht. 4Va". Four 20w lamps,
P 7101 Rapid HPF-ETL ballast. P 7179-56 Avocado.
Wdth 117+', length 50", ht.4": P 7179-58 Harvest gold
Two 40w lamps.
P 7188-58 Harvest gold. Rapid
P 7102 frig1er LPF ballast. Width HPF-ETL ballast. tt'lidfh 1212",
I3Y2" ,length 26" , h|.4" . Four 2Ow length 50/a", ht.4/+". Two 40w
P 7103 Rapid HPF-ETL ballast. Colorful fluorescents with baked lamps.
decorator finishes on scalloped P 7188-14 Antique copper
Width 13V2", length 50", ht.4".
Four 40w lamps. metal frames. Clear prisrnatic poly- P 7188-56 Avocado
styrene diffusers.
P7104 Rapid ballast. 15" sq., ht. P 7189-58 Harvesi gold. Rapid
4". Two circline larnps, 22w and P 7167-14 Aniique copper. Trigger HPF-ETL ballast. Width 167a",
32w. LPF ballast. 24" sq., hl. 4Va". Six length 50Vr", ht. 4Ya". Fou( 40w
P 7105 Rapid ballast. 18" sq., ht. 20w lamps. lamps.
4". Two circline lamps, 32w and P 7167-56 Avocado P 7189-14 Antjque copper
40w. P 7167-58 Harvest gold P 7189-56 Avocado
P 7186 (2-40w)
P 7196 (4-a0w)

' i P7183(2-20w) --:"-
P 7193 (4-20w)

P 7008
P 7009 J* cei[inq fluonescENTs
Functianal fluorescents for individual or continu-
P 7000 ous ceiling mounting. Cleat, calar stabilized poly-
P 7001 ;. styrene diffuset. Baked white enameled metal
P 7004 trame with snapout witing covet. ETL reports sup-
plied on request.
P7183 Trigger LPF ballast. Width 11", length
- ,' P 7002 24" , hl. 3lq" . fwo 20w larnps.
P 7003
P 7186 Rapid HPF'ETL ballast. Width 11", length
P 7005
48' , hI. 3la' . Two 40w lamps.
P7193 lrigger LPF ballast. Width 17", length
24' , hl.3lc" . Four 20w lamps.
undencnbiruer liqkrs P 7196 Rapid HPF-ETL ballast. Width 17", length
48' , hl.3%' . Four 40w lamps.
Fot kitchen and other work ateas. Or under shelves
tar reading and study areas. Can also mount can'
tilever lrom walls. One-piece twa-tone ribbed poly'
stwene difluset in baked white enamel metal case.
Giounded convenience outlet. Keyhole maunting Larlet undercabinet li9hts. One'piece twa'tone
siots. Olher shell lights on page 120. ribbed polystyrcne dtffuset, baked 6htle enamel l'
meta! case. Knockouts tor gr6Ltn6g6 conventence
P 7O0O Starter switch. Regular LPF ballast. Length outlet, switch or cotd and Plug.
12ls' , hl. , extends 4Va", One 8w T-5 lamp. P 7006 Trigger LPF ballast. Length 18" hl. 2' ,

P 7001 Same as P 7000 plus cord, extends 5Y2". one 15w T-12 lamP.

P 7004 Same as P 7000 without swilch and cord P 7007 Trigger LPF ballast. Length 24" ht.2'
extends 5Y2". one 20w T-12 lamp.
P 7002 Starter slyitch. Regular LPF ballast. Length
I8ys" , ht. Wa" , exlen ds 4/z " , One 1 5w T-8 la m ps . P 7008 Rapid LPF ballast. Length 36", ht. 2", ex-
tends 5Y2". one 30w T-12 lamp.
P 7003 Same as P 7002 plus cord.
P 7009 Rapid LPF ballast. Length 48", ht.
p 7005 Same as P 7OO2 without switch and cord. tends 5V2". one 40w T-12 lamp.

p P 7160 (l-20tv)
P 7161 (l-30w)
P 7162 (l-40tv)
P 7164 (2-20w)
P 7165 (2-30tY)
P 7166 {2-40w)
P 716l Rapid LPF ballast. Length 36" one 30w
fluo RESCENT bnnCkers T'12 lamp.
P 7162 Rapid LPF ballast. Length 48" One 40w
Fot horizontal ar vettical wall mounting. Also tot T-12lamp,
ceilinp mountinp. ln bath, vanity, corridots or util'
itv rodms. )ne ind twa tamp madels. Ribbed poly'
P 7164 Trigger LPF ballast. Length 24". Two 20w
T-l2lamps. NO
sfvrene diftuser. Chrcme end plates. Grcunded
c6nvenience outlet and switch. Ht. 4ya" , extends P 7165 Rapid FPF ba ast. Length 36". Two 30w
5t/2' T-12lamns
P 7160 Trigeer LPF ballast. Length 24". One 20w P 7166 Rapid HPF ballast. Lengih 48". Two 40w
T-12 lamp. T-12 lamps.


TRACK LICHTINC HAS LONL, Just lnsert and twist, with

one hand,90'to the rig[!.
- t: t
Turn the locl^ tight device (i)
for a secure con nection.
IIO\ IN AR I CAI LI RIf S, You can swive Mini and
a-=- lr n Maxi Progress Track Lights to
sToRLS, sHOU ROO\45, aim them at any area. You a so
OFFICE BUILDINCS AND can rnove thern easily to
another position on the track.
N,tUSEUIMS, NOW PROCRESS A have individua on-off
IICHTINC OFFERS YOU switches @ for maximum co n-
With lVlini or Max systems, ve n tence.
ALL THIS PLUS THE NFW you first put up the electrlfied
6)a ADVANIACES OF NIINIATURE track in a stra ght, "L", "T",
"+" or rectanguiar pattern on
the cei rng or wal .

SIZED AND PRICED FOR Se ect the sizes and ty pes of

YOUR HONlE. Track Lights you want. Then
lnstall them eas ily anywhere
a ong the track.
lntensily mo

,r,i l

]i- Cat. No.

& Finish
M P 615r
P 6170.30
P 5170-31
,il, Black

La rr ps 30/ 50w/ R-20 Hi-intensity

120V, 40w clear
lnt. Base
(P 7895)-

On off yes yes

Housing Ht. SVz' 3Y2'
width 4r/2' 2Y2'
overall Ht. fYa'
*See page 127 lar hi intensity bulbs.

Less than 1" deepl 0nly 1ys" wlde. A satin aiumi'
n-msnple i 'td. r' h O"rPe' 6P,1 ,
\ ome '\ Lr Lo-f,' .o. i g oo t I '"i I n"
or w th un versa loiner {P 8778) n "L , "T" "+" %'
or rectangu ar patterns Can be cLlt to odd engths
Use P 8781 cord set for portab ity or where there
is no celling out et box
Cat.No. Finlsh Description Length
P 6'114 Satin 4'foot siarter track. Has one live electric feed end, 477/a'
um. one dead end.
A \
P 6118 Sat n B foot starter track. Has one lve e ectric feed end, 951/e'
A uTn. one dead end. Comes with joiner for connect- I

ng additlonal track.

8775 Whlte Sp t canopy kit covers out et box when power s

fed at iunctions of two tracks.
P 8778 S
lver- Universal jolner for "1"
tangular patterns.
or closed rec-
#sFq no
P 878.1 15 ft. ccrd set with p ug and on-Off switch
1000w capacity.
High High
0 lntensity lntensity
with with
reflector reflector
'1 1l


P 6171-31
B lack

P 6172-15
P 6173-30
%P 6174-31
P 6175-15
P 6175-30
P 6171-30 P 6172-30 P 6173-31 P 6174-00
White B lack White

Hi-intensity Hi-intensity 30/ 50w/ R-20 30/ 50w/ R 20 30/ 50w/ R-20
120V, 40w ciear 120V, 40w clear
lnt. Base lnt. Base
(P 7895) - (P 7895)-

yes yes yes yes yes

35/e" 4!q' 5', 5" 4r/q'
3', 3%" 3lz" 3', 3Y2"
5lz' 6Y4' 7', 7', 6la'


P 6100
\lo--r on 'p linq or wa I over a bed for srvlish ",s'
ano 'e'' reaoing lights. Or -se lhese oo-able
t'dck liphrs i" |^e den, ove'rne desk, tr'le redding
c'ai'oiotner uselJ ocal ons. Packaged corplete
wlth two P 6172-30 hi-intensity lights, a P 61i4
track with the 1s-ft. cord and plug set instal ed.
Additlonal lights may be added (1000w capaciiy).
You can spray paint the white spheres to any color
you desire.

lJniversal Cylinder
u rs

Cat. No. P 6110-31 P 6120-30 P 6121-31

& Finish Black & White Black &
Sat. Alum. P 6120-31 Sat. Alum.
P 6110-30 Black & P 6121-30
White Sat. Alum. White

Lam ps 30/ 50w/ R-20 30/ 50w/ R-20 75l 110w/ R-30
75 / 110w/ R-30
150/ 300w/ R-40
751 150\v I
PAR 38
Q250w/ PAR 38
Filter With lieht
shield accessory
On-ofi yes yes yes
Features Adjustable Matte black Matte black
socket for
varied lamp
light baffie
[:ii.T[[ OD
Housing Ht. 8Vz'
width 3Vz' 5',
Overall Ht. II' 72Vz' 14',


14 Tne douole cir.-iI orovoes in.-eased wallage '6 66re ighLs on b" p't

I on one [rack. 6) Lowe secT on ho os rig o polvv n]

6\t us:on Lo la ^lng
rnree 12 aws. so]id coooer w re'o-d." Lo s Crr''nI-doacitv sl0d-roe-e5
oer iircu;t.- (2 uoper ta ^'aceway corpele wirh co e' dllow' dn
il".rl. c an to d'6wer sev^ral t'a-"s l'0.1 o'" o-tet bo, !'v thout cost / 0n-
dult or extra ouilets. Wil take four additional 12 gauge wlres'

Startcr secr o^s are conp e-e ano rdv oe -'eo d v g ra l, U<e io ne
track to extend lengths. Both come with toggle bolts tor wa I or cer ng
mounting. vount ini'1", "T", "+" or closed rectangr.r ar patterns by using
universaf io ner P8778. Fo' an e.po'eo ouLlal bo\dt fecd e-d orda' dnopy fp gZ7Ot. When feeding at junction of two tracks' order sp lt canopy
kii ip az;sj to cover exposld outlet box Starter tracks can be cut to odd
lengths on the job.

Propress trdck ca' oe sLspenoeo f-or. ei ngwit^ tne oe^ddnt':' ro87l/)p-
TnrEaoeo susoe-sio" rodt a c iB' o.g. -.le) dn be sqo"r"-ed dnd
threaded on the iob. A 4 foot track requlres two pendant kits. Longer tracks
require one kit every four feet. Track has knockout for nrounting.

P 6122.30
P 6 t 31-31
Black &
P 6132-30
, z/4
Heavy Duty
P 6141-30
Heavy Duty
P 6142-31
Black &

P 6160.30
P 6161-15
P 6122.31 Sat. Alum. P 6132-31 P 6141-31 Sat. Alum. P 6160-15 P 6161-30
Black & P 6131.30 Black & Back& P 5142-30 Ch rorne
Sai. Alum. White Sat. Alu m. Sat. A um.
150/300w/ 751 1,70w I 150/ 300w/ 7 5l IsAw I 200w 30w R-20 FL 75w R-30 FL
R40 R-30 R,40 PAR 38/ 3 PAR 46/ 3 50w R-20 FL
75l 150w/ 75/ 150w/ side prong side prong
PAR 38 PAR 38 200w Narrow spot
Q250w/ Q250w/ PAR 38/3 N4edium flood
PAR 38 PAR 38 side prong
order as order as
accessorles accessories
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

l\.4atte black Matte b ack Nlatte b ack Swive Swlvel

l (lb titi:l"''
lpht baffle ight baffte lighl baffle
Adjustab e Adjustable
socket socket

9', aY2' 10' 5Y4" 5V2" 4V2' 6'

E3/. 5" 5/q' 63/e' 5Y2' 7',
\4y2' 14', I5lz' 1A/c' 9lz' 7',

TRACK COMPONENTS Universal Joiner P 8778

Cat No Descrlption Length Used ln "1", "T", "+" or closed rectangular
track systems. Si ver-gray finish.
P 6104 -.4' 4loot \Ld ' ro l'. One 47 3/a'
A- Fle
.6 'Fec 6no o-p
t Set
P 610g
dead end. Satln Alum.
8 foot starter track. one 951/e'
\r- %))
Cord P 8782
15Joot cord, p ug and on-off switch. Converts
4'or 8'starter tracks to pl!g-in system for
/''-Z/ live e ectric feed end one portability or where there is no celling oL.rt-
- dead end Sat n Alum. let box. 1000W capacity.
8-foot jolner track. For 951k',
extending track. Only one
starter track needed for LIGHT ACCESSORTES

stralght run. Satin Alum.
g Light Shisld

P 8772-30 White
P 8772-31 Black
Pendant Fixture Adaplet P 8774
For P 6110 ightwhen lsing R 40or PAR 38
To install cord or cha n-hung f xtures on cei bulbs on y. Sh e d also accepts color fi ters
ing track.

Splii Canopy Kit

P 8775
\:'' Covers out et box when power is fed at junc-
tion of two tracks. White finish. For use w th P 6141, P 6 i 42 or P 61 10 with
light shield (P 8772). Dta. 4/q".
E'I, Canopy Kil P 8776
Covers outlet box when power ls at feed end P 8783-51 l\y'edium Amber :, ll P 8783-72 Ruby
of starter track. Whlte finish.
P 8783-66 Med ium Green P 8783.77 Pink
l- Pendant Kit P 8777
P 8783-67 Med ium Blue P 8783-78 Day lght Blue
_l_ .0. pe.od I r.o" ti p.-o t.d ^ \Ah 16.r- \h
PRE-wlRED FRAME-lN KIT 100w/150w
P-l1 (Formerly P 6790)

PROqRESS. lncludes: adjustable "no notch" bar hangers;
Dlaster frame; socket and socket cLp wired to 14
lauge iunction box, U.L. approved forthru branch
circuit wiring.

Ceiling opening: 678"
Plaster frame: 9" x lOVq"
P-111 (Formerly P 6791)
A ---a-
For comDlete unit. order one frame-in kit and
\-t-l "6? <=_>
one refldctor-trim. P-111 (P 6791) standard
frame-in kit sussested for finished ceilings For lncludesr plaster frame; socket and socket cup
unfinished ceilings, use P-11 (P 6790) pre- with y2" Greenfield connector and 54" 0f # 18 AF
wired frame-in kiaand install in these four easy wirei retaining clips for finished ceiling.
steps: Ceilingopning:67s"

time-saving, adjust-
able "no notch" INSERT reflector-
hanger bars to FINISH CEILING tO SNAP reflector-trim trim. Engage clipsof
ioists. Connect opening of plaster into socket holder. plaster frame into
bower supply leads. frame. slots of reflector.

