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Grammar unit 7

1 Correct the mistakes. One sentence is correct. 3 Complete the text with the first or second
conditional form of the verbs in the boxes.
1 Unless hell leave now, he misses his train.
__________________________________________ be (x2) get (x2) go give have
__________________________________________ leave live miss tell

2 If I had my own micronation, I wont let my My dad has just applied for a job in Oxford.
citizens smoke. If he gets the job, we (1)____________________
__________________________________________ our house in London and move there. But if
__________________________________________ we (2)____________________ to Oxford,
3 Unless you do that exercise now, Ill make you I (3)____________________ my friends and Im not
finish it after school.
happy about it.
__________________________________________ I wont want to stay in this house forever, of course.
4 Mum wont let we go to the cinema if we wont When Im older, Id like to live abroad. Sometimes
tidy our bedroom! I dream about owning my own island a
__________________________________________ micronation! Itll probably never happen, but
__________________________________________ If I (4)____________________ king of my own
5 Our city will be safer unless we had better laws. micronation, I (5)____________________ in
__________________________________________ a big house there with my family and I
__________________________________________ (6)____________________ Dad a good job
president perhaps and then hed stop talking
2 Write first or second conditional questions for
the answers. Use the words. about Oxford!

1 (spend / your money) Oh no, Mum is calling me for dinner. I have to go

How ______________________________________ downstairs. If I (7)____________________ late,
_________________________________________ ? Mum (8)____________________ angry! But if I
If I was rich, Id buy an enormous house. (9)____________________ my own micronation,
2 (country / you / choose)
nobody (10)____________________ me what to do!
Which ____________________________________
_________________________________________ ? 4 Write first or second conditional questions.
Then write true answers for you.
If I live abroad, Ill choose Japan.
3 (good at his job) 1 you / go / on holiday / this summer / where / you
If ________________________________________ / go / ?
_________________________________________ ? __________________________________________
Yes, if Richard was president, hed be brilliant. __________________________________________
4 (we / celebrate) __________________________________________
How ______________________________________ __________________________________________
_________________________________________ ? 2 you / have / magic powers / how / you / use /
If we pass the exam, well have a big party! them / ?
5 (Sarah / do) __________________________________________
What _____________________________________ __________________________________________
_________________________________________ ? __________________________________________
If Sarah found some money, shed take it to the __________________________________________
police station.


Vocabulary unit 7
1 Complete the definitions with the words in 3 Choose the correct words.
the box.
1 When you introduce / lower a law, you start
ballot papers candidate citizen currency using it for the first time.
election flag government party
2 When a government elects / abolishes a law or
poll society
system, it ends it.
1 A _______________ is legally allowed to live in 3 A person is nominated / banned to be a
a country. candidate in an election.
2 A _______________ is a group of people which 4 When you oppose / raise something, you are
controls a country. against it.
3 In a national _______________, people choose 5 When people are cut / taxed, they have to give
the next government or ruler. money to the government.
4 In a _______________, groups of people live 6 Many people want to ban / cut violent computer
together in communities. games.
5 A _______________ is an organization whose 7 Political parties usually promise to elect / build
members share the same political views. more schools just before an election.
6 A _______________ in an election represents a
4 Complete the interview with the words in the box.
political party.
7 _______________ have the names of candidates abolish introduce nominate oppose tax
in an election on them. Reporter Youre the new owner of a small
8 A _______________ is a system of finding out micronation. Are you going to have
public opinion through questions. elections?
9 Most countries in Western Europe use the Euro David Jones Yes, I am. Im going to
as their _______________. (1)_______________ myself as
10 Britain and France both have red, white and blue candidate to become president!
in their _______________. Reporter Will anyone (2)_______________ that?

2 Complete the sentences with the correct words. David Jones My sister, probably. She thinks shes
a better politician than me, but my
1 (a citizen / an election / a government)
policies are better.
In Britain, there is usually _______________ every
Reporter Tell us about those policies.
four years to choose _______________.
David Jones Im going to (3)_______________ work
2 (government / party / polls)
on Fridays. In my micronation,
Before an election, _______________ find out
everyone will have a three-day
which _______________ is the most popular.
3 (ballot paper / candidate / society)
Reporter How will your government make
In an election, you tick the name of your favourite
_______________ on a _______________.
David Jones Well have to (4)_______________
4 (ballot papers / party / society)
people on their salaries, of course.
The _______________ are counted and checked
And we might (5)_______________ a
to find the most popular _______________.
tax on chocolate, because its the
5 (citizen / government / party)
micronations favourite food. It should
The _______________ with the most votes
make a lot of money!
becomes the new _______________.


