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Geology and Mine Planning for Stratified Deposits

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The Snly lntegrated, End-to-end Geology and
Mine Planning Solution for Stratified Deposlts
Gemcom Minex" is the only integrated inclined or curved faults, in normal -":' Validation tools including Jack Knifing
end-to-end software specifical ly or reverse fault environments. to help ensure confidence in the
designed for stratified deposits. Fully '-':r accuracy of your geological models.
Model the complete coal wash curve
integrating all aspects of mining from ""i. Contouring, sectioning, 3D borehole,
so that yield, ash and other analyses
exploration through rehabi litation,
can be estimated across the entire statistics and histogram displays to
Minex ensures that your resources
deposit, and used in resource and maximise resource presentation
are evaluated accurately and mined
reserves reports to simulate plant to managers, mining engineers
efficiently, improving your productivity
and profitability throughout the mining processes by area or schedule time. or investors.
lifecycle. Developed in partnership '-'i Multiple industry standard
with the mining industry, the software estimation tools, including an Mine Planning
is employed by the world's largest interface to GSLIB for kriging and Minex mine planning functions are
mining companies. conditional simulation. integrally linked to the geological
""r Variogram modelling includes model. Planning starts by defining the
Geological Modelling and dynamic lag adjustment to help economic or best areas, so these areas
Resource Evaluation identify the best variograms for can be targeted during the subsequent
The basis of any mine plan is a the data. pit design phase. Once designed, the
reliable geological model. Minex offers
comprehensive tools to help geologists
manage data, model and quantify
stratified deposits, with support for
even the most complex faults.

lntegrated Data Management

"^:' Connect seamlessly to corporate
borehole data storage systems
including Microsoft@ Access@ and
SQL Server@, Oracle@, and acQuire-'.
-"r Comprehensive tools facilitate data
validation, auditing and resource Cross section through a faulted seam model, with 3D slice through faulted seam model.
borehole traces.
reporting to meet stock exchange
and reporting requirements.
""':t lmport grids from space and tab
delimited text files.
'*:. import and export Vulcan and
Carlson grid files and seam models
as well as string data in AutoCAD@,
including its 2010 file format.
""i' Manage the location of project input
and output files using Minex's file
management tools.

The key to accurate geological
modelling is effective interpretation.
Minex uses all available data (i.e.
geophysics, qual ities, lithology,
washability, and structural) to correlate
and interpret the deposit.
""ir Repeatable, fast and accurate
modelling tools build entire
models, including seam floor,
thickness, quality and other
surfaces in minutes. Specialised
tools for deposits with faults Borehole cross section filled with lithology, showing gamma and long spaced density geophysical signals, with
allow accurate modelling of seam correlation lines.
"Minex helps Cerrejon develop effective mine plans that can be utilised to rnake
prudent business decisions. lt gives us an impor tant edge as we compete with
other prcducers around the world. We are only as good as the vendors that serve
us, and Cerrejdn is ver y for tunate to par tner with a company like Gerncom."
Steyen Sides, Vice President of TechnicalSeryrbes, Carbones del Cerrejan