Iouvsn RrNq

P 6689 P 6691-83 Fresnel lens P 6693-34 Walnut finish

P 6691-84 Albalite lens P 6693-31 Matte black
Comolete lvith reflector. Black Ring trim extends from ceiling
die-iast aluminum louver elimi- Regressed lens provides efficient
nates glare and provides bright- controlled illumination. One- and shields lamp at normal view-
ness control. Louver lifts in and piece, matte white ceiling trim. ing angles for efficient glare con-
out of reflector for relamping. Ad- Complete with reflector and ad- trol. Complete with reflector and
justable socket holder. justable socket holder. Torsion adjustable socket holder.
Recommendod lamps; springs for easy relamping. RecommendEd lamps;
Low position, 100w A-19 or Recommended lamps: Low position, 100w A-19 or
150w PAR-38 Low position, 100w A-19 150w PAR-38
Hish oosition. 150w A-21 or Hieh position, 150w A-21 High posiiion, i50wA-21 or
15Ow R-40 150w R-40

..'t i 't,

,, 1I
CONE srEp bnffls wnll wnshen

P 6692-32 Satin gold P 6694 P 6686
P 6692-16 Satin aluminum Anodized matte black step baffle Washes walls with even light to
P 6692-31 i\4atte black minimizes glare. Complete with accent surfaces of brick or stone,
Complete with reflector. Lamp is reflector. Adjusta ble socket draperies, works of art, photo-
set back and shielded by cone to holder. graphs, etc. 45" cut-off from nor-
avoid glare at normal viewing an- Rocommended lamps: mal viewing positions. Double re-
gles. Adjustable socket holder. Low position, 100w A-19 or flector system increases lighting
Rscommended lamps: 150w PAR-38 efficiency. 0ne-piece, matte white
Low position, 100w A-19 or High position, 150wA-21 or trim snaps out for easy relamping.
150w PAR-38 150w R-40 Recommended lamp: 100wA-19
High position, 150wA-21 or
150w R-40

1,i i \.

nll opnl pirrrhole eyebnll


P 6687
Gives even, wide distribution of
P 6688
Controlled illumination from 2"
P 6690-16 Satin aluminum
P 6690-42 Satin brass
light. Gasket protects against dirt aperture wh ich conceals light
and moisture. Complete with re- source. Reflector has black shield Completely adjustable. Rotates
flector and adjustable socket to reduce glare. one-piece, matte virtually full circle horizontally
holder. Torsion springs for easy white ceiling trim snaps out for and adjusts to 40'from vertical.
relamping. easy relamping. Adjustable socket llluminates works of art, wall dec-
Rcommendod lamps: holder. orations, pianos, etc. Anodized
Low position, 100w A-19 Recommondod lamps: matte black step baffle minimizes
Low position, 100w A-19
High position, i 50w A-21
High positjon, 150w A-21 RecommendEd lamp:
lamD: 75w R-30

All sqLare Prog'ess are two-piece for com
pete ce linq a'cess. Wh te parabol c reflector fo'

niph refiectivirv. l4 eaLee iJnclion bor (32 c,. in.
wir snap oq cbve's)--ai7j" aad ya" pry out slugs. FLAT ALBALITE GLASS
pas pq-irFd q'ound sc.ew. App'oveo for 60"C sup P 6630-10 Polished brass
ply ro'd-ctor. Assembleo, ready fo' ins'al ation, P 6630-15 Chrome
wirh ao.uslable 'ro -ot^h
bar "arge's. P 6630-16 Satin aiuminum
P 6630-29 White
1oo-WATT PRE-WIRED P-1 (Formerly P 6702) P 6630-34 Walnut
SOUARE, 8" X 8"
t23/4 P 6631-10 Polished brass
P 6631-15 Chrome
P 6631-16 Satin a u minu m
P 6631-29 Whlte

P 6632-10 Polished brass
P 6632-15 Chrome
P 6632-16 Satin a urninum
P 6632-29 White


RECTANGLE, 61/2" x 9" 71/2" x 1O1/2"
P-4 (Formerly P 67101
"'-"'' -4
P 6650-10 Po ished brass

I P 6650-15 Chrorne
P 6650-29 Whlte


P 6651-10 Polished brass
P 6651-15 Chrome
P 6651-29 White

Approved for Thru-Branch circuit wiring.

15o-WATT PRE-WIRED P-2 (Formerly P 5712) 150w SQUARE FRAMES

souARE, r0" x 10" 11 /a " SQUARE


P 6640-10 Polished brass
14% , ,'r P 6640-15 Chrome
P 6640-16 Satin aluminum
P 6640-29 White
P 6640-34 Walnut


P 6641-10 Polished brass
P 664t-15 Chrome
P 6641-16 Saiin aluminum
P 6541-29 Whlte
P 6642-10 Po ished brass
Approved Ior Thru-Branch circuit wiring. P 6642-15 Chrome
P 6642-16 Satin aluminum
P 6642-29 White

TILE" SQUARE, 113lc x
" '113/a " 200w SQUARE FRAMES
P-9 (Formerly P 6721)


P 6680-15 Chrome
P 6680-29 White


P 6681-15 Chrome
P 6681-2S White

Approved tor Thru-Branch circuit wiring.

NO-SAG PATENTED SPRINGS hold frames tight to
RouNds wirh keep light in, dust out. Pull down for easy relamping.
P 6671 and P 6672 attached with helical springs.



1,50w, 8Vq" outside dia. 150w (R 40), 87a" outside dia.
P 6660-10 Polished brass P 6671-10 Polished brass
P 6660-15 Chrome P 6671-15 Chrome
P 6660-16 Satin aluminum P 6671-16 Satin aluminum
P 6660-29 White P 6671-29 White

P-7 (Formerly P 6685)
Socket adjusts vertically to accommo- DROP OPAL GLASS FRAN4E ONLY
date 75w (R-30), 150w (R'40) or 150w 150w,8Ya" outside dia. 75w (R 30), BY4" outside dia.
bulbs. Fully painted for high reflectivity. P 6661-10 Polished brass P 6672-t0 Polished brass
Approved for "Thru Branch' circuit w;r P 6661-15 Chrome P 6672-15 Chrome
ing. l4 gadge junction box (32 cu. in. P 6661-16 Satin aluminum P 6672-29 White
with snap-oif covers) has lz" and /+" P 6661-29 White
pry-out slugs. Has required ground
screw. Approved for 60'C supply con-
ductors. Assembled ready for installa-
tion, with painted plaster frame and
adjustable "no notch" bar hangers.


15Ow, 8lq" outside dia. 75w (R'30). Adjustable
P 6662-10 Polished brass "eyeball." BY4" outside dia.
P 6662-15 Chrome P 6676-12 Satin brass
P 6662-29 White P 6676-16 Satin aluminum
P 5676-29 White


75w {R-30). Adjusiable 30w or 50w {R 20).
UN-WIRED HOUSING "eyeball", cast alumin!m Adjustable "eyeball."
P-107 (Formerly P 6695) louver. 8Y+" ouiside dia. 87+" outside dia.
Same as P 7 without junctlon box. 1n- P 6677-12 Satin brass P 6678-12 Satin brass
ud" . rata l;p. ro n\ra .ar:on in P 6677- 16 Satin aluminurn P 6678-16 Satin aluminum
f nished ceilings. P 6677-29 White P 6678.29 White

PINHOLE FRAME 150w (R-40), 8Ya" outside dia.
150w, 2" pinhole opening, P 6682-16 Satin aluminum
8Y4l' outside dia. P 6682-29 White
P 6664-29 Whlte

P-35 (Formerly P 6665) Pre.wired econ-
orry housing accomnodates a 75w ROUND LOUVERED FRAME
(R-30) bulb. Has all other features of the ALL GLASS
75w (R-30), 7sle" outside dia. 150w, 8lc" dia.
larger P-7 housing, including approval P 6684-10 Polished brass lTa" exposed ht.
for "Thru-Branch" circuit wiring, P 6684-16 Satin aluminurn P 6683 opal glass
P 6684-29 White

FRAME ONLY P 6675 Wall washer 0u'side d:a. B'a

75w (R 30), 57s" outside dia.

P 6620-29 White
.- lncludes pre-sei parabolrc reflectors.
Ap.rtu'e rotares 358'. lnsla I 2 fL to
3 fr. trom wall. l\4atle w-ite
100w bulb.


+ ../a ---:l--
I 60
:,.." ..i5 in.-
( ,)-, (t)

P 6919 150w (R-40). Satin a u- P 6917 75w (R 30). Saiin alu- P 6921 Pre wired 75w (R-30).
minurn trirn. Outslde dla. 7518", mlnum trim. Outside dia. 578", Satin a uminum trim. 0utside
housing dia. 5Y2", hl. 1". No housing dla. 4lq" , hl.53/a". No dla.57e", housing dia.4!/a", ht.
exposed ht. lnc udes Plaster exposed ht. lncludes Plaster 53/4". nc udes plaster frame.
I rcme, 4Y2 f L AF w i e, con nector. frame,4Vz ft. AFwire, connector.

P 6920 150w (R-40). Satin alu' P 6918 75w (R-30). Satln alu P 5922 Pre wired 75w (R'30).
minurn trlm, die'cast louver. m nuTn trlm, dlecast louver. Satin alum num trim, die-cast
Outside dia. 77s", housing dia. Outside dla. 57s", houslng dia. louver. Outside dia. 5%", hous-
5lz', ht.87a'. No exposed ht. 4lq', ht.7r/z'. No exposed ht. ing d\a. 4Va" , ht. 7Y2". lnc udes
lncludes plaster t"ame, 4Y2 fI. lncludes p aster frame, 4Y2 fL p aster frarne.
AF wlre, connector. AF wlre. connector.



(.. ,\

Square Square Rectangular

Flat White Glass Drop Opal Glass Flat White Glass

P 6412 Housing size P 6422 Houslng size 63/a" P 6413 Housing size 4314 "
60 63/a " sq. Chrome frame sq. Ch rome fran're, size x 7qa" . Chrcme frame, s ze
WATT size 8/a" sq. One 8Ya" sq.One 60w bu b. 6lq" x 93As' . One 60w bulb.
60w bulb.

P 6414-15 Ch rome. P 6424-15 Chrome. P 6415 Housing size 674"

100 Housing size 8" sq., Housing slze B" sq., frame x 103/i ". Chrome frame,
WATT frame size 9Y2" sq , s ze g|a" sq., one 100w stze gYa" xI23 6" . One
one 100w bulb. bu b. 100w bu b.
P 6414-30 White P 5424-30 White

P 6416-15 Chronre. P 6426-15 Chronre.

150 Housing size 10" sq., Housing slze 10" sq.,
WATT frame size 117+" sq., frame size 117+" sq., one
one 150w bu b. 150w bulb. No Sag Pate nted Torsion
P 6416-30 Whlte. P 6426-30 Whlte Sprlngs. ln all models for easy
relamping. Hold tight to keep
light in, dust out.
Retaining clips (P 8700) available as accessory for dry ceillng installatlon

Meets electrical code specifications. 40w.
0pal dilfuser. Built in pullchain. Satin atu-
minum finish. 14 gauge junction box with
)nap o'1 (o\"r., I z' at d 'o' p.v our Slug<.
O-ls;oe o a t"', g"posed ni. i:0". rlo,ts
ing dia. 4YB" , ht. 5Ya" .
White polystyrene diffuser. Chrome frarne, torsion
hinged for easy access to hous Ig. Frame d mensions:
le^gt- 2.-s w dt- 85e" Ho-Sing d 1e--ioi.. e gln
24 .ht.41".widln6t4 t^0 20i rarp,.
P 7210 Regular ballast
P 7211 Trigger ballast
P 6914 UN-WIRED P7231 S"n. asp /?ll o..eor orop ci,F_ ". o,
Sam-" as P 6912 with. smooth wh te polVstvrene ^:[n
out ju nction box. ln-
c ludes E-Z retaining
clips for inslde mount-
ing. Outs de dia. 7Y2", UNIVERSAL EXIT LIGHTS
exposed ht. llq'. For apartments, professiona offices and other
Housing dia.43ls", ht.
5U4' .
commercial installatlons n residentia bui dings.


P 7950 lnfra-red 250w

(R'40) heat lamp. Out
All a r-r rn num, oif-white fin shed hous Ig with knock
side dia. 6Ya ", housing outs for right left doub e or no arrowsl lnterchange
d a. 5Y2". ht. 7r/2". able square aluminum stenclt. wlth 6', letters, iits
Pre-wired junction box, hous ng in e ther dlrect on Avai ab e with vour choi.e
approved for 60"C OI r eO O Broan 0., g a .> pd" 6is O. FL.e. O.Or )
supp y conductors. p on^ ooale5 _^o lbr^ lo- n-6
Satin alunrinum trim. -Faidt6 ba)e ou,o
{br.r bs not ncluded) which can ast ten vears
Two 18" bar hangers.



P 6915 Recessed (Wallor Ceiling) T
Shower Light 75w, opaJ

glass dlifuser, water,
tight gasket, satin alu,
mlnum finish. Outs de
dia.7Y", exposed ht.
17a", housing dia.
P 6012 Slngle
P 6013 Doub e
P 6014 Single
P 6015 Double
Fe" l
It_, . -l

\-, ,-/ Housing: 2" Deep

43/e',ht. 5Ya" . ln-
cludes plaster frame.
P 6916 Same as SU R FACE fu IOUNT]NG
P 6915 excepi pre-

?'' (Wa
V) wired.
P 6913 Surface Hou s ing:
mounted shower light 2" Deep
illustrated on
pa ge P 6015 sns e P 6017 Single
I face
ltpht rottt i!J/15. drilFndi /rrit Jrrd
pirrleti utlh.l\1" an.l 'cLrttt\/ l\'lal'
"mort of yoor a)14aat' lat \\a'm
v,plthea enlerLlinmrtri ProEtP\\ o1) i
daar lant-.rns do thc tab t\eaulifully ao


P 5468-68 P 5426 P 5452.60

P 5468_60 P 5436 P 5452-68
P 5446

P 5426 Sty ed for modern living. Virtually un, P 5452-60 W' '.e. A oold , jb" o' ei.. tvo,oed
b-6akdb o !,vr ile o'd.ri 5p ^ .. re d or .t dtte o'h ,'rpa(r pld li l^al a^0. up o ,ved--pr
lrhrte ' aqL d uT n-n ..itt 'itte. D a. _ ht. and vandalism. He d by matte white, cast a umi,
I3". On. 100,t b- b. 6n num s ip fitter. Width 12", ht. 13,'. 0ne 150w
P 5435 .4' ota ,? alPi426. Ht. t5-.0;d bu b.
I50w bu rb. 6i) P 5452-68 Crystal "iced" plastic @
P 5446 .16'd d .a'(io o'P.a26. Ht. /". 0;6
200w bulb. P 5468-68 Cr!5 a .d old.ri | . (nape ot
@ roda). H.dt ano , tatLer -e, 5 opr g,,3 p9.r 1o,
P5441 Cro,-i. catpa.d d.( r-l.po-
'd .I t.t .po t a noiba(k.. -'reeo _mi
tern is held by matte white, cast alunrinum s jp
fitter. Width 16' ht. B3/t' . One lOOw bLrtr)
fum. Smoke P exiglasd pane s, heat and Whlte
.'lvdtd '-. Fs dnt. o-' o -d .p a.ipr g
P 5468-60
ii I /r'"trra-ter- o pdg.8- Wio-- - ,8Y,
ht. 19j+". One G-40white l00wbult-r
Catalag numbers reler ta lanterns only. Lan
P5445 -l ra- on Fnpo"a , po r t,,-..r ot terns fit-3" pasts which must be ordercd sepa,
bid.\r,51-i'eFa L-r'dr r-.8'w-iF --rdT tately. See the complete selectian af pasts and
glass g ob. . h.lo ,,vi h d q-d . of Smoke
versatile maunting accesso,es on page gA.
Pezigaspor"r5r-.1-a ehadIdno nalror -6c s.
anl.7Ah" sq., ht. i6". One 150w bu b. @ aluminum Euarantee.l lar
EO Cast lit'e.

