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Harassment and intimidation of the Sahrawi journalist Mbarek El Fahimi
July 2017
Full Name: Mbarek El Fahimi Education: Freshman at Ibn Zouher University Agadir-Morocco Activities: Writer and Journalist at Nuchataa Press Firm Imprisonments: Five times between 2011 and 2014 Address: El Aaiun, Western Sahara The offensive of the Moroccan authorities against Sahrawi journalists persists, with the goal to prevent their press activities denouncing the non- violent struggle of the Sahrawi people for freedom. The Moroccan authorities continue their repressive and intimidating actions against the  journalists. On March 13th, 2017 agents of the Moroccan authorities arrested Mohamed Dady and before that, on December the 31st 2016 the Moroccan authorities have sent clear signs of their intentions to arrest Mbarek El Fahimi in El Aaiun city. The latest of these signs was on June 11th 2017.
 On arrival at El Aaiun city on Sunday, the 11th 2017 from Agadir, where Mbarek El Fahimi had two exams at Ibn Zouhr University, he was scrutinized by some plainclothes security elements, who were watching his family house on Rass Elkheima Avenue in El Aaiun city. The secret security elements seemed to be assigned to survey and keep an eye on him.
Moroccan police car watching the home of journalist Mbarak EL Fahimi
Mahmoud Haddi and the journalist Mohamed Dady have confirmed after their release from prison that Ahmed Kaya, chief district security officer had assured them of his intentions to make their colleague Mbarek El Fahimi pay on account of his activities as journalist in Nuchataa Press,