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Two Ghosts

The Visual Script

by Stephanie Ryan

Panel 1

We see beautiful landscapes in grece, the sun almost hidden by the blue see

Panel 2
Panel 3

The summer breeze blowing through someones hair (we see the persons
back, wearing a cream colored suit)

Side note: The person is much closer, is a male

Panel 4

He is walking and the summer sunset reflects on his sunglasses, while he is

Side note: Please add him from his chest up

Panel 5

He is walking down the streets reaching a house, a very greek typical white
Side notes: The person is with his back at us, very close to the camera, we only
see a bit of his shoulder and head, the wind is blowing his hair

Panel 6

Side notes: the same image as in Panel 5 but now the flowers are not
bloomed, and leaves are flying around the person

Panel 7

The season suddenly changes and the autumn leaves pat the strangers shoe

Side note: I love the angle but he wears Cheshire boots, crme trousers and in
front of him is (the bottom part of ) the house, blurred. Also he is not walking,
hes standing in front of the house.
Panel 8

Side note: The angle is great, tho we can see that he is holding a pair of keys
and in the other a leave gets stuck in a white tshirt.

Panel 9

He gets at the bottom of the stairs that go to the house door,

Panel 10

He looks up, not smiling this time, his eyes sad and his lips held tight.
Side note: The first picture is the position he is in the scene and the last 2
pictures are examples of emotions you can use (hes not crying tho)

Panel 11

He dares and reaches out to open the door.

Panel 12

The inside of the room is bright, the garden door wide opened, the white
curtain dancing as the wind sings.
Side notes: This is what he sees when he stands at the the front door.

Same lips red, same eyes blue

Panel 13

Someone is drinking some red wine

Side notes: The person is male (Louis), not smiling, looking down

Panel 14

. while his eyes follow the sound of the door that just opened

Side notes: the same position, and expression but he is now looking up front
he glass
Panel 15

Same white shirt, couple more tattoos

Louis gets to take off his lips from the glass but a few drops end up on the
white shirt he is wearing.

Side notes: The angle is great, but he is not sipping anymore, the glass is
apart from his lips and a few drops fall

Panel 16

He reaches up to cover the stain on the shirt with his hand, starting to laugh
at the action.
Side notes: Great angle, but he is wearing a simple white shirt and his hand is
on the stain on the shirt, looking down, frowning.

But it's not you and it's not me

Panels 17

The person who enters the room watches the whole scene

Side notes: Please add Louis at the side of the counter with his hand on his
shirt stained with wine and smiling embarrassed. He looks up then at the
person who entered the room

Panel 18

Tastes so sweet, looks so real

Louis is holding the wine glass and tries to wipe the wine from their chin
Side notes: Same action from Panel 17 but his hand is on his chin, still
smiling embarrassed, he puts the glass of wine on the counter, but he is
gradually erased from the scene

Sounds like something that I used to feel

Panel 19

He moves to greet the person from the door as they leave the glass on the
kitchen counter, but it loses its balance and topples and the little wine that
was in the glass is leaking on the counter and on the floor.

Side notes: The same Images from Panel 17 and 18 but , the glass of wine is
now off balance (45 degrees), wine is dopping on the counter and on the way
on the floor. Louis left hand is in the air, smiles, looks like he is reaching the
person at the door

But I can't touch what I see

Panel 20

Louis back is at the camera. He is reaching the door; the image changes and
we see the kitchen empty and cold, the sun disappearing leaving only the
dirty wine glass at the edge of the counter (slighty moving?). Harry is
standing blurred in front of the front door.

We're not who we used to be

Panel 21

The person at the door is holding the white tshirt tight, we can see the white
of his knuckles
Side notes: He is holding the shirt, we can see the wine stain

We're not who we used to be

Panel 22

The door suddenly shuts with a loud bang, Harry gets startled, turning his
head to the sound
Side note: Harry is standind in the left side of the image, his head turned at
the door, frowning, his shoulders a bit up as he got startled

We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

Panel 23

The sound of a laugh gets the person attention and turns his head back
looking inside the room where the summer sun is again invading it

Side notes: Some examples

Panel 24

We can see the siluette of two people in the garden holding each other,
looking happy

Side notes: Add the siluette of two people holding each other orlooking like
they are ready to kiss

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Panel 25

We see the room again dark and cold, feet stumbling to take a step;

Side notes: He is not bearfoot, but the angle and the action are great to use.
Panel 26

the white shirt is dropped on the floor (at beat the shirt is dropped).

Side note: Please add a shirt on the floor

[Verse 2]
The fridge light washes this room white

Panel 27

He reaches the fridge

Panel 28

He opens it but a voice calling catches his attention and turns his head to the
garden door

Side note: The picture is great but he is looking out, not in the fridge

Moon dances over your good side

Panel 29

Louis is standing next to the door that leads to the garden, the moon draws
waves of light over his face, We see him smiling,
Side notes: I like the shadow on the faces, but he is slightly smiling
(smirking), his eyebrows are drawn up, like making a suggestion
Panel 30

He is holding two glasses and a bottle of wine

This was all we used to need

Panel 31

Harry is smiling too, closes the fridge door and goes to take one glass in his

Side notes:

Imagine the Images from Panel 12 ,on a larger scale, because they both need
to be included in the scene, Harry moving to reach Louis, both smiling
Tongue-tied like we've never known

Panel 32

Harry is in front of the garden door, but alone

Side notes: Same image as in Panel 31, but Harry is closer to the door, but
alone, Louis body shape is almost invisible

Panel 33

He looks down

Side note: The angle is great

Panel 34

He sees the wine bottle

Side notes: There are two glasses

Panel 35

He frowns

Telling those stories we already told

Panel 36

Suddenly two arms covered in a white sheet sneak over Hs waist, he is

naked from waist up
Side notes: The position is great

'Cause we don't say what we really mean

Panel 37

H holds the person too, turns around but the room is dark and no one is

Side note: The same scene as Panel 11 but he is about to turn around, no one
is behind him

We're not who we used to be

Panel 38

Side note: The same scene as Panel 11 but he is now facing the inside of the
house, hes alone, the room looks uninhabited.
We're not who we used to be

Panel 39

Side notes: The covered couch now is a dark blue with subtle white flower
We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

Panel 40

Side notes: The frames above the fireplace are not missing anymore

We're not who we used to be

Panel 41

Moving his eyes from the fireplace to the little table in front of the couch, we
see a birthday cake. one person placing the cake on the table, an other
behind a golden retriever, holding him, singing happy birthday, blowing the
Side notes: The angle the picture was taken is great, add the description
above and the couch in the right side of the scene, instead of the chair

We're not who we used to be

Panel 42

Theres a flash, the person who brought the cake took a polaroid picture of
the cake, the dog and H blowing the candles
Panel 43

Side notes: The same scene as in Panel 40, the action from Panel 41, but the
person who brought the cake now is holding a polaroid taking a picture

We're just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty

Panel 44

The dog gets confused about the picture getting out of the polaroid and
snatch it when is all out and runs to the bedroom

Side notes: The same scene as In Panel 41, but now the dog is reaching to
grab the picture getting out from the polaroid with his mouth, both people in
the scene have their mouths open and eyebrows up.

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Panel 45

Side notes: The same scene as In Panel 41, they are shocked of what just
happened but not much, Harry is on the floor, the dog is holding the polaroid
picture in his mouth
Panel 46

They get mischievous looks

Panel 47
Panel 48

And suddenly cake is everywere on their faces

Side notes: The same scene as at Panel 41 but they are getting up, running,
chasing eachother, with cake over their faces

We're not who we used to be

Panel 49

They run up the stairs in the bedroom to find the dog and save the picture
We're not who we used to be

Panel 50

Side notes: Something like this, suggesting that he got up the 2nd floor alone.

Id use the 1st picture and adding him, looking up, confussed

Panel 51

H is in front of the bedroom door, pushing it slightly, the morning sun is

again invading the room.
We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

Panel 52

The bed is occupied by two, kissing

Side notes: The second pictre is great, but instead is bright in the room and
there are two people kissing, blurred

We're not who we used to be

Panel 53

Harry gets out of the bed, smiling

Side notes: He can have his legs out too, suggesting he is ready to leave the

We don't see what we used to see

Panel 54

As soon as hes up, the room is not bright, but darker and H looks angry
pacing the room (he doesnt wear a shirt)
Side notes: Both pictures can be used but Louis is in bed on an elbow and the
other hand in the air looking at Harry frustrated and Harry is up in front of
the camera, we can see him from the waist up, angry/upset.

We're just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty

Panel 55

Louis is trying to make him stop pacing and turns him around to face him

Side notes: The same scene like at Panel 52 but now Harry is with his back
the bed, pitching his nose, one arm on the waist, frowning and Louis is up,
behind him, reaching for Harrys arm to turn him around

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Panel 56

Eyes full of tears, desperation written all over their faces, lips bitten, looking
at eachother, not saying a thing but saying millions.

Side notes: Theres no tears on the face

Panel 57

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Panel 58

H rushes out of the room, grabs the first thing he sees on the floor, put it on,
takes his keys and opens the door

Side notes: Same scene as at Panel 52 but he is grabbing a white tshirt from
the floor, Louis is still standing there in the middle of the room, watching him

Panel 59
I'm just trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Panel 60

Side notes: I like both the angles the pictures have been taken. Harry is
trying to put the shirt on

Panel 61

He gets out of the house fast, hes stumbling over the stairs, the door slams.
Side notes: The same scene as in Panel 4, but we can see an other person on
the stair,running

Panel 62

They bump shoulders

Side notes: The same as in Panel 4/59, Harry1 with his back at the camera,
we see only his shoulders and head and Harry2 is bumping his shoulder with
Harry1, he is frowning

Panel 63

Harry turns and follows his other selfs path

Side notes: He looks confussed

Panel 64

The autumn wind welcomes H (we have a full view of the house and H
standing with his legs parted in front of it, holding the white shirt and the
keys, looking up)