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The European Corporate Social Media Summit

How social media can enhance

marketing and communications,
engage consumers – and boost
profits for European business

Two-day business conference, 17-18 November 2010

The Regent’s Park Marriott Hotel, London

Get exclusive insights and best practice examples on: Get exclusive insight
• How to design and implement a social media strategy specifically from our senior
tailored to your business corporate speaker
lineup including:
• How to establish social media value for your company – and measure
whether you’re getting any First Direct
Paul Say
• How to effectively engage consumers and employees to manage your Head of Marketing

reputation and control risks Vodafone

Aileen Thompson
• How to understand the nuanced European market – and leverage Director of Communications

that knowledge for better marketing and communications Toyota

Colin Hensley
“No matter where your social media program is at, you will take away useful General Manager
of External Affairs
information to help you with it” Mark Davis, Director of Corporate Relations
and Media, Union Pacific Railway PepsiCo
Nicki Lyons
Head of Media Relations

An event exclusively focused on the needs of business: Umbro

Tom Burrow

Head of Social Media
of our 20+ speakers are drawn
from big business DHL
Christian Maybaum

Global Social Media
of topics covered were requested Co-Ordinator
by corporate communications Opel
and marketing executives Vijay Iyer

Head of Social Media,
Broadcast and Visualisation
of our 14 workshops deal with corporate
social media issues, risks and opportunities

OPEN NOW to get a breakdown of all our speakers, an in-depth agenda and insight on who you’ll meet!
Dear colleague
Social media has changed the way that business does business. 6 excellent reasons why you
Perhaps the most radical change (or is it evolution?) is being faced by marketing and must attend this Summit:
corporate communications professionals.

If Facebook was a country, it would be the third most populous on earth - behind only
1 Tanargetted, relevant learning -
exclusively business-focused
China and India. Europe has 402 million internet users. More than 60% use social media on conference agenda, created after
a regular basis. 44% of people recommend products via Twitter, and 34% have searched 3 months of research with senior
online for a product after seeing an advertisement on a social media site.
communications and marketing executives

2 Bcommunity
The conversation about your brand is happening – whether you’re involved or not.
Your consumers are out there, and social media offers you unique opportunities to go out
e part of a dynamic learning
and talk to them.
- 150+ senior marketing
and communications expected to attend
The numbers add up. That’s why 90% of the FTSE100 have a Facebook page. Why 88% and share knowledge
of the European Fortune 100 have some form of social media presence, and over 70%
have a Twitter page. 3 Best
Practical insights you can use -
practice and practical examples from
And yet there is still an awful lot to learn.
over 20 large corporations
Only 25% of corporate Twitter accounts actually respond to other peoples’ tweets. Only
38% of corporate Facebook pages have any interaction from consumers. Whilst 9/10
client marketers agree it would be unwise to ignore social media, 63% don’t have a social
4 O pen discussion on the biggest
issues - every session has discussion
media strategy. built-in, and we also offer 12+ hours
Hardly a sign that business is taking full advantages of the opportunities social media of networking time
offers, is it?
5 not
An independent forum - we’re
here to sell you products or services.
And remember - the challenges in Europe are significantly more complex than anywhere
else in the world. Different regions have different approaches and responses to social We’re entirely independent, and our
media - making your job harder. agenda delivers a well-balanced,
If you don’t know your Tuentie from your Skyrock, your StudioVZ from your Vkontakte, innovative and informative briefing
then you won’t take full advantage of the European social media landscape. to allow you to make the best decisions
for your business
The European Corporate Social Media Summit will allow you to do just that.

There’s only one conference out there that focuses exclusively on the social media 6 M easure the results - get social
media progress packaged and delivered
opportunity and risks faced by business. It’s the only conference where 100% of our
speakers are practitioners from within big corporations. It’s the only conference where
in a language that your Finance Director
every topic has been suggested by your communications and marketing peers. It’s the can understand
only conference that examines in detail the particular challenges faced by British, French,
German, Spanish companies. “I definitely learned a lot from the
If you’re an executive working in communications/marketing for a large business in Europe, amazing folks you had on board”
this is the conference you’ve been waiting for. Lisa D’Aromando, Social Media Manager, Sprint
We offer senior, experienced speakers from companies like Cadbury, Honda, Vodafone,
Citi, PepsiCo and DHL. So you’ll get in-depth insight and practical advice from people who
have been there, done it, and been successful.
Meet 150+ corporate
Our tightly focused agenda, divided into four key themes, will give you the skills,
social media executives:
knowledge and best practice examples you need.

