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Notes from My Mobile Brain

Also by Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

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Notes from My Mobile Brain

Only the brain, stellar and terrible, knows how to

guide me through the dreams and nightmares of
my Homo Sapiens life.

Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Notes from My Mobile Brain. Copyright 2017 by Humberto
Gmez Sequeira-HuGS. All rights reserved, including the
right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form

First Edition

ISBN-13: 978-1548860004

ISBN-10: 154886000X

The Front Cover Image: A collage by Humberto Gmez
Sequeira-HuGS made with a copy of Photography Harris A
EwingSaturday Evening Post, 24 May 1941, pages 18-19
a Public Domain Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Symbol on Page 15: An example of the Jiahu, China,

symbols, a Public Domain Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Symbols In-between the Notes: Limestone tablet from

Kish, Sumer, a Public Domain Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

This e-book was published in the United States in the Summer

of the year of thinking without the impulse of the divine breath
I dedicate my work to the following persons:

Ana Mara Sequeira Viuda de Gmez, my mother

Roxanna Gmez-Ubau, my daughter

Mara del Rosario Aguirre Durn, my life partner

Jennifer Alejandra Molina

Rodolfo Sotelo Jr.

Daniel Humberto Marn Aguirre

Notes from My Mobile Brain is a collection of thoughts
that I wrote with the notes app on my cell phone in the Anno
Sine Domini 2014. The notes are the results of the combination
of the spontaneous chemical reactions arranged by my
neurons, with me as their cognitive agent, and my deliberate
sensorial interaction with the corporeous and incorporeous world.

As a thinker, bred by the Church and the State, I wrote

some of the notes to satisfy my evolutionary need to be free
and critical of their ideas. God, the divine right of the ruling
class, free enterprise, democracy, repentance, and the good war
are some of the ideas that the parasitic caste of the clergymen
and the statesmen use to enslave the minds of the tributaries
that support them and the ruling class that they serve.

The culture that the notes symbolize is the product of

the revolutions that the human primates have made.
Revolutions are the logical consequences of the ideological
dissent with the status quo. Dissent is the condition for the
evolution of our brain as the Central Processing Unit of our
imagination. When we stop revolutionizing our awareness, as
organisms whose survival depends on our ability to invent new
ideas, we stop dissenting with the States and the Churchs
dogmas, become conformed, and begin to decay.

Writing the notes, I joined the evolutionary struggle of

my human primate species to transform ourselves into the
writers of our chemical experience in the universe. Through
our journey, from symbolism to the alphabet, and from the
periodic table to text messaging, we have been illuminated by
the excitement of our stellar neurons, not by divine light. The
Jiahu symbols, the writings of the Sumerians and the Olmecs;
stenography, and the Morse code are the intellectual ascensions
that our species reached, like the salmon, against all the odds.
Preface ix

Impelled by curiosity and the desire for inventing our selves

and writing our history, we have become the subject and the
object of our experience without divine intervention.

Before I started to use a smartphone, I wrote notes on

the back of used envelopes as a way of recycling their use.
When Mara del Rosario noticed the paper writing tablets I was
using, she became inspired and began to give me gifts in the
form of robust pens and notebooks decorated with majestic
animals, such as cats and birds.

I wrote the notes that compose this journal floating in

the emptiness of the singular space-time that I inhabit, under
the coordination of my neurons, in the expansion of the

Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Los Angeles, California, U.S. | July 24, 2017
Ana Mara Sequeira Viuda de Gmez
Thank you, mother, for having incubated the brain with which
I wrote this book and fertilized the root of my Homo Sapiens

Thank you, brain (I know that you can read my thoughts) for
having guided me, with the light of your electromagnetic
language, through the dreams and nightmares of my Homo
Sapiens life.

Mara del Rosario Aguirre Durn

Thank you, partner, for the life that you invest, with dedication
and sacrifice, in alimenting the chemical reactions that sustain
my life and the pleasure of our relationship.

Armando A. Molina
Thank you, Armando, for being the eloquent interlocutor who
saves me from the peril of losing my thoughts in the void of a

Rodolfo Sotelo Jr.

Thank you, Rodolfo, for having associated with me and
cheered my effort to write when I was caught in my turbulence
of ignorance and desire. Then, I was a reflection in the egos
vanity mirror searching for recognition, through self-pity and
destruction, in the emptiness of me.
Preface ........................................................................................... vii
Introduction ................................................................................. 12
1 January .............................................................................. 13
2 February ............................................................................ 28
3 March ................................................................................ 31
4 April................................................................................... 35
5 May .................................................................................... 36
6 June.................................................................................... 37
7 July ..................................................................................... 43
8 August ............................................................................... 47
9 September ......................................................................... 53
10 October ............................................................................. 61
11 November......................................................................... 67
12 December ......................................................................... 90
The Ending Note......................................................................... 95
A Note to the Other Waiting in the Future............................. 96
Epilogue ........................................................................................ 97
Bibliography ................................................................................. 98
About the Author ...................................................................... 102

In the Anno Sine Domini


My Life as a Vertebrate

The life I have lived is not boastful or glamorous. Its

magnitude is equal to the number of atoms that are necessary
to create a dream. The only attribute it carries is the temporality
of its ideological presence amongst the other creatures of

Life as a vertebrate enabled me to crawl up the logical path of

the human existence and feel the luminous vibration of the
universe on my umbilicus.

Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, January 1 | 10:13 PM

During your attempt to save a person from drowning, you
must preserve your life. Therefore, you must not aspirate water
into your lungs or let the other push you below the surface of
the water. To achieve this position, you must always be aware
of the need to keep a safe distance between you and the person
that you are trying to help. Compassion must be practiced in
this way to cultivate it as an instrument of mutual benefit.

Wednesday, January 1 | 10:15 PM

He tells her: I give you the blue drops that fall from the
morning clouds in your eyes. She tells him: listen to the little
birds singing to excite the rain. He draws a smile in the air to
animate her desire and tells her: see how happy we are?

Page 14
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Thursday, January 2 | 10:29 PM

Awake. Engage with the air of awareness that is passing
through your pores. Find the axis of the light that shines within
your waters and float above it. See the emptiness where forms
arise like the ashes after the fire has consumed the object of
desire. Stay awake. Contemplate the orbit that you make with
your thought of your self.

Friday, January 3 | 10:03 AM

When the chemical reactions that make up the world become
extinguished, the intelligent human primates will lose their
awareness of the form of the object of their thought in the
darkness of emptiness.

Page 15
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, January 3 | 12:22 PM

The life of the proletariat, under the yoke of capitalism and
theism, depends on their willingness to adapt to the conditions
of absolutism and slavery that the capitalist class and the clergy
impose on them or break the conditions to emancipate
themselves. Theirs is the key factor for the revolution or the
decadence of society.

Friday, January 3 | 12:57 PM

Life is not a reward or punishment dispensed by a divine
power, but rather a chemical singularity.

Page 16
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, January 3 | 4:20 PM

I am arguing with the devil on the cause of wealth and poverty.
He is trying to persuade me that money is the effect of
freedom. I launch my head towards the orbit of Justice to
preserve my reason.

Friday, January 3 | 10:51 PM

Thinking is not the product of the presence of the divine
breath in the human primates neural network, but an effect of
their confrontation with the world sustained by metabolism.

Stimulated by their instinct to live, the human primates

invented the tools with which they built the objects of their
thoughts. Working, they developed the intellectual instrument
for understanding the mechanics of the world, their position
in it, and the revolution that they needed to make to transform
it as the condition of their survival.

Through investigation, discovery, thinking, building, and

changing the human primates stimulated the evolution of their
encephalon as the laboratory of their cognition.

Page 17
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Sunday, January 5 | 8:41 AM

What is freedom: living within or outside a jail?

Can the human primates truly be free while they live to pay
tribute to the State and the Church and die in conformity with
their dogmas?

If you believe that you are free, what are the conditions that
enable you to act freely: the atom, metabolism, awareness, your
will, the army, the Constitution, money, orgasm, God,
superstition, or the death penalty?

Fish can live only in water. Is this freedom?

Sunday, January 5 | 11:40 AM

The human primates who do not execute their neural potential,
transforming it into an instrument for revolutionizing their
perception and advancing their evolution towards altruism,
have lost their primal instinct. It was the dream that impelled
them to learn how to navigate the Earth and ascend its highest
mountains guided by their stellar neural network.

Page 18
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Sunday, January 5 | 11:43 AM

Concentrate on the movement of the things that you observe.
Try to understand it with your head as if it was a satellite of the
Earth. Your perception is part of the communicating vessels
of the essence of one reality.

Tuesday, January 7 | 4:20 PM

I, who am a creature of chemical chance and the evolution of
logical probability, will disappear when the fire of awareness
consumes the memory of me.

Page 19
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Thursday, January 9 | 7:56 AM

Do women need to be equal to the patriarchal model of
equality or do they need to affirm themselves as the object of
their thought and representation of their equality?

If they answer yes to the second question, then they need to

revolutionize their awareness of themselves, repudiate the
corrupted identity that the Church and the State impose on
them, and overthrow the patriarchal model of equality whose
base is their progressive destruction. Only thus will they be able
to successfully fight for the recuperation of their selfhood as
the source of their existence and condition of their equality in
the deist, misogynist, capitalist, and belligerent patriarchy.

The Church and the State are the constituents of the

patriarchal model of equality. They are the result of the war
that the patriarchs made against society to appropriate its
means of production, masculinize its Government, and use it
as the yoke with which they exploit women and keep them
segregated. These are the reasons said institutions are not
models of equality and do not fit the needs of women.

The sons of the patriarchy are the negation of the equality of

their mothers, sisters, female friends, and wives. They are equal
to the economic, ideological, political, military, sexual,
mythological, and anti-feminine model of equality, which the
founding patriarchs imposed on societys mind.

The erection of man as the model of equality, effected by

Gods creation, is the basis of the Church and the State. This
myth continues to be the result of the war against women to

Page 20
Notes from My Mobile Brain

suppress them as the creators and administrators of the world.

The dehumanization, dispossession, enslavement, and killing
of women is the method that the patriarchy uses to masculinize
the world.

The burning and lapidation of women by the sons of Jehovah

and Allah evolved into the gender apartheid law that the
Church and the State impose on women to subjugate them to
the dictatorship of the Penis God. The Government that
imposes on societys mind the all men are created equal law
is integrated by a misogynist caste of theologians, politicians,
bankers, and generals that convert its brutality into the moral
values of society.

