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Course name: Huawei LTE Network design and dimensioning planning

Training Objectives: On completion of this course, the participants will be able to

understand the LTE Network design and dimensioning planning.
Target Audience: This training is designed for Network Design Engineer, System
Engineer, and Service Planning Engineers.
Training Prerequisites: Successful completion of the following course:
Basic knowledge of the LTE
LTE Protocols and Procedures

1. LTE Fundamentals & Key Technologies

LTE Modulation Technology Highlight

LTE Frame Structure
LTE Resource Block Architecture
Timing and Sampling Architecture
Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)
Cell Search, Synchronization & MobilityUE Call Flow View

2. LTE Frequency and Spectrum Planning

Frequency Spectrum Overview - FDD/TDD

Channel Arrangement
Frequency Planning Recommendations

3. Link Budget and Coverage Planning

Conventional Link Budget

Propagation Parameters
Equipment-Related Parameters
LTE-Related Parameters
Specific Factors in Link Budget Consideration
Equipment related parameters
o Transmit power
o Receiver sensitivity (Hands on practice on simulator)
o Noise figure
o Antenna gain

4. Interference and Guard Band Analysis

Interference Between TDD Systems

Guard Band Requirement: LTE-FDD vs. GSM/UMTS
Guard Band Requirement: LTE FDD vs. LTE TDD
Spectrum reforming for LTE
5. LTE Access Network Capacity Planning

EUTRAN Capacity Limiting Factors

S1/X2 Bandwidth Dimensioning Procedure
Impact of Latency of X2 on Cell Throughput
Inter Radio Access Technology Handover Considerations
o Addition of the interfaces S1and X2 (Hands on practice on

6. LTE RNP Solutions (provide some hands on practice)

RND: LTE dimensioning tool
o Network modeling
o Coverage prediction
o LTE specific planning

7. Network Planning Checklist

Frequency Band Reforming Requirement for LTE

Location of Customer Coverage Requirement
Highway and Tunnel Coverage Requirement
Terrain and Clutter Database Availability and Accuracy
Call Model and Smart Phone Penetration Growth Considerations
Base Station Antenna and Other Co-siting Equipment Selection
Interference Protection and Isolation Requirement

Course Duration : 3 Days

Class Size : Max 15