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Inviting someone 07

A. Read and answer the following questions

In the United States, people enjoy entertaining at
home. They often invite friends over for a meal or
just for a coffee to have a conversation.

Some common things they say when they want to
invite someone to their home:

“ Would you like to come over for lunch on
“ We're having a party on Saturday. Can you come?”

To reply to the invitation, either we say “Thank you”
and accept or we say “Sorry” and give an excuse.
However, sometimes people use expressions that
sound like invitations but are not real invitations.
Such as:

“ See you, call me sometime.”
“ Let's go for a coffee soon.”
“ Why don't you come over sometime soon?”

These are not real invitations but are polite ways of ending conversations. Why? Because they don't
mention a specific date or time. They just show that the person is being friendly. To reply to
expressions like these, we just say : “ Sure, thanks”.
So next time be careful. Is it a real invitation or is the person just being friendly?

G - entertaining: ___________________ - to reply:___________________________
G - invite someone over: ______________ - such as:___________________________

B. What is the difference between: real invitations expressions that sound like ones

C. Look at these sentences. Write ( I ) for invitations or ( F ) for friendly expressions.

1. Let's go bowling sometime. ______
2. Can you come over on Saturday? ______
3. Please stop by my house anytime. ______
4. It's my birthday on Friday. Would you like to come? ______
5. We have to talk soon. _______


Present continuous ( progressive) with future meaning

We use present continuous (progressive) with a future meaning for fixed plans or time and
or places.

What are you doing tomorrow? I'm having a party at night.
Is Luis going to Ica? No, he's going to Puno.

A. Complete these sentences with present continuous. Then compare and practice with a partner.

1. Alex : What _____ you ____________ ( do) on Friday?
Rosa: Well, I _____ ______________ ( work) till 7:00pm. but I _____ __________ ( do)
anything else after that. Do you want to do anything later?

2. Carla : We ______ _______________ (have) friends over for a barbecue on Sunday. Can you
Nino : Sorry. I _____ _____________ (travel) on this weekend.

Inviting someone

A. Gabriel is calling Silvia on the phone . Practice with a partner.
Sivia : Hello?.
Gabriel : Hi Silvia. This is Gabriel.
Sivia : Hi, Gab! How are you doing?.
Gabriel : Pretty good, thanks. Say what are you
doing on Friday night? Would you go out for a
Silvia : I'm really sorry, I can't. I'm studying until late.
Gabriel : What about Saturday evening? Are you doing
anything then?
Silvia : No, I'm not.
Gabriel : So, it's a deal! We're going to the movies.
Silvia : All right! But it's *my treat this time.
* my treat = I'll pay this time

B. Listen to the rest of the conversation. Answer the following questions.

1. What movie are they seeing? ________________________________________________________
2. What time are they meeting? _________________________________________________________
3. What are they doing before the movie?_________________________________________________


How often do you see movies? _________________________________________ 2. Who is the star on? __________________________________________________ 6. What kind of movies do you like? _______________________________________ 4. Write them in the correct column. Where do you see movies? in a movie theater at home on TV on DVD 3. Tell your partner about your favorite movie . Take notes about your partner's answers. Look at these words about movies. science fiction star director drama story music romantic movie photography horror movie actor / actress special effects characters adventure People Type of movie Aspects of the movie A. 1. What's the name of you favorite movie? __________________________________ 5. Pairwork. What's the story about? _______________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 7.LESSON 07 Movies A. Which aspects did you like about it? ______________________________________ 46 .

What time is it on? At seven o'clock. Are you going to listen to music? No.. 4. Are you going to have lunch? Yes. LESSON 07 SPEAKING WELL You can show the main stress like this.) Where is it on? Dracula is on. What are you going to do? A. I'm not. 3. Mark the stress on the followings. 47 . What are you going to do? I'm going to travel. Were are you going to leave? I'm leaving at 10:00. It's on at Film Cinema. 1. 8 What's on? Use on to talk about movies. I am.. What's on (at. . 2.

The bus ____________ in Ica in 3 Felipe? ( do) hours. Our flight will leave / leaves at 9:00. some friends over for a party on Sunday.LESSON 07 1. Martha : What _____ you______ this weekend. Use the a. (go). Some types of movies are horror. Brian and I _________________ and an actor and actress. Complete the conversation. d. How about you? a. The next flight ___________ at 1:00 on Saturday. drama. In a movie there is a director. The bank _____________ at 8:00pm exciting story. c. effects a. Movie makers use computers to Martha : Thanks. Use the verbs in the box. 1 photography 2 story 3 special 2. The concert ___________ late at night present continuous with future meaning. on Saturday. with this kind of movie. am. Fill in the sentences wih the simple movies present for future. a soccer match in the afternoon( see).stop designed to frighten people. 3. or spying. Choose the correct word. Alicia is going to/ goes to be 14 years d. 1 comedy 2 story 3 star b. a _______ Martha : Well. Thriller movie : A film with an a. c. 1 special effects 2 director 3 character b. make them. I really love __________ . The ______________ are important in movies. I laugh a lot old. Martha : Sounds interesting! 4. especially one about crime tomorrow. Felipe : Nice. I'll be there. This term ___________ in April. Felipe : There's an exhibition. 48 . I think Luis will see / is seeing you again one day. 1 adventure 2 star 3 music Want to come? c.end . Felipe : I _______________ to an art gallery d. The movie is starting / starts at 7:00. Say I_________________ (have) ________ and romantic movies. Horror movie : A film that is leave .close .start . b. Circle the best form.

on-line voting.” laptop Beyond curing disease we will know to prevent cancer and there will be different kinds of artificial ears. wristwatch Top research scientist have produced a 'calendar' that predicts the possibly 100 technologies between now and the year 2020.3) _____________ e. nuclear propulsion systems for various types of transportation. LESSON 08 Beyond 2020 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART KEY WORDS A. laptop machines. In progress (p 2) _______________ b. Some of their predictions may look difficult to achieve. lungs space solar power stations and a moon base the size of a C. Unbelievable (p. The scientists expect to see genetic intervention programs for human beings. Operation(paragraph3) ____________ d. there were no personal desktop computer computers. Share your ideas with the rest of the class. 3D television. an artificial brain with 10. Is there anything in the article you find difficult to achieve? Why? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ 2. pancreas. B. kidneys and blood. “We expect desktop computers to be up to million times more powerful in 25 years. To do with the sun (p3) __________ c.1) _______________ E. 25 years ago. Things that will be possible new in 25 years.kidney 1. Look at the article again and find words or expressions that mean: a. Think about any books and movies that are related to the future. Imagine: What your city will be like in 2025? D. legs. hearts. eyes. By 2025. lungs. liver. but as they say.000 cells will be at development stage. On the internet (p. Answer the questions: small village. There are now wrist watches that have more computing ability than some computers of 1970. digital wristwatches. camcorders or pocket calculators. video walls. liver . Read the article below to see how it is compared with your own ideas. camcoder There are many other predictions. 49 . In your notebook make a list of: Things that exit today but didn't exist 25 years ago.


Contrasting Future forms.

A. Look at these sentences. All of them refer to the future. Match them with the right definition.
1. I'm going to see Anne tomorrow. __________spontaneous decisions

2. I'm seeing Anne tomorrow. __________planned intentions

3. I'll see Anne tomorrow __________fixed arrangements
(we are sure it's going to happen)


With present continuous: With be going to + verb Time expression
What are you doing tonight? What's she going to do tomorrow? tomorrow
I'm going to a rock concert. She's going to work until five on friday
Are you doing anything Are they going to go bowling? this weekend
tomorrow? Yes, they are. next week
No, I'm not.