The patriarchys model of equality is not their declaration of

self-evident truths, but the inequality that the Church and the
State impose on women as the necessary sacrifice for the
growth of the patriarchys power. Inequality is not the effect of
Gods judgment of women. Rather, it is the precondition of
the patriarchys existence.

The truth about women is their maternal genetic inheritance.

Their equality to their human selfhood and the transmission of
their quality to the men that they create are elements of
womens truth. Women are the agency of their identity, reason,
and capability. To sustain the myth of masculinity, men
suppress their power and distort their purpose. Thus, women
are the only ones who can demonstrate their function as the
vanguards in the process of the evolution of humanity, and
ability to save it from the patriarchys destruction. Humanity is
in a mortal crisis because the patriarchy has become the
dominant predator who is consuming its mothers, and its
cradle, the Earth.
Page 21
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

The popes, the bankers, and the generals continue to push

women into misery, and towards extinction. The
masculinization, theocratisation, militarization and
animalization of society are the consequences of the genocide
of women. The gender male, celebrated by the Church and
the State, is a badge of impunity for the rapists and killers of
women. The legislation is the enactment of the divine
superiority and right of men in the patriarchy.

The Government does not represent women. It is a symbol of

the killing of maternity as a policy for ensuring humanitys
wellbeing, rationality, peace, and progress towards altruism.
The misogynist predators have turned the State into a weapon
for the enforcement of the system of gender apartheid, where
they are a privileged caste of matricides.

The purpose of the patriarchys misogynist system is the forced

suppression of women from participation in the
administration, and the transformation of the world that they
birthed. The patriarchys negation of this truth, with the
argument of the divine creation of men, is simply a
hallucinatory state that they try to rationalize making the Holy
War against women.

Page 22
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, January 10 | 9:04 AM

Searching for my true identity in democracy, I asked a banker
who I was. He pulled out a calculator from his pocket and then
asked me if I had a collateral.

Searching for my true identity in court, I asked a judge who I

was. He opened the book of judgments and then asked me: of
what crime have you been accused?

Searching for my true identity in the jungle, I asked a

chimpanzee if he knew who I was. He held my hand, gazed at
it for a moment, and then started jumping with joy.

Monday, January 13 | 2:03 PM

The life I have lived is not boastful or glamorous. Its
magnitude is equal to the number of atoms that are necessary
to create a dream. The only attribute it carries is the temporality
of its ideological presence amongst the other creatures of
nature. Life as a vertebrate enabled me to crawl up the logical
path of human existence and feel the luminous vibration of the
universe on my umbilicus.

Page 23
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Monday, January 13 | 10:27 PM

The usurers make loans to client states and merchants of war.
Their dark emissaries travel the world shopping for tax-free
zones to create the conditionsexploitation, hunger,
suffering, and warfor the emergence of the new slave
markets. Together with their accomplicesthe politicians, the
generals, and the bishopsthey keep the world divided with
borders of hate and fire. The symbols of their sanguinary
existence are money, a gun, a flag, and a crucifix.

Sunday, January 19 | 4:58 PM

One sunny day, Earth will claim me, as a mother embraces her
child before separating, and transform me into a fossil that the
cognitive organisms of the future will use to demonstrate the
existence of primitive life in the past. Then, I will be free from
the dictatorship of the prophets of obscurantism, financial
gain, slavery, hunger, war, sedation, and eternal life.

Page 24
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, January 24 | 2:58 PM

The human primates are the objects of their reason, and
reasoning is the stimulus of their cognitive evolution. These
are the conditions that have engendered the revolutions that
they have made to ascend to the plane of subjects of their
history. But reason has been sequestered by the bankers, the
generals, and the popes and converted into the power of the
State and the Church.

Wednesday, January 29 | 7:39 AM

"I believe in God" is a confession without sense in the world
of the facts that are the objects of perception and the
conditions of reason. The big bang and the evolution of the
primate into self-awareness, capable of explaining the facts of
the world and their relation to its existence, are the elements of
reality. The elements act in observable, not mysterious ways
designed by a God.

Believing is a mental state conditioned by the existence of the

object of belief and the believers ability to rationalize its
function in the world. Believing that the Sun exists will be true
until that star explodes and becomes the pollen that will
fertilize the birth of new stars in the expanding universe.

Page 25
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Meaning is intrinsic to the facts of nature that can be observed

in their movement and interaction. The human primate is one
of those facts. The believer does not establish the sense of the
object of their belief, but the existence of the object and its
function in the sensible world. The information that the use of
the object generates reveals its presence to the user who thus
can conceptualize it and explain it, logically.

The predicate about the subject God, invented by the self-

designated prophets, does not refer to a fact that is happening
and, therefore, can be represented with a thought of its
function and effect in the experience of the human primate in
the intelligible world. God is an all-perfect being, creator of
heaven and Earth, is a result of the hallucinatory state
influenced by the obscurantist activity of the Church and the
State in the realm of the believers mind. These institutions,
whose function is to obscure the truth, are based on the
ignorance that they converted into the faith to sanctify their

The world is an event made of other occurrences. What one

can affirm about the world is what one can sense, or induce
based on the remains of past phenomena. Thoughts can
represent happenings that can be perceived while their
movement lasts.

I was walking on a sidewalk planted with palm trees on the

street side. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew off a palm from one
of the trees. It fell a breath away from my feet, enticing my
amazement. Nature engaged me as the observer of its
movement on my perception. These are the material
circumstances of thinking.

Page 26
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Everything is an event that emerges from the encounter of

favorable conditions in a singular moment in the space-time
expansion. After the expansion absorbs the moment, it
becomes a part of the memory of the universe. This memory,
which is carried by the genes across the chemical oceans of the
world, is the matrix of the new singularities which determine
the evolution of new life.

The statement "I have not experienced the facts attributed to

the word God as their cause" agrees with the logical
constitution of the world and its manifestation in the sensible

Page 27
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Thursday, January 30 | 8:30 AM

The human primate who sees itself as a conscious organism of
nature can understand that knowledge is useful only if it is
applied to convert it into an instrument for the eradication of
the ignorance and the fear which are the Churchs and the
States weapons of domination.

Thursday, January 30 | 12:12 PM

The plutocracys astronomers continue searching for life on
Mars while their Government continues to destroy humanity
and the Earth. If they find life on that planet, they will
appropriate it, price it, and sell it until they exhaust it.

Page 28
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, February 5 | 2:13 PM

I got high, like a bird on a wire, to become the noticeable object
of my faithless desire.

Wednesday, February 5 | 6:35 PM

The criticism of religion is the same as the criticism of the
success of the trader who sells sunglasses to the human
primates who lost their sense of sight after centuries of
kneeling in the dark of a confessional, asking a wizard to
forgive their sins.

Through the making of the Holy War (Bellum Sacrum), to

conquer the human primates brain, the merchants of religion
have succeeded in creating an addiction to the myth of the
original sin, and the fear of the word God. Millions of people
live and die trapped in the anguish of guilt, repentance, and
salvation. This alteration of the natural chemistry of their
Page 29
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

brains keeps them in a state of hallucination, disconnected

from their real need to overthrow the merchants of religion,
waiting for salvation day. Here lies the success of the traders
who sell the lie of the value of suffering as the precondition of
the eternal life to customers who refuse to confront the truth
of their existence.

We are an ephemeral chemical event in space-time conditioned

by the universes motion. Religion is an insignificance that
cannot separate us from our physical destiny.

Page 30
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Tuesday, February 18 | 9:45 AM

Some human primates live to establish and defend their ego as
the critical component of their illusionary view of life. To
them, it is a luxurious object that they can purchase and
aggregate to their private property arsenal. They learn this
senseless behavior from the other human primates who, at
gunpoint, stole societys resources and used them to create a
warring State that taxes them for protecting their illusion from
the fear of being kidnapped by the Wicked Witch of the East.

Monday, February 24 | 11:20 AM

Deism and atheism are not natural components of the human
primates awareness. It is a product of the chemical reactions
arranged by the brain, according to the impressions generated
by the senses when they interact with the sensible objects of

The events that constitute the reality in which the human

primates are the subjectsthe economy, politics, and war
are not driven by belief or disbelief, but by the brains need for
the energy produced by metabolism.

Page 31
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, March 14 | 10:45 PM

The instinct of the human primatesto be free, curious,
defiant, and inventivewas shaped by evolution. This force
enabled them to erect and align their heads with the star that
pollinates their lives. The chemistry of their constitution
explains their capacity to be the objects of their thoughts
without divine breath. The spirit of their genes cannot be
altered, even by removing them from their natural element,
caging them in churches, or treating them as wanted criminals
by the Christian Sacred Inquisition for thousands of years.

The Church, aided by the State, keeps trying to extirpate the

chemical self from the human primates cognition and replace
it with the idiotic idea it calls the original sin. The reason is
that a parasitic caste, which does not work to produce social
wealth nor pays taxes, controls the Church. They live off the
tribute they extract from the human primates they convert into
sinners, armed with the threat of eternal damnation.
Furthermore, the self-designated men of God ignore the
chemical truth of life, which is embedded in the vastly
unknown regions of the universe and the encephalon.

Page 32
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Monday, March 24 | 2:11 PM

Men need women to stimulate the development of the
characteristics contained in their X chromosome. The
Statesmen, the Clergymen, and the Military men cannot do it.
Without the warmth of the maternal embrace, boys grow
under a shadow within which they have to struggle to discover
their emotional sense and how to use it in the world of human
interactions constructively.

The Church and the State suppress the development of the

maternal attributes in the boy and, with threat and punishment,
replace them with the artificial emotions inspired by the images
of supermen crucified, sanctified, and glorified as war heroes
or Moguls of capitalism. The separation of the boy from his
mother as his emotional root and social model is the reason
why men commit the matricide that destroys their society.

The uprooting of the boys female instinct and its replacement

with the artificial male, misogynist psychology, which The
Military uses to turn him into a robot killing machine, is the
condition for the formation of the new generations of soldiers
of the patriarchal army. And the continuation of the
patriarchys dictatorship based on the circumcision and
suppression of women. Transforming men into creatures that
eat their mothers, the administrators of the patriarchal State
and ChurchSenators, Popes, and Generalshave abolished
motherhood as societys reason and Government. Thus, they
have plunged humanity into obscurantism, war, ecological
destruction, and decadence.