And with 12+ hours of unrivalled networking opportunities, you’ll have plenty of time
25 45
Executive/ Director/Head
to share problems, learn from your peers and establish your own personalised support Consultant/ of Dept/Senior
network. Our last conference brought together 170+ attendees, 60% of whom were from Assistant Director
the corporate world.

 here is no-one else out there that can offer such a resolutely corporate-focused social
T 14
media conference. Board/CEO
I hope to see you in London in November! Senior Manager/

Kind regards, 24 Manager - Other

Senior Manager/
Manager –
Marketing/ Senior Manager/

Nick Johnson
Useful Social Media
31 Manager - Social Media

Senior Vice-President
What makes this event better than all the
other social media conferences out there?

Simple. An exclusive focus on business

Too many events in this area are populated by ‘social media gurus’ (read service providers and
consultants) as speakers, and discuss ‘social media issues’ in the broadest possible terms.

They’re barely relevant to a corporate audience at all.

The Corporate Social Media Summit is different. Why?

• 3 months of research with big companies, like Intel, Starbucks

and Toyota have ensured we know exactly what business needs when it comes
to social media use

• Exclusively corporate speakers - with representatives from

big companies like Opel, Vodafone, DHL, Cadbury, Honda and PepsiCo

• A tightly-focused agenda - dealing with the biggest issues facing

your company. Areas covered include:
• Design and implement a successful social media strategy for your business
• How to define and monitor social media success - measurement, metrics and KPIs
• Best practice to control your reputation online, spot opportunity and offset risk
• Understand and leverage the key characteristics of European social media

• An emphasis on practical, measurable strategies for business

• An audience of corporate communicators and marketers
– not consultants and service providers

The brightest minds in European corporate social media - all under one roof!

PepsiCo Citi Toyota

Nicki Lyons Head Amy Kornbluth Head Colin Hensley General
of Media Relations of Employee and Client Manager, External Affairs
Umbro Communications Opel
Tom Burrow Head of Jamie Oliver Ltd Vijay Iyer Head of Social
Digital Communications Monisha Saldanha Media, Broadcast and
Honda Motor Head of Online Visualisation
Laura Price Social Media DHL First Direct
Manager Christian Maybaum Paul Say Head of Marketing
Vodafone Global Social Media BMI
Aileen Thompson Co-Ordinator Callum Adamson Head
Director of Communications of Search and Social Media
The European Corporate Social Media
Summit, London
DAY ONE 17 November 2010