B. Complete the dialog. Use the future forms.
Mom: Do you have any plans for the weekend, Jack?
Jack: Some, yes. I_______(play) soccer on Saturday at 11.00 and then I
told you, I________(stay) at William's house on Saturday night.
Nom: Oh yes. It's his birthday! What are you__________(buy) him?
Jack: Sarah and I __________ (get) him the new Greenday CD.
Mon: Do you have much homework?
Jack: Yes, I think so.
Mon: Well, when ________________ do it?
Jack: I don't know.
Mon: Well you can't go to parties or play soccer and have fun all
weekend if...
Jack: Ok mom, I ____________________ (do) it now

C. Look at the pictures. Match the responses to the correct pictures.
It's I'm
It's hot! thirsty

_____I'll ring Sarah and ask her.
B C _____I'll close the window.
I can't do baby's
this math crying


D. In pairs write responses to other pictures then practice the mini dialog.

A. Complete these sentences so that they are true for you. Use information from
part 5. Then add two more sentences of your own.

a. I ________________________ study abroad
b. I ________________________ get a car.
c. I ________________________ get married
d. I ________________________ have a lot of kids.
e. I ________________________ get a lot of money.


Education: School

pre – school primary school high school university
secondary (Br)
In school. In the university:
· Pupils go to school. Students go to universities.
· You have teachers. You have professors.
· You have a recess. There are two terms.
· There are four terms.

cheat fail pass test

A. Match the definition with each word

1. To act dishonestly during an exam. __________ test
2. Not to pass a test or an exam. __________pass
3. An examination of abilities consisting __________cheat
of questions.
4. To achieve the required grade in an exam. __________fail


I probably won't lose. In Mike's opinion what the world will be like? B. Answer the questions using the expressions above. I do / No. Will you travel abroad after school? ___________________________ 3. I'll win / I won't lose. Are they going to study in the same university? 4. What's Mike doing next year? 2. I'm sure I'll win / I'm sure I won't lose. Will you pass this year? ____________________________________ 2. What's Martha doing next year? 3. 1. I don't. Will human beings travel to other planets in 20 years? ____________ 53 . Perhaps / Probably I know I'll win. Write three sentences that describe changes in your future life. I think so / I don't think so. Listen to them and answer the questions. 1. Perhaps I'll come first. Martha and Mike are talking about their plans. LESSON 08 A. A. I'll probably win. What are you doing next year? 7 Probabilities Do you think you'll win? Yes.

they receive diplomas. In the summer e. 2. I am taking four subjects next semester. There's a possibility of snow tomorrow. __________________________ __________________________________ __________________ c. Tomorrow afternoon __________________________________ d. 4. now (N) or if it's a habit (H) in B a. It won't open ____is c. I'm going to return home. Rewrite each sentence so that it _____I'm going to start my lessons contains will or going to. Students usually take four 5. a. ( ) 54 . __________________________ b. I've arranged a party for next week. When students graduate. ( ) a. tomorrow. Next week __________________________________ __________________ CONTRACTIONS 3.LESSON 08 1. Match these expressions a. She's happy ____will 2. Tonight __________________________________ __________________ e. Indicate if the sentence is in the Match the contraction in A with it's full form future (F). They're going to bed ____cannot b. At the weekend. __________________ __________________________ c. I'll go ____are semester. ( ) 4. ( ) _____I don't know. b. I'll phone you tomorrow. Write five sentences about your plans __________________________ using the following expressions. Sarah doesn't plan to get married yet. __________________________________ __________________________ __________________ d. ( ) 1. Why are you buying a tennis racket? b. Martin's wife is pregnant again. Let's go to the cinema on Saturday. I can't ____will not subjects every semester. When I graduate. b. I plan to study engineering in Italy. I am taking four subjects this 3. a.

of my school tastes yucky. 55 . Meaning ->lose interest Meaning ->waste time Meaning ->Refuse / disagreewith Run out of gas Screw around Shoot down Most of the students ran out of gas If you screw around all the time in your Everybody shot down my idea at first. My brother has been up since he met his new girlfriend.fashioned Meaning->honest Meaning ->happy and cheerful Square Straight Up My father looks square in that suit. cups of coffee. Meaning ->Bad Meaning ->Nothing Meaning ->Exhausted Yucky Zip Zapped The food is the restaurant on the corner Mr. English classes. I want you to give me a straight answer. Meaning ->old . second thoughts they changed their mind. Andersen knew zip about running a I am too zapped to help you right now. but after during Jim’s speech presentation. you won’t pass the next quiz. Kevin’s father is really wired after drinking 3 out and buy a pizza. Meaning ->Car Meaning ->Talented person Meaning ->Alert Wheels Whiz Wired If you let me borrow your wheels I’ll go Rick is a whiz at computers. farm business.

and was nominated for such accolades as Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards. Braun arran- ged for him to meet with entertainer Usher Raymond in Atlanta. musician. the remix albums My Worlds Acoustic and Never Say Never – The Remixes. Bieber has sold 15 million albums. His debut extended play. which nearly tied the record for the biggest opening-weekend gross for a concert-film. who came across Bieber's videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Mention other singer-songwriters you like to listen to: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ More singers are coming soon! 56 . 2. Underline in green all the irregular past verbs. Reid. It was preceded by the worldwide top-ten single. Bieber's first full-length studio album.]and then to an Island Records recording contract offered by record executiveL. Bieber was named by Forbes in 2012 as the third-most-powerful celebrity in the world. and Bieber was soon signed to Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). it became his fourth chart topper in the United States. and the 3D biopic-concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. and over 27 million followers on Twitter. 3. the seven-track My World. when it debuted at number-one on the Billboard 200.A. It debuted at or near number- one in several countries and was certified platinum in the United States.0. in June 2012. including Artist of the Year at the 2010 American Music Awards. debuting at number-one on the Billboard 200. "Baby". Write down three ideas you consider important for you about Justin: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Bieber was discovered in 2008 by American talent managerScooter Braun. in November 2011. Bieber has received numerous awards. Intent on developing a more mature sound. My World 2. Georgia. and was soon certified platinum in the United States. Underline in blue all the regular past verbs. was released in November 2009. termed as "Beliebers". was released in March 2010. 2012.[14] He has a Net Worth of US$112 million as of 2011 1. Bieber followed up the release of his debut album with his first headlining tour.] As of May 2012. With a global fan base. Under the Mistletoe. Which is your favorite Justin’s album? _______________________________________________________________ 5. Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer-songwriter. the My World Tour. Believe. Justin Bieber along with Taylor Swift won top honours at the Teen Choice Awards on July 22nd. He became the first artist to have seven songs from a debut record to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. he had earned an estimated US$55 million in the previous 12 months. the album is regarded as a musical departure from his previous teen pop sound. Bieber released his third studio album. producer and actor. Bieber released his second studio album.

George Jung in Blow. winning the Best Actor Awards from the Golden Globes for Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and from the Screen Actors Guild for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Tell us three things that make Johnny Depp famous: _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Films featuring Depp have grossed over $3. Joseph D.[3] He has been nominated for top awards many times. in Ed Wood. Underline the irregular past verbs in green. Depp turned to film for more challenging roles. Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.6 billion worldwide. and the bank robber John Dillinger in Michael Mann's Public Enemies. Depp rose to prominence on the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street. LESSON 09 BEFORE YOU ST ART Johnny Depp John Christopher "Johnny" Depp II (born June 9. with $75 million. Depp has gained acclaim for his portrayals of such people as Ed Wood. Dissatis- fied with that status. He has collaborated with director and friend Tim Burton in eight films through Dark Shadows (2012). He has been listed in the 2012 Guinness Book of World Records as the highest paid actor. he played the title character of Edward Scissorhands (1990) and later found box office success in films such as Sleepy Hollow (1999). Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). Underline the regular past verbs in blue. Pistone in Donnie Brasco.[5] 1. He also has garnered a sex symbol status in American cinema. How old is he? ___________ . being twice named as the "Sexiest Man Alive" by Peoplemagazine[4] in 2003 and 2009. 1963) is an American actor. 2. becoming a teen idol. producer and musi- cian. 3.1 billion at the United States box office and over $7. Hunter S. Rango (2011) and the Pirates of the Caribbean film series (2003–present). He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor.