Page 33
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

As the working class women, the working class men are also
the prey that the patriarchy needs to consume to sustain itself.
The capitalist patriarchs exploit them until their exploitation
ceases to turn a profit. After that, they dispossess the workers
of their livelihood and push them in the hell of unemployment,
drug addiction, domestic violence, homelessness, prostitution,
and suicide. Not even serving as the cannon fodder in their
wars can save the producers of the nations wealth, which the
patriarchy steals, from the madness and the ruin caused by the
Statesmen, the Clergymen, and the Military men who are the
patriarchys Guardians, Judges, and Executioners.

The sons of women need to embrace their mothers to prevent

their extinction, and together make the revolution that is
necessary to overthrow the patriarchy and reinstate the
matriarchy as the cradle of civilization. Men need to
revolutionize their minds to free themselves from the artificial,
masculine feeling with which the patriarchy suppresses their
femininity to convert them into the enemies of women.

Women must denounce the patriarchythe landlords, the

clergy, the usurers, and the war merchantsas the corrupter
and destroyer of their sons. Also, as part of their struggle to
free themselves, they must take men by the hand and lead them
in the rebellion against the patriarchys system of gender
apartheid. In it, men are the slaves who enforce the unjust law
of a misogynist God with obscurantism and prejudice. The law
justifies the defamation, the intimidation, and the killing of

Page 34
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, March 28 | 9:27 AM

I am an artificial man. I have a plastic tongue, and my heart is
made of Styrofoam.

TV writers arranged my sense of the world with episodes of

shows about the value of life in the electro domestic world.

The State produces my feelings with a vaccine made from

cadaver plasma and other experimental chemicals. To be
accepted as a human being, I narrate the recycled memories of
the world of children who died, suddenly, in their sleep.

I am an artificial man from the Atomic Age inspired by the

engineers of the Great War. But I have one technical defect
that turns me into the subject of dreams.

Sunday, March 30 | 6:32 AM

"Nothing is impossible for God," reads the sign on the front
wall of the building in which people gather to stimulate their
nervous system. Kneeling, praying, screaming, crying, and
jumping they enter the state of delirium that they call the
presence of the Holy Spirit.

Page 35
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, April 23 | 2:46 PM

Smells like democracy decomposing on the long avenues that
the oil barons planted with gas stations decorated with flags to
celebrate their victories in the pillage wars that the sons of the
motherland made.

The soldiers of the American-Indian Wars raped the daughters

of the motherland to convert it into the cradle of the Manifest
Destiny. Engendered with love for Old Glory and fear of the
Ghost Dance, the American Indian killers inspired the soldiers
of the Great War genocide.

The barons stole the sons from their mothers to form the
generations of Purple Heart Patriots. They now live in the
catacombs of the Great Warrior State, identified with a sign
that reads homeless veteran.

Page 36
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, May 7 |12:13 PM

Talking from within the vibration of her vaginal musculature,
she told me: this is how I want to die, while she irrigated my
lips with the chemicals produced by her orgasmic delight.

Friday, May 16 | 2:49 AM

In the jungle, the animals live according to their instinct. Their
ability to integrate it into their element determines their
capacity to fight against other animals and survive. Fighting to
survive is the law that the plutocracy, the class of the fiercest
predators, has imposed on the human society. They live on the
consumption of people and the Earth as their prey, without
divine intervention. Might is right, compete-or-die is their
morality, and the reason of the State and the Church.

Page 37
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Thursday, June 5 | 3:13 PM

A man proclaimed that God told him that He had chosen him
to be his messenger. Another man said he had heard the
proclamation and believed it was the truth. Male sayings about
Gods preference for them are the origin of the prophets and
the belief in them as emissaries of the truth as spoken divine
inspiration. But the fact is not divine or evil, but rather an event
caused by the conjunction of the results of singular chemical
reactions in the universe.

Friday, June 6 | 7:30 AM

The Church has replaced reason with the illusion of faith as
the medium through which the believers understand the world
and accept it as the place where God exiled them to serve their
sentence for having sinned. This involution of the human
consciousness is a product of the obscurantism and the fear
with which the Church treats their ignorance and fills it with
the illusion of eternal salvation.
Page 38
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Armed with the illusion of the only true faith in the only true
God, the Church captures the believers minds, charges them
tribute for protecting them from God's wrath, and hands them
over to the capitalist class. They put the yoke on their necks,
with the power of the State and their proclamation of trust in
God, to exploit them, and steal the product of their

The believers have renounced their will to power, which is the

umbilical cord that unites them to nature and its revolution,
and surrendered the management of their destiny to the
Church and the State. Their minds are controlled by the
parasitic caste of the illusionistspriests, politicians, usurers,
and generalswho keep them anchored in the hope for the
future. Like faith, hope continues to be the counterrevolution
that contains the development of the human primates as the
stellar beings who were produced by the big bang.

The God illusionists stimulate the faith hallucinations of the

believers with the suggestions sin, eternal damnation,
repentance, redemption, and eternal life. Under their influence,
the human primates ceased to revolutionize their self-
awareness and relationship with the Church, the State, and the
capitalist class. Their acceptance of illusion as reality is the
reason of their slavery, and decadence as a Femina-Homo Sapiens

Page 39
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, June 6 | 7:48 AM

The poisonous secretion of my pores protects my
hippocampus from the corrosion produced by the mixture of
dogmas and emotions in the war-ridden world of the carnivore

Friday, June 6 | 7:48 AM

Once, I was a red-headed creature who lived in a desert cave,
submerged in states of intermittent hallucinations stimulated
by the neutrinos rain and the ingestion of poisonous pollen.

Page 40
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, June 6 | 6:43 PM

And the crowd roars each time the grand wizard of
hallucinations manipulates the candied objects of their infantile
desires in the hemispheres of their addictive programmable

Monday, June 9 | 12:09 PM

The hunger of the dispossessed is the painful fact that reveals
that life is not an invulnerable divine possession, but the result
of the capacity to struggle against the capitalist predators who
control the food industry.

Page 41
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, June 11 | 9:39 AM

The human primates who try to avoid their physical destiny by
remaining static, while life passes through their pores, are not
aware that they are holograms that light carries to populate the
unknown spaces, impelled by the waves generated by the
gravitational force.

Sunday, June 15 | 12:35 PM

The human primates who are not aware of their transient
nature live in the field of reality where the objects of their
pleasure appear to be capturable. Their desire for permanence
absorbs them into a state of manic preoccupation with the
erection, the quantification, the comparison, and the
maintenance of the market value of their self.

Page 42
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Tuesday, June 17 | 5:03 PM

If you think that you need inspiration to create the meaning of
your life, look into the eyes of a dispossessed hungry person.

Sunday, June 22 | 4:22 PM

Thinking of Akira Kurosawas Dreams

I have two arteries, filled with warm and fertile blood, which I
could open to paint the reason of the avenues that the Imperial
State built to celebrate the Robber Barons victories in the oil
wars. In those lonely spaces, inspired by military brutality, the
soldiers march with a firm conviction to fight the wars that
their predecessors did not end. Their command is the same as
it ever was: defend the honor of the feudal lord and
demonstrate courage in the carnage that is the ultimate sacrifice
required by God and the State.

Page 43
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, July 2 | 10:56 AM

The bourgeoisies and the clergys works, namely,
obscurantism, hunger, and war are the constituents of the real
world. Their purpose is to keep humanity divided into exploiter
and exploited classes. In the burning worldwhich they
celebrate with money, flags, and crucifixesno belief is
rational or useful if its agent does not convert it into an
instrument for uprooting the cause of those works: class
superiority based on ignorance, greed, and hatred from
humanitys conscience.

Sunday, July 20 | 1:56 PM

The human primates need to understand the effects of the
electrochemical activity of the elements in the body of the
senses that they use to interact with the world and gather the
impressions that stimulate their experience of pleasure and
pain. Knowing that fire causes desire, they can transmit their
Page 44
Notes from My Mobile Brain

energy without being consumed by it or burning the feelings

of another. Thus, they must keep the water separated from the
fire to prevent the mind from evaporating.

Thinking above the surface of the skin and outside the vortex
of desire, the human primates can build a shield of wisdom to
protect each other from the toxic effects that the activity of the
selfish neuron causes.

Page 45
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, July 25 | 2:20 PM

The last time a woman tried to attract me to her orbit, with the
waves that she was making with her smile, the trajectory of my
head was intercepted by the sensual spectacle of a sudden rain.

Saturday, July 26 | 3:44 PM

The usurers must be content with the prime interest rate; the
timely payment of their debts; the progress of their pillage
wars; the consumption of dogmas by the new generations; and
the comportment of the masses locked in their factories,
ghettos, markets, churches, and prisons. Their incessant
accumulation of profits and fear of losing power is the
condition for the State to dispense democracy or dictatorship
to their slaves with the blessing of the Sacred Mother Church.

Page 46
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Thursday, July 31 | 12:21 PM

The human primates are born endowed by nature with the
mathematical, artistic, and sensible properties of their brains.
Therefore, freedom is the only condition for the fruition of
their chemical qualities into the consciousness of equality. The
Church and the State cannot be the fertilizers of freedom for
they are the feudal lords watchtowers on the fields of slavery.

Page 47
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, August 1 | 7:01 PM

In God we trust. We believe that Israel has the right to defend
itself from the victims of its State terrorism.

Declaration of the Government of the United States of Israel,

formerly known as the Government of the United States of

Saturday, August 2 | 2:24 PM

The fear of dying is generated by the neurons that have become
dependent on the life of the body of desire.

Page 48
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, August 13 | 2:07 PM

The back of her miniskirt bounced in the waves that her
buttocks made, as she impelled her body with her muscular
legs through the heat of the day, spectacularly.

Friday, August 15 | 3:59 PM

The good of the pastthe human innocence, the blueness of
the sky, and the fertility of the Earthhas been consumed by
the raging fire of the present that creates the ashes of the

Page 49
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, August 15 | 3:59 PM

Like the footprints in the sand, which are erased by the water,
the words on the tongue are absorbed by the emptiness of the

Friday, August 15 | 3:59 PM

She dances, euphorically, with her head above the sparks that
she makes with the rhythm of her hips.

Page 50
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Monday, August 18 | 3:31 PM

The suspect appeared agitated and moving, making gestures
that the officer, according to standard procedure, interpreted
to be life-threatening. Therefore, the officer fired at the
suspect, wounding him lethally.

Thursday, August 21 |3:51 PM

She sits on the end of her spine, indifferent to the time that has
bent the way in which she stares at the tree that sheds the leaves
that the wind blows into her mind.

Page 51
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Thursday, August 21 | 3:21 PM

Freedom is the power to exist without the fatal condition of
the body of the senses and the duality of desire.

