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Lesson Plan

Course: Adult ESOL Entry 2 Name:

Day and Date: Friday 25th November 2016 Venue: OB20 Students: 15

Topic: Describing Family Relationships (Vocabulary)

To introduce students to the use of possessives when talking about family relationships.

Learning Objectives:
Discuss about family relationships.
Identify words for describing family relationships.
Use family vocabulary to extract information.

Group Profile:
Encourage lower level students to use translator to
This is a mixed level class consisting of low entry 2 and solid entry 2 levels of ability.
All lessons are linked to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum
Where possible, learners are encouraged and referred to access future courses at the Institute.
IT skills will be developed through a regular session in the computer suite.
Group members are from a range of backgrounds and specialisms. The conduct of the lesson will allow
members to participate and express their views. Those who are not as experienced will be able to learn
from others and will be encouraged to participate fully in group discussions. Questioning strategies will
ensure that all learners are engaged in the discussions. Timings are flexible to allow for group members

Recognition of Progress/Assessment:
Question and Answer X Observation X Group Work X
Assignment X Set Task X Other Starter X
Feedback X Discussion X Other Puzzle Game X

Students Prior Knowledge:

To be assessed X From oral Q&A X From questionnaire

Support Materials for Teacher and Student:

Handouts X PPT X Video X
Whiteboard/Pens/Rubber X Flipchart/Pens X SMARTBoard X
Register X Course docs
NB All timings are flexible according to student needs.

Time Content/Aim Learning Activity/Stages Assessment/Styles Resources

9:30 Welcome, Register. Welcome, take register, make sure all bags etc. out of the way (Health & VA Register
For students to know that Safety)
the session has started

5mins Starter Activity Short quiz VA PPT Slide 3 & 4

To review the last lesson Peer Assessment Worksheet

3 mins Aims/Learning Go through the aims and objectives for the lesson. Tell students we will be
Objectives covering possessive in the context of family relationships PPT Slide 1
For students to Improve their knowledge about some work vocabulary Objectives written on
understand the structure
of the session. Practice using personal pronouns the white board

5 mins Lead in Set the topic of the lesson using the title slide of the quiz: Talking about VARK PPT Slide 2
To get students interested in work. Open discussion,
the topic of the lesson
Put the learners in pairs and ask them to make a list of places where you Q/A,
can work. Observation
After producing this list (perhaps within a time limit of two minutes), ask the
learners to swap their list with another pair. Then ask them to try to match as
5 minutes Activity 1 many jobsto each place as they can. Student book p.22
To explore/assess what the
students know about family
VARK Worksheet
vocabulary. Ask the learners to pass the sheets back and try to add more jobs Literacy
to their own lists. Numeracy

. Elicit some of the places and jobs and write them on the board.

10 mins Presentation

Contextualisation Focus students attention on the pictures of famous people. Ask: Can you VARK PPT Slides 7, 8, 9
guess the relationships? Use some words in Activity 1 to guess. Literacy Pens/Flipchart paper
Note to students: We can use Maybe and Im not sure when we dont Pair work
know something.

Students listen to audio T2.9 to check their ideas.

Focus on Meaning, Tell students we can use possessive s after a noun to show relationships VARK
Forms and between two people. Show example sentence: William is Queen Literacy
Pronunciation. Elizabeths grandson. Q/A
For students to clarify the
meaning, forms and usage
of s when talking about Tell students we use s after a noun to show relationships between two
family. people. Show example sentence: William is Queen Elizabeths grandson.
Go through the rules of possessive s
Students listen, read/watch and respond

Practice 1. Tell students to write 5 sentences about the people in the photographs.
Demonstrate example sentence on ppt.
Monitor completion of task and assist struggling students.
Give individual feedback before students share with the class.
2. Students add more words to the table in Activity 1.
Drill the meaning of nephew & niece (write the words on the
board and ask for the meaning).
Ask: What do you call you father and mothers parents?
3. Take feedback from the whole class.

Students work in groups to solve the puzzle VARK Worksheet

Group work
10 mins Recap Learning Recap the learning objectives and ask students to self-assess How do I VAR PPT Slide 29
Objectives know they have met those learning objectives?

Further reading &

references Cunningham,S.,Eales,F.andMoor,P.(2005).Newcuttingedge.12thed.Harlow: