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Scary stories.
RADIO PLAY Wacky costumes.
The first episode Spooky films.
of our 9-part story: The Shop.
The man behind the Apple.

Identify the correct lyrics.

Idioms, phrasal verbs,
expressions, useful verbs, key words…

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Obama

Woody Allen’s latest film. REPUBLICANS &
the policies,
the people,
the promises

grammar, error correction,
jokes, anecdotes, trivia, slang,
phrasal verbs, social English.
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t Business Blast (Inglés de negocios)

Inglés general
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Editor’s intro Magazine Index
Power Play
Hello everyone, and welcome to another 5 Animal Instinct
issue of Hot English magazine – the 6 Name Game
fun magazine for learning English. You The Little Prince

CD index know, October is my favourite month: 8 Useful Vocabulary: Clothes

Pre Intermediate
1 Hello the leaves on the trees turn beautiful 9 Useful Verbs: Changes
10 Interviews (Skills Booklet)
2 Power Play colours, it starts getting colder, it’s 11 Story Time
3 Animal Instinct my birthday, we’ve got Halloween and 12 Basic English: The Car
4 Story Time it’s getting closer to Christmas – my 13 Social English: The Car
5 Social English favourite holiday season. Anyway, still a 14 Functional Language: Creating Understanding
15 Error Correction & Listening: Haunted House
This symbol tele is
that the articth
recorded on
6 Functional Language bit more time to go before that. 16 Grammar Fun
7 Fingers’ Error Correction Well, what an exciting month this is going 17 Telephone English & The Simpsons
8 Haunted House to be with the US elections coming up. There have been so 18 Film Scripts
9 Telephone Conversation many interesting stories coming out, especially since Sarah 19 Steve Jobs (Skills Booklet)
20 Cut Off
10 Radio ad Palin came onto the scene. One that struck me was the 21 Staycations
11 Cut Off debate over Barack Obama’s remark, “You can put lipstick 22 Trivia Matching
lls you

Weird Trivia
e CD.

12 Staycations on a pig, but it's still a pig.” Was he referring to Palin (after 23
13 Radio ad she described herself as a “bulldog with lipstick”)? Or was he 24 Dr Fingers’ Grammar

25 Subscriptions
14 Weird Trivia referring to McCain and his attempts to present his policies 26 Corny Criminals
15 Corny Criminals as new (and not a continuation of the Bush era)? Fascinating! 27 Recipe & Listening: Marijuana Mishap
16 Marijuana Mishap Another interesting nugget of information to come out was 28 The Rocky Horror Show
17 Jokes the fact that Palin’s descendants come from Norfolk on the 29 Scary Stories
30 Spooky Films
18 Graffiti east coast of England. That’s where my family spends its 32 The Omen
19 Name Calling summer holiday. Very interesting. Anyway, you can read lots 33 Halloween Costumes
20 Tea for War of amazing things about the US elections, which are due to 34 Javier Bardem
21 Radio ad take place in November. 35 Woody Allen
36 Mc Cain versus Obama
22 Typical dialogues This month also sees the start of three new sections: Off the 38 Sarah Palin Trivia
23 Dr Fingers’ Vocabulary Cuff (interviews with native speakers in the street); The Shop 40 Jokes , Graffiti & Cartoon
24 Quirky News (the first episode of a new 9-part radio play); and our Skills 41 Misheard Lyrics
Advertising English Booklet readings (readings which tie in with the Hot English 42 Name Calling

Upper Intermediate
method). We’ll be telling you more about our language learning 43 Tea for War
26 Technological English 44 Vocabulary: Sweets & Chocolates
27 Radio ad method; or if you can’t wait, you can find out more for yourself 45 Typical Dialogues: The Sweet Shop
28 British Bar Chat on our company website: 46 Face to Face
29 US Bar Chat Anyway, we hope you enjoy this issue. Have a great month 47 Dr Fingers Vocabulary Clinic: Time
and see you next time for some more “education through 48 Quirky News
30 Story: The Shop 49 Advertising English & Technological English
31 Radio ad humour”. 50 Shaping Seattle (Skills Booklet)
32 Fake Ferraris 51 Maoris & Listening: Fake Ferraris
33 Dumb US Laws 52 Dumb Laws & Tennessee Facts
34 Dictionary of Slang 53 Directory
PS Remember, if you’re looking for lots more content, please 54 Dictionary of Slang
35 Error correction visit Dr Fingers’ blog 55 Dr Fingers’ Error Correction & Back Issues
36 Radio ad PPS This magazine is my last issue 56 Anniversaries
37 Idioms 57 Idioms: Brick Idioms
as editor of Hot English 58 Publicity Stunts (Skills Booklet)

38 Radio ad magazine. I’ll be passing on the 59 Adverts
39 Odd Organics to come onto the scene exp
responsibility (and pleasure) of to appear 60 Odd Organics
40 Paid to Quit that to the latest edition of our to strike vb 61 Paid to Quit
41 High-Speed Chase 62 Tapescripts & Bar Chats
team, Jenna. Of course, I’ll still be if you are “struck” by something, it 63 Answers & Listening: High-Speed Chase
42 Business English working closely with her behind impresses / interests you
64 The Pipes of Peace & Business English
lipstick n
43 Off the Cuff the scenes. Anyway, bye for now makeup (often red) that people put 65 Phrasal Verbs: Changes
44 Goodbye and good luck with your English! on their lips 66 Word of the Month & Credits

19 28 30

Steve Jobs Rocky Horror Picture Show Spooky Films

The man behind the Apple. The movie and its legacy. The top five horror films.

34 36 56

Javier Bardem Obama Vs McCain Happy Anniversary

Flying high, but staying grounded. Prepared to fight it out to the end. October.

Advertising All material in this publication is strictly copyright, and all rights are reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The views expressed in Hot English
Magazine do not necessarily represent the views of Hot English Publishing, S.L., although we do think that Steve Jobs is cool, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is
(00 34) 91 543 3573 awesome and the Omen is mighty scary.

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CD track 2

Power Play

The most
people on
the planet
In a recent article
The effects of power. on the 50 most
powerful people in
Does power corrupt people? No! “Power Powerless or Neutral. Then the students had the planet, the top
breeds competence,” says a new study by to perform several tasks. “In the end, the four were:
Psychological Science magazine. Researchers students in power positions did better than Bill Gates (chairman
are surprised at the results. They expected the others,” a researcher said. “The powerless of Microsoft);
to find that power would affect people participants felt out of control. We believe
negatively. However, they found that that the psychology of feeling powerless is
power actually forces people to act more what keeps society’s poorest members poor.
intelligently. For example, people in top This new power perspective could help us
job positions make fewer mistakes at work, fight large-scale poverty,” she added.
researchers say. And people who feel
unimportant and powerless at the office
make more mistakes. It’s not for lack of GFFMJOH
intelligence or ability, though. It’s about how
QPXFSGVM Eric Schmidt (CEO
of Google);
you feel about your role. Why work hard if
you feel your job is unimportant?

America’s Northwestern University and

Dutch researchers tested this theory on
Dutch university students. Psychiatrists
put the students in three groups: Powerful,

Larry Ellison (CEO of

Oracle) and

Sam Palmisano
(CEO of IBM).

1 Discussion 3 Reading II
Discuss these questions with your partner. Use these useful True or false?
expressions to help you express yourself: Well, it depends on… 1. According to new research, power can be
I believe… I think… positive. GLOSSARY
to breed vb
1. Who is the most powerful person in the 2. Power makes people act foolishly. to produce; to create
a researcher n
world? 3. The main point of the article is: more power = a scientist
2. Who is the most powerful person in your fewer mistakes. powerless adj
with no power
country? 4. The experiment on Dutch employees was to a lack of n
3. What would you do if you were the most determine how power affects your work. an absence of something
a role n
powerful person in the world? the part you play in something

4. Does power corrupt people? Language alert! a task n

a job
poverty n
How many parts of speech can you make a situation in which many people
2 Reading I from “power”? powerful, powered, etc. What are poor and do not have basic
amenities (water, electricity, etc)
Read the article and find the answer to question 4. do they mean?. CEO abbr
Chief Executive Officer

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CD track 3
US woman



China is one of
several countries
that uses animal

behaviour, as “early
warning signs” to
predict bad storms.
In 1975, the Chinese
evacuated the city
of Haicheng in
Liaoning province
a day before a
major earthquake,
based on “reports
of unusual animal
behaviour and
changes in ground
water levels.”
Animals predict earthquakes.
Does your dog tell you when a storm is province disappeared. Then, days before the
coming? He might… if you watch him closely event, thousands of toads appeared on the
enough. Animals often start to act differently streets of nearby Mianzhu. Local residents
before bad weather. But how can animals tell told Chinese officials the toads were a sign
bad weather is coming? Seismologists say of a natural disaster, but were informed that
that some animals pick up electrical signals the sudden plague of toads was “normal”.
made by rocks moving underground. Animals Finally, right before the earthquake, animals
can also sense the weaker “shocks” in the earth in a local zoo began to “act strangely”: zebras
before an earthquake. banged their heads against zoo walls;
China recently experienced its worst elephants “swung their trunks wildly”; lions
earthquake in 30 years. And right before the and tigers (who usually sleep during the day)
quake there were many natural signs that a were walking around; and peacocks began
storm was approaching. Ten days before the to screech five minutes before the disaster,
earthquake, the water in a pond in Hubei reported a local newspaper.
1 Pre reading 2 Rank the animals
Match the names to to the pictures. Now rank the animals according to their intelligence. (Use your
1. dog ____ imagination!) Justify the order to your partner. GLOSSARY
a storm n
2. toad ____ violent weather with rain, thunder

3. zebra ____
3 Reading I (loud noises) and lightning (bright
Read the headlines below. What could the stories be about? a seismologist n
4. elephants ____ a an expert on earthquakes (see
below for definition)
5. tiger ____ “Dog saves village from earthquake.” to pick up phr vb
to detect; to notice
6. lion ____ a shock n
a violent movement
7. peacock ____ “Toads warn Hubei province an earthquake n
b of quake.” a sudden and violent movement of
the earth. Also known as a “quake”
to approach vb
Now read the article. Which headline describes the story. to come closer / nearer
a pond n
a small area of water (often man-
4 Reading II made)
a toad n
e Find three examples from the article of how animals predict a large frog (an amphibian)
a plague of exp
c natural disasters. a sudden and unwelcome
appearance of something in large

d Grammar alert! to bang vb

to hit
Reporting verbs are verbs we use to tell to swing vb (swung)
to move in circles
something. They are used in reporting a peacock n
news. Can you find three in the article in a large bird. The male has beautiful
blue feathers
the last paragraph? to screech vb
g to make a loud high-pitched sound

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English language names with real meaning.


Kirstie Alley (American actress)
An “alley” is a narrow street or
passage in between two buildings
or walls.
“I don’t like walking down dark alleys
at night.”

Kelsey Grammer (American actor) Dolly Parton (American singer/songwriter)

John Candy (Canadian actor) “Grammar” (spelt with an “a”) is the A “dolly” (or “doll”) is a toy that
“Candy” is an American English word set of language rules that you follow children play with. Also, a famous
for sweets, chocolates, mints, etc. when writing or speaking. cloned sheep.
“Children love candy, but it is bad for “Not many native English speakers “When I was a child, my favourite
their teeth.” know much about English grammar.” dolly had a red dress.”

Cary Grant (English actor)

A “grant” is an amount of money
Woody Harrelson (American actor) provided by the government for a
“Wood” is a type of material, often specific purpose (education, for Supertramp (British group)
A “tramp” is a person with no home who
used for making tables and chairs. example). lives in the street.
“The spoon is made out of wood.” “She got a grant to study in the US.” “The tramp asked me for some money.”

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An accidental death of a literary legend.

The Little


Saint-Exupéry was born
on 29th June 1900.
He published his most

famous book, The Little
Prince, in 1943. The
story is set in a desert.
It was taken from
Saint-Exupéry's own
experience of being
trapped in a desert after
a plane crash. The story
is a commentary on
the different thought
processes that exist
between children and
adults. One of the most
famous quotes from the
book is, “One sees clearly
with the heart. Anything
essential is invisible to
the eyes.” It is one of
HOW WOULD YOU FEEL several books inspired by
IF YOU KILLED YOUR his wartime experiences.
HERO? PROBABLY JUST Both children and adults
enjoy the book.
LIKE HORST RIPPERT. HE In between his years as
RECENTLY DISCOVERED an international pilot
THAT HE SHOT DOWN A and his service in the
FAMOUS FRENCH AUTHOR. war, Saint-Exupéry
IT ALL HAPPENED ON THE spent nearly 25 months
in North America, more
SOUTHERN COAST OF specifically in New York
FRANCE IN 1944. City and also Quebec, in
Canada. Saint-Exupéry,

a hero to many, had
t all started during the Exupéry wrote thirteen his last book Manon,
Second World War. books, some of which were danseuse published
“I didn’t target a man published posthumously. posthumously in 2007.
who I knew. I shot at The list includes The
an enemy plane that went Little Prince, which has
down. That’s all,” said Horst been translated into 180
Rippert, a fighter pilot in languages and dialects.
the Luftwaffe, Germany’s air
force. At the time, Rippert was “If I had known it was Saint-
out on a routine mission. He spotted a plane Exupéry, I would never have shot him down,”
below him. Rippert was flying a Messerschmitt said Rippert. “I loved his books. I knew he
Me-109 over the Mediterranean near Toulon. was a French pilot, but he was most likely my
“The pilot’s plane was beneath me. I saw his favourite author at the time. In our youth, at GLOSSARY
markings. I tricked him by putting myself school, we all read him and adored his books. a target n
behind him and shot him down,” says Rippert. He knew admirably how to describe the sky, something you are going to shoot /
hit / aim for
Later, the authorities found a soldier wearing the thoughts and feelings of pilots. His work a fighter pilot n
a pilot who flies a plane that is used
French colours inside the plane. This soldierwas drew many of us to the profession. ‘What to attack other planes
later identified as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. have you done?’ I said to myself.” Of course, to spot vb
to notice; to see
Rippert had no way of knowing that the pilot the markings n
At the time, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a he shot down was in fact the famed author the colours and designs
to shoot down phr vb
famous author, but he was also a pilot. In 1921, Saint-Exupéry. “I to shoot at a plane in the sky and to
make it crash
he started his pilot training in Strasbourg in am shocked and a fiancée n
the northeastern region of France. He had sorry,” Rippert a woman you are going to marry.
The male equivalent is “fiancé”
the opportunity to enter the air force, but added. “Who to break up phr vb
wanted to spend time with his fiancée. In knows what other to separate; to stop going out with
to publish posthumously exp
1926, they broke up and he went back to great books he to publish after someone’s death
famed adj
flying. He became one of the first pilots to do would have gone famous; with a wdespread
international postal flying. Antoine de Saint- on to write?” reputation / name for something

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1 Match the words
Match the words below to the pictures.
1. hat ____
2. T-shirt ____
3. jacket ____
4. trousers (“pants” in US English) ____ b c d
5. shoes ____ a
6. dress ____
7. tracksuit ____
8. shirt ____
9. socks ____
10. cap ____ h

2 Wordsearch e
Now find these words in the wordsearch.

hat jacket f j

trousers pants

shoes dress

tracksuit shirt

socks cap

3 Guess the word

Make a sentence with each item of clothing. Ask your partner to
guess the word.



$)"/(&$0-063 7BOJTI
50#&$0.&"/05)&3$0-063 5PEJTBQQFBS







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Pre-intermediate reading exercise.


Interview Time

Good and bad interviews.

Interview 1:
Employer: So, tell me a little bit about yourself.
Anne: OK. I'm 33-years-old. I am from California, but I’m living in New York now.
I have a husband and two children. And I'm looking for a new job because I want
a change of atmosphere. I'm hoping to grow as a person – both personally and professionally.
Employer: So, where do you see yourself in five years?
Anne: Well, I'm really interested in international business. One day, I hope to work for this company as a
travelling corporate consultant, working both here and in your office in Paris.
Employer: What kind of experience do you have working in the paper industry?
Anne: Right now, I’m working as a salesperson. I'm currently the top saleswoman at my branch. I am also
promoting a new kind of recycled paper that is very popular with our environmentally-conscious clients.
Employer: What do you do in your spare time, when you aren’t working?
Anne: I cook, run, and do up old cars. At the moment, I’m fixing up an old Ford Mustang car.
Employer: What’s your greatest weakness? What’s your greatest strength?
Anne: My greatest weakness is that I worry too much about what people think of me. I sometimes take
criticism very personally. My greatest strength is that I do a lot of research on my clients and my
competitors. I'm also good at delegating.
Employer: Thank you very much. We hope to see you in the next round of interviews.

Interview 2:
Employer: So, tell me a little bit about yourself.
Bill: Well, let's see. I'm 33-years-old. I'm from New York, but right now I’m living in California. I like sport and
I love to party.
Employer: So, where do you see yourself in five years?
Bill: I don't know. I’m not thinking about the future very much. I’m only hoping to keep a job for more than
6 months.
Employer: Why do you want to leave your current job?
Bill: Well, I’m looking for something new. Erm… they don’t give a lot of holidays. And for me, holidays are
important. Also, the job is a lot of work, and sometimes I don’t really feel like working too hard.
Employer: Why do you want to work for our company?
Bill: I'm not really sure that I do. I’m still looking for other jobs. In fact, I’m interviewing for another job later
Employer: Well, thank you for coming.
Bill: No problem.

1 Pre reading
Predict three questions that the interviewer will ask. Use these Reading tip
question words: Where…? What…? Why…? Always scan the text the first time you read
something to get a general overview of it. Never stop
and start. On the second reading you can take more
2 Reading I time to digest the information.
Now read the interviews. Did you think of the same questions?

3 Reading II Word of the day

Which candidate (Anne or Bill)... “Currently” means at the moment. It is a common
1. from New York? word in English. The adjective is “current”. You may
2. ...has a family? know the phrase “current affairs”, which is used to
3. ...enjoys going out and socialising? refer to the news.
4. ...has a good position in his/her current
5. ...likes to repair cars? Skills Booklets
7. a good interview? Why?

