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Volume 37 / Number 9

Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders I May 2017 I $6

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>Why pr0grammin9 Is ess3ntial
>t0 all curricula
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Tech & Learning
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At the heart of education
is a girl connecting with her hero.
Welcome to itslearning, the only K-12 LMS
that comes from the very heart of education.
itslearning is the only teaching and learning platform designed by
educators specically for the way todays K-12 students learn and
connect. Which means teachers can meet kids where they learn,
and personalize lessons to their unique needs.

Of course, other key connections must be made. Districts need to

be united. Data silos integrated. Curricula aligned with standards.
And everything else brought together in unison to raise education to
a new high. Because when we elevate education, we elevate us all.

Lets connect at

M A Y 2 0 1 7 | V O L . 3 7 N O . 9

By Ellen Ullman
The good news is that todays assessment tools are more
prescriptive than past products, and some of them even help
teachers and administrators understand what to do next.


By Ellen Ullman
If we want to remain a global leader curriculum, just as theyve
done in the following examples.


By Gennie Gebhart

One system administrators experience on keeping all students
secure in an environment of ever-changing devices and software.



As InfoComm gets ready to kick off next month, Tech &
Learning highlights some of the newest projectors for K-12.

16 Epson PowerLite 685W WXGA 3LCD Presentation
17 ThinkCERCA
18 18 Discovery Techbook
19 pivotED
20 Mobile Mindset Series
21 QwertyTown 2.0
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the digital edition,
which includes
TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS additional resources.

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MAY 2017 | VOL. 37 NO. 9

DATA Publisher: Allison Knapp;

(650) 238-0318; Fax: (650) 238-0263

Content Director: Kevin Hogan

Executive Editor, Content:
Christine Weiser
Senior Art Director: Nicole Cobban
Associate Art Director: Walter Makarucha, Jr.
Contributing Editors: Ellen Ullman, Judy Salpeter,
Gwen Solomon

Tech&Learning Leader Editor: Annie Galvin Teich

uffice it to say that the editors here at Tech & Learning Editorial Interns: Clea Mahoney and Diana Restifo

are pretty bullish on, well, technology and education. ADVISORS

You wont find any hand-wringing scare stories about Chris Aviles, Michelle Vance, Shelly Sanchez Terrell, Harry
Tuttle, Andrew Wallace, Steve Young, Steve Baule, Robert
dangerous devices in the classroom, lurking bogeymen Gravina, Nancy Caramanico, Cathy Swan, Scott Floyd, Txe
on social media, or some sundry new tool that will Kolstad, Carl Hooker, Debra Jackson, Lisa Gonzales, Patrick
Higgins, David Andrade, Dean Shareski, Terry Freedman, Jen
subvert students from a real classroom experience; not Wagner, Lisa Nielsen, Michael Gorman, Henry Thiele, zge
that these arent reasonable issues with which to engage, its just Karaoglu, David Kapuler, Jenith Mishne, Darren Draper

that we believe the right approach is not to demonize. ADVERTISING SALES

One topic that does furrow our collective brow is that of student National Sales Director: Katie Sullivan
data privacy. A report released last month by the Electronic
Account Manager: Joanne Melton
Frontier Foundation (EFF) lays out those worries in stark terms.
The group surveyed over 1,000 stakeholders across the country, including students, parents, MARKETING AND EVENTS
Marketing Manager: Stephanie Rubin
teachers, and school administrators. They also reviewed 152 school district edtech privacy policies
Director of Events: Diana Milbert
in a yearlong effort to determine whether and how tech companies protect students privacy and Production Manager: Fred Vega
their data. Their conclusion: In short, technology providers are spying on studentsand school
districts, which often provide inadequate privacy
Corporate Director, Audience Development:
policies or no privacy policy at all, are unwittingly Meg Estevez
helping them do it.
I encourage you to download the report in MeritDirect: (914) 368-1024;
our current issue online at or
directly from the EFF ( Wrights Media:; (877) 652-5295
In the meantime, dig into the article on page 28, IN SHORT, TECHNOLOGY
which was originally published just before the PROVIDERS ARE SPYING 28 East 28th Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10016
survey was released. Written by Gennie Gebhart, ON STUDENTSAND Phone: (212) 378-0400; Fax: (650) 238-0263
one of the EFF researchers, she interviews an For general editorial correspondence:

anonymous district IT director, who expresses his


or her own personal concerns: Were putting all WHICH OFTEN PROVIDE NEWBAYCORPORATE

our eggs in one basket that were not in control of, INADEQUATE PRIVACY President & CEO: Steve Palm
Chief Financial Officer: Paul Mastronardi
he says, We dont know where this student data POLICIES OR NO Vice President of Production & Manufacturing:
is going. Bill Amstutz
Paranoid or prophetic? Be sure that these
PRIVACY POLICY AT Vice President of Digital Media: Robert Aames
wont be the last words on this topic at Tech & ALL, ARE UNWITTINGLY Vice President of Content & Marketing: Anthony Savona


Executive Vice President/Group Publisher:Adam Goldstein
Publisher: Allison Knapp
Editorial Director: Kevin Hogan
Online Production Manager:Rob Granger
Web Director:Ragan Whiteside

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Content Director


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(844) 205-1217


How do we balance the world
of grading and standards with a
culture of risk taking, innovation,
and intellectual failure?
Adam Schoenbart
WEB STORIES Many scholars of the past
burrowed into library stacks,
From read the printed literature on a
topic, consulted with a mentor,
and emerged with their research.
Today, the smartest person in the
room is the room.
Angela Maiers

Four Sites to Fight Fake 
We Love Books Just as Much
1 News 6 as Makerspaces: The Story of Despite the many spaces out
there that are essentially exactly
Help your students learn to How Our Students Built Our
alike, there is no one-size-fits-
separate fact from fiction Collection
all approach to planning a
so they can be informed, Circulation increased exponentially makerspace.
empowered citizens. when students selected and Laura Fleming
organized titles for their new

Best Practices for Your
2 1:1
bookstore-style library.
Learn how 1:1 veterans are 
Six Ways to Use Adobe Spark
keeping their programs 7 with Google Classroom
alive and well. Discover how to use Spark
Video, Post, and Page with

All Writing Can
Be Better through
Google Classroom to benefit TOP
from the power of these tools. TWEETS
Collaborative, real-time, 
Mind the Gap for Struggling
and cloud-based tools offer 8 Readers Dr. Justin Tarte @justintarte: No kid
new ways to help students Learn how LANGUAGE! Live is should fail a course because they
improve their writing. helping students meet grade- dont do #homework. If they know
level benchmarks in reading. it, they know it; not doing doesnt

Copyright a Little mean doesnt know. #edchat
4 Fuzzy? 
Whats New: New Tools for
How can you use various 9 Schools
kellie80 @kellie80: I love this idea
from @keithkruegerwe must
media resources ethically? Get up to dateon an award- stop making things about tech
This helpful infographic winning gateway for social and make it about learning.
clears up the confusion. emotional learning, management Become learning-centric.
and collaboration tools, and more. #CoSN17

How to Guide Students
5 in Online Research 
Is Your School Modern? Check Out @techlearning: If we want our
Find places online 10 These 10 Principles to Find Out teachers to be learner-centered,
where students can ask Explore the beliefs, goals, we need principals to be teacher-
centered. @barnillas #Tltechlive
questions of researchers or convictions, and cultural elements
subject-matter experts. that make a school modern.

F I N D L I N K S AT W W W.T EC H L E A R N I N G .CO M / M AY 1 7

Spectrum Enterprise
allows our teachers and
students to collaborate
on a daily basis, making
the best quality learning
experiences possible.
Abraham de Villiers
Principal of Animo Watts
College Preparatory Academy
Green Dot Public Schools
Client since 2010

Meet Spectrum Enterprise. Our thing?

Delivering the right data, voice, video
and cloud solutions via our nationwide
fiber network. And local teams who
understand your mission as educators.
With our superior network and IT
infrastructure, youre free to do
your thing.

or call 866-851-3576

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A three-year study by the One-to-One
Institute has found that, despite 35 years
of research and data and $100 billion spent TRANSPLANT
on technology in schools, education has
largely failed to capitalize on technology
to drive dramatic improvements in student
Key findings of Project RED Phase III, a
deep study of 37,000 students and 2,200
teachers in 20 high-performing Project RED
Signature Districts, include:

* Properly implemented, technology can make a huge difference.

* Academic growth in study schools outpaced that of their state counterparts.
* 79% of reporting districts saw increased graduation rates. Explore the steps in a
* 84% of the districts reported reductions in disciplinary actions. heart transplant operation
* Implementation fidelity continues to be an issue even in high-performing districts.
* Ongoing use of formative assessment data can drive academic improvement. by performing a transplant
* Matching appropriate pedagogy to learning goals is necessary to maximize outcomes. in a virtual operating
* Hard data indicates that technology can be revenue-positive at the state level. theater.




F O R M O R E S U R V E YS , V I S I T W W W.T EC H L E A R N I N G .CO M / M AY 1 7



Empower your students and unleash

their curiosity for science and discovery.
Vernier introduces Go Direct sensors. Wireless or USBthe versatility is built into these
affordable sensors, so you have the flexibility to choose. All 16 Go Direct sensors connect
directly to student computers, Chromebooks, or mobile devices, so theres no interface
needed. Thats freedom, versatility, and boundless opportunity.

Learn more at

Teaching with

16 NEW FREE Electronic Versions All Backed by Our

Sensors Graphical Analysis4 App of Lab Books Stellar Service


NEW ERA App of the Day picks are selected from the
The ISTE Board of Directors has named Richard Culatta, the top edtech tools reviewed by Common
former director of the Office of Educational Technology at Sense Education.
the US Department of Education, who currently serves as
chief innovation officer for the state of Rhode Island, as its
new CEO. Culatta is a longtime ISTE member and a past
recipient of the ISTE Making IT Happen award.
At the US Department of Educations Office of Educational Friendly
Technology, Culatta was at the helm of numerous efforts Platform
to expand connectivity to schools across the country, to for Creating
promote personalized learning, and to develop the National Digital
Education Technology Plan. He also pioneered new ways Books
for the department to engage with educators and tech My Story Book Creator School Edition
developers. Richard Culatta
is an easy-to-use artistic tool that gets
I am honored to have the opportunity to lead ISTE. Im kids to tell stories and introduces them to
particularly excited about bringing a renewed focus to the impact of the ISTE community, digital creation.
increasing the value of ISTE membership, and highlighting the importance of the ISTE voice
on key education topics, Culatta says.


These engaging poetry apps, says Shelly Terrell, will help your
students create and learn with poems.
Active Reading Enabled with
* Social Poetry pulls words from your Facebook feed. Top Ereading Platform
Users can add photos, customize, and share their creations.

* With HaikuJAM, students create haiku with two other people Actively Learn is an interactive ereader
with excellent built-in Common Core-
(each person writes one line).
aligned lessons that help students connect
* ImageChef allows students to create poems within shapes, as and stay engaged.
word clouds, or with images.

* FridgePoems helps students create poems using the magnetic

poetry concept.

* With Poetry Creators Verses app, students can access several Daily
unique dictionaries (Hip Hop, LOL, etc.), contribute words, and share Current
their poems online. Events App
Gets Top
* The Instant Poetry 2 app provides words to create poems; students can add images. Marks from
* Foldpass is a game where students can write haiku with their friends. Teachers

* Name Poem allows students to create and share acrostic poems. News-O-Matic for School features high-
interest stories that are engaging and
F O R M O R E , G O TO W W W.T EC H L E A R N I N G .CO M / M AY 1 7
appropriate for elementary-school

Create meaningful relationships
between home and school.

When families and educators

collaborate, kids succeed!
NEW from Mentoring Minds:
Parent, Family, and Community
Engagement for Principals
Parent and Family Engagement for Teachers
Authored by Sandra L. Love, Ed.D. & Beverly Collins, M.Ed.

