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Generic Fantasy Adventure:

The Quest for the Open Tavern

(version 1.0, April, 2014)

Print-n-Play Build Instructions

Components you need to build: How to build the
24 Cards Victory Tracker Wheels:
12 Tokens
3 Victory Tracker Wheels
1 Rules Booklet
(or simpler-to-build rules sheet) Step 1
1 Tuck Box
1 Token Holder cut on solid lines

Step 2
What you need to print: fold on dotted lines (all folds are
On normal-weight paper: in same direction, folded back)
5 pages - card fronts It may help to gently score the
5 pages - card backs (w/ tokens) lines with the back edge of a
1 page (double-sided) - rules knife before folding
On heavy paper:
1 page - Victory Tracker Wheels
1 page - Tuck Box
Step 3
insert the number wheel and fold
the envelope around it, gluing
How to build the Cards: the small tabs to the back of
By far the easiest way to build the cards is the envelope
to print the fronts and backs on separate
pieces of paper, chop them up, then stick
them into your favorite 23 (63.588
mm) card sleeves.
Cutting card-sized pieces of heavy
paper (such as manilla folder) and slipping
them into the sleeves is a nice touch, as
they will make the cards stiffer and easier
to handle.
You may want to print the 5 different
card types (and their associated backs) on
different colors of paper for ease of Step 4
identification, but this is by no means
as the glue is drying, spin the
wheel to ensure that is does not
become fixed in place by any
How to build the Tokens: excess glue that may have
Simply cut them out and glue them to one gotten inside the envelope
side of coins of appropriate size.
Be sure that all the coins are of similar
tarnish level or it might be possible to
distinguish which is which, even when they
are face down!
How to build the Rules Booklet:
The rules booklet is a 16-page mini book, created by printing the two sheets of rules back-to-
back, then cutting, folding, stapling, and trimming them in a magical way...
Printing: the two sheets of rules must be Cutting: On one side of the print-out, you will
printed back to back. However, since the see two heavy cut lines, denoted with a
print is small, and maximizes the space scissor icon. Cut the four mini-sheets apart
available, it is important that the two sides there.
are properly lined up. With cheapo home
printers, this might take a little trickery. Folding: fold each of the four mini-sheets
Start by printing the two sheets back- (there are small fold guides on one side of
to-back, then hold the page up to the light the print-out), and place the sheets
to see what kind of job your printer does. together so you have a booklet with a
Look at the little black blobs (actually cover, and pages numbered 1 through 14.
tavern silhouettes) that contain the page You should see the cover, and pages 1,3,
numbers: if they're lined up well, you're all and 5 as the fronts of these separate
set and can go on to the next step. pieces. Now assemble these four pieces
If however the blobs are not lined up into a booklet: be sure that the page-
(which will probably be the case), you'll number blobs (and the fold guides) line up
have to fiddle with things to get the two on each page.
sides lined up nicely. Usually the side to
side alignment on printers is pretty good Stapling: any normal sized desk stapler
(in the case of this booklet, that means should reach in to the fold area. It is best
top-to-bottom, since the pages are in to make the prongs of the staple come
landscape format). So assuming that the out inside of the booklet (between pages 6
blobs are not lined up, you can and 7), so you should have the cover of
compensate for your printer's inaccuracy the booklet visible when you place it in the
by using a slightly longer or shorter piece stapler.
of paper. The page is set up for an 11 long
piece of paper, but my printer (for instance) Trimming: There are dotted trim lines around
is about 3/16 off. So I was able to get a the cover area of the booklet. Simply close
good alignment by taking a legal sized the booklet tight, and cut on these three
sheet (14 long) and trimming it to about lines. Assuming everything was lined up
113/32 long before printing. It shouldn't properly, you should now be holding a
take you too many attempts to figure out snazzy little rule booklet that will fit right
what an optimum paper size is to trick into the game box!
your printer into proper alignment.

dotted trim lines ~~~~~

NOTE: there is also a sheet which contains the

exact same rules, but is much easier to
make. Just print the two pages on either
side of a single piece of paper, fold, and
trim: you'll have a set of rules that will still
fit into the Tuck Box without all the fuss
and bother of making up the highfalutin
rules booklet!

fold guides heavy cut lines

How to build the Tuck Box: Step 5

Step 1
cut on solid lines

Step 2
fold on dotted lines (all folds are
in the same direction, folded
back) - it may help to gently
score the lines with the back
edge of a knife before folding a. glue these surfaces
b. bring these flaps in,
and affix to bottom
Step 3
Step 6
a. glue this surface
b. bring this flap
down and affix

note that all the flaps are glued to the outside of the
box... while the box might not look quite as
professional, this does a few good things:
Step 4 1) it's a bit easier to build the box,
2) the box is probably slightly stronger this way, and
most importantly,
3) the cards and what-not don't hang up on the flaps
when you try to get them back into the box (hate it
when that happens!)