P 5486

P 5483 A d st re creat on of yesterday s

fctlve P 5486 Amber acryJic cathedra w ndows" ac
black a um num
e cgance ilne y detai e{l sat n _o cent thls lmposlng cast a urnlfum post antern
dIn. -ot ad hd ' dn'ro n satin b ack with c ear textured acryllc shade
: .,1
,^lna drp D'd ..ta ) a- Lo- that ls heat and shatter reslstant 1i72" sq., ht
cande abra bu Lbs. @ 26". One bu b. (,
P 5484 Thls modern rendit on of a Gothlc mot 1 @ Casl aluninurn lantetns Euaranteed rttsl
o. rL o-- Ood,Ido':odoi
i",". n .oo', P
lvodi '
Ooo I o PiL' opl "d i.aR1r'..t.
to .a - a ) DO
ls of satin b ack cast a umlnum with an ar.ber kt aa i^ ' Da o'aa ao 'Pa
texlLrred acrvlic shade that is heat and shatter talel'l See the complete se/eclion ol posts atd
ics stant. 1j" sq ht 23ti" one bu b GE versatile mot.tnlinE accessories an paEe 9A


P 5456 The one-candle look with extra illuml P5474Fi fora.aste n Spain A Ltrirg back
nat on frorn a second bu b concealed w thin cast alum nrrn post lantcrn ,,,/ th ra sed black
the roof S x-slded, biack cast alurn num post p astlc scrol s over nrrbcr pane s of heat and
antern w th ra sed p astic decoratioIs. Heat shatier resistant P ex glaso Dia. l lt!' ht.
and shatter resistant c ear seeded Dane s
*'gao or 6d ord-oing lor- 5q r . *J 29" One bLr n @
, P 5556 Ch.ln hlrnl vers on of P 5456 w th one
One candelabra and one Edison bLrlb. @ bLr b. 10%" sq. ht. 16%", overa lht.36".
bT P 5574 Eroti. .ha I hlng ',ers;on of P 5.174
D a llth" bady hI 2231,," . overa ht. 42".
P 5473-31 P 5440
P 5430-3.1
P 5430-47 P 5473-47

P 5402 Satin black cast alumjnum postpasy

lantern P 5450-11 Solid brass, antiqu-" finished coun
witn c ear I /5tal glooe - .geo lor re' trv oo,t larter-. D6 ordL v6 Tptd ba di-g pd5!
la. o ne. Dia. 10.. . L t. 20vr" On6 bJ b (, a I Io- . lear g a . pa^e ). Hi-g'd door fo'
relamplng. Wldth 972', hL 22r/2".Iftee cande'
P 5403-31 Cast aluminum post lantern. White abra bu bs.
iir,n"J e.s. dorp, , pd' .'y)tdl gds' g'oba
eds\ re ampi-g Sati- bla k fin'sr ' P 5451-11 Solid brass, antique finished chain-
MatThr' e,rdl a-ler on odge 8^. Dia l I" h-' hung version of P 5450 11. Width 9/:", body
2jYr;'. o"ne nulo. @ ht.
23", overal ht. 42". Three candelabra
P 5405 ConLprporar/ sdt:1 o d'^ 'a\t ar"T:
-u - posl antp n Wh'-e ooa g ai'' glooe W dl! P 5455 Satin b ack dle cast a uminum post an
12.;h:.z2),.Oneo-b' tern. Cast eagle, frosted g ass chimney. C ear
@ g d pd-p' ' o. 'o- eds. rold^ o g. Widlh
P 5428-31 Black Coonial post lantern with 7at, .'1.22- ore b- b. G,
briss trim. Frosted glass chimney, polished and
beveed plate glasa panels. Width 8Yz'' ht. P 5473-31 B ack. Nlediterranean beauty of satin
2IY2".anetub. b ack cast a uminum. ntricate decoratlons
cover four hamrnered amber cathedral panels
P 5430-31 B ack with gold Authentic large- [,4atchlng wal antern on page 83. Width 8%''
5cale r"olrLo 'ton t"e Cha-ps tr,.ee> Solid ht. 193/a;. One bulb. @
LdSL alu-ninu1 . C pa s-artor--e.istant a(r\li' P 5473-47 Gided black
,li der.Mat h ngwdr a-ter-onod8pS3 D!
''3r.'. nr. :O-. .-Fo.- -d de dbrd o- bs @ @ Curt aluminum lanterns Euaranteed rust-
P 5430-47 Gllded black with Cold

P 5440 Authentic reproduction of Philade phia Catalag numbers refer to lanterns only. Lan
srreet lisnt i- b ot'r cosl al-1 n--r' one piec' tetns fit 3" posts which must be ardered sepa'
'o e ] \e6 fn- orrpFl^ eFC"a. af ao.l' at d
shatre'-ie. -ta't qlooe w' n - ea oollor ar d .Atrdl: a ^ d.(a ot:.. p" page aA
white top. D a. I{V2' , h|.28!/2'. One bulb (E
P 5428.31

Glass lifts out for
easy relamplng.

P 5403.31

P 5406-31 Colonial satin black cast aluminum P 5409-31 Sat n black ca<t a'u'ni4L11 post lan
nniillnle''n with sca,ropeo trrn Clear grass' ieir.-vosaic-patterned P'exiglas' is neal and

Eoiiom panets
boiiom oanets liflout for easy relarnprng'
relarnprng inarter resistir-, I fls our lo easy 'erampi'rg
irosred slass cnimnev. Matching wall lanterns Width 11', ht. 23". One bulb. @
l'ovr", ht.
on-oas"'s5. Width )0v,",
on-pa?'s5.-wiotn f3" one
fi- 2:". One b.'oz-\
P 5407-31 Satin black with amber panels Dia: P 5470-31 E'eeant cast Colon;al oos- lanier,1
inond'patterned Plexiglas! is heat and shatter Saiin o w;i-n polished b'ass eagle and lr'rr'
for easy relamping cast
titts out fdr
r,"ii.iah. lifts
resistant, t.niteo "ct
cfrimnev and sldr-cu1 shatter re<'stdnt
aluminJm Dost lantern Matching wall lanter4 beve,eo oanpls.' wall ld'Ier^s on page
on oage |i5. wiotn 13",, Ill
wloln lJ z/ \Jr r uu
ht. 27".-0ne
27".-one bulb G 85. Wioth 7ve". rl 211/2" OtebJb @
"" "rn" Swedish iron with clear panels @
P 54oi-37
P 5408-31 Satin black cast aluminum posi lan- P 5487 Saiin black cast aluminum post lantern'
tern. Glass oanels i't oul fo' easy reramping. irosteOl,as. chim'ev. Cledr glass oanel' lilt
Frosted glass ch,rrney. Widlh lO\a" ' h| 22" ' o,,i lor e"asy ,^larping. l0'r" sq hl.24V2"
one bulbl @ One bulb. @

P 5507-37
P 5507-3t P 5487
P 5407.31
P 5407-37

P s409-31

P 5507-37 Sr'{,r :h ;rr !r':h - -..r irnf,.:

:lr:r 'r;l !!r.r iri ,,i P 5.1ill- r'l! t]llr li' tt..d,,'
P 5507-31 Srl . |:r.k i,it- :irlj-.r r'a ar ,i !'l
P 5520-31 !
F 5,1(_li) jL. l\'loth lL'l:r' []!a1,,';t ,r' -/-r.:

Ol Cesl ;ir,rrhrir inrierri: l1rrrirli,!!, flr-il

lt.:a iat iilia
a.rlarrf; rrrriri!i5 ra'i-ut i,r i:ta,tt:t'lr a,.ril Prji
ii/ri-.rn5 Irlj /-,a:i.i i/l]1aii ittt)-\i i)-. tndal .l

l, I 5:ilii. ril:r1 l' lrnE auiti. j si]riar.,r a r, r a E -. .-. 0

wn[[ lnrurenrus
Lipht up for salell and decarale yaur
eitrance *avs wtth handsame PtoS'
ress lanterns. They alsa are a deltght'
'fultv different way to decarate hall,
loy'er or any rcam inYde Yaur hame
P 55Ol-31 B ack. A distinguished lan-
tern oJ f nelv cast a uflllnum with an
ornate erld6d gal er!, and Polished
hr,rss ref ector. Seeded heat and shat-
ter-resistant acrylic panels WLdth 7'
ht. 16", extends 5%" One bulb e)
P 5501-47 Gilded b acK
P5502-31 Black. Cast alumlnum
Gothic lantern with amber textured
neat and 5hatler-res start ac'ylic
panels wid-h 7)b". ht 14vr" e:
tenos 9". One oJ b. G,
P s502-47 Gllded black
P 5503-47 Gi oeo olack U-iq'e cast
.il.-minum walr ldnter^ w in lleur de-
is soi-e ano scrolled s oes D anond-
oarrbrned anbe' heat and s"atter-
ies sta-t a"'y c panels Widlh 8" ht
15ya", extends.T" One bulb. (.0
P 5503-31 Black
P 5504"31 B ac". Handsone cast a'-
rninum wall lantern maiches Post
srvle on oaPe 77. Seeoed heat and
sriarrer-re:.s-tant ac-v c pa-e s Width
8", nt. 1 3) 2", e.{tenos 91i" 01e bul!
'&1, P 5504-37 Swed;sh ro1
P 5619-47 Gilded black Continental
sranoe-'caot-'ed i- cas- alunin" T
Insl-"o wall torcn ado'ned w'Ih a
soEen crown a^d pr-rre Clear shal-
b{, ie'-resistant acrvric cylinder' Vatch-
'no oost lantern on oaRe 78 D:a l0'
hr:30". ex-e-ds I2vt" One bulb @
P 5619-31 Black
P 5630 Black mansard-roofed cast
a irTn,n,T la-te'n -ex-ureo Le'a'Tlic
whi-e grass. Wrdth 5rz
nt 9va" e-\-
rendi 7'"". on" bulb. @
P 563t l\4edlterranean b ack cast alu
minun a-te'n w th te(t"eo a'rbe'
grass. Wiot- 6", hl ll- e<le-ds
4rlo;l one outo. @
P 5632 Colonial black cast a uminum
wall lantern with casi eagle. Clear tex-
tured heat and shaiter-reslstant
acrylic panels. tN'drh7ta" ht l4Vo"
9t;'. o'" 0., o. @
P 5673-47 Gllded black. Mediterra
nean wa I torch. Scrol ed cast alu-
mlnum hammered amber Pane s of
resistant acrY
heat and shatter reslstant acr\] lc.
widlh 7r/2' , hl. 22" , exlends 111/a:.
one bu b.
P 5673-31 Black
ei Cast aluminum fixtures
g-uaranteedrust free lot lle
Heat and shatter'resistant panels,
where specified, allaw uP b lAaw
P 5503-47
P s503-31

P 5502-31 P 5673-47 P 5619.47

P s502-47 P 5673-31 P 5619.31
P 5620-37
P 5620-31

P 5522-31 Scro led L5rackets dranlatrze ver

ilon uigf;zo. B ack cast a !m rrutn, polished
Lrass trlm lrosted g ass chimrley, clear g ass
pane s. wlith 26', lrt l6" extends Bti". One
bub. @
P 5580-31 Bla.k.ast .oach antcrn Po shed
brass reilector casteagle brasstrlrn Starcut
re.e rI Lrne ro lP ol'
pe^,2d".Vd rg,o ..r.r'o'r.g BO.
.t oLti.," . 6,roo o O.l.b.G,^
P 5582-31 B ack sweeping cast scro lwork
Star aut beveled Plexlg as ls heat and shatter
reId .Po r.oo" -lo. rFdqlp.
Aoin ro nc 8 O'but (9 ^
P5583-31 ,a aa. N.t.'r 'o'olP!'82
.,. I.r ...ano
O ou,b. . (9
P 5585-11 Anticue brass cha n hung antern
Star cut beve eci panels of heat and shatter
res stant P exlg as To clear doors, hang or one
L nk of chaln. W dth 53/"", body ht. I23/;"
d'r . .oro \o Ol"g-o @
P 5585-31 B ack with brass
P 5607-31 Satln b ack with amber panels Cast
a !m rum wa I antern. Dlamond patterned
P -"n pld' i h"o d o d o' 6 \'dnl
'o .;,'ta-p g \{dr ]0'rt2I 't-
'., d lO O"ouo. (.i
P 5607-37 S^"cl - rlo n I r'ral oor "
P 5620-37 Swedlsh ron Distinct ve cast alu
Tnlnurn wa I torch Class c fluted shaft con-
trasts wth decorative ra sed scro ls on the
d^ Op l d l'O -a_ dno
P",ie". r gpd o .d, '"*o I Wdrh
8,. L. 0 ...n0 ll .Oneo.b. O
'd l'l 5Ldnt
P 5620-31 B ack
P 5719-31 B ack wa I antern of cast a um -
nur.r White ribbed glass dome, clear g ass
g obe Dia. f3/a", ll. I5lz', extends 8". One
6urb. At
P 5726-31 Colonial !\ra antern of satln b ack
cast a um num. Po lshed brass trlm Clear
p" . o.l.o gd ni-.'".
:t.dlo e."o'B,
e Wrdl B".
On"o-o. @
P 5846-11 Ant que brass. Tradltlonal lantern
w th beve ed pane s. Width 5Yz' , hl. I1/a",
extefds 7". One bu lb.
P 5846-31 B ack and Po lshed brass
P 5857 Classlc lines dlstlngu sh this cast alu-
minum wa antern. An auxi ary bulb con'
cea ed in the roof provides rnore light greater
Bto p-t h6o b'd)r
I t or .ro
C.d h." dna ^ -dt-. . rd r Ple. ga
P 5857 panels. Wldth B', ht. 19". extends 8y2". 0fe
cande abra and one Edison buib.
P 5884-14 Antlqued so ld copper O de sty e
lantern Amber g ass side pane s, clear glass
n . hd'o.. oo .-'d b
sFo ooo
,nt , ^ooo
tor. .ri. '-
i Ol- o t l4u ', "o.
tends 5". Cande abra bu b.
P 5884-11 Antiqued so ld brass
P 5885-11 AnticlLred so d brass reproduction.
Clear g ass h nged door harnmered amber
g ass s de panels Po shed brass sufburst re
flector. Wldth 6'. ht. 16" extends 5". Cande
labra bu lb.
Heat and shalter r-"ststanl panels, ,qhere spec
ified, allar/ up b lAAw bulb
(,ci Cast ai,,tn',inum fixturcs guaranteecl rust-
P 5607-31
P 5607-37


P s846-11
P 5846-31

P s885-11

1;: #

P 5884.14
P 5884.11
P 5725

P 5853-11
P 5853-31

P 5852-11
P 5852-31

P5621 Romantic hacenda antern n g lded P 5852-'11 Ant que brass. Fashlonab e ta I and
b ack w lvlediterranean rnosaic pattern on
th slender wa I lantern. lmpressive when paired on
amber glass. Front g ass fts out ior easy re eilher slde of m rror or doorway. Amber g ass
amp ng. Width 5y2' hl 2Ay2', extends 5y2". pane s. Front glass lifts out for easy relamplng.
Cande abra bulb. Width 5Yz', ht. 19", extends 6V2". Cande abra
bu lb.
P5622 Spanish mission enchantment fash P 5852-31 Black w th brass
ioned in gilded b ack. N4e ow amber pane s em-
bel shed wlth b ack mosaic pattern. Front glass P 5853-11 Antlque brass. mpos ng ength and
ifts out for easy reamp ng. Width 57:', ht. grandeurl Double cand e lantern wth amber
25V2", exlerds 5r/2". Two candelabra bu bs.
P5725 Gllded back cei ng mounted frxture.
l\4editerranean rnosa c des gn on amber glass.
g ass panels. Front glass llfts out for easy re
amping. W dth 5lz', hl.31r/z'. extends 672".
Two candelabra bu bs.
P 5853-31 Black with brass
13" square, hl. 4y2". candelabra bulbs.

See fhe se/ectlo, af Ta\rn & Country decaratu bulbs on paEe 127
P 5628

P 5505 Corr'.- oo . ..rF ^q ot ra . d P 5628 Bo ri Conternporary geometrics in black

n r' "o o - ar ,r r: .-r l-eal ano

ed a urn num \,!ith B" white heat aId shatter resist-

"l' " "
shatter res stant smoke Pexlgasn panels lift ant acrylic shade. Wldth BY:". ht. 912,, extends
o,l 'o "" ." . g V. h e,o- a,.e, 10". One bulb.
71a' "l'-d
V'r"'5,.'. I ,'pd P5635S,"o.og" 0."o a 'o-t..r
One b J2 $rh le 60w bulb oo d",
JU ,n ,|.d' O'ts Vo't. Oa. n . Da
P 5625 Contemporary alLtmlnum wa fixtLtre n l0'. ht 17', ..xtends 12". One bu b.
matte b ack finish. Seeded g ass sphere Dla
8", ht. 15" extends 10". One bu b. P5636 Same as P 5635 with h tmpact white
plast c sphere.
)(1 P5626 Same as P 5625 with
p astic sphere.
mDact white
P5645 The clrce is squaredl This 6,, whte
ceramic glass g obe is muted behind heat and
P 5627-31 B ack Free-fcrm cast a um nuan in shatter res stant smoke Plexiglas. pafe s. B ack
doori outdoor wa bracket w th 6' ceramic dl ..1i ,. \4d ts goo '"l. o p"g. 4.
white glass giobe. Wldth 7%" . ht 9l:" extends widFg -- l-,e-,.no o,. o."o.o
57:". One bulb.
P 5627-16 Satin a uminu.n @ @ Casl aiunrinun fixtuter ELta.anieecl rLtst
t'tee for life
P 5519

P 5518

P 5518 il!ntararrr!rarr l.]ar. .lri ! l:rlri ,,r.l l-
.crr/rri i/ri,r rirlriia a.r,,.: il l il n rl l Iril-'lai,r! Il'
.it q'rre Y;iltl 811:' ht 11,' ir1-lrrr-r lal
ttia:tlt l,/elaLtt\/.alirr lri,ir,ll ilai lrir ir.ill liir,'e: 9,p 1r1i.1r',' "iipor l-,1 Ll Ii ,,il:al
iirr:r (. ilierir s ir,r: i)irl/r,ir.r/rilralr.i ai iljr.irlg P 5519 iL-r !f : rT rra.rrr'] al !r.l ainrlTr_
"'ll l'' .l1Larr 'a:i :ll
n i-:'atre.r F 5-J',:! ilLl,:i:Lle i'ril
'i,;ill -"'n 'i
P 5160
i rt pilt" : ',,i,r ll,r llr" it: -]r.i i \te-Lla li l
0n!'",r mrri ufl,'r'tl)ar i-r.t ll iil L,l'll

l,.j ' , r',t i ri'rr. rl al.i . ',lti -lilrlLla

,r ,r G,
!',1:i ,l.t::(' 'j.:;ir: irr"a :. ': lri iar rrl @) 0asl a/uminlm r;lrler/is glaritlllo ri,sl
:r'l'lr f! -,1r. :al rt .'2 il re !ill rt r.rr!
far:-ri-rr :i! [] nil lala(l (o Posl itlllcrn.'r lil 3" r]osts h'lrj'h ''rrusl ire
P 5461 LI-'r r!', rltllr []rri :i lll'ri a !.ll !, |eil atdered sepiltaleltt 5e.. lire cornpiel-' seiaatori
:r,ta( t.i.l rl r:l ilLit l r/ th li rfl-1. I Ir,::_,:'l !i-rr a'P :: f
i!,, l -. .1,:, r.i !f.l lUa, .,/h t,. al'iti-c. r',! S'.lrrt
g .r rr' :
.-ir . .': lt lS llne lilil' -eri -lr i
ilaa ti.r :r ,rr -rilll ("j
pa Ee


irtgl l:l lot !e liac--ti|,tt'ti i,rfra!rrf !.rliar

,ff a
b t ii:
P 55ij ii'lir l-.i. ,':l(lr '",-ii rnta trr .'a': af rif
F'.161 i,'11.1 :-l' 'i .i ir:rrrjl!r-lr:. 0n.
' ii
P 3946-31
P 3946.38

