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TV series Mind Your Language

Where/when It is set in a typical British city, maybe London, England, in the late '70.
Genre It's a SITCOM.
Storyline It shows the daily life of a class of adult immigrants learning English in a further studies
school, not only in class, but also in the school canteen during break time, in the schools
corridors, and even outdoors.
It also pictures the relations between the teacher, a young man, and his headmistress, an
elderly bachelor lady.
Cast School staff
Mr. Brown (neither Green nor White), the English teacher.
Miss (not Ms.) Courtney, the headmistress. (Her Ladyship).
Gladys, the old waitress in the school cafeteria.
Sydney, the cockney caretaker of the school.
Danielle Favre, the gorgeous French au pair.
Anna Schmidt, a stereotypical German au pair. (Fery vel).
Chung Su-Lee, a secretary from the communist China. (Chairman Mao, Democratic
Republic of China)
Jameela Ranjha, a Indian homewife. (Master J)
Giovanni Capello, an Italian chef. (Oky Cocky)
Juan Cervantes, a Spanish bartender. (Por favour, Si Seor, Sallright, Wrong Number)
Ranjeet Singh, a devout Sikh from Punjab in India, employee in the London
Underground. (A thousand apologies)
Ali Nadim, a Pakistani Muslim from Lahore, unemployed and occasional door to door
salesman. (Please squeeze me, Jelly good).
Tar Nagazumi, a Japanese representative from an electronics company. (Ass-hole)
Maximillian Andrea Archimedes Papandrious, Max, a Greek shipping agency worker.
More students appear in series 2 and 4.
Extra characters
In every episode there are some extra characters, some of them appearing only one, such a
local authority inspector, several teachers, a con man, Her Royal Highness and fiances,
wives and relatives.
Seasons 42 episodes (4 series), 1977 1986. There is not a pilot episode.
Episodes 1 13 30 December 1977 23 March 1978
Duration 2 8 5 October 1978 23 November 1978
3 8 25 October 1979 20 December 1979
4 13 4 January 1986 21 April 1986
It seems that the series was discontinued because it was found non politically correct in the
UK, but had a great success, especially in the countries from where some of their citizens
were depicted.
Target/Reason Adults. Funny.
English It is challenging, as many of the gags are based on difficulties in pronunciation students,
making puns and playing with words, not only by the foreigner students, but also from
Scottish or cockney speakers.