from shoulder-length to very short crop in myriad colors and shades. followed by South America in mid January 2010 and Europe in March 2010. Underline in green the irregular verbs. Bury the Hatchet (1999) and Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (2001) and a greatest-hits compilation entitled Stars . many of The Cranberries' classics. was musician Denny DeMarchi who played the keyboard for O'Riordan's solo albums. How was she mostly recognized in the 90’s? ________________________________________________ 3. O'Riordan announced the reunion of The Cranberries for a world tour. 6. 2010 The Cranberries performed at the Special Olympics opening ceremony at Thomand Park in Limerick. Mention three of her most famous pieces of music: _______________________________________________________________________________________ 5. The band released five albums: Everybody Else Is Doing It. before they went on hiatus in 2003. The tour began in North America in mid November.LESSON 09 Dolores O'Riordan Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan (born 6 September 1971) is an Irish singer. No Need to Argue (1994). She usually performs barefoot on stage.9 RXP radio. On August 25. Underline in blue the regular verbs. What type of music does she sing? _______________________________________________________ 4. Throughout the '90s. When and where was she born? __________________________________________________________ 2. So Why Can't We? (1993). To the Faithful Departed (1996).[8] The band played songs from O'Riordan's solo albums. 1.[2] Main article: The Cranberries In 1990 O'Riordan auditioned and won the role of lead singer for a band called The Cranberry Saw Us (later changed to The Cranberries). On June 9. O'Riordan was recognized for her changing hairstyles.The Best of 1992 . 58 .[7] Also touring with the original members of The Cranberries. Her first solo album Are You Listening?was released in May 2007 and was followed up by No Baggage in 2009.2002 (2002). guitarist and songwriter. as well as new songs the band had been working on. but have since reunited in 2009. This was the first time the band had performed in their native city in over fifteen years. 2009. while promoting her solo album No Baggage in New York City on 101. She led the rock band The Cranberries to worldwide success and fame for 13 years before the band took a hiatus in 2003. O'Riordan is notable for her unmistakable lilting voice and strong Irish accent.

• At midnight. we were still driving through the desert. However. the computer suddenly went off. • While I was writing the email. • When the phone rang. Examples: • Last night at 6 PM. Remember this can be a real inte- rruption or just an interruption in time. USE 1 Interrupted Action in the Past Past Present Future Use the Past Continuous to indicate that a longer action in the past was interrupted. I STARTED EATING AT 6 PM. I was eating dinner. so I didn't hear the fire alarm. it started to rain. • Yesterday at this time. • What were you doing when the earthquake started? • I was listening to my iPod. Examples: • Last night at 6 PM. • Sammy was waiting for us when we got off the plane. • While John was sleeping last night. • You were not listening to me when I told you to turn the oven off. • While we were having the picnic. LESSON 09 was/were + present participle Examples: • You were studying when she called. AND AT 6 PM. described above. you can also use a specific time as an interruption. USE 2 Past Present Future In USE 1. A: What were you doing when you broke your leg? B: I was snowboarding. the Past Continuous is interrupted by a shorter action in the Simple Past. • Last night at 6 PM. Examples: • I was watching TV when she called. I STARTED EARLIER. • Were you studying when she called? • You were not studying when she called. I was eating dinner. The interruption is usually a shorter action in the Simple Past. she was writing a letter. I ate dinner. I was sitting at my desk at work. 59 . I WAS IN THE PROCESS OF EATING DINNER. someone stole his car.

she called. When Clauses are groups of words which have meaning. Some clauses begin with the word "when" such as "when she called" or "when it bit me. "While" expres- ses the idea of "during that time. USE 3 Parallel Actions Past Present Future When you use the Past Continuous with two actions in the same sentence." Examples: • She was always coming to class late. • While Ellen was reading. and customers were waiting to be helped. some were talking on the phones. it expresses the idea that both actions were happening at the same time. USE 5 XXXXX Repetition and Irritation with "Always" Past Present Future The Past Continuous with words such as "always" or "constantly" expresses the idea that something irritating or shocking often happened in the past. we often use a series of parallel actions to describe the atmosphere at a particu- lar time in the past." Study the examples below. but are often not complete sentences. Tim was watching television. • Were you listening while he was talking? • I wasn't paying attention while I was writing the letter. • What were you doing while you were waiting? • Thomas wasn't working. They have similar meanings. The concept is very similar to the expression "used to" but with negative emotion. • I didn't like them because they were always complaining. • He was constantly talking. Examples: • I was studying while he was making dinner." Other clauses begin with "while" such as followed by the verb tense Simple Past. The actions are parallel. Others were complaining to each other about the bad service. several people were busily typing. and having a good time. but they emphasize Examples: • I was studying when she called. • While I was studying. One custo- mer was yelling at a secretary and waving his hands. Examples: • When I walked into the office. and I wasn't working either. discussing their plans. USE 4 Atmosphere In English. whereas "while" is usually followed by Past Continuous. the boss was yelling directions. • They were eating dinner. He annoyed everyone. 60 . so I made several mistakes. While vs. Remember to put the words "always" or "constantly" between "be" and "verb+ing.

m. (He started already started studying biology before 9 studying biology at 9 p. Repetition 3. (They continued to play tennis for a days.m.m. We only use the past continuous when it is necessary to show: 1. (We had started eating before Lisa (We waited until Lisa returned home before returned home and were still having dinner starting dinner) when she returned home) • Carl was studying biology at 9 p. Duration 2. perhaps more often -the sentence doesn't tell us) Points to note We don't normally use the past continuous with certain verbs describing states: This castle belonged to the Queen of England. • We were having dinner when Lisa returned • We had dinner when Lisa returned home. Comparison of the length of two simultaneous actions PAST CONTINUOUS (I WAS DOING) PAST SIMPLE (I DID) The past continuous focuses on the duration of The past simple focuses on past actions as past situations and activities. home. (He had • Carl studied biology at p. and he was still doing it at that time) • They were playing tennis during the summer • They played tennis during the summer holi- holydays. completed past events. 61 .) p.m. LESSON 09 3 A comparison between the Past Simple and the Past Continuous. (They played during the summer holi- long time during the summer holidays) days perhaps once.

_____________________________________________ (-) ___________________________ 4 The city of the Incas A. Practice with a partner. Gabriel: Let's see Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire and the main political center. correct! 62 . Answer them. _____________________________________________ (+) __________________________ 2. B. Make yes / no questions with the sentences in part A. _____________________________________________ (-) ___________________________ 4. _____________________________________________ (+) __________________________ 5. Now. there e a car accident in front of my house? 1. _____________________________________________ (-) ___________________________ 6. Which city was it? Alvaro : Machu Picchu? Gabriel: Yeah. it is an important and famous archaeological wonder. fortresses and churches in ancient Cusco. Gabriel: There was an important city there. . Was g . Alvaro : That's right! And there were many palaces. _____________________________________________ (+) __________________________ 7. _____________________________________________ (-) ___________________________ 3. Gabriel and Alvaro are talking about Cusco.

