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(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-1


Unit Contents:

Incompletion log
Incompletion status
Incompletion procedure
Lists of incomplete orders

SAP AG 1999

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-2

Incompletion: Objectives

At the conclusion of this unit, you will be able to:

Explain the incompletion log and process

incomplete orders
Adjust the incompletion log in Customizing to
meet your requirements

SAP AG 1999

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-3

Incompletion log

Sold-to party: C1
Order number: ---
Order: Incompletion log x

Item 10
material: M3 F2
Route: --- Item Missing data
PO number
Schedule line 10 Route
Schedule line
Item 20
material: M2 Is called up:
Route: 00001 a) Automatically when saved
Schedule line b) Through the menu

SAP AG 1999

An incompletion log is a list of all the data essential to your company in a sales document that has
not yet been entered in the system.
You can define these data fields in Customizing for the incompleteness log.
The system goes directly from the incompletion log to the different views where you can then edit
the incomplete data.

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-4

Incomplete Sales Documents

Sales document type

Sales Incompletion log
Sold-to party: Still possible
Yes No
C1 Smith New York to save
document ?
Yes No

Is document
complete ?

The document must

Block subsequent
be completely
functions in document:

For example:
- Create w/ reference
- Shipping
- Billing document

SAP AG 1999

In Customizing for sales document types, the incomplete messages field allows you to control
whether incomplete sales documents can be saved or not. If this switch is not set, then the further
course of the business process is determined from the status groups of the incompletion procedure.
The procedure controls what effects the incomplete data has on the process.
If the terms of payment are missing, the order can be delivered but it cannot be billed. At the same
time, you will not be able to create a new order with reference to an incomplete order.
The incompletion log tells you if the purchase order number is missing, but you can continue to
process the document.

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-5

Controlling the Incompletion Log

Incompletion log

Sales document header

Sales document item
Sales document schedule line


10 Inquiry and quotation

11 Order Purchase order number
... Currency
Terms of payment

Sales document type Proced.

QT Quotation 10
OR Standard order 11
ZO Z-Order 11
SAP AG 1999

The incompleteness log differentiates between the following levels:

Sales document header
Sales document item
Sales document schedule line
In each procedure you determine which fields are checked for completion.
You determine areas of validity by assigning procedures.
For example, you can assign the incompletion procedure for the sales document header, using the
sales document type.
Procedure at header level -> Sales document type
Procedure at item level -> Item category
Procedure at schedule line level -> Schedule line category
You can also flag partner functions, texts and condition types in pricing as mandatory. If these entries
are then missing, a note will appear in the incompletion log.

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-6

Status of Incomplete Sales Documents

Status General Delivery Billing Pricing

group (Sales)

01 X

02 X X

03 X X

Order Field Status group
PO number 01
Currency 03
Terms of payment 03

SAP AG 1999

Incomplete document data affects further processing in different ways. A status group is assigned to
each field in the incompletion procedure.
When you define the status groups, you decide which steps should be prevented if data is missing.
Incomplete for delivery -> No delivery is possible
Incomplete for billing -> No billing is possible
Incomplete for pricing -> No order confirmation or billing are possible
A status group can contain any number of these effects.
This allows you to control the effect of incomplete data separately for each field.

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-7

Lists of incomplete orders

Incomplete orders
Selection via
Created by LO605-##


Order 4231
Order 6574
Order 7019

Order: 6574
Sold-to party: C1
Item Material Quantity
10 M1 10
20 M4 15

Review data
SAP AG 1999

Every employee can list all of the incomplete sales orders that they have created. They can also
display certain documents that have been blocked for a particular step in a selection screen, such as a
list of all the documents blocked for shipping due to incompleteness.
Incomplete orders can be then called up from the list and completed. When you have finished
processing, the system automatically returns to the list of incomplete documents.

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-8

Incompletion: Summary

You are now able to:

Explain the incompletion log and process

incomplete orders
Adjust the incompletion log in Customizing to
meet your requirements

SAP AG 1999

(C) SAP AG TASD40 22-9