10 I For lots more content, visit the blog at:
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Story Time



Toilet Time your pool?” asked one of his

Little Johnny: Teacher, can I go to employees. “Well, I was thinking
the bathroom? that one day I’d like to test your
Teacher: Not “can”, but “may”. MAY I bravery,” said the CEO. “If anyone
go to the bathroom? is brave enough to swim across
Little Johnny: But I asked first! that pool, with all those animals
in it, I’ll give them anything they
Fish Talk want. It was bravery that got
Two goldfish in a bowl talking: me everything I have today and I’ll give it all GLOSSARY
a goldfish n
Goldfish 1: Do you believe in God? up if anyone does this and survives!” Of course a little orange fish
a bowl n
Goldfish 2: Of course, I do! Who do you think no one is crazy enough to take up his offer a round, glass container for keeping
changes the water? and they continue the tour. But a few minutes fish
to throw a party exp
later, they hear a splash and turn around. The to organise a party
Pool Power Chief Financial Officer is in the pool, swimming lavish adj
expensively decorated
The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a desperately! Luckily he gets to the other side a mansion n
a very big house
multinational corporation once threw a party and gets out, panting. The CEO says, “That was to look in disbelief exp
in his lavish house. As he showed his work amazing. Tell me to look at something in
amazement, not believing what
colleagues around the beautiful mansion, what you want.” you can see
to take up an offer exp
they looked in disbelief at all his possessions. “OK” says the CFO, to accept an offer
Eventually, they came to the garden. There, “I want… the name a splash n
the noise created when a heavy
in the garden was the biggest swimming of the person who object falls in water
pool they’d ever seen. But the pool was full pushed me in the to pant vb
to breathe heavily, often as a result
of alligators! “Why do you have alligators in pool!” of exhaustion

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the car

Wing mirror Bonnet Boot Petrol tank

(side-view mirror; side mirror) (“hood” in US English) (“trunk” in US English) (“gas tank” in US English)

Battery Wheel Tyre Clutch

Driving seat Car keys Door Roof

Accelerator wipers Gears Steering wheel

12 I For an English language course abroad, e-mail

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the car

Useful expressions The door won’t open.
I need to fill up the petrol tank. Don’t forget to put the hand-brake on.
The rear-view mirror is broken. Put your headlights on.
You need to lift the bonnet up. Dim your lights. GLOSSARY
to dim vb
The battery is low. You need to turn your windscreen wipers on. to reduce the brightness of
The tyre is flat. You can sit in the passenger seat. to take someone for a spin exp
to take someone for a ride in your
I can’t get it into first gear. The bodywork is scratched. car

Part II

Michelle: Nice car. Michelle: The gears are a bit stiff, aren’t they?
Sarah: Yes, I got it last week. It was only £300. Sarah: Yes, it doesn’t really go into second gear.
Michelle: That’s great. I have to skip from first gear to third gear.
Sarah: Yes, it’s a bargain. It’s only fourteen years The brakes don’t work either.
old. Michelle: What? You mean you can’t stop it?
Michelle: Mmm… The bodywork is a bit scratched, Sarah: Yes, of course I can stop. We’ve got the
isn’t it? hand-brake.
Sarah: Yes, well, it needs a bit of paint on it. Michelle: The hand-brake? Well, don’t go too fast.
Michelle: And one of the headlights is broken, isn’t it? I think you should slow down a bit. Erm,
Sarah: Yeah, I’ll have to get that repaired. I think… erm, let me out.
Michelle: Does it work? Sarah: OK. Hang on. I’m going to stop the car.
Sarah: Of course it does. Look. (She starts the Michelle: Well, thanks. I think I can walk from here.
car.) You see? Sarah: Are you sure?
Michelle: Come on then, take me for a spin. Michelle: Quite sure. See you later.
Sarah: OK. Jump in. I’ll take you home. Sarah: Bye.

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Useful language for successful communication.


This month:
Indicating a lack of Asking someone to Confirming
understanding repeat something information

I’m sorry? Could you repeat that, please? Are you certain?
Pardon me? Could you read those numbers back Are you sure?
I beg your pardon? to me, please? Are you sure about that?
I’m sorry but I'm not sure what you I’m sorry, but could you repeat that, So, what exactly are you trying to
mean. please? say?
I’m sorry but I didn’t catch that. I’m sorry. Can you repeat that, What do you mean?
Excuse me? please? So, you’re saying that…
I don’t understand (you). Sorry to be
Come again? a pain, but
I didn’t quite catch that. would you mind
I think I got the wrong end of the repeating that, Note: Some of these
expressions can be considered
stick. please? rude if you aren’t careful with
What? I’m afraid I didn’t the intonation.
You what? quite get that.

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House Selling a skeleton.
1 Activity
Read the sentences, find the errors and correct the sentences. Then listen to the
CD to check your answers. Good luck! ANSWERS ON PAGE 63
1. This is the Nigel pen.
This is Nigel’s pen.
2. That is the bag of Susan.

3. This is Charles bicycle.

4. These are the girl’s books.

1 Pre reading
5. Who is pen is it? Match the names to the pictures.
1. ghost
2. bat
6. Who dog this is?
3. mummy
4. vampire b
5. werewolf c

2 Discussion a
1. What’s typically in a haunted house?
For example: A ghost in a cupboard.
2. Have you ever seen a ghost?
3. Have you ever been in a frightening house?
3 Listening I
Listen once. What is in the haunted house?

4 Listening II
True or false?
1. The haunted house in York is very modern.
2. The house is now used for businesses.
3. The ghost doesn’t disturb anyone.
4. Ben believes the ghost could be a selling point.
5. In another household in Scotland, there is another popular

Grammar spot
Look at the example from the text: “They grew quite fond of Tom.”
“To be fond of someone” is to like someone. The noun is
“fondness”. So, what does “to grow fond of someone” mean?
See if you can write the name of someone you have always
been very fond of, and the name of someone you have
grown fond of recently.



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The section that makes grammar easy, interesting, and fun.

Confusing Words



“Principal” versus “principle” “Hear” versus “here”

A “principal” (noun) is the most important If you “hear” something, you detect the sound of
person in an organisation. For example: “She is it with your ears. For example:
the principal of Barkstone Girls’ School.” “I can’t hear what you are saying.”

“Principal” (adjective) is the first in importance, If something is “here”, it is close to where you are
rank, value, etc. For example: at any given moment. For example:
“They are the principal provider of food in the “It took me three hours to get here.”

A “principle” (noun) is a standard or a rule. For

“As a matter of principle, we never pay before we
receive the goods.”
“Sustainable development is a very good

“Less” versus “fewer”

We use “less” with non-countable nouns.
For example: “less sugar, less hair, less time, less
work”, etc.

And we use “fewer” with plural items.

For example: “fewer clothes, fewer people, fewer
toys, fewer shirts”, etc.
“Lose” versus “loose”
“To lose” is to fail. For example:
“We are going to lose the game.”

If something is “loose”, it is not tight. For

example: “These trousers are too loose for me.”

Complete each sentence with a word from this section.
1. They aren’t _________ yet.
2. We have ___________ people here than last year.
3. He __________ a friend to the party.
4. They always _________ when they have Sam in goal.
5. He’s the ___________ of a large school for boys.
6. They ___________ a house last month.
“Bought” versus “brought” 7. We have ________ time than we had last week.
“Bought” is the past tense of “to buy”. For 8. This shirt is too ___________ for you. You need a smaller
example: size.
“We bought a new car last month.” 9. They are the _____________ supplier of computers in the
And “brought” is the past tense of “to bring”. For 10. They can’t _______ what you are saying. Speak up!
example: 11. As a matter of __________, payment must be made before
“Who brought that CD to the party? It was terrible.” we send the goods.

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Movie II
1 Listening I
Listen once and answer these questions.
1. Where is the caller?
2. Where does she want to go?

2 Listening II
Choose the street name that you hear:
1. Renfrew Street/ Wrenfred Street
2. Rose Street/ Tulip Street .PSFGJMNT
3. Woodburrow Road/ Blythswood Street EPVHIOVUT

4. West George Street/ John Street

3 Listening III
Complete the text with the words below.

Caller: Hello is that Central Train Station?

Receptionist: It is indeed. How can I (1) _____ you?
Caller: Actually, I’m a bit lost. I’m trying to get to
the (2) _____.
Receptionist: Where are you?
Caller: I’m at the Imperial Lodge Hotel on
Renfrew Street. Do you know it?
Receptionist: I do. It’s a fifteen-minute (3) _____ from MORE MOVIE STARDOM FOR HOMER

Caller: OK, great. omer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are expected
Receptionist: OK. Come out of the hotel and turn left. to return to the big screen in a sequel to the
Then, turn right when you get to Rose high-grossing Simpsons Movie. The wacky family,
Street and walk straight on until it turns a creation of animist Matt Groening, starred
into Blythswood Street. After about in their first movie earlier this year. That film earned over
four (4) _______, turn right down West US$500 million worldwide. However, Groening said that the
George Street and continue until you next film would take a long time – apparently they don’t like
reach George Square. The station is just working too hard. The first film took more than four years to
in the square – you can’t miss it. make and was created while the crew made the series.
Caller: So, that’s out of the hotel and turn left.
The Simpsons is the one of the most successful television
Then first right, walk three blocks and go
shows in history. It has been on TV for over twenty years. It
left until the square, right? began as a series of sketches on The Tracey Ullman Show in
Receptionist: No, four blocks. 1987 and developed into its own series from these. In recent
Caller: Oh, OK. Four blocks. That’s great. Thanks years, the show has been criticised for not being as funny as
very much. before. The producers have been
Receptionist: No problem, see you. accused of running out of ideas
though the programme is still
help station popular with viewers. The show is
the big screen n
the cinema, the world of films
high-grossing adj
now into its twentieth series and that makes a lot of money
walk blocks Matt Groening has said that he isn’t wacky adj
planning on stopping. It looks like a sketch n
a short comedy act on a TV show
REMEMBER TO DO THE SPEAKING AND Homer and family are here to stay,
for the time being anyway.
a viewer n
a person who watches TV

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Real language in action.

Film / TV Scripts



riends is an American television programme which aired for 10 seasons from 1994-
2004. It is about the relationships and lives of 6 friends in their late 20s: Ross, Rachel,
Phoebe, Chandler, Monica and Joey. The show is a comedy, but has tender moments
as well – after all, when you’re single and living in New York City, your friends become
your family. This scene is with Ross and Rachel. Ross has a crush on Rachel and considers this
evening at the laundromat as their first date. Rachel has no idea what’s going on. (US English)

The script
Ross: Oh, hey, erm, you must need detergent. (Ross pulls out a huge box of laundry detergent.)
Rachel: What’s that?
Ross: Uberveiss. It’s new, it’s German, it’s extra-tough.
(Rachel starts to load her clothes.)
Ross: Rach, do you, er, are you gonna separate those?
Rachel: Oh God. Oh, am I being like a total laundry spaz? I
mean, am I supposed to use, like, one machine for
shirts and another machine for pants?
Ross: Rach, have you never done this before?
Rachel: Well, not myself, but I know other people that have. OK, you caught me.
I’m a laundry virgin.
Ross: Erm, well, don't worry, I'll use the gentle cycle. OK, erm, basically you
wanna use one machine for all your whites, OK? A whole other machine for colors, and a
third for your, er, your, er, delicates, and that would be your bras and your under-panty things.
Rachel: (She holds a pair of panties in front of Ross.) OK, Well, what about these? These are white cotton panties.
Would they go with whites or delicates?
Ross: (visibly nervous) Erm, that, that, that would be a judgment call.

to air vb
to show on television
to have a crush on someone exp
to like someone romantically
a laundromat n
a shop where there are many
washing machines and you can
wash your clothes
5IBUXBT detergent n
BHSFBU the soap (often powder) you use to
TIPX %PJOH clean your clothes
ZPVS tough adj
TPNVDI gonna abbr
GVO going to
a spaz n informal
someone who is not skilled at
pants n US
clothing you wear to cover your
Exercises legs. “Trousers” in British English
a gentle cycle n
Read the dialogue and answer the questions. a slow, non-aggressive option on a
1. What kind of laundry detergent does Ross use? washing machine
wanna abbr
2. Has Rachel done laundry before? want to
colors n US
3. According to Ross, what three categories clothing that is coloured (not
should laundry be divided into? white)
delicates n
your underpants, socks, etc

Information box bras n

clothing that women wear under
their shirts
To watch and read along, here is the clip: that would be a judgement call n that is something that you will have
to decide on

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Intermediate reading exercise.


Steve Jobs


The man behind the Apple.
Linda: Good morning, everyone! This is Linda from he got fired from his own company, and then
Salem 24, Oregon's favourite radio station. rehired 10 years later.
Today, we're talking to Martha Hargreaves, Martha: Yes, that’s right. Apple was growing, so he
who’s a big fan of Steve Jobs. Welcome to hired someone to help him run the company.
the show. The first year was great. But then their visions
Martha: Thanks. It's great to be here, thank you. of the future began to differ, and eventually
Linda: So, what is it that impresses you about Steve Jobs? they had a falling out. When they did, the
Martha: Well, I read a little about him in school, and Board of Directors sided against Jobs. So,
then started reading more and more about that's how he got fired from his own company.
him on my own. His life is just so interesting. At that point, Steve felt really lost in life.
Linda: For those who don't know, Steve Jobs is the Linda: So, what did he do?
CEO of Apple, and co-founder of Macintosh. Martha: At first he thought it was terrible as he was
He also created Pixar Animation Studios. out of a job. However, he used the free
Oh, yeah, and you probably heard about the time to think of some ideas for the future.
little musical revolution he started with the And over the next
iPod. Now, as I understand it, before the age five years, he started Steve Jobs
of 30, Steve achieved so much, but never a company called Born 24th February 1955
graduated from college. How did he do that? NeXT, and another in San Francisco, California.
Martha: Well, Steve went to college, but dropped out. company named CEO and chairman of Apple
Incorporated and also sits
However, he did carry on going to calligraphy Pixar. Pixar created on the Board of Directors for
class. He learned about fonts and typefaces, the world's first the Walt Disney Company.
about varying the amount of space between computer animated In 1986, he founded Pixar
different letter combinations, and about feature film, Toy Story, Animation Studios, and
what makes great typography great. He and is now the most remained the primary
found it fascinating. successful animation shareholder until the Walt
Linda: How did this help him later in life? studio in the world. Disney Company acquired
Pixar in 2006. Steve Jobs
Martha: Well, honestly, he never planned to use It is strange how the has a wife and four children.
that skill for anything practical. But ten world works, because He recently launched the
years later, when he designed the first Apple bought his iPhone and still designs
Macintosh computer, he remembered that company NeXT, Steve new products, despite his
class. The Mac was the first computer with returned to Apple, continuous battle with
beautiful typography, multiple typefaces and the technology pancreatic cancer.
and proportionally spaced fonts. Of course they developed at
it was impossible to know at the time that his NeXT is something
calligraphy class would be so valuable. they incorporated into
Linda: Wow! That's amazing. As I understand it, later Apple's rebirth.

1 Pre reading 5. ...resigned from Apple.

What do you know about Steve Jobs? What would you like to 6. ...started a company called Disney.
know? Discuss your ideas with a partner.
4 Vocabulary
2 Reading I What do these expressions from the interview mean? Try to
Now read the interview. Did you learn anything new about guess the meaning from the context.
Steve Jobs? 1. He dropped out of college.
2. He got fired.
3 Reading II 3. They had a falling out.
Read the interview again. True or false? Steve Jobs... 4. They sided against him.
1. the CEO of Apple.
2. ...created Pixar Animation Studios. Skills Booklets
4. ...designed the Mac.

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Cut Off

Luke Pittard loves his job. So much so that he came back to work after winning
1.3 million pounds on the National Lottery 18 months ago. He missed his job at
McDonald’s, and got bored doing nothing. “To be honest, there’s only so much relaxing
you can do. I’m still young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm,” Pittard
says. He and wife Emma met working at McDonalds, years before their windfall. After a
number of holidays, a big wedding and buying a new house, Pittard got a bit bored. “My
workmates all think I’m a bit mad, but I tell them there’s more to life than money.” His
manager is thrilled to Technology-free parents.
have the millionaire back behind the counter.

Do you disconnect
However, from work?
his wife doesn’t Notsame
feel the enough,way. says
Emma a recent
mind staying at home with
British parents spenddaughter,
their three-year-old more of their
Chloe. free
And time
sheworking from
enjoys her home onstatus. However,
shephones, laptops and
does understand whyBlackBerries,
her husband misses than with
the their kids.both really enjoyed working
job. “We
at McDonald’s and still have good friends there.
It was muchfamiliar
soreally technology means
for us, it is easier for
and something to
stay to look forward
himconnected to theto, office
” shewhen you aren’t
there. Dr Pat
Luke isn’t theSpungin,
first Lottofounder
winnerof toraisingkids.
go back to,
work.says that the
According toBritish
a survey, areone in three big
winners go
becoming workaholics.
back to work, “Aandlot of people
half go back areto :PVKVTU
workingon the assumption
full-time. Like Luke,that mostthey
get are
staying MJLFUIJT
available”, she told
at home. Even a jobSky flipping
likeNews burgers
Online. “It’s not healthy
at the local
to work so much,
McDonald’s can keepand achildren pay content.
millionaire the price of
having workaholic parents.”

In response, Alton Towers Resort theme park has cut

parents off from their technology. Staff will look after
parents’ PDAs, cell phones or laptops while parents enjoy
the amusement park with their kids, giving them quality
family time together. “We feel it’s so important for parents and kids
to focus on nothing more than having the best possible time, that we
are prepared to take drastic action to ensure that parents really leave
their work behind,” says resort director Russell Barnes. Right now, the
new technology-free zone is an experiment. But if it’s successful, it
will become a permanent fixture. Can it work? Dr Spungin thinks so.
“Technology is only a tool, it's what you do with the technology,” she said.
“You could leave it behind. The choice is yours.”
1 Pre reading 3 Reading I
Match the devices (1 to 6) to the definitions (a-f). What do you think the article is about (based on the words from
1. computer the previous exercise)? Read the article and find out.
2. remote control
3. blender 4 Reading II
4. PDA Read the article again. How is each word used? What is its
5. photocopier meaning in the context?
6. MP3 player
cell phones laptops
a. a device we use to BlackBerries stay connected
change the channel on the television
b. a device we use in the kitchen to mix ingredients healthy
c. a device that we use to make duplicates of
documents or images theme park quality family time GLOSSARY
a laptop n
d. a device that stores lots of music files a portable computer
e. an electronic organizer
amusement park PDAs a BlackBerry n
a hand-held device that has a
f. an electronic device used to process data, a technology-free zone phone, access to internet, etc.
a workaholic n
perform mathematical operations and store a person who works a lot and who
lots of information 5 Discussion is obsessed with work
a PDA abbr
1. Do you disconnect from work? How? a personal digital assistant
2 Memory game 2. Why is it difficult to disconnect from work? an amusement park n
a fun park with many rides and
Now look at the words in the next column. You have one minute 3. What is “quality family time”? Give examples. fast trains
to take drastic action exp
to memorise them. When your teacher says stop, close the page 4. The article says that the British are becoming to do something dramatic and
and write down as many of the words as you can. workaholics. Is this true to your nationality? Why? serious in response to a situation

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Vacations at home.
Can’t afford to go away on holiday? Take a ad campaigns that focus on fun in the
“staycation” – a vacation at home. backyard. “Americans still want to have a
holiday,” said Wal-Mart spokeswoman Melissa
A recent study shows American families are O'Brien. “They want to enjoy those quick
not travelling much this year. Rising gas and weekend getaways and socialising around
food prices, along with job insecurity and a the backyard cookout.”
struggling economy means thousands of Language
people choose to stay close to home, instead But even with low-cost staycations, many tip
of hopping on a plane or driving somewhere. Americans are watching their wallets. Those When you come
Retailers see Americans buying a lot less backyard barbecues cost 6% more this year across a word you
than normal, as people have less money to than last year. However, people are spending don’t know, it’s very
spend. National department store chains more money on home decorating, retailers important to stop
such as Wal-Mart and Target are pushing report. And they buy items like scented and try to break the
low-cost vacation activities along with the candles and plants – things to make staying word down into
traditional barbeque and home more pleasant. smaller parts. In
camping equipment At least you can many cases, this will
sold this time of year. be surrounded by help you work out
Both stores have beautiful things on the meaning. Try it!
launched summer your staycation.