a. glue this surface How to build the Token Holder:

(this is simply a smaller box that fits inside the tuck box,
and holds the tokens to keep them from getting all wedged
b. bring this flap up in funny amongst the cards)
and around, and
affix to front This box is built much like the tuck box itself, but
has an extra little divider box that is glued
inside of it to make three compartments, just the
right size for tokens mounted to US pennies.
Version 1.0, April, 2014
Use these tokens if you are using
the map and you are not using
the victory wheels.
If using the map, you do not need these cards.
Generic Fantasy Adventure:
The Quest for the Open Tavern
(version 1.0, April, 2014)

2 Victory Tracker Wheels



4 0 4 0 4 0
5 10 5 10 5 10
9 9 9



Oppression Booze Devastation

the Governor wins if this The Adventurer player wins The Adventurer player wins
reaches level 10 before if this reaches level 10 if this reaches level 10
the Adventurers reach and Devastation reaches 5 and Booze reaches 5
their victory conditions (or vice-versa) (or vice-versa)
Credits Generic Fantasy Adventure: Card Icons Iconography
Designed by: A. Person (& David Thompson) The Quest for the Open Tavern This section provides detailed information Despite its revolutionarily light, quick-
on icons that appear on the cards. playing, micro, yet still complex, challenging,
Inspired by: E. Nate Kurth (version 1.0, April, 2014)
and engaging awesomeness, Generic
Additional Design and Playtesters: Devastation, Booze, and Oppression: Fantasy Adventure: the Quest for the Open
Joe Kutner, Matt Blackmon Adjust the level of the matching Tavern makes use of a lot of icons. I think right
Victory Tracker Wheel as before we designed the game we were
Cover Design: Tavern Sketch from the video indicated. probably playing Race for the Galaxy. Heres a
game Fable II, used without permission (but few key icons to keep in mind:
I promise to share all the money when I get Characters: These icons are associated with
rich from this) character cards. If one of these icons is part
of a reward, give the appropriate player the
Art and Graphic Design: David Thompson,
corresponding character card at the end of Town
the Noun Project,
the turn.
Victory Tracker Wheels, Tuck Box, Token
Holder, Rule Book Layout: Keith Adventurers Devastation
Swingruber Recruit: If this icon is part of a reward,
Fonts Used: titles = Planewalker, text = Arial, give the contest winner an extra
card text = Herculanum. 1-worker token. This reward may only The Governor Booze
be received one time by each player.
Refresh: If this icon is part of a reward, Random
Dedicated to Nate and
return the 1-worker token in the Encounter Oppression
all my friends at BGG
Prison or Hospital to the Adven-
20-30 minutes ages: 8+ 2 players
turers player at the end of the turn.
14 12 10 3
The Backstory Overview Shared Contests
In Generic Fantasy Adventure: the Quest Occasionally things get so bad for Card Type: The type of card (either Town,
The genesis for this game can be found in for the Open Tavern, players engage in a Governor Xaggy and the Wayfarers of Adventurers, Governor, or Random
the Board Game Geek 2014 Two-Player-Print- competitive worker placement game that Devastation that they have to form an uneasy Encounter)
and-Play Contest. E. Nate Kurth, the contest embraces DIRECT player interaction. This alliance. In the cases of Demonic Invasion,
manager, provided a submission temple for aint your dads Euro! Zombie Plague, Drunk Wizards, and Thieves' Requirement: The value in this area must be
Guild, both players are required to place a equal to or greater than the Victory Level
the contest. His template was: One player takes the role of the Wayfarers minimum number of workers, to work
of Devastation a party of Adventurers that type for the card to be put into play. In the
cooperatively against a common foe.
Generic Fantasy Adventure: The Quest for recently slew a Great Red Wyrm (or so they example to the left, there must be 3
the Open Tavern, By A. Person claim) and now they want to celebrate with Oppression for that card to be put into play.

number of common workers

players' worker placement

that must be overcome

Number of Players: 2-3 (Plays best with 2) random acts of drunkenness and senseless

minimum requirements)
spaces (with possible
Estimated Playtime: 30-40 minutes vandalism. Worker Placement Locations: Spaces where
But theyve come to the wrong town! The worker tokens can be placed are designated
Components: other player takes the role of Governor Xaggy with the appropriate Adventurer or Governor
*4-page rule book *1-page map of Hommlette he's heard about this band of icons.
*20 cards *10-15 Meeples neer-do-wells and hes ready for them he
- 5 character cards or tokens will stop at nothing to keep the town safe Victory Reward: These are the rewards
- 15 event cards through a night of destruction. granted to the winner of the contest.
And complicating the issue is that the land

