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DHOWSDownhole Oil/Water

Separation System Course

Course Description The course is open to all industry operators.
C-FER Technologies has spearheaded Participants in C-FERs Downhole Oil/Water Separation
downhole oil/water separation system (DHOWS) Joint Industry Project included...
(DHOWS) technology through its Joint Alberta Department of Energy
Industry Project (JIP) since 1992. The Amoco Exploration & Production Technology Group
knowledge gained in the JIP has been Anderson Exploration Ltd.
compiled into a comprehensive course on Aramco Services Company
the implementation of hydrocyclone ARCO Exploration and Production Technology
separator-based DHOWS systems. BP Exploration Operating Company Limited
Baker Hughes Inc.
The course provides a complete overview of Canadian Natural Resources
the technology, from field and candidate well Canadian Petroleum International Resources Ltd.
screening based on economic and technical Chauvco Resources Ltd.
criteria, to basic design and operation of the Chevron Petroleum Technology Company
systems. In addition to the systems based Conoco Inc.
on hydrocyclone separators, systems based CS Resources Ltd.
on gravity separation and reverse coning Den norske stats oljeselskap a.s.
applications are also discussed in the course. ELAN Energy Inc.
Gulf Canada Resources Ltd.
Who should Attend? Imperial Oil Resources
The course has been developed for personnel who deal with the Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo
design, implementation and operation of DHOWS systems. This Marathon Oil Company
includes field operators, completion and production technologists Maxus International Energy Company
and engineers, and the staff of equipment manufacturers and Morrison Petroleums Limited
vendors. Introductory material is included to accommodate Norcen Energy Resources Limited
participants with a limited knowledge of various pumping Norsk Hydro a.s
systems. PanCanadian Petroleum Limited
Penn West Petroleum Limited
Topics Petro-Canada
Evaluating economics of DHOWS systems Saga Petroleum a.s.
Guidelines for pool and well screening Poco Petroleums Limited
System design and implementation REDA
Review of the field experience from the initial prototypes Renaissance Energy Limited
and onwards Phillips Petroleum Company Norway
Advanced topics such as Offshore Implementations,
Shell International Exploration & Production B. V.
Dual Stage Separation and Desanding Systems
Talisman Energy Inc.
Texaco Inc.
Tri Link Resources Limited
Wascana Energy Inc.

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Technologies Director
Exploration & Production
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