P 3947

l':' I

sECuRiTy, lnwrrr &

P 3956 N,1eraLr._ !apor :e.!r ll ;nC ar.dsaape
qnndenr liqhrirrrq ts
!ht C!n'p e:e !r'ih b": ast n moLtIt nq boi
f n:li.l .r Lr1' .!T Lcnlth \2' a a 6"
lnsure safety,,\ilh well lighte.l traiks and drire 3 "..k
r5r; b; .j!t |. r On-. 50!',, in..raLtri vap.or
ways. Use P.o8ress Lighlirg ta enhanc... in-"
b! l-. ra ! dr.C
'g .l.o..o'.o.. a aa tj.. P 5226 Pntr ilr.l dr vl,r.! ght Llstre g.een
use at' aLttdaar far warm wcalhct e,/entaE f n sh i/ th sca cL.ed a Lr.r] nlm ref eators Ce
en jay m..nt. raf i. r,Th te g ass 18 ,// re eads su.p ed Ac
.cmn-Odatesr/2 condirlt at P 5233 D a 612"
Use P 5233 for portabe lnsta aton n the ht 8ii:' One 100!T b! b.
groLrnd. For !e.nrafent lnsta latiof lhe
threaded 12" Iitt fg s.rews nto standard aitst P 5228 Shi!tr shaped path and dr ve\,\'ay ght
lurct on box buried undergrcLrnd. L ghts sho\,!n Sc d cast a !.n nln Anrber h gh ight ust.e
wlthout ihreaded I t:lng .ome vr'lih a thteaded gr-"en f n sh 18 w.e eads slpp ed. Accom
adaptor rnodates L!" .0ndLrlt or P 5233 D a 6'. ht.9"
P 3946-31 B a!k. Sockat aLrp 'r'r'ltlr a Llflfurrr
0 aO,r ll0 o.r @
relcalor. Use wth l!n.ton box or t' 3!47. P 5230 l"4ushroorn lght for p ants, paths and
Lengih 9" dla 57,n" Orc 150!v PAR 38 or R 4t)
)0 bulb
P 3946-38 Lustre gr,.ef ref ector
steps. Lustrc green iinished a umlnurn v/ th
ambe. h eh ight. Use wlth iLrnction box or
P 5233 D a 15" body ht.
One l00w bu b
8", overal ht. 34".
P 3947 Coler ! ate of.asi:r Lrn-inLrrn !,/ th ihree
k'..kcuts t/,'i I ho I on.. lwo o. ihree P 3946 P 5233 1" casl a Lrminurn sp ke for portab e n
ig ris. [,lo!n1,c f at on surlaccs or on oL]: et bor. sta atlons nc udes 15' rubber covered cord
A.ccnrmodeias lt" con.lLrit. D a 4r16' er d .v"a , . I , . .d p.o . ood oI. 6..6
ianrls I 3/i " ",
oL^.A o',-ood. . od_.
@ GE
P 5310
P 5311
P 530r-30

P 5303-31 P 5300-31
Use with all Prcgress post lanterns. P 5309 P 5300-30
P 5303-30
P 5300-31 Black. Solid aluminumtele-
scoping post. Dia. 3", ht. 4lz' lo 8'.
P 5300-30 White
P 5301-30 White. Same as P 5300
plus U.L. approved 3-wire weather
proof grounded convenience outiet
with snap-on cast aluminum cover.
P 5301-31 Black
P 5303-31 Black. Sculptured tele
scoping post of so id aluminum. Dia.
3", ht. 7'to 8'.
P 5303-30 White
P 5304-31 Scu ptured solld aluminum
telescoping post with square base.
Satin black finish. Dia.3", base 3r/a"
sq., ht. 7' to B'.
P5309 Scrolled black wrought lron
post.5Y4" sq. with 3" ca)ar,hL7'.
P 5310 Tapered alurninurn (direct
burial) post with satin finish. Dia. 3",
hr. l'.
P 5311 10'tall version of P 5310.

Cast aluninum brackets adapt past
lanterns tor wall or pedestal mount-


P 8725-31 Blackwall bracket. Extends .:n>
P 8726-31 B ack pedestal brachet.
@ P 8750-31 Satin black.
Nite rd a uiomatic .'il- --- \' CC
,', ,] i
width 6', ht. 4%'. @ lantern control for Post
c;; r;1- - -- -r::r
mounling. Has wealher-
proof photo-electric cell,
WALL & POST MOUNIING color coded connec-
r$ tions. Fits any standard
3" post. Solid aluminum
l\ ti ;i
rir! ii,t
Select any of these Prcgress post or sleeve. Body ht.6". r_---_
wall lanterns tor "custom designed"

300w capacity.
installations: P 87s0-30 White

P 5402 P 5409 P 5483 P 5620

P 5403 P 5430 P 5484
P 5405 p 5455 P 5496 Mercury P 8725-31
P 8726-31
P 5406 P 5456 P 5487 Vapor
P 5407 ? 5473 P 5607 P 5460
P 5408 P 5474 P 5619 P s461

Remove 3" post holder fram lantetn.

Mount lantern on deslred accessorles.
P8728 Black cast aluminum arm
mounts on P 87 29 \\a I plate or
straight posts. Finial reversible so
P 8731
P 4729
Post cap
bracket can curve up or down. Ex- Wall plate
iends 7". @
P8729 Cast b ack aluminum wall
piate ior P 8728 arm . 4%" x 65/a" .@ ll
P 8730 Double arm bracket in black
cast aluminum. Complete with cap for
3" post. Finials reversible so rg
bracket can mount curved uD ordown.
width 17". @ M
P 8731 Cap for 3" post when u srng
P 8728. Cast black alurninum. Lantern with P 8728 Two lanterns Two lanterns post-
attached, curved up rnounted on P 8730 mounted with P 8730
or down, to P 8729. with post holder in up position.
removed. Held by
P 8728 an P 8729.

Cast aluminum guaranteed tustjree far lile.


P 3857 Med terranean wall bracket with arnber F 4tr57 l'/ledite.r.r-ca ' . a.k altandel cr with an'r
1or '. oll17
0noJ '^i'".
n. 0 O' dno dbrdoulb
ber textLrrrC E:rss shaies Dia. 21". body ht.
IJr/2" . a',l ht. 36" Flve cnnde abra b! bs.
p 4384 D st nirt ve aharnaLe er !\rlih basket shaped
P 4046 Black iron charld.'l-'r wilh cut oLlt c over
deslgn. ChL.rnky antiqued drlp candles Dia.22"' bo.iy cf b a|i{ rln s.T0 s. StJbby ant qued drip
body ht 16y4", overa I ht. 42" Five candelabra cafd e.. Dla 22" b.d'l ht 19" !!era ht 36"
bLr bs. F ve aanCeratrrr bLib5


P 5623

P 3708 [y'editer.anean cei ng antern w th d men P 4067 lMed terranean b ack iron sets of1 textured
siona b ack scTo woTk !n textured amber panels arnber pane s with scrol overlays Dta 22" , bady

)fr 67z" sq. ht. 13' One l00w bu b

P 3709 Cna n hung versic| cf P 3708. 6fr" sq
body ht I7" o\.,era rrt 36" Onc 100w bulb
ht. 16". overal ht. 36". Flve cande abra bulbs
p us 75w centerlight for extra I umlnat of.
P 5623 Black outdoor indoor wa I antern matches
P 3708 P 3709. D mensiona scro s on shatter
P 3710 Large s.! I s r s ded a|t-.rn wlth d nie]-l. .esistant textured arnber pane s W dth 6rl:". hl
5 ona b eck scic nork cn teri!red amttea pane s 16./:" e11sn65 8" One 100w bulb
D a \2)/i". bod./ ht 25" .vcra r-rt 36" One
I00w bLr b
P 4261-36

P 4262-30 I i
P 4262-31 !
=-f--Ti t_
"..--. -\..-

,1 . 1l

P 4345

P 4029 P 4261-35 Granada lron. Walnut-finished column

: Dia. 21", body hl. I7y2', overall ht 36" Five
candelabra bulbs.

P 4005 Walnut finished column. Black iron arms

with decorative cups. Dla. 171/4", body hl. 1574",
P 4262-30 White. Coniemporary chandeller. Wal
nut wood colurnn, polished brass accents.
20", body ht. 14ya", overall ht. 36".
labra bu bs.
Five cande' ftt
overall ht. 36". Five candelabra bu bs. P 4262-31 Black
P 4029 White and gold sculplured nretai chande- P4345 Tolr'p bld.l, .r'o,d-d pelaeo.ande
ller. Dia.20", body ht. 15ya", overall ht.36". Flve -p,. Da.2t', oooy nL lSr2" overdl hL 36
candelabra bulbs. Five candelabra bulbs.
P 4 t0t-56
P 4101-3r
P 4 101.58

P 4t t l-31
P 4t1t-56
P 4111-58 ljt
t-. fl

P 4324 P 4410-6r

P 4325

P 4324 White & gold chain-hung fixture. Clear de-
sign on textured glass. Dia. 16lz", body hL 14",
overall ht. 36". Three 60w bulbs.
P4101-56 Avocado. Dramatlc ironwork "cage"
P 4325 16lz' dia. ceiling mounted version of
around 8" ceramic white glass globe. Dia. I4Vq",
ht. 10", One 150w bulb. P 4324. Hl. 16". Three 60w bulbs.
P 4l0l.3t Black P 4326-68 Crystal crackled glass. Antique brass
. P 4101-58 Harvest gold chain'hung pendant. Dia. 11", body ht. 13", over-
P4111-31 Black. Larger chain-hung version of all ht.36". One 100w bulb.
P 4326.61 Amber crackled glass
P 410i with l0" ceramic white glass globe. Dia.
ft 18", body ht, l5lz", averall ht. 36". 150w bulb.
P 4111-56 Avocado
P 4408 Black wrought iron enhances amber tex-
tured optic glass sphere. Dia. 11y2", body ht.
P 4111-58 Harvest gold I6Y2", averal) ht. 36". one 100w bulb.
P 4144 "Titfany" glass shade over ceramic white P4410-61 Amber textured optic glass pendant.
glass globe. Antique gold finish. Dia, 2O", body Embossed antique brass trim. Dia. 10", body ht.
ht. 16", overall ht.36", one 150w bulb. 19", overall ht. 36". One 100w bulb.


P 4242-15
P 4242-10

P 4243-15
I 4243-10

t" P 4244-10 j
P 4244-15
P 4244-30 '
/-'-1. P 4244-31
P 4244-44
P 4244-52

P 4242-15C't.aff,e. G .'am ng Contemporarl nela P 4244-10 Pr sh.'.] ir-t:: /", t' ni.r(ril i - :l'i.l rt
chande er witir see-thru g ass g obes D 3. r'r'n Srr!': ir.: ier'ftlr,rf/ ' hilfaa lirr ln a thil
22" body ht. 14" .,,'er:r ht. .-?6" Fite G 161', narlr iro rrri:r ,l '' :l ea D: i i-l l,i)a:]r' lt 14
aafCe abra il.t bs
? 4242-'10 P .h-"d brass. ti.c.l { n llraa .. Lr:rn.
P 4243-15 Chrore C e;:n red meta .hance ler
!",,lth the rarc b! b lok. See thr! tlobeches D a.
20" lrody ht. l,+" overa ht 35". Slr G 151'i
P 4244-15
P 4244-30
P 4244-31
P 4244-48
P 4244-52
Ar .hr!:r
A in ie
A ".) a..,.
/i h.rl ,r'
A t it ',

aande:i-rra b.L bs. '.
P 4243.10 Po ishei br a:s Sae llie tctriia/e :ie/irair.rri al Iat',,/r ! ai:)iri]ial
iecat,.t!o!' t'i)iia,-. ,)t1 &'ee 127

P 3835.68
P 3835-61

P 401s-61
P 4015-68

P 3835-68 Crystal optic glass. Polished
brasswall bracket. 0n-off switch. Extends
6", ht. gYa". One 60w bulb.
P 3835-61 Amber optic g ass
P3860 Polished brass bracket. Satin
ceramic wh te glass. On off switch. Ex-
tefds 6", ht. 9%". One 75w bulb.
P 4001 Pollshed brass. Graceful chande
lier wth imported ribbed crystal glass
shades. Dia. 2312" , body hl. 17V2" , over-
all ht. 36". Five 60w bulbs.
P4015-61 Amber optic glass. Polished
brass chandelier. Rich wood co umn. Dla.
22", body ht. 15", overa ht.36". Five
60w bulbs.
P 4015-68 Crysta optic glass
? 4245 Wa nutjinished pane s and black
Te'dt tt1 dr"'ratzeo w h arop. g.ass
.hinney- Dra 23', bod\ hr. IB , o,er-
allht.36". Five 60w bulbs.
l(l P 4260 Polished brass contemporary.
Satin ceramlc white glass. Walnut col-
umn. Dia. 22", body ht. 74Y2", ouerall
ht. 36". Five 75w buibs.

.--.;-": o, 1

P 4207-30
P 4207-31

@ s,;
P 4208-30

P 4208-31

. '---d"

,r ll\
| t\
6r' I
\ P 45fi-52
r\ ..
.l1:\1 ,
, \
__ ]\
Ir ,.;,
llr -

P 4228
P 4511-48

P 4227
P 4511-30

P 4207-30 Whlle lntrlguing cage and "concave P 4511-30 Wh te. Dorned acryiic shade Chrorne
crrcles hunE w th mo ded t scs d sp aying fru t accent whrte cord. Dla. 16" body flt 11" overal
n-opn n,io , o^ dr o o ." 8 "'o^ ,!'I' ht. 54" max. One G-40 white 100w bu b.
g"iuoo.D". Lo ( aLr0^oiro P 45'11-48 Hot orange
P 4207 -31 Black P 4511-52 Sun ye low

P 4208-30 Wh te. Larger. cha n hung version of

P 42A1 \\ lh 10" ceramlc while g ass g obe Dia.
15" booyhi l4 overa lhl 35".One 150wbu b
P 4208-31 Black
? 4227 raton q l- od r D ' ro
g, p '- o:, I c Jo^r6
.tta q A 0" 00^ brlb,
P4228' - o,rEr-od'Do pr0q]e$s'
,nLe.ld ^r le L po, e- oo :

.erd . 4 - -- .00^ o. o
\- -;r=).
P 4209.s2
P 4209-31
\ P 4209-56

ie@lelbu, i@,

*.' rl
P 4216-56 .$
P 4216-31
P 4216-33 /\
P 4216-42
P 4218-10
P 4218-'14
it"l P 4328-10
P 4328-11 f _,\.

P 4219-10

-- E=-r.=. P 4219-14

(E )
p n,ss-go

P 422O-3O White and polished brass. Pulldown.

Whlte glass difJuser,3-way switch. Dia. 18", body
P 4209.52 Ye. ow. Wicker-style flower 8' ce- ht. 9", overall ht. 20" to 56". Three 60w bulbs.
'ac];c re glass globe. D:a 13', body nr. 14',,
vvh P 4220-31 Black and polished brass
overall ht. 36". one 150w butb.
P 4209-31 Black P 4238-30 White ceiling fixture. Metal refJector,
P 4209-56 Avocado frosted glass. Dia. 12", ht. 4". Two 60w bulbs.
P 4216-56 Avocado. Pulldown. Frosted glass, on- P 4239.30 Wh te ceirrrg fi\tJre. l\4etal .ef'ector,
off switch. Dia. 14" , bady ht.81/2" , avetalt ht. 20" ',osted glass. D;a. 14", hr. 4%" Tlro 75w bLros.
to 56". Two 75w bulbs. P 4328-10 Polished brass. Chaif-hung pendant.
P 4216-31 Elack Ceramic white d-oric glass ball. Dia. 8t, body ht.
P 4216-33 White & gold 12" , o\e?ll ht. 36". one 150w bulb.
P 4216-42 Satin brass P 4328-11 Antique brass
(r P 42'18-10 Polished brass. Pulldown. Frosted P 4434-56 Avocado. Pulldown. White glass dif-
g drs. 3 way switcF Dia. l7'
booy h . 812', o,/e. fuser. Brass trim. 3-way switch. Dia. I7V2'. boav
al hl.24" to 56".Three 75w bLrlbs ht. 8", ove.all hr. 20" ro 56". Four 60w butDs
P 4218-14 Antique copper P 4434-58 Harvest gold
P 4219-10 Porisned orass. Ce trng noJnred. P 4435-58 Harvest gord. Ceiting mounted version
! ostedglass Dia. 17",h-.7r)' Th'eF75wb ro:. olP 4434. Ht.7lza". Four60wbutbs
P 4219-14 Antique copper P 4435-56 Avocado


P 3612
P 4512

P 3611

P 3791
P 3611 Crack ed glass globe, crystal-jeweled fes- P 3792
toons and cut ead crystal pendants. Polished brass
lrim. Dta.73/a" , ht. 87a". One 100w bu b.
P 3612 Larger version of P 361:1 Dia. 123/a", ht.
8Y2". One 100w bulb.
P3790 Jeweled plastic prisms. Cut crystal pen,
dant. Chrome reflecior. Polished brass
ring. Dia.6ya", ht. 9". One 60w c ear bulb.
P 3791 83/q' d a. verslon of P 3790. Ht. Btlr,,. Two
60w clear bLr bs

P 3792 IO3/a' dla. version of P 3790. Ht. 8,,. Two

75w c ear bulbs.
P 3851 Elaborate cast bronze wa I sconce with m
po'1ed ! -- leao ., ,.d s. W.otn
5 ht. l0e\te.o.
67+". One clear candelabra bulb
P4512 Petite cast bronze chandelier with im-
P-3852 Two-light version of P 3851. Width 12,,, ht. ported cut lead crystals. Dia. 14", body ht. 11,,,
10", extends 43l+". Two clear candelabra bulbi. overall ht. 36". Four clear candelabra bulbs.
P 3853 Three-light version of p 3851. Width 12" P 4517 Antique brass symmetry. Crystal bobeches,
ht. 10", ..xtends 63/a". Ihrce clear candelabra cut lead crystal pendants. Dia. 23" , body hl. 18', ,
bu bs. overall ht. 36". Five clear candelabra buibs.



P 3830 Polished brass wall brac(et Etched Colo

P 4085 A unique cornbination of decorative and
nlat snaOe. On-off switch. Extends 4%", ht. 8y2"' iJnctional l;g'rting. Wood-finished column an-
rioue brass arms,8" ce.amic white glass g'ooe
3-wav switch o\a 22", aody nt l7"' overarl ht
One 75w bulb.
P 40lo Polished orass chande;er' [rched Co'onial 36".'One 150w Edison and six ca4delabra bul0s
shades, crystal glass co,umn Dia lS%" body ht P 4086-60 Milk white gldss Hearty rLSt;c chande'
17", overall ht. 36". Five 75w bulbs ;ie;;ath hand-rubbed pine wood column, quilted
P 4027 Handsor4e antiqLe brass ' hande ier with plass shaoes, antique b'ass Irin Dia 23T:". body
.lownlieht. 3-wav swilch lor down:ght, candle5 or fir. 18rr',, overall hr. 42". F;ve 75w oulbs.
ootir. OIa. ZZ", boov ht. 16",overal hr'a2" 0re P 4086-61 A'nber elass
sow (R.20) and f ve candelabra bLr bs
p 4155-t 1
P 4155-10

I i

I ii\
P 4156-10
P 4156-11

P 4032 Turn-of-the-century antique brass chande

lier with ceramic white doric glass gobes. Da.
26", body ht. 15", overall ht.36". Five 75w butbs.
p 4087 The burnished beauty of antique brass with
clea. r-,rica-e s^ades. D a.24 booy -t 16'.,,
o!e.all hl. J6 F;.p Ldnoelabra bdtor
P 4155-11 A^t Q-e ora(s Fa' v American reoro
I^I o-clion D;a 2l'. booy .r l5' overar. nL. 16 .
F ive ca-de ab.a b,rlbs.
P 4155-10 Polished brass
P 4156-10 Pollshed brass. Amerlcana chandetier.
Clea" sca, oped g ass shades. D a. 21,, boo! hr.
I5r.a', hr. l6' Fiva cande ab.d ou,os
P 4156-11 Antique brass LI6HTIN6

a &{

P 4 t 16-58
*r" P 4116-11

p 3702.10
P 3702-11


Crl rg lglrt f'l k vr'hitc P 4oog Co on a :hed .h:nde

i-'o er D a
P 3702-10 Po rsheC orass
nlfi-:r g a!5 D : t' . fl 9" Ofc 75,'r' bulb. 18r''r" body ht. I7", overa ft 36' F re cande-
P 3702-11 A.t irrre ura!: abra bLr bs

P 3832-10 P. lshca b.ass ujai Sracket wlth tii k P 4012-lo Po shedbrass.['4] k!"ihlichobnar glass
!'/hj:c .l a.5. 0r lff s',vlich. Ertends 6". ht.
q11," One /5w bu b.
P 3832-tl An:l.tLre L'a ss
sh:rdes and.o Lrmn. D a 22' bcdi
a I ht.36" Fl',-.75'"^i b, bs
P 4012-1 1 Antiqu-' bras:
ht 15"

P 4116-'11 Ant que brass S.a iooed shade


ftr l
P 4007 Ant !ue br:i':: a-3nd! ier. QLli ted an'rber
. I: . a Dd o' "^i
.erarrlc wh te hobna I g ass g obe Dla 18", body
ht. 16" overal ht 36" One 100'x bu b
P 4116-56 Alccado
P 4116-58 Harvest go d
P 4419

P 3767 Walnut finish. Dimensional b ack scrol s P4084 Rich walnut finished wood column, milk
on transluceni amber corners. Dia. 14", hl 5Y2". white B" hobnaii shades. Antlque brass detailing.
Three 6Ow bu bs. Frosted, clear top chimneys. Dia. 22", body ht.
16V2" , overall ht. 42". Three 75w bu bs.
P4031 Crossbeams of distressed wood with an-
tique brass candle cups Thick, antique drip can- P 4418 Rich wood finished shade accented ln an
des.Oia 2AV2", body ht.5", overall ht. 21". Four tique brass. Two milk wh te hobna I glass ch rn-
0l candelabra bu bs. neys. Width 20"x11", body ht. 1672" overa I ht.
P4070-14 Rustic wood gralned plastic wagon
36". Two 100w bulbs.
whee. Three frosted glass chimneys and antique P 4419 N/atch ng antlque brass and wood finished
copper shades. Dia.24", b'ady ht. 20", overa I ht. celling mounted fixture. White g ass diffuser. 20"
42" 75w bulbs. sq., ht. 5Y:". Four 60w bulbs.

P 4112-56 Avocado Chain-hung. Wh te glass d f-
P 4522-14
P 4522-'11 rD{
fuser 3 wayswjtch. D a. 15". bodyht. 1312".ave(
al ht. 36'. Three 60w bulbs.
P 4112-58 Harvest gold
P 4113-58 Harvest go d. Cei ing rnounted version
ot P 4112 on hang-stra ght sw vel D a 15" ht
8Y2". Three 60w bu bs.
P 4113-56 Avocado
P 4130-11 Antlq!e brass Pu ldown. Satin frosted
9o c i't'c, J,r". ,t-r.D" l8 bod h-
1/ a,er" hr. 26 roo 50 100 lcou
P 4130-14 Antlque copper
P4131-14 An qu" eep'1 dI ioI
of P 4130. 'ra'l-,'o
3 way switch. Overall ht 36" One
'0 I00 I 0.r oulb
P 4'131.11 Antique brass
P 4132-14 Antlaue copper. Ceiling rio!nted Wh te
18", ht. 7%". Four 60w bu bs.
g ass diffuser. D a.
P 4132-11 Antlque brass
P 4133-14 Antique copper Puldown vers on o{
P 4132 3-way sw tch. Dia. 18" overa I ht 26" 10
62". Four 60w bulbs.
P 4133-11 Antique brass
P 4523-tl
P4160-56 Avocado. ChalnfrLrng meta shade.
P 4523-14
white gass dlfJuser Onoff swtch Da 1112"
bodv ht 12yr" overal ht 36". Four 60ur bu bs
P 4160-58 Harvest go d
P 4161-58 Harvest gold. Ceiling-nrounted version
of P 4160 Ht. 7lla". Fol]r 60w bu bs
P 4161-56 Avocado
P 4223-10 Poished brass Chainhung lxture
Whlte cerarnlc gass Dia 12'. body ht. 10%",
overa I ht. 30". One 100w bu b.
? 4223-'14 Antlq!e copPer
P 4224-14 Antique copper. Cei lng mounted ver-
sion of P 4223 Da 12" ht 9" One 100wb! b P 4521-'14
P 4224-10 Polished brass P 4521-11

P4519.14 AntlqLre copper PLI down Frosted
'i. .,.-^", ^, Dd boo. a
o.erd nr lo o62 O'0 0l00rb b.
P 4519-11 Ant que brass
P4520-llAntquebrass Cha I hungfrture Sat n
frosted chlmney Dla 12" body ht 13" overa I

ht 30".One 100\4 b! tl.

P 4520-14 Antlq!e copper
P 4521'14 Ant que copper ce I ng mounled Frost
ed chlmney. Dla 12 . ht 141./:" One l00w bLrrb
P 4521-11 Ant quc brass
P 4522-14 Antique ccppe. Cha n hung Frcsted
glass ch niney 3 v/ay slt/itih D a 15" body ht.
lJ " aueta ht. 36" One 50 I 100 ' 150!v bu b.
P 4522-1'l Ant que brass
P 4523-11 Ant qLre P!l do'rn Frosted
3 way sw t.h D a 15" body ht 17 '. cvera ht.
29" la6a" One 50, loC L50w tr! tl
P 4523-14 Ant que coppcr P 4519-14
P 4584-61 Amber gass. ArtqLre bras! Hobnai P 4519-11
shade. Frosied c ear top rh tnfey 3 way svr' tch.
Dia. 14', body ht. 19" overa ht. 42'. Ofe
50i 100,150r, bu b.
P 4584-50 0pa g ass f{f I
pr0qless' P 4520-11
P 4520-'14

P 4161_58
. ..j..- P 4161.56
' - * * 4*$ear$rab--. ,.
:tctrrir" ,#

t r

P 3787-10
P 37A7-11

P 3744

i., q. ., I


\l ' p gzzg-10
- 7* e r;.ts-t't

P 37r8

P t717

P 3669

P 3718 Ceiling verslon al P 3117 . Ht. 8". One 75w

bu b.
P 3669 Oolic srnoke g ass bo 'r oera led a'ltioue P 3779-10 Polished brass. Hand-cut crystal shade.
brass larier.. Dia. 8%', oody 1i 15r1" ove'al Dia. 7y2", bady ht. 11", overall ht. 30". Three
hr 36". Threp.a-de abrd b,.bS. candelabra bulbs.
P 3673 Wrought iron chain-hung lantern. Dia 8", P 3779.11 A4- qLe brass
body hl. 13Vt', overall ht. 36". Three cande abra
P 3716 Enchantlng lvlediterranean black iron
P 3784 Contemporary with a difference. Bare-bulb
reflections dance in mirrored chrorne. Dia.8", ht.
7 " . Fi\e G-I6Y2 caftelabra bulbs.
r1.r I
scro lwork. Dla. 7012" , body ht. 16Y2", overall ht. P 3787-10 Polished brass. Shaller-reslstant star-
36". Three candelabra bulbs. cut acrylic panels. 6y2" sq., body ht. I2Yz", over'
P 3717 Polished brass, simulated cut glass Width all ht. 36". Two candelabra bulbs.
63/c" , overall ht. 28". one 75w bulb
P 3787-11 Antique brass

trs' tft

P 3615

{t. ,;y
-- J* -P'
P s777 .h

P 3613 Smoke g ass globe v/ th pc shed

brass trim. D a 8' ht 9lt . T!/o 60\ri
cande airra bLrlbs.
P 3614 o bb"o opl . , .y<rd g d.( on . ,'l ii.
Po s'60 Drd,) d-0p,. Dia.5'" , hL.8 .

One 100w bulb

P 3615 Afibe. .rack ed g ass g obe Po
rshed brass .anop\' D a. 6" ht. 8". One
P 3703-10
bLr b.

Po shed brass. Ce ing fixtLrre.

whlte hobnai g ass g obe. Dia. 6" ht
1 I ". On-. 60w bu b.
P 3703-11 Antique t t
P 3723-10 Poiished brass Cei ng Irture
' '{\-i /.',/'
rnl k wh te hobnal qlass D a 5L'r". ht
7".One 100w l,.Lr b
P 3723-11 Art que brass
P 3726 B o!rn. hand aLtt cr!stal Pollsfed
brass. Dia 6r'!". ht.4r,i" 0ne 60\./ b!ib.
P 3727 Satln .e.arn c !\iltite g ass. po
shed brass Dla 74". ht. 5". One 60w
bu b.
P 3752 Sat n .eTam c !/hite g a.s. lto
lshed tl.ass. D a 53i". ht. 5". One 75vr
bu b.
P 3753 C.ysta f uted g ass in po shed
brass D a 43/'. ht. 6:!" One
100!/ bu b
P 3756 Satir ae.en. \,^/hitc glas: p!
sfed brass. D:. 7fr". ht .11':".0ne 60rr' P 3703-10
!L.r b. P 3703-11
P3776-61 Amber ..acked glass An
'o. ll I .,r d p, D".
nt. 81: One 100',/ !u b
P 3776-68 Crysia .rack ed g ass
P3777<. - -ot L ^.. r n
.d.1 D ;
Ofe 100vr' b! b.

-\ i P 37s3
--/,/ ___'-
- ,,1

.-_ -- --::-\
pr0q rSss' r,,.
l' ."4 ,a)

P 3752
P 3200-56
p 3201-56

I I P 3215
r; .,
.J l!