5IJTJTTP focus
UIBOUIF It is very
CFBDI fashionable to
create words from
new phenomena.
Can you think
of any in English
or in your own
1 Pre reading 2 Reading I GLOSSARY
a struggling economy n
Here is a list of the top 5 most expensive cities in the world. How do you think a staycation works? What do you think is the an economy in difficulty, with
The cities on this list were chosen based on these factors: idea behind a staycation? financial problems
to hop on phr vb
housing, entertainment, food, transportation and clothing. Read and check. Was your guess correct? to jump on; to enter
a retailer n
Match the cities (1 to 5) to their definitions (a-e). a shop; a shop owner; a business
1. Moscow, Russia 3 Reading II (or business person) that owns a
number of shops
2. London, England Choose the correct definitions of words and expressions from the a department store chain n
3. Seoul, Korea article. a group of large department stores
(buildings with many shops) under
4. Tokyo, Japan 1. a struggling economy. Is this an economy in common ownership/management
to push vb
5. Hong Kong, China difficulty or is it a positive description? to promote; to emphasise
2. a department store chain. What’s a chain? a backyard n
an area next to a house where
a. Victoria Harbour and its most famous culinary 3. a backyard. Which two words is this noun children play, dogs live, people
dish, Dim Sum composed of? Do you know what either word have BBQs, etc
a getaway n
b. Big Ben and British Parliament are in this city means? Clue: It’s connected to the house. a short holiday
a cookout n
c. hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics and the 4. a weekend getaway. Which two words is this a meal cooked and served outside;
2002 FIFA World Cup noun composed of? Do you know what either a BBQ
to watch your wallet exp
d. has the Imperial Palace and was also word means? Can it be a verb? How is it used to be careful about the amount of
destroyed by the famous movie monster as a verb? money you spend
scented adj
Godzilla 5. to watch your wallets. Do you think this with a nice fragrance (smell)
a candle n
e. known for the Kremlin, the Moskva River also is literal or figurative? Why would you be a wax stick that burns slowly and
runs through this city “watching your wallet”? creates light

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1. A dwarf
2. Grumpy A
3. To sneeze
4. Sleepy
5. A miner
6. Extras (in a film)
7. A sign of the zodiac B C
8. A gate (in an airport)
9. A guest
10. A horseshoe
11. Someone hanging upside down
12. A nightmare





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The seven dwarfs are Happy,
Grumpy, Dopey (the
beardless one), Doc, Bashful,
Sneezy and Sleepy. They
were all miners.

The Beatles’ first song to hit

the UK charts was “Love me
Do” on 11th October 1962.

A “walla-
walla scene”
is one where
pretend to be
talking in the
of a film. When they say “walla
walla”, it looks as if they are
actually talking. many airports don’t have a Do horseshoes have a special GLOSSARY
grumpy adj
thirteenth gate. significance in your country? angry; not in a good mood
dopey adj
Are you superstitious? Do you The superstition of keeping a bit slow at understanding things;
try to avoid the number 13? The unlucky date of Friday horseshoes has different constantly sleepy
bashful adj
Generally, 12 is considered 13th has its origins in several variations. In many countries, shy; easily embarrassed
to sneeze vb
a nice complete number. So, traditions. In a Viking myth, hanging a horseshoe above a if you sneeze, air comes out of your
anything more is thought there were once 12 gods at a door in a downward position nose involuntarily
a miner n
of as unnatural. There are dinner. The thirteenth, Loki, a will bring good fortune to a person whose job is to work in
12 signs of the zodiac, 12 god of mischief, arrived. He that house or building in mines (tunnels in the ground),
looking for metals, etc
tribes of Israel, organised for the blind general. On the other hand, an extra n
an actor who has a very small, often
12 months in god of darkness, Hoder, in Ireland and Britain people non-speaking, part in a film
the Roman to unwittingly kill his turn the piece of metal a gate n
the door at an airport that you go
calendar and brother Balder, the god upwards, so that the good through in order to get on a plane
the 12 apostles of light. In Christian luck stays in and doesn’t fall mischief n
bad, naughty behaviour
of Jesus. Because tradition, there were out. There is also the unwittingly adv
without knowing or realising
of its negative thirteen guests belief that if you a horseshoe n
connotations, at The Last hang a horseshoe a metal object that is placed on a
horse’s foot in order to protect it
the Italian lottery Supper, the last in your bedroom, good fortune n
doesn’t have a guest being you won’t have good luck
a nightmare n
number 13, and Judas Iscariot. nightmares. a terrible, frightening dream

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and in sentence “b”, the speaker is referring to the individuals

in the team.

Of course, there are always a few exceptions, such as “staff”,

which almost always goes with plural verbs. For example:
a) The staff are thinking of taking action.
Dear Dr Fingers, b) Staff plan an end-of-year party every Christmas.
o questions.
Please help me. I have tw
1. Which is correct?
happy with it. And there are some plural nouns that nearly always accept
a) The government is un
un happy with it. the plural form even though they are referring to something
b) The government are
Month), in one singular. For example:
month (The Word of the
2. Also, in an article last is someone who is unhelpful a) The Beatles are a well-known band.
paragraph you say, “…a b) The Specials are a British band from the 1980s.
and obstructive in their ir job”?
be “… in his / her job” NOT “…the
Surely, it should In American English, collective nouns are usually singular. For
Thank you very much, a) The committee was voting on the measure.
Rain Forest.
b) The group is doing really well.
c) The team has improved a lot.
Dear Ms Forest, d) The Light is a famous American group.
Thank you so much for your e-mail. Of course, I would be
delighted to help you. Let’s look at each of your problems in turn. 2 It is quite common to use “their” to avoid using “his / her”.
For example:
1 Words such as “government, team, group”, etc are known as a) A good writer should choose their words carefully.
collective nouns. They are singular nouns that refer to groups b) A bad worker should not blame their tools.
of people. In British English, collective nouns can be either
singular or plural verb forms. For example: The alternative is to write it like this:
a) The group are touring. a) A good writer should choose his / her words carefully.
b) The group is touring. b) A bad worker should not blame his / her tools.

Why are both possible? No one is really sure, but it’s probably a However, this is a bit clumsy. So, in many cases, writers try to
psychological thing. If you (the speaker) are thinking of the group avoid the use of “his / her” and use a plural form. For example:
as a whole (a single unit), then a singular verb form is used. a) Good writers should choose their words carefully.
And if you are thinking of the individuals within the group, b) Bad workers should not blame their tools.
you will use the plural verb form. Just compare these two
sentences: Well, Ms Forest, I hope that has brightened up your day.
a) The team is in the first division. Yours, Dr Fingers.
b) The team are doing really well. Please send your questions or stories to:
In sentence “a”, the speaker is referring to the team as a whole;

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mùltiples, consulta a la oficina. la oferta, contacta con Hot English.
CD track 15
Irishwoman & Englishman

Corny Criminals



Back Firing bin. During the burglary, the did. Bones stole a car and then GLOSSARY
to handle vb
“This guy either didn’t know robbers were recorded by 17 asked for directions when to use / manipulate with your hands
how to handle a gun or he rolling cameras. Webb said he found himself lost. After to threaten vb
to promise to do something bad to
was afraid that it would fire he was astounded by the hijacking the car at gunpoint, someone unless they do what you want
to point vb
accidentally,” said police after burglars’ audacity. “There were he stopped and asked a news to hold something towards
watching a man who appeared numerous warnings that the team where he was. “He asked someone
surveillance equipment n
on a bank’s security shop had heavy surveillance,” us for directions out of the electrical devices for filming /
cameras. The man he said. Webb city,” said cameraman Jake observing / watching an area
daring adj
was holding up believes that he Blake. “And then he just drove brave
to make off with something phr vb
the bank and won’t retrieve off.” Seconds later, the owner to escape with a stolen item
threatened to the stolen goods of the stolen car appeared in a wheelie bin adj
a large container with wheels for
shoot staff. He but he is sure that a taxi. He’d been following rubbish (old paper / food, etc)
was seen to be the villains will be the criminal and jumped rolling adj
if a camera is “rolling”, it is filming
pointing the gun caught. Despite his into a taxi when he saw his something
astounded adj
backwards. He bad luck, the incident car disappearing down the amazed; shocked
was arrested later. may, ironically, be road. He told the news team audacity adj
someone who does something
a good advertisement for about the stolen car and with “audacity”, does someting that
Wheelie Stealy his business and convince together, they chased the involve risks and that is dangerous
to retrieve vb
“Nobody is safe; there is people to invest more in robber, phoning for the if you “retrieve” something, it is
returned to you
always a stupid criminal out security. police at the same time. goods n
there” said Kriss Webb, the Eventually, police products

owner of a shop that was Daring apprehended the

a villain n
a criminal
robbed in Texas. The shop, Directions criminal and the to hijack vb
to take control of a plane / car /
Spy Supply, sells surveillance What do you do journalists got person, etc illegally
to apprehend vb
equipment. Two daring when you get their exclusive. to arrest
thieves broke into the store lost? Ask for The robber to get an exclusive exp
to be the first person to report on a
and made off with almost directions? This was arrested very interesting news story
$10,000 worth of electrical is precisely what for aggravated aggravated robbery n
robbery with extreme violence or
equipment… in a wheelie car thief Bob Bones robbery. the threat of extreme violence

26 I
CD track 16




Lost pot problem.
1 Discussion
1. Have you ever lost anything? What? When?
2. Have you ever lost anything at the airport? What? Why?
3. Has the airline ever lost your luggage? What happened?
4. Have you ever been stopped at customs? What
Ingredients Look at the words below for one minute and try to memorise them. When
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves the teacher says “stop”, turn over the page and try to write down as many
¼ teaspoon salt as you can.
1⁄8 teaspoon ground black pepper
6 slices Swiss cheese 3 Listening I
4 slices ham Look at the words again. What do you think the story is about? With your
½ cup breadcrumbs partner, write up a quick news bulletin. Now listen and check your predictions.

Method Japan’s Narita airport officials

Pre-heat the oven to 175 degrees C.
Pound the chicken. a good lawyer to come forward
Sprinkle salt and pepper on both
sides of each piece of chicken. misplaced marijuana airport security
Place 1 cheese slice and 1 ham slice GLOSSARY
on top of each breast. skinless adj
with no skin
a bag 142 grams pot
Roll up each breast, and secure with boneless adj
a toothpick. with no bones
a (chicken) breast n
a passenger’s suitcase a sniffer dog
Place in a baking tray, and sprinkle the front part of a chicken's body
where there is a lot of meat
chicken evenly with breadcrumbs. a slice n black luggage
Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. a thin piece of something
breadcrumbs n
Remove from oven, and place 1/2 very small pieces of bread
4 Listening II
cheese slice on top of each breast. to pound vb
to hit isomething in order to make
Listen again and answer the questions.
Return to oven for 3 to 5 minutes, or it thinner 1. What was the motive behind planting the marijuana?
a toothpick n
until cheese has melted. a thin, wooden stick used for 2. Why is the situation described as delicate?
Remove toothpicks, and serve cleaning your teeth
to remove vb
to take out / away Skills Booklets WRITING EXERCISES IN THE SKILLS BOOKLETS.

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Rocky Horror

Picture Show
“I t’s astounding. Time is
fleeting. Madness takes its
toll.” These words are the
opening lyrics to “The Time Warp”,
never insult someone’s costume.
Actor Tim Curry (Dr Frank N. Furter
in the original film) often attended
Rocky Horror showings. At one, he
the iconic song from the musical stood up and said, “It is such a relief
comedy The Rocky Horror Picture to know there are so many people in
Show (1975). The movie is, in fact this world sicker than I am.” By 1979,
“astounding”, and is nothing short the movie was shown late in nearly
of “madness”. However, time isn’t 200 theatres.
“fleeting”, because this film is still
popular more than 30 years after its Almost 30 years later, these
release. (US English) devoted fans have a new issue
to discuss. According to Variety
Originally a Broadway production from 1973, Magazine, MTV is going to do a
The Rocky Horror Picture Show was made into remake of the film. No casting
a film two years later. The film was directed by choices have been announced
Jim Sharman and stars Susan Sarandon (Janet) yet, but they said they will use
and Barry Bostwick (Brad). The movie tells the the original screenplay, which was written by
story of a stranded couple. Brad and Janet Richard O’Brien and John Sharman. They may also
(Sarandon and Bostwick) have a flat tire, and include new songs. Several fans are upset and GLOSSARY
to take its toll n
they begin an innocent search for a phone and believe that the original version should remain to have a bad effect on something
an iconic song n
possibly shelter. In the process, they interrupt a untouched. They feel a remake would cheapen it. an important song that symbolises
Transylvanian convention and become instantly Other fans, however, are anxiously awaiting more something or that means a lot to
absorbed into a world of mad scientist mayhem. information on the film. fleeting n
that only lasts for a short period of
The “host” of this convention, also a scientist, time
is Tim Curry’s character Dr Frank N. Furter, the Who would have thought that a movie about a stranded adj
if you are “stranded”, you are lost or
self-proclaimed “Transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvanian convention would cause so much trapped somewhere with nowhere
Transylvania”. He creates in his “laboratory” a excitement and earn more to stay
a couple n
perfect man “with blonde hair and a tan”. than $139 million? Well, to two people in a relationship
a flat tire n US
find out for yourself, you can a “tire” (“tyre” in British English) is the
Mainstream audiences in 1975 were not quite always check the website round, rubber object on a car wheel.
If it is “flat”, it has no air in it
ready for the film’s wacky plot. And the film didn’t for a list of current midnight a search n
earn much when released in the US in autumn showings in a theatre near an attempt to find something
shelter n
1975 in California. So, the film’s producers thought you. a place (a house or building) where
you can sleep or protect yourself
The Rocky Horror Picture Show might bring in more from the rain / cold, etc
of an audience as a midnight movie. This is usually All together now.... a tan n
if you have a “tan”, your skin is brown
a low-budget film that is shown on television “It’s just a jump to the left. from the sun
wacky adj
at midnight and attracts a more off-the-wall And a step to the right. crazy
audience. In this case, it worked. Put your hands on your hips. …” a plot n
the story in a film
a cult following n
And these midnight showings were where the
cult following was born. New York theatres also
Rocky Horror Picture Show if something (a film / book / group,
etc) has a “cult” following, it has a
(1975). Directed by Jim Sharman and written by devoted group of fans
a theatre n US
began late-night screenings of the film. And by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien, this film is a a place where thewy show films. A
Halloween 1976, people were coming in droves “cult classic”. In 2005, the film was chosen to be “cinema” in British English
to come in droves exp
(and in costumes) to watch the film. There is a preserved in the United States National Film Registry to come in large numbers
lot of audience participation: spectators hold up by the Library of Congress because it is “culturally, sick adj
insane; strange
newspapers, snap rubber gloves and even throw historically, and aesthetically significant”. a cult classic n
toast at the screen. One very important rule is to a film (or book, etc) with a devoted
group of fans

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Warning: brave readers only. (US English)

Scary Stories
The Golden Hand Bloody Mary
Once there was a man who lived in a Bloody Mary lived in a small village
typical neighbourhood in an average and sold herbal remedies for her
Canadian town. Normally, he never livelihood. Everyone in the town
noticed any of his neighbours, but thought she was crazy and never
when a new and attractive woman went near her secluded house in the
moved into the area, he immediately woods. They thought she was bad
took interest. Conveniently, he would luck.
“run in to her” on the street and they
would talk. One thing he noticed about But over a period of time, little girls
her was that she always wore gloves. in the village started to disappear.
During one of their conversations, People immediately suspected
she brushed back her hair and her Bloody Mary, but no one had any
hand was slightly exposed. He saw proof. Some brave villagers visited her
something golden, and asked her about house, but didn’t find any evidence.
it. She said that as a child her hand had The only thing they noticed was that
to be cut off and it was replaced by one she appeared to look more youthful
made of gold. and exuberant.

Overcome with greed, he could think One evening, the miller’s wife
of nothing else but possessing that woke up during the night
golden hand. So, he began pursuing because she had a toothache.
her and flirted and flattered her in every While she was treating it, she
way he could think of. Eventually, she saw something very strange. Her
fell in love with him, and within a month young daughter was leaving the
they were married. But within another house all by herself. She called
month, she died, as he was secretly after her daughter, but was
poisoning her a little bit every day. She ignored. She chased her daughter
was buried, but without her golden hand. and screamed for her husband.
No one suspected anything, and even felt Neither parent could bring the
sorry for the man. girl back. Naturally, all this noise woke
up the neighbours. A keen-eyed to run in to someone exp
On the night of her funeral, the man farmer noticed the little girl and saw to meet someone accidentally
gloves n
went to bed, with the golden hand safely how she was walking toward a light clothing worn on the hands
to brush back your hair exp
tucked under his pillow. But during the that shone from the sky. They also to move your hair so it is not
night, he began to hear violent noises saw Bloody Mary waiting expectantly covering your face
overcome with exp
that woke him. All of a sudden, he saw for the girl. Bloody Mary tried to run if you are “overcome with" an
a green ghostly figure looming above away, but one man shot her. Bloody emotion, you cannot control that
him that exclaimed, “GIVE ME BACK MY Mary fell to the ground, and some greed n
a desire to have a lot of something –
GOLDEN HAND!”The man recognized men from the village seized her and more than you need
the figure as his wife. “GIVE ME BACK MY burned her at the stake. to pursue vb
to chase; to try to catch / have
GOLDEN HAND!!” she demanded again. to flatter vb
The man was very frightened, but still While she was burning, she put a to say nice things to someone
tucked under his pillow exp
refused her request. curse on the village. She said that placed safely under his pillow (the
object you place under your head
if anyone ever repeated her name in bed)
The next morning, a housemaid went into a mirror, she would come back wrapped around exp
up to the man’s bedroom to bring through the mirror and seek revenge exuberant adj
him his morning tea. But, when she for her horrible death. And ever since full of energy
a miller n
reached the bedroom, she found that day, legend has it that anyone a person who operates a mill, which
crushes grain in order to make flour
a very nasty surprise: the man was foolish enough to repeat Bloody (a powder that is used to make
dead. He was strangled to death… Mary’s name three times in front of bread)
to burn someone at the stake exp
with a golden hand wrapped a darkened mirror will be trapped to tie someone to a wooden pole
around his neck. inside a mirror forever. and to burn them. This was often
done to witches

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The top five horror films.

the 13th

(1980) .
This film is about
a series of brutal
murders at Camp
Crystal Lake, the
scene of a tragic
accident, years
earlier. In 1957,
young Jason

Voorhees drowns
because of the Halloween (1978) .
negligence This movie launched Jamie Lee Curtis’
of two youth career and resulted in a number of
counsellors. A year later, there is a double copycat films. It is also one of the most
murder in the camp. successful indie films ever made.
1980: Annie (played by Robbi Morgan) enters It's Halloween night, 1978 and Psycho killer
a diner, asking for directions to the camp. Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital
The people in the diner are shocked that where he has spent 15 years for murdering
the camp has been re-opened. Ralph, an old his sister, Judith. He returns to his hometown
man says that they are “all doomed”. As Annie to wreak havoc, pursued by Dr Loomis
approaches the camp, the driver of a jeep who (Donald Pleasance). He stalks Laurie (Curtis)
picks her up murders her with a knife. The and commits a series of murders. At first,
driver is unseen. Laurie can't believe what's happening. But
Later, as the rest of the counsellors and the after receiving a phone call from a friend she
camp’s owner are preparing the place, a begins to worry. At one point, she crosses the
storm approaches. Steve (Peter Brouwer), the street to another house where she discovers
owner leaves to get more supplies. As the the bodies of her friends. Myers attacks her
night progresses, the killer picks off each and they fight before Dr Loomis rescues Laurie
of the counsellors, one by one by one. When by shooting Myers. The murderer falls from a
Steve returns, he gets the same treatment, window but when the doctor looks out of the
but it seems that Steve knew his killer. As window, Myers has gone. Is he dead? Or has he
the killing reaches a climax, Alice (Adrienne escaped?
King) is left alone. She meets a woman, Mrs
Voorhees (Betsy Palmer), who says she is a
friend of Steve’s family. As Alice hysterically
tells her of the events, Mrs
Voorhees tells her about
her son Jason, who
died all those years
before. She tells
Alice about the two
counsellors who
were supposed to
be taking care of
her little Jason. She
turns violent and
there is a chase with
several confrontations
between the two women.
Alice finally kills Mrs Voorhees.
She goes to the middle of the lake to await
help but now Jason takes his revenge on his
mother’s killer. There’s a fight, but Alice loses
consciousness and next thing she wakes
up in hospital. Everyone is dead. She asks a
policeman about Jason. She is told that no boy
was found.