THEME ONE Transform your employees from THEME TWO
Designing and implementing a How the European social media director can
successful social media strategy
social media liabilities into effective control reputation, engage consumers and
for your business brand ambassadors have effective conversations
As a marketing and communications executive,
you’ll already know just how influential your
employees can be as authentic brand ambassadors. Understand the fragmented and
Align social media within your nuanced European social media
The advent of social media has just increased that
company and ensure internal influence many times over. landscape and create a strategy that
organisation and structure can A social-media aware and engaged employee base is addresses key differences
cope with the post-social media an absolutely critical stakeholder group for your social
Have you heard of Skyrock? StudiVZ, Tuentie, Lide or
environment Extracting media success. With their buy-in, and good training,
Vkontakte? They’re some of the biggest social networks
you will not only significantly reduce the risk of social
in France, Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic and
80% of the effort it takes to launch a community media disaster, you will also create a group of people
Russia, respectively. If you don’t know about them, and
and do it right is internal resources, staffing and willing and able to influence your reputation and
maintain a presence on them, you’re missing out.
processes. Only 20% is actual implementation of the spread marketing messages with great results.
technology itself.” Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester European social media presents a very different
• How to develop and implement the ‘rules of the set of problems to the same job in the USA. With
As a senior manager with an understanding of the game’ for your business: Who should write them,
different languages, different cultures, and different
power and utility of social media, you must ensure who should police them, what should they say?
social networks - the job of the European social
that your company’s internal organisation evolves • Take the next step: Move from simply having a media executive has added complexity.
to meet the needs of a new, fast-moving and set of rules to to a set of active brand advocates -
conversational environment. tips and tricks for enhanced engagement You need to not only have a handle on the differing
A company cannot succeed in the new social media-
• What happens when an employee makes networks, but on the different cultural responses
a mistake: Crisis management and the re- to social media in different countries. In France, for
aware world with legacy internal structures from a evaluation of priorities example, there;s a strong history of blogging that’s
time before social media’s rise. You must develop an not in existence in Germany.
internal organisation that is responsive to this new Citi, Amy Kornbluth, Head of Employee and Client
environment, and is equipped to achieve your key Communications • In this session we’ll equip you with a clear
social media objectives. understanding of the ‘social media landscape’
Add social media to your current across Europe, and identify key knowledge you
Through best practice examples and case studies need to ensure your European social media
that have already conducted this change, discover: marketing strategy efficiently and campaign is a success.
• The internal organisation that works for your successfully • Spot the difference: how does social media
company: Evaluate the risks and benefits of interaction differ in Europe to the USA? What
a collaborative inter-departmental knowledge 500 billion minutes are spent on Facebook every month. should you take on board before launching a
sharing approach, against the establishment of Over 40 million Tweets are sent per day. 24 hours- European campaign?
a ‘centre of excellence’ with an advisory and worth of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. • Tips for targetting: Is it possible to create a
training role In the face of all that, it’s pretty obvious that social social media campaign that addresses all of
• How to define key roles and responsibilities media is huge - and is an unavoidable part of any this fragmented audience? Or do you need a
across a variety of teams and fiefdoms, and comprehensive marketing strategy. fragmented campaign, too?
establish a strategy that works across the • Design and implement a social media strategy
company to deliver your key social media And yet social is still too often the black sheep of the that works throughout different European regions
objectives. family - ignored and tacked on to existing marketing
campaigns. In this session, discover the power of DHL Christian Maybaum Global Social Media Co-
• The European angle: As someone responsible Ordinator
for social media implementation within a large true integration of social into the marketing mix:
multi-national, how do you reconcile the (usually • Change a winning formula - for the better: How to Honda Motor Laura Price Social Media Manager
more advanced) US strategy and mindset with ensure that social is complimentary, not harmful,
the needs and demands of a complex European to your existing marketing and communications
Use the data generated by social
audience? strategy media to spot opportunities and
Toyota Colin Hensley General Manager, Public Affairs • Tactics on how to interweave the online and offline inform wider brand strategy
worlds within your marketing campaigns - from
C ASE ST U DY companies that have been there and done that One of the great benefits of social media interaction
How to use Twitter to achieve your • How cheap is social media, really? Determine the is the sheer volume of content, data and information
cost - in time and money - of increased social generated. The savvy social media executive can
communications and marketing goals media activity use this data to fine-tune marketing campaigns,
Umbro Tom Burrow Head of Social Media monitor reputational changes, spot opportunities
A few stats on current Twitter use in Europe: and even influence future brand strategy.
• Twitter currently handles over one billion tweets C A SE ST UDY In this session, we’ll discuss best practice tips
every month
• 44% of people have recommended a product How Foursquare can be a for analysing the data created by social media
engagement - and then we’ll discuss how to
via Twitter fundamental part of your marketing incorporate that data into brand strategy decisions
• 6% of the 86m people who saw Coca-Cola’s and comms strategy going forward.
sponsored trend on Twitter interacted with it
Twitter is now one of the most mature social Foursquare is only just over one year old, and is • Handle, manipulate and process the vast
already the bright young thing of the social media amounts of data that social media engagement
networks, and represents a huge opportunities will generate
for your company to engage consumers, spread world, with over hald a million users and an awful lot
messages and do great marketing. of press coverage. • Spot patterns and trends that could be beneficial
for your business
In this frank and practical case study, a leading In this session, you’ll get practical advice on how the • Set-up your company/strategy/department
corporate Twitter user will set out how you can use newest network is relevant to your business - and to be responsive enough to quickly move on
the micro-blogging service to enhance your own tips on how best to use it. opportunities identified
comms and marketing aims.

