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3 skilful B
4 expert 1 Uni (university), yrs (years)
7.1 5 have a lot of ability, have an aptitude for 2 &

1 2 3 close 2 him
1 couldnt 2 manage 3 remember 4 THE LIFE OF WILLIAM SIDIS
2 focus on 5 Background
4 was 5 could 6 to 7 wasnt 8 managed
3 hard at 6 leave people alone
4 get better 3
5 high achiever Not possible: 7.3
6 believe in 1 didnt manage
2 do able to
3 1 an MA
1 DK 2 T 3 F 4 T 5 F 6 F 3 could
2 face-to-face learning
4 can
4 5 are manage to
3 an apprenticeship
1e 2b 3c 4a 5f 6d 4 qualifications
6 didnt able to
5 a certificate
5 7 m not manage to
6 a degree
1 ve / have been going 8 could to
7 a PhD
2 ve / have been waiting 9 Do you can
8 an online course
3 havent been sleeping 10 Could you
9 distance learning
4 s / has been crying
4A 10 a driving licence
5 ve / have known
6 ve / have been skiing
2 a 6 syllables, b 5 syllables
7 have been living 1b 2c 3c
8 Have been watching, have
4 a 6 syllables, b 7 syllables B
enjoyed / been enjoying 1a 2b 3b 4b 5a 6b 7b 8a
6 A When Sidis was seven months, he
9 a 10 b
1 has been happening
pointed at the moon and said moon.
2 havent had
B At eighteen months, he could read The UNIT 8
3 have been staying
New York Times.
4 has been working
C At six, he could speak Russian, French, 8.1
5 ve / have been thinking
German and Hebrew.
6 havent decided 1
D Aged nine, he gave a lecture on
7 ve / have been looking 2 Can I ask a favour?
mathematics at Harvard University.
8 have found 3 Whenever theyre arguing, I prefer to
E Journalists followed him around and
9 ve / have been working mind my own business.
wrote articles about him but he didnt
10 s / has been studying 4 Hayley has invited us over for dinner
achieve much as an adult.
at her house.
7A F He died in 1944, aged 46.
5 Those neighbours are a nuisance
1 depend on
C theyre always
2 succeed in
1 His parents were from Russia. They 6 She got to know her neighbours
3 pay attention to
moved to New York. immediately.
4 rely on
2 Williams first word was door. 7 Please dont disturb me.
5 pick up on
3 William was six when he could speak 8 One thing that gets on my nerves is
6 have a talent for
Russian, French, German and Hebrew. when
7 think about
4 When he was nine, he gave a lecture 9 Xun hasnt made friends with her
8 have access to
on mathematics at Harvard University. neighbours yet
B 5 Two years later, he began attending 10 I keep myself to myself.
1 think about Harvard University.
2 pay attention to
6 Journalists followed him around.
2 Have you received the letter I sent
3 depends on 7 His sister said he knew all the
4 pick up on languages of the world and that he
5 have a talent for could learn a language in a day.
4 Do you have a pen I can borrow?
6 have access to 8 For most of his adult life, Sidis was
7 succeed in running away from fame.
6 Is there an airport in the city?
8 rely on
6A 7 Im going to Germany in the morning.
7.2 1

Mistakes: His first word was door, not
8 We live by the Pacific Ocean.
9 My brother is an actor.
1A He took one day to learn a language, 10
1c 2a 3b 4c 5a 6b 7a 8c not one week.
2 Exact words: Journalists followed him
B around and wrote articles about this 12 Did you see the film I told you about?
1 hopeless, useless young genius 13 I live in the United States.
2 gifted, talented Not all childhood geniuses will produce 14 Shes the nicest woman I know.
great things as adults 15 Ciclo de Consolidacin 3 Pearson