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2 Brain Dead (1992).
If you want a horror movie to be funny,
just add zombies. Brain Dead is a horror
The Exorcist (1973) .
The Exorcist is actually based on a true
story – a story of the ultimate battle
comedy with zombies; and it’s regarded as the between light and darkness. Father Karras (Jason
bloodiest film ever made. It was directed by Miller), a priest and psychiatrist, is called to help
Peter Jackson, who later became successful a young girl, Regan (Linda Blair). She’s showing
with his direction of The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) supernatural and evil powers. Very soon, the
trilogy. Jackson actually used some of the same priest finds that he's up against the Devil
shooting locations for Brain Dead in LOTR. himself and battles him for Regan’s soul. Father
The film is all about Sumatran Rat-Monkeys. Merrin (Max von Sydow) is called to help as he is
They’re dangerous creatures – a hybrid between an experienced exorcist. Father Karras challenges GLOSSARY
a slasher movie n
a monkey and a rat that carries the bubonic Satan to enter him to save the little girl. In the a horror film
plague. to drown vb
to die in water
Their bite negligence n
transforms incompetence
a youth counsellor n
law-abiding a young person who looks after
children / teens at a summer camp
citizens a diner n
into crazed, a restaurant
doomed adj
flesh-eating if you are “doomed”, you are going
zombies. to die
to pick someone up phr vb
Lionel to take someone in your car in order
to take them somewhere
(Timothy to approach vb
Balme) falls to go close to something or
in love with supplies n
Paquita food, goods, etc
to progress vb
(Diana to continue
to pick off phr vb
Peñalver) to kill one by one
which a copycat n
someone/thing that is unoriginal,
enrages his and that is more or less the same as
overbearing something else
an indie (independent) film n
mother. While spying on the lovers at the zoo, a non-Hollywood film
to wreak havoc exp
Lionel's mother is bitten by the rat-monkey. to destroy; to cause destruction
The transformation occurs but loyal son Lionel to stalk vb
to follow someone with the
promises to care of his dear old mummy. finale, Father Karras sacrifices his own safety to intention of hurting them
a shooting location n
Unfortunately the zombie starts killing people help Regan. a place where part of a movie is
who also become zombies. Lionel tries to Although the film has been accused of being filmed
flesh-eating adj
balance the problem of maintaining his “evil”, the Christian concept of self-sacrifice that eats meat (from humans /
relationship with Paquita by locking the zombies is included in the story so it is more easily animals, etc)
to spy vb
in the cellar. Mum escapes and is run over by a acceptable. It won two Oscars and several to watch someone/thing secretly
to run over phr vb
tram. Thinking that mum’s dead, the townsfolk sequels and prequels were made. Strangely, the to hit with a car
bury her. Next, Les, Lionel’s uncle, arrives and opening scene was filmed in the Kurdish town to bury vb
to put something in a hole in the
tricks his nephew out of his inheritance, mum’s of Sinjar, in Iraq. The people in the town belong ground
mansion. As Uncle Les throws a house warmer, to the Yezidi sect, which has been compared to a housewarmer n
a party that people have when they
the army of zombies burst in for a bloodbath. Satanism. move into a new house
a bloodbath n
Can our hero save the day, win back his a situation in which many people
inheritance and find out the truth from mum And the winner of our top-five horror film are killed
to be up against something exp
about his father’s death? Watch and see. competition is… to be fighting against something

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The number-one horror film ever.

The Curse of
the Film
Some say the film is
cursed. Many strange
things happened during
filming. Lightning hit
several planes carrying
cast and crew. The IRA
bombed the hotel where
film director Richard
Donner was staying,
and Gregory Peck was
lucky enough to cancel
a flight on a plane that
later crashed killing
everyone on board. In
2006, a documentary
detailing these events
was screened on British
TV. But despite these
problems, the film is
considered a classic and
is regularly repeated on
TV. It had two sequels
and there was a remake a
few years ago. The release
date for the remake was,
of course, 6/6/06.

1 The Omen (1976) is

a highly-acclaimed film
for many reasons. But
it’s different from other horror
mother was... a jackal.
Suddenly, Thorn and
Keith are attacked by
two satanic Rottweillers
films. It is a mixture between and escape, but only
a thriller and a horror film. it just.
has a gripping storyline and it
has very good acting. Starring Next, they travel to Israel to talk to an GLOSSARY
a thriller adj
Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, archaeologist who knows how to kill Damien. a type of film that is full of suspense
and tension
it also has an operatic soundtrack which adds to The Antichrist has to be stabbed with gripping adj
the suspense of the film. seven ceremonial daggers on holy ground, very exciting
stillborn adj
which horrifies Thorn. At this point, Keith is born dead
It all starts in Italy. Robert decapitated by a sheet of glass and Thorn to switch vb
to change
and Katherine Thorn have a returns home grief n
extreme sadness
stillborn son in a hospital with the the Antichrist n
in Rome. Thorn (Peck), an daggers. In the son of the Devil
to burn down phr vb
American diplomat agrees to the meantime, to destroy a building completely
switch the dead child with Katherine with fire
a graveyard n
another. He wants to spare Thorn has been an area (often next to a church)
where dead bodies are buried
his wife (Remick) any grief. But Robert Thorn murdered a jackal n
soon realises that his adopted child, Damien, is by Damien’s a type of wild dog
to stab vb
actually the Antichrist. There have been several evil nanny. A to push a knife into
bizarre deaths around Damien. Together with a distraught Thorn arrives wanting to know the a dagger n
a large ornamental knife
photographer, Keith (David Warner), Thorn goes truth, once and for all. The archaeologist told a nanny n
a person who cares for children in
back to the hospital in Rome, only to find the Thorn to look for the mark of “The Beast” on the parents’ house
hospital has burned down. Then, they find the Damien. Thorn finds it at the back of Damien’s distraught adj
very upset
head priest of the hospital, dying and insane in a head, the satanic number “666”. Robert Thorn the Beast n
monastery. He tells them where to find Damien’s now knows he must kill the boy and does the Devil
to do battle with exp
true mother. In the most memorable scene of the battle with the boy’s nanny before he takes to fight
to rid vb
film, they find the terrible truth in an abandoned Damien to a church to finish him off. Will he to destroy; to kill; to make go away
graveyard. Thorn’s real son was murdered. He is succeed and rid the world of evil? Or does the cursed adj
very unlucky; with an evil and
buried next to Damien’s mother. And Damien’s Antichrist survive? The Omen is a must-see. supernatural power controlling it

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Funny and original halloween costumes.

THE CUE TIP the house and wrap yourself in it. Word
Simply put on a white fuzzy hat Explanation
and white fuzzy boots. An excellent SALT PEPPER A “cue” is a long stick
choice for those who live in colder This costume is ideal for those who used to play billiards.
climates, plus they’re very stylish too. like to party in pairs. Person 1 (Salt)
wears all white and tapes an “S” to A “snowman” is literally
THE MELTED SNOWMAN their chest. The other person (Pepper) wears all a man made of snow.
For warmer climates, a prime choice brown. Add stylish grey hats and put black dots
is the melted snowman. Drench for that “salt and pepper shaker” look. “Chicken cordon bleu”
yourself in water and carry around a is a French dish with
scarf and a carrot. FACEBOOK chicken, ham and cheese.
Just print out the logo from this
CHICKEN CORDON BLEU famous website, and wear an
A “serial killer”is a person
who kills many people.
You have heard of this delicious dish, invented profile on a white T-shirt.
right? Simply put on a blue outfit and You can also bring a marker pen for people to “Cereal” has the same
buy a rubber chicken to carry around sign your “wall”. pronunciation as “serial”.
with you. Attach the rubber chicken to a cord,
and you’re ready to go! TV REMOTE CONTROL “A kissing booth” is a
Get a long cardboard box and wrap small room in which you
THE CEREAL KILLER it around you. Write funny things on can go and kiss someone.
Cut up pieces of different cereal boxes the buttons such as “Block Hillary Typical at fairs or other
and tape them to yourself. Carry a spoon Clinton”, “Stop the Madness” or “Buy me a drink”. popular events.
as your weapon. You can even give Your costume will be a great conversation
yourself a milk moustache for added authenticity. starter. “Pigs in a Blanket” is
a sausage wrapped in
British English.
h e t um e a

Looking for a little romance? Simply Got no sense of creativity? Feeling a

s n
re e
c o ag i

put a small box around you with a sign bit lazy? Simply slip on a white shirt

that says “kisses: 25 cents”. This way you and a pair of jeans and hang a sign
get a lot of kisses, plus a bit of money. around your neck that says, “Imagine a costume
here”. What could be easier?
Run out to the shop and buy a rubber pig Now, throw away your old Halloween costumes
nose. Then, find a pink blanket around and get ready to enjoy the holiday!

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Flying high, but staying grounded.

Flying high, but staying grounded.

e’s been a sociopath, an aspiring bullfighter and a
gay poet. And if you add “bohemian painter” to the
list, then you’ll then have a brief outline of Spanish
actor Javier Bardem’s movie characters. In his
latest film, Bardem plays a quirky artist named José Antonio
in the Woody Allen comedy Vicky Cristina Barcelona. In the
film, Bardem meets two American girls (Vicky and Christina,
played by Scarlett Johannson and Rebecca Hall) on their
summer holiday. Bardem is immediately taken by them and
has a great time. However, things
soon change when his crazy ex
(Penelope Cruz) comes on the

Woody Allen recently said while

filming Vicky Cristina Barcelona
that he had so much confidence
in Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz that he even allowed
them to ad-lib their scenes together in Spanish. Even
though he didn’t understand what they were saying, Allen
affirms, “I’m sure it’s great”.

Allen trusts Bardem with good reason. Bardem comes from

an acting family, and has been in the business for more than
20 years. His most notable accolade was for his role as Anton GLOSSARY
Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. When commenting on
Javier Ángel a sociopath n

his role, Bardem reflects, “I think the movie speaks of a lack of Encinas Bardem someone who hates society and
acts against it
Born 1st March 1969 in Las an outline n
meaning in violence. I embody violence. I am violence itself in a brief description of something
Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).
the movie, and there is a man . . . who is trying to understand quirky adj
His most famous film is No strange, funny and unusual
the meaning of it and at the end there is no meaning.” Bardem Country for Old Men, for which to be taken by someone exp
to be attracted to someone; to be
won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2007. He is the first he won an Oscar for Best interested in someone
Spanish actor ever to win an Oscar. Supporting Actor in 2007 to ad-lib vb
when actors “ad-lib”, they speak
without following the script
In recent years, Bardem has been working on numerous an accolade n
a prize; a form of recognition for
projects, and says that he is taking some time off from acting, good work
to recharge his batteries exp
possibly a year, to “recharge his batteries”. Interestingly, for to relax and rest
a man who has done so much and played so many parts, a driver’s licence n
a permit to drive a vehicle
he admits that he still doesn’t have a driver’s licence. Maybe a sojourn n
during his sojourn, Bardem will sign up for the test. a rest / holiday from work

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very Monday evening, famed movie
director, comedian, and actor Woody
Allen plays clarinet in a jazz band. He
never goes to award shows (even if
he is nominated) and he doesn’t want to live
anywhere else but New York City. So how can a
man so set in his ways continue to surprise us?

Ironically (for an American), Woody Allen

tends to have more consistent success in the
European market. So much so, that Belgian
director Andre Delvaux made a tribute
documentary on the filmmaker entitled, To
Woody Allen, From Europe with Love (1980). And
Woody Allen returns the sentiment. In 2005,
he gave another surprise to his critics and
audiences. For the first time ever, he exercised
his eccentric talents somewhere other than
New York City: Europe. Match Point (2005),
Scoop (2006), and Cassandra’s Dream (2007)
were all filmed in London, England. And lately,
it seems this trend is going to continue.

Spain seems a natural choice for the setting

of his next film. As a Prince of Asturias Award
Winner in 2002, and with a statue (complete
with glasses) erected in his honour in Oviedo,
Spain, it just makes sense. Vicky Cristina
Barcelona is about two girls (Viky and Cristina
– played by Scarlett Johannson and Rebecca
Hall) who spend their holiday in Barcelona.
When they arrive, they find themselves
fascinated by a local artist (Javier Bardem) and
the three get along splendidly. Everything is
going great until the harmony is disrupted

Woody’s Ways
by the artist’s loony ex-girlfriend, played by
Penelope Cruz. Shooting for Vicky Cristina
Barcelona began in the summer of 2007, and
Woody Allen told his
Catalonian admirers
that his movie would Woody Allen changes his ways for his love of Europe.
be a “love letter to
Barcelona locals”. It
didn’t take long for Woody Allen a tribute documentary n
a documentary that celebrates

the Catalonians to Born Allan Stewart Konigsberg on 1st December someone’s good work
a sentiment n
1935 (current age, 72). American director and a feeling
react, and in the
actor, famous for films such as Bullets over eccentric adj
summer of 2007, strange and unusual
Broadway, Match Point, Hannah and her Sisters a trend n
Allen was granted and Annie Hall (for which he won an Oscar in a fashion
an honorary PhD 1977). He also has 11 BAFTA wins.
to get along phr vb
to be good friends; to have a good
from Pompeu relationship with
disrupted adj
Fabra University in if something is “disrupted”, someone
Barcelona. interrupts it and causes it difficulties
loony adj
Allen’s new European film schedule has forced Catalonia n
an area of Spain in the east. People
him to miss lots of his Monday night clarinet there speak Catalan
to miss vb
gigs. This also means he has spent many nights to feel bad / sad because you can’t
away from his beloved New York City. So what’s see someone / something
sharp adj
next for Woody Allen, who is still sharp at 72 mentally active
years old? Well, we should probably expect the a BAFTA award n
an prize given by the British
unexpected… or maybe… the expected. Academy of Film and Television Arts

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Vs McCain



36 I For lots more content, visit the blog at:
Barack Obama & Joe Biden
he recent voice of the American
American people.
election The Republican
season ended candidate is John
June 4th when the McCain. He is a longtime
presidential nominees politician, who in
were announced: policy and experience
John McCain for the is a stark contrast to
Republican Party and Illinois senator Barack Obama. McCain insists, “I am fully prepared to
Obama for the Democratic Party. With the be commander in chief... I don’t need on-the-
two nominees representing very different job training.” McCain is the son and grandson of
ideologies, the world is caught in the suspense Navy admirals, and prides himself on his values
of a historic campaign. of courage and service to country. He served in John McCain &
the Vietnam War and survived several near- Sarah Palin
The Democratic candidate, Barack Obama, death experiences, including escaping a plane
has been nicknamed “the world’s nominee”. fire that killed 134 men, being forced to eject out
He has gained global support and attention. of his plane (breaking both his arms and his leg
“America, this is our moment. This is our time,” in the process) and enduring several years as a
Obama said during a rally in St Paul, Minnesota. prisoner of war in Hanoi. He has returned again
He is often known for his inspiring speeches, for service as the potential American president.
but critics wonder how much substance
Obama really has behind his rhetoric. He also McCain’s political agenda is different to that of
faces prejudice because of his race and his “lack Obama’s. McCain favors continuing the war in
of experience”. However, he has already made Iraq until its “successful” conclusion (which could
American history by becoming the first African- take a long time), and opposes the Alternative
American to lead a major political party. Minimum Tax (which traditionally helped the
middle-class). He is also in favor of healthcare GLOSSARY
Obama entered the race with many doubting tax credits, instead of publicly-funded health to nickname vb
to give an informal name to
he had a chance. Simply put, he was different care. McCain’s campaign focuses on the ideas a nominee n
and new. “It’s a story that hasn’t made me the of courage and solutions, whereas Obama’s is a person who has been chosen for a
prize, election, etc
most conventional candidate,” he admitted, about change and an early withdrawal from Iraq. inspiring adj
something that makes you think
“but… this is our time to turn the page on the and feel motivated
policies of the past”. He plans to start a worldwide Hills Pundit, a group of political writers, a speech n
a formal talk in front of an audience
campaign to restore the good name of the United compared the two candidates. Obama is rhetoric n
States, raise the quotas for refugees and help described as the youthful and untested the skill and art of using language
to doubt vb
illegal immigrants. Interestingly, in his Blueprint Democrat. McCain is the older Republican with to feel uncertain about something
to turn the page on something exp
for Change (on his official campaign website), more life experience. Obama has the speeches to change something completely
Obama’s first political point is not the Iraq war about change and McCain has the lessons and a lobbyist n
a person / company representative
or immigration; rather, it is ethics. Obama insists scars of 20 years of fighting for change. “Obama who tries to influence politicians
that no lobbyists have financially supported is the sizzle and McCain the steak,” they added. personal advancement n
if you do something for “personal
his campaign, and believes that those who seek advancement”, you do it in order to
benefit yourself
to influence politicians for their own personal Good luck to both of them, we say. And may the to poison vb
advancement are “poisoning” the collective best man win! to destroy; to harm and hurt
the commander in chief n
the person in charge of the armed
forces (the army, navy and air force)
the Vietnam War n

Barack Hussein Obama II [1] Born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, a war fought in Vietnam in the
1960s and 1970s between the US
Hawaii. Attended Occidental College, Columbia University, and Harvard Law (supporting the capitalist south
Vietnam) and Communist forces in
School, where he was president of the Harvard Law Review. From 1997-2004, he north Vietnam
to endure vb
served as United States Senator from Illinois. He is the nominee of the Democratic to experience a bad, painful,
Party in the 2008 presidential election, and the first African-American to be a major party’s humiliating, etc. situation
Hanoi n
nominee for the US Presidency. He is the son of a white Kansas woman and an African man from the capital of Communist north
a village in Kenya. Obama has two children. His running mate is Joe Biden. Vietnam
a scar n
an injury (mental or physical);
literally, a mark on the body where
you were previously cut