The earlier you book, the less you pay: Register by the 10th September to SAVE £350!
DAY TWO 18 November 2010

Conversation skills: How to win THEME THREE ROI: Is this a viable metric
friends and influence people How to define and achieve social media or symptomatic of a lack of
83% of B2C companies have a social media presence. success: Measurement, metrics, monitoring understanding of the benefits
It’s an accepted requirement for the successful and KPIs of social media?
marketing and communications department.
ROI is critical, right? If you don’t have a handle on
And yet there is a huge variety in the quality and ROI, you don’t know how well your marketing is
usefulness of these social media presences. Social Determine what success means for
media is fundamentally a conversation. And some you: Creating appropriate KPIs and
brands on social networks just aren’t making good But in the post-social media world, is that true?
benchmarks tailored to your own Determining the ROI of social media is something
In this session, we will discover all the conversation
business aims of a holy grail. Innumerable hours have been spent
trying to tie pounds and euros to a company’s social
skills you need to make sure your social media You know social media is huge. You know your media activity.
presence pays off for you: company needs to use it for ‘successful’ marketing
and communications. But what is ‘successful social But is this the right way to spend your time? Many
• Choosing when to converse: You can’t talk to media’ for you? experienced corporate social media practitioners are
everyone - how do you identify the best people to dismissive of the usefulness of ROI in assessing a
engage with? It’s different for everyone. Should you aim for social media campaign’s effectiveness.
• Effective engagement: Strategies and tips on how 1,000 retweets, or an increase of 10% of traffic to
to have a conversation that gets results your homepage? Should you look for a growth in • In this session, two seasoned social media
• Ghostwritten: Is it better to hire in an agency to Facebook ‘likes’, or a noticeable growth of special experts debate the value of ROI as a social media
run your social media presence and do the talking offer redemptions from social media sources? metric:
for you? What are the risks of this approach? Should you set your target interaction level at 1%, • The advantage of striving to find a social media
3% or 10%? ROI - and some tactics to do just that
Jamie Oliver Ltd Monisha Saldanha Head of Onlinel
• Missing the point: The risks inherent in attempting
• Without setting extremely clear, measurable to ascribe monetary value to your social media
Protect your brand - use social media social media goals, you run the risk of wasting efforts
huge amounts of time - and money. In this • How to convince your board of the value of social
to identify problems, spot upcoming session, we’ll investigate how to establish goals, media - without ROI information
issues and manage your reputation benchmarks and KPIs that speak directly to your
online Cut this and replace with
• The first step: What is ‘success’ for your
You’ve heard the horror stories - “United Breaks company? Clarifying and setting key objectives CAS E S TUDY
Guitars”, Habitat and hashtags, Nestle and palm oil. you want to achieve - and understand how social
media can help you achieve them
How to use Facebook to enhance
Whilst social media presents manifold opportunities
• Tailor a set of KPIs that chime with your overall your brand, build awareness and
for the marketing/communications professional, business goals, are clear, and are achievable
there are also some very real risks. While it might boost the bottom line
be impossible to completely remove the chance of
• Understand and utilise key cross-industry
benchmarks to put your efforts in context and Facebook has more users than there are people
a social media nightmare, you can guard against it. track success in any country in Europe. In fact, if it was a country,
And if it does happen, you can learn to respond in it would be bigger than anywhere apart from China
the best possible way: PepsiCo Nicki Lyons Head of Media Relations
and India.
• Equip your social media team to spot upcoming Unsurprisingly, 83% of companies maintain
problems before they become crises Track the impact of your social
a Facebook presence.
• What to do when disaster strikes - how to use media marketing campaigns by
social media to respond effectively In this session, we will investigate what the social
• Establish a system to guard against social media understanding the metrics and network can offer your company, the key tactics
faux pas from your employees measurement tactics available to you for engagement using it, and how to ensure this
engagement works for you.
Opel, Vijay Iyer, Head of Social Media, Broadcast and So you know what you want from social media, you
Visualisation know what you’re aiming for and you have a clear
Vodafone, Aileen Thompson, Director of idea of how to get there. Now you need to work out
Communications whether you’re making any progress towards your
There are hundreds of social media metrics available
This conference will help delegates to: to you. Some of them will help you identify success.
Some will cloud your judgement and give you a false
• D
 esign and implement a social media picture of progress.
strategy specifically tailored to your Should you be measuring tweets about your brand,
business or retweets of your message? Should you measure
Facebook likes or interactions on your page? Is an
• Effectively engage consumers and increase in traffic to your homepage better than an
employees to manage your reputation increase in time spent on your site? What’s more
and control risks useful for you - qualitative or quantative data? In this
session, learn:
• Establish social media value for your
company - and measure whether you’re • How should you measure success? What metrics
are available? What insights do they offer you?
getting any • Link your metrics to your business goals
• Understand the nuanced European • Defining a metrics strategy that helps measure
market - and leverage that all the different social actions that contribute to
knowledge for better marketing and