Thursday, August 21 | 3:21 PM

The radical remoteness of the consciousness of life, which is
the expression of the universe, cannot be reached by the
human primate whose perception is conditioned by

Page 52
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Saturday, August 30 | 8:32 AM

Why do people radiate the stress that suppresses their
rationality over another? Because the chemical force, mixed
with ignorance, compels them to attract another to the web in
which capitalism incubates its pressure. Attraction to pleasure
and pain is the mechanism that the capitalist class uses to
control the psyche of the wage slaves who are not aware that
they are the effect of the class struggle.

The wage slaves need to realize that the conditions of their

existenceobscurantism, faith, patriotism, misogyny,
selfishness, competition, consumption, pleasure, illness,
suffering, psychosis, hate, and warhave been created by the
ruling class to maintain its power over them. The enforcers of
that power are the Church and the State.

Page 53
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, September 3 | 2:40 PM

The ego is the mirror on which the human primates see the
instrument that they have shaped with their sense of
conformity to be able to relate to the unconformities of the
world that seduce them, repudiate them, and consume them.

Wednesday, September 3 | 2:56 PM

The thinker is an anomaly of the world created by the State and
the Church with the drugs that they administer to their
congregations in conformity with the Big Pharma Mission of
Opioids for All and the Hope of the Resurrection. In this
laboratory of market behavior, the statesmen and the preachers
of the Atomic Age manipulate the patients minds with the
tools of wizardry, faith, patriotism, heaven, hell, television,
democracy, the death penalty, war, hunger, and the desire for
the Next Big Thing. They are the Big Brothers of the Advent
of the New World Order who define the meaning of life with
the spirit of the eternal Holy War against the Anti-Christ.
Page 54
Notes from My Mobile Brain

The thinker is a solitary primate who erected himself from the

world of the manic-depressive crowds that are excited by
Gods, Bankers, Generals, and Clowns into recurrent
convulsions of faith, patriotism, euphoria, and violence. The
element where his thoughts grow is conditioned by the
dichotomic tendencies of his species: conformity and dissent;
independence and subordination; and immorality and honesty.

Page 55
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Monday, September 8 | 10:19 AM

If you buy this water [said the woman on the gas station TV]
ten cents will be donated to fight hunger. And I thought to
myself: how can hunger, which is caused by the Robber
Barons appropriation of food, be combated with the revenues
from the sale of stolen water?

Wednesday, September 17 | 3:17 PM

Where do you come from?

When you are sleeping your exhalation carries your awareness

to a point in the universe without the frontierspsychological,
ideological, and militarythat the Church and the State build
around your mind as the parameters within which they allow
you to manifest your self as an entity made of faith and

Only the brain knows.

Page 56
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Saturday, September 20 | 10:04 AM

The objects of reality that stimulate my sensations have started
to slip through the porous web of my memory, like the leaves
that the tree releases to the wind when the seasons change.
Consequently, my ability to function as the reactive awareness,
which is the transformer of imagination into words, has begun
to fall in the lethargy of atomic decay.

Saturday, September 20 | 12:40 PM

The monkey remains an animal even after the human primate
dresses it with silk for it is an entity whose nature cannot be
altered. The attempt to change the impression that the
monkeys naked body causes in the eye of the observer is a
reflection of the delusional way in which the urban human
primate constructs its self.

The word God remains a word even after the inventors of its
connotation adorn it with divine properties to sell it in the faith
market as the name of a real superior being who is the creator
of the inferior human being. They disguise themselves as
agents of the power that they associate with the word to create
the impression, before the hopeful spectators, that they are not
primates, but a privileged caste of prophets. The root of faith

Page 57
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

is a state of mind that the God illusionists generate through the

manipulation of the human primates ignorance and fear. In
Christianity, it is the sensation that the Church creates in the
mind of its tributaries converting the image of a crucified
stranger into their redeemer.

God is a word that was imposed on the dictionary as a

traumatic effect of the victory of the sacerdotal caste in the war
that they made against the heretic society to subdue it and
convert it into the consumer of a new talisman. Its definition
is the existential condition that the victor imposed to the
defeated to turn the word into a desirable object that inspires
fear, spiritual value, and the payment of tribute.

Like the word gold, the word God does not have a meaning or
value. The madmen who proclaim to be the words agents
attempt to paint it with a certain sense using gold to adorn their
banality and build the objects that they use to create the
impression of their divinely hollow power.

The word monkey has a true meaning because its root is life,
which is an event that continues to evolve from the chemistry
of the Earth. God cannot serve as the sense of the animal that
evolved into the conscious agent of the chemical reactions
composed by its brain under the influence of nature.

Page 58
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Monday, September 22 | 6:19 PM

Appreciate the body of flammable skin that you inhabit, not
for the pleasure it transmits to your mind, but for the effort
that you must make to meet the conditions that keep it alive.

Wednesday, September 24 | 2:09 PM

Time is an unknown subterranean creature that roams through
Earths cavities and petrifies its magma. When a human
primate dies, time penetrates the bodys arteries and turns the
blood into ashes.

Time flies ahead of space and stands still to let it expand.

Page 59
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, September 24 | 3:25 PM

The perception of life that grows on the mind is like the fruit
that grows on the tree. After it has ripened, the fruit falls on
the Earth and starts to decay. Nobody can remain the same
person in the continuum of the air that forms the memory, the
dream, and the nightmare of life.

Wednesday, September 24 | 3:25 PM

The human primate is the product of a chemical reaction that
cannot remain in the same state for it happens in the space-
time current. It drags the images of the memory of the self until
they start to dissipate and become the emptiness in which
dreams appear.

Page 60
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, September 24 | 8:26 PM

I love the addiction that turns my head up and down without

I grew up with a feverish child who was addicted to the fear

inspired by the thirsty anguish on the face of a crucified

I live to get high, and I hope to feel the intense rush while I
ride the wave of death in the vast sky.

Sunday, September 28 | 11:44 AM

God is a word that the faith merchants sell in the market of
obscurantism and fear as a sedative for the suffering that they
create in the believers lives. Some human primates buy it as
the main character of a magic show in which He is the master
whose powers are written in a book that they call Holy. Before
the merchants institutionalized God, by making wars of
conquest and pillage, the human primates walked the Earth
freely, led by their stellar brains, and sustained by the chemical
purity of their instinct.

Page 61
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Sunday, October 5 | 2:06 PM

I live in a remote place of the mind, away from my feelings, to
avoid hurting myself.

Wednesday, October 8 | 9:09 AM

Life is the product of a cosmic circumstance. Knowing this fact
and transforming it into science is the result of the intellectual
activity of the human primates who responded to the instinct
emitted by their neurological network. With daring curiosity,
they erected, aligned their vision with the stars, and created the
tools to navigate the path of evolution. These Femina-Homo
Erectus were the vanguards of the spacewalkers. The human
primates who did not respond to the stimulus of nature stayed
in the umbra of their brains and invented the word God to
explain their fear of transformation.

Page 62
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, October 10 | 1:34 PM

My parents kept a supply of blessed palms in the closet for
protection from the devil and God. When a storm whipped the
Earth, they would tell me that the reason was God was angry
at us. To protect the house and us from the lightning, they
attached a blessed palm, shaped like a crucifix, on the inside of
the door of the house, and another one, shaped like a halo,
around our heads. In this superstitious way, they faced their
fear of natural phenomena, which they did not understand
scientifically, and transmitted it to me.

The sorcerers of the Colonialist Catholic Church, who

controlled my parents mind with obscurantism, converted said
phenomena into a stimulus of fear to suggest that God and his
wrath were real. They implanted this suggestion in the minds
of the human primates as an additive to the electrochemistry
that produces their behavior. Without this fear, which
conditions their lives, the human primates would not behave
as the subjects of the faith in a God who requires that they
suffer to deserve his grace.

Fear is the stimulus of belief in the unknown, whose frontier

is the word God, imposed by the Church on the human
primates mind.

Page 63
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, October 10 | 2:25 PM

Thank God for my credit card! I love it because it gives me the
advantage of using a modern weapon, equipped with a high-
security microchip, to compete with the other consumers in
the market where I am a good debtor of the usurers and the

Monday, October 20 | 1:35 PM

The rock does not shed a tear even after the rain has touched

The heart does not break even after human beings have
pounded it with hate.

Page 64
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, October 22 | 9:09 PM

Things I used to hold with avid comprehension, when the
world was replete with desire, like clusters of adolescent
neurons on fire, have begun to lose their passionate intention.

Friday, October 24 | 10:28 AM

The self-designated men of Godpopes, senators, usurers,
and generalshave converted religion and its elements, that is,
ignorance, guilt, and fear into the spirituality of free enterprise.
In God, We Trust is the usurers justification for the criminal
effects of capitalism: the enslavement of the proletariat,
hunger, and war.

Extracting the confession of guilt, with torture, for offending

God and the ruling class that trusts Him, from the tributary
slaves is how the Church and the State impose spirituality on
their minds.

Page 65
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, October 24 | 3:25 PM

I lose my civilized purpose, deliberately, amongst the objects
of the senses in the consumer market, to test my ability to
behave like a primate capable of reasoning.

Sunday, October 26 | 6:23 PM

I experience pain as the effect of a martyrs suppressed desire
that leads me through the path where everything I see is like
me: a door to emptiness.

Page 66
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Thursday, October 30 | 10:49 AM

May God grant me his power to eradicate the conditions
ignorance, selfishness, vaingloriousness, and hatethat
stimulate the existence of the popes, landlords, usurers, war
merchants, and drug lords. They are the predators who feed
their opulent ego with the suffering of the homeless,
prostitutes, drug addicts, and mentally ill persons who tell me
God bless you as a value exchange for the alms I give them.

Page 67
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Saturday, November 1 | 5:50 PM

I die each time another dies, without having met, in the world
that we inhabit.

Sunday, November 2 |7:27 AM

When the nuclear clouds enshroud my head, and life appears
opaque, I bleed a little and cry a lot to keep my perception clear
and reality flowing.

Page 68
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Tuesday, November 4 | 4:54 PM

I lick her skin, fallen on the pyre, lit with the virulent tongue
that the Holy Inquisitor used to incinerate her body, with
devotion until her pores open and radiate the innocence of her

Wednesday, November 5 |11:17 AM

I cannot wait until God decides if I qualify for eternal salvation.
I need to keep imagining the words that can infuse sense into
the chemistry of my existence.

Page 69
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, November 5 | 10:50 PM

Tomorrow started yesterday and now is passing through your
porous mind, as you breathe the air that takes you to a point in
the future without sensible dimensions.