John Sidney McCain III [2] Born August 29, 1936 in Coco Solo Naval Air sizzle n
the exciting part. Literally, when you
Station, Panama Canal Zone. Attended The United States Naval Academy, and was also fry meat, it makes a “sizzling” sound
as the oil mixes with water
a naval pilot. He is the senior United States Senator from Arizona and the Republican a running mate n
Party nominee for President of the United States in the upcoming 2008 election. He the vice-presidential candidate – the
person who will be vice president
has seven children, one of whom is older than Obama. His running mate is Sarah Palin. if the presidential candidate wins
the election

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Fascinating facts about the Republican Party vice-presidential candidate. (US English)

Sarah Palin T

arah Palin is the first female Asked about Sarah Palin’s lack of creationism taught in school. When she
Republican vice presidential experience in international politics, was mayor of the small town of Wasilla,
candidate. At 44, she is younger John McCain said, “She’s been she asked the library how she could go
than Barack Obama. John commander in chief of the Alaska about banning books.
McCain (the Republican presidential National Guard... She’s had 12 years of
candidate) has just celebrated his 72nd elected office experience, including There were rumours (not true) that her
birthday. travelling to Kuwait.” Incidentally, when son Trig is actually her grandson. Some
Palin visited Kuwait, she had to apply for claim the rumours were started by right-
Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, a a passport as she had never travelled wing supporters in an effort to make
huge state (572,000 square miles) but a outside North America before. the Democrats look bad (many of the
population of just 680,000 people. The websites were made to appear to come
state was bought off Russia in 1867 for On the same topic, Cindy McCain from Hillary Clinton supporters).
$7.2m. Now Alaska benefits from oil and (John McCain’s wife) said of Sarah
natural gas production, and each man, Palin, “Alaska is the closest part of our Palin's teenage daughter Bristol (17) is
woman and child in Alaska receives continent to Russia, so it’s not as if she pregnant. Her boyfriend, and the father
an annual cheque from the state’s oil doesn’t understand what it takes here.” of the child, is Levi Johnston, 18. On his
royalty dividend. This year, thanks to MySpace page he describes himself as a
rising oil prices, each Alaskan will receive Sarah Palin has previously supported “redneck”.
close to $3,000. Lucky Alaskans! Alaska’s expensive and infamous
Ketchikan bridge, better known as In the past, Sarah Palin has supported
Sarah Palin’s children have the “Bridge to Nowhere”. The bridge the secessionist Alaskan Independence
wonderfully unusual cost millions but only links to a small Party (AIP), whose motto is “Alaska
names: Track (boy), Trig community. It is a typical example of First”. This somewhat contradicts the
(boy), Willow (girl), Piper “pork barrel spending”. However, Republican Party motto, “Country First”.
(girl), Bristol (girl). during a recent speech, Sarah Palin said,
“I told Congress, ’Thanks, but no thanks’, Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, is of Inuit
Sarah Palin is a keen on that bridge to nowhere... ’If our state descent. According to reports, he was
hunter, and has a huge bear skin (complete wanted a bridge,’ I said, ’we’d build it arrested 20 years ago for suspected
with its head) in her office. Apparently it’s ourselves’.” Whoops! drunk-driving.
one that her dad shot. She once referred to
the bear as a “mean son of a gun”. Rush Limbaugh, whose radio show Many famous singers and actors like to
attracts millions of right-wing show their support for the presidential
Sarah Palin is also reported listeners, enthusiastically candidates. Madonna’s contribution
to be a supporter of “aerial welcomed Palin, saying, consisted of a montage of images
wolf gunning”, which consists “Palin equals guns, babies (shown during her tour) that put global
of hunting wolves from the and Jesus.” A member warming, Hitler, Robert Mugabe and
comfort of a small plane. Rush of the Texas Republican John McCain into one category and
Limbaugh delegation, Christopher John Lennon, Gandhi
Palin is also quoted as saying Harvey, 28, and Barack Obama into
that before entering politics, she was added, “As a Texan we another. Other stars
a “hockey mom” (her children played believe in gun rights, the who are supporting
hockey). And she added, “There is only Bible, and [we are] against Obama include Oprah
one difference between a hockey mom abortion and against gay Winfrey, Gwyneth
and a pitbull... lipstick.” marriage. The things we Paltrow, George
believe in, she believes in.” Clooney, Kanye West,
Sarah Palin is currently involved in an Spike Lee, Susan
investigation into reports that she tried George Bush ends his second term Sarandon and Jennifer Aniston (to
to get a state trooper fired. The officer in office as one of the most disliked name but a fraction).
in question just happens to be Palin’s presidents in history (alongside Harry Famous people who are Republican
brother-in-law (who was married to Truman and Richard Nixon), with his fans include Sylvester Stallone, Jon
Palin’s sister). The affair is known as popularity rating at about 28%. Voight, Stephen Baldwin, Tom Selleck
“Troopergate”. According to reports, Sarah Palin wants and the Beach Boys.

38 I For lots more content, visit the blog at:

Presidential candidate:
John McCain
Running mate: Sarah
Party logo: elephant
Party colour: red
Famous Republican
presidents: Ronald
Reagan, George Bush
Policies (in a nutshell):
low taxes, freedom to own
a gun, anti-abortion

Presidential candidate:
Barack Obama
Running mate: Joe Biden
Party logo: donkey
Party colour: blue
Famous Democrat
presidents: Jimmy Carter,
Bill Clinton
Policies (in a nutshell):
increasing taxes,
healthcare for all

a royalty dividend n
a part of a company’s profits that is
paid to shareholders
keen adj
if you are “keen” on something, you
really like that thing
a hunter n
a person who shoots wild animals
for sport
a mean son of a gun exp US informal
a bad person
a wolf n
a type of wild dog
to hunt vb
to try to shoot or catch wild animals
(often for sport)
to get someone fired exp
to force someone to lose their job
pork barrel spending exp US
spending money on things that
benefit someone in particular
whoops! exp
oh, dear! An exclamation used when
someone is surprised by something,
or after making a mistake
creationism n
the theory that people were created
by God. Creationists are against the
theory of evolution
to ban vb
to prohibit
a redneck n
a lower-class, rural white person
from the US
secessionist adj
a "secessionist" state / area is one
that wants to separate from a
an Inuit n
a native person from the Arctic.
Previously known as Eskimos
drunk driving n
driving after having drunk alcohol.
“Drink driving” in British English

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CD track 17 CD track18
Irishwoman & Englishman Englishwomen




1. Idiot: “If you can guess how HUSBAND TOO MANY.
many sandwiches I have, you MONOGAMY IS THE SAME TH
can have…” ING.
2. A: “What is the capital of
3. How can you confuse an idiot? TO FORETELL WHA NEXT WEEK,
4. Why does a chicken lay an
5. Student: “Do you say, ‘Nine and WARDS TO
five is thirteen’, or ‘Nine and THE ABILITY AFTER T HAPPEN.
five are thirteen’? EXPLAIN WHY IT DID
6. Where can you come face-to- FROM THE MOMENT
face with a hungry, angry lion,
dare him to fight and still be
unafraid? ULSED WITH
7. Why did the orange stop in LAUGHTER. SOMED
the middle of the road? TO READ IT.
8. Why did the kid roll rocks
down the hill? AD IN THE
A: You can’t – they’re just born NEWSPAPERS IS AB RE STORY OF
B: Because he wanted to see
to dare someone to do
something exp
the Rolling Stones. to ask if someone is brave enough
to do something potentially
C: Teacher: Neither. Nine and five is dangerous
to roll vb
fourteen. to push something round down a PERSON WHO WOR
D: …both of them. hill so it turns over and over KS
to drop something exp HARD ALL HIS LIFE GLOSSARY
E: In a zoo. if you “drop” something, it falls
TO BECOME WELL- to foretell vb
to predict
F: Because if she dropped it, it to run out of something exp KNOWN, THEN WEA to pick up phr vb
would break. to have no more of something RS to take in your hands
juice n DARK GLASSES convulsed with laughter exp
G: Because it ran out of juice. two meanings: a) The liquid that
comes out of fruit. b) An informal TO AVOID BEING laughing so much that your
stomach hurts
H: B: “That's easy. It’s ‘N’.” word for petrol / gas /diesel, etc
RECOGNISED. to have first-hand knowledge of
something exp
to know about something through

Fishing Times
by Daniel Coutoune

So, did you

I hear the catch all
morning. fishing is those fish?
pretty good
round here.

No, I asked
Good Yeah, that’s them very
morning. right. kindly to
jump into this
bucket and
they did.

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Misheard Lyrics



1 Which is the real title for one of 5 Bob Dylan’s “Blowing in the
the Creedence Clearwater Revival Wind” goes…
songs? a. The ants are my friends, they’re
a. There’s a bathroom on the right. blowin’ in the wind, and the ants
b. There’s a bad moon on the rise. are a-blowin’ in the wind.
b. The answer, my friend, is blowin’
in the wind; the answer is blowin’
2 In the song “Staying Alive” by in the wind.
the Bee Gees, which lyrics are
a. Well, you can tell by the way 6 Which is the correct lyric to Elton

I use my walk, I’m a woman’s John’s song “Tiny Dancer”?

man, no time for talk. a. Hold me closer, tiny dancer.
b. Hell, you can tell right away I b. Hold me close, tie me down, sir.
abuse my rock, I’m a woman,
man, go climb the clock.
7 What are the correct lyrics in Pink

Floyd’s song “Comfortably Numb”?

3 Irish group U2’s “Mysterious a. My hands felt just like two
Ways” goes… balloons.
a. She moves in mysterious ways. b. My head smelled just like tuba lube.
b. Shamu the mysterious whale. GLOSSARY
on the rise exp
increasing in size; increasing in
8 Here are some lyrics from the general; approaching / coming
Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams”. closer
a whale n
4 Which are the correct lyrics to Which is the correct phrase? a very large mammal that lives in
Band Aid’s song “Do They Know it’s a. Sweet dreams are made of these. the sea
a fly n (plural: flies)
Christmas Time”? Who am I to disagree? Travelled a small insect with wings. It likes to
sit on your food
a. The only gift they’ll get this year the world and the seven seas. an ant n
is flies. b. Sweet creams are made of cheese. a small insect. They are often black
or red
b. The only gift they’ll get this year Who am I to disagree? Travelled tiny adj
is life. the world in generic jeans. very, very small

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CD track 19

Do Moxie CrimeFighter and Pilot Inspektor sound like

videogames? Believe it or not, both are children’s names. But
who would call their children something like that?

The Hollywood elite seem to be obsessed with giving their

children unusual names. Psychologists blame it on the
competitiveness among stars. Celebrities take baby naming
to a higher level. So, what motivates someone to name their
kid Moxie or Pilot? Shrinks say that stars feel they have to set
themselves apart from normal people. As celebrities, they
are used to being adored, so they are afraid people won’t

see them as special and different if their kids have boring
names. “They’re expressing their creativity, and they’re also
expressing their fear,” says Dr Stuart Fischoff. “It would be very
embarrassing for people to think of them as normal.”
But why punish an innocent baby with a crazy name? Because

it’s cool, say some. “Everyone I know with an unusual name
loves it,” says Moxie CrimeFighter’s dad, magician Penn Jillette.
“It’s only the losers named Dave that think having an unusual
name is bad, and who cares what they think. They’re named
Dave.” Some say that celebrities are the “American aristocracy,”
Celebrity children names. so giving a baby a bizarre name is like a royal title, or legacy.

Weird Names Blanket,) and Paris Michael. an interview with Jude Law & his psychologists argue
Hollywood’s obsessions with The late British writer, Paula Oprah Winfrey. daughter Iris that maybe having
weird baby names began in the Yates was particularly creative in “And I just thought such a different name
1960s. Musician Frank Zappa’s naming her daughters Heavenly it sounded so lovely alienates star kids
kids suffered through school Hiraani Tiger Lily, Fifi Trixibelle, and clean.” The from regular kids
with names Peaches Honeyblossom, and Bible is a popular even more. In the
like Diva Pixie. Sylvester Stallone named reference book end, being the child
Thin Muffin, his son Sage Moonblood. Funny for celebrity baby of a celebrity comes
Dweezil man Eddie Murphy was obviously names, and well-known places with its burdens. But another
and Moon laughing when he named his and family members are popular therapist says that having an odd
Unit. Actress daughter Zola Ivy. Thankfully, too. Footballer David Beckham name is the least of the child’s
Shannyn not all celebrity kid names are and Spice Girl wife Victoria problems. “With kids of celebrities,
Frank Zappa Sossamon so original. Actress Gwyneth named their son Brooklyn and in all honesty, the other issues
kept with Paltrow named her Alec Baldwin and are so big this one pales in
the space-age theme 40 years daughter Apple. Paula Yates’ Kim Bassinger chose comparison.”
later by naming her son Audio “Apples are so daughter Ireland. And Jude Maybe Moxie
Science, in 2003. Michael Jackson’s sweet, and they’re Law named his CrimeFighter
children are Prince Michael, wholesome, and it’s daughter Iris after isn’t so bad
Prince Michael II (they call him biblical,” she said in grandma. Child after all.

1 Pre reading ANSWERS ON PAGE 63 Gwyneth Paltrow & her

daughter Apple
Match the famous person to his / her child.
1. Paula Yates a) Brooklyn 3 Vocabulary focus & Discussion
2. Michael Jackson b) Zola Ivy Complete the sentences with a word from below. Then ask and
3. Sylvester Stallone c) Dixie answer the questions. GLOSSARY
to blame vb
4. Eddie Murphy d) Ireland to say that someone is responsible
5. Gwyneth Paltrow e) Prince Michael
nickname first name for something
competitiveness n
6. David Victoria Becham f) Apple surname names trying to be better than everyone
a shrink n inform
7. Kim Bassinger g) Sage Moonblood a psychotherapist
1. Do you have a _______________? What’s the to set yourself apart exp
to try to be different
2 Reading story behind it? a loser n inform
Below are some unusual names. Which ones are mentioned in 2. What happens to your _______________ in a person who others consider a
the article? your culture when you get married? a legacy n
Zen Infinity October something that is passed from
3. What is the most popular _______________ generation to generation
London Ireland Apple in your country? late adj
deceased, dead
4. What are some of the most ridiculous celebrity a burden n
Solstice Crimson Tranquility ___________ in your country? a source of great worry or stress

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CD track 20


The documents show that government character, and that if people Afternoon
officials were really concerned about the tea did not have enough, the Tea
supply in the event of a nuclear war. “The tea country would be in trouble. The idea of “afternoon
situation would be ‘very serious’ if there was a Winston Churchill tea” was invented by the
widespread attack on Britain by both A bombs So, where did this obsession Duchess of Bedford in
and H bombs,” the report reads. “If Britain for tea come from? Even though tea is the the early 1800s. At the
were bombed, 75% of tea supplies would be unofficial national drink now, it is relatively time, the duchess was
lost. Substantial delays in imports and with no new. It first appeared in Britain in the late 17th tired of waiting until
system of rationing would mean that there century. It was King Charles II’s Portuguese wife,
wouldn’t even be half a kilo of tea per person Catherine of Braganza, who brought tea to the
per week. That is half of the tea ration during a royal court. However, the British tea trade didn’t
war, and enough for a cup or two a day.” But why take off for another century. One of the first tea
the fear? salesmen was Thomas Garway, who had a shop
Tea has been considered “morale-boosting” in Exchange Alley. By 1657, he sold liquid and
ever since the Second World War. dry teas. Selling it for as much as £6 and
Prime Minister Winston £10 for half a kilo. He claimed tea
Churchill once called tea made the body “active and
“more important to lusty,” and it “preserves
the soldiers than perfect health until Duchess of Bedford
munitions”. He extreme old age.”
believed that By 1750, over 500 8 pm for dinner, and
tea was a part coffee houses began to take a “high
of the British were selling tea. tea”. The idea spread to
the middle classes, and
is now a staple in British
life. The tea shop can also
be attributed to a single
person. In 1864, the
manager of the
Aerated Bread
Company began
serving food and
drink to clients.
She gave tea
to the people
she liked best.

Tea for War

Soon, everyone wanted
it, and the tea shop was
born. Today, Brits drink
over 165 million cups of
tea a day, compared to
only 70 million cups of
Nuclear threat to teatime. coffee daily.

1 Pre reading 4 Discussion GLOSSARY
A bomb n
Before you read, try to answer these questions. 1. What would you say your national drink is? an atomic bomb
1. What does the tea mean to the British? Why? H bomb n
a hydrogen bomb
2. What do you think the connection between 2. How often do you drink tea? Which herbal teas a supply n
tea and war could be? do you drink? an amount of food
a ration vb
3. Have you tasted black, green, red or white tea? a fixed portion of food during a
2 Reading I 4. Have you ever made tea in a tea-pot? Do you period when there isn’t much food
morale-boosting adj
Read and check your ideas from the previous task. know how to do it “properly”? making someone feel cheerful and
not depressed
munitions n
3 Reading II 5 Vocabulary focus war materials, weapons and
Read the text again and highlight five key words or expressions. Did you notice the use of “take off” in the article? “Take off” to take off phr vb
to become popular
Compare your key words with your partners. Did you identify is commonly used to describe the action of a plane leaving lusty adj
the same words? the ground. Here, we have another interesting use. Read the powerful, strong; showing great
physical or mental strength.
Now explain, in your own words, why the tea situation was sentence from the article again. “However, the British tea trade a staple n
described as serious in the cold war? Use the key words that you didn’t take off for another century.” What is the meaning of the something that everyone eats
/ does / drinks. A food / drink
highlighted before. phrasal verb? necessity

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A sweet (a Jelly bean – Toffee – a A chocolate
“candy” in a sugar covered hard chewy – a small piece
US English) soft sweet. “Jelly sweet made of of chocolate.
– a small, hard babies” are brown sugar (or Some are filled
sweet that is fruit-flavoured. similar, but in the shape of a molasses and butter). with liqueurs.
Chewing A marsh- Candy floss
gum – a sweet A doughnut mallow – a (“cotton candy”
that you put – a small ring- light spongy in US English)
in your mouth shaped cake sweet made of – a fluffy, sweet
and chew (keep biting and made of rich, corn syrup, gelatine, sugar confection whipped from sugar
moving around in your light dough that is fried in and starch. Some people like and gathered or wound around
mouth). deep fat. Some are covered to cook them over a fire. a stick. Often sold at fairs.
in chocolate.
Bubble gum A lollipop – a An ice lolly
– this is similar A cupcake piece of hard – a frozen water
to chewing – a small cake sweet attached dessert on a stick
gum, but with that is baked in to the end of a that is coloured
bubble gum you can blow a cup-shaped small stick that is held in the and flavoured. It is made by
bubbles out of your mouth. mould. hand while the sweet is licked. freezing flavoured liquids (such
as fruit juices) around a stick.
Gobstopper Fudge – a soft A bar of
(“jawbreaker” sweet made of chocolate Marzipan –
in US English) sugar, butter, – a piece of a type of sweet
– a very hard, milk, chocolate chocolate in the made of almonds
round sweet. and, sometimes, nuts. form of a rectangle. and sugar.