P 3200-58
P 320 t-58
P 3200-34
P 3201-34
P 3216

ii' t(l

$ I

P 3225-58
P 3225-31
P 3225-56

U.e -d viduo ly or pu' Prog'ess modJ "s (Se

r es P 3200 or P 3201r tog'Iher'or good light-
.np over small a-d \e'de areds. Two, i"ee or
n5.e. -ount on or e o.'l"r bor. K0.onnections
on rou s des. Corplete with wire bus'ing. con-
nectors, extra 12" ot wie, plasier togge bolt
and wood screw for mountlng on any ceiling
or lva l.
P 3232


P 3200 SERIES Sturdy metal octagon ln choice of P3225-58 Harvest gord. Iwo rigtt ve.sion o{
three decorator fin shes. 6" white ceramic glass P 3224. 16' w de. Two 100w bulbs.
globe. Dla. 71Vz'. hl. 7/q". ane 100w bulb P 3225-31 Black
maximum. P 3225-55 Avocado
P 3201 SERIES 200w verslon of P 3200. 8" wh te
cera,.nic gass gobe. Ht. 10". One 200w bu b
100w 200w P 3228 Wa nutjnished moduar styling. Semi-
Wa In ut P 3200-34 P 320134 flush surface mounted. 6" ceramlc whlte gass
Avocado P 3200-56 P 3201-56 g obe 10" sQ ht. 73l" One 100w bulb
Harvest go d P 3200-s8 P 3201-58 P 3229 I\\o ight ve.sion oI P 3228. 1A" x 2A".
Two 100w bu bs.
P 3230 Fo!r light vers on of P 3228.20" sa FoLtr
P 3215 Contemporary "Mondrian" metal cube with I 00v,r bLr bs
coorfu red, blue, green and yellow squares in-
serted at random.6" white ceramic glass globe.
6Vz" sq., ht. 9". One 100w bulb.
n P 3216 Two- g-rversio"otP32l5. l4'w;de.Two P 3231 See thru spaciousness Jelsty ed srnoke
\f l00w bu bs. acry lc and chrome ce ing ght.87.r" sq., ht.8".
One G'40 urhite 100w bu b.
P3224-31 Back. lron scrolls form a hexagon
around 6" ceramic white gobe. Dia, 9" , ht.8'. P 3232 Trio-light verslon of P 3231. Length 15".
One 100w bulb. T!,,ro G 40 white 100w bulbs.
P 3224-56 Avocado P3233 Three-light versof of P 3231. Length
P 3224-58 Harvest gold ))t Thre-" G 40 ,rh le 100* bc b.
P 4021-14 P 3747-10
P 4024-14 P 3755-16
P 3747-15
P 4026-14 '${'y
t tt l/ I I I \\\\\\\\\
///tt il;;Hi
////l II ll\\ P 4021-.10
P 4024-'10
P 4026.10

P 4021-56
P 4024.56
P 4026-56

P 4030-42
P 4030-30
". P 4034-42
\ n lou-so

P 3749-15 Chrome. Drop white ceramic glass. Dia.
8/+' , ht. 4!q' .One 100w bulb. @, {
P 3749-10 Polished brass
P3755-12 Sat n brass. Pierced solid aluminum
cylinder. Dia. 57t', hL 5/a'. 100w or R 30 bulb.
P 3721-15 P 3755-16 Satin a umlnum
P 3721-lO
P 4021.10 Polished brass. Surtace mounted.
Etched glass. D a. 1I%", ht. 4" Two 60w bu bs.
P 4021-14 Antique copper
P 4021-30 Whlte
P 4021-56 Avocado
P 4021-58 Harvest go d
P 3222
P 3223 P 4024-10 Polished brass. Three light verslon of
P 4021. Dia.74'. hl.4y2'. Three 60w bulbs.
P 4024-14 Antlque copper
P 4024-30 Whiie
8,, Vrorsion.prings P 4024-56 Avocado
for easy relamping P 4024-58 Harvest go d

\ P 4025-10 Polished brass. Four-light version of

P 402I. Dia. 17' , hl. 5' . Four 60w bulbs.
P 3720-10
P 3720-16 P 4026-14 Antlque copper
P 4026-30 Whiie
P 4026-56 Avocado
P 4025-58 Harvest gold
Walnut-flnished meta1. Drop white ceramic glass.
Torsion springs lor easy relamping. P 4030-42 Satin brass. Surface mounted. White
P 3222 gVz' sq., ht. 5Va". Two 60w bulbs. glass diffuser. D|a. I7r/a" , ht. 4". Two 60w bu bs.
P 3229 72' sq., hl. 5t/a" . Three 60w bu lbs. P 4030-30 White
P3720-10 Polished brass. Drop white ceramic P 4034-42 Satin brass. 14" dia. version of P 4030.
glass dituser is to'sio. spr 19 mounted fo'easy Three 60w bu bs.
iela'np ng. 8V2" so.. ht. 4". lwo 60w b,.tbs. P 4034.30 Wh;te
P 3720-16 Satin aluminum
P3721-16 Satin aluminum. Larger version of
P 3720. 12' sq., ht. 4". Three 60w bu bs.
P 4590-34 Wa nut fn sh. SemiJlush celling
ture. Lined white textured giass. 1672" sq.,
5Y2". Four 60w bLr bs.
ht. iln(
P 3721-1o Polished brass P 4590-56 Avocado
P 4590-58 Harvest go d
P 3747-10 Polished brass. Drop white ceramic
glass. Dia. 6/q' , hl. 4le' .0ne 60w bulb. P 4593 Rectangu ar walnut verslon of P 4590.
P 3747-15 Chrome Widih 12" x 24" . hl. 5lz" . Four 60w bu bs.
P 3513-31
P 3513-56
P 3s13-58

P 3s22-34
J li: '


t1.,, .

P 3512-31
P 3512-56
P 35.r2-58

P 3270-14 Antique copper. Decorative surface-

mounted fixture with ceramic white glass diffuser.
14" sq., ht.6". Three 6Ow bulbs.
P 3270-11 Antique brass
P 3271-14 Antique copper. Pie crust ceiling light
with ceramic white glass. Dia. 16", hl.sya" .Three
60w bulbs.
P 327'l -11 Antique brass
P 3284 White ceramic decorated textured giass
bowl. Polished brass trim. Dia. 127q", ht. 5". Two
60w bulbs.
P 3285 I43/t' dia. version ot P 3284. Three 60w
P 3512-31 Black. Tr:ple, ooal glass frarned by a
ring of iron sc.olrs. Dia. 13". ht.5lz".Ihree 60w
<> P 3270-14
P 3512-56 Avocado
P 3270-11 P 3512-58 Harvest gold
P 3513-31 Black. l\,{editerranean iron scrollwork
f.ares squa.e white, acry,ic diffuser. l3%,, sq..
ht. 6/2". Three 60w butbd.
P 3513-56 Avocado
P 3513-58 Harvest gold
P 3522-10 Polished brass. Perforated shade. Satin
etched glass. Dia. L31q" , ht. 5yq,, . Four 60w bulbs.
P 327'l-14 P 3522-34 Walnut finished. solid shade
P 3271-11
P 4620 Ser'Jl-sn ceiling fr\ru'e with whrta a^d
gold wood frane. White rextured grass dirfuser.
15" sq., ht. 5". Four 60w buibs.
P 4630 Same as P 4620 with walnut wood frame.
P 4660 Handsome walnut-finished octagonal ceil-
ing fixture. Black scroll design on ceramic white
glass d itfuser. I8y2" sq., hI. 5y2,' . Fou r 60w bu l bs.
P 3284
P 3285
P 3506-14
P 3506-15
P 3508-14
p 3508-15
P 3510-14
P 3516-15 P 3510-1s
p 3516-56
P 3516-58 @t;
P3346-15 Chrorne. Wh te ceramlc glass drum
Dia.6%", ht.4314". One 60w bulb
P 3346-11 Antlque brass
P 35r8,56 P 3346-56 Avocado
P 3518-15 P 3346-58 Harvest gold
P 3518-58 P 3348-15 Chrome. Bya" d a verslon of P 3346
Ht. 5". Two 60w bu bs.
P 3348-11 Antique brass
P 3348-56 Avocado
P 3348-58 Harvest go d
P 3520-58
P 3520-15 P 3350-15 Chrome. 1072" dla. verslon of P 3346.
P 3520-56 Ht. 5Y+". Two 75w bulbs
P 3350-11 Antlque brass
P 3350-56 Avocado
P 3350-58 Harvest gold
P3408-t5 Chrome. Wh te ceTamc gass globe.
P 3346.15
P 3346-l l K.O for sw tch. Dla.7" . hl.43ls". One 60w bulb.
P 3346-s6 P 3408-10 Polished brass
P 3346-58 P 3410-15 Chrome 93/+" d a. version of P 3408
P 3348-15 Hi. 5t ". Two 60w bu bs.
P 3348.11
P 3440 White cerarnic g ass Chrome finish. Dla
P 3348-56
51/c' , hl. 6r/a" . One 100w bu b.
P 3348-58
P 3350-t5 P34427:%'dia. verson oi P3440 Ht 8' One
P 3350-11 150w bulb.
P 3350-56
p 3350-58 P 3506-14 A' ,0 .p opp'r. W r'p 'p ar Ca''
n.o. for s,vrt r. Dia. oi. . l.4r. .0l" o0/"b' o
P 3506-15 Chrome
P 3440 P 3508-14 Ant que copper. B%" d a vers on of
P 3442 P 3506. Ht. 5". Two 60w bu bs.
P 3508-15 Chrome
P 3510-14 Ant que copper 10%" d a version of
P 3506. Ht. 5%" Two 75w bu bs.
,lt//'/W2&4/,'//. P 3510-15 Chronre
#tif P 3515-15 Ch rome. Wh ite cera mic g ass dru rn Da
63/q',hl 43/q'One 60w bulb
P 3408-15
P 3408-10 ,slffL P 3516-56 Avocado
p 3410-15 P 3516-58 Harvest go d
P 35.t8-56 Avocado Bya" dia. version of P 3516
Ht. 5" Two 60w bulbs
P 35!8-15 Chrome
P 3518-58 Harvest go d
P 4416 P 3520-58 Harvest gold. IOlr" dta verson of
P 3516. Ht. 5Ya". Two 75w bulbs
ir P 3520-15 Chrome
P 3520-56 Avocado
P3754-10 Polished brass. Wh te ceramc doric
glass ba 1. D a 6', hl 7r/z'.One 60w bulb
P 3754-11 Antique brass
P 6913-16 P 37s4-30 Whlt."
P 3754-31 Black
P 3764-10 Po ished brass Whlte doric g ass bal
Dia. 8" ht. gYr". 0ne 150w bulb
P 3754-33 Wh te & go d
P 4416 Satin opal trlplex glass. Satin alumlnum
holder, spring loaded for easy re amping Dia l2",
ht. 11Yr". Two 100w bu bs.
P 6913-15 Satin a um num. Wh te ceram c g ass
ha or shower light. Vapor tight gasket Dla. 4%"
ht.6%e". One 100w bu b

P 3754-10
p 3764-10 P 3754-11 LIGHTING
P 3754.30
P 3754-33
P 3754.31

fl? .,,i P 4672

P 4886 rD P 4942
P 4944
P 4946

-ri: r

: -:t.
P 4693
P 4695
j P 4713
' P 47'15

t P 4962
P 4963
P 4582-81 P 4964
P 4684 P 4976
P 4965

- -:.4, :-
i -
-.:: ..

- +-q-
-rD P 4742
- P 4743
P 4887 P 4744

P 4672 Fn a pa'le.n on le^r ,reo ptasS. D a. 12' P 4886 'nt'gu 'g scroll oes en or
Two 60w b! bs
roJnd w.tite
glass Dia. 15". Three 60w bLrlbs
P 4682-81 cold applique on textured glass. 12,' P 4887 Square white glass with scroll design. 13,,
square. iwo 60w bulbs. sq. Three 60w bulbs.
P 4684 14'sq. version of P 4682 81.
P 4693 Hand cut floral design simulated on cjrcu- _194_2 Salln etched
I12" design 04 whire grass. Dia.
Two 60w bulbs.
lar glass. Dla. 13". Two 60w butbs. p 4944 !5' dia. version ol P 4942. Three 60w
P 4e95 15" version of P 4693. Three 6Ow b!lbs bulbs.
P 4713 Si ve' :que g P 4946 17" dia. version at P 4942. Fout 6Ow
"pp Dia. o^ $ ass drfJSer. Pol
ished oras5 t..n bulbs.
.13" lwo 50w oulbs
? 4715 15" version of P 47i3. Three 50w bulbs. P_4!62 Delic_ate design on white ceramic glass.
P 4742 W-:re ce al. iL oesign o- tp(tJred gta\s 72" souare. Two 6Ow bulhs
72" sauarc. Two 60w brribs- P 4963 Same as P 4962 ptus pult-chain.
P 4743 Sone dsP 4142 wirn p. I.r "ain. P 4964 14" version of P 4962. Two 60w bulbs.
P 474414" so.',te.sian af P 4742 P 4976 16" version of P 4962, Three 60w butbs.


P 3189



,'': '


P 3087-19

P 3@s-33 white & gold wall bracket. White ce- P 3187-19 Two ribbed, optic crystal shades with
ramic 6" doric glasa ball. Gnd. conv. outlet. Ht. antique gold cast trim, chain and ceiling hooks
12", extends 6Y2". One 75w bulb. Samb swag kit as P 3185. Pendant dia. is 6", body
P 3086-11 Antique brass ht. 10". 100w bulb in each.
P 3087-19 Antioue sold embossed bracket Riobed P 3189 Two white ceramic doric glass pendants
oDtic crvstal shide. Mounts up or down Dia 5Vz"
tri. 10". extends 8". One 100w bulb. [i'"i':!ijrS3i5it, * i'i.$l'i!?'{l,3li,!5i
body ht. 9". 75w buib in each.
.ri 6i'
P 3185-33 White & gold. Double pendant White
ieiamlc doric p{ass.lncludes canopy with 6 ft. of
.hein for each iendant. 2 ceili'19 hooks, 2 plaster
ioggle bolts, 2 wood screws Pendant dia 6" body
ht. 1oYa". 75w bulb in each
P 3185-11 Antique brass
!t/ P 30(t9
.",i ,( P 3040



P 3025-'t9
P 3025-33
P 3026.19
P 3026-33

P 3019

P 3017 Three light white & gotd bracket. Opal tri P 3036 Milk white hobnait gtass, antique brass.
olex Bld5s shaoes. G-d. conv. outrer, switcj-. Width Gnd. conv. o-utlet, on-otf switch. Width 5,,, ht.
22" l''.9". exrends 11". Ih.eeT5wburbs. 12", extends 7". One 75w bulb
P 3018 One 'ighr version of P 3017. On off switch. P.3039 White & gotd. tmported gotd decorated opal
Width 6", ht 9", ex.erds 9". One 75w butb triplex glass. Switch. Has G.C:O. Width 5yr", ht.
P 30t9 Two-light version of p 3017. On-off switch. 12Y4", extends 6y2". One 6Ow bulb.
Width 16", ht. 9", extends 6y2',.Two ZSw Ouibs. P 3040 Same as P 3039 wathout c.C.O.
P 3025-19 Antique gotd. Cast metal, opai triplex P 3o8tl.White & gotd cast metat torch. lmported,
glass shdde. K.O fo.5wirch. gnd. corv. buUet. Ht. blown 'iced crystal glass. Width 5,,, ht. 14,,, ex_
13", eltends 7y2" One 75w 6tttt lends 7y2" . One 75w-butb.
P 3025-33 White & sold
p 3025 witl-oJt c.C.O. f.3!88-Twq blown "iced" crystat gtass pendants.
P 3026-19 A"rique gotd. White & gold cast trim, chain and- ceiting hooka.
P 3026-33 White & gold q?mg_gwaS kit as P 3185 on page 116. Fendani
ora. 5y2", body ht, 14". 75w bulb in each.
-'* .. {t

p 3049
P 3047
Mounis on
ceiling or wall.

( ('
-,i.,, .,i

P 3048

P 3145
P 3146
P 3043 P 3147
P 3044

P 3060 P 3061
P 3042 P 3015 P 3011
P 3062

P 3073
P 3075
P 3077

P 30t2
P 3024
P 3034

P 3060 Cerar c white glass white bacnolate qrd

.oni. oi-ier. K.O. for iw tc- widtr l3'. "1 514''
extends 5". Two 75w bulbs.
P 3ol2 Ribbed design on cha'rnel glass Gnd conv' p irors sit" us P 3060 wlthout gnd. conv outlet
oritei. k.O. for swilch. chrome backplate. Width p SoAl Zq' version oi P 3060 Has gnd conv out
izl it. sVo". extends 5" TwoFour
75w bulbs let. Four 75w bulbs.
iiori same as p 306I without gnd conv oJllet
igoziz+'versior of P 3012. 75w bulbs 'p
i gosl3o' version of P 3O12 six 60w bulbs ioeZ:0" ve'sion of P 3060 Has Snd co'rv olrt-
let . Six 75w bulbs.
P 3042 Gold desjgn on ceramic white channel
f.-0. iot.*il.n. G.rd co-v oJtlet. Length P 3073 PFbbled wh'te oelI g'ass wit' go'd design
"r"*.hl 5y4". extends 5'. Two 60w bulbs
ii'i wnit"-ouinotai". G.C O ( 0. +o' swir(l- Width
lav,i nr.5r/>". e{tends 5" coJr 75w burbs.
iloqs zq" version of P 3042 Four 60w bulbs i slis la'; wioe vers.on or P 3073 Extends
i ioln SO" vers,on of P 3042. Six 60w bulbs 4/a". Two 75w bulbs
P 3047 While & gold metal leaves on while ceramic p 5077 Sa'ne as P 3075 plJS on-ofr switch
stiss etooe. Foi ceiling or wall mountinS. Gnd
ionv 6urlet. Dia. 6". ht. 8". one l00w bulb. P3145 Exiruded aluminum with whlte cast end
caos. S'atter resistant ext'uded ac'ylic dif'Lser'
P 3048 vers:on ol P 3047 KO.forswitch' G.C.o. Lenelh 24',11.4ya' extends 5v2" I-our
illioin t:vz',it. 6", extends 8". Two l00w bulbs. 6ow bulbs.
F gtls go" version of P 3145 Six 40w bu bs
P3049 Three-light version of P 3047 K.O for P 9147 48' version oi P 3145 Six 60w bulbs
swirch. Width 21". Three 100w bulbs.