Wednesday, November 5 | 10:51 PM

The State and the Church own the patents of your nationality
and spirituality, which are the psychological weapons with
which the plutocracy maintains its power.

Armed with obscurantism and intimidation, the Statesmen and

the Clergymen mark your forehead with the seals of taxation
the flag, and the crucifixand chain you to the plutocracys
war chest for life.

Page 70
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Wednesday, November 5 | 10:52 PM

Life without pain would be an unpleasurable experience.

Wednesday, November 5 | 10:53 PM

Life is made of a photographic skin exposed to the erosion
caused by the winds that blow the leaves of its memories
towards oblivion.

Page 71
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Thursday, November 6 | 5:40 PM

Every day, I make the honest effort to compensate the balance
of the natural order for the defects in the mold of my
domestication. I confine myself to a realm of perception where
the desire to intimate with other human primates cannot
contaminate the chemical purity of my thought.

Friday, November 7 | 10:35 PM

Men invented honor as a property of their character. They
infused it with the additives of faith and patriotism and
convinced other men to make war to defend it. The illusions
of masculinity and glory are the justifications that they use for
killing or being killed without reason.

Page 72
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Friday, November 7 | 10:38 PM

I stimulate my neurons watching movies in which the actors
excite themselves into crying to draw the watchers feelings,
and thus complete the drama.

Friday, November 7 | 10:39 PM

I go crazy in my mind, from time to time, for the sake of
reason. I withdraw from the line waiting for redemption and
run, naked and screaming, through the alleys where the
obscure creatures gather.

Page 73
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Wednesday, November 12 | 6:48 AM

The people voted, once again, for the candidate that best
represented the plutocracys qualitiesidiocy, parasitism,
selfishness, deceptiveness, truculence, extravagance,
vaingloriousness, and infertilityand the freedom of the
magical Walt Disney World. The candidate was only a
character of the spectacle in which the voter was the spectator
directed by the candidates emoticons orchestrator.

Sunday, November 16 | 10:56 AM

Pride is the emotion that captures the mind of some human
primates during their contact with the elements of their
illusionary world: class, country, God, and property. They use
it as the face value of their lives and justification to make war
to defend it.

Page 74
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Sunday, November 16 | 3:07 PM

If the life you are living is a series of interruptions, held
together by the strands of your nervous system, the reason is
that your perception disintegrates in the spaces between your
thoughts, or you are living with your extrinsic mind attached
to the movement of another who is not in your orbit.

Tuesday, November 18 | 11:26 AM

When my perception becomes rarified, I go into the market to
search for the object of thought that can make me feel solid

Page 75
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Tuesday, November 18 | 11:30 AM

The root of science is nature, an organism that evolves,
continuously, impelled by the forces of the atom. Nature and
its magnificent, fluid, and sensible presence is the powerful
stimulant of the brain of science, not the divine breath. It is a
hallucinatory state excited by the sellers of the word God,
armed with the threat of eternal damnation.

The scientists are primates that evolved from nature

stimulating the growth of their brain through their sensorial
interaction with their element. Their activity, investigation and
discovery, produced the chemical conditions that enabled
them to revolutionize their perception of themselves, the
world, and the way they lived.

The human primates erected, confronted nature, and engaged

with it as the conscious observers of its movement and
gatherers of the data with which they began to construct the
laws that explain it.

Page 76
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Thursday, November 20 | 3:24 PM

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived with his left eye
closed, intentionally. To carry out his existential tasks, he
gathered the images of his sensorial world with his right eye.
One evening, when he was gazing at the sky, a man who used
his two eyes to form his perspective of the world saw him and
asked him why he used only one eye to see. He answered, I
keep my left eye closed because I do not want what it might
see to distort my view of my world.

Friday, November 21 | 2:41 PM

The erections, incited by the artful confabulations of the
neurons, interrupt the sleep of the indifferent skin to revive me
in the memory of the dreams and involuntary ejaculations of
the pleasure of the pubescent innocence.

Page 77
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Friday, November 21 | 4:17 PM

Faith is the faithfuls pernicious attempt to shield themselves
from the painful reality of being mortal.

Friday, November 21 | 9:15 PM

My mission in this life is to learn the way of being of the animal
who silently retires to its cave to die.

Page 78
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Saturday, November 22 | 7:48 AM

The wage slaves who vote in the election for President of the
masters State renounce themselves as the agents of their
claims and the revolution that they need to make to fulfill
them. The masters control the election with their idea of free
enterprise as the condition of democracy; their propaganda
machine; the bribery of the candidates; and the support of their
business agents in the Government.

In the election process, the wage slaves are the objects of the
illusionsfaith, patriotism, democracy, and fear of the
foreign enemywith which the masters candidates guide
them to vote against themselves. Their acceptance of said
illusions in exchange for their real interestsfreedom,
equality, justice, peace, and prosperityis the reason they
entrust their claims to the masters business agents. In return
for their trust, their class enemies use their votes as the
weapons that the masters use to fight against them for the
absolute control of the State. The emotional dependence on
the State, as the protective Uncle Sam, has enabled the masters
to fuse the wage slaves interests with capitalism, totalitarian
democracy, and the for-profit wars.

The submission to the masters rule is the condition of the

existence of the voting system as a democratic spectacle in
which the exploited and the exploiters participate as friendly
compatriots with the same purpose, that is, the preservation of
the masters system of slavery: capitalism and democracy. This
abnormal relation, between predator and prey, is the result of
the wage slaves historic defeat by the Masters forces in the
class struggle. The State destroyed the wage slaves rebellious

Page 79
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

spirit by terrorizing them, eliminating their organizations, and

declassing them. Without the power of their class
consciousness, the State forced them to continue to be the
masters prey in the economy and cannon fodder in their war
fronts. Thus, the masters confirmed themselves as the
conquering class with the right to own the country they stole
and the wealth that they extract from the exploitation of the
wage slaves.

The wage slaves do not oppose their fusion with the masters
who consume them and discard them. They support the
masters political parties and labor unions that cultivate their
bondage. In the political warfare for the power of the State, the
exploited do not differentiate themselves from the exploiters
with their political party, program, or anthem. Adversely, they
participate in the election as patriots of the country that the
masters pillage, and vote for the candidates who embody their

The corruption of the wage slaves consciousness is the central

reason the masters can maintain the illusions with which they
dominate them. The masters propaganda machine tells them
that they are not slaves, but free citizens with equal rights under
the Constitution of the country that the masters founded as
their fiefdom. Furthermore, the machine convinces them that
they can have rights only in capitalism for it is the spirit of
freedom of the American democracy. The illusionists who are
the masters propaganda machinepoliticians, generals,
preachers, broadcasters, entertainers, teachers, and labor union
bossescultivate the illusions with faith and patriotism.

In the absence of the wage slaves resistance, the masters have

been able to replace their dignity with their trinity of
Page 80
Notes from My Mobile Brain

immorality, which is exploitation, profit, and war. The wage

slaves do not see the masters as their enemies, that is, as the
thieves who stole their means of survival, appropriate the
product of their labor, and use the power of the State and the
Church to keep them enslaved. They regard the masters as
compatriots with whom they share the same homeland and
existential purpose, equally. In reality, this is an illusion that
obscures the masters nature as predators who live off the wage
slaves energy.

The reason of the wage slaves abnormal relation with the

masters is, in part, their emotional attachment to the meaning
that the masters infused on the noun America, the country they
patented as their private property, as the land of the free and
the home of the brave. Besides, the lack of ideological
independence and political power in the struggle for survival
produced the submission of the exploited to the exploiters
democratic oppression system. These are the reasons the
masters business agents can use the wage slaves votes as the
weapons with which they executed a coup dtat. Consequently,
they have replaced the principle of democracya Government of
the people, by the people, and for the peoplewith the masters
existential condition: We are the State and its purpose.

Entrusting their life demands to the masters Democrat and

Republican overseers, the wage slaves agree to the terms of
their slavery system, Constitution, and Government. Under
those terms, they must remain dispossessed throughout their
generations; accept wages that are not equal to the value of
their work; live in inequality, and die with their soul indebted
to the company store.

Page 81
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

The wage slaves who participate in the election that the masters
control contribute to the maintenance of the State as the
masters scepter. Submitting to the restrictionsof life, liberty,
and justicethat the State imposes on them, they defeat
themselves as the subjects of the revolution that they need to
make and continues to be the requirement for their
emancipation. So too they negate that the masters are their
enemies (not their kinfolk) whose only purpose is to exploit
them to convert their energy into surplus value.

Using the State, the Church, obscurantism, totalitarian

democracy, and the state of siege as their weapons, the masters
are exterminating the wage slaves as the class of the producers
of the valuesideas, goods, services, art, and interactionthat
society needs to sustain itself and progress. Without their
emancipation as the result of a social revolution, society cannot
extirpate the cause of its crisis: the masters control of the
means of production, the State, and societys vision of itself as
a commodity and consumer of commodities.

The masters are a gang of predators whose animal instinct

restricts the use of their power to hunting to maintain it and
expanding their hunting ground. They have divided humanity
and the Earth according to their rapacious needs, using the
State and the Church as their dividing weapons. Consequently,
they do not have the social sensibility which is the capacity
needed to build an egalitarian society.

The vote under the masters dictatorship, whose official motto

is In God We Trust, has not produced the advancement of
society to altruism. This state of consciousness is the condition
for societys preservation through the achievement of freedom,
equality, justice, well-being, and peace. Furthermore, the
Page 82
Notes from My Mobile Brain

absence of a revolutionary class in society, acting as the

altruistic model of living socially, explains the animalization of
humanity under the dictatorship of ignorance, avarice, hate,
and war that the masters, the politicians, the military, the
intelligentsia, and the clergy preside.

Page 83
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Saturday, November 22 | 8:29 AM

Suicide is the human primates self-possessed decision to end
the painful struggle to comply with the edict for the payment
of the tribute to the privileged caste that administers the State
and the Church. These institutions are the spearheads with
which they defend the parasitic, opulent, sterile, and corrupt
life of the ruling class whom they serve.

Saturday, November 22 | 10:31 AM

Celebrities photos should be transparent so that their fans
could see their gastrointestinal tract and appreciate the
metabolic matter that sustains their charming smiles.

Page 84
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Saturday, November 22 | 11:59 AM

I am walking on concrete, following the light of my shadow,
without a rational thought in my head. My scent attracts the
eyes on the faces that have the look of hunger. The dimming
light reveals the shine of the blood under my skin. What will
keep me from being consumed by the bloodthirsty creatures,
before I arrive at where am going?