In our new book series, we explore

ONLY practical strategies for teachers and
principals to create deeper engagement
with parents and families!

Explore strategies to continuously nurture relationships with parents, including:

Plan activities that engage parents Guide parents in helping their children
and families in school. who need social-emotional, behavioral,
or academic support.
Learn to appreciate and value
diversity in cultures. Share ways for parents to support their
childrens learning at home.

Let us help your educators with these invaluable resources.

Only $8.95 each. Visit us at today!

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4th Annual CoSN

INNOVATOR IN K12 SURVEY RANKS 10 4th Annual Co K-12 IT Leadership Survey

The 2017 CoSN IT Leadership Survey reveals these top 10
Budget Constraints and

JR. PRIZE IN EDUCATION #1 Challen Lack of Resources

n Budget constraints are ranked as the top
1 Broadband & 2 Wireless 3 challenge for the third straight year. Budget Constra
Top 3
Christine Cunningham, Founder and Director Network
Lack of Resourc
of Engineering is Elementary (EiE) at the Priorities Capacity Mobile learning is the top priority for IT leaders,
n Mobile
1 Broadband & 2 Wir
Top 3
followed by mobile and network security. Ac
Museum of Science in Boston, has been named Network
as a recipient of the 2017 Harold W. McGraw,
Jr. Prize in Education. The prize, which is 64%
of K-12 IT LEADERS say Privacy & Security
are more important than they were last year
n Cybersecurity and privacy rankPriorities
number-three concern.
as the Capacity

administered through an alliance between
DEMOGRAPHICS n Only 13% of IT leaders report that staffing matches needs.are more important than they were
of K-12 IT LEADERS say Privacy
McGraw-Hill Education and Arizona State
n Single-Sign-On (SSO) is the most-implemented

University, honors outstanding individuals who

are dedicated to improving education through are white in school systems that of IT LEADERS
are female
% interoperability initiative.
new approaches. are increasingly majority minority
n Over a third of IT leaders express no interest in BYOD.

The prize recognizes Cunninghams work DAY-TO-DAY REALITIESn 79% of respondents indicated that OER is part of
Christine Cunningham their
are white in school systems that

4 5
are increasingly majority minority
pioneering an engaging curriculum that districts digital content strategy.
introduces engineering concepts and practices
IT Leadersto elementary students. 90% expect instructional

n IT leaders are experienced73% have worked in K12DAY-TO-DAY

materials to be at least
Cunningham believes schools should Innovate
use online
for the futurebut 50% digital
productivity tools
design for the classrooms of today. Sincethe2004,
largest useher
of curriculum has
in the next
three years
technology for more than 10 years.
of 4 5 Nearly

cloud-based solutions in education
been implemented in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, reaching n Lack of racial diversity continues to be an issue90%
IT Leaders
use online
of IT
12.8 million children and an estimated 1.25 Technology
million educators, Budgetswhile also leaders identify as white. productivity tools

the largest use of
providing access to populations underserved and underrepresented
46% n IT leaders are well-educated77% have some college
cloud-based solutions in education

STEM fields. 13% 57% INCREASING

budgets beyond
expect their Digital Technology
Content a bachelors degree and 61% hold masters degrees.Budgets
budgets budgets to be at least 50% OER
13% 57%
in the next 3 years

47% of CTO/CIO
and District Technology

Directors report to their more than a
superintendent are in charge of both
instructional and THIRD 47% of CTO/CIO

A BEST PRACTICE administrative of IT LEADERS plan to and District Technology
id entified b y CoSN
technology retire in the next six years Directors report to their
superintendent are in charge of both
instructional and

Visit for the full report. A BEST PRACTICE administrative
identifi ed by CoSN
The K-12 IT Leadership survey
was conducted in January of 2016
and distributed to U.S. school

technology leaders.

The survey was conducted by

Visit for the full r
CoSN and MDR with sponsorship
from SchoolDude.
The K-12 IT Leadership survey
was conducted in January of 2016
and distributed to U.S. school
technology leaders.

8 Ways to Check for Understanding with 9 Must-Have Virtual Reality ToolsThe survey was conducted by
CoSN and MDR with sponsorship

Nearpod for Teaching with Google Cardboard

from SchoolDude.

Find out how to monitor student Get started with VR with these
Cultivating Communication in the Classroom
progress during a lesson while tips for finding everything from
Regardless of the devices theyll be using in the future, engaging them with interactive inexpensive headsets to free lessons,
students will still have to communicateand this new book activities such as polls, drawing tools, and great nature, travel,
provides lots of actionable resources for teachers. activities, and quizzes. history, and news content.


Finding a cart within your budget shouldnt be.
Take charge of your budget at

Power Everywhere. Thats our charge.


With hundreds of millions of users, Twitter
can be an excellent resource for students

who want to find a handful of people who can
provide them insight. Students need to learn
to use hashtags to target their tweets to people
who are likely to have knowledge about the

ONLINE RESEARCH subject of their question.

When Maggie Moran, a sophomore
education major, wanted to find an expert with
whom she could discuss tutoring a student
By Angela Maiers with interrupted formal education (SIFE), she
turned to Twitter, using the #SIFE hashtag.
An excerpt from Genius Matters: A She reports that, within minutes of my tweet,
Framework for Epic Transformation by I received five replies with suggestions on
Angela Maiers. To download the book for books to read, methods to try, and educators to
free, go to: follow who were experts in the area.

any scholars of the past Services such as Skype and Zoom make
burrowed into library stacks, it feasible for anyone with an Internet
read the printed literature connection to video conference, free of charge,
on a topic, consulted with a with anyone anywhere in the world who also
mentor, and emerged with their has an Internet connection. Skype in the
research. Classroom offers premium tools free of charge
Today, the smartest person in the room is to educators, including a service to connect
the room. with guest authors, expert teachers, and others.
While there are many instances of Depending on the ages and sophistication
scholarly collaboration throughout history, of your students, either create a classroom
none rise to the level of whats possible account or have students create individual
today, when dozens or scores or hundreds of accounts for each of the services (or divide the
people from around the world can connect services up among the students, so that a fifth
simultaneously and in real time. of your class is using each one).
NYU professor Clay Shirky says that most Fortunately, students can explore many
people overestimate the value of access to free avenues online to connect with experts
information and underestimate the value of in almost any field of study or area of interest.
access to each other. All they need is for adults to open the door and
While this may be true of most adults, point them in the right direction.
students already understand the power and
value of connecting with others, and theyre network of libraries to provide 24/7 coverage
exceedingly comfortable doing it digitally. around the world. When a student needs to find
Students dominate popular Q&A sites such as a great resource but cant arrange a face-to-face
Yahoo! Answers,, and Quizlet. visit with a reference librarian, Ask a Librarian
However, these sites are not authoritative, rarely services fill the gap.
provide links to references, and should not be
cited as sources in a student paper. QUORA
Here are examples of places where students Quora is a question and answer site where
can ask questions of researchers or subject most answers are provided by professionals.
matter experts online and possibly find a mentor Unlike other Q&A sites, most users register
or collaborator. with their real names and provide their
credentialsand most answers are at least
ASK A LIBRARIAN somewhat useful. We recently created
Many local, county, and college libraries this Choose2Matter page on Quora. When
offer virtual Ask a Librarian services through a student asks a question about social Angela Maiers is an educator and author who
which students can ask trained librarians for entrepreneurship, well find an expert to answer speaks regularly at conferences. Learn more at
reference help. Many libraries work through a it:



By Terry Freedman

ve been reading Edubloggers ( report on
educational blogging. Published by Sue Waters, it relates to the picture as it
was in 2016. It makes for interesting reading, and I urge you to read the full
report. Here are a few of the findings and my thoughts on them.
The majority of respondents told us they mainly used their blogs for:
class blogs (31.5%), class blogs with individual student blogs (19.2%), and for
student blogs (17%); many also had their own personal blog (15.7%).
The figure for class blogs is quite impressive, but I have to say that Im a
little surprised, and even disappointed, that more teachers arent blogging
themselves. I think all teachers should blog. Its a good way of reflecting on
your practice.
Mind you, it has to be acknowledged that this survey into blogging
focuses only on blogging. It may well be that many of the roughly 85 percent
of teachers who say they dont have their own personal blog do much of their
thinking out loud on Facebook or Twitter. Also, the statistic of 15.7 percent
relates to a personal blog; maybe a lot of teachers write blog posts elsewhere,
such as on Medium.
Student class blogs were used for: assignments and class news (42.7%),
[to] share information with families (37.3%),and [to] share links and
resources (33.1%).
I think blogging is a great tool for undertaking assignments. If you 4K HDMI Audio Extractor w/Audio Ampliier
encourage students to write a blog post every week over the course of a six- HDBT Input, Line Audio Input RS-232 Ports
week project, both you and they have a record of what they learned, and how and IP Control
their project and their thinking developed. Its a way of maintaining a project
record without the associated boredom!
When I taught and my students did six-week projects, I had them write
down at the end of each lesson what they accomplished and what they
intended to do next. That also provided them with their homework. For
example, if they intended to create a spreadsheet next lesson, the homework
they set themselves might be to research and find the data required for
populating the spreadsheet. If blogging had been around in those days, Id
have asked them to write up a blog post each time. That would have had the
additional advantage of making it easy for parents and the principal to see
what theyd been doing.
The report includes reasons to blog, and also blogs you ought to look at. I
was delighted to see that one of them is Kathy Cassidys class blog. Kath has
been doing wonderful things with five- and six-year-old students, which she
wrote about in The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book.
There are also examples of students blogs, all of which are well-written, 4K HDMI audio extractor with EDID management
although its disappointing that there are so few cited (just five) and that a couple Built-in 50 watt audio amp for direct connection to 8 Ohm speakers
of them have not been updated for well over a year. And if you become tired of (25 watts/channel)
reading about blogging, the report includes videos. All in all, the educational Audio input for connecting line-level inputs (e.g. wireless microphones)
blogging report is a good read and will give you lots of food for thought. Control via front panel, RS-232, digital pot (rotary encoder)
HDMI Ducking (when Line input is detected, HDMI sound volume in the mix
Terry Freedman is an independent educational ICT consultant with
is automatically lowered)
over 35 years of experience in education. He publishes theICT in Education
Primary RS-232 port for device control
websiteand the newsletter Digital Education.


A New Wave in Connectivity 714-641-6607


epson.comnRetail Price: $1,390
Epson 685W 3LCD

By Rebecca Andr projector has a crisp, clear
100-inch display to see from
psons new Powerlite 685W 3LCD
projector is a wall-mounted, short
TOP FEATURES anywhere in the classroom. It
is easy to install and connect to
Epsons 685W 3LCD short throw projector has 3500 lumens,
throw model with a brilliant, 100- various devices. The lamp has a
which produces a vivid and large 100-inch display from as close
inch display in 16:10 ratio. It can very long life at 10,000 hours
as 11 inches with up to four devices.
simultaneously display four inputs in ECO, an energy-saving
This Epson short throw projector is easy to install and use. mode.
from most devices and operating
The Epson 685W 3LCD projector has long lamp life (10,000 hours in
systems, including Android, Chromebook,
ECO mode), three HDMI input ports, and multiple choices to resize the
iOS, and Windows. The lamp has an extended
display from practically any device: 640 x 480 (VGA); 800 x 600 (SVGA); 1024
life of 10,000 hours in ECO, Epsons energy- x 768 (XGA); 1280 x 960 (SXGA2); 1280 x 1024 (SXGA3); 1366 x 768 (WXGA 60-2); 1440 x
saving mode. 900 (WXGA+); 1400 x 1050 (SXGA+); 1600 x 900 (WXGA++); 1600 x 1200 (UXGA).