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CD track 22


The Sweet Shop


Shop keeper: Good afternoon.
Georgina: Good afternoon. I’d like some gum,
HPJOHUP Shop keeper: Certainly. Here’s a good one. What’s 2
POF plus 4?
Georgina: No, not a sum. I’m not interested in maths.
Shop keeper: Me neither.
Georgina: No, I want some gum. I’d like some
chewing gum, please.
Shop keeper: Oh, I am sorry. Here you are. (She takes
some gum off the floor.)
Georgina: What’s that?
Shop keeper: It’s some gum.
Georgina: But it’s old.
Shop keeper: But it’s gum.
Georgina: I don’t care. I don’t want someone else’s
Shop keeper: It’s very ecological.
Georgina: What?
Shop keeper: It’s recycled gum. You don’t buy new
gum. You use someone else’s gum. It
helps the environment.
Georgina: That’s disgusting. I’m not eating that.
Shop keeper: Well, somebody else did.
Georgina: Yes, but it was new and fresh when they
ate it. You can’t eat old gum.
That’s revolting.
Shop keeper: OK. Can I interest you in a bar of
Georgina: Erm, OK.
Shop keeper: Here you are.
(She gives a half-
eaten bar.)
Georgina: No, I don’t want
Shop keeper: But it’s free.
Georgina: I don’t care if
it’s free. I have
Shop keeper: Oh, money.
Very good.
Not many of
my customers 8PVMEZPV
bring money MJLFUP
with them. XJUINF 
Here you are.
Have some
nice, new, fresh gum… in a packet…
that is closed – not open.
Georgina: Perfect! How much do I owe you?
Shop keeper: 30 pence,
please. GLOSSARY
Georgina: Here you are. gum n
chewing gum. A sweet that you put
Shop keeper: Have a nice in your mouth and bite and move
day. about, but not eat / swallow
a sum n
Georgina: Thanks, bye. a mathematical sum

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Face ecaF



Dracula vs Van Helsing

Dracula Transylvanian soil (he needs dies and returns as a vampire.
Count Dracula was a character this to retain his powers). He Van Helsing has to kill her by
created by the writer Bram uses a lawyer, Jonathon Harker, putting a stake in her heart and
Stoker for his novel Dracula. The for legal matters. While he is filling her mouth with garlic,
character was based on the 15th there, Dracula tries to turn Lucy which vampires hate. Then, Van
Century Romanian king Vlad the (a friend of Jonathan’s fiancée, Helsing destroys Dracula’s box
Impaler. In the novel, Dracula is Mina) into a vampire, which of soil and chases Dracula back
an aristocrat from Transylvania makes her sick. Harker needs to Transylvania with a group of
and sometimes claims to be help. Enter Van Helsing. friends. However, the evil count
descended from the warlord has bitten Mina. Soon she will
Attila the Hun. He has lived for Van Helsing become a vampire. To stop this,
many centuries and, when he Abraham van Helsing is a Dutch Dracula must be killed. After a
was young, studied black magic. scientist and vampire hunter. terrible fight between the group
He also gained a reputation for In the 2004 film he is named as and the vampire’s bodyguards,
bravery by fighting the Turks, an Gabriel and it seems that he is a they cut Dracula’s throat and
ancient enemy of the Romanian reincarnation of the Archangel stab him in the heart. The
people. He lives in his castle in the Gabriel. The Hammer Horror diabolical Count is dead!
Carpathian Mountains with his series (a series of British horror
three wives, the Brides of Dracula. movies) describes a whole And the verdict? GLOSSARY
Human blood is their food and family of Van Helsings. But in the Dracula is a ruthless, intelligent an arch nemesis n
they are vulnerable to sunlight book there is just one, and he is killer who has lived for many your “arch nemesis” is something or
someone who can destroy you
and religious objects. Despite his committed to killing Dracula and centuries. He is telepathic charming adj
pleasant, likeable and attractive
status as a bloodthirsty vampire, any other vampires. and resourceful and a master witty adj
Dracula is actually very charming In Stoker’s book, Van Helsing magician. But Van Helsing is intelligently funny
soil n
and witty. comes to England to help a devoted hunter, an expert the brown substance on the
Dracula has always wanted Lucy Westerna, Mina’s friend. scientist, a skilled hypnotist and ground. Plants grow out of it
a stake vb
to rule the world. So, late in He soon realises that Lucy has totally dedicated to his mission. a sharp, long piece of wood
to stab vb
the 19th century, he travels been attacked by a vampire Therefore, our scores are Dracula to push a sharp object into
to England with boxes of and tries to help. Sadly, Lucy = 8 / 10. Van Helsing = 9 / 10. someone’s body

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describe time



From time to time

Until kingdom come EVERY NOW AND THEN; Be as regular as clockwork
“We don’t want to wait until “He shows up around here from “He phones every Sunday night
kingdom come for your answer.” time to time.” at 10 pm as regular as clockwork.”

An early bird From the cradle to the grave

EARLY IN THE MORNING. “Medical care will cover you from
“I’m a bit of a night person, but the cradle to the grave in this
Jane is an early bird.” country.”

In the long run / in the

short run
“In the long run you could
make a lot of money out of this
“In the short run, I think we
should focus all our efforts on
product B.”

a kingdom n
a country or region that is ruled by a
Play for time king or queen
a cradle n
TO ATTEMPT TO DELAY SOMETHING. a bed for babies that has curved
“She keeps asking us for more information, but she doesn’t really need it. sides so it can rock (move gently
from side to side)
She’s just playing for time.” a grave n
a hole in the ground for dead bodies

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Unusual news stories from around the world. CD track 24

quirky news

d the world.
Unusual news stories from aroun

Philip Poor Pooch

Dog sees inheritance cut.

hen multi-millionaire Leona
Helmsley died last year, she
left $12 million to her pet dog,
Trouble… and left many of her relatives
out of the will. But now a judge has
overturned the decision and the pooch
has lost $10 million in a court action.
Prince in trouble again. The little white Maltese had lived a life

didn’t mean to offend him. of luxury. He was given food cooked
Maybe he was a bit tired,” by chefs and treated like a prince. But GLOSSARY
to attend vb
said gardener Jamie Durie Judge Reena Roth ruled that Helmsley to go to
after a minor incident with Prince was mentally incompetent when she the Chelsea Flower Show n
a famous annual flower show in
Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband. made her will and ordered that $4 million London
to mutter vb
Prince Philip was attending be given to an undisclosed charity, to say quietly so that no one else
the Chelsea Flower Show. He and $6 million to Craig and Meegan can hear you
surly adj
stopped in front of a display of Panzirer, relatives who were originally bad tempered
Macrozamia moorei, a tree which is native to cut out of the will. The dog now lives in booze slang
Queensland, Australia. The prince complimented an undisclosed location after receiving an ironic sense of humour exp
a sense of humour that consists of
Durie on his display, but mistakenly referred to it numerous death threats. What a dog saying the opposite to what you mean
as a “tree fern”. “I corrected the prince, but he took would spend $12 million on anyway a will n
a legal document that says what will
offence and walked off muttering to himself," remains a mystery. happen to your money / property
Durie explained. One witness heard the prince Helmsley was well-known for her when you die
to overturn vb
say, “I didn’t come here to get a lesson.” Australian tyrannical behaviour towards her to change a decision
a pooch slang
Durie said that it was his first experience of the employees in her hotel business. During a dog
surly prince. He said that he didn’t actually a trial for tax evasion she gained notoriety a Maltese n
a little white-haired dog
hear the comment but added that he was a bit when a housekeeper said that she heard mentally incompetent n
shocked when he heard about it afterwards. Helmsley say, “We don’t pay taxes. Only with mental problems that prevent
someone from thinking clearly /
Prince Phillip is well-known for his offensive the little people pay taxes.” This earned properly
a death threat n
remarks. He once asked a Scottish driving her the nickname “The Queen of Mean”. a letter or phone call in which person
instructor, “How do you keep the natives off the This isn’t the first time someone with A says he / she will kill person B
a housekeeper n
booze long enough to get them through the more money than brains has left money a person who cleans, cooks, etc in
test?” Many people think that he’s deliberately to a pet. It has been rumoured that a rich person’s house; someone in
charge of servants in a house
offensive, but others defend him, claiming that he Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s pet monkey, a nickname n
an informal name
has an ironic sense of humour. has been left millions in Jackson’s will. mean n
cruel; not kind or generous

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Advertising & Technological


Deli Ad
Advertising English

Heinz has got itself it’s their policy to listen to

in hot water over an customers.
advertising campaign. The advert in question
A new series of adverts shows a family preparing
show two men kissing. for the day ahead. There’s
The Deli Mayo advert also a man (dressed in a
was made for television. deli outfit) in the kitchen
Dog sees inheritance cut. The company received preparing sandwiches. The
a range of complaints, big difference is that the
mostly saying that the ad kids call him “mum” and
was inappropriate. Some another man kisses “mum”
claimed that it created a goodbye. According to
problem with parents as Heinz, the concept was that
they would have to explain the product was of such
same-sex relationships great taste that it was like
to their children. Since having your own personal
then, Heinz has pulled the New York Deli Man in your
advertisement saying that kitchen.

State Name
Technological English


to get yourself in hot water exp
to get in trouble
a same-sex relationship n
a relationship between a man and a
man or a woman and a woman
to pull vb
if you “pull” an ad, you stop showing
it on television, etc
a deli outfit n
clothing worn by people who work in
Americans have a habit of nicknaming nickname the Clean Energy State. Some a delicatessen (an apron, etc)
their states. Arizona is known as the Grand of the programmes include massive solar to nickname vb
to give an informal name to
Canyon State, Florida is the Sunshine State power development. a push towards something n
and Hawaii is the Aloha State. Now New There have been problems though. Solar to promote; to start to use more of
green energy n
Mexico is getting in on the act. In recent power companies have threatened to sustainable energy: solar power, wind
power, etc
years, Bill Richardson, a former presidential scale back on their investments unless to scale back on exp
candidate, has introduced numerous they get tax breaks. However, despite this, to reduce
a tax break n
environmental programmes to the state. newcomers to the state, German company a reduction in the amount of tax you
The push towards green energy has Schott, have earmarked $100 million for pay
to earmark vb
been so successful that it’s now earned the investing in its new plant in Alberquerque. to reserve

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Upper intermediate reading exercise.


Shaping Seattle

The best city on the northwestern coast.

Seattle – or “Seatown” as many locals refer to it (although along the piers,
the official name is “The Emerald City”) – is located in which also has
the Pacific Northwest region of the US, on the coast an array of produce, craft stalls and specialty stores.
of Washington State. Known traditionally for its rainy
climate, the city has been associated with Microsoft, Downtown Seattle is also quite popular. This is where
coffee, the sitcom Frasier and, of course, “grunge” you can find another well-known landmark, the Space
music (Nirvana, etc.). During the early 1990s, Seattle Needle. You can ride to the top of it and see the entire
experienced an economic boom, due to the over city, or enjoy the rotating gourmet restaurant directly
speculation of dot coms. Suddenly, it was considered a below the observation deck. Another interesting find
cool place to live, and people came in droves. in Seattle is the Underground Tour, which is composed
essentially of the original Seattle buildings from its
Seattle has many "claims to fame", including the pioneer days. To see more of the landscape, try a ferry
international chain Starbucks. Starbucks opened in ride. Lots of professionals who work downtown actually
1971, and was the brainchild of two teachers and a writer. take the ferry every day back to their homes in the
The franchise sells coffee, coffee products, pastries, outlying islands. Downtown Seattle is also a great place
salads and sandwiches. They also constantly introduce for people who enjoy sport and night-life.
seasonal drinks such as the Egg Nog Latte (November
to January) and the Pumpkin Spice Latte (September to Even with all of these enticing qualities, the quirkiness of
January). Currently, they have more than 15,000 stores. Seattle is tiring for its local residents. After the dot-com
Starbucks has a reputation for rapid expansion and debacle ended, many complaints began to surface about
opened a new store on every workday in the 1990s. That the infiltration of Californians and other non-natives.
pace also continued on to the next decade. Eventually, On the other hand, a complaint from newly-arrived
they had to close 600 of their restaurants in 2007 due to residents who have come to Seattle from elsewhere is
underperformance and "economic uncertainty". Today, that Seattle is not a “real” city. They say it is too small, and
they are still incredibly successful, and sell their products there is not enough to do. They also don't like putting up
in other larger stores. with the horrendous traffic, arcane liquor laws, polite-
yet-standoffish-residents, lack of sun and over-hyped
Seattle has more to offer than Starbucks, though. As a music scene – but they do like the monorail.
tourist, several locales are a must. For starters, Pike Place
Market is a busy market. Located directly downtown on Seattle is a city with positives and negatives, which also
the waterfront, spectators take in the famous fish sellers offers a well-rounded view of American culture. But
who toss and catch their merchandise at great speeds don't ask a local whether or not you should stay. Visit it
and distance. Fresh seafood can be sampled here or and decide for yourself.

1 Pre reading What do they mean?

Alone or in pairs, brainstorm everything you know about B Now find adjectives in the text that have the same meaning
Seattle. Where is it? What’s it famous for? What’s the climate Skills Booklets
like? What are the tourist attractions? Etc. as the words below. NOW DO THE CORRESPONDING
1. fashionable, trendy EXERCISES IN THE SKILLS BOOKLET.
2 Reading I 2. varied, different
Scan the article to check your ideas.
3. with an unusual power that defies science
3 Reading II 4. wet
Read the text again and answer the questions. 5. attractive and tempting
1. What is Seattle famous for?
6. very good
2. Name two tourist attractions in Seattle.
What can you do there? 7. liked by a lot of people
3. How is Seattle perceived by newcomers? 8. that promotes literature, art, music
4 Adjective focus
A There are a lot of descriptive adjectives in the article.
5 Discussion
Highlight as many of them as you can in one minute. Discuss the positive and negative aspects of your city.

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Frra ris
Salute to falsifiers.
Pre listening

What do the following words mean? Match them to the pictures.
1. tail lights ____
2. fender ____
3. exhaust ____

4. engine ____
5. brakes ____
6. windscreen ____
7. steering wheel ____ a
8. boot ____
9. bonnet ____
10. gear stick ____

even tribes of the Maoris,
the native people of New The Maoris d

Zealand, have been given A group of people

ownership of a large part of Polynesian
of land in the country. The Maoris, origin who live in e
like the Aborigines of Australia, New Zealand. They
have long fought for rights in their arrived in New
country. This deal gives control Zealand in the 13th i
of the land to the seven native century. They lost
tribes along with backdated a lot of their land f

rent dating from 1989. The land in the 19th century

will be governed collectively to the British, but
began to rebuild g
by the 100,000 members of the
their lives in the
tribes. The chairman of the tribal 1960s.
2 Listening I
collective, Tumu Te Heu Heu, Listen and tick off the words you hear from the previous exercise. j
signed the deal. He said that he
hoped it would provide a strong 3 Listening II
economic future for his people. Complete the sentences with the words from the conversation:
The Maoris have a history of 1. Italian police confiscated...
grievances with the British _________________________________________________
Empire. A treaty signed in 1840 2. They make the car’s exterior out of...
giving back land to the natives ________________________________________________
in return for loyalty to the British 3. An authentic GTB would cost about...
crown was broken many times.
There were many land seizures,
4. Both ___________________________________ of society
similar to what happened to the
Plains Indians in the present day buy these fake Ferraris.
United States. At present, Maoris GLOSSARY 5. From afar, it’s difficult to tell...
play an important role in the backdated rent n _________________________________________________
country’s cultural and sporting life. rent paid from an earlier period in
the past
6. The major difference between the real classic car and today’s
They form the backbone of the All a grievance n copy is the... ___________________________________
a feeling of injustice over a past
Blacks, the fearsome New Zealand action
rugby team, and are a source of a land seizure n

considerable national pride.

taking land illegally – often with
force or the threat of force

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U MB CD track 33
US man & US woman


Population: 5,700,000
as of 2006
Capital City: Nashville
State Flower: Iris
State Motto: Agriculture
and Commerce



It is illegal to dare a child to purchase a

It is illegal to place tacks on a highway.

Skunks may not be carried into the


You can’t shoot any game other than

whales from a moving automobile.
Tennessee became a state on June 1, 1796. It is the
Here are
Hollow logs may not be sold. 16th oldest state. some famous
It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish. Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, is located in Al Gore, Jr. – 45th
Memphis. It is the second most visited house in the Vice-President of
Driving is not to be done while asleep. US. (The White House is the first.) the United States,
Nobel Peace Prize
One may not throw bottles at a tree. Tennessee is surrounded by 8 states: Alabama, Winner. Raised in
Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carthage.
You may not have more than five Carolina, Missouri and Virginia. Along with Missouri, Aretha Franklin
inoperable vehicles on a piece of it is the state with the most neighbors. – singer, born in
property. Memphis.
Two United States Presidents came from Morgan
Bar owners may not let patrons make Tennessee: Andrew Jackson (7th) and Andrew Freeman – actor,
loud, unusual noises. Johnson (17th). born in Memphis.
Dolly Parton –
country singer and
It’s illegal for frogs to croak after 11 pm. Tennessee received the nickname “the Volunteer
actress, born in
State” during the War of 1812 due to the
Panhandlers must first obtain a $10 contributions the volunteer soldiers made in the Tina Turner –
permit before begging on the streets of Battle of New Orleans. singer, Grammy winner and
downtown. actress. Born in Brownsville.
Bristol, located in East Tennessee, is known as the
It is illegal to take unfinished pie home. birthplace of country music. GLOSSARY
All pie must be eaten on the premises. to dare vb
to challenge someone to do
The National Civil Rights Museum is located in something potentially dangerous
No person may keep a cheetah as a pet. Memphis, at the Lorraine Motel. This is where a tack n
a short nail (a thin metal object used
Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968. to hold things onto wood)
Anyone rollerblading may not tie his The museum recounts the history of the civil a skunk n
a black and white animal that
or herself to a moving vehicle on a rights movement in America. creates a terrible smell when angry /
highway. hollow adj
Knoxville, Tennessee was the home of the 1982 with nothing inside it
a log n
No person may roller skate and listen to World’s Fair. There were approximately 11 million a long, round piece of a trunk from a
a personal CD player at the same time. visitors. fallen tree
a lasso n
a long rope with a circular part at one
end for catching animals
An ordinance forbids anyone to sing The Tennessee flag has three stars to represent the an inoperable vehicle n
the song “It ain’t gonna Rain no Mo’”. three regions of Tennessee: east, middle and west. a vehicle (car, etc) that doesn’t work

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CD track 34


Situation Formal Relaxed Informal

You see something That is most 5A442>5544

horrible in your
plate of food.
displeasing to the
That is disgusting. That’s gross.
A friend is in a She is in a deep
She’s zonked; she’s
out for the count;
Get a 25% discount
deep sleep in bed. and profound She’s sleeping. she’s getting her on your copy of Hot
state of repose. beauty sleep; she’s English, and buy
in the land of Nod. yourself a coffee with
the change. Buy your
A friend is having He’s having 40 copy of Hot English at
a little sleep in the He is reposing winks; he’s dozing; the Hot English shop
afternoon on an temporarily. He’s having a nap. he’s snoozing; (C/Fernández de los
armchair. he’s having some Ríos 98, 2A – metro
shuteye (US).
Moncloa) and pay just
4 euros (retail price
5.50). With the 1.50
You pick up a bag. That is somewhat That’s heavy. That weighs a ton. euros you save, you
It is very heavy. burdensome. can buy a lovely cup of
coffee and enjoy your
copy of Hot English in
A friend of yours is She is a citizen of She’s from New She’s a kiwi.
from New Zealand. New Zealand. Zealand.