Saturday, November 22 | 6:02 PM

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The plutocracy
and its lackeyspoliticians, generals, and popesgot fatter to
spend another winter in their forbidden palaces protected by
their Pretorian Guard from the lethal effects of the war that
they make against the toiling tributary masses to keep them
dispossessed, starving, divided, illusioned, and unable to rebel.

Page 85
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Saturday, November 22 | 12:29 PM

Implicit in the relationship of the human primates is their
genealogical need of embracing one another to experience the
feeling of the self.

Sunday, November 23 | 6:12 PM

If you are an element in a relationship, you are an implicit
interlocutor. Do you converse or just recite the monologs
about the fanciful habits of your ego?

Page 86
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Sunday, November 23 | 10:25 PM

Do not expect to receive adulation in exchange for your self-
elevation. Instead, be honest and work to earn merits of greater
philosophical valuation.

Monday, November 24 | 6:38 AM

The African American people of Ferguson, Missouri, have the
human right to indict Darren Wilson. He was a public
employee who used his job as a police officer and a publically
owned gun to kill Michael Brown on August 9, 2014.

Page 87
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Monday, November 24 | 8:25 AM

I am where the elements of life and my self mix and become
the mind in which I can travel, without a mortal heart, to the
world in which I will not be an element of a chemical species.

Monday, November 24 | 1:54 PM

Touch the hands, cold and rusty, fallen on the avenues of the
public order that the patriarchs built with petroleum and the
fossils of magnificent Native Americans and African slaves.
They contain the augur of the present future of the virulent
empire that they sustained.

Page 88
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Monday, November 24 | 10:58 PM

Since the human primate is born, the State and the Church
appropriate its brain, lobotomize it, uniform it, and convert it
into the greenhouse where they grow the germs of ignorance,
selfishness, avarice, hate, and war.

Tuesday, November 25 | 8:10 AM

The Robber Barons State imposes on the wage slaves the
following conditions for living in the country that they stole:
payment of the nationality and property tax, support for their
wars of conquest, and belief in their God. The slaves
fulfillment of these requirements determines the Barons
power to exist in human society as the predatory ruling class.

Page 89
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Tuesday, November 25 | 8:11 AM

The truth about the nature of the ruling class and their relation
with society is distorted by the operators of their propaganda
machine, that is, politicians, chaplains, generals, intellectuals,
journalists, teachers, labor union bosses, and political
psychologists. The operators call the rulers entrepreneurs and
their predatory activity free enterprise. The State imposes these
lies on societys mind with the morality of the Nuclear Bomb
and the God whose blessings the Congress and the Joint Chiefs
of Staff invoke before starting a war of conquest.

Sunday, November 30 | 1:14 PM

I walk the avenues of the Great West, populated by gasoline
stations and Automated Teller Machines, looking for the
meaning of life. I come to a supermarket where I stand at the
entrance smiling, without a preconceived intention, at the
consumers who enter and exit, impelled by the primitive
instinct generated by their metabolic needs.

Page 90
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Monday, December 1 | 7:25 AM

In the empire of the manifest destiny, demarcated by the bones
of magnificent Native Americans and African slaves, it is easier
to find the personification of hunger than the reason of free
enterprise in the neighborhoods impoverished by the State
armed with the war budget.

Monday, December 1 | 8:34 AM

The question that continues to defy the human primates is:
how can they retain the awareness of themselves and the world
in which they practiced it through the process of the death of
the brain?

Page 91
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Sunday, December 7 | 11:00 AM

To understand life and thus be able to live it freely, you only
need to aspire the sky deeply, close your eyes softly, and
submerge your head, silently, in the clarity that emerges from
the emptiness that thoughts and things cannot fill.

Saturday, December 20 | 8:23 AM

The comparison of ones self with another may serve as the
measure of ignorance or wisdom. The truth of mortality does
not change when a person who is healthy compares themselves
with another who is sick to decide whose life is more valuable.

Life cannot be infused with the false sense of self-importance

that comparison produces. One cannot be a mountain, an
ocean, or a cloud. How, then, can one be greater than
something or someone else?

Page 92
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Saturday, December 20 | 8:23 AM

The human primates are made of the same bacteria that
formed itself in the boiling mud pits during the youth of Earth.
The claim that they are beings who were created by a God is a
revelation of the claimants ignorance, which they justify with
their arrogance.

Sunday, December 21 | 2:35 PM

The human primates are equal to the sum of the elements that
constitute their potency. Therefore, they are the measure of
their life and death. Once they have implanted this truth on
their awareness, they will revolutionize the world that they
form with their thoughts.

Page 93
Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

Monday, December 22 | 10:03 AM

After 2,014 years, since the Christian Church imposed the
Anno Domini, the Church and the State have not eradicated hate
from the mind of the society that they created with the Creed
of the Resurrection and Free Enterprise as rational instruments
of government and civilization. On the contrary, the parasitic
caste, integrated by the men of God and the men of the State,
that controls the life and death of society continue to incite the
tax-paying slaves to make war against each other to cultivate
their minds with brutality as a civilized desire.

The Churchs and the States excitement of the holy and

patriotic war is the condition for the maintenance of the
environment that the plutocracy needs to exist as a predator of
its species protected by official indulgences.

Sunday, December 28 | 9:58 AM

The wind that carries the emotions sprung in the field of
vibration of the objects of the mind and blew them, like clouds,
until they dissipated in space.

Page 94
Notes from My Mobile Brain

Tuesday, December 30 | 8:12 AM

Repulsion arises in the mind of the human primate after the
chewing gum of pleasure dries out on their tongue, and they
feel the need to expel it. Pleasure and repulsion, arisen from
desire, are the parameters within which they live, like birds in
cages, to protect themselves from their instinct to love freely.

Page 95
The Ending Note
I was born from an unconscious explosion of desire. I will
die when the conscious air consumes my fire.
A Note to the Other
Waiting in the Future
You, the one in the now, are caught in the agitation of the
circumstances that you generate with your struggle to stay
erected to contain the disintegration of the institutions of your

You are the other who is waiting in the future for the atomic
remains of your reactions to your self-induced illusions of
emotional permanence in the constant motion of space-time.
I devoted the bloom of my affections to the cultivation of pure
disdain for the value of living in conformity. Like a falcon,
inflamed with intention, perched on a high electrical wire, I
exposed the reason for my skepticism of the canons of the
militarized order. In the court of the oracles that dictate the
infallible sentences of liberty, I revealed the conspiracy of piety
and power. And I danced for the revival of intellectuality, with
the magic mushroom in my head, until the flower of my ideal
began to dissipate within the light cycles of the infinite mind.

Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS

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In Transition Towards Poetry (Spanish Edition) 1978
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revolution (Spanish Edition)
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Page 99

Magazines That Have Published HuGS Work

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Poema Convidado - Boulder, CO, U.S. 1978
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Page 100

Rfagas - Paris, France 1993

Estrella del Sur - Paterna, Valencia, Espaa 1997
Lluvia de Vidrio - Azul, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1997
La Crnica de Jan / Poesa Sin Fronteras - Jan, 1999
Andaluca, Espaa
Free Venice Beachhead - Venice, CA, U.S. 2011 - U.S. 2012

Page 101
The Notes Recorder
About the Author

1. I Who I Am
I am a Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) specimen who evolved
on Earth from star dust and bacterium, approximately, 3
billion years ago. Life and the law of natural selection
transformed my ancestors into Homo Erectus. Led by their
curiosity about themselves and the universe, they created fire
and the first tools of cognition. The intellect that they
developed and transferred to my genes transformed me into a
Homo Sapiens. When my curiosity is stimulated, I can
ratiocinate, discern, and laugh, para-normally in the dark, like a
child entrapped by his fascination with dementia.
About the Author

2. Birth
My mother told me that she gave birth to me in the
room where she lived with my older brother, Franklin
Bartolom Gmez Sequeira, in the Santa Luca ghetto of the
City of Granada, Nicaragua, Central America. Her neighbor
gave her first aid until my maternal grandmother, Dolores
(Mama Lola) Lacayo de Sequeira, arrived and helped her
deliver me. At midday, I came out of her uterus yawning and
hungry. My Mama Lola severed my umbilical cord and buried
it in a hole in the Earth, without a marker, on March 12, 1949.

After I had turned three years old, without having

spoken any of the words of childhood, my mother told me that
she started to fear that I, perhaps, was born mute. To solve her
doubt, one day she put me to the test, to see how I would react.
She did not give me the bottle of milk at the time on which I
was accustomed to receiving it. Then, you came to me, pulled
my dress, and told me: Mama, milk. And this is how I found
out that you were normal.

One day [mother continues telling me the story of my

childhood] you drank from the tin where I kept the creolin
because you were a glutton and, perhaps, you thought it was
milk [creolin changes color, from blackish-brown to white,
when it is mixed with water]. However, thanks to God, you did
not die."

Page 104
About the Author

3. Memories

3.1 A Wild Plant

I grew up, accidentally, like a wild plant, in La Otra

Banda, a reduccin (reduction) that was built in Granada by the
Spanish Empire and the Catholic Empire to intern the
dispossessed survivors of their war of conquest and pillage
against the indigenous nations. It was part of the remains of
the encomienda and Indian reductions plan that the Spanish
Empires soldiers, encomenderos (trustees of land and native
slaves), and curas doctrineros (the catholic doctrinaire priests)
executed in Nicaragua. The reduced natives, turned into
proletarians, were the basis of the Xalteva Church: A source of
forced faith, labor, and payment of tribute to a monarchy
whose colonialist descendants still live off the wealth that they
inherited from the genocide and the larceny that their ancestors
committed against the indigenous and Afro-descendant

After my mother had impregnated me with her blood,

the Church and the State marked me as their farm animal with
the same iron of identification with which they had marked my
parents and grandparents: proletarian. Thus, the bourgeoisie
maintained its false sense of superior identity pure as the ruling
class and its life superimposed on the life of the proletariat as
its enemy. After centuries since the Spanish Empire and the
Catholic Empire had led the colonial war, the power of the
bourgeoisie and its confessor remained intact. The imposition
of the catholic cross and the law of private property of the
stolen land on the foreheads of the proletarians also was the

Page 105
About the Author

condition of the Colonialist Catholic Churchs existence as the

as the conqueror of the soul of the conquered.

