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MINISTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS (CPV DIVISION, PATIALA HOUSE ANNEXE, TILAK MARG, NEW DELHI-110001, "TEL :23387931, FAX23073380, No. Ta1sran01s 26 July 2017 ORDER Whereas the Republic of Clile made a request the Government of Inia forthe provisional tures of Me. Marie Finmanaclle Verhoeven, » French National. vie theit Note Verbale No. {1872015 dated 21.9.2015 for er alleged involvement in the assassination ofa Chilian senator in 1991 Whereas Ms. Marie Emmanielle Verhooven's extradition from Germany forthe same offence was dismissed in Germany vie its Order dated 06 June 2014; Whereas the Republic of Chile submited a request forthe extradition of Ms, Mare Emmanuelle ‘Verhoeven vide their Note Vebale 144/2015 dated 16.11.2015; ‘Whereas the Central Governaent vide ts Onder ded 14.12.2015 appointed Ld, Adctional Chief Judicial Magisratc-01,Patialt House Cours, Nee Delhi to inquire ina the extradition request of the Republic of Chile and preenly the extraction inquiry iat the stage of prosecution evidence; ‘Whereas Ms, Marie Emmanusle Vethoeven was granted bil on 24 June 2016; ‘Whereas the French Embassy in New Dethi has requested the Government of India that since Mis Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeven isnot keeping good health and is suffering from various medical problems, as per her medieal cords, resting in deteriorating mental and physical condition, she may be allowed ro return oh fail and fends in France; Whereas the French Embassy has also conveyed that the French Govemment commits to subsequent bilateral examination ofthe mater with the country directly concerned; Whereas the Cental Government, having considered the French request, the mental and physical heath of Ms. Marie Eramancelle Veshoeven, andthe commitment of the French Government in this matter, decides that it would be just and expedient to allow Ms. Matie Emmanvelle ‘Verhoeven on health and huranitarian grounds to go to Prance; “Therefore in exercise ofthe powers conferred by section 29 ofthe Extradition Act, 1962 (34 of 1962), the Cetiel Goveenment hereby withdeaw is Order dated 14.12.2015 and discharge Ms, Marie Emmanuelle Verhoeve, ‘The Additonal Chief Metropolitan Magistrate 01 Patiala House Courts New Dalhi (echt Under Secrtay tothe Government of India Separate copy for information Ms. Marie Emmanuelle Vechoeve, through her lawyer, Ms. Rar Taneja Shri Rajeev Sharma, SPP, for Uol 3S (EW), Ministry of Sxternal Affine Guard Fie WM kier ACMM-OL 2, Mais Baiding Pata fioune Crue, New Deli CC No. 08/04/15 UO! Vs, Verhoeven Marie Emmanuelle Case No. 35816/16 26.07.2017 Present: Sh. Rajeev Sharma, Ld. SPP for UOI. Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, Under Secretary (Extradition) in person, Ms. Ramni Taneja, Sh. Tarun Goomber and Sh. Dilip Kumar, Lé. Counsels for FC. FC on bal Ld. SPP for UO! submits that UO! has decided to withdraw the present extradition inquiry and an order in this regard ‘has been passed today. Separate statement of Dr, Rajeev Ranjan, Under Secretary (Extradition) has been recorded to this effect. Copy of order dated 26.07.2017 bearing No. 1-413/74/2015 has been placed on record. In view thereof, the present matter is disposed off as withdrawn, ‘Sureties of FC stand discharged. Documents, if any, pertaining to sureties as well as FC be released after due identification and due acknowledgement and after retaining copy on record, Endorsement, if any, be cancelled. Let passport of the FC be also released to her against receipt and after retaining a copy on record. UO! shall take steps for withdrawing the LOG issued against the FC. File be consigned to Record Room. Copy of order be given dasti to Ld. SPP for UO! as well as to Ld. Counsel for FC. Nas, if SS SNe Gyo Ke) (OAINDIZELOT DON 01 (222d Pate Hoo Cam ND