He’s an Aussie;
A friend of yours is He is a citizen of he’s from down
from Australian. Australia. He’s Australian. under; he’s from
the land down

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A monthly look at things from the month.



Events for
1st October
Chinese National Day.


International Day of Non-
Violence. Peace man!

8th October
Sigourney Weaver’s birthday.
Star of the Alien movies. Be
afraid, be very afraid!

SFWPMVUJPO  29th October
Dan Castellaneta, the voice of
Homer Simpson’s, birthday.

1st October 9th October in Chicago. The gangster is

2000 1967 eventually sentenced to 11
Hostilities Ché Guevara years in prison.
between Arab becomes a
citizens of Israel cultural icon 20th
and security forces boil over after being assassinated in October
31st October
and rioting occurs. Over the Bolivia. No self-respecting 1947 Halloween.
next ten days, 13 Arabs and student has a bedroom wall Anti-Communist
one Jewish Israeli are killed. The without a poster of history’s paranoia
Arabs were protesting for civil most fashionable revolutionary. grips America as the “House GLOSSARY
to boil over phr vb
rights and also in solidarity Un-American Activities to become violent
with Palestinians in the OPTs. 9th October Committee” begins civil rights n
equal rights under law concerning
1003 investigating Hollywood to housing, jobs, education etc
2nd October Viking adventurer find the Commies. No one the OPTs n
the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
1187 Leif Ericsson is safe, suspicion runs rife Areas of disputed land in Israel /
Palestine. These include: the West
The climax lands in Canada, and actors such as Charlie Bank, the Gaza Strip and East
of the Siege beating Columbus to the Americas Chaplin are blacklisted. Jerusalem
to resign vb
of Jerusalem. by nearly 500 years. Nowadays, its to leave your job voluntarily
Saladin, the leader of the still Columbus who gets the credit. 25th a bulldozer n
a construction vehicle used for
Islamic forces recaptures the October demolition
a cultural icon n
city from the Crusaders who 14th October 1917 an important symbol of something
have held the city for 88 years. 1066 The Bolsheviks in culture
a self-respecting student exp
William the seize power a true, genuine student
5th October Conquerer in Russia after marching into the Normans n
Vikings who lived in Normandy,
2000 defeats Harold the Winter Palace. Soviets take in northern France, about 1,000
years ago
Serbian Godwinson, the Saxon king of over government power and a gangster n
president England, at the Battle of Hastings Lenin becomes the country’s a criminal who is part of a crime
Slobodan bringing Norman rule to England. leader. Long live the workers! a Commie n slang
Milosevic resigns after a Communist
to run rife exp
massive protests against him. 17th 31st October to become very common
to blacklist n
It becomes known as the October 1517 to put on a list of people
“Bulldozer Revolution” after 1931 Martin Luther considered dangerous or enemies
to seize power exp
a bulldozer operator uses his Al Capone is posts his 95 to take control of a government
vehicle to destroy the front of convicted of tax Theses, starting or country
a soviet n
the state-run TV station. evasion after years of criminality the Protestant Reformation. a democratic council of workers

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Englishman & Irishwoman


Be like talking to a brick wall Come up against a brick wall
“I’ve tried to talk about it with them, but sometimes it’s like “We’ve tried various methods, but none of them have
talking to a brick wall.” worked. I think we’ve come up against a brick wall.”

Drop something like a hot brick / potato

“They dropped the idea like a hot brick when they realised “You really dropped a brick when you made that rude
all the bad feeling it was causing.” comment about her car.”

Be banging / hitting your head against a brick

Come down on somebody like a ton of bricks WHICH THEY NEVER DO.
TO PUNISH SOMEONE VERY QUICKLY AND SEVERELY. "I’ve been asking him to send me that report for six weeks
“If you ever do that again, they’ll come down on you like a now. Sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against a
ton of bricks.” brick wall.”

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Advanced reading exercise.



Look at me! Look at me! The incredible world of publicity stunts.

People say there is no such thing as bad publicity. But, The idea sounded great, but was not planned out well
is there? Publicity stunts are unusual advertising tools at all. Since it was summer in New York City, and more
that a company or a celebrity uses to attract attention. than 27ºC outside, the popsicle melted. Very soon, the
The stunt can be political or topical, good or bad, but kiwi strawberry-flavored liquid was all over the streets of
the ultimate goal is that the public remembers it. Manhattan, and innocent pedestrians became sticky,
sugary and angry. The New York Fire Department had to
Taco Bell pulled off a very successful publicity stunt. hose off the sidewalks and close off the streets.
In 1996, an advertisement appeared in The New York
Times that read, “Taco Bell Buys the Liberty Bell*”. The Publicity stunts are also used with celebrities. A
ad went on to explain that Taco Bell had purchased memorable celebrity publicity stunt occurred on 24th
“one of our country’s most historic treasures and March 1958. That was the day Elvis Presley enlisted in the
will now be called the ’Taco Liberty Bell’”. They also US army. There was no war at the
stated in the ad that Americans may find the action time, but Elvis’s peacetime draft in
controversial, but that Taco Bell bought the liberty the army lasted until 1960. At the
bell to reduce America’s national debt. time, many conservatives believed
that Elvis’s music was corrupting
This advertisement really got people’s attention. It America’s children. They even
reached more than 70 million Americans. The public went as far as prohibiting camera
was outraged, and many phoned the National Historic operators from filming him below
Park in Philadelphia with complaints. Finally, however, the waist because they thought
Taco Bell admitted that the ad was a joke. This became his pelvic movements were provocative. So, Elvis's
clearer when people realised that the Taco Bell publicity management agency thought it would be a good idea
stunt took place on 1st April, also known in America as to send him away to the army. They wanted him to
April Fool’s Day. It was an obvious success appear like an ordinary person, but the stunt
as Taco Bell’s sales increased by half a *The had the opposite effect and actually helped
million dollars in just one day. Liberty Bell promote Elvis even more. Alan Levy, who
A bell in Philadelphia wrote a book about Elvis, describes the stunt,
Snapple, on the other hand, (Pennsylvania) that is “By pretending he was just like anybody else,
was not quite so fortunate. considered to be a symbol the army had demonstrated to the world the
In June 2005, Snapple tried of liberty, independence importance of being Elvis.” And as a result,
and justice.
to get America’s attention by Elvis’s career really took off.
erecting the world’s largest Publicity sought for publicity’s sake can be a
popsicle made of Snapple powerful force. It can resuscitate a business,
juice in New York City’s Time Square. The harm a business or even create legends.
popsicle was more than 8-metres tall and Regardless of whether they generate more
weighed 17.5 tons. They thought it would money for a company or a celebrity, they
be a great way to introduce a new flavor. certainly do attract attention, be it positive
Their judgment was off. or negative.

1 Pre reading 4 Reading II

What do you understand by the term “publicity stunt”? Can you Look at this quote from the article:
think of any examples? What is the purpose of a publicity stunt? “Taco Bell pulled off the publicity stunt.”
What does “pull off” mean? That it was successful? Or
2 Reading I unsuccessful? Read the article again to confirm your ideas. Do
Read the text and check your ideas from the pre-reading task you know any other uses of the phrasal verb “pull off”?

3 Reading II
In your own words, describe the publicity stunts performed by: Skills Booklets
b) Snapple

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CD track 39

Odd Organics

Bird-produced substances for beauty.

For centuries, people have searched for a solution to wrinkles.
These days, organic skin and body products are all the rage.
And the latest trend at spas is the guano facial.

Guano comes from the Japanese nightingale. It contains a

powerful acid that heals the skin. “The droppings, which are
applied as a mask with Japanese white clay, are completely safe
and treated under UV light to remove bacteria,” said Hari Salem,
owner of Hari’s in West London. This luxury can be yours in 90
minutes for about £100. And so far, customers love the results.
“We have been trying the nightingale facial out and it has been
an unbelievable success,” says one customer who prefers to
remain anonymous.

Apparently, there’s nothing new about this cream. Japanese

Geishas used guano in the 18th century to take off face make-up.
And Buddhist monks used it to polish their shaved heads. And
birds aren’t the only animals who contribute to beauty products.
Many organic products today contain animal parts. Red dye used
in lipsticks and food products is made out of a small bug called
the cochineal insect. Nail polish, powders and lipsticks get their
sparkle from fish scales. And last year, ladies looking for the
Botox effect without needles, found wrinkle-free heaven in a jar
of snake venom cream. The product’s exotic and exclusive appeal
is what sells: the Temple Viper is a “legendary species of snake” TPDPPM
found in the Snake Temple in Malaysia. Locals believe the snakes
are representatives of a deity, and think the snakes have “divine
powers”. Wrinkle free and magic powers? That is heaven!

1 Discussion make organic cosmetics?

Look at these beauty products. What do you think they do? a) birds=
Which one have you used? Which one would you use? Discuss b) insects= GLOSSARY
your ideas with a colleague. c) fish= to search vb
to look for; to try to find
1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil d) snakes= wrinkles n
2. Grapeseed Hydrating Toner lines on the face. They often appear
with age
3. Vitamin C Eye Reviver Now read the article again to check your answers. organic adj
only containing natural ingredients
4. Blue Corn 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Scrub Mask all the rage exp
5. Mango Lip Butter 4 Discussion fashionable, trendy, very popular
guano n
6. Facial Buffer 1. What do you think about the products excrement from birds
mentioned in the article? Would you try them? a facial n
a beauty treatment of the face
Why? Why not? a nightingale n
a bird that sings a nice song
2. What is your opinion of miracle creams? Are to heal vb
they an effective way of "stopping the clock"? to cure; to make better
droppings n
3. What’s the most you’ve ever spent on cosmetics? excrement from animals
4. What do you think of plastic surgery? clay n
wet, sticky earth / mud
to try out phr vb
to test

2 Reading I Vocabulary focus to polish vb

to clean something and make it
shine and sparkle
Look at the title and the sub-title. What do you think the article Interesting expression of the day: to be all the rage. sparkle n
is about? Now read to check your predictions. “Organic skin and body products are all the rage.” if something has "sparkle", it shines
and gives off flashes of light
As you know, “rage” normally means anger. But what Botox n
3 Reading II does it mean here? treatment to remove wrinkles
snake venom n
What do you remember? How are the following animals used to the poison from snakes

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Paid to Quit

Stop smoking incentives.

What’s the best way to stop smoking? Local physical activities, and smoking cessation Anti-
government officials in Dundee, Scotland, therapy. smoking
think they have the answer. videogame
This new initiative In November 2008, a new
video game to help people quit
Scottish smokers in poor communities follows the success smoking will be released for
in Dundee will be paid to kick the habit. of NHS Tayside’s Nintendo DS. This interactive
The programme is an initiative between “Give It Up for Baby” game
the Dundee City Council, the Scottish project, to help (produced
Government, and NHS Tayside. pregnant teens quit by Ubisoft at
It’s a £500 pilot scheme to aid smoking. Dundee has the Quebec
900 smokers to quit over two over 36,000 smokers, focuses on
years. People participating in and smoking is a major helping
the programme will receive problem. “Although current smoking smokers kick the habit. Players
£12.50 per week, for up to cessation services are working well, because must complete a series of
12 weeks. The money goes of the complexities of poverty and health, tasks and pass special tests
onto an electric card that we know we need to do more to tackle through 15 “mini-games”.
These mini-games represent
can be used at supermarkets to this,” says Paul Ballard, Deputy Director of the Path to Freedom. The idea
buy food and groceries, but no tobacco or Public Health at NHS Tayside. They’re trying is an extension of “Allen Carr’s
alcohol. Participants also get help from their a preventative approach, helping people to Easyway to Stop Smoking”
neighbourhood chemist’s, where they’ll get quit before they develop a heart condition method.
nicotine replacement therapy. They’ll have or cancer. The government hopes to recruit
to take a carbon monoxide breath test every 1,800 smokers for the pilot programme, and
week to prove they are “smoke free.” Dundee wants to see at least 50% of the participants
Healthy Living Initiative provides further quit once and for all. If it works, the plan will
support, offering healthy living advice, go national.

1 Pre reading 2 Reading I

Do you have any bad habits? Look at the list below. Are they all What’s the best way to stop smoking? How could the government
bad? Rank them in order from bad to really bad. Can you think help? Read the article and check your ideas.
of any more bad habits?
3 Reading II
swearing How good is your memory?
Without looking back at the text,
putting your feet on the table what do the following numbers refer to?
putting your elbows on the dinner table 1. 12.50
2. 900
speaking with your mouth full 3. 36,000 GLOSSARY
kick the habit exp
stretching in public 4. 1,800 to stop doing something bad
5. 50 an initiative n
speaking on the phone for too long a proposal; a plan; a scheme
a pilot scheme n
interrupting people 4 Reading III a trial programme or initiative to see
if something will work
not listening when someone’s speaking Now answer these questions. to quit vb
to stop doing something (a habit);
1. How is the money paid? to give up
forgetting people’s names 2. How are the smokers monitored? smoking cessation therapy n
therapy to stop you smoking
smoking too much 3. What’s the new initiative? to tackle vb
to deal with; to try to find a solution to

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Tapescript s The Shop – Episode 1 (track 30)