Ease of Use: The projector comes with

step-by-step instructions and a 15-foot power cord, and was simple to Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This Epson projector
install and connect to the LAN or wireless system. can be smoothly and easily integrated into one classroom or the
whole school. It is easy to install and use, making it a winner for tech
Creative Use of Technology: The Epson PowerLite 685W 3LCD personnel and teachers. It is also designed for long life, low-cost
projector was designed especially for school classrooms. With 3,500 replacement lamps ($49), and low energy use, which administrators
powerful lumens, enormous 100-inch display, a microphone, and a will appreciate.
16W speaker, this Epson projector will command everyones attention
and encourage external communication with authors, designers,
and other teachers and students.




thinkcerca.comnRetail Price: An annual license costs $30$40 per pupil, depending on the number of students. Professional
ThinkCERCA is
outstanding. The platform
challenges students and
development opportunities cost $1,000$6,000 and include training and ongoing support. helps them develop critical
thinking skills through
reading and writing.
By Rayna Freedman

hinkCERCA is an online platform that
challenges students in grades 312 in critical
thinking, argumentative writing, and reading
skills and strategies. Students make connections,
build reading comprehension skills, engage with
texts, summarize information, build arguments,
and create written samples.

Quality and Effectiveness: ThinkCERCA will help

students strengthen argumentative writing as they learn how
to make a claim, use supporting evidence, develop reasoning
skills, identify a counterargument, and think about audience. ThinkCERCA provides extensive customer, technical, and
This research-based platform designed by former English teachers instructional support, including PD videos, downloadable teaching
offers personalized learning for students in grades 312. resources, ELD supports, and state-specific resources.
Cross-curricular lessons cover ELA, math, science, and social
studies. Educators can search lessons by grade level, standard, or Creative Use of Technology: ThinkCERCA utilizes many
theme, and can assign lessons to a whole class, groups of students, technology tools to engage learners, including an option to have the
or individuals. Teachers can also create their own lessons in text read to them, online formative assessments with instant feedback,
ThinkCERCA. Students will connect with the themes, which cover dialogue boxes with helpful hints, and an interactive rubric.
big ideas such as the environment, money and needs, and personal
identity. Suitability for Use in a School Environment: ThinkCERCA gives
Each lesson includes: an essential question to get students students access to poetry, informational texts, close reading activities,
thinking; a writing prompt; vocabulary definitions in the context of the literary analysis, and narrative pieces, and helps them develop skills
reading sample; a comprehension check; and a close reading activity in critical thinking, effective writing, collaboration, and debate. In
in which students reread the text and highlight specific evidence. classrooms with low technology, ThinkCERCA can be accessed in
Students can also add notes and annotate for more guided practice. stations.
All student work is auto-saved. The program provides novel pairings with books such as To Kill
a Mockingbird, The Hunger Games, The Fault in
Ease of Use: Educators can track student Our Stars, and 1984. Theres also a plethora of
performance by grade level on color-coded
dashboards and can also see students progress
TOP FEATURES test prep support, including error analysis and
annotation practice. ThinkCERCA offers unit
Texts are differentiated by grade level,
over time. Teachers can quickly identify skills and planning resources and curriculum alignment to The
aligned to standards, and of high interest
concepts that need to be covered and see which to students. Wheatley Portfolio, Summits Personalized Learning
students need additional practice or higher-level Platform, Pearsons ReadyGEN, McGraw-Hills
Teachers can access PD and support
texts. resources at Reading Wonders, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourts
Lessons take about 90120 minutes and begin Collections. For schools that use G Suite, students
Administrators, teachers, and students
with a lot of modeling and scaffolding. The goal of can track student progress, seeing growth
can log in with their Google ID and assignments can
the program is to cover between two and five applied and places for improvement. be announced in Google Classroom, but all the work
lessons each month. is done in ThinkCERCA.


DISCOVERY EDUCATION SCIENCE TECHBOOK Price: Between $48 and $57 per student for a six-year subscription.

By Frank Pileiro

he Discovery Education (DE) Science Techbook is
a comprehensive, multimedia digital textbook and
learning platform that addresses the Next Generation
Science Standards (NGSS). It can be customized with
state-specific standards so teachers and students have
the exact content they need.
The Techbook features reading passages (multiple languages
available), virtual labs, interactive multimedia content, videos,
and nearly 2,000 hands-on labs. Students are given a complete set
of tools to help them explore and document their learning using
an inquiry-based approach. A text-to-speech engine as well
as highlighting, note-taking, and journaling tools help
students with all different learning styles succeed.
Teachers have complete control of content OVERALL RATING: The
delivery via the built-in Classroom Manager. Model DE Science Techbook
lessons, essential questions, and high-quality vetted is an excellent solution
for science education. It
resources give educators the flexibility to assign Ease of Use: Districts that adopt the DE Science
strikes the right balance of
interactive, differentiated learning content based on content and activities. Techbook will see it added to their new or existing
their topic and on student needs. account on the Discovery Education website in the
My DE Services section. It loads very quickly, and the
Quality and Effectiveness: The DE Science Techbook comprehensive support and training materials ensure users
is an excellent resource for the classroom, and its intuitive are soon up and running.
interface gives teachers a comprehensive and vetted set of materials Creating, managing, and assigning work is simple and fast.
for grades K12, including high-school biology, chemistry, physics, and Finding materials is easy, since its broken down into units of study
earth and space science. and contents. It follows Discovery Educations 5 Es approach
Teachers can select and save assets and combine them with tools to learning: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate with STEM, and
for building assignments, quizzes, writing prompts, and interactive Evaluate. Exercises in each of these areas are followed by a model
boards to customize the learning/assessment process. Teachers can lesson that includes content and all the necessary materials to save
also monitor student understanding through student journals, graphic teachers time and help them to deliver effective instruction.
organizers, constructed responses, and quick checks.
Creative Use of Technology: The DE Science Techbook solves the
problem of science curricula that are continually outdated; since

TOP FEATURES its a digital textbook, content can be added and refreshed as needed
to ensure that both teachers and students have the most up-to-date
High-quality interactive content and materials engage todays learners any content and tools.
place, any time.
The flexibility of the platform allows teachers to easily
Its flexibility allows teachers to differentiate and customize instruction. differentiate instructional content and efficiently assess student
This complete learning platform not only delivers instruction but also enables learning. The tools help each student, regardless of individual learning
teachers to assess student work and give feedback. style, to succeed.



PIVOTED Price: Pricing available for single educators, buildings, and districts.

By Shannon Mersand

ivotEd partners award-winning Capstone fiction and
informational text with interactive technology to create
learning experiences that encourage creativity,
collaboration, and critical thinking for
third- through sixth-graders in 1:1 and
blended learning environments. is a fantastic resource that
provides educators with pre-built students can be imported from Google
Quality and Effectiveness: Lessons are lesson sequences to engage and assess Classroom; accounts can be created without
linked to over 500 Capstone titles, both student learning in literacy. With over email addresses; or educators can provide
fiction and informational texts, covering 500 lessons centered around a variety of students with a educator code to sign up.
texts utilizing various forms of assessment,
a variety of topics. Each lesson includes
educators will be able to gain a more robust
both formative and summative assessment understanding of where students are in Creative Use of Technology: pivotEd is
and focuses on reading skills and strategies their literacy development. The ability to perfect for a blended learning environment,
that align with Common Core and state assign different activities to different where some work is done online and some
standards for literacy. Lessons include groups allows educators and students offline, as well as for 1:1 classrooms, and it
a number of hands-on activities tied to a
to realize the true benefits of 1:1 also allows for differentiation as educators can
and blended learning.
Capstone ebook and are checked out individually. assign different lessons to individuals, groups, or
After checkout, lessons remain in a educators whole classes. Educators set the duration of each
account to be published to students when appropriate. learning experience, so it can be set to open only during
the class period or for a number of days so students can work at
Ease of Use: Interfaces for both educators and students are clean home as well. Educators can also control the pace of each experience
and easy to navigate, with built-in help. The most helpful resources by choosing to keep parts locked until all students have reached a
are written guides, helpful tips, and the large number of video certain point or by unlocking them so students can work at their own
tutorials that walk educators through the product from start to finish. pace. pivotEd integrates with most device cameras for uploading
Additionally, optional in-person training and development is available images.
for a fee. The Lesson Library is easy to navigate, as experiences are
organized in a number of ways and keyword searching is available. Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Lessons are educator-
There are three options for student account creation so that each led and allow for differentiation based on activity types as well as
school or educator can choose the best method for their situation: on the levels of different students and groups. Educators are able to
view work in progress, which allows them to adjust their instruction
in real time, leading to increased student gains. Students can work

TOP FEATURES independently or in groups to practice language arts skills by writing,

drawing, responding to questions and polls, reading text, and taking
Selection: With over 500 lessons built on Capstones award-winning literature notes. They can also create and view images, video, word clouds,
titles, there are lessons appropriate for all students in grades 36. and graphic organizers, in addition to interacting with peers and
Ease of Use: The easy-to-navigate interfaces make finding lessons a snap. educators.
Support: The onsite training and professional development that come with pivotEd gives details for each lesson in the Lesson Library
pivotEd subscriptions are invaluable for implementing new technology in the including reading level (Lexile and AR/ATOS), primary language, age
classroom. group, lesson type, and genre.



SERIES BY CARL HOOKER Price: $19.95 per book

By Rebecca Andr This six-book series
deserves my highest rating.
The series includes many
Quality and Effectiveness:
detailed examples and solid
strategies for each audience,
Professionally and personally, and will help anyone
I appreciate this series. Each implement or improve a
volume targets a specific mobile device initiative.
audience of stakeholders in
the mobile learning puzzle,
including district leaders, parents,
coaches, teachers, principals, yet specifically relevant, chapters
and IT staff. Each book is for the various audiences. Each
independently useful, but ideally, book contains a chapter of Top 10
the whole series would best Things NOT to Do, a chapter on
serve the intended audiences Tying All Things Together, and
simultaneously. Hooker is highly a chapter to Reflect and Share
praised in educational technology Ideas. Each book also includes an
circles, deeply understands interview with a renowned expert
each perspective, and brings his in the field. For example, Kathy
engaging voice and informed Schrock, an edtech advocate for
examples to each volume. 20+ years, shares deep knowledge
for coaches.
Ease of Use: The books are
written in a conversational style, Creative Use of Technology:
are easy to absorb, and will serve At review time, the final layout
as references for years. All the was not ready, but I know ISTE
books are organized into similar, will publish a visually appealing,
easy-to-read series. Hookers
innovative examples throughout the books are compelling for each
TOP FEATURES audience. If read together, the books will inform conversations crucial
For anyone interested in launching or improving a mobile device program, for any mobile device program.
Hookers series is engaging, practical, and full of insightful examples.
The six-book series effectively shares experiences and deep reflections about
Suitability for Use in a School Environment: This series was
implementing a mobile device program for all the stakeholders who need to written exclusively for school and district environments. Vivid
participate to ensure a successful process and outcome. examples and deep reflection in each book will allow any school or
This series can serve as a resource long after the mobile device program is district to launch or improve its mobile device program. Hooker is
launched; there is always room for improvement, and Hooker offers much sage an established teacher and eloquent writer with a rich history of
advice. experiences in the field of mobile devices and teaching.


qwertytown.comnPrice: prices range from $2-$7 per student depending on district size

By Rayna Freedman

Quality and Effectiveness: QwertyTown OVERALL RATING:

2.0, from Second Nature Learning, is an QwertyTown 2.0 is an
online keyboarding program that allows excellent way for students
students to move at their own pace while to learn keyboarding and
communication skills. It
learning how to type more efficiently and
is user-friendly for both
accurately. The lessons are scaffolded students and teachers.
and include a demo, guided practice, and
independent practice. The independent
activities offer students a chance to assess their
speed and accuracy. QwertyTown 2.0 covers the
home row, the upper row, the lower row, the reach keys, numbers,
punctuation, and symbols.

Ease of Use: QwertyTown 2.0 offers lesson starters for educators,

helping students understand the importance of learning
keyboarding. The wonderful support section includes tutorial
videos, student benchmarks, and a teacher guide. Clear explanations
show how to customize class and student settings for the teacher
dashboard. Theres even a YouTube Channel that offers help on
using various components of the program. Directions for each lesson
are clear, and students can use audio and visual clues to help them
navigate the keyboarding activities.