The purpose of the reduction was to serve as the

physical, psychological, and cultural reducer of the natives life.
The encomenderos and curas doctrineros demarcated their space
with the whip, the crucifix, punishment, and fear. Thus they
implanted in the reduced natives mind the illusion that God
had created the rich and the poor. The curas doctrineros sermon
exalted the natives dispossession as a condition that earned
them the sympathy of God. The elements of the natives world
that the catholic colonialists created were dispossession,
obscurantism, illiteracy, superstition, alcoholism, violence,
confession, punishment, and the fear of the God that the
Spanish Army had imported to Nicaragua as a war weapon.

The confession of faith in God and Somoza was the

norm within which the curas doctrineros and the National
Guardsmen had framed the lives of the natives who had been
conquered to enlarge the power, the faith, and the coffers of
Spain and the Vatican. The unequal struggle against the
bourgeoisie and the clergy for the possession of the wealth that
they produced was the reducer of the proletarians need to
overthrow the reduction. Dispossession mixed with the
superstition that they were born poor prevented their rising
as the historical subjects of reality, that is, life as a natural,
sensual, scientific, and political event. The surrendering of their
will to God and the bourgeoisies curas doctrineros and
encomenderos produced the state of conformity, precariousness,
and political impotence in which they had lived for centuries.

The relationship between the oppressors and the

oppressed of Granadaunder One God made in Rome and
Page 106
About the Author

One Dictator made in the U.S.that engendered me was the

same during the colonial period. The conquerors instituted
themselves as the reason and moral for the existence of the
conquered that they consumed throughout their generations.
My maternal grandparents also lived in La Otra Banda as the
inheritors of the dehumanizing effects of the war of economic,
mental and cultural dispossession, and enslavement that the
Spanish Empire and the Catholic Empire unleashed against
Nicaragua in 1522.

Page 107
About the Author

3.2 The Pacific Railway of Nicaragua

One of the memories of the life that I lived in Granada,

Nicaragua, is the station of the Pacific Railway of Nicaragua.
There, Montenegro, my coworker, and I boarded the trains
third-class carriage in the early morning, together with the
peasants who, like us, were going to sell their products in the
towns whose territories were crossed by the train tracks.

For us, the kids who were studying at the Padre Misieri
Elementary Schoolwhich was a neighbor of the train
stationthe train was like a giant horse with wheels that had
evolved in the imagination of humanity. It stimulated our joy
when we heard the sound of its whistle, and the roar of its
engine announcing its return from Corinto.

After the teacher dismissed the class, at four in the

afternoon, we ran towards the train station, jumped into its
cars, and joined it in its final trip to the warehouse located at
the Lake Nicaragua pier. When the workers had finished
unloading the goods that the train brought in its wagons and
depositing them in the warehouse, the machinist operated the
locomotive in reverse until we arrived at the turntable at the
train station. There, we helped the driver push the locomotives
head to turn it around for its journey back to the stations of
the North on the next morning.

The train arrived in Granada as a noble ambassador

that crossed the Coalbrookdale Iron Bridge in England to bring
the news of the fire of the industrial revolution that the
proletariat had ignited in Europe. Its fiery and sonorous head
came full of dreams, games, romances, and progress for the

Page 108
About the Author

pillaged nation. It was a historical monument to the proletariat

for its contribution to the development of the transportation
of production and efficiency in the satisfaction of the needs of
society. The progress of the nationespecially of the
proletarian family who looked after the traindepended on
the preservation and development of it as part of the culture
of a nation that had been looted and kept in backwardness.
The reactionary bourgeoisiewhich was engendered by the
Spanish Empire, the Catholic Empire, and the Yankee
Empiresaw the train only as a commodity that did not
produce surplus value.

Although the workers had built it as a ship to travel to

the futurewith vision, determination, and steelthe train
became a fragile object in the hands of Adolfo Daz Recinos
who was a trusted bandit of the White House and the Holy
See. As a member of the Conservative Party, Daz Recinos
took the power of the State in 1911 with the backing of the
Colonialist Catholic Church (CCC) and the U.S. Marine Corps,
whose violent intrusion in the life of Nicaragua he requested.

As the former secretary of the La Luz and Los Angeles

Mining Companyowned by James Gilmore Fletcher and his
brothers, G. Fred & D. Watson Fletcher, and Henry P.
Fletcher, Diaz Recinos helped the Yankee pirates steal the
gold from the mines of the nation. His treacherous relationship
with Nicaragua was the product of his lack of a sense of self-
ownership, independence, character, and political morality.
Being a house servant of Yankee pirates was his source of self-
realization and pride.

Unlike Augusto Csar Sandino, Daz Recinos did not

have the sense of dignity nor did he understand it as the
Page 109
About the Author

principal value of the nation. Therefore, he handed control of

the finances of the State and the train to the bandits Brown
Brothers & Company and J. & W. Seligman & Company as
security for loans to consolidate the State debt. Following his
example, the Conservative, Liberal, and Sandinista politicians
that have succeeded him in the Government have not rejected
the collection of the odious debt as the exercise of a national
liberation duty. On the contrary, they continue to indebt and
sell the country as a profitable commodity.

The Conservative Party undermined the future of the

train as a social good and stimulus for the development of the
nation, which was supported by the faithful work of the
proletariat. The Yankee imperialist usurers infected the minds
of their Nicaraguan encomenderos (their trusted bandits,
vendepatrias or traitors, in the Government) with their modus
operandi: bribery, fraud, lying, and aggressing. The usurers
converted their Nicaraguan henchmen into the transmitters of
the political corruption plague that continues to dominate the
conduct of the bureaucracy that exploits the Catholic
Bourgeois State.

Daz Recinos created the political mannequin which

continues to be the model of conduct that all his successors in
the Government have followed. His creeping behavior,
shamelessness, lying, stealing, self-indulgence, and social
indifference became the characteristics of the new generations
of catholic politicians. Like their Conservative founding father,
they do not have character and are corruptible under the heat
of the desire for power, fortune, and fame.

The rulers who had the duty of preserving the train

continued using it as a pawning object with a value relative to
Page 110
About the Author

their meanness and political advantage. Therefore, they

neglected, dismantled, and, finally, Violeta Barrios Torres de
Chamorrowho was the President of Nicaragua in 1994
sold it as scrap metal. Doa Violeta also took the power of the
State with the backing of the CCC and the Yankee Empire
under the Presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush, a
member of the Republican Party. Doa Violeta ended what
Daz Recinos started out with the same vendepatria (traitorous)
mentality of sacrificing the heritage of the nation to keep
fattening the Yankee imperialist usurers with the bloody
payment of interest on the odious debt.

The train was an instrument of work, life, joy, and

poetic inspiration for the thousands of people who inhabited
the towns it visited. The declaration of love for the train of
Norma Ramosan Agent at the Mateare Stationreveals the
feeling that the proletariat had developed for it, and the true
motherland consciousness. In interview with Canal 10
Nicaraguafor the Documentary the Train: On the Rails of
Memoryon September 23, 2011, Ms. Ramos said: "It was
like my husband, everything, everything to me." She cried the
tears of the value of her relation with the train.

However, the lackeys of the Yankee imperialist usurers,

the bourgeoisie, and the Vatican who lived off the States
usufruct eliminated it to comply with the conditions of the
army of social extermination called International Monetary
Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB). The politicians that
destroyed the value of the train for the life of the proletariat
revealed the truth of their consciousness. To them, the national
heritage is a merchandise subject to the law of supply and
demand. Therefore, love for the motherland and loyalty to her
are feelings that are not a condition for their existence. In
Page 111
About the Author

economic reality, politicians are social parasites who live off

the sale of the resources of the country they claim to represent.
Love and loyalty are only objects of their demagogic speeches
in their political campaigns, driven by their ambition,
falsehood, and social indifference.

Page 112
About the Author

3.3 The Catholic Somoza Dinasty

I woke up to the cognitive life in a society whose

citizens had adapted to the life of indifferent prisoners of the
dictatorship of the Colonialist Catholic Church and Anastasio
Somoza Garca, the so-called Tacho. He was another trusted
villain of the Holy See and the White House whom they had
designated as the overseer of their interest in Nicaragua.
Tacho, who had appointed himself Generalafter failing as a
businessmanwas the boss of the bourgeois, catholic, pro-
Yankee imperialist, and terrorist Mafia that controlled the life
of the nation, the exploitation of the proletariat, and the
appropriation of the wealth that the working class produced.

The features of that worldwhich had been shaped by

the violence of the Spanish Empire, the Catholic Empire, and
the Yankee Empirewere the social scourges that had formed
on the open wounds of the consciousness of the survivors of
the Indigenous Holocaust. To convert them into faithful
tributary slaves, the empires armies dehumanized them, and
attempted to extirpate their instinct for freedom, and
independence. Illiteracy, unemployment, impoverishment,
alcoholism, prostitution, diseases, social violence, and fear of
God and Somozas National Guardwhich was trained by the
U.S. Marine Corpswere also the conditions of the time in
which my parents were born: The occupation of Nicaragua by
the Yankee Marines.

The Catholic Somoza Dictatorship shaped the mind of

my mother and father with the same mold that the encomenderos
and curas doctrineros used to forge the dispossessed indigenous
family model during the colonial period, which was based on

Page 113
About the Author

the exploitation of children by their parents. The dictatorship

maintained this kind of familywith obscurantism, faith, and
alcoholto keep the new generations of dispossessed slaves
detained in the same social jail in which their parents were

My parents did not liberate themselves from the prison

of faith in God and the State because they did not build the
necessary scientific and revolutionary awareness of themselves,
the world, and their relationship with it. Their condition was
not the effect of a genetic flaw in the evolution of their
perception. Rather, it was the result of the occupation of their
minds and their ancestors minds by their colonial oppressors,
their religion, and their economy.

To fulfill the political mission of their Colonialist

Catholic Church, the curas doctrineros suppressed my
progenitors instinct for freedom and marked their foreheads
with the words Confiteor and Creed as the manifestation
of the purpose of their lives. The confession of sin and the
declaration of belief in Godthe acts of fear that the Holy
Inquisition induced in their victimswere the psychological
instruments with which the doctrinaire priests reduced their
thinking to the most minimal expression of obscurantism.

My originators religious slavery was the result of the

spiritual defeat of the native nations in the Spanish Empires
and the Catholic Empires war to dehumanize, dispossess, and
convert them into slaves of the Christian salvation tributary
system. Granada accepted their condition as the exercise of
their freedom of worship. The citizens did not see it as a crime
of dehumanization because the Catholic Emotion Machine
had replaced their sense of humanity with the image of a
Page 114
About the Author

crucified stranger. Therefore, my parents became the

thoughtless transmitters of the traumas that they absorbed
from their relationship with their parents. The context in which
the transmission happened was the same: A semi-feudal society
controlled by sorcerers armed with crucifixes and illiterate
soldiers armed with M1 Garands which the Yankee Empire
had donated to the Catholic Somoza Dictatorship.