3 4 one-way street 2 Excuse the mess
2 b vi There are plenty of good 5 sports centre 3 Make yourself at home
restaurants in the town, especially if you 6 terraced houses 4 Be my guest
like French food. 7 traffic lights 5 Have a seat
3 f iii I dont know much about this city, 8 car park 6 Put your feet up
but I like the architecture. 9 supermarket B
4 a v All of us love this place because its 10 gift shop A2 B5 C1 D3 E4 F6
so friendly. 11 outdoor market
5 g vii If you have enough time, go to the 12 industrial estate
1a 2b 3a 4b 5b 6b 7a 8b 9b
museum its great. 13 high street
10 a
6 c viii There are too many cars in most big 14 shopping centre
cities I hate traffic! 3
7 e i Ive got lots of friends in this
8.2 1 Its no problem.
community. 1 2 Not at all.
8 h ii I spent a bit of time in Poland when I 2 j 3 f 4 k 5 b 6 l 7 i 8 e 9 h 10 c 3 Thats all right.
was younger. 11 d 12 g 4 Its fine.
5 Its nothing.
4 2 6 You really dont have to.
3 but 4 of 5 6 7 8 to (money) 3a 4b 5b 6a 7b 8a
7 We can sort it out.
9 small 10 11 a (five hours) 12 more 3
13 14 all 15 16 17 a 1 clothing that
5A 2 place where UNIT 9
1 Elises neighbours are her parents and 3 person who
her brothers family. Marcs neighbours 4 name that 9.1
are a couple of cows / a farmer. 5 which has 1A
2 Elise likes this situation because they 6 thing that 1 revolution
help each other. Marc likes the 7 who behaves 2 turning point
situation because they just love the 8 a place 3 development
peace and quiet. 4 4 spread
3 Elise sees her neighbours every day. 1a 2a 3b 4a 5b 5 advance
They work together and they all eat 6 movement
together once or twice a week. Marc
5A 7 invention
A CouchSurfer is a traveller who arranges
never sees his neighbours, apart from 8 foundation
to stay on a strangers couch.
the cows. 9 discovery
4 Elise has lived there all her life. Marc B 10 progress
has lived there for ten years. 1 He had nowhere to sleep.
2 He wrote to 1,500 students in Reykjavik, T U R N I N G P O I N T
B and he had dozens of replies inviting him D A E B P R O G R E S S
1 perfect 2 family 3 eleven 4 Sunday E C V D E R I O M E I P
to stay.
5 normal 6 husband 7 ten 8 Paris V F O U N D A T I O N T
3 The website says CouchSurfing focuses on
9 transport 10 farmhouse 11 online E E L U F C S S G J V E
cross-cultural sharing.
12 first L S U A V U A P L I E D
4 1 You type the name of the city. 2 You look
C at the profiles of people there and choose
1a 2b 3b 4b 5b 6a someone. 3 You contact them to see if M E O R E K A A E I I H
6A they are free. 4 They may ask you to meet E D N I U F N D O E O O
2 high street for a coffee first before inviting you to N C I N T I C F R S N E
3 housing estate their home. T M O V E M E N T C L F
4 sports centre 5 You can read what other CouchSurfers say
about this person, and there is also a
5 industrial estate
1 discovery
6 car park system of vouching, in which other people
2 spread
7 supermarket promise that your host has a good
3 development
8 language school character.
4 progress
9 shopping centre C 5 advances
10 one-way street 1e 2c 3b 4a 5d 6 movement
11 terraced houses
12 outdoor market
6A 7 revolution
1 feature 2 like 3 would 4 best 8 invention
13 gift shop
14 primary school B 2
1 B 2A 3 D 4 C 1c 2c 3b 4a 5b 6c 7a 8a
1 housing estate 8.3 3
2 language school 2 If Archduke Ferdinand hadnt been
3 primary school 1A assassinated, World War I wouldnt have
1 Help yourself started. Ciclo de Consolidacin 3 Pearson

3 If people from Sumer hadnt needed one floor for each generation. The 11 come back
permanent records, they wouldnt have bottom floor was where my maternal 12 make a mess
invented writing. grandparents lived. They were given the 13 give me a call
4 If World War II hadnt happened, the bottom floor so that they didnt have to 14 make a profit
United Nations wouldnt have (been) climb any steps thats the story I was 15 come by car
formed in 1945. told anyway. But in reality, I think its 16 make a decision
5 If William the Conqueror hadnt because my grandmother escaped the B
invaded England in 1066, the English house at 4a.m. every morning to go for 1 having trouble, have a break
language wouldnt have changed. walks and we didnt want to be woken 2 made a decision, made a profit
6 If Charles Darwin hadnt travelled to South up. Mum and Dads room was on the 3 give me a call, give me directions
America, he wouldnt have developed the second floor, and us children were put 4 come naturally, came first
theory of evolution. on the third floor, out of the way. At the 5 give a talk, give instructions
7 If sailors on the Titanic had seen the very top of the steps there was an attic
iceberg, 1,595 people wouldnt have died. where my great-grandfather was hidden
1 around 18801895
8 If Captain James Cook hadnt sailed to away, out of sight. He was as mad as a
2 1945 to about 1960
Australia, it wouldnt have become a box of frogs. He used to play operas on
3 A novel: Generation X:Tales for an
British colony. an ancient gramophone and sing Puccini
Accelerated Culture
4A at the top of his voice. When he died,
4 Rebelling against their parents values,
1 If Id known you were coming, I wouldve I was given that gramophone and all his
not wanting to work for the same
waited. records. Amazingly, forty years later, it
company their whole life, listening to
2 If Id waited, I wouldve been late. still works. The house has been rebuilt
grunge music, playing video games
3 If Id been late, I wouldve missed the many times since those days and the
5 between 1980s and 1990s
show. garden, where we used to climb trees and
6 Love of technology, amazing
4 If Id missed the show I wouldve wasted run wild, has been covered with concrete.
networkers, constantly online, great
my money. I read recently that the house will be sold
5 If Id wasted my money, I wouldve been again. It wont be bought by me, though.
angry. My memories are enough. B
1 Socrates say (about the younger
5A 2A generation)
2 Ancient Greece, over 3,000 2 One day a cure for cancer will be
2 begin naming each generation
3 China, over 2,000 discovered.
3 people were killed in World War I
4 Ancient Greece / Korea, over 2,000 3 The files were stolen last year.
4 after the Second World War (from
5 Egypt / Persia (Iran), more than 2,000 4 These famous photos were taken at the
end of the war.
B 5 The President hasnt been told about the
5 wrote Millennials Rising:The Next Great
A Ancient Greek toothpaste used oyster Generation / first described Generation Y in
shells. detail
6 The missing people have been found.
B Hannibal used snakes as a biological 6 people used the internet in 2010
7 All flights going out of Paris were cancelled.
weapon. C
8 The paintings are cleaned once a year.
C The Inuit played a type of football. 1e 2d 3c 4a 5b 6f
D A rich English banker installed central B
heating in his house so he could grow The auxiliary verbs are, were, has(nt) 9.3
grapes. been and have been are contracted (said
in a shortened version). 1
E In ancient sculptures from Egypt and 1 brave 2 charismatic 3 exemplary
Persia, only kings or very important 3 4 influential 5 inspirational 6 creative
people had umbrellas. 2 over a quarter-century 7 original 8 innovative
C 3 just over a century ago
4 millennium 2
a enemy b symbol c installed d infected 1a 2b 3b 4a 5b 6a 7b 8a
e crushed 5 over seven decades
6 the generation 3A
6A 7 just over a fortnight 1 Did 2 That 3 Was 4 Doesnt 5 say
b The History of Writing 6 Do 7 remember 8 Havent 9 didnt
8 half a century
B 4A 10 Will
1 In 3200 BC, Sumerians invented
1 have a good time
2 While
2 make progress UNIT 10
3 give a talk
3 As a result
4 come naturally 10.1
9.2 5 have a break
6 have a dream
1A/B 7 come first
1 on standby
I grew up in a big old house with a big 2 double glazed
8 give instructions
old family. The house had four floors, 3 processed
9 give directions
4 insulated
10 have trouble
5 organic Ciclo de Consolidacin 3 Pearson