63 . Sure. palace b. No problem. Ok. Match the pictures with the correct word 1. Exactly. La Merced ________ a. LESSON 09 Fantastic attractions B. Sacsayhuaman _____ 4. All right. ruins 7 Agreeing That's right. fortress c. Koricancha ________ 3. church d. Machu Picchu _____ 2.

haveing * Don't use stative verbs (non-action verb) in c. Django was a famous ____________. 64 . and possession (have. Rachel and I were _____________ dinner Verbs together.LESSON 09 1. appearance (look. word. There were some yogurt in the refrigerator. were 2.She is forgetting her a. c. Choose the best alternative. There is a soccer championship last year. _____________________________________ a. 2. was mental states (remember. while when they describe an action. but not when they describe a state. Ollantaytambo is a _________ like * See appendix for a list of non-action Sacsayhuaman. money from many banks. Parker __________ absent yesterday. . seem). _____________________________________ _____________________________________ c. _____________________________________ b. I had an accident while I was driving my car. . Correct the mistake in these sentences. * Non-action verbs describe emotions (love. were 2. own).He has a headache. 1. wants d. _____________________________________ a. He stole a. STATIVE ACTION . My uncle Bob was read when the phone rang. to when complete the sentences. . 1. this new idea. Rob with violence _____________________________________ c. . Jessica were studying Algebra tonight.I forget phone numbers . __________ there some oil in the cupboard? continuous tenses.g. d.I think you are right. there are many famous ___________ Rewrite them correctly. Complete each sentence with a suitable e.He is having a party. Brian was reading a book when his parents got home. one of them is 'San Francisco'. having 2. old boyfriend. b. verbs. earthquake began. I was taking a shower _________ the (need. hate). _____________________________________ 4. b. perception (hear. 1 or 2. want). Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence and contains the word in bold. * Some stative verbs can be used in the continuous 1. 1. Machu Picchu is considered an touristic easily.I'm thinking about ___________. see). In Lima. understand). She is a dangerous robber. Ms. when 2. 3. wasn't b. while d.

The work in the land (2) __________________________________ 4. others were fearsome . When white men arrived in their lands. 1. also their leader Sequoyah. The Indians taught the settlers about traditional medicines made from herbs and plants. Making people feel very frightened (2) _______________________ 3. Unfortunately. Some belonged to the mountains. When Columbus came to America. Natural cure for some diseases (3) __________________________ 65 . The Cherokee. the land was inhabited by tribes and nations of people known today as Indians. there was at first an exchange of culture. A. for example knew about advanced agriculture. The guide of a group (2) __________________________________ 5. Some were friendly. Read the text again. No the same for everybody (3) _____________________________ 6. Find out the equivalent word or phrase in the text. they hid in the west and many died. created a written Cherokee language. The oral traditions of these great people gave birth to fantastic legends about the origins of the Earth and the gods which defended and protected them. The number of the paragraph is given. A group of Indians living in a land (1) _______________________ 2. LESSON 10 Indians: The native americans 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART compass smallpox settlers woodlands exchange Long before the early settlers came to America. others lived (*) across the Great Plains and others in the woodlands of eastern forests. thought he had landed in India. for that reason the natives were called Indians although they had a variety of other names. He taught thousands of his people how to read and write. the exchange was not fair. When the early European settlers came to America. (*) People who make you feel fear. Underline in green the irregular verbs and in blue the regular ones. The western settlers brought with them smallpox and other diseases. How many are there? B.

come _______ I …………. 1. 4. know _______ Tradition ………… birth to fantastic legends. . 2. Judy : I 8(leave) before the end. A. Judy : I went to the movies last night. it 4(be) great. I 5(buy) the l book too. Rewrite the conversation using the correct simple past (+.or ?) Judy : I 1(go) to the movies last night.……. it was boring. Use the verb in the past form. give _______ The tutor ………… late today. Interrogative (?) Q: Did the Indians teach the settlers about traditional medicines? A: Yes. Match the verb and the suitable sentence. 5. Judy : Sam : I 6(like) the movie! Judy : Why not? Sam : Sam : Because it 7(be) very boring. they didn't. see _______ Many people …….. in the car accident. Sam : What you 2(see) Sam : Judy : “Eragon 2” Judy : Sam : You 3(like) it? Sam : Judy : Yes.. short form The European settlers didn't go to India. DIDN'T in negative sentences and DID / DIDN'T in short answers. die _______ I …………. 3. Negative (-) full form The European settlers did not go to India. or No. Affirmative (+) The Cherokee knew about advanced agriculture. 66 . Sam : B.LESSON 10 The simple past: Auxiliary DID We use auxiliary DID in questions. they did. all the quiz answers.. that movie.

67 .

Don't Tell Me You held my hand and walked me home. th 4. Did I not tell you that I'm not like that girl? throws it all away The one who gives it all away.LESSON 10 B. yeah [Chorus] [Chorus:] Did you think that I was gonna give it up to you. why did you I'm really upset have to go? Get out of my head get off of my bed yeah that’s what I Guess it wasn't enough to take up some of my love said Guys are so hard to trust Did I not tell you that I'm not like that girl.. I know Will get you in my pants I'll have to kick your ass and When you gave me that kiss it was something like this make you never forget it made me go ooh ooh I'm gonna ask you to stop. mess me up time? I've done no wrong Did you think that it was something I was gonna do Any thoughts of you and me and cry? have gone away Don't try to tell me what to do. C. Don’t try to tell me what to say. 5. this This guilt trip that you put me on won't. thought I liked you a lot. 6. the one who. Listen carefully to this…. but You wiped my tears. 3. Native American people ______________against English settlers. got rid of all my fears. 2. The firs settlers __________________ to America in the 17 century. I _____________ to call my bestfriend. [Chorus] You're better off that way Better off that way Don't think that your charm and the fact that your arm I'm better off alone anyway is now around my neck Underline in green the regular verbs in past and in blue the irregular verbs in past. Incas _____________ in the jungle because they were scared of Spanish people. She's going to be mad at me. Complete the sentences with a suitable verb (Use verbs in part 5) 1. Investigate about Avril and write down here some of her past facts 68 . C. but he discovered America. Columbus _______________ he arrived in India. My English teacher ____________ us a new song called “Goodbye my friends”.

last year We learnt a lot of English last year. (months have passed) Other ways: When I saw him. plain 5 11. 2. woods Complete the sentences with the words above. Wild animals live in the ______________________. campfire 7 8 9 3 9. I started to run ('when' indicates the past yesterday / yesterday afternoon Past tense tense time frame) August 1980 1999 69 . 1. The sun sets behind the __________________. In the summer the Indians live in camps of ____________________. paddle 1 6 6. 3. 1. arch 8. 7 Past tense week I visited my grandmother two days ago. A tribe is a group of _____________________ living together. LESSON 10 More uncountable nouns.m. Indians used ________________ and __________________ to hunt. 6. Indian 4 10. tepees 2. river 11 4. (hours have passed) five years two minutes I learnt about the solar system this week (days have passed) My class spent a great time this year. arrow 7. 4. month Other expressions: weekend two days three moths ago This morning I slept until 11:00 a. canoe 10 5. you can make a __________________. 7. mountains 2 3. To make a canoe move. 8. 5. you need a pair of ___________________. The Indians use _______________ to travel along the rivers or lakes. When you don't have electricity.

Does it last weekend teach mean anything? 3 days ago forget e. _________________________ _________________________ 4. When boys meet. My parents _______ very happy when I was born.LESSON 10 1. Write down five things you remember b. _________________________ ago. b. _________________________ _________________________ We often go for a meal in the evening 3. use the verbs in the box. d. _________________________ d. My dad ________a green car and he goes to last year leave work in it. g. _________________________ e. _________________________ f. _________________________ a. Use d. _________________________ Night time _________________________ c. When was your last birthday a. it's when _________________________ you are sleeping). _________________________ c. e. _________________________ (if something happens in the night. Today we ____________ about native expressions and verbs. Two nights ago I __________ a book about 2 months ago think Harry Potter. Two nights ago I _____ about water. they always ___________ _________________________ about football. When did you start learning English? about the native Americans. _______________________ c. _________________________ _________________________ b. The police ________ who was the killer. I ____________TV for three hours last night. yesterday sleep c. Americans. a. _________________________ h. b. _________________________ We often go for a meal in the night. Complete the sentence in past or What time did you go to bed in the present. When did you open this book? _______________________ d.Write your answers to these questions. Write sentences in past using the given a. When did you begin school? _________________________ _______________________ 2. evening? learn have read watch What time do you go to bed at night? talk be dream know 70 .

things went very badly for the burglar. LESSON 11 It happened to me 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART It happened to me A. they were having dinner from eight to nine. the school director gave her an award. a 14 year student. they saw the stereo. rowing.rowing .burglar . 71 .blows . Cristina has a black belt in karate. TV and computer in boxes in front of the garage. Numbers the pictures from 1 to 8 in the order each event happened.scream . Read the following story. Soon after that.kicks . her dad drove her family back to their house. weight lifting. After dinner. Catching a thief It was a busy day for Cristina Dressel Mark. When they were entering the garage. She was chasing the burglar for six blocks. and cycling. Her dad run into the house and found a burglar inside!Her mom was screaming when the burglar run out of the back door. when everyone in her school knew about the event. she gave him two quick kicks. Several times he turned to hit her but she blocked his blows. E G G . Finally. From then on . the police arrived and arrested the burglar. So Cristina ran after him. She finished a quadrathlon – a competition which includes running.She got the first place. Then she and her family went out to dinner together.jail B. the thief got 10 years in jail. she used her karate skills to stop him. and he fell to the ground.

