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Allahs Throne Was On The Water

The Quran says that God made every living thing from water (21:30). It also
says that Allahs throne was on the water (11:7).

Modern science now confirms that all live evolved out of water. Every
human being still goes through a water-breathing stage while in the womb.
Only later in the gestation period do the gills disappear and oxygen-
breathing lungs develop.

But the Quran, like other scriptures, uses physical phenomena to represent
non-physical phenomena. The visible is used to represent the invisible.

The Bible says that when God breathed into mad the breath of life, man
became a living soul.

Living, in the sacred language, refers to divine life. Divine men and
women are created from water.

The Two Roads

There are two basic approaches to spiritual cultivation, energy and

consciousness. The energy approach seeks to awaken the kundalini force
and the consciousness approach incorporates elements of the other.

The Consciousness Approach

Water symbolizes attainment of the state of trance in the consciousness


When the meditator falls into trance he feels as though he is being

submerged under water. He may feel like he is floating.

Trance is the very first step toward achieving godhead in the

consciousness approach. Trance gives access to the subconscious where
the power to effect inner change exists.

That divinity lies sleeping in the deep conscious was depicted as Ausar
(Osiris) laying at the bottom of the Nile River in Egypt. That also meant that
to access the god part in man one has to go into trance (Nile river).
Every initiate who achieved God-realization had to go through trance

The goal of all spiritual cultivation is to shift ones identity from the lower
self (personality) to the higher self or divinity.

In astrology, the personality is indicated by the Moon and Rising Sign. The
individuality is indicated by the Sun. The divinity, however, though not
discussed by modern astrologers, is indicated by Pluto. These represent
spheres 9 (Moon), 6 (Sun) and 1 (Pluto) in the Tree of Life system.

Astrology works to cultivate individuality. However individualitys main

function is to lead the way to divinity. I am the way, the truth and the life.

But without the divinity component, individuality cannot reach its full

Pluto shows where the psychic pollution, past life complexes,

pornographic desires, power hunger, undercover neuroses and secret
passions lie.

Its principle is transformation, regeneration or annihilation.

Pluto shows where the funk is, but also the area of life which, if
transmuted, will open the way for God-realization.

A person (like Michael Jackson) with a first house Pluto will have deep self-
esteem issues. Wrestling with Plutos energies such a person will change
his or her appearance drastically. They will have extremely powerful sex
drives which they will try to keep hidden since they are ashamed of their
inability to control them. They may lead secret night lives that are
completely at odds with their prim and proper public persona.

Real work, far beyond current Western psychology, could help the person
transform his or her Plutonian instincts and find his/her opening to divinity

via that process.

A second house Pluto brings the regenerational work into the 2nd house.
The other house placements of Pluto are: 3rd, communications, mental
issues; 4th, parental issues; 5th, sexual issues and children issues; 6th,
employment, animals, sickness issues; 7th, marital issues; 8th, sex, death,
issues; 9th, religion, travel, education issues; 10th, parental career success
issues; 11th, friendship issues; 12th, confinement, subconscious issues.
Pluto indicates ones many past lives. When one achieves Plutonian
consciousness, she identifies with herself as a being who has lived many
lives, has been male and female, Black, White, Asian and who is ever-
living and can never truly die.

That is the meaning of thou shall not kill. It actually means thou canst
not kill because the real being is not the perishable body, but the
imperishable soul.

How can you disbelieve in Allah

and you were dead, then He
revived you, then He kills you,
then He revives you. Then you
will return to Him.

-- Quran 2:28

The Quran says Adam forgot which means that the Atman (the Ba or
God-in-man) incarnates into the physical realm and soon forgets it is God.
Eventually it falls into the worst part of life so that it knows nothing after
having known much (22:5).

Consciousness trapped in the material gross body is the worst part of life.

The object of spiritual cultivation, then, is to awaken (resurrect) the dead

or Sleeping Adam (Atman) and to identify with It (God), not our complex of
emotions (personality) and physical characteristics.

The Energy Approach

Kundalini is the awesome force that is the very life force of the universe.

The energy-initiate seeks to awaken the Kundalini force and raise it to his
brain where it will stimulate his pineal and pituitary glands, causing them to
secret hormonal fluids which preserve (embalm) the body, expand
consciousness and generate an energy and spirit body to travel to the
higher planes.

Water, in the Ra/Kundalini approach represents sexual fluids. For

Kundalini to awaken, rise and be transmuted to divine energy (Sakiynat),
sexual fluids must be retained.

The Quran says Allah created man (i.e., divine man) from a fluid despised
and from mixed semen.
The Ba or Ausar (God-man) is developed from semen retention and sexual
force cultivation in the energy approach.

Kula (tantric) yoga focuses on cultivating sexual energy for use in igniting
the Kundalini serpentine fire.

When the Kundalini force stimulates the glands to secrete hormones that is
the spiritual counterpart of the physical anointing that signifies becoming a
messiah or Christ (anointed one).

Creating every living thing from water, in the Ra/Kundalini approach,

means that every full energy initiate mastered the retention and cultivation
of the sexual fluids.

Although female initiates dont have to worry about fluid retention, the sex
chakra is called the water gate and they have to also master sexual
practices, primarily aimed at reducing menstruation.

I want to take you Higher

The worlds religions are being held hostage in Sunday school. Im trying to
break them out.

The scriptures are multidimensional, multi-layered texts that can guide and
nourish us from one plane to the next.

In the ancient Egyptian texts the creator God states: I established maa. In
Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) maa means law. The neteru stand upon maa and
they eat maat (apotheosis of divine law).

The Arabic word for water is also maa. On a higher level of understanding it
also means divine law.

Many Egyptian technical-spiritual words are in the Quran. The influence of

the Egyptians was global.

Every living thing (divine man or woman) is created from Maat, i.e., the
divine law of interdependence and interrelatedness.

What is Gods Throne?

There are two grades of throne. The lower throne (Yesod, Kunsiy)
represents mastery of meditation and mediumistic trance.

This is under the auspices of Isis and the Moon, ruler over rivers, lakes and
bodies of water.
To achieve divinity (Allah) one has to first master the lower throne.

Auset (Isis) means seat and in many places in scripture, to site is code
for meditation. The word Zen actually means to sit.

The higher throne is signified by the 3rd Tree of Life sphere whose order of
angels, Araleem, means thrones.

This is signified by the Khepera power, i.e., the power to make

transformations into any deity (archetype) you choose.

At that level the initiate gains access to Gods omnipotence.

Gods throne being on water signifies that achieving omnipotence depends

upon mastery of trance and awakening the power of 50 little mothers or
sounds units of power.

In the energy approach one refines kundalini force to Shechinah power.

The water (maa) of the lower throne is trance. The maa of the higher
throne is divine law. In other words, before one can access the awesome
Shekhem power (Shechinah), one must bring ones life into complete
accord with the law of Maat.

It is at that point that the initiate dies to the world. He no longer identifies
himself as human. Instead he realizes himself as God.

Revelation calls such a one he who was dead yet is now alive forever
more. Amen.