Creative Use of Technology: Each student creates an avatar for a

personal feel. QwertyTown 2.0 uses voice to text when explaining
directions, and students can create friend lists and challenge their
friends to games. Students can communicate with teachers and peers
depending on the
settings the district
sets. The Head 2 Head
game lets students
TOP FEATURES Suitability for Use in a School Environment: QwertyTown 2.0
Lessons are scaffolded to meet the needs of
challenge a classmate individual learners.
meets a districts elementary and middle school needs for helping
or other user to a typing students become more comfortable with keyboarding skills. The
Students learn valuable keyboarding skills in
duel. Students can earn online application provides differentiated instruction and teacher-
a fun and engaging way.
coins to be spent in the friendly controls. QwertyTown 2.0 also allows students to practice
Teachers and administration can easily track
avatar store and tokens digital citizenship skills while communicating with other users.
student progress with a convenient, easy-to-
that can be used while use dashboard. QwertyTown 2.0 offers robust student reporting features and uses
playing Head 2 Head. Clever for automated roster management.

By Ellen Ullman

f you Google K12 assessment, more
than 11 million results pop up. Between
state assessments, formative assessments,
summative assessments, and student
portfolios, thats an awful lot of evaluation
going on. The good news is that todays
assessment tools are more prescriptive than past
products, and some of them even help teachers
and administrators understand what to do next. IF YOU WANT TO ASSESS
READING Try Pearsons TELL (Test of English IF YOU WANT
Try Lexias RAPID Assessment, says Language Learning), says Michelle Bracken, TO DRIVE
Heidi Busk, principal at Morgen Owings program specialist for English Learner Programs GRADE-LEVEL
Elementary in the Lake Chelan (WA) School for the San Bernardino (CA) City Unified School INSTRUCTION
District. Busk used RAPID for benchmarking District. Twenty-six percent of the 53,000 WITH
this year and says her school will move away students are ELL, and the district wanted a tool FORMATIVE
from NWEA MAP and DIBELS. DIBELS that provided immediate, real-time data on ASSESSMENT
gave us more detailed information than MAP, second language development.The district used Try i-Ready Standards
but the information was never granular and the California English Language Development Mastery, says Peggy Crowe,
we didnt know what to do with it, she says. Test (CELDT) to measure student progress curriculum coordinator for the
RAPID lets us dig in much deeper. We can see annually, and teachers use an ELD portfolio to Choctaw (MS) Tribal School District.
where the child is struggling and get scripted monitor individual student progress. In early The 2,600 students, who are members of the
lessons and other resources for teachers to 2016, the districts English Learner Programs Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, are
use. RAPID provides point-in-time percentile department put together a 10-school pilot bilingual but speak English and Choctaw at
rankings and breaks children into groups to see how TELL could help teachers and school. When the district first used i-Ready
that are struggling with the same standards administrators pinpoint student achievement. Standards Mastery in December of 2015,
so that teachers can hit the ground running. After a successful pilot that resulted in positive they gave students three unit tests and were
It also takes less time to administer, says feedback, 8,000 students at 70 schools used disappointed with the outcome. We wanted
Busk: an hour, versus up to two weeks with TELL this past fall. The testing went really well, to use the product more successfully, since
DIBELS. Since students do the assessment on and now teachers have an area to target for each teachers and students were dissatisfied with the
computers, teachers get immediate feedback student, by domain. Before TELL we relied on first results, says Crowe. They invited teachers
and real-time data results. The lessons CELDT and a teachers judgment in determining to choose standards to teach for nine weeks,
provided in the program are research-based, so where they thought students were at. TELL and then they completed an assessment. This
we can trust them. It gives me the confidence to provides the insight to let us know for sure if year, Crowe met with teachers in August. I
know that my teachers and paraprofessionals its a language issue or an academic skill issue. said, Lets select mastery items based on our
are using best practices, quality resources, and In addition, she says students liked taking the MAP assessment and test these standards.
learning so much themselves. Its like having test. Its interactive and feels more like a game, Then you can look at scores and determine your
professional development for teachers in and students told her the test makes them feel instructional needs. Teachers also used the
reading instruction. successful. Standards Mastery Reports and Item Analysis


portfolio or lasting But Johnson wanted students to have more than
example of their work. just a writing portfolio, so she enlisted a fellow
Since the district ed tech in her district to work with Doctopus, a
already used Google Google Sheets Add-On, to create a standardized
Drive, it was a natural portfolio that students, teachers, and district
extension to use officials had access to. This repository, which
Google Classroom as a is really a glorified Google folder and a Google
learning management Doc that serves as a chapter of contents, allows
system and utilize students to list their goals, activities, awards,
Google Drive as honors, and clubs. With this information
a place to house readily in hand, the portfolio also helps students
student writing and write their resumes or complete their college
assessments. With all applications. Many students also opt to design
of their writing and a showcase portfolio using bulb, a tool that
documents in one displays artifacts beautifully, to keep everything
Students at Westlake High School in Austin, TX, use this template to
place, teachers can ask a from prezi animations to audio recordings
build their portfolios, house their documents, generate resumes, and
class of students to pull to blogs. The next level, which Johnson has
assess themselves.
up last years assignments started working on, is helping teachers use
and re-edit them with digital portfolios to foster self-analysis and
Report to review the student new knowledge. Or they can use earlier writing peer reviews. The goal is to have someone ask
and class misconceptions. Crowe samples to track student growth. The beauty questions or help you review your portfolio
took away the word assessment of using Google Classroom and Google Drive and discuss what youve learned, she says. For
and encouraged the teachers to is that there was no learning curve for teachers instance, what do you notice about yourself
view i-Ready Standards Mastery as or students. Its simple and effective, says when you work in a group? What roles do you
an instructional tool instead. She and the Johnson. If a student leaves the district, he can excel at? Now that weve laid the groundwork,
curriculum facilitator meet with grade-level share his work with a personal gmail account. we are ready to build on it.
teachers every nine weeks. They bring their
i-Ready Standards Mastery Reports and look
for trends. It is so encouraging. Teachers no WHICH FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TOOL IS RIGHT
longer feel isolated; they see that other children FOR YOUR CLASSROOM?
are having the same difficulties. Teachers have
bonded and discuss how to improve instruction.
At last years Boston T&L Live, a group of educators held a lively Formative
When the district administered the most recent
i-Ready Standards Mastery test, more classes Assessment Shoot Out, packed with educators learning about popular tools avail-
were proficient and teachers were motivated. able for classroom use. The contenders were the following:
The approach of changing it to an instructional Nearpod ( Teachers can create lessons, synchronize them across all
tool supports higher student achievement, says student devices, and get real-time feedback and post-session reports on student com-
Crowe. We learned that teachers must instruct
with more rigor to address the standards in the
depth they require. She says the teachers come Pear Deck ( A Google app for 1:1/BYOD classrooms that engages every
to their grade-level meetings with books and student in every class every day. Teachers create presentations, students join with any
other resources to learn more effective strategies device and engage with the lesson in multiple ways: questions, videos, Web pages, etc.
to improve teaching best practices.
Formative ( A platform for real-timeformativeassessments that lets
IF YOU WANT TO TEACH students type, draw, or upload images.
STUDENTS HOW TO ASSESS Socrative ( Teachers quickly assess students with prepared activities or
THEMSELVES on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into student understanding and then use
Try Google Classroom, says Lisa Johnson,
results to determine the best instructional approach.
educational technologist at Eanes (TX)
Independent School District, chief executive Attendees watched demos and voted for their favorite one. In the end, it was too
officer of TechChef4u LLC, and author of close to call, says Andy Wallace, technology director of South Portland (ME) Schools
Cultivating Communication in the Classroom: and the Shoot Out moderator. Each product delivers a valuable, nuanced way to
Future-Ready Skills for Secondary Students. let teachers get a better understanding of well, their students understanding.
Johnson, who has worked at Westlake High The real winners are the classrooms in which teachers use any of these tools for
School for five years, was disappointed that increased engagement and easy formative assessment, says Wallace.
students would graduate without any kind of

Why Programming Is Essential to All Curricula

By Ellen Ullman

y 2018, there will bemore than two
millionopen jobs in STEM (science,
technology, engineering, math)
professions, but only 19 percent of
current college degrees are in STEM
fields. Even worse, 75 percent of
students that do well in science and math decide
to not pursue STEM in college. If we want to
remain a global leader, we have to develop more
interest in these topics. One way to do that is
by to show students that coding ties into nearly
everything we do. And to do that, we need to
incorporate programming into the curriculum,
just as theyve done in the following examples.


At the South Bronx Early College Academy,
a public charter school for grades six and seven,
computational thinking is woven into every
class. I joined this school to help bring
computer science into the core and make a
difference, says computer science teacher
Kelly Powers, who has been involved in
programming since 2005. Our students Captions TK
do computational-thinking activities that
develop their problem-solving and analytical
skills and push them to think creatively.
Last year, Powers worked with the physical state to include computer science as part of
education teacher on a unit in which students the curriculum in all schools, says Deborah
collected data to determine how fitness and Marshall, department chair for Career &
good nutrition helped them grow. In Powers Technical Education at Granby High School in
classes, students learn how to approach a Norfolk, VA, and a member of the states steering
problem, about the tools that can help solve into smaller chunks. We want our students to committee. Two of her districts high schools
problems more efficiently, and then go about discover new ways to solve problems using a teach IT Fundamentals, and it will be offered at
solving those problems. They learn how to variety of tools. Powers is determined to spread all five high schools soon. Part of the challenge
program with Scratch ( and her love of programming because our world is for many districts is finding and training teachers
AgentCubes ( driven by technology. Any careers my students who can teach coding, but in Virginia thats being
and create their own games. Recently, Powers go into will be rooted in computer science. By addressed by CODEVA (www.codevirginia.
worked with her colleagues to bring inquiries learning to use programming languages to come org), a nonprofit organization that offers free
into their classrooms. She and the science up with solutions, theyll be prepared for any teacher training and meetupsfor teachers
teacher taught students to use Python (www. field they choose. who cant attend CODEVA training but are to chart climate data, create graphs, interested in learning more about integrating
and reflected on their graphs. Literature students MAKING A STATEWIDE IMPACT computer science and coding activities into
made Scratch animations about Theseus. The state of Virginia is determined to theircourses.Marshall and her colleague, a
When they do these kinds of projects, they expose its students to programming and has digital marketing teacher, hosted a CODEVA
make all sorts of connections and reinforce formed a computer science steering committee meetup at their school; CODEVA is planning
their learning, says Powers. We spend lots of that is creating computer science standards to sponsor these events in other regions of
time brainstorming and decomposing problems for grades K12. In 2016, we became the first Virginia.Marshalls district participates in Hour

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transforming learning and teaching. A team of volunteer edtech experts
have combed through thousands of session ideas and selected
the most important topics, the most promising tools and
the most renowned presenters to help you lead transformation
in your school or district.

Discover the extraordinary possibilities of edtech,

June 25-28 at ISTE 2017.