Jim: This book looks interesting. But it’s a bit high. Erm, ah I know… Oh, no! Mr Burns! Mr Burns!
Haunted House (track 8) Mr Burns: What? What is it?
Host: I’m here talking with estate agent Ben Pridden, in York, England. He’s selling a very unusual house. Ben, tell us Jim: Come! Quick! The shelf is falling. Ah!
about it. Mr Burns: What are you doing?
Ben: Well, this is a beautiful Georgian period (1700-1830) town house. The property was used as offices until now. Jim: I’m sorry.
But just recently, an office worker found something very unusual in the basement: a skeleton. Mr Burns: Look at this mess. Clean it up!
Host: Really? Jim: OK.
Ben: Actually, the skeleton was in a vault, which was in the basement. It’s been there for years. The seller calls it “his
Roman princess”. She’s very quiet – apparently – the perfect housemate. You almost wouldn’t know she was Mr Burns: I told you to tidy up the shop.
there. I don’t think the skeleton will deter buyers. I think it’s a fairly rare opportunity to buy a piece of British Jim: I was trying to get a book.
heritage. Mr Burns: You can’t touch these books. Now, go and clean the shop. No, stop. Carry this box downstairs.
Host: It is rare, that’s for sure! So, what happens to the skeleton and the vault when someone buys the house? Jim: Box? Where to?
Ben: The skeleton stays, of course. Although the building can be developed for residential use, the skeleton has to Mr Burns: Downstairs.
stay in the vault. Jim: To the secret room?
Host: Have you ever come across anything like this before? Mr Burns: Yes. The secret room that you can’t go into. Just leave it by the door.
Ben: No. I’ve been in this business for 15 years, and I’ve never heard of anything like it. But there was a case of a man
selling a haunted house in south Wales. Ron Ronson and his wife had a spirit they named Tom living in their (The shop bell rings.) Ah, that’s the new girl. Come and meet her.
house. They grew quite fond of Tom. When they decided to sell their house, they insisted that Tom must be al- Jim: Shall I take the box down, first?
lowed to stay in the house with the new owners. Mr. Ronson said he wanted to ensure no one tried to exorcise Mr Burns: No. Come and meet her, and then take the box down. She’s here to help you in the shop. And I think you
their ghost. They even wrote a special clause into the buyer’s contract about it. need it.
Host: Wow, that’s incredible. Thanks, Ben. Jim: Oh, good.
Telephone English (track 9) Fake Ferraris (track 32)
Listen again and complete the text with the correct word.
Julie: Hello, and welcome to Breaking News. Today we’re talking about a very profitable crime: fake vintage Ferraris.
Caller: Hello is that Central Train Station? Knock-offs so good, even automobile experts can’t tell the difference. Italian police just confiscated 21
Receptionist: It is indeed. How can I (1) _____ you? counterfeit model 328 GTB cars. Fourteen of the cars were already in the hands of car collectors. We’re talking to
Caller: Actually, I’m a bit lost. I’m trying to get to the (2) _____. car mechanic Lucy Bragantxi. Tell us about the Fake Ferrari ring.
Receptionist: Where are you? Lucy: Well, they’re all highly skilled car mechanics. Basically, they take a Toyota or Pontiac body and hammer it into
Caller: I’m at the Imperial Lodge Hotel on Renfrew Street. Do you know it? the 328 GTB. They make the car’s exterior out of fibreglass and false car parts. The cars look real down to the
Receptionist: I do. It’s a fifteen-minute (3) _____ from here. owner’s documents.
Caller: OK, great.
Receptionist: OK. Come out of the hotel and turn left. Then, turn right when you get to Rose Street and walk Julie: Incredible. So, how much does a fake Ferrari go for?
straight on until it turns into Blythswood Street. After about four (4) _______, turn right down Lucy: About $30,000, which is quite cheap actually because an authentic 328 GTB would cost about $130,000.
West George Street and continue until you reach George Square. The station is just in the square – Julie: So, who buys these cars?
you can’t miss it. Lucy: Both rich and not-so-rich people. People love looking like they’ve got money. And no one can resist a bargain.
Caller: So, that’s out of the hotel and turn left. Then first right, walk three blocks and go left until the square, So, many middle-class people with aspirations to the higher echelons of society are willing to buy a look-alike.
right? But there are also some very wealthy clients who would rather pay a bit less than pay a lot more for the real
Receptionist: No, four blocks. thing. With a fake this good, why pay more?
Caller: Oh, OK. Four blocks. That’s great. Thanks very much.
Receptionist: No problem, see you. Julie: But are they really that good?
Lucy: Apparently, Ferrari owner Cesare Costantini even takes his hat off to the mechanics. He says it’s a job well done.
From a distance of one or two metres it’s impossible to tell the car isn’t one of his. He noted that they use the
Marijuana Mishap (track 16) same tail lights, fenders and exhaust. That has to be a nice pat on the back, to be complimented by the big
Reporter: Hi, and welcome to News Today. We’re talking about a recent incident at Japan’s Narita Airport. Here with boss.
me in the studio is Jane Saunders. So, Jane, what happened? Julie: So, how do they do it?
Jane: Well, officials are looking for a lot of misplaced marijuana. Apparently, customs agents have lost the drugs. Lucy: Technology makes it all possible. They have such advanced technology, they can figure out how something was
Reporter: But how can they lose the drugs?
Jane: Well, they were testing airport security, checking for illegal drugs, and they put a bag containing 142 grams made and imitate it as soon as it comes out on the market. The major difference between the real classic car
of pot in the side pocket of a passenger’s suitcase. and today’s copy is the quality. As Costantini said, “outside it’s the same but inside it is very different. The real
Reporter: What? differences are the engine, the frame, the suspension and the brakes.”
Jane: Yes, that’s right. They wanted to see how efficient their sniffer dogs were. Anyway, the passenger went Julie: OK, Lucy. Thanks very much for that.
through security checkpoints, but the sniffer dogs didn’t detect the marijuana. And then they couldn’t
remember which suitcase they put the pot in. They can remember it was a black bag, but the airport is busy High-Speed Chase (track 41)
and so many people have black luggage... Reporter: It’s an alien invasion! Police in South Wales just had a run-in with an alleged UFO. We’re here in the studio
Reporter: Incredible. But isn’t putting drugs in a passenger’s suitcase illegal?
Jane: Yes, it’s prohibited. They normally use a training suitcase, but they wanted to see if the sniffer dog’s ability with police officer Mary Clarkson. She claims she saw it all from the air. So, Mary, what did you see?
had improved. The dogs have always been able to find it before. Apparently, they became overconfident Mary: We were in the helicopter, on routine work, when a flying saucer almost hit us at about 2,000 metres –
that it would work. just as we were waiting to land at the St Athen’s Ministry of Defense base. We had to swerve to avoid it.
Reporter: So, where is the marijuana now? Once we got over the initial shock, we chased the ship across the Bristol Channel, but it was so fast we lost
Jane: They aren’t sure. Officials are asking for the person involved to come forward. But so far, no one has called. the trail. It vanished around the coast of North Devon.
The unfortunate thing is that the passenger was leaving the country. So, it is most likely they will get caught Reporter: Astrobiologists say that UFOs are most likely leftover pieces of comets and meteorites heading for earth.
with the drugs at the airport of their next destination. It may become a delicate international situation. They Don’t you think that what you saw was a meteorite fragment?
are extremely embarrassed.
Reporter: Well, I imagine the government will provide them with a good lawyer if they do get caught. Mary: No way. This was a ship. We all got a very close look at it. This isn’t the first UFO sighting here. In the past
Jane: Let’s hope so. few years, there’ve been 30 different reports of strange flying objects all over Wales. One person described
“a black mass hovering over Rhyl”, another saw a “flying disc” over Newport and a third report tells of a
British Bar Chat (track 28) “spinning object with legs” seen above the Rhondda Valley.
Andy: So, I hear you’re going away, is that right? Reporter: So, is this your first experience of aliens?
Emma: Yeah, that’s right, I, I’m moving to London in-in two weeks time. Mary: Oh, no. I had another experience back in 1975. Then, I was one of 170 people who witnessed a UFO land.
Andy: I don’t know, I just prefer to stay where I am. I don’t, I don’t like the idea of going away, I mean it’s… I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a sweltering day, and the sky was a real clear blue. Suddenly,
Emma: Really?
Andy: New people… I don’t know, I like being close to my family, you know. You can go-go home on Sundays, and at the crossroads in town a ship landed. It was funny-looking, shaped like a hat. It had to be around
have a nice lunch. You know, what are going to do on Sunday? You know… 10-metres. It landed and stopped. It stayed there, still for a few minutes. No one who saw it dared to blink
Emma: Uh, well, go out and see all the sites that there are to see in a new city, meet new people, go to new places. It, even, everyone was so shocked. Something strange happened, when it landed too. All the nearby cars
it’s exciting, no? It-It’s fun, it’s interesting, it’s… stalled and stopped. I’ll never forget it.
Andy: Well, I don’t know… Reporter: Wow! That gave me a chill up my spine! Thanks, officer Mary.
Emma: It’s good to go away, and get to know new places, I think.
Andy: Well, I prefer the things I know. I mean, aren’t you gonna miss your family, or something? Aren’t you, aren’t Off the Cuff (track 43)
you close to your family, I mean?
Emma: I’m close to them, but-but we can stay in touch by e-mail and on the phone, I can go back and visit, you Have you ever been frightened?
know. I think life is there for living. You’ve got, you’ve got to just, carpe diem, seize the day and-and go out Yeah, I’ve been frightened. One time, my mom and I were driving, and we were stopped at a traffic light. And I PROMISE
and try new stuff. You know, you can’t spend your whole life staying in the same place. you, to the left, there was a car, driving normally, but no one was driving it. I’m serious. Maybe the person was short and
Andy: No, I’m gonna be, I’ll be quite happy staying here, you know. Work in the family business, and you know, they couldn’t see over the wheel, but I know what I saw. And I was so scared. And I told my mom and she just thought I
every day, every Sunday get together with the family. I-I’d really miss that, if I had to go away, I think, yeah. was being silly. And maybe I was, because, you know, when you’re a kid, your imagination kinda takes over.
Emma: Really? You don’t ever feel the need to, to, to go and see the world?
Andy: Well, you know I’ve got my two-week holiday in the summer, that-that’s usually enough for me. Now when I went on holiday with my first boyfriend, Kevin, we went on a cycling holiday around the, uh, what do you
Emma: Well, I can’t imagine anything worse. call it English? The Black Forest, that’s right, The Black Forest. And we-one day we went to a German campsite, and we
Andy: Oh, OK, each to his own.
thought we’d be cool and camp in a tent well away from everybody else, and it was quite romantic and quite exciting.
US Bar Chat (track 29) And then in the middle of the night, I heard footsteps approaching the tent. And I thought, ‘Oh, I’m just imagining
Cindy: What’s “cell” phone mean? I’ve got a mobile phone. What does “cell” phone mean? things. Maybe it’s windy.’ And then they got louder and louder and louder, and I remember being absolutely terrified.
Sally: “Cell” phone means cellular phone, like cellular device. And they got right to the tent door. I remember the hair on the back of my neck standing up, and I made Kevin go
Cindy: Oh, OK, so that’s, I see, so the British name is “mobile” phone, but the American-you Americans say “cell” outside and confront the beast or whoever it was. And he got hold of the mallet, pulled down the zip, poked his head
phone, yeah? out the door, and we were both mortified. And then we were so relieved when we discovered it was a cow that had
Sally: Mm-hmm. come to see what we were doing.
Cindy: So do you use your “cell” phone, not cell phone, do you use your “cell” phone a lot?
Sally: I use my cell phone all the time, actually.
Cindy: But what did you, I mean, what was life like before your cell phone? Yeah, once I was in this hotel room in the Philippines, and it was about-I was sleeping-and it was about 3 in the morn-
Sally: I don’t really know. I mean… I guess we just had to wait at home for the phone to ring, and now you can ing, I think, I’m not really sure, and suddenly, well, it was like this wooden bungalow, so I could feel vibrations, because
just go ahead and do whatever you want. You can go to the mall, you can be shopping, you can be… in the someone was obviously walking up the steps. And so that sort of woke me up a bit and then the next thing I knew-I
woods even and you can still get coverage. saw-I opened my eyes and I saw the door handle turning. It was like something from a horror film. And then this sort
Cindy: So, OK, mobile phones, or cell phones, aren’t really very cheap, are they? So, I mean, I personally prefer to of dark figure came in. Then I can’t really remember what I said, but I think I must’ve just sat up and shouted, “Oi, what
text as much as possible, what about you? are you doing?” or something like that, ‘cause the person just like ran away. I just saw this dark shadow running away
Sally: It’s different in the United States because you don’t have to pay that much for phone calls. Usually everyone
has a contract, and then you just-you can put text messaging on your phone as a feature. But then, I mean, and sort of just got up, and after that I pushed the bed up against the door, so I felt a bit safer. But I never slept really
you don’t have to, and you can just call people and it doesn’t cost… In Spain, it costs a dollar or a euro well after that.
to send a message. But here, in America, you can pay 10 cents or you can get 1000 text messages for 10
euros… 10 dollars. I was in the apartment with my flatmate the other day, and uh, he just went out to the shop to-to get a-a litre of milk.
Cindy: And, how much does it ma-cost to make a phone call though? That’s what interests me, because I try and Uh, and I thought, about five minutes later, I thought he’d come back in, because the door swung wide open with a
make as few calls as possible and text as often as possible to keep the costs down. bang. And I was in the bathroom, doing, do-fixing my hair or something like that, I turned around said, “All right, Tom,
Sally: See, we do the opposite. We call on the phone, we talk for hours. The thing is though, if you call after 9 are you okay there?” And nobody answered. So I was like, ‘OK,’ went up to check the door, nobody there. I don’t know
o’clock at night, it’s free.
Cindy: oh! what it was. I think it might have been a ghost or something, because he came back about five minutes later and-and
Sally: It’s unlimited, yeah, and the weekends too. So…you can, that’s usually when people call. Which is fine, said it wasn’t him playing a joke or anything, so I don’t know was it-was it…a spirit or a ghost or somebody trying to
because during the day, you’re at work anyway. You can’t gab. breaking in, I still don’t know what happened.

62 I
CD track 41
Welshwoman & Englishwoman


Answers 1. To test security at the airport.
2. Because the bag has gone missing, possibly to
another country.
page 4 Power Play
2) Reading I Page 40 Little Jokes
No, power does not corrupt.
1D 2H 3A 4F 5C 6E 7G 8B
3) Reading II
1T 2F 3T 4T
Page 41 Misheard Lyrics
Page 5 Animal Instinct 1b 2a 3a 4b 5b 6a 7a 8a
1d 2e 3a 4g 5c 6f 7b
Reading I Page 42 Name Calling
“Toads warn Hubei province of quake.” Pre-reading
Reading III 1c 2e 3g 4b 5f 6a 7d
Zebras banging their heads, tigers walking around, Reading I
peacocks screeching. Ireland and Apple
Vocabulary focus
Page 8 Useful Vocabulary 1. nickname
1d 2i 3h 4a 5e 6j 7g 8c 9f 10b 2. surname
3. name

Page 10 Interview Time 4. Names
Reading II
1. Bill Page 50 Shaping Seattle
2. Anne Reading II
3. Bill 1. Microsoft, Starbucks, Frasier, grunge music
4. Anne 2. Pike Place Market – a busy market; The Space

5. Anne Needle – a rotating gourmet restaurant; The
6. Anne Underground Tour – a tour of the original Seattle
7. Anne buildings
3. Newcomers say it isn’t a real city, and they
Page 15 Dr Fingers’ Error complain about the weather, the size and the lack
Correction Clinic of things to do.

1. This is Nigel’s pen. Adjective focus
2. That is Susan’s bag. 1. cool
3. This is Charles’ (Charles’s) bicycle. 2. diverse
4. These are the girls’ books. 3. magical
5. Whose pen is it? 4. rainy
6. Whose dog is this? 5. enticing
6. great
Page 15 Listening 7. popular
Pre reading
1b 2c 3d 4e 5a
8. cultural Police chase UFO.
Listening I Page 51 Fake Ferraris
A skeleton in a vault. Pre listening
Listening II 1h 2f 3c 4b 5g 6d 7a 8e 9j 10i 1 Discussion
1F- Georgian period; 2T; 3T; 4T; 5F
Page 55 Dr Fingers’ Error 1. Have you ever seen a UFO? When? Where?
Page 17 Telephone Correction Clinic 2. Have there been any UFO sightings in your country?
English 1. He is such a nice boy.
Listening I 2. A: Do you think you’re going to win?
Where? What happened?
1. At the Imperial Lodge Hotel B: Yes, I hope so. 3. Do you believe in UFOs or other supernatural beings? Why?
2. The train station 3. He apologised to his neighbours for the loud
Listening II party.
Why not?
1. Renfrew Street 4. I would have gone to the party if you had invited 4. What makes some people believe in these things?
2. Rose Street me.
3. Blythswood Street 5. It is a very good coffee.
4. George Street 6. She’s keen on playing basketball.
2 Listening I
Listening III
1. help How many supernatural experiences /sightings are referred to in detail in the
Page 58 Look at me! Look
2. Station at me! conversation?
3. Walk Reading II
4. Blocks That is was successful. 3 Listening II
Page 19 Steve Jobs Page 60 Odd Organics
Reading II Make detailed notes of each incident.
Reading II
1T 2T 3F 4T 5F 6F
a) Bird excrement is used to make facials. Try to answer the questions.
1. He left college before graduating. b) The cochineal insect is used in lipsticks. Where? Who? What? When?
c) Fish scales are used for nail polish.
2. He was told to leave his job.
d) Snake venom is used to help eliminate wrinkles. What happened?
3. They had an argument.
4. They joined together and went against him.
Page 61 Paid to Quit
Page 20 Cut Off Reading II
Pre reading 1. The amount participants will receive per week.
1f 2a 3b 4e 5c 6d 2. The number of smokers the scheme will aid.
3. The number of smokers in Dundee.
Vocabulary focus
Page 21 Staycations 4. The number of smokers the government wants Here are some verbs of movement that appear in the
Pre reading for the scheme. listening. What do they mean? How would you translate them into
1e 2b 3c 4d 5a 5. The percentage of the participants the govern-
Reading II ment wants to quit. your language?
1. An economy in difficulty.
2. A series of shops that are all similar and that Page 63 High-Speed
belong to the same company. Chase 1. to swerve – “We had to swerve to avoid it.”
3. An area at the back of the house for having BBQs, Listening I
5 incidents.
2. to hover – “A black mass was hovering in the air.”
4. A short holiday. Listening II 3. to spin – “It was spinning in the air.”
5. To be careful about how much you spend. 1. A flying saucer about 2,000 metres in the air. 4. to stall – “All the nearby cars stalled and stopped.”
Astrobiologists say it might have been leftover
Page 22 Trivia Matching pieces of comets and meteorites.
1J 2D 3I 4C 5B 6E 7A 8F 9G 10L 2. A black mass hovering over Rhyl.
11K 12H 3. A flying disc over Newport.

Page 27
4. A spinning object with legs above the Rhondda
Listening II 5. A UFO landing. I 63
CD tracks 42
US woman

Headline News

Pipes of Peace
Headline NewsN˚ 1 The voice of the people London 2008

McCartney gets into trouble in Quebec.

Who says peace can’t be pipes of peace” – the phrase On 3rd
achieved through music? coming from his 1983 hit July 1608,
Sir Paul McCartney recently song “Pipes of Peace”. As he Samuel de
travelled to Canada to perform took the stage, he spoke Champlain
at a concert celebrating in a mixture of French and founded a
the 400th anniversary of QFBDF English, and told the crowd, settlement at Kébec
(Quebec), a native American
French-speaking Quebec*. “Bonsoir les Quebecois Indian word meaning “the
He performed his greatest hits, and spoke a [Good evening people of Quebec]. “Je parler place where the river narrows”.
mixture of French and English to more than seulement un petit peu Francais [I only speak In doing so, he established
200,000 fans at a Quebec City concert. There a little bit of French] – so I will be speaking in what would become the first
were, however, a few problems. English – but I think most of you get it.” He permanent French settlement
also said to his enthusiastic fans, “C’est ma in North America and one of
the world’s most enchanting
In the days before the concert artists and premiere visite a Quebec, [It’s my first visit to cities. The British took control
politicians said his presence in Quebec was Quebec,] – and it’s a great place.” The 66-year- of the area in the
“inappropriate” because of Britain’s 1760 old played Beatles, Wings and solo songs at late 18th century.
conquest of New France, including the region the outdoor concert.
of Quebec. However, despite this, McCartney Paul McCartney
was greeted at his hotel by hundreds of fans. After the concert, Sir Paul said in an interview James Paul McCartney was
Concert-goers began arriving early at an area with Radio Canada, “I think it’s time to smoke born on 18th June 1942 in
known as the Plains of Abraham (Quebec’s the pipes of peace and to just, you know, Liverpool, England. He is the
version of Central Park) for the show. The bury the hatchet because I think it’s a show most successful musician and
Plains were the site of the crucial 1758 Battle of friendship.” He added, “I know people of composer in history. He is an
of Ticonderoga between British General all nationalities and, hey, I’m friendly with outspoken activist against
seal hunting, Third World
James Wolfe and France’s Marquis Louis- German people and, by that argument, I debt, and landmines.
Joseph de Montcalm. should never go to Germany.” The pop star
continues to advocate overcoming the GLOSSARY
a detractor n
Sir Paul was aware of the critics, but chose war-torn past and is likely to press on in the a person who criticises you or
to play the concert anyway. His advice to his future. After all, Sir Paul McCartney just wants disagrees with you
to take to the stage exp
detractors was that they should “smoke the the world to give peace a chance. to go onto the stage (the elevated
platform) and to perform
Business English to get it exp

Million Airs
to understand it
to bury the hatchet exp
to stop fighting. Literally, a "hatchet"
is a type of small axe
to press on phr vb
to continue
research n
scientific investigation
a fat cat n
an executive who earns a lot of
According to new research, there are now number grew by 9% to 103,000. To qualify money
over 10 million millionaires in the world. for the super-rich category you must have an asset n
property, money, etc
The number grew by 600,000 to reach the assets of over $30 million. Despite the affluent adj
eight-figure mark for the first time ever seemingly large figures of newly-affluent very rich
spread across phr vb
last year. One-third of the fat cats live people, their combined wealth of $41 if something is “spread across” an
area, it covers that area
in America while only one-tenth of the trillion is still only spread across 0.2% of the a gap n
millionaires’ club are from the entire areas world’s population. And the gap between a space separating two things
set to... exp
of Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. rich and poor is set to rise. By 2012, the if something is “set to” happen, it will
Added to this research were figures showing millionaires’ club is set to be worth almost certainly happen
to rise vb
that the super rich got richer by 15%. Their $60 trillion. to increase

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Evil versus
asically, “to bounce back” is a phrasal Iain Dowie also has the dubious title of having
verb that means to recover quickly
after failing, suffering a defeat or having
broken his nose 25 times, so the word certainly
applies to him.
difficulties. For example:
a) She lost the first round, but bounced back to Here are a few examples of the term in action.
win the competition. “This will be a great test of the famous Everton
b) We all thought he’d disappear after that bouncebackability”, said Everton manager Mo
humiliating revelation, but he bounced back Marley when his team was knocked out of the
a few years later. League Cup several years ago. James Bond Special -
The term can also be used in politics. “As a Quantum of Solace
Literally, “bouncing” is the action that a ball former cabinet member of Major’s government,
makes when thrown at a surface. The term Michael Howard has an even harder job ahead
“bouncebackability” is derived from the phrasal of him. He has to
verb "to bounce back", and is attributed to football show he has enough GLOSSARY
manager Iain Dowie. bouncebackability to get ainformation
revelation n
that becomes public
Back in 2003, Dowie him into Number 10.” mid-season adj

Thanksgivintiges &
half-way through the football
came to Crystal season

Special - ChaPrieople
Palace football The phrase is more in dire straits exp
with extreme difficulties; in a lot

club as manager relevant now in the of trouble
Division One n
mid-season. At era of reality TV as Division One is the second most
minor celebrity
culture grows.
important division in English football
the Premiership n Listening and
reading exercises
the top division in English football
However, it appears to coin a phrase / term exp
Iain Dowie to create a new phrase or word

Includes 70
that not many people to have a dubious title / honour exp

Phrasal verbs:
to have a title for something bad
the time, the club who have appeared to knock out phr vb
was in dire straits. on Big Brother or to defeat a team in a competition

They were in 19th other such TV shows

so that they are no longer in that
competition Changes
position in Division have shown this talent
Basic English:
the League Cup n

min CD
a football competition of lesser
One. However, under for bouncing back.
Dowie they improved *IBWFOP Andy Warhol once
importance than the main football
competition (the FA Cup) Sports
(not so) Typical
and eventually won famously remarked the central part of the British
government; the ministers of state
promotion to the Michael Howard that everyone would Major n
The Cinema
Premiership. The have 15 minutes John Major – a former British
Conservative prime minister
following season they had a habit of conceding of fame. Maybe he Michael Howard n
a former British Conservative
early goals only to equalise later. Dowie coined was right in a way… minister
the phrase “bouncebackability” in reference the fame would Number 10 n
the house where the British prime
to their ability to recover and the press started last 15 minutes and minister lives
to use it. The following year, in 2005 The Collins no more... with no minor celebrity culture n
the popularity of stars of reality TV
English Dictionary included the word. Incidentally, bouncing back. shows such as Big Brother

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