reserves and quality data are stored in -t Mine designs are integrated
a database to provide fast access for with the geological model and
viewing, editing and manipulation. optimisation output, enabling
fast, accurate and timely designs.
Minex dissects the deposit into a
-* The Minex Pit Optimiser locates and set of mining volumes using the
generates a final pit that is break intersection of benches, strips and
even at its limits, using the well-known blocks with the geological model. Life of mine pit, ramp and dump design.
Lerchs Grossman (LG) algorithm.
*'i Underground Mine Design
Pit optimisation is ideal where pits
are deep and the material in the -'i Create detailed underground mine for both open cut and underground
sloping final highwall makes a vertical designs using a set of rich and mining to help you get the most from
analysis difficult. For simpler flat lying interactive tools that provide instant your mine, while efficiently planning the
deposits Minex provides both vertical visualisation of your design as costly extraction of waste material.
and inclined strip ratio calculations. it unfolds. *'r' Detailed lnteractive Scheduling
'*i Using the Underground Quick Creates schedule by interacting with
Open Pit Mine Design
Layout tool, create panels for rich 3D graphic displays generated
'^: Powerful and easy to use Pit and directly from Minex seam models,
either longwall or bord and
Ramp Design tools allow manual pillar layouts based on panel pit designs and reserves.
or automatic generation of pits configurations and working types '-* Target Scheduling- Seek a volume or
or dumps. Ramps are generated with just a few keystrokes. tonnage in a given scheduling period.
as the pit or dump is created,
providing instant visualisation of
""s' Display your mine design using the "-.* Excellent
flexibility in the monitoring of
your project. Underground 3D Reserves Display schedules using "live" current period
tool and colour each block based and historical charts and tables.
'-l Design a road or spoil pile on any
on a single color, working type or a --r Visually monitor waste and ore
existing mine topography, and easily quality variable.
patch this into existing surfaces. extraction information as a schedule
""':t Compute your underground progresses to improve decision
reserves values using a SQL file. making and to save time by finding
and resolving potential problems
Short-term Production
early in the scheduling process.
Minex provides you with a number of ""i' "Play" any saved schedule to
daily production tools:
visualise it graphically. This
*'r Users can interface with a variety of effectively commun icates plans
modern Survey GPS instruments to to management and operators,
download from the field, or upload and visually validates the
for peg out. plans practicality.
'"':r Quickly and easily design blasts
** Easily perform multiple "what-ifs"
in 3D and upload to equipment for by choosing a point in an existing
GPS drillingl control. schedule to create a branch where
you can test an alternative scenario.
An underground mine design displaying the pillars "-:t Build maximum dumps to an
as well as the boundary lines. Schedule reporting includes
elevation, a design surface (such
flexible and detailed reports that
as a permitted limit), or until a
can be exported directly into
desired volume is achieved.
Microsoft@ Excel@.
""rt Design dragline dumps.

Mine Scheduling
Effective mine scheduling is a critical
part of any mining operation. Smart
scheduling of layered deposits, using
tools specifically designed for the
task, can be the difference between
an operation being viable, and one
3D display of an underground mine design showing being marginal or losing money. Minex Detailed lnteractive Schedule progressing, with
reserves coloured according to quality. provides numerous scheduling tools overburden blast design.
.);rlj 7,,,!i{.-'.i'il'rrli M I N E X"
Geology and Mine Planning for Stratified Deposits

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l'ir,'e schedule graphical moniiorifig. 3D view of seam nrodel reserves blocks that are ready to schedule, with borehole$ and geophysics.

M*[me ffiehabiffitatiorx surface to an elevation or landform '""':. The Spoil Reshaping tool smoothes
design. Dump volumes can be mine dumps into a final landform
Minex's mine rehabilitation functions that meets environmental limits
progressively matched to the
are integrally linked to other planning while minimising reshaping costs.
schedule period volumes ensuring
processes, allowing you to successfully the dumps are practical. "":r Minimise dozing while meeting
plan the construction and rehabilitation elevation and slope restraints.
"',, The Cross Section Rehabilitation
of final landforms.
tool simplifies the complex task of ""'i Achieve significant cost savings
'": Staged dumps can be quickly dozing down a truck shovel dump to in both landform design and
designed from the excavation form a final rehabilitation surface. dozer hours.

' 201I Winner
l+ Mine Planning/
Resource Modelling
}R*q;: ', Gemcom Minex 6.1-

Finai nptimiseri pit she ll, with progressive increasing salc price pits shown on cros$ serttons.

Fmr mepre irxfermati*m email mlmex@geffissrmssftwar*.csr?l sr visEt www.gemsom$ofrware,sorn/rninex.

Gemcom Services
When you don't have the time or in-house resources available, Gemcom can assist you with your geolog/, engineering and
operations needs, Our global team of Engineers, Geologists, Surveyors, lvletallurgists and Chemists have local language and
regional expertise, We can provide you with knowledge and tools that enable you to increase operational and personal productivity.
Typical assignments include data management, geological modelling, resource estimation, design and optlmisation, strategic
mine planning, scheduling, survey, grade control, blast design, reconciliation, workflow automation, system configuration, training
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