Grammar unit 8
1 Rewrite the sentences using the third 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of
conditional. the words.
We stayed at home because we were tired. The girl who did the interview the most
If we hadnt been tired, we wouldnt have successfully (successful) was the most
stayed at home. interested in joining (join) our company.
1 I got angry with John because he arrived home 1 I know hes ____________________ (good)-
late. looking boy in the school but he tends
If John ____________________________________ ____________________ (be) very arrogant.
__________________________________________ 2 Its hard ____________________ (not feel) jealous
2 Sally missed her train because she left home when you look at fashion models. Theyre some
late. of ____________________ (beautiful) women in
If Sally ____________________________________ the world.
__________________________________________ 3 My sister finds it really difficult
3 I didnt buy the dress because I didnt have ____________________ (learn) languages
enough money. because shes ____________________
If I _______________________________________ (intelligent) person in our family.
__________________________________________ 4 Thanks, Ben. ____________________ (talk) about
4 I wasnt at the party because Julia didnt invite the problem has made me feel
me. ____________________ (worried).
If Julia ____________________________________ 5 Lucy behaves ____________________ (good)
__________________________________________ than her classmates and knows its important
5 The girls saw the letter because it was on the ____________________ (listen) to her teachers.
kitchen table.
4 Match 15 with ae. Then complete the
If the letter ________________________________ sentences with the correct form of the verbs.
1 Would Alan ____________________ (chat) up
Ella at the party
6 Zac didnt finish the exam because he didnt
2 If youd remembered ____________________
have enough time.
(bring) your wallet,
If Zac _____________________________________
3 He wouldnt have worried so much about
____________________ (buy) that coat
2 Choose the correct words. 4 Scott wouldnt have wanted
____________________ (come) back home
1 If youd eaten more slow / slowly, you wouldnt
feel / have felt sick afterwards. 5 ____________________ (leave) my job would

2 Would you have thanked him if he d / d have have been harder

been more helpfully / helpful? a if he ___________________ (spend) so much

3 If the roads have / had been less crowded, we money last week.
would have driven more quickly / quicker. b if he ___________________ (go) to Australia.
4 If I d known / knew you were coming, the c if he ___________________ (not start) going out
house would have been more tidily / tidier. with Sarah?
5 If she d / s had enough money, she would have d if I ___________________ (not be) so unhappy.
bought the most expensive / expensively coat. e would you ___________________ (buy) the DVD?


Vocabulary unit 8
1 Match 16 with opposite nouns af. 4 Complete the sentences with the words in
the box.
1 politeness a apathy
2 success b meanness cant wait for join in with miss out on
put off regret sort out waste time
3 optimism c rudeness
4 generosity d poverty 1 When you _________________ doing something,
5 passion e failure you are sorry that youve done it.
6 wealth f pessimism 2 When you are really looking forward to
something, you _________________ it to happen.
2 Write the adjective form of the nouns in
exercise 1. 3 When you _________________, you use it to do
unproductive things.
1 _______________ a _________________
4 When you _________________ something, you
2 _______________ b _________________
delay doing it.
3 _______________ c _________________
5 When you _________________ something, you
4 _______________ d _________________
lose the opportunity to do or have it.
5 _______________ e _________________
6 When you _________________ something, you
6 _______________ f _________________
do what other people are doing, e.g. dancing at
3 Complete the sentences with the adjective or a party or having a conversation.
noun form of the words in exercises 1 and 2.
7 When you put a difficult situation or an untidy
1 My sister never wants to do anything she isnt place in order, you ___________ it ___________.
interested in anything. Ive never met anyone so
______________! 5 Write a sentence about each picture. Use verbs
from exercise 4 and the words in the box.
2 The family has got nothing to eat, there arent
enough clothes for the children and in winter games in the playground her office
the skiing trip their birthday party
their house is cold. Theyre living in
______________. 1 3
3 Her uncle is a millionaire but he hates spending
money on things! Its true that some rich people
are really ______________.
4 My best friend never feels negatively about
2 4
anything. Hes the most ______________ person
I know.
5 Im fed up with the way you speak to me. Im not
going to tolerate your ______________ any more!
6 Im a ______________ business man. I lost all my
1 Nicole had to ______________________________
money in my restaurant and had to close it last
_________________________________________ .
2 Jane needs to _____________________________
7 Music is my ______________. I listen to it all the
_________________________________________ .
time and I play several musical instruments.
3 Zac likes being alone. He never ______________
8 My brother is studying hard at university. He
_________________________________________ .
wants to get good results because
4 Karl and Luke _____________________________
______________ is very important to him.
________________________________ next week.