6 pre-prepared 6 8A
7 packaging 1 misunderstood 1 no information given
8 energy-saving 2 disobey 2 no information given
9 recycled 3 reuse 3
10 second-hand 4 unusual 4
B 5 underestimated 5
1 organic 6 disappeared
2 second-hand 7 untidy 10.3
3 double glazed 8 renew 1
4 energy-saving 9 unethical 1 passport
5 pre-prepared 10 disagree 2 check in
6 processed 3 aisle
7 recycled
10.2 4 boarding card
8 standby 1 5 X-ray machine
9 packaging 1c 2b 3a 4c 5a 6b 7c 6 board
10 insulated 2A 7 priority boarding
8 proceed to gate number
2A A4 B5 C2 D1 E3
9 hand luggage
1 lights 2 Eiffel Tower 3 Pyramids 4 Sydney 3
5 change 6 different 1 Jorge 2 Irene 3 Claire 4 Claire 2
1b 2c 3a 4b 5c 6a 7b 8a
3A 5 Mariella 6 Irene
1 F (2.2 million people) 4 3
2 T 1 pleasant 1c 2a 3f 4d 5e 6b
3 T 2 water
4 F (Some people think the event is 3 yellow middle
meaningless.) 4 soft; liquid
5 T 5 pasta
6 F (He doesnt think the event helps 6 sad because you havent got
people to change their behaviour.)
B 2 suggested spending
1 stand 2 global 3 part 4 plunged 3 invited us to stay
5 attention 6 raise 7 waste 4 offered to take
4 5 explained that it would be / explained that
1 didnt 2 were 3 had 4 her 5 next it was
6 his 7 would 8 they 6 recommended that we travel /
recommended travelling
A: I want to go to Spain, because Ive never 7 agreed to choose
been there before. 8 warned us not to go
T: How are you planning to travel? 9 promise to write
A: Im thinking of going by plane. 6A
T: Have you thought about taking the train 1 refused to come
instead? 2 promised to call
A: No, I havent, but its a good idea. 3 decided to go
T: Its cheaper than flying. Ill show you some
4 agreed not to go
of the train routes.
5 warned us that
A: OK.
6 invited James to go
T: Have you decided where you want to stay?
7 explained that the children
A: No, I havent. Could you show me what
accommodation is available? 8 recommended buying
T: Theres an eco-farm near Valencia where B
you can stay for free, if you help the farmer unstressed
pick his olives.
A: That sounds great!
The writer doesnt recommend the
B restaurant because they thought the
2 asked her, was planning atmosphere was uninviting, the service was
3 she was thinking poor and the food was not great, either.
4 shed thought
5 she hadnt, it was
a so 2
6 would show her
b Although 4
7 had decided, she wanted
c unless 5
8 she hadnt
d such, that 3
9 could stay, helped
e While 1
10 sounded great Ciclo de Consolidacin 3 Pearson