The method that my progenitors used to relate with

methe imposition of Catholicism, forced labor, physical
punishment, contempt, and domestic violence influenced by
my fathers alcoholismproduced a relationship ruled by
patriarchal power, intimidation, superstition, and emotional
distance. The way they treated me was a reflection of the whip
that the encomenderos and curas doctrineros used to reduce the
indigenous and Afro-descendant nations. The proletarian
family which was thus formed by the Catholic Somoza
Dictatorship was the matrix that produced the slaves who
supported the base of the pyramid on whose cusp the
bourgeoisie, its dictator, and Bishop lived opulently.

Page 115
About the Author

3.4 Adolescence in a Catholic City

In 1962, I was shaken by the explosion in my testicles

of the testosterones which caused the spontaneous downpours
of sperm that announced the start of the puberty of my life. I
became an adolescent in a catholic City. The chemical upheaval
in my body coincided with the Telstar 1 telecommunications
revolution. My adolescence had sprung in a world undergoing
the political convulsions caused by the inequality imposed by
the Church and the State and the dispossessed peoples
struggle for survival.

At the White House, John F. Kennedy approved the

use of the defoliant Agent Orange in the Yankee Plutocracys
war against the Vietnamese people. Pope John XXIII
excommunicated Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz for supporting a
communist government. And the Sandinista Front for
National Liberation endeavored to become a revolutionary
force capable of accelerating the speed of the wheel of the cart
that carried the effects of Nicaraguas rural life.

Meanwhile, Granada lived as a blessed believer that

communicated through the confessional and the Telegraph.
The information generated by the life of the rest of humanity,
inventions and revolutions, was censored by the Security
Office. It was the main arm of the catholic, bourgeois, pro-
Yankee imperialist, and terrorist dictatorship led by Luis
Anastasio Somoza Debayle, the so-called Luisito. He had
become the de facto President of Nicaragua after his father,
Anastasio Somoza Garca, the so-called Tacho, was executed
by Rigoberto Lpez Prez. Rigoberto was a poet who assumed
the nations duty bringing Tacho to justice for his crimes.

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The Telstar 1 transmissions did not touch the citizens

foreheads because they lived like the characters in a series of
religious scenes projected on the chimeric space of a stamp.
Their behavior did not reveal they knew they were elements of
a world that moved and changed. For centuries, the Colonialist
Catholic Church (CCC) had conditioned their minds with the
Ecclesiastical Calendar and the sound of the bell that called
them to the temple to confess their sins, repent, receive
penance, and pay the resurrection tithe.

The curas doctrineros (the catholic doctrinaire priests) had

transmitted the historical trauma caused by the Spanish
Empires indigenous holocaust through the minds of the new
generations of slaves of the Holy See as the unbroken link that
had kept them in a state of religious alienation since 1524. After
years of ink-on-paper independence from the Spanish Empire,
the City had not created an autonomous life because it had
surrendered itselfas a defeated and terrorized animalto its
soul hunters irremediably.

The citizens of Granada lived as an organ attached to

the parasitic body of the clergy through the umbilical cord of
their concern with guilt for sin, penance, and redemption.
Catholic indoctrination had turned them into objects of their
mortification. Their acts of faith before a crucifix were modern
forms of human sacrifice to appease the wrath of a God that
they did not know but feared and wanted as their redeemer.
That conflict kept them in a psychotic statewithout signs of
vigor or freedomwhich was the link of their addiction to the
objects of religion. The Colonialist Church had succeeded in
replacing the citizens instinct, that is, the logical operation of
their neurons with the dependence of their minds on the
hallucinatory rites it conducted.
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The struggle of the Citys classes for survival did not

stimulate their dissent with themselves as the objects of a
backward mode of production stimulated with the incense of
Catholicism. Bourgeois and proletarians lived in the illusion
that they were children of the same Motherland and Holy
Mother Church. The static force of religion neutralized the
social transformation potential implicit in their class interest
and their interaction through the system of production of the
nation's wealth.

The result of the illusion was a citizenry suspended in

time, like a relic. In the social reality, the proletarians were the
survivors of the Indigenous Holocaust that the encomenderos and
curas doctrineros had dispossessed and forced into tributary-
slavery. Unlike the bourgeois, the proletarians did not have a
political party nor struggled against their class enemies armed
with their class consciousness.

The conquered and the conquerors participated in the

Eucharist and had become the fearful objects of the Catholic
Somoza Dictatorship. Praying May God's will be done and
kneeling before a doctrinaire priest to accept the impression of
an ash cross on their foreheads seemed to transfuse into their
minds the sense of equality and peace between them.

The Catholic Somoza Dictatorships holy men and

guardsmen had paralyzed the citizens free, mundane, and
revolutionary instinct with terror. The delusion of guilt for the
original sin kept them praying I confess to Almighty God
on their knees in a temple. Superstition had replaced their
evolutionary, social need to confront themselves in the mirror
of the real world that moved, constantly driven by hunger, the
class struggle for survival, politics, and revolution. With Mass,
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political repression, and the murder of its political opponents,

the dictatorship prevented the transformation of the majority
of the citizens hunger into political consciousness and
revolutionary wrath.

Granada was not a City adequate to the revolution of

adolescence nor the growth of revolutionary ideas. Historically,
its purpose was to serve as the mansion and the garrison of the
administrators of the colonial catholic power. The City was the
supervisor of the exploitation of the native slaves, the pillage
of Nicaragua, the collection of the tribute, and the repressor of
the social overflow.

The young, freethinkers, gay, poetic, and long-haired

citizens were repressed by the soldiers of the colonial catholic
morality as a danger to the power of the descendants of the
thieves who stole the native nations land and the spirit of their
freedom. The conservative ruling class confronted the youths
impetus for freedom, sexuality, and creativity with the
spectacle of the Passion and Independence Day to confuse
their desire.

The CCC had converted Granada into a Holy Week

Relic that it sold to the resurrection tithe-payers to maintain
the power of the Vatican Bank and the College of Cardinals
opulent lifestyle.

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4. Education
Elementary School: Escuela Padre Misieri - Granada,
High School: Colegio Salesiano San Juan Bosco - Granada,
Industrial Clerk: Associated Colleges of California - Los
Angeles, California, U.S.
Professional Legal Assistant: American International Career
College - San Diego, California, U.S.
Exams Passed
Civil Service: City of Los Angeles Government - California,
Notary Public: State of California Government - U.S.
Translator (from Spanish to English): Los Angeles City
College - Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Jurisprudence: Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) -
Managua, Nicaragua
English Language: Alemany Adult High School - San
Francisco, California, U.S.
Associate in Arts Degree: Los Angeles City College
Graphic Design: Los Angeles Trade Technical College - Los
Angeles, California, U.S.

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High School: Colegio Salesiano San Juan Bosco
Associate in Arts: Los Angeles City College
First Place: Catechism knowledge contest organized by the
Colonialist Catholic Church of Granada, Nicaragua.
Honor Roll: Colegio Salesiano San Juan Bosco
Deans Honor List: Los Angeles City College
Second Place: Speech contest organized by the English
Department of the Los Angeles City College
Student of the Month: American International Career
College - San Diego, California, U.S.

Page 121
About the Author

5. Literary Activity
Excellence in Poetry Certificate awarded by Teresinka
Pereira, director of the International Society of Poetry at the
University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, U.S.
First Place in Poetry awarded by Lillian Walsh, editor of For
Poets Only, a poetry magazine published in Jackson Heights,
New York, U.S.
Edited Books
Venus Is Bleeding by Roxanna Gmez Sequeira
Please Dont Circumcise My Clitoris by Roxanna Gmez
Alice in Weirdland by Roxanna Gmez-Ubau
My Home Cooking by Marie Marn
El Salvador: The Betrayal of the Farabundo Mart National
Liberation Front (FMLN) (Spanish Edition) by Armando A.
On the Edge of Silence: My Journey on the Boulder by Rodolfo
Sotelo Jr.
Edited Magazines
Censored Poem, Red and Black, Class Struggle, Sacrifice the Common
Sense, Electronic Poetry, The Darwinian Primate, Politikos, and
Chemical World.

Page 122
About the Author

LA Weekly - Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Free Venice Beachhead - Venice, California, U.S.

Page 123
About the Author

6. Work
In Granada, HuGS worked as a seller of flowers and
popsicles, shoeshine boy, Lazarillo or a boy who guides a
blind person, Algebra tutor, newspaper reporter (El Mundo
or The World), radio announcer (Radio Sport and Radio
Granada), and factory worker.
United States
In San Francisco, California, HuGS worked as a
dishwashing machine operator in the kitchen of the
Fairmont San Francisco Hotel for a salary of $1.00 per hour
of work.
In Los Angeles, California, HuGS worked as a dishwashing
machine operator, stock clerk, factory worker, retail clerk,
Notary Public, translator, and Retirement Benefits Specialist.
Public Service
In the City of Los Angeles Government, HuGS worked in
the Retirement Department as a Benefits Specialist for 30
years. In that entity, he counseled the members and
beneficiaries of the retirement plan on the provisions of the
Administrative Code for benefits and how to request
payment of them. Furthermore, he performed the functions
of Legal Assistant, a specialist in the processing of
Community Property Division Court Orders, instructor,
writer of manuals, Notary Public, and translator from
Spanish to English.

Page 124
About the Author

Work Certificates
Certificate of Excellent Public Service Awarded by the Los
Angeles City Employees Retirement System.
Certificate of Employee of the Quarter awarded by the Los
Angeles City Employees Retirement System.
Work in Behalf of Undocumented Immigrant
In Los Angeles, HuGS helped undocumented immigrant
workers, in 1987, to understand the terms and conditions of
the Immigration Control and Reform Act (IRCA) of 1986
of the Federal Government of the United States. Moreover,
he assisted them with the acquisition and translation, from
Spanish to English, of the documents required by the law so
that they could request amnesty and an immigrant visa.

Page 125
The Colonialist Catholic Church
Abused this Boy

Humberto Gmez Sequeira-HuGS on the day that his parents

delivered him to a doctrinaire priest of the Colonialist Catholic
Church, for the administration of the First Communion
poisonous vaccine, at the San Jos Chapel of the San Juan de
Dios Hospital. Granada, Nicaragua. Circa 1956.