I __________( play ) with friends..It was really strange. B : Wow! What did he do then? A : Well he came and told me “you are really strong” Want to play? B : That´s incredible! .. The burglar ran out of the back door. When they saw the TV in front of the house.. so my mom __________ (find ) me a tutor. On the head with the ball. Two years ago.. 3. I ____________( have ) problems with math.. While my brother __________( watch ) TV. 4. A. Pair work. past continuous Simple past and past continuous Past continuous: for an action Simple past: for a completed action in in progress in the past the past. Complete the sentences with simple past or past continuous. 72 .. My friend ___________ (drive ) a car when the police __________(stop ) them.. I . A : Umm . When I was going to first year. 3.. I was playing soccer when I hit him.He didn´t have his driver´s license. really? Where were you?. 2. I met my best friend while . A.. He found a burglar inside the house While her mom was screaming. Use the simple past or past continuous 1. I ..LESSON 11 Simple past vs. Then ask and answer questions to get more information A : I met my best friend while I was playing with my ball.. read your sentences from exercise 2. part B. They were entering into the garage.. B.. Complete the sentences with interesting things about yourself. 4.... B : Oh. 1. One day my mother arrived when I . Several years ago. the cat ___________ (unplug) the TV.. when we ___________( see ) a flying object in the sky. At eight at night. 2.. in the park. 5. She was running for six blocks. .

Circle the corret word or phrase to fill in the paragraph: 73 .

yesterday? e. 1At 9:00 __________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 2 At noon. ________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 3 In the afternoon. I got up really late.LESSON 11 B. While Luis was sleeping. Common non-action verbs These verbs are not commonly used with any continuous forms. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 5 At this time last night. 74 . emotions mental states perception and the senses 1 admire assume feel 2 detest believe hear 3 doubt expect notice 4 fear presume observe 5 regret realize smell 6 suspect wonder taste ( ) I suspected the voice was a ghost. ( ) I was suspecting the voice was a ghost. Describe the activities you were doing yesterday. I was playing soccer yesterday at 9:00 a. What were you doing at 9:00 a. ______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ C.m.g I was sleeping in my bed.m. Ask your partner about his activities. __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ 4 At 10 last night. Then tell the class about any similar or different activities you did.

________________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________________ 1. LESSON 11 A. or feel that something is not true. It sounds like crazy. To hate something / someone very much. To think about something and try to decide. To feel uncertain. Write the correct non-action verb next to each definition. To pay attention or become aware of something or someone. I don't know. ________________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________________ 3. To suppose that something is true. you can use these expressions: Are you kidding? Is that true? Come on? Oh. 1. Surprise 75 . To feel sorry about something you have done. ________________________________________________ 7 Surprise When someone says something that is incredible. ________________________________________________ 2.

m. Look at the pictures and complete 3. (buy/read) On my last vacation I ____________ time to call you because I c d _____________ swimming classes. 2. zaliree ________________ .LESSON 11 1. her mom died.m.noun We watched / were watching TV when Alex came in. Miriam ___________________________ 4. It was weird! (rain/dance) a b This morning I ________ the newspaper and ___________ it. ___________________________ c. It __________ a terrible month for me! (cook/be) a. people doing yesterday? Use the verbs in parentheses.m.m. At 9:45 a. verb vs. What were these simple past or past continuous. Luis and Carla action verbs. Swimming is a good sport (noun) Yesterday I drove / was driving our new I was swimming in the pool at 7:00 this morning. At 11:30 a. simple past or past continuous. Rock climbing is my favorite sport (noun) Susan lived / was living in Canada when My friends and I were climbing mountains. so we took / were taking a taxi home. someone chess.) It was a really hot day.g. At 7:30 p.m. (You) at I . _____________ in the middle of the park. (Verb in progress) car but I didn't damage it. Marcos was playing While it _____________ heavily. (not have/take) Mom __________broccoli everyday. At 10:00 a. 76 . (Verb in progress. Complete the sentences with the sentences. Unscramble the letters about non- b. At 4:45 p. Circle the correct option. I dorwen ________________ ___________________________ tregre ________________ e. e. Mary and I botdu ________________ ___________________________ leslm ________________ d.

A person who lives or stays in a palace. Among all the most well-known public transport means. Find out the following words or phrases in the text. Write true (T) or false (F) about the reading. Traveling by vaporetto is the most exciting adventure to get around Venice. the most efficient and cost-effective way to get around Europe. A large system of lines that cross or meet one another (n) __________________________ (3) 4. ( ) 5. cheap. Larger cities have bus network to help people get around. Private transportation is the best way to get around Europe ( ) 2. Read about them. 1. more punctual and more inexpensive than taxis. Not expensive. popular (adj) ____________________________________ (3) 5. and get around Venice by a vaporetto is a unique adventure! B. are London's Underground and the Paris Metro. Although larger cities have complex transport systems. Stockholm residents ride the T-bana. ( ) 4. Known by many people. Europe has been very progressive in developing efficient public transport systems. smaller towns usually have a bus network to help you get around. (#) = paragraph number. famous. Buses and trains are better in different ways than taxis. especially within its big cities. Taxis are more expensive than trains. while Lisbon residents use buses and a furnicular to climb the hills. There are different ways to get around Europe. ( ) 3. not a visitor (n) _____________________________ (3) C. low in price (adj) __________________________________________ (2) 3. Buses and trains tend to be more reliable. Able to be trusted (adj)________________________________________________________ (2) 2. 1. ( ) 77 . Public transportation is the fastest. trams and buses. LESSON 12 The best way to get around Europe 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART A.

For example. (I / think / history / easy / geography) _________________________________________________________________________ 78 ." 6. use 'as – as'. If the adjective (describing word) is one syllable. happy – happier. you can't change their endings. If the adjective has two syllables. 3." 5. (Lucia / tall / in the class) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. you can add -er. For example. far – further. When you want to say one thing is less than another. 2. With other English adjectives of two syllables and more. (Swiss watches / expensive / English watches) Swiss watches are more expensive than English watches. use 'than'. For example." "This exercise is more difficult than the last one. 1. For example. nice – nicer. big – bigger. Remember that some adjectives are irregular and change form when you make comparisons.g. "She's younger than me. lucky – luckier. For example. 4. "She's as tall as her brother" or "It's as nice today as it was yesterday. handsome – more handsome. you can either use 'less than' or 'not as – as'. A. 1.LESSON 12 Comparative and superlative forms There are some rules to help you make comparisons in English. Use the information in parentheses. When you want to say something is similar. Make sentences with comparative and superlative adjective forms. When you compare two things. but ends in -y. you should use more + adjective. small – smaller. bad – worse." 7. For example. you can change the end to -ier. Instead. beautiful – more beautiful and so on. good – better. "This programme is less interesting than I thought" or "This programme is not as interesting as I thought. e.