P 3065

P 3064 ",ruo
- , ,,*
P 3085-33
Horizontal or
vertical rnounting.
P 3080
i'L tl
P 3081
P 3083

P- 3030 White ceramic gtass wirh crea. doubter;bbed

drnuser panels. Chromemounting. Cnd. conv. our,et,
K.o. l0r switch. Width l|Vz" . nl. 53/a" , exrcnds 4ya" .
Two 100w bulbs.
P 3033 Ribbed design o" wh;re ceramic e,ass.
Chrorae holder. Gnd. conv. outler. On off s\;;rch.
Width 4', ht. 71a", extends sya,,. One 75w butb.
P 3064 Whjte ceramic glass, chrome hoJder. Gnd.
conv. outlet. O_n-off switch. Dia. 41/2,,, ht. 7y2,,, ex_
tends 4". One 100w bulb. P 3813
P 3065 Pebb.ed white benr etass. G.C.O. K.O. ior
switch. Width 74y2" .6t.5y2" , extends Ay2" .-wo75w
P3080 White ceramic glass, chrome holder. Gnd.
conv. outlet. ttlidLh 4la", hr. 574,', 5y4". One
100w bulb.
P 3081 Same as P 3080 ress gnd. co"v. outier.
P 3083 Same as P 3O8O with pull-chain.
P 3085-33 White & gold bracket witf'wh,te ceramic
glass. Fo/ horizonta' or vertical .nounting. Gld. conv.
outlet. Dia.4y2", ht. 13",extends6,,.T o60wbulbs.
P3154 White wall lantern. Polished. beveled ctear
!9.Iqn panels. cnd. conv. ourtet. Widrh 5%.,, nt.
l2Ya", extends 6". one 100w butb.
p 3813 White ceramic glass, polished brass. On-off
switch. Width 4", ht. 77a", extends 5,,, one 75w bu lb.
P 385t1 Gold patterned glass, potished brass. On-otf
switch. Width 4!q", ht. 111"", exrends 5". One 6Ow
bu lb.

P-3941n6 Solid aluminum. Satin finished. Adjust

able direct-o-lite. Dia. 43/c". bt. 798'. exrends iO".
one 100w or R-30 buib.
P 3941-12 Satin brass
P 3942-12 Satin brass. AdjJstable, solid alun inJn
direct-o-lites, Width 18", hr. 7%", exrends I0". Two
100w or R-30 bulbs. P 394r-16
P 3942.16 Satin aluminium P 3941- t2 P 3854

P 7430 (2-20w)
P 7431 (2-40w)

P 5432 Sa-d . "" . bo' -o-" 'd-r' Droo

,nire er"mi. pta. Ior io pri-g.l- d-6B.
)q. Lou. -p, ori q.. n . a'r . O
p 60w bulb.
P 64g4 914" sq. verslon of P 6432. Hous ng B" sq' P 5452-.15 P 6432
One 100w bulb. P 64G4-15 P 6434
P 6435 11%' sq verslon at P 6432. Housing 10" P 6456-15 P 6436
sq. One 150w bu lb.
P6452-155o .a'a 'e' oo hro-eld-" WL ' P7011-30 Whte. 20watt version of P7010.
eiam. pal, io .p,,g F-an" 8ra o
or Length 24", ht. 1y2", extends 4". One 20w, T 10
-ou> rg 5'o' cq . - 4ra C-^ 60w b- b larnp included.
P 6454-15 9!/a' sq. version of P 6452 l5 Housing P 7015-34 Fiuorescent shelf-llght for over beds,
B" sq. 0ne 100w bulb. desks and kitchen work areas. Walnui f nlsh wlth
polystyrene diffuser. Pu l-chain conv. out et, irlg-
P 6456-15 1lh" sq version of P 6452 15 Hous
p" -Pf oa la.-,4 ll o o w r p uB -e lS)"'
lng 10" sq. One 150w bulb. 6-.51a",6/-e4os rs'. tra.lp^ -d60.
P6453 Rectangu ar Tecess box, chrome frame P 7015-30 White
Wh te p as<.-oi 'p 'P
on a
crot o 6 ' ot/b' 20watt verslon of P 7015
-01,.-"ga "' '- att
'1 a" O-'oow b b P 7020"34 Walnut.
Lenglh 241a" .20w lariP lncluded.
p 645) r'ofl6
P 6455 -a'p" /e o ol
c Bra P 7020-30 White
1.","- Ho--r eo'- 10, .4r"' .0OtOr, b
P 7430 Wh te. Cornmerc a style fllorescent pro
P 7010-56 Avocado. llndercabinet f lu oresce nt. vides necessary i lumination in laundry. workshop.
Po ,st\rene d n,S"r. S-d le q.{il - / | rord d-d home, otf ce. Regular LPF ba last. Complete with
ottp /onveni" po-tet r"g- a'-Pl- oar d-"e,- cord, p ug. cha n and cei ing hooks. Length 24",
ro'J no_-ring, ots lo.g-h 18r.'-t lra F. width 12". Two 20w larnps lnc uded.
tends 33/a". 0ne 15w, T S lanrp ncluded. P 7431 White. 48" version of P 7430. Rapld start.
P 7010-30 White Two 40w lamps ncluded.
P 70'10-40 Coppertone
P 74t5
P 7416
P 741A

*Swive I feature for directional

? 7417
P 7419

P 7500 P 7520
P 7501 P 7521
P 7451
P 7456
P 7425
P 7449

p 7323 one 22w Ci.cline. Rap o oal ast. Chrome
finish. Dia. 9%" , ht. 2U4" .

P 732-9-15 Two Circlines, 22w and 32w. Rapid bat-

last. Chrome finish. Dia. 1.2" , ht. 4la" .
P 7333-15 Chrome. One 32w Circline. Raoid bat-
last. Dia. 12", ht.3".
P 7333-30 White
P 7352 Two Circlines, 32w and 40w. Rapid ballast.
Chrome f inish. Dia. 72" , hl.3,' .
P 7353 T-hree Circlines, 22w. 32w a-d 4Ow. Rapid
ba'last. Chrorre {inisn. Dia. 12" . tl. 3" .

P 7333.15
P 7329n5
P 7333-30
P 7352
While Fluorescent Strips
No. lncluded Ballast Si2e Switch
P 7415 One 15w Regular 18" x 3la" K.O
P 7416 One 20w Regular 24" x 3la" K.O
P 7417 Two 20w Regular 24" x 45/e" K.0
P 7418 One 40w Rap id 48" x 3%" K.0
P 7419 Two 40w Rapid 48" x 45/e" K.0
Polished Chrome Fluorescenl Fixtures Matching Accossolies*
No. Lamps Ballast Si2e Swilch Oullel Rstleclor Ditlusel
P 742s One 20w Trigger 261e" x 3\e" K.O. K.O. P 7502 P 7522
P 7449 One 40w Ra pid 501/e" x 3y.d" K.O. K.O. P 7504 P 7524
P 7 45'l One 14w Regular 16/a" x 3" Yes Gnd. P 7500 P 7520
P 7455 One 15w Regular 197a" x 3" Yes G nd. P 7501 P 7521
.Swivel feature
for directional lighting

P 5391
p 5392

P 5425-61
t!" (
P 5425.60

Wed . p
oo- - I ls' 'p r' "
dporo e,J
R,oJnoad /. n. aD or "dS d uni" T o\e- E]
p 5880.14
p 5880-t1
p 5880-31

p 5881-14
P 5881-11

P 5875-30
p 5875.31
P 5875-61

0 l



p 5391 Sati^ b.ack o"e-oiece al'-atJninu- posr.
P 5591 Chain-hunc solid alumioum lantern. Satin
3" dia., ht.7'. bla(.k f,iish. Text,Jred g,ass panels.9y2,,sq., body
P 5392 Sarne as P 5391 plus gnd. conv. ouflet.
ht. l5%", overall ht. 36".
p 5420 Dramalic black aluminum and hi-impact
plastic post lantern. White ceramic textured glass P5640,Black lantern with amber textured glass.
globe. Width 17' , hl. 17' .
Width 5', ht. 13", extends 57a,,.
P 58Ol Satin black wall torch with amber hobnail
P 5425-61 Amber ribbed glass. Solid atuminum glass. Width 5' , ht. I6/a, , exiends 7,,.
post lanlern. Black finish. Dia. 731/2". ht. 72r/2,.
P 5425-60 White ''ooeo glass. P 5875-30 White lantern. Heat-resistant and shat
P5466 lmposing salin biack lantern with cast terproof Leran panets ailow up ro.lOOrv brro.
Widrh 5V2", ht. 1274", extends 6".
eaglF. Clear glass oare s. Frosred gtass c irre! P 5875-3t Btach with c,ear Lexan oanels
12" sq., hl. 25" .
P 5875-61 A.rber glass pa^els in b,ack tanlern
P 5475 Satin black post and lantern con]bifation.
Frosted giass chimney. Post 2, dia., ht. 7'. Lan, P 5880-14 Antioue copDe.. Reproduclion witn
le,n 7ya" sq., body ht. i5l+". overalt ht. B'3ya',. crea. glass
clear glass oanels, cast eagte, po,;shed brass re-
lleclor. W;dth 4lz". ht.
flecior. ht.9le'. exlends 5"
9Y2", extends
P548t-31 Salin black. Solid atuminun'r oost tan piriCo-rl Aiitiql:ei'oli'ri.isi
te'n. clear crystal glass od-els, l.osted g as> | i 1-. P 5880-31 ivatte black
ney.9Y2" sq., ht. 16Ya" .

P 5481-30 White, P 5881-14 Anrjque copper. Ctear Btass. Widrt" 5",

P 5491 19' high version ot P 5481-31. nt. l3y2', extends5lza". Canoe'abia burb.
P 5881-ll Antiqued sotid brass
P5482 Satin black solid aluminum post lantern
with cast splke. Amber glass with black scroll de- P 5966-31 Satin b,ack. Crystat gtass wjth ceramjc
sig1.9Y2" sq., ht. 2OY2" . beveled corners and panels. Wioth 5,., ht. 16,,
extends 6".
P 5490 Sol,d dl-.n:n-r. saT n black post an-c"n
Clea. cr/stal glass pane,s. l.osted g,.ss -r-i-rne!
8" sq., ht. 1syr".
P 5610-31

P 5571-37
P s67r-31 P 5969
P 5670-31
P 5722

iron Cast a uminun'r lantern P5671-37 Swedsh ron Cast au'rinun' Cear
P 5609-37 S\,!edish
. ry cll
.-dr'e --o c d.lL pdn" iextured sh:tter res stant pane s " U/ldth 6" ht
6'-t, toO,-ni 20 , p rands r! @
i!',i;, .tl.nai o'r.". @
P 5671-31 B ack
P 5609-31 Black
P 5722 Antlaue hammered cast a utnin!m Tex
P 56'10-31 B
-C'"dt F Sp "--opppd d5 d ur" - lan a 6'' ht 11'. extends 7"
i":;. ".e.r . oe .1ar-a -.F.'s d L od "ls. iri"o ?l"t"i iLrs o @
W,drh bL-', boo,rr 15r."'tP-o
"" (9 p sssg Antlaue hamnier-"d cast a uminum cei ng
i"i,re, fextureO gass panes Vi dth 91a'' ht
P 5511-31 Black. Cast aluminurn Crystal..dla-h
1ndnd-oo i^'-"o s d'o ,6 i''d^t o. "l'' Wid :ii;. J*" ob'* trut"ot. @
-JJO,-r"'-lSt. 7a
O'" "r1"11g5 @ P 5969 a1l o 61d ^6 d(" "u-'"- '-'l
8 ' l"rdsa ^
P 5612-31 B ack. Cast a uminu{rl lantern Crys- r r-o le^t,,eoea \Aon--'-
.o'-r:.;-o.oi; o. po r-d' pe .'ps' 'a ' {(9
tend.Sl'..0" .Heat reslstant panels a ow up to 100w bu b
W,oLn 6r. Ooo, 11. 13r4".
6d"6 urod (D Cast a umlnLrm guaranteed rust free for lfe
P 5670-31 B a .. Ca' a .1 n---.r' C
* I pdnd 'w:al- ol8- 't 4r "
'n"i* 'i',
extends 63/.r". @


P 5727-31
P 5729-31

P 5960-31

P5589 Cr/sta gobe \,!iih beaded swrs Satin P 5965 Chain hung satln btack antern. Clear crys-
b a.k. iri dth 5i/.." ht 13" extends 6,'. 'dl gaS,. Wd'1 7ta ooo) ^l 814" ov".a.t t-t.
P 57,27 -31 T-.rtured g ass. Satin black. 7y2,, sq., f0" m:^
ht. 3l:'. Ore 50\\r bLr b P 5967 Hammered cast a uminum antern. Fluted
P 5729-31 9t/a' sq .iersion of P 5727-31. Two crysta glass. Wdth 5rl:', ht. 8", extends 6y4,,.@
60!i/ bulbs.
p 5958 Anrbc. gliss P 5968 sdr ^ bla to t..n witl pasri.
!,/ th b ack scro design on " W,otn
Sdr' ro "d od-p'..
f.ont lanel Sat n b ack. !i/ dth 7tr,, ht. 9;. ex 'r: ht 9 , e.reros
tends 5f '-: '.
'.."d_, P 5977 Two- ghtwal fixtureofantiauehammered
P5960-31 5dr - Id\ cast alurnlnum. Satin b ack finish. Textured g ass
\li Clh -r:' hl. l' e^lerlds 5tl pane s. Width 93/a", ht.7", extends 57s". Two 75w
P5962 Clear crysta gass. Satin b ack. Wdth bLlbs
0 134" ht .81,\' , extefds 9". @
P 5964 atr . .. J.. a'e d t. at^ 22
hi 8ra" e tends 912'

SatlnJinished die cast alumi

num wall and ceiling fixtures
Screw-tvpe whlte g ass. VaPor
proof gaskets. Porcelaln sock-
P 573s ets.
P 5598 P 5510 Cei lnR frrture D a
41/z' . hL 7". One l00w bu b.@
P 5511Wa fixlire. Dia 4r/2" '
ht. 8Y2", extends 53/t" One
100w bulb. @
P 5512 Two-llsht wall fixture.
Dia. 4Y2", ht. 13Vr", extends
53/.r". Two 100w bulbs @
P 5597-31 Satin black bracket
StiooLed c ear rnarine globe
widih 5'.
ht. 77a", extends
53/r' .

P 5598 Whlte ceram c glass'

s;rtin blach flnish Width 4/4"'
ht. 8", extends 37q"
P 5600-31 Satin black Clear
P 5974 marlne globe. Width 5'' ht'
, exlends 5Vq"
P 5600-40 CoPPertone
P 5601-31 Clear marine g obe.
Satln black flnish Width 5"'
hL aV4' .

P 5602-51 Amber Pr smatlc

plass. SatLn black finish Width
i' . rt. 9Yr' , extends 7v2"
P 5602-68 C rYsta Prrsmatic
g ass
P 5604 Black aluminum with
scro decoratlons. White ce
ramlc glass. Wldth 5Y2", ht 8'
P 5948 P 5597-31 extends 4Y2".
P 5600-31
P 5600-40
SatinJinished die-cast alumi
num wall and celling fixtures
Screw-tvoe wh ite glass VaPor
proof gasLets. Porcelaln sock
P 5616 Ceiling fixture. Dia 6",
ht 8". One 100w bu b. (,
P 5617Wa lflxture. Dla.6", ht
9Y2". extends 7". one 100w
bulb. @
P s616 5617 ,/
P 5735 Satin black. Textured
g ass. Width 45/a", hl. 9", ex-
tends 5".

ffi P 5948

57a" .
Satin b ack brack-"t
Stippled clear marine 8lobe.
5', ht.7%",
P 5974 Satln white ceramlc cyl-
inder. Satin black finlsh. Width

4lq' , hl. 67/e' , extends 4Y2".