Grammar unit 9
1 Correct the mistakes. 3 Look at the information. Write the questions and
answers using reported speech.
1 I told he to leave me alone. 8
__________________________________________ Alice: want / something to eat

__________________________________________ Phil: not feel / hungry

2 The teacher us told that we must concentrate Alice asked Phil if he wanted something
to eat.
more. 8
__________________________________________ Phil said that he didnt feel hungry.
__________________________________________ 1 Katie: know / London well
Sarah: never / been / there
3 Amy me asked not say anything. 8
__________________________________________ __________________________________________

__________________________________________ __________________________________________
4 Holly admitted that she have took the necklace. 8
__________________________________________ 2 Mum: how / are feeling

__________________________________________ I: be / very tired

5 Dad said he will to speak to my teacher in the __________________________________________

morning. 8
__________________________________________ __________________________________________

__________________________________________ 3 I: what / get / for his birthday

Jack: receive / a lot of presents
2 Complete the text with the correct form of the __________________________________________
verbs and a pronoun.
It was a normal day at school, but Daniel was
feeling nervous. He knew that he was in trouble
and he knew why, too. During the morning break,
4 Harry: will go / to the party
his English teacher, Mrs Drury, asked him to go
The girls: not decide / yet
(go) into her office for a chat. Daniel said
(1)__________________ (have to) go to his maths
lesson, but he realized that he had no choice.
In the office, Mrs Drury had some of Daniels
essays on her desk. She wasnt happy with
5 Tom: can / speak / Spanish
them. She held the work in her hands and asked
Helen: only / know / a few words
Daniel (2)__________________ (tell) where
(3)__________________ (get) the information for
his essays. Daniel said (4)__________________
(read) a lot of different books. Mrs Drury
said (5)__________________ (know) that 4 Think of three different endings to the sentence.
(6)__________________ (be) lying. She told We had just arrived home from a hard day at
(7)__________________ (be) honest. Daniel admitted school. Dad asked us to help him in the garden.
that (8)__________________ (copy) the information We told him
from the internet. He said (9)__________________ 1 __________________________________________
(be) very sorry to Mrs Drury. He promised that 2 __________________________________________
(10)__________________ (never do) it again. 3 __________________________________________


Vocabulary unit 9
1 Complete the sentences with the words in the 3 Choose the correct words.
1 Jake ordered / complained that he never had
a mistake right honest quiet any money.
someones feelings the law
2 Becky refused / complained to eat her carrots.
wrong your word
3 Lee begged / admitted that he had told a lie.
1 When youre responsible for something bad that 4 She agreed / persuaded him to lend her the car.
has happened, youre in the _______________. 5 Jenny begged / offered her parents to let her
2 When you do what you have promised to do, you stay up late.
keep _______________. 6 They insisted / invited that they were telling
3 When you dont talk about something, you keep the truth.
_______________ about it. 7 Sean refused / warned me that a teacher was
4 When you make _______________, you do coming.
something that isnt correct. 8 My parents encouraged / offered me to work
5 When you do the morally correct thing in a hard at school.
situation, you do the _______________ thing. 9 Kate ordered / offered to help me with my
6 When you decide to be _______________ about maths homework.
something, you tell the truth. 10 The police officer ordered / warned the man to
7 When you hurt ____________________, you get out of his car.
offend them personally. 11 Matt agreed / encouraged to lend me his bike.
8 When you break _______________, you do 12 Ruth invited / offered me to stay for dinner.
something illegal. 13 We ordered / promised not to say anything.

2 Write sentences about the people with the correct 4 Look at the sentences in exercise 3. Then
form of the bold phrases from exercise 1. complete the table with the verbs in the box.
1 Tessa lost Emmas T-shirt. Tessa is buying
admit agree beg complain encourage
Emma another one. insist invite offer order persuade
Tessa ___________________________________ . promise refuse warn
2 Tom forgot to do his homework. His friends told
him to make up an excuse but he told his
teacher the real reason. someone to do something
Tom _____________________________________ . (verb + object + infinitive)
3 Ella told Lucy she would stay with her at the
party. Ella stayed with Lucy the whole evening.
Ella _____________________________________ .
4 Last week two boys from my class stole some to do something
DVDs from a shop. (verb + infinitive)
They ____________________________________ .
5 Adam caused the accident with the paint but he
didnt tell anyone.
Adam ___________________________________ . that
6 Jessica has just told Emily that her new dress is (verb + that)
horrible. Emily is very upset.
Jessica __________________________________ .