15,000 educators 500+ companies 1,000 sessions 4 days


Captions TK
of Code and Digital Learning Day, and students different areas to fly drones and program robots. programming. In digital design, students learn
received coding lessons for the entire month of The activities we plan help children improve how to design web pages, how to connect to
December. She helps students make connections their skills in problem solving, collaboration, and STP servers, and more. Before graduation,
between programming and the real world so critical thinking. They are engaged and excited. they do an internship and have a portfolio (see
they can recognize the importance of coding and Coding and robots are integrated throughout samples, at right). Ramirez gives her students
understand that its not just one more thing a the curriculum. Students used Sratch Jr. (www. problems to which they must use their skills to
teacher makes them do. According to Marshall, at math stations, use find solutions. Technology is taking over all
80 percent of Granby High School students have Blockly ( to jobs, even truckingall trucks will be driven by
done some form of coding, whether in a class or animate robots, and commands to make Beebots computer programs in a few years. If you dont
an after-school program. pull wagons. Fifth-grade classes worked in know coding, you wont have a job, she says.
groups to build snow plows with Dash and Dot When youre coding, you have to spend hours
CODING IS ELEMENTARY ( They had to work to troubleshoot if it doesnt work. It builds up
Three years ago, Quaker Hill Elementary together and problem solve, which they did endurance and perseverance. You have to be
School participated in Hour of Code. It was the because the challenge of getting it to work was so patient and pay attention to detail. Those soft
first experience for our building and staff, says magical, says McKenney. skills are vital for everyone, and you can only get
Robyn McKenney, K-5 technology coordinator those skill from programming.
for Waterford (CT) Public Schools. We didnt CODING PREPARES STUDENTS
even know what coding was, says Whitney FOR EVERYTHING
Wadecki, a first-grade teacher at Quaker Hill. Web design teacher Luna Ramirez
Since then, all three Waterford elementary teaches coding in all of her classes at
schools are doing Hour of Code, theres a coding Information Technology High School
club for grades K and 1, and Wadecki created in Long Island City, NY. I focus on
an eight-week course based on Code.orgs the vocational aspect of coding, she
curriculum. The first year of the coding club, I says. How will the skills I teach help
had 30 members and a waiting list of 30 more, students in their career or profession
says Wadecki. Now in its third year, she runs the after high school? Ramirez, who teaches
club for two four-week sessions and is up to 45 HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and jQuery,
attendees each time. Wadecki and McKenney says the concepts of programming are
also do programming activities in classrooms good in any subject, since they prepare
and in the computer lab. Robyn and I shared students to develop ideas and use the
robots and Beebots ( with code to provide the answer. The school
classrooms to build momentum. The children has a web design academy and a video
were so excited that the PTAs in each school production academy. In the first year
purchased robots for their labs and teachers. of web design, students learn Adobe
McKenney set up an Innovation Station in tools; in their second year, they learn
the computer labs; students rotate through 11 about data, globalization, coding, and Captions TK


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A System Administrator Advocating
for Student Privacy
By Gennie Gebhart

hen Matt L. started to raise technology use, however, Matt has started to about privacy.
the alarm about educational have concerns about consolidating students Colleagues also pointed out the cost-
technology in his school educational and personal information in one effectiveness of free Google services in response
district, he knew it would company. Were putting all our eggs in one to Matts concerns. But Matt was not convinced.
ruffle some feathers. basket that were not in control of, he said. We Nobody's asking why it's free," Matt said.
As a system dont know where this student data is going. I thought it was common sense that, generally,
administrator (or sysadmin), Matt has had On top of his privacy concerns, Matt if you're not paying for the app, you're the
a front-row seat to the increasing use of observed students learning about only certain product.
technology in his rural, public school district. softwares without broader awareness of After repeated requests to talk more about
At first, the district only issued Chromebooks to their technology choices. Having grown up student privacy issues, Matts boss and members
students in guest kiosk mode for test-taking. experimenting with Linux and other open of administration pointed him to the districts
Over time, though, each of the districts 10,000 softwares, he was dismayed to see students being as well as Googles privacy policies. But this
students got individual access to school-issued steered toward only Google services and away approach of ensuring privacy by policy did not
devices, from iPads for younger students who from other options. lessen Matts concerns.
cannot yet type to Chromebooks and G-Suite for The beauty of technology is that it is so We have privacy policies for our website,
Education logins for students as young as third vast and deep, with so many choices. But were and for our student academic records, but not
grade. funnelling people into one situation, which is so much for students information in regards to
Matt and his sysadmin colleagues are not our job, he said. We should be teaching what Google is collecting, he said. We cant
at the center of deploying, configuring, and concepts of computing, not specific software. We guarantee what Google is or is not doing with
maintaining Google devices and software for should be giving parents and kids a choice. this information. Its all pretty vague, and its not
the entire district. This gives Matt opportunities the kind of thing you want to be vague about.
to identify privacy problems with ed tech PRIVACY BY POLICY One of the biggest problems with such
implementation, and to propose solutions. After frustrating initial conversations with privacy by policy is that it relies on all
colleagues, it became clear to Matt that student staff members being up-to-date on complex,
ALL OUR EGGS IN ONE privacy advocacy in his district could get touchy sometimes vague policies, and having the
BASKET pretty quick. Even higher-up colleagues who time and resources to comply with them
I dont want to say that Google or might have been in a position to make district- consistently. Matt observed that many in his
Chromebooks or any of this stuff is inherently level changes were hard to effectively approach. districtincluding his colleagues in system
bad, Matt said. Getting these tools into the They like Chrome because its easy to administrationsee student privacy as a long-
hands of kids is hard to argue with. Thats why I use and they dont have to worry much about term issue rather than an active, ongoing project.
got into technology. the mechanics behind it, he said. So, I was Stuff like student privacy gets back-
As the district has continued to expand its constantly ridiculed when I brought up concerns burnered, Matt said. Its hard to look down

the road at long-term projects when teachers
day-to-day is consuming all of our departments
time and energy.

Unsatisfied by the privacy by policy that his
district usually practices, Matt is investigating how
he can implement privacy by practicethat is,
prioritizing student privacy with active safeguards
to augment and ensure existing policy, like
technical settings and opt-out options.
His first step has been to crank down the lid
on privacy settings so that students use Google
products as anonymously as possible by default,
without associating their online profiles with
identifying information. Ideally, technical controls
like these will make it harder for teachers or third-
party companies to collect student data, making
privacy the default in students and teachers work.
He is also advocating for an opt-out policy.
EFF helped Matt locate relevant examples of
opt-out policies from other school districts to get
conversations started. However, this advocacy
process has brought up more questions than
answers. Coworkers were concerned that giving
students the option to opt out of Chromebooks
and/or Google services will create more work
for teachers and administrators, and it has been
hard to build consensus around what classroom
alternatives would be available when students
choose to opt out.

Matts conversations with colleagues
have moved forward in fits and starts, and are
constantly changing as the districts technology
situation changes. For example, a system-wide
update gave Matt an opportunity to propose
concurrent changes in ed tech implementation.
But, soon after, discussions about abandoning
local storage and migrating completely to Google
Drive ran counter to Matts efforts to locally
control student data and ensure their privacy.
In the meantime, Matt is thinking about
stepping up student digital literacy education with
more student-staff interactions on the topic. He
has also brought up his concerns at professional
conferences to learn from sysadmin in different
schools and districts. Matt remains persistent and
committed to advocating for more secure, more
private student systems.
Its a really hard problem, but we need to
come up with an answer, Matt said.
Reprinted from the Electronic Frontier
Foundation site ( using the Creative
Commons license.



By Ellen Ullman teachers brought the Google Genius Hour passion goal so that they can connect teachers

( engineers get with the tools and other resources they need.
ou cant mandate to spend 20 percent of their time working on As for opportunity, Sanfelippo says hes always
innovation, says Joe a pet projectto their district. They named it on the lookout, via social media and speaking
Sanfelippo, superintendent Passion Projects for Adults, and Fall Creek staff engagements, for other schools that tie in with a
of Fall Creek (WI) members get to learn about anything they want. passion project.
School District. From an Were trying to help people move to a different At the beginning of this school year, two
administrative standpoint, place without moving them, says Sanfelippo. teachers requested robotics kits. Sanfelippo
you have to create an environment in which To encourage teachers to explore, the district suggested they first try using the Spheros, which
people can take risks. provides three essential ingredients: time, are ball-shaped gaming devices that students
Thats exactly what he and his staff have resources, and opportunity. This year, teachers program with a smartphone or tablet, in the
done. Instead of offering traditional professional received three student-free days to work on library and connected them with a school in
development, Sanfelippo and a group of their projects. Principals know everyones Minnesota that holds a Global Sphero Day. The

Strategies for K-12 Technology Leaders

teachers now have 25 Spheros and their students there had been a gap in technology services Martin is also forming a technology
are programming and live-streaming for the for a couple of years. The first thing I did leadership council to decide future plans.
community. was knock down a wall between my office and Their first task? Figuring out whether to
Our intent is to embed everything we do in the administrators, says Martin, director of replace a fleet of eight-year-old interactive
our culture. Last year, when we surveyed staff innovation & technology. Our office is in the whiteboards.
about our new professional learning model, 94 high school and I didnt want any barriers
percent agreed or strongly agreed that it made between me and the people I was trying to serve. BE WILLING TO TRUST
them a better teacher. Martin wanted to encourage people to pop in A lot of times, people think innovation
and chat. I needed to get traction to make any means chaos. For us, innovation is strategic
BE A PROBLEM SOLVER sort of innovations take off, he says. freedom, says Vincent Scheivert, chief
When the word innovation is in your title, Today, the elementary school has a podcast information officer for Albemarle County (VA)
chances are youve got some insight on the topic. club called the Blue Wave Broadcasters. The Public Schools. Scheivert says leaders need to
For Jennie Magiera, chief innovation officer at middle/high school has a LakerMaker space decide what they are willing to give up and trust
Des Plaines (IL) School District 62, one of the which, because it isnt a scheduled room or their students, teachers, and/or administrators
keys to creating an innovative culture is solving tied directly to a classroom, allows students to find more effective, efficient ways. The death
problems. Remember that your colleagues are to explore technological questions outside of knell of any progressive organization is, This is
normal people who oftentimes cant see beyond their classes. Martins latest project is getting a the way weve always done it, he says. If you go
their pain points, she says. If you identify and 360-degree camera so that students can begin into things with that mindset, youve defeated
alleviate that problem, you win. If you can do it working in VR settings. His office also hosts yourself. Instead, do it differently from how you
in an innovative way, even better. For example, student interns who are exploring careers in did it last year.
when teachers complained about spending all computer science. At Albemarle, every school has advanced
of their time grading papers, Magiera made a Martins technology staff knows that unless manufacturing capabilities; many teachers
Google Form to help them grade more efficiently. a request is potentially unsafe, their first word is let students choose their own style of seating.
If you make someone happy, you establish never to be no. As he says, When youre trying From the beginning of its 1:1 program in 2013,
trust and demonstrate that technology can solve to get people engaged and to think about how students were allowed to be full administrators
problems. to do things differently, its imperative to have of their devices. We cant call them personal
Magiera is also strategic about which a Lets talk this through attitude. It also lets learning devices if kids cant personalize them,
teachers to approach first. She acknowledges people know that our concerns start and end and that goes further than letting them select a
that a lot of people target the early adopters, with one question: How effective is their idea for background picture, says Scheivert. Students
but she goes straight to the laggards. If you can students? add or delete programs and are expected to
convince the laggards, especially the loudest customize their laptops to suit their learning
ones, to meet an early adopter or innovator and needs. The machines are content-filtered at
be turned into an innovator, thats political gold school or on a home network, but students can
and makes everyone else jump on board. They access questionable sites as they learn. The
dont want to be behind the laggards. beauty of this arrangement is that the mistakes
When she launched a makerspace students make are easily resolved. We find
movement, Magiera decentralized making by that middle schoolers generally need a reimage
bringing it to the classrooms instead of housing
a space in the library. She recruited 10 teachers
A LOT OF TIMES, once a quarter. By high school, that drops to one
reimage in four years.
to be part of a cohort called the Dream Lab;
they wrote a grant and bought 3D printers,
PEOPLE THINK Perhaps Albemarles biggest innovation
is how they are solving the digital divide by
virtual reality (VR) equipment, and other
materials. Now the Dream Lab is exploring
INNOVATION building an LTE network to deliver public
wireless network access to every home across
maker pedagogy, incorporating it into their core
content, and writing lesson plans. They publish
MEANS CHAOS. the countys 726 square miles. By 2020,
we want everyone to be able to access their
( their lessons and teachers
use a Google Form to check out maker materials.
FOR US, tools, their homework, and any of our other
resources, says Scheivert. Even though the

INNOVATION LTE initiative took a few iterations before it
came together, he knows that is part of the
Two years ago, when John Martin began IS STRATEGIC process. We try to fight saying no. Instead, we
working at Inter-Lakes (NH) School District, work through a process that allows us to get to
his predecessor had just died. Understandably, FREEDOM. that yes.