P 5511 P 5s10
@ Cast aluminum guaranteed rust-free for life'
White Clear Frosted Amber Frosted

2 pe(
Candelabra Base
25w Cleat , 2"
counTra 25w White P 7713
card (G-I6Yr)
25w Amber, 2"
P 7864

40w Clear P 7714 P 7651 (G-16Yr) P 7855

DECORATOR BULBS BY 40w Frosted P 7715 P 7657 25w Smoke, 2"
PROGRESS LIGHTING 40w White P 7716 |c.16%) P 7866
60w Clear P 7717 P 7655
The fjnishing touch for fashion- 60w Frosted Edison Base
P 7718 P 7667 60w White, 4"
able fixtures. A full selection of 60w White P 7719 (G-32)
styles. Guaranteed for 1,000 P 7872
houJs)(300 hours for hi,intensity Edison Base
25wcear P 7720
25w Frosted P 7721
40w Frosted P 7724 Edison Base
lndivid- 2 pet 40w White P 7725 40w Frosted
candelabra ually Elister 60w Clear P 7726 60w Frosted
P 7870
Base boxed card 60w Frosted P 7727 P 7871
15w C ear
petti size P 7600
15w Frosted
0 15w White
petti-size P 7602
Candelabra Base 20w T 10
15w Clear Replacement
25w Ciear P 7609 P 76s2 petti-size P 7800 for P 7011-30 W/
25w Frosted P 7610 P 7666 25w Clear
P 7875
25w White P 761.1 petti-size P 7A02
40w Clear P 7612 P 76s0 40w Clear P 7806
40w Frosted P 7613 P 76s6 40w Frosted P 7807
40w White P 76'14 P 7660 60w Clear P 7A12
60w Clear P 7615 P 7654 HIGH
60w Frosted P 7616 P ?669 INTENSITY
60w White P 7617 CANDLE TIP 2 pet
Candelabra Base Bayonet Base Blister
Edison Base
Tlzw Clear P 7840 12v 15CP card
25w C)ear P 7618
7Y2w Ftosted P 7A41 Clear (93) P 7892
25w Frosied 7r/2w F(osled- 6v 32CP Clear
25w White
P 7619
P 7620
yellow P 7842 Superbright ( i 133) P 7893
40w Clear P 7621 P 7658 12v 15CP
40w Frosted P 7622 Dayiieht (93D) P 7894
40w White P 7623 P 7661 72v 32CP Clear
60w Clear P 7624 P 7659 Superbright (1073) P 7896
60w Frosted P 7625 FLICKER
60w White P 7626 Edison Base l per
3wCear P7850 lntermediate Base Blister
Candelabra Base 120v 40w C ear card
3w Clear P 7851 (40s1rN) P 789s
Candelabra Base
petti size P 77OO ROUND
10w Frosted Complexion Edison Base
petti-size P 7701 Candelabra Base 50w Use with mercury
15w C ear 25w Pink- vapor ballast fix-
0 petti-slze
15w Frosted
P 7702 P 7658 wh
15w Pink-
ite. 1Y2" P 7860
I per
tures only P 7760
petti-size P 7703 wh ite. 2" P 7861 Blister
15w White 25w Plnk- cad
pettl-size P 7704 white, 2" P 7862 P 7662
25w Ciear P 77'11 P 7653 40w Pink-
25w Frosted P ?712 P 7665 white, 2" P 7863

specified in catalog.

P 3252. . P 3690. . . 48 P3869... 7 P4130...107


47 ,52 P3691 ... 48 P 4131 . . .107

IS DEDICATED P3692... 48 P3878...41 P 4132. . .107
P3253... P3897...20 P4133...107
TO 47 ,52 P3695... 48 P3901 ... 21
P3260... 54 P3696... 48 P4136...26
.. P 3697. . . 48 P3905...21 P4139,..26
P3262... 55
P 3702. . .1 o4 P3914...27 P 4142. . . 40
P3941 ...119
P3263...53 P3703...109 P3942...119 P4143...40
Carl Wellhofer was Progress Lighting's Chief De- P3270...113 P4144...95
sisner who oassed away in August 1971 He was P 3271 ...113
P3704...30 P3946...89
P3708...93 P3947... 89 P4145...41
JEJi.ut"a to his work and to producinB a better P3284...113 P3709...93 P3956...89 P 4146... 41
.ioarlt. crtt was an extremely knowledgeable, P3285...113 P3710...93 P4148...25
iulented, outspoken, lovable, honest human P3713...58 P 4000 P4155...103
L"in*- Hit fri'ends at Progress Lighting and P3716...108 P4156...103
throrighout the industry miss him. P3717...108 . 92
P 4157 . .
P3718...108 P4158... 7
P3720...112 P 4159. . . 27

P 3721 ...112 P4160...107

inrdex P3723.-.109
P4161 ...107
P3727...109 P 4165... 27
]{Ui'BEN PME I{UM8ER PAGT P3732... 49 P4168...25
P3733...51 P 4171 ...25
P3042...118 P 3147...118 P3512...113 P3740...12 P 4174 . . . 23
(P6702).70 P 3043. ..118 P3154...119 P3513...113 P3742... 23 P4179... I
P3044...118 P3160...54 P3516...114 P3746...10 P4180... 9
(P6712\.70 P 3047...118 P 3161 . .. 54 P3518...114 P3747...112 P4191 ... 26
P3048...118 P3164...54 P 3520. . .114
P-4 P 3522. . .113 P3749...112 P 4192. . zo
P 3165... 54
(P 6710). 70 P3049...118 P4197... 20
P 3050.. . 55 P3170...56 P3524...60 P 3752. . .109
P3171 ...56 P3525...60 P 3753. . .109 P4207...
(P 6685). 71
P 3172. 56.. P3526...60 P3754...114 P 4208...

(P 6721). 70 P3173...55 P3527...60 P 3755. . .112 99

P3174...55 P3756...109 P 4210... 43
P 3185. .116 P3528...60 P3760... 47 P4035...58 P 4211 ... 43
(P6790).68 '
P3187...116 P3529...60 P3762...55 P 42'13. . 32
P-35 P3611...101 P3764...114
P4036...58 P4216...

(P 6665). 71 P3612...101 P 3767. . . 105
P4038...58 P 4?18. . 99
P3188...1 17 P4039...58 .

P-107 P 3189. . .1 15 P3613...109 P3770...49 4044... 4

(P 6695) 71 P3190... 56 P3614...109 P
P-tl1 P3191 ... 56 P3615...109 P4220...99
(P 6791) . 68 P 3630. . P4049... 43 P 4223. . .107
P 3192. . . 56 .
P4055... 5 P4224...106
P3068... 52
P3193... 56 47 ,51
P 3073. . .118 ... P4056... 5 P4227...98
P 3196. .. 56 P 3631
P4063...58 P 4228.. . 98
P 3000 P3075...118 P3197... 56 47 ,51
P3077...118 P 3198. . . 56 P 3650. . . 46 P4064...58 P4238...99
P 3000 . . . 53 P3080...119 P 3199. . . 56 P4067... 93 P4239...99
P3002...53 P3081 ...119 P3651 ... 46 P4070...105 P 4240. 39
P3003...53 P3083...119 P3200...110 P 3652. . . 46 P4075...41 P 4241 .
.. 39
P 3008. .. 56 P 3084. ..117 P3201 ...110 P3653... 46
46 P4076...41 P 4242. . . 96
P3009... 56 P3085...119 P3206...60 P 3654. . .
P 3792. . .101 P4080...42 P 4243... 96
P 3086. ..116 P 3655. . 46
P3010... 56 P3208...60 P 4081 .. . 42

P3656... 46 P3813...119 P 4244... 96

P 3011...118 P3087...116 P3210...60 P3657... 45 P3814... 7 P4084...105 P 4245. . . 97
P3012...118 P3088...57 P3212...60 P3821 ... 36 P4085...102 P4260.,.97
P 3014.. . 57 P3214...60 P3658... 45
P3822... 36 P4086...102 P 4261 .. . 94
P3089...57 P 3659. . . 45
P3105...52 P3215...110 P3830...102 P4262...94
P3216...110 P 3660. .. 46 P4087...103
P3016... 57 P3106...52 P3832...104 . 42 P4316...11
P 3222. . .112 P 3662. . . P3835...97 P 4090.. P4317...11
P3017...117 P3107...52 P3668...49 . P4095...42
P3108...50 P 3848.. 22 P4318...10
P3018...117 P 3223. . .112 P 3669. . .108 P3850...31 P4096...42
P3019...117 P3109...50 ... 95 P4319...31
P 3224 . . .110 P3670...45 P4101
P 4321 ... 31
P3024...118 P3110...51 P3225...110 P3671 ... 45 P3851 ...101 P4108...40
P3025...117 P3111...51 P3852...101 P 4324... 95
P 3228. . .111 P3672...44 P4.111...95 P4325...95
P 3026...117 P 3112. P3229...111 P3673...108 P3853...101 P 4112. . .107
P3030...119 P4326...95
P 3033.. .119
P 3113. . . 51 P3230...111 P3674...49 P3854...119
o eaET 09
P4113...107 P 4327... 11
P3120...57 P3231 ...111 P3675... P4114...29 P4328...99
P 3034. ..118 P 3121 ... 57 P 3232. . .'111 P3858... 7
P3686... 48 P3860...97 P4116...104
P3036...117 P3122... 57 P3233...111
P3864...39 P 4128. . . 23 P4330...33
P 3039.. .117 P3145...118 P 3251 ... P 3687. . . 48
P 4129.. . 23 P4331 ... 33
P3040...117 P3146...118 47 ,52 P3688... 48 P3865...37
lllusiration colors mav varv slighllv lrom aclual finishes
specrtic.lions sublect lo chang wilhoLl nolice

P4334... 6 P4533... 4 P 5233. . . 89 P5583...85 P 6000 71 P7164...62
P 4335. .. 6 P4534... 3 P 5300. . . 90 P5585...85 70 P 7165. . . 62
P 4338. . . 49 P 4541 ... 29 P 5301 . 90 P 5589. . .125 P 6012
70 P 7166. .. 62
P4341 .. 4o P 4542.. . 21 P 559'1 . 123 . P6013... 73 P7167...61
P4345... 94 P5303. 90 P 5597. . . 126 P6014... 73 71
P4346... P 4553. . . 14 P5304 90 P 5598. . .126 P 6015. . .
P 4348. . 22
P 4554. . . 14 P5309...90 P5600...126 P 6016. . . 71
P 7179. . .
P 4350. . .

P4555... 14 P 5310. . . 90 P 6017. . .

P4354... 49 P 4556. . . 14 P 531.1 . . . 90 P5601 ...126 P6100 65

71 P 7183.. . 62
P4356... 43 P 4562. . . 30 P 5391 . . .122 P 5602. . .126 P 6104 . . . 67 69 P7186...62
P4564... 39 P 5392. . .122 P5604...126 P 6108. . . 67 69 P7188...61
P4357... 12 P 4565. . . 37 P 5402. . 79 P5607...85 P 6109 . 67 69 P7189...61
P 4358. . 1' . P4566... 37 P5403...79 P5609...124 68 P7'193... 62
P 4359. . . 19 P4567... P5405... 79 P 5610 . . .124 P 6110. .66 .
68 P7196...62
P 4360. . .
P 4569. . . 7 P5611 . . .124 P6114.. .64 68 P 7210. . . 73
P 4365. . 8 P5406...80 P 5612. . .124 P 61 18. .64 69 P7211 ...73
P 4366. .

P4570... 5 P5407...81 P5616...126 P 6120. .66 .

69 P 7231 ... 73

P4575...21 P5408...80 P 5617. 126 P 612'l . .66 . AO P7323...121
P4374... 35
P4577...32 P5409..81 P6122.. .67
P 4578... 40 P 5420 . . .122 . 83 P s619. . P 6131 .. .67 P7329...121
P4375... 35
P4580...32 71
P4376... J5 P5425...122 P5620...84 P 6132. .67 P7333...121
P 4581 ... 32

P5426...75 P 5621 ... 86 P 6141. .67

P 6702 P 7352 . . .121
P 4380. . . 15 P 4584. ..107 P5428...79 P5622...86 P6142..
(P-1) . 70 P7353...121
P4381 ... 15 P4588...39 P 5430 7A P5623...93 P 6151 .. .64
P6710 P7415...121
P4384... 92 P4590...112 P5436...75 P5625...87 P 6160. .67 .
(P-4). . 70 P 7416 . . .121
P 4385. . . P4593...112 P5626... 87 P 6161 .. .67 P 6712 P7417...121
P4599...32 P 5440. . 78 (P-21 ... 70
P 4389. . 34 .
P5441 ...

P5627...87 P 6170. .64 .
P 6721
P 7418 . . .121
P4390... 34 P 4620. . .113
P 5628. . . 87 P 6171 . .65 .
(P-e). .
P4391 ... 3B P4630...113
P 5446. .
P5630...83 P6172.. .65 70 P 7425. . .121
P4392... 38 P4643... 59 .
P 6173. .65 P 6790
74A. . _"120
P 4393. . '18 P4651 ... 59 P 5450. . . 79 P5631 ... 83 P6174.. .65
(P-11I. 68 P

P4653... 59 P 545.1 ... 79 P5632... 83 P 6175. .65 .

P 6791 P7431
P 7449 . . .121
P4658... 59 P 5452. . . 75 P5635... 87 P6412.. .72 (P-111).68
P 4410. . 95 . P4660...113 P5455... 10 P 5636. 87 P6912...73 P7451 ...''t21
P 7456. . .121

P 4416. . .'114 P 4672 . ..115 P 5456. . . 77 P5640...123 P6413...72 P 6913. . .

P4418...105 P5645...87 P 7500 . . .121

P 4682. . .115 P 5460 . 88 P6414...72 73,114
P7501 . . .121
P 4419. . .105
P5461 ... 88
P567Q...'t24 P 6415. . . 72 P6914...73 P 7502. . .121
P4432...17 P4684.. .115
P 5466. .122
P5671 ...124 P 6416 72 P 6915. . . 73
P 75Q4 . . .12'l
P4434... 99 P 4693 .115 P 5673. . . 83 P6422...72 P6916...73
P4435... 99 P 4695 . .115 P5468...75 P 5719 85 P6424...72 P6917...72 P 7520 . . .121
P4447...60 P4705.. 59
P5470... 80 P6426...72 P6918...72 P7521 . . .121
P4448...60 P 4713. 15 P5473...78 P 5722 . . .124
P6432...120 P6919...72 P 7522. . .121
P4449... 60 P 4715. .115
P 5474. 77 P 5725 . ..86 P6434...120 P6920...72 P7524...121
P5475...122 P 5726 ...72
P 4451 ... 60
P 4742. .115 .
P 5481 . . .122 P 5727 ..125
P 6436. . 120 P 6921
P 4743 .115 .
24 P 4744. 15 P 5729 . ..125 P 6452. 120 P 7600 to
P 4453. . . 24 P 4855 .

59 P5483... 76 P 5735. ..126 P 6453. . . 120 P 7000 P7896...127

P4454... P 5801 P6454...120 P7950...73
P4472... 17 P 4858 59 P5484...76 P 5846. ..85 P6455...120 P 7000. . . 62
P4473... 16 P 4886 .

t5 P5486..76 P 5852. .86 P6456...120 P 7001 ... 62 P 8000

P4474... 17 P 4887 . 15 P5487...81 P 5853 . ..86 P6620...71 P 70Q2 .. 62
P 5490 . . .'122 P 8700. . . 72
P 4503. . . 24 P 4930 . 59 P6630...70 P7003...62 P 8703. . .
P 4504. . 24 P 4931 59 P 5491 . . .122 P 5857. .84 P6631 ... 70 P7004... 62 P8725...
P 4508. .

IJ P 4942

15 P 5501 ... 82 P 5875. . '123

P6632...70 P7005...62 P8726...

P 4944

15 P5502...83 P 5880 123 .

P 6640 P 7006. . . 62 P 8728. . .
P 5503. . . 83 90
P 4509. . . 13 P 4946 . P 5881 ..123
15 .
P451 1... 98 P 4962 . 15 P5504...83 P 5884 85 . P6641.. 70 P7008...62 P 8730. . .
P 4512 . . .101 p 4963 . P 5505. . . 87 P 5885 . ..85 P6642... 70 P7009... 62
P 4513. . . 100
Ps507...81 P8731 ... 90
P 5948. ..126 P 6650. . IU P7010...120
P 4514. . . 100 P 4964 '15 P5510...126 P 5958. . .125
P8740... 29
P6651... 70 P7011...120 P 8750. . 90
P 4515. . . 100 P 4965 . P5511...126 P 5959. ..124 P 6660. . . 7'l P7015...120

P 4516. . . 100 P 4976 . 15 P 5512. . .126 P 5960. . .125 P6661 ... 71 P7020...120 P8772...67
P 4517. . .101 P5514...88 P 6662. . 71 P 8774. . . 67
P 4519. . . 106 P 5000 P5518...88 P 5962. ..125 P6664...

71 P 7100 . 61 P 8775. . .

P 4520. . . 106 P5519...88 P 5964 . ..125 P 6665 P 7.10'1 . 61 o+,o /

P 5000 43 ..125
P 4521 . 106 P 5002

P5520...80 P 5965 .
(P-35) . 71 P 7102 . bt P8776...67
Iv P 4522 106 P 5003

P5522...85 P 5966 .
P6671 ... 71 P 7103. 61 P8777...67
P5556... 77 P 5967 ..125.
P 7104 . 61 P8778...
P4523...106 P 5006 . 43 P 5968. ..125 P 6672. 71 P 7105 61
P4524... 30 P 5226 . 89 P5574...77 P 5969 ..124. P 6675. . 71 P 7160

62 P8781 ... 64
?4526... 29 P 5228 . 89 P5580...85 P 5974. . .126 P 6676. . 71 P 716.1 .

P8782... 67
P4529...28 P 5230 . 89 P 5582. 85 D AO'7-1 125 P 6677 . 71 P 7162 . 62 P 8783 . . . 67
Tmk(s)@ Bulbs not included wrlh lixt!res u.less sDecrtred n cal.roq Printed jn U.s.A, by ceneral otiset printinq Co.
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