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Screw pumps

Screw pumps for the African oil and gas industry

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Lotfi Chouba

One of the leading German screw Screw Pumps from the German pump screw pumps, the company is serv-
specialist are globally used in various ing the oil and gas industry upstream,
pumps manufacturers has estab-
application areas: e.g. in tank farms, midstream and downstream. Today,
lished itself as a reliable partner in the power generation industry or pumps and systems are charging the
chemical and petrochemical indus- pulse-beat of the most modern oil and
in the African oil and gas indus- try only to mention a few. In the oil gas processes.
try. The keys to success: continuous and gas industry they are applied for
handling crude oil, emulsions, pro- Multiphase pumps in Algeria
improvement of its products and duced water, multiphase fluids with
state-of-the-art engineering. high gas contents as well as interme- We have entered the African market
diate and final liquid products. Based years ago, says the Managing Direc-
on the worldwide largest product tor. Our pumps are used in numer-
range of twin, triple, and even five ous projects all over the continent, for

Fig. 1: Multiphase pump skid

Fig. 2: Multiphase pump in Algeria


Screw pumps

ding required controls and electric tic border. Those pumps which
motors is usually skid mounted. are driven by 1,000 HP push up
The special Liquid Management to 1,000 m/h with a differential
System guarantees the opera- pressure of 56 bar.
tion for GVF of up to 100%. One Africa represents a very promi
very important aspect must be sing market, since its prospects
mentioned: by using multiphase and potential for further oil and
pumps flaring is vastly eliminat- gas finds remain exceedingly posi-
ed. So, by handling the entire well tive. The pump manufacturer will
flow within one machine we not continue to intensify its presence
only contribute to a cleaner envi- on this continent and is looking
ronment but also to a more effi- forward to future projects here.
cient use of our energy resources,
the Managing Director concludes.

Kome Oil Field in Chad

Another example of an outstand-

ing client solution was execut-
ed 2003 in Chad. 15 Multiphase
equipment were installed in the
Kome oil field. They successfully
pump oil and gas, which is trans-
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Lotfi Chouba,
ported through a 1,000 kilometres
Director Sales Africa,
long oil pipeline starting in Chad,
Leistritz Pumpen GmbH
crossing Cameroon to the Atlan-

Fig. 3: P&ID Conventional & Multiphase concept

example in South Africa, Egypt, nal equipment like separators,

Libya, Sudan and Angola. The compressors, liquid pumps, heat-
most recent project in this range ers or individual flow lines are re-
was executed in an oil field in Al- placed by economical multiphase
geria. Since February 2014 five pumps which also boost the well
multiphase pumps are transfer- flow to a central treatment facili-
ring crude oil and gas with a gas ty through only one pipeline, the
volume fraction (GVF) of 97% pump expert describes.
from the wellheads and mani-
folds to centralized treatment fa- Sophisticated technology
cilities. After separating oil and
gas the oil is transferred over a Multiphase pumps from the Ger-
distance of 700 kilometres across man supplier are used for hand
the Sahara to the Mediterranean. ling untreated well flow with ca-
Handling liquids and gas at the pacities of up to 5,000 m/h and
wellhead of an oil field is a costly differential pressures of up to 100
procedure, the Managing Direc- bar. Multiphase pumps are based
tor explains. The conventional way on twin screw pump technolo-
is to separate the associated gas gy. The self-priming pumps are of
from the liquid fraction (hydro- double volute design and hence,
carbons with water) and to con- axially balanced. The possibility of
vey them in separate pipelines to a speed variations by means of vari-
gathering point for a first separa- able frequency drives offers a wide
tion process before feeding them operating range. The pump along
into trunk pipelines. Conventio with all further equipment inclu