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‘TeLL ME ON A SUNDAY “Music By Axbrew LLoyp WEBBER Lynucs py Dow BLACK Don't write a let - ter when you want to leave, =~ a eee Em Am FE Am Dm7 Em7 on’t call me at 3 a.m. from a friend’sa-part - ment;I’d like to choose How I oS oe —- _—_— — ol oo ad a Bb Eb Bb G FE BOF hear the news; Take me to that’s cov-ered with trees; = on =a Sun = day please. Let medownea_- sy, meee Lee ae To _ J no big song and dance, No long fa - ces _no_long looks, —_—_————— mo deep con - ver = sa the way Fm/Ab CG day please. ts got chim-pan-zees,_ Tell me poco animato Bb Don’t want to know who's to blame, Bb c = a =z a = a= It won't help —— know-ing, leave in Don’t want to fight day and night, bad e-nough you're go- ing. with no words f Em Am F Am7 Dm7 Em7,