The Often-Overlooked
Tool Critical for a Successful
School iPad Program
With an MDM solution called TabPilot, Bass has improved the manage-
ment of these devices dramaticallyand teachers are now able to direct
students learning much more effectively.

With TabPilot, administrators and teachers can use a simple, drag-and-

drop interface to control which apps are visible or hidden on student
devices in each class. The software also includes powerful classroom
management features; for example, teachers can lock students into a
specific app or website during a lesson so the students stay focused.
Then, when the lesson is over, students can be given the freedom to
explore on their own. Another helpful feature is the ability for teachers
to clear forgotten passcodes on student devices without having to ask
for assistance from the IT department.

As everybody knows, the challenge with individual devices is the oppor-

tunity students have to go off-task, Bass says. We knew we needed to
here are several factors that help determine the successor be able to monitor usage better. TabPilot has improved our directed use
failureof a school iPad program. For instance, educators must of iPadsand this has allowed us to justify purchasing more devices.
be trained in how to use iPads effectively to support teaching and
learning, and schools must have adequate network infrastructure for LIKE FLIPPING A SWITCH
their students to get online securely. Georgias Cherokee County School District has more than 5,000 iPads
stored in mobile carts across nearly 40 schools. Teachers can reserve a
According to K12 leaders who have implemented successful mobile classroom set of 30 iPads for their students to use during project-based
device programs, choosing a mobile device management (MDM) learning. But setting up each cart of iPads was cumbersome and
system that is designed to meet the specific needs of schools is equally required IT staff to physically touch every device. In addition, teachers
important, though it is sometimes overlooked during initial planning. had no easy way to customize the apps their students could access.
The right MDM solution not only helps IT leaders with an efficient
and smooth rollout and ongoing management of apps and devices, Our teachers feel like they have more
but it also empowers teachers to be more successful in their control over what is being used and
instruction by providing simple tools for classroom-level management howand they really like that.
and control. Dana Kickler, Instructional technologist, Lackland ISD
Elementary School

When Sayard Bass became assistive technology coordinator for Hinsdale That all changed when Cherokee County began using TabPilot, which
Township High School District 86 in Illinois, iPads were already in use in has made it easy to manage the iPads in a shared-use environment.
the districts special education department, but there was no easy way to Before TabPilot, Network Analyst Carol Dickerson and her staff used
manage them. Whats more, Bass knew there were times when students Apple Configurator to set up each group of iPads. It was a very time-
were using the iPads to play games instead of for learning. consuming process.

NM_TabPilot_spread T&LMay.indd 1 4/11/17 12:11 PM NM_Tab


to find, evaluate, and curate high-quality apps that are COPPA-compliant.

These apps are loaded into TabPilot and made available for teachers to
use as needed.

TabPilot also helps the district make more efficient use of its resources
by saving money on app licensing. Instructional technologists only have
to purchase a small number of licenses for paid apps, because TabPilot
makes it easy to move the licenses to different classes as needed.
TabPilots simple interface helps track device use.
As all three of these districts have discovered, the right MDM solution helps
support more effective teaching with iPads. We can push apps to specific
We would set up one iPad, download all the apps the teachers classes or entire groups, Kickler says. Our teachers feel like they have
requested, back up that configuration, and then copy it to the other more control over what is being used and howand they really like that.
devices, she explained. And if teachers wanted to add more apps later,
the process had to be repeated. This kept teachers from having the most
up-to-date resources for their classrooms, because it could take as long
as two months for the IT team to fulfill a teachers request.

Now, with TabPilot, all we do is name the device, and were through
TabPilot believes schools shouldnt be stuck with mobile
touching it, Dickerson says. I go to the TabPilot console, and I can device management tools built for the enterprise and
put each iPad into a group. I can drag the apps I want to appear on the shoehorned into classrooms. The companys school-
iPads for that group, and voila! The apps just show up on those devices specific, easy-to-use MDM is designed to make life easier
instantly, over the air. for IT staff while empowering teachers to use mobile
devices in the classroom more effectively.
TabPilots console is so simple that teachers can use it without having
to involve IT staff. We let it be teacher-driven, explained Dickerson. With TabPilots MDM, school IT personnel can:
Teachers can set up customized home screen layouts for each of their Manage and distribute apps
classes. When they borrow an iPad cart, they simply turn on the appro-
Manage devices by school and district level
priate screen layout for that classand their students then see only
Track app licensing
the apps they have specified.
Set restrictions and network profiles
Configure permissions
Its as easy as flipping a switch, Dickerson states.
Inventory devices and apps
BUILT FOR EDUCATION Enroll devices quickly with Apple DEP
Not all MDM solutions are the same, as the Lackland Independent Sync with Apple School Manager
School District in Texas has learned.
The software allows teachers to:
Because Lackland ISD serves the children of Lackland Air Force Base Choose apps for student home screens
personnel, students are constantly entering and leaving the district. Freeze student screens (heads-up!)
With such a high turnover rate, the district needed an easy, flexible Lock students into a single app
way to set up and manage the iPads in its 1:1 mobile learning
Distribute content
program. After trying other MDM systems and finding they didnt
Create Web links
work well for education, Lackland ISD found TabPilot, which has
Clear forgotten student passcodes
been designed specifically for schools and gives educators more fine-
tuned control.
For more information, visit
TabPilot has helped Lackland ISD make sure the apps used by students
are educationally appropriate and comply with the Childrens Online tabpilot
Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Dana Kickler, instructional technologist
for Lackland ISDs elementary school, and her team, work with teachers

12:11 PM NM_TabPilot_spread T&LMay.indd 2 4/11/17 12:11 PM

As InfoComm ( gets ready to kick off next month in
Orlando, Tech & Learning highlights some of the newest projectors for K-12.


The BenQ LU9715 BlueCore Laser Projector is a bright choice for larger
classrooms and auditoriums. It delivers 8000 ANSI-lumen brightness and
100,000:1 contrast ratio for superior viewing even under bright ambient
lighting. The BlueCore laser engine provides significantly improved
color performance through a dual color wheel system, supports 360 and
portrait installation, and offers a selection of lenses for a wide range of
projector placement options.
The LU9715 features proprietary BlueCore 1-chip DLP high
brightness laser technology and WUXGA native resolution (1920 x
1200) for stunning image quality courtesy of dual color wheel projection.
Combined with great installation flexibility and a maintenance-free laser
light source, the BlueCore laser projector reduces total cost of ownership
for schools with 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, saving on
lamp replacement and maintenance costs.


LOOK NO FURTHER. Hitachi is one of the most trusted names in long life
projectors and high quality flat panel displays that are transforming the
educational experience. Hitachis CP-X25LWN, CP-X30LWN and CP-WX30LWN
projectors each come with a generous 5-year or 10,000 hour lamp warranty and
a low cost of ownership. In addition to projectors, Hitachi America, Ltd. now
offers interactive flat panel displays with a host of convenient features. Choose
from 65", 75" and 86" models designed for a wide range of applications.
More products, more solutions. Contact Hitachi today at
1.800.HITACHI or

See us at InfoComm
Booth #3429

Looking For Solutions From A Brand You Can Trust?

The Boxlight P9 pen-interactive projector brings short throw
projected images and collaborative areas to classrooms. Up to five
students can work together at the front of the room. The full-featured
projector comes complete with the award-winning MimioStudio
classroom software and three free MimioMobile device connections,
allowing teachers to perform collaboration and assessment activities
at the front of the room with almost any student device. Additionally,
the projectors analog and digital audio/video connections ensure
compatibility with virtually any PC.
The P9 pen-interactive projectors include the dynamic MimioStudio
classroom software. It connects the Boxlight products, so using other tools
from the document camera to the pen tabletis quick and easy. MimioStudio
software allows educators to create interactive lessons and collaborative
activities, and perform real-time assessment. The software also opens other IWB
activities, enabling educators to use the interactive content they already have.


Canon released two new DLP projectors, the LV-
HD420 full HD DLP projector and LV-X420 DLP
projector. Balancing image quality and versatility,
the compact LV-HD420 and LV-X420 projectors
offer native full HD (1920 x 1080) and XGA (1024
x 768) resolutions, respectively, as well as 4200
lumens and a high contrast ratio (8,000:1 for the
LV-HD420 and 10,000:1 for the LV-X420), all in
an approximate 7 lb. compact body.
Both models include the BrilliantColor system
and a range of image quality adjustments, have the
capability to display 3D content via a DLP-Link
system, and include a built-in high-powered 10W
speaker. For simplified installation and maintenance, both models include dual HDMI
inputs with MHL support and are filter-free.


Casios Ultra Short Throw Projector can project brilliant, shadow-free, crisp images at
close range with its built-in 0.28:1 fixed lens. Its laser & LED hybrid
light engine lasts for up to 20,000 hours without needing to replace
costly lamps or filters, and requires minimal maintenance. The XJ-
UT351WN produces 3500 lumens of brightness and boasts WXGA
(1280 x 800) resolution with a 20,000:1 contrast ratio, which is ideal for
displaying HD content from video and computer sources.
Two (2) HDMI inputs provide connectivity with all current display
technology without the need for switching cables. A high-power USB
port (5v DC, 2A) provides direct power for USB stick devices and
eliminates the need for a separate power supply. Network (RJ-45)
and local RS-232 connections provide control and remote status
monitoring capabilities and adding the optional YW-40 wireless
adapter allows for wireless display streaming for a Windows and Apple
computer, or download the Casio C-Assist App for wireless display of
content from a tablet (IOS and Android).

Go MercuryFree and Be Safe.

Meet the

2017 CASIO AMERICA, INC. All Rights Reserved.

The Christie AP Series comprises two 5,000-lumen-class
3LCD projectors in a compact, user-friendly, and value-added
package. Offering a long lamp life (up to 6,000 hours) and
integrated audio, the AP Series provides a low total cost of
ownership and is designed for easy classroom installation and
Featuring a comprehensive list of I/O connections,
including HDBaseT, the Christie AP Series handles a variety
of integration environments and content sources. With WXGA
or WUXGA resolution and up to 10,000:1 contrast ratio, images are
crisp and clear, ensuring content looks great in any classroom. Special
pricing for schools is available through the Christie ScholarTech program.


Epson announced the latest BrightLink Interactive ultra short throw presentation displays for education, including
the BrightLink 685Wi, 695Wi, 696Ui, and 697Ui. These enhanced displays enable individualized instruction
with wireless content sharing and deliver crisp image quality, with up to full HD resolution and a bright,
readable, interactive image up to 100 inches3x as big as a 60-inch flat panel. Combined with Epsons
advanced 3LCD light engine for bright, vivid colors, the
new BrightLink interactive displays result in impactful
presentations and productive collaboration.
The new BrightLink interactive presentation displays
deliver wireless capabilities for easy content sharing to help
students learn and collaborate. The BrightLink series now
enables instructors to share content between the big screen
and wirelessly connected mobile devices for individualized
learning. With the Epson Multi-PC Projection with
Moderator function and the Epson iProjection App,
teachers have the ability to see and choose to display up
to four devices simultaneously from a maximum of 50 connected
student devices for an engaging, collaborative classroom experience. The
new BrightLink series also introduces DuoLink, an extended whiteboard
feature enabling teachers and students to get twice the collaboration
space by utilizing two BrightLink devices side by side.