The only social media conference designed exclusively for a corporate audience!

Our 5 Guarantees to you: Don’t just take our
You will leave the summit with: word for it...
1 A roadmap for action: practical steps for your “It was a very well organised event and the
company to move confidently towards strategic quality of the participants was good – mainly
social media use corporate and not all agency/vendor like
a lot of conferences.”
2 A clear understanding of the strategies of Paul Butcher, Head of Social Media, Citi
leading companies and what you need to take
your place amongst them “I normally find social media events frustrating -
they don’t provide content on my level. This event
3 Benchmarks from some of the biggest brands was different. I learned new things... because
practicing corporate social media today of the real world experience and expertise.
Kelly Feller, Senior Social Media Strategist, Intel
4 New relationships with a highly targetted,
senior set of peers These two days have provided me with
far greater insight into the “Do’s” and “Don’ts”
5 Insights from the most dynamic figures of social media”
at work in corporate social media today Jill Jacoby, Director of Marketing Technology Strategy,
Prudential Insurance

“I now have a clear benchmark of where we are

and where we need to be, and what resources
Solution and Service Providers – ever we need to get there”
find yourself asking these questions? Catherine Herman, Vice-President of Communications
and Marketing, University at Albany
• Where can I find new customers for my social media
analytics products and services
• Which emerging challenges will offer my business lucrative
opportunities going forward?
• Which partnerships will allow me to take my solutions into
new markets and add significantly to my bottom line? Who will you meet?
Well ask no more! Secure a sponsorship or exhibition package Previous attendees include
at the CSM Summit and you’ll be guaranteed to meet and do
business with our focused and senior audience of corporate representatives from:
executives with a responsibility for social media strategy -
all of whom need your solutions and services!
Panasonic Samsung Electronics
The Corporate Social Media Summit offers an excellent range
Merck Mars Petcare
of sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to suit every
need and budget. We can literally tailor-make a sponsorship American Express Microsoft
package to your needs -meaning you speak, build your brand McDonald’s Timberland
or organize meetings with the leading figures in the CSM space. PepsiCo
Do not miss out on this unrivalled opportunity to do business
BAE Systems Canon
and secure sales from the CSM industry!
Pfizer Hertz
Contact or email Andrew Bold today:
Siemens General Motors
Call +44 (0) 20 7375 7188
Air France Polo Ralph Lauren
or email
Sony Samsung
Catch Every Presentation...
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expertise on offer, you’ll want to. We
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The European Corporate Social Media Summit
How social media can enhance
marketing and communications,
engage consumers – and boost
profits for European business

Two-day business conference, 17-18 November 2010

The Regent’s Park Marriott Hotel, London
Expert speakers confirmed from
all these leading companies
4 great reasons you should attend this conference:

1 Exclusive insights from our unrivalled speaker line-up:

featuring senior representatives from Cadbury, Toyota, Citi, PepsiCo, DHL
and many more!

2 Understand the big picture with our plenary sessions:

Multiple high-level panels for enhanced debate on strategic issues

3 Access to best practice examples and benchmarks:

14 practical and interactive workshops on the nitty gritty of corporate
social media

4 Fill your contact book:

Build a personalised support network with 12+ hours of networking
with senior marketing and communications executives


95% of past attendees say they learnt useful strategies

and best practice they could take back to the office

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