how high is the leaning tower of Pisa? Gabriel: Ummm…It's about 56 meters high. 1.Gabriel. Tom often goes to parties. to 12:00. Brenda: Because I want to take a full size picture of the tower! The Holy See = the office of the Pope. Dario speaks English well as much as Jorge. Why?. Brenda is talking with Gabriel about her next trip. Brenda: It's wonderful! I'm going to Italy next summer. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Practice with a partner. 79 . We work from 9:00a. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. (Manuel Ginobli / one / good / basketball players / in NBA) ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Brenda: Wow!. LESSON 12 3. (Mia / think / Gabriel / attractive / David) ________________________________________________________________________________ * Use … as much as… to compare people. and Pedro works from 7:00 p. animals or things that expresses the same meaning or are equal in some way.g. I'll visit Vatican City.Dario speaks English well. Brenda: Really? How big is it? Gabriel: It is 44 square meters. Rewrite these sentences using as much as. I rarely go to parties.. Brenda and Silvia like chocolate.m.m.. Jorge speaks well too. B. to 2:00 p. e. Gabriel: That's great! The Holy See is the smallest country in the world. Gabriel likes Mia as much as Silvia.m. _____________________________________________________________________________ I'm going to visit Italy! A.

How high is the Nevado Huascaran? It's about 6768 meters high. ___________________________________________________________________________ The Nile is 6 670 kilometers long. ship plane. ship. taxi. taxi. They arrived by plane. Write the questions to these answers. How far is Paracas from Lima? It's about 261 kilometers.6 kilometers deep. * by bus. How + adjectives…?(Adjectives in their base form) How hot is Rome in the summer? It gets up to about 35º Celsius. How deep is the Grand Canyon? It's about 1. 2. what the most famous tourist attractions are. 4. How cold is it in the winter? It goes down to about 8º Celsius How long is the Amazon River? It's about 6387 kilometers long. train.3 square kilometres. on bus. How big is the Amazon Rain Forest? It's 6 million square kilometres. 3. PREPOSITIONS + transportation PREPOSITION NOUNS in car. train. *(method of travel) 80 . what the most beautiful place in your country is. ___________________________________________________________________________ Lima is 804. truck. car. ___________________________________________________________________________ Mount Everest is 8 848 meters high. A. I went to Arequipa in my car. We travelled to Paris on a train. 1. How fast can you drive in the highway? At about 90 kilometers per hour.LESSON 12 My country In groups of three discuss about what the three most interesting places in your country are. plane. ___________________________________________________________________________ Lima. gets up to about 32º Celsius in the summer. Tell that to the class.

Use the words from the box.? What else…? 81 . a train a taxi a tram a ship a vaporetto a plane a funicular a bus 7 Asking for more information What about…? Do you mean…? Which…? Oh. Match the pictures with the correct word. these…? Why? How about…. LESSON 12 Transportation A.

Correct the mistake in these sentences. ___________________________________ 1. in the world. Pablo is 18. I'm going to travel to England _____ a ship. I travelled to Tacna on car. as much as b. _____________________________________ c. a. 1. The Aconcagua mountain is 6962 meters __ _________________. _____________________________________ youngest 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a _____________________________________ similar meaning to the first sentence and Contains the word in bold. more 2. 4. Lima is 804 km2 and Singapore is 620 km2 smaller a. A train is ___________ than a car. Orange juice is __________ delicious than ___________________________________ sodas. in 2. the most d. a. Arnold is the __________ in the class. Adjectives 1. Armand loves sports as ___________as videos. Janeth is the taller than Claudia. many d. Complete each sentence with a suitable word. for comparative o superlative forms. taller 2. to ___________________________________ complete the sentences. good gooder better good the goodest the best (See appendix for a list of irregular adjectives. The Vatican is the _______________ country Rewrite them correctly. d.3 kilometers square. Public transportation is the best__________ to get around Europe. tallest c.LESSON 12 1. on * Some adjectives don't add -er or -est 3. Lima is 804.) 82 . _____________________________________ d. Felipe is 13. b. Machu Picchu is a famous place in Peru. much 2. well known c. Choose the best alternative. Martin is 16. a. b. c. ___________________________________ 1. Carlos and I love weight training. 1 or 2. * They are irregular adjectives. My parents are greatest parents in the world. b.

I tr ou gh t m e After th hurt a lot. 24 Finally! Friday ______________________________ 25 I feel a little strange after my Saturday operation today. but I' iends ha here. l the same nigh to the hospita doctors and n th re e days ago. LESSON 13 I had a terrible accident 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART rd 23 Alvaro is in the hospital with a Thursday. r se nt m e so me homewor he My math teac y. Dear Gina. ______________________________ 83 . Tuesday ______________________________ 22 Wednesday I got a package this afternoon. I've been as n't wor ry . I prefer ni ce . 21 I hope she writes me back soon. but I fe t. n' t do ne it ye t. I' ll be e. I fo r no w . My band w left leg! But do ci de nt at m y school danc w ith th e d an ac ied to help D anny Saturday. Well. I ha e sh ow . em . 23 Thursday ______________________________ I left the hospital this morning. Complete Alvaro's diary with e day after the information on the night. It was ______________________________ my math homework from Mr. C 19 Sunday ______________________________ I broke my leg last night! 20 My last night in the hospital Monday ______________________________ I wrote to my cousin Gina today. I hope so. to ld m e I' m going home th has just PS The nurse oo l! June tomorrow. Alvaro A. k yesterday. that is e Ja nu ar y. l! I broke my ? I' m in the hospita Guess what ha pp en ed here since last al l right. bu t th e food's terrib been very nurses have in g! mom's cook 's really boring ro w . He has just written a letter to his cousin. June broken leg. I'll do it toda bu t I ha ve rite soon. Carranza. M y le g ll over th drums. It I may go hom e to m or d still like to go ve co m e to visit me. All my fr home. I hope you're from you si nc haven't heard Love. The I had a small op er at io le. so D ad br playing there. I hope you'll w al l well.

the / They / yet / university / left / have / not. * Have you seen that movie yet.g. a: _______________________________________________________________ (Kathy and Cynthia / see the movie?) b: Yes and _______________________________________________________ (they / read the book. ________________________________________________________________ 4. already / gone / has / He / ! ________________________________________________________________ B. Paul? * Jim hasn't been to the National Museum yet. finished / not / yet / I / have / homework / my I haven't finished my homework yet . too) 84 . Yet = before now. 1.g.LESSON 13 Present perfect + yet / already Notice the position of “already and yet” * Would you like a sandwich? “I've already eaten. We often use yet when we expect that the person we are talking about will do something. Already = before now and means that an activity is finished. (*) See Appendix A. ________________________________________________________________ 3. that / magazine / already / have / I / read. (I / finish) 1. thank you”. Reorder the words in the following sentences. Use “yet” or “already” e. ________________________________________________________________ 2. e. a: Have you done your literature homework yet? (you / do your homework?) b: I have already finished. Write the sentences and the questions. stopped / It / raining / not / has / yet. It is used in affirmatives. a: I love “Daddy Yankee” but ________________________________________ (I / not buy his new CD) b: Don't buy it! ___________________________________________________ (I / buy it for you) 2.

85 .

7. but he wasn't in. Do you know Susie? _____ No thanks. we've already met. Have you seen John _____ Yes. Do you want a drink? _____ No. Have you tried this pizza? _____ I haven't had time to watch it yet. She He She They She You / I You / we Infinitive Past participle fall fallen cut cut hit hit burn burnt eat eaten break broken smash smashed 86 . Have you phone Brian yet? _____ Yes. You look great.LESSON 13 B. I haven't had any food yet. Could you finish those letters _____ He just gone out. A B 1. by lunch time? 8. 6. _____ I've already done them. Accidents and injuries. 5. 2. I've already had four cans of soda. 4. 3. Match a sentence from column A with one form column B to make a dialog. I've just come back from video I gave you? holiday. What did you think of the _____ Thanks.