Hitachi America introduced the LP-WU3500, 3,500 lumen
LED projector. In addition to brightness and clarity, the LP-
WU3500 offers low total cost and low-maintenance ownership,
with an expected 20,000 hours of life. The new LP-WU3500
projector comes with a host of features and an exceptional
five-year or 20,000 hours limited warranty, for a long life of
worry-free operation.
The LP-WU3500 operates at a much lower noise level than
other projectors, making it ideal for presentations and classroom
environments. The dust-resistant structure applied to the
optical engine reduces the effect of dust and particles in the air
and enables the projector to be used in an array of environments
without overheating and creating unnecessary noise. Without
the costs for replacement lamps, the LP-WU3500 projector is a
great total cost of ownership investment.


The IN2120a projector from InFocus is ideal for classroom environments
for easy video and digital content display. The projector can display
content from HDMI, USB, or 2 GB of internal memory, as well as 3D
content from Blu-ray or PC. Educators can use this affordable projector
to enhance the interactivity of their classroom by allowing their students
to share their documents, videos, audio, and photos, which can be cast
wirelessly from a mobile or personal device.
This projector features a wide variety of connection capabilities
including HDMI, VGA, USB, wireless connectivity, PC, and Blu-ray to
allow teachers and students to share content to enhance their learning and
collaboration. Boasting impressive brightness of 3,500 lumens, the IN2120a
network projector increases effectiveness and visibility of presentations and
lessons, and with minimal IT configuration needed, the IN2120a projector can connect
to internal networks and sync with Crestron or AMX systems.

NEC Display Solutions of America announced four LCD installation projectors that
deliver UHD Blu-ray and 4K content support, extended lamp and filter
life, and a wider color space, enhancing the user experience and
lowering the total cost of ownership for users needing large images
or higher brightness on the screen. Ranging from 6,500 lumens
to 9,000 lumens, the latest innovations in the PA Series include
the NP-PA653U, NP-PA803U, NP-PA853W, and NP-PA903X
projectors with WUXGA, WUXGA, WXGA, and XGA resolutions,
A key differentiator in these latest compact models is NECs
Scaler Chip, an advancement in picture processing. The integrated
picture processor simultaneously manages a 4K/60p input and shares
signal output with multiple daisy-chained connected projectors. It also
translates into unsurpassed image noise reduction, de-interlacing, scaling,
and full 10-bit color processing, giving education, museum, corporate, retail, and
other industry users a better overall viewing experience.

The Optoma ZH400UST is a good choice for classroom settings,
combining the best of what projection offers todaya high-
definition, bright, and colorful image, an ultra short throw ratio,
and a laser light source to provide the ultimate in reliability with
20,000+ hours of virtually maintenance-free lifetime performance.
Featuring 4,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 with
Dynamic Black enabled, the ZH400UST is equipped with a 10-watt
speaker, and a PC-free USB media player to support video, audio,
image, and presentation files from any USB device.
The Optoma ZH400UST combines reliability and
maintenance-free operation with flexibility. With a throw ratio of
just .25, the Optoma ZH400UST can display a 100 image from
only 13 away, making it the ideal projector for space-constrained environments. It is
also equipped with state-of-the-art laser phosphor display technology for the absolute
best in picture quality and color performance, outperforming traditional lamp-based
projectors with rich color and deep black levels.

The portable RICOH PJ WX4152NI is an ultra short throw, 360-degree projector
capable of showcasing interactive images on walls, floors, and tabletops when placed
mere inches from the projection surface, enabling more collaborative experiences for
students. A high-precision wireless digital pen lets participants directly annotate and
highlight the projected surface. LAN and wireless connections empower participants
to share documents and images directly from their devices to drive even more
collaboration, from algebra problems to essay feedback.
The RICOH PJ WX4152NI boasts a number of features to make projecting
information where and when you need it as simple, effective, and collaborative as
possible. In addition to its industry-leading short throw distance, the projector is small
enough to be comfortably portable. Content can be projected directly from a USB drive
or memory card, or accessed via LAN or wireless network, so wherever a teacher goes,
their high-quality, interactive projection capabilities follow.


The ViewSonic PJD6352LS is a short throw, XGA, networkable projector, featuring
3200 lumens of brightness in a sleek form factor. Built-in SuperColor technology offers
vivid image reproduction; the proprietary SonicExpert sound enhancement technology
delivers incredibly clear sound. PortAll, an enclosed HDMI/
MHL connection compartment, supports streaming media
from wireless HDMI dongles or MHL connectors. With an
adapter plate, an existing SMART Board or Promethean
Interactive White Boards can be upgraded with the latest
projection technology.
The PJD6352LS includes a cable management hood that
eliminates cable clutter, and the top lamp door enables easy
access for lamp maintenance. The long-lasting bulb offers up to
10,000 hours in Dynamic Eco Mode. A 0.61 short throw lens ensures
large screen projection for smaller spaces, and corner adjustment and
HV keystone provide set-up flexibility. Crestron RoomView Express
provides network management to remotely control 250+ LightStream
projectors from a single PC. Lightweight and packed with features, this is an ideal
projector for classrooms.

The DH765Z-UST from Vivitek is a full high-definition, ultra short throw laser
projector with an advanced phosphorus light engine and lampless design. With a large
100 projection only 20 inches from the projection surface, the projected image
is shadow-free, allowing students in any area of the classroom to see the days
lesson. With 3500 ANSI lumens, the DH765Z-UST allows instructors to engage
students and create a truly visual learning experience.
The DH765Z-UST offers the next generation of advanced projection
technology, giving an immersive big-screen experience in short viewing
distances. It delivers vivid colors and a brightness of 3,500 ANSI
lumens. Built lamp-free, the DH765Z-UST provides a low cost of
ownership, with minimal maintenance, and emits a high-quality
projection for up to 20,000 hours. The HD765Z-UST features
HDMI, component, composite video, s-video, and VGA-in/out
connectivity options with an embedded 10W audio speaker and multiple
audio in/out ports.



Tell us how you lead by using technology in education. Enter Tech &
Learnings 2017 Leader of the Year Program
Tech & Learning is once again honoring K-12 administrators, technology coordinators, and
teachers who use technology in innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students
learn. Share your teaching, training, and managing success stories with us! Each of the
finalists will win prizes, gain national recognition and be profiled in T&Ls 2017 Awards

At a time when educators are challenged to do more with less, Tech & Learnings Leader
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T&L_LeaderoftheYear_NOM_031717.indd 1 3/17/17 9:31 AM


Logitech ( announced the Rugged Combo,

Rugged Case, and Add-on Keyboard for Rugged Case for
Apples new 9.7-inch iPad. The Rugged Combo helps protect the iPad from
drops and daily wear and tear, and has a detachable keyboard offering a
secure and approved solution for testing and exams. The Rugged
Cases frame is lined with soft polymer ribs that flex on impact
to protect iPad from drops as high as six feet onto surfaces as
hard as concrete. The kick-back stand has sturdy mechanical
hinges that move freely within a 40-degree range, while
staying firmly in place, without collapsing, even with
aggressive tapping. The keyboard sources power directly
from iPad, so users never have to charge the keyboard.
Its dedicated row of
short-cut and function
keys also make it easy
to navigate various iPad
functions, directly from
the keyboard.

Listen Technologies (www.

Casio America, Inc. (www.casio. announced its
com) released the PRIZM
newest offering, ListenTALK,
CAS fx-CG500 next-
which will begin shipping in
generation graphing calculator. In
June. ListenTALK is a mobile,
addition to boasting an advanced
two-way communication system
Computer Algebra System (CAS),
that makes it easy for groups of
the fx-CG500 features a high-
two or more people to listen and
resolution, color, touchscreen LCD,
talk with the push of a button.
conveying a Natural Textbook
The pocket-sized device enables
display in addition to other features
clear, secure, collaborative
that are permitted for use on the AP,
communications with the largest
range of any traditional portable
exams. The fx-CG500s extra-
FM technology -- up to 100 meters
large 4.8 screen allows for more
(328 feet). ListenTALKis ideal
complete and detailed viewing of
for noisy, crowded, and/or mobile
mathematics. Its drag-and-drop
environments. Applications
functionality enables students to
include training and collaboration,
quickly and intuitively pull information from one representation into another, while its
presentations, guided tours,
split-screen functionality allows simultaneous viewing of functions and graphs. Students
event production, and language
can also switch between portrait and landscape views for extended screen width.



software & online WHATS NEW

AIRPARROT 2 receivers at once. AirParrot 2 is also easy reality, and science and math simulations.
( to use: a user opens the app, selects which Designed for K12 classrooms with
chrome/) AirPlay receiver they want to mirror to, and interactive displays, ClassFlow simplifies
Squirrels LLC clicks connect. Users can choose to mirror the way teachers and students collaborate
released AirParrot their entire Chromebook desktop display and use todays modern technologies
2 for Chrome OS or just a single tab. such as mobile, PCs, and interactive
to bring previously touchboards.
unavailable CLASSFLOW
screen-mirroring ( DISCOVERY EDUCATION
capabilities to classroom Chromebooks. ClassFlow, STREAMING AND
AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS software runs the free, TECHBOOK
on Chromebooks and allows teachers next-generation lesson delivery (
and students to wirelessly present their software, announced new partnerships Discovery
device screens to Apple TV. The original with leading digital content developers Education
AirParrot for Chrome OS released in 2014 to provide teachers with expanded announced two
gave Chromebooks the ability to connect access to the latest interactive new enhancements
to second- and third- generation Apple educational content. By partnering to its digital
TVs. AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS advances withGooru,SketchFab,PhETInteractive services, Streaming and Techbook, to
that technology, allowing Chromebooks Simulations, andDesmos, ClassFlow support educators in peer networking
to connect to the new fourth-generation will offer teachers the latest technologies and differentiated instruction. Currently
Apple TV and mirror to multiple AirPlay for lessons, including 3D models, virtual rolling-out to users of Discovery Education

Reach the Summit


MA-808 Portable Wireless PA System
Y Versatile Sound Amplication
The MA-808 innovatively integrates wireless microphones, speakers, CD / USB player and a
Bluetooth interface for wireless music streaming into a sturdy, compact case that offers an
entirely portable sound system anywhere it is needed.
MIPRO supplies UHF and 2.4 GHz receiver modules options and matching handheld or
bodypack transmitters, as well as the exclusive miniature transmitters for musical instruments,
such as violin, saxophones, erhu, guitar, cajon, and so on, thus the instrument players could
experience convenient wireless amplication via the MA-808 portable wireless PA system.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Lightweight with built-in pull-up handle and sturdy wheels for easy transport, the
economical rechargeable battery system enables operations indoors or outdoors without AC
power and cumbersome cables. Even handheld & bodypack transmitters can be stored
within the sleek cabinet.