players win
rewards if

rewards if
players lose
Summary: It's Friday night, and that means is under siege from Zombies, Demons,
it's time for the party to get drunk! Cruise the Drunken Wizards, and a well organized
fantasy realm for a tavern that hasn't been Thieves Guild, any of which can force the
shut down due to plague or demonic Wayfarers and the Governor Xaggy to
invasion in this exciting competitive become uneasy allies.
12 1 8 5
Event Cards Minimum worker placement: If this icon is
Event cards include the Town locations, on a worker placement location, the
cards played by the Adventurers and appropriate player must place at least worker-placement game. One player controls
Governor, as well as Random Encounters. one 1-worker token. the party of fantasy adventurers, while the
other is the Governor, trying to prevent the
card type requirement Winning Shared Contests: Unlike normal party from getting hammered and leveling the
contests, the common foe in shared town.
contests wins tie results.
Adventurers worker
placement spaces

And thus this game was born!

placement spaces
Governor worker

Winning the Game

The Adventurers player wins if at the end of a
turn the Devastation Level is 10 and the
Booze Level is 5 or more, or if the Booze is

10 and the Devastation is 5 or more.



The Governor player wins the game if at the


end of a turn, the Oppression Level is 10.

If the Governor and Adventures meet their
goals on the same turn, the Adventurers
player wins.
If none of the win conditions above are
met by the end of the sixth turn, the
Governor player wins.
4 9 13
Playing the Game If one player has more tokens (it can Components Setup Prison (as Reward): If this is part of a reward,
This is what youve all been waiting for - happen!) then that player will just have a few Build the town of Hommlette by placing the place one of the Adventurers' 1-worker
the amazing action in GFA: tQftOT takes place extra placements once the other player has four Town Cards face up in the center of the tokens on the corresponding space
over the course of a night (six game turns). run out of tokens. play area. on the Prison Town Card (if empty)
The Adventurers player will be taking the lead 5) Resolve Contests ... once all tokens have Shuffle the Adventurers, Governor, and at the end of the turn.
in turns 1, 3, and 5, while the Governor player been placed, they are flipped over and Random Encounter cards separately, Prison (as Worker Placement Location):
leads in turns 2, 4, and 6. Each turn consist of revealed. Count the number of workers on removing one card from each (these cards A 1-worker token placed on this space
the following actions: each card. The player with the most workers will not be used in the game). because of a reward cannot be removed
on each card wins that contest and gains Give one player the three Adventurers cards, until the Adventurers player has won a
1) Put a Card From Hand Into Play ... the contest on the Prison and the worker is
lead player takes a card from his hand, and the reward shown. The bluff token has no the other player the three Governor cards,
value when counting workers (its used for and place the six Random Encounter cards refreshed. The token does count towards
places it face up near the Town (if the player the total of the contest!
has a card in play already, that older card is bluffing!). For example, if the Adventurers face down near the Town.
removed from play). player has a 2-worker token and a 1-worker Give the Adventurers player one 3-worker
token on the Inn (for a total of three), and token, two 2-worker tokens, Injury (as Reward): If this icon is part of a
2) Reveal a Random Encounter ... a the Governor player only had a 2-worker and two 1-worker tokens. reward, place one of the Adventurers'
Random Encounter card is drawn and token on the Inn, the Adventurer player Give the Governor player one 3-worker 1-worker tokens on the corres-
placed face up near the Town (replacing any would win. If the result is a tie, neither player token, two 2-worker tokens, ponding space on the Hospital Town
existing Random Encounter card). gets the reward. one 1-worker token, and one Card (if empty) at the end of the turn.
Bluff token. Injury (as Worker Placement Location):
3) Place Workers ... starting with the lead Note: some rewards give negative
player, and alternating, the players put their The players keep their cards and worker A 1-worker token placed on this space
numbers for the Victory Levels. In such
tokens face down on empty spaces on any tokens secret. because of a reward cannot be removed
cases apply the positive effects from all
cards that are in play (note that Adventurers Set the Devastation, Booze, and Oppression until the Adventurers player has won a
cards, then apply the negative effects.
and Governor tokens can only be Victory Tracker Wheels to 0 and contest on the Hospital and the worker is
played on so designated spaces). place them near the town. refreshed. The token does count
6 7 2 towards the total of the contest! 11
Generic Fantasy Adventure:
The Quest for the
the Open Tavern
Open Tavern
(version 1.0, April, 2014)
The Quest for
Generic Fantasy Adventure:
Game Boxes

for 2
Generic Fantasy Adventure:
Generic Fantasy Generic Fantasy

the Open Tavern

Adventure: Adventure:

The Quest for

a worker a worker

Generic Fantasy Adventure:

placement placement

the Open Tavern

game game
for 2 for 2

The Quest for

The Quest for

for 2

the Open Tavern

size: 2.603.600.85

the Open Tavern

The Quest for game box

token holder (inner box for tokens)

token holder divider

Ye Olde Tokens

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