In short. Programmers (create) ___________________ a large selection of useful programs which do everything from teaching foreign languages to bookkeeping. not) ___________________ much memory and they (be. 87 . They (have. e. Ask and answer about the people in the pictures above. Computers (become) ___________________ powerful machines with very practical applications. Times (change)___________________ . individual machines used mostly as expensive typewriters or for playing games. Simple Past / Present Perfect Using the words in parentheses. Use the pronouns and the verb chart to help you.g. but today's games (become) ___________________ faster. Picture 1 A: What has happened? / What's wrong? B : She's fallen down the stairs . Best wishes : Good luck! All the best Happy New Year! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Since computers were first introduced to the public in the early 1980's. not) ___________________ very powerful. more exciting interactive adventures. We are still playing video games. complete the text below with the appropriate Tenses. 7 Best wishes. the simple. We (start) ___________________ to create international communities online. Get well soon! Best wishes. LESSON 13 A. technology (change) ___________________ a great deal. Most computers (be) ___________________ separate. also) ___________________ on the Internet and (begin) ___________________ communicating with other computer users around the world. B. Early computers were often quite expensive and customers often (pay) ___________________ thousands of dollars for machines which actually (do) ___________________ very little. Many computer use (get. The first computers (be) ___________________ simple machines designed for basic tasks. individual machines of the past (evolve) ___________________ into an internatio- nal World Wide Web of knowledge.

Christmas / all / already / Jane / sent / cards / has / her _________________________________ ______ fallen e. Use the regular verbs below and ask 3. _________________________ d. _________________________ c. 4 » He suffers from a rare blood disease / illness ______ burnt Illness: Severe and minor medical problems mental health. bought / new Write complete sentences below.g. your partner about things he / she has e. Reorder the words in the sentences. Match the pictures and the verbs. brother / a / just / My / has / car / 2. _________________________________ 1 d. A: Have you washed your face yet? a. haven't / my / yet / homework / I / done B: Yes. movie / I / started / already / has / think done today (orally). to / have / home / just / They / left / the / bus station 2 _________________________________ ______ smashed 3 Diseases: Is used to talk about more severe physical ______ broken medical problems (infections / affect organs) Not used about a period of illness. a. _________________________ 88 .LESSON 13 1. the / Mark / of / come / hospital / yet / cook clean has /out / not phone play _________________________________ tidy listen c. I think the movie has already started . I have / No I haven't _________________________________ wash watch b. _________________________ » She died after a long disease / illness b.

They are Schools very expensive. LESSON 14 School times 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART A.S.fee G . where would you be in the US? In Junior or Senior high school? 89 . There are. and their parents have to pay fees a year for their education. Schools run by a Catholic church are called parochial schools. Many British public schools are boarding schools where students live during the term time. music schools. some of them are boarding schools. have a high reputation. Answer these questions. According to your age. this is unusual in public schools.attend .term . Read the following text and contrast to the education in your country. Elementary school Senior high school In the US In the US A school for children between 6 and 12 A school for young people between 14 to 18 E G . Only about 10% of children in Britain attend public schools. and many of their students come from well-known families. Many private schools are single-sex. Schools that students have to pay to attend are private schools. these scolarchips pay for their school fees. What is a boarding school? 2.wealthy . for example. Is it a single-sex school? 4. military ones and religious schools where students practice that religion. Use your notebook. Nursery school Junior high school (kindergarden) In the US In Britain A school for young people between 12 to For children from 2 to 4 years old 14. A small number of children from less wealthy families win scholarships. Schools The term public school refers to a state school.well-known B. In few of these schools pupils have to do small jobs for senior pupils. Some US private schools give special attention to a particular area of study. by . Public schools are run by the government. There are many private schools in the U. Is your school a public school? A private school? A parochial school? 3. art schools.

90 .

sleeping well any book lately? 5. I'm a couch potato.. we've been winning lots of prizes in many competitions. Practice with a partner.. Silvia has met her old school friend. So we've been going to different countries... LESSON 14 What a lucky break! A...... mailing anyone abroad B: Yes... doing anything unusual A: Have you been reading 4. but I only like to read or watch sports news. Luckily.. I have... ___________________ C: Really? Do you like sports? B: Yeah. When interviewing ask for further information. I've been reading a book about 6. 7. lately? S1' notes S2' notes sports book-Maradona 1... reading any book 2.. A: . How long have you been doing that? Monica : For almost two years. so mom and dad are really proud. ___________________ Maradona. * How come? (Informal expression Silvia : Wow! What a lucky break! to ask the reason for something) Group work.. Have you been . Ask and answer these questions and two more of your own. I've been taking sports classes and I've been traveling to many countries.. Silvia : How come?* Monica : I'm in the school's athletics team... Silvia : Hey... Silvia : Goodness! You couldn't even pass the physical education course in primary. traveling 3.. 91 .... I won a scholarship. Monica! I haven't seen you in ages! What have you been doing since primary? Monica : Lots of things! I've been attending to a great high school for almost two years.

I ......... Complete the sentences with your own information............ ...... For the last few Whi S .. d Trilce........ Fill in the spaces with synonyms from the list... .......... I .... not now) Present perfect continuous: To talk about things that started in the past and continue up to the present............................. ............. I .. For the last five months............. ................... (Only in January.... Then read the instructions below and play the board games with your partners. st two years...... Finish since I ............. Since I entere Go tw .... .. Free space! For the la I was . ce s her saw me Miss a turn! when my teac Descriptive adjectives A.... Last year at this time.... years... absurd wonderful ridiculous horrible dumb outstanding marvelous dreadful fantastic bizarre terrible weird disgusting unusual silly clumsy Awful Fabulous 92 ....... o spa I ..... I was living in Miami in January. I ..... I've been .. t tar I le I ........ I've been living in Miami since 1990............................ I . It's my life While I was..... (I'm still living there) A...LESSON 14 Past continuous: To describe an action that was in progress at a specific time in the past..........

. I see.Really? I didn't know that! .That's too bad.Wow! Tell me more! .Oh. . . e. Write six events that have happened to you. LESSON 14 Stupid Strange B. Which syllable is stressed in each word? Mark the stress. It was a really dreadful experience. part A. Look back on the adjectives in exercise 5.I know what you mean. Use your notebook. Sympathy and interest You can express sympathy by saying: You can express interest by saying: . Then listen and check them. really? That's interesting Sympathy and interest 93 . 7 SPEAKING WELL Word stress A. Describe each sentence with one adjective. I remember once I was eating a “Pachamanca” when I found a cockroach.Oh.g.

(silly can mean ridiculous) 94 . e. for / Mario / French / studying / continuous. my mom ______________________ ______________ (go out) a lot. _______________________ _______________________ We can say: That was a silly idea. ______________________ e.g. For the last six months.g. player and I couldn't find it. month. I haven't been working out but I have b. Yesterday. Someone ______________ (take) my the information in parentheses and things these days. I look like a _______________________ clown. during the summer but we been / doing / summer / last. a. mudb _______________ these days? B: ( )(study late)(last weekend) ________________________ _______________________ b. leasmorvu _______________ d. has / 3 years/ been. c.A. Answer the following questions.S. However. c. ______________________ c. A: Has your boyfriend been calling you e. Complete the sentences with past continuous or present perfect a. d. I ______________ really well / for / has / the last four (study) here for one year. haven't / exercises / We / since / the U. tadnositugn _______________ No. hours. zirebar _______________ been taking dancing lessons for 2 weeks . Lucia / dog / hasn't / since / been / a. laredufd ______________ a. My mom and I were living (live) in b. I love this school. Have you been working out lately? 4. Reorder the following sentences. have been living (live) here since April. mom _____________ (learn ______________________ English). Unscramble the following descriptive ( ) (take dancing lessons)(2 weeks) adjectives. c. 2. 3.LESSON 14 1. A: Has your mom been working lately? (silly can mean foolish or stupid) B: ( )(work)(she got divorced) _______________________ I feel silly in the clothes. While dad ___________ (work) last bought / sleeping / a / well / she. Use d. working / My / been / computer / b. A: Have you been reading any book? B: ( )(write some poems)(last month) More than one meaning. I check ( ) for Yes and cross ( ) for No ______________ (look) for my CD answers. They both finished. she _____________ (not work) last month.