136 Venturi Drive Chesterton, IN 46304
Phone: 800.846.5606 | | WWW.TECHLEARNING.COM M AY 2 01 7 | 45
software & online
Streaming, Streaming Plus, and the assessments that measure student growth
Discovery Education Techbook series is for grades 3 8. Built to measure college
the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) and career readiness standards, eMPower
Online Community. A new social media Assessments provide a coherent program
platform, embedded within Discovery to connect to the scale of the SAT Suite of
Teachers in control... Educations services, the DEN Online Assessments. eMPower Assessments track

Community enhances educators ability to student progress toward meeting state
connect with peers from around the world standards. The program meets districts

and personalize their own professional needs to reduce redundant, disconnected
development.To further support testing and to measure growth consistently
educators efforts to differentiate math through all grades, within and across years.
...students engaged instruction, a Math Assessment Builder Used together, eMPower and the SAT
has also been added to the Discovery Suite of Assessments support consistent
EducationMath Techbook. Now, teachers assessment from grades 3 through 12. The
F RONTROW EZROOM is the everything-
but-the-display AV solution for
todays smart classrooms.
can access 8,000 additional technology-
enhanced items from which they can create
SAT Suite of Assessments measures what
students are learning in school, and what
their own standards-based assessments. they need to know to succeed in college and
Only EZROOM integrates career.
AV control, wireless D-LINK E-RATE PROGRAM
voice & media ( EXACT PATH
reinforcement, D-Link (
digital intelligence, announced a Edmentum has
and teacher alerting in new Schools and completed the initial
a networked solution LibrariesE-Rate phase of the beta
you can manage from programdesigned program for its new
anywhere. to help schools build a better infrastructure K-8 individualized
for their budget. As part of the new learning
The customizable Smart Mic lets
program, D-Link will help schools and program,Exact Path. The program
teachers start lesson capture, call the
libraries simplify the E-Rate process provides an adaptive, research-based
office, turn off projectors, and more,
by preparing a technology plan, filing assessment, dynamically assigned quality
from anywhere in the
with E-Rate, identifying detailed costs, content, and progress monitoring tools to
and receiving discounts on a variety of target individual instruction. Exact Path
And a huge array networking products. Alone or as part of was developed with the goal of delivering
of affordable, a multi-vendor system, D-Link E-Rate each student the right lesson at the right
professional-quality Category Two-eligible products bring level, at the right time. With 6,300 students
AV options makes a broad range of network benefits, and participating in the beta program, the
EZROOM the obvious choice for updating provide school with more for their E-Rate new solution has shown increases in their
your classroom AV power. spend. Qualifying D-Link products include reading, language arts, and math skill
switches, wireless access points and remote proficiency while saving teachers time.The
Call for your free consultation today!
wireless, and VPN routers. full program is expected to launch in time
for the 2017-18 school year.
Free mic offer for ( JAMF SUPPORT FOR NEW
TECH & LEARNING readers! Measured APPLE RELEASES Progress, Inc. (
announced the Jamf announced support for the upcoming
launch of eMPower Assessments, interim Apple releases of iOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Call 800.227.0735 46 | MAY 2 01 7 | WWW.TECHLEARNING.COM

software & online WHATS NEW

ITSLEARNING AND GOORU digital text, and videos that have been
( and curated and organized from over 500
itslearning sources, such as PBS, Smithsonian, NBC
partnered with Learn, NASA, National Geographic, and
Gooru, a nonprofit Algebra Lab.
organization that curates and vets open
When customers upgrade their iPhone, educational resources (OERs), to offer KAJEET SENTINEL
iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, IT administrators complete online curricula for more than (
using Jamf Pro (formerly Casper Suite) 35 teacher-curated courses in core subject Kajeet,a specialist
or Jamf Now (formerly Bushel) can be areas, including science, mathematics, in safe,mobile
confident their management workflows will English language arts and social studies. student Internet connectivity,
be uninterrupted. In addition to version The courses contain resources, collections, announced enhancements to the Kajeet
compatibility, Jamf Pro supports the and assessments. In addition, itslearning Sentinelplatform. The platform enables
new functionality of the Apple releases, lets teachers remix and customize students to access online educational
including new security capabilities and content collections and courses to meet content,filters out unsafe and irrelevant
configuration management for devices, the personalized instruction needs of material, manages data allocations, and
additional managed restrictions, a new individual students and the performance enables educators to better understand
version of Apples Classroom app, and objectives of entire districts. With how students are using the devices outside
new device management capabilities for itslearning, educators can tap into over 1.7 the classroom. The KajeetEducation
Apple TV, including zero-touch setup, million learning objects, such as websites, Broadband solution connects students at
configuration, and app distribution. interactives, educational games, questions, home or on the go through two nationwide

What the Classroom Can Be.

Creating an innovative classroom is easier than you think.
Better Solutions. Better Results.
Boxlight products are designed to help students learn more effectively
and develop the essential skills they need for success. Students
respond to this enhanced way of learning, and teachers find it allows
them to do more in the classroom, with less time and hassle.

Our technology and software empower both educators and

students in all forms of learning, enabling real understanding and
enhancing student achievement. Whether the approach is whole-
class learning, small-group collaboration, formative assessment, or
STEM-based learning, Boxlight offers the services, software, and
hardware to create the classroom you need. Boxlight is excited
to announce our new line of P12 laser projectors, giving you even
more choices for brilliant collaborative learning.

Experience what your classroom can be.

Text canbe to 51555.
Call 360.464.2119.

2016 BOXLIGHT, Inc. 2016 Mimio.
S&VC Ad.pdf 1 4/13/2017 5:05:07 PM

software & online

Turn lectures into field trips. 4G LTE networks in more than300 districts across 41 states and D.C.
The upgrades to the Sentinel platform will allow educators to better
manage the filters and provide enhanced reporting on when students
are using their data and which sites they are visiting.


Lightspeed Systems Relay for
Chrome is a comprehensive, easy
to set up solution designed for
Chrome OS devices in K-12. The
all-in-one, cloud-based solution
maximizes return on investment of
school Chromebooks with simple
tools for filtering, protecting,
geolocating, and reporting on
Reinvent the classroom. the devices. Administrators can easily filter access to the internet,
From the number one brand in high-definition fixed-lens projectors, including social media and SSL sites, with granular policies for staff
Optomas education projectors combine unparalleled features with and students.

M industry-leading technologiesperfect for classrooms and lecture halls.

CM (
Mentoring Minds relaunched
The EH320USTis TouchBeam interactive its website as a resource for
technology enablesengaged learning

teachers seeking ways to integrate

in every space.
critical thinking into learning and

teaching. The new resource hub,


Learn with Us, features a blog

and downloadable white papers
User-friendly in every install, the new Optoma
ZH400UST, ZW300UST and ZW300USTi laser that offer ideas and insight into key challenges that teachers and
projectorsoffer impressive image performance administrators face. Educatorsboth on staff at Mentoring Minds and
and ultra short throw capabilities. as guest contributorsshare new content on a weekly basis on topics
such as college and career-readiness, student-centered classrooms,
and best walkthrough practices.

Packed to perform and equipped with SMITHSONIAN LEARNING LAB

HDBaseT, the Optoma ProScene WU515T (
provides impressive connectivity.
The Smithsonian announced a joint effort
with Lenovo to foster STEAM learning
in school and after-school programs
NEW! Optoma exclusives for education. using theSmithsonian Learning Lab,
Available to all K-12 and Higher Education institutions and educators, a free online toolkit to find, customize,
Optomas Education First program offers: and share digital museum resources with
Increased discounts others. Lenovo is funding the development
Enhanced technical support of six STEAM activities that combine
FREE extended warranties resources in the Smithsonian Learning Lab with hands-on projects
FREE lamps & mounts for educators and Lenovo employee volunteers to facilitate with
Learn more about Education First eligible models at




Dont miss the chance to join Tech & Learning magazine for a high-end,
information-packed one-day event designed especially for district and
school administrators and technology leaders like you. This is your chance
to network with others who care deeply about the future of education.
Share your successes and address challenges in an engaging and intimate
setting, and leave with practical tools and key contacts for continued rich
communities of practice.


Blended and Personalized Learning
Coding & Computer Science
Gamification and Game Based Learning
Building successful academic coaching programs
Digital citizenship
Successful PD models
Growing & Sustaining 1:1 Programs New for 2017!
NEW: Both spring conferences will offer a new leadership track
Workshops & demonstrations to try out the latest edtech tools focusing on district-level executive topics including: Living in
Playgrounds: interactive exhibits including makerspaces, 3-D printing, the ESSA World, Getting to the Cloud, Data Privacy, Digital
AR/VR, new gadgets, and more Equity, E-Rate Updates, and more.
And more!


Chicago - Friday May 5 | Boston - Friday May 12 | Princeton - October 20 | Texas - November


Tech & Learning Live is A Regional Partner of Future Ready Schools.

PRODUCED BY: If youre interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Allison Knapp at:


T&L011717_TechForum_T&LLIVE.indd 1 3/23/17 3:52 PM

software & online
Check out the following resources from students. The Smithsonian Center for THE VIRTUAL HIGH SCHOOL
our partner sites: Learning and Digital Access is designing SUMMER COURSES
the activities and a step-by-step facilitators (
WEBINARS guide to accompany each one to support The Virtual High
Fostering Skills for Successful Learning implementation in the classroom and after- School, Inc., a non-
in a Blended Environment school programs. The center will also create profit that offers
Sponsored by: ItsLearning
two virtual-reality education experiences online and blending learning programs,
Mobile Device Management Strategies for teachers to embed into their curriculum. introduced three new summer courses
for Success that are open for registration. Summer
Sponsored by: School Dude
STEMEXPLORE Schoolcourses are offered for credit
Motivating Struggling Adolescent ( recovery and enrichment in two four-week
Readers: Try Relevance and Success EarthEcho sessions starting in July and August, and
Sponsored by: Voyager Sopris Learning International one eight-week session in July. Solar Energy
launched Design for grades 9-12 has students explore
Solving the Digital Equity Puzzle
Sponsored by: Comcast Business STEMExplore, a how solar energy can reduce the carbon
new, free, digital STEM career resource. footprint, and learn how photovoltaic solar
Leading and Learning: Collaborative The online resource features dozens of panels work. Cryptography: The Math
Leadership for K-12 Education interviews with scientists and engineers Behind Secret Messages for grades 6-12
Sponsored by itslearning
from the STEM fields, and is designed to shows students how to use mathematical
Check for updates encourage students interest in STEM concepts to read and write secret messages
careers. United Technologies Corporation is through the application of ciphers from
collaborating with EarthEcho to offer videos classical cryptography. Chemistry for grades

AD INDEX that feature a range of scientific careers.


9-12 tasks students with investigating topics
like chemical reactions, atomic theory,
and states of matter using multimedia and

Boxlight 47
MANAGEMENT textbook resources.
Bretford Manufacturing 13
TabPilot released WORDLY WISE 3000
CDW-G 52 an update to their (
Front Row 46 mobile device management system for EPS Instruction
Hall Research 15
schools that expands their capabilities and Intervention, a
for macOS and also adds support for new division of School
Hitachi-America 35
features in iOS 10.3. With the release of Specialty, Inc.,
InfoComm 51 version 6.2, the Mac capabilities were has teamed up with Quizlet, an online
ISTE 2017 25 greatly expanded to include Restriction platform that offers engaging study and
itslearning 2 Profiles with more than 80 options, game activities to help students practice
Settings Profiles with dozens of Finder new vocabulary. EPS will incorporate
Leader of the Year 43
and login options, and Network Profiles Quizlet into the newWordly Wise
Mentoring Minds 11 for configuring Wi-Fi settings, distributing 3000 4th Edition (print) and Wordly
MiPro 45 certificates, and more. Other new features Wisei3000(digital) direct academic
Optoma 48 include the ability to play an alert sound vocabulary programs. Students and
on iPads in Lost Mode and support for teachers can choose from seven available
PowerGistics 5
Wi-Fi Whitelisting to prevent devices from study and game modes (flashcards, learn,
School CIO Membership 39 connecting to non-approved networks. spell, test, match, gravity, and live), to
Spectrum Enterprises 7 TabPilot is continuing to offer Mac licenses practice and master the vocabulary theyre
TabPilot 32-33 for their MDM for free, one with each iOS learning.Both the print and online editions
license, through the end of this school year. will be available this summer.
Tech & Learning Live 49

Vernier 9

Voyager Sopris Learning 27

InfoComm is the largest pro-AV trade show
in North America featuring 1,000 exhibitors
from leading brands, thousands of products,
and 40,000 attendees from 110 countries.

With the latest products, training, and

networking opportunities just for higher-ed
tech managers, this is where youll find
everything you need to create enhanced
collaborative, connected learning
experiences at your institution.

Register today for a FREE Exhibits-Only

Pass with VIP Code NEWBAY.
Real-time collaboration. Orchestrated by CDWG.
Today, classrooms arent limited to a physical space or the students right in front of you.
Intel Unite software is a wireless technology that connects immediately to new or existing
displays and allows students to learn and ask questions in real time, no matter where they
are. Let Intel Unite securely power your classroom so students can connect and contribute
seamlessly from anywhere. Thats IT Orchestration by CDW.

2017 CDW , CDWG and PEOPLE WHO GET IT are registered trademarks of CDW LLC.
Intel, the Intel logo and Intel Unite are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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