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At least Not less than

Last but not least As importatnt as the rest Tan importante como
Least of all Especially not
at most Not more than Como mucho

The most of all

On cloud nine To be very happy
Spilled the beans To tell the secret
Learn by heart To memorize
Down in the dumps Feel so sad
A piece of cake easy
Are all the rage De moda
The most of all The most

Get over/got over Recover from

Came down with Catch illness
Come round/came round Recover consciousnees
Bring somebody round/ Make someone conscious
Brought round again
Wear off Slowly have no effect
Wear out/ worn out exhausted

Bruise Moreton Cheek mejilla

Scratch rasguo Pal palma
Blister Ampolla
Injury lesion
Hurt herir
Harm daar
Gasp jadear
Faint desmayarse
Choke ahogarse
Pain dolor
rash salpullido
wrist Mueca
thumb pulgar
neck cuello
Brain cerebro
Bones huesos
Lips Labios
Ankle tobillo
Knee rodilla
Chest pecjo
Toes dedos
Feet pie