Australia. Sebastian Rodriguez is from Athens and won five medals last Paralympics. join (v) ____________________________________ (3) C. A chair with large wheels used by a person who can't walk (n) ________________________ (2) 4. ( ) 2. He's an excellent swimmer. sing and Paralympics in 2000: gold in the 100-meter compose. A person who practices bodily exercises and games (n) ______________________________ (1) 2. too. What sports can they do? 1 Sebastian Rodriguez Janna Crawford is a 3 Veloso. To find and get new members. A round flat piece of metal given to a person for a heroic action (n) ____________________ (1) 3. Find out the following words or phrases in the text. She won a gold medal at the Athens Paralympics. fencing. He won two medals at the Sidney she can act. LESSON 15 Fantastic four 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART A. (#) = paragraph number. can't walk. He is practices wheelchair a wheelchair road racer. ( ) 3. 2 Kurt Fearnley was born in Janna can play volleyball and softball. is one of the greatest wheelchair basketball athletes from Spain but he player. Ms. and a bronze medal in the last Paralympics event in Athens in 2004. She is an athlete and a multitalented person. 1. Also. Crawford is an actress and a singer. Also. Gema Hassen-Bey is from He can't walk but he can Madrid. Write true (T) or false (F) according to the reading 1. B. ( ) 95 . he won the Athens Paralympics Marathon. she studied information sciences. She won two bronze medals in Barcelona 92 and another one in Atlanta 96. relay and silver in the 800 meters. Gema Hassen-Bey won three medals from 1992 to 1996. Read about these four amazing wheelchair athletes. Spain and she 4 race in his wheelchair. She was recruited by the American wheelchair He won three gold medals basketball team.

No.LESSON 15 Can. e.g. (P) _________________________________________________________________________ 96 . Add extra information. A ffirma tive s ta te me nts N e ga tive s ta te me nts I / You / He / She / We / They can swim I / You / He / She / We / They can't swim. he will. (P) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. No. I / you / he /she / we / they can.g. 1. B. No. He isn't able to pass the test. I / you / he /she / we / they can't. we won't. he is. (F) Will Pacey be able to swim? Yes. Can Pacey swim? Yes. but not very well Use 'b e a b l e to ' with the same meaning as 'c a n ' (ability). (F) _________________________________________________________________________ 3. We won't be able to play soccer next month. we will. Look at the pictures and write yes/no questions and short answers. he isn't. Yes / No questions Short answers Is he able to pass the test? Yes. Rewrite the sentence in part A using be able to in the present (P) or future (F). Affirmative statements Negative statements He is able to pass the test. he can. Y e s / N o que s tions S hort a ns we rs Can I / you / he /she / we / they swim? Yes. be able to » Can is used to describe an ability in the present. Will we be able to play soccer next month? Yes. We'll be able to play soccer next month. This is used in all the tenses. A. e.

but Cory can't. You _____________ go on vacation. 4. Gonzales: Sure! What do you need to know? David: Well. you have to be 18 years old. we _____________ see the movie. Practice with a partner David: Good morning Mr.ask for permission: Can I leave early today? . Take turns. _____________ I borrow some money? 6. It's too noisy. 5. 1. Monkeys _____________ talk. In pairs. A. 9. David is talking to Mr. David: Do I have to study? OK. Excuse me..offer to help somebody: Can I help you? . It's too expensive. 10. I want to know how I can get my driver's license? Mr. Gonzales: First of all. I don't know the answer. My abilities A. he's too busy. Lino Gonzales about how to get a driver's license. What can you do? Ask your partner. Jim makes great opportunity: I can go to the movies now. Do I have to study? B.request something: Can you help me? . I'm not desperate I can wait for being 18 years old. Oh! And you have to study all the driving laws. use can to: . Pigs _____________ fly. I _____________ play the piano. Then you will have to have a medical examination. Add can or can't to the following sentences. Gonzales! Can I ask you a question? Mr. Tony _____________ come tonight. _____________ you tell me? 7. We _____________ study well. 8. Talk about your abilities. LESSON 15 Also. and a driving test. 97 . 3. 2. He _____________ cook really well.

98 .

but I'm not sure. 6. 7. 3. Match the pictures with the correct phrase from the box below them. 8. a birth certificate a driver's license a college degree a passport a visa a high school diploma an ID a marriage certificate 7 Responding to difficult questions I'm not sure. I really have no idea. 1. 2. How would I know? Responding to difficult questions 99 . Isn't it…? I think…. LESSON 15 Documents A. 4. 5.

recruiting a. You don't have to buy the newspaper. Rudolph can't walk but he's an excellent necessary. Correct the mistake in these sentences. _____________________________________ d. word.Sebastian is a great athlete in the pool. _____________________________________ c. We need to ___________________________________ win. Alonso can to drive his father's car. 1. She Have to andmust have similar meaning. 4. c. wheelchair ___________.This is the last exam and you have to study hard. but I can't drive it. a.My brother is finding new members for his club. can have to / must d. He loves I can do it. 1. doesn't has to different meanings. You must not drink beer when you drive. DON'T HAVE TO = expresses something is not a. everybody has to get an ______ called DNI in Peru.LESSON 15 1. has to must ___________________________________ b. Esther and I will _____ able to come back. 100 . I need my ______________________. passes the course excellenty. Complete each sentence with a suitable MUST NOT = expresses prohibition. Choose the best alternative. b. Complete the second sentence so that it has _____________________________________ a similar meaning to the first sentence and contains the word in bold. d. are be able to ___________________________________ c. Sophia ___________ take an exam. Jen have to be early for the interview. 1 or 2. two bronze in the last Olympics. Our math class don't has to be bored. to ___________________________________ complete the sentences. Mark __________ participate. b. My parents are be able to travel next week.Sahara got the American visa. At the age of 18. c. be 2. _____________________________________ swimmer 2. have to 2. cans 2. I have a car. basketball. d. b. a. 3. They won five ____________: three gold and Rewrite them correctly. She can go now. doesn't have to 2. She's a genius. Rocio __________ write and sing at the same time. 1. but must not anddon't have to have very 1.

I don't have really peculiar. A. I think they're me have a boyfriend. I know important to my parents. to tidy my room or any thing like that. They thing is I have to make my bed don't let me do anything. listen to pop music B. so why can't they let me do some of the things I like? ANDY: I think my parents are JOYCE: I think my parents are weird. LESSON 16 Are your parents strict? 1 BEFORE YOU ST ART Key words: Chewing-gum Argument Make – up Tidy my room NICK: Well. I they want me to do well at school. I'm the person who has but I work hard and get good to sleep in it ! marks. or listen to pop music. is not allowed wear make-up. I'm not go cut with my friends. my parents are SARAH: I'm always having quite good really. The only arguments with my parents. stay up allowed to wear make-up or late. Read the paragraphs again and fill in the chart. I mean. My parents don't let me that. except before I go to school – it's a homework! I'm not allowed to real nuisance. But my parents don't let stay out after 10 and they don't let me chew gum. mean. have a girlfriend and all of jeans. I'm allowed to quite strict. NICK SARAH ANDY JOYCE has to do well at school is allowed to invite friends home. I don't invite friends home. to…. I mean. though. In your opinion. wear make- understand why it is so up. who has the strictest parents? Why? 101 .

It's Brenda's birthday on Saturday – I ___________ remember to buy a present for her. We can't park here.LESSON 16 Modal verbs of obligation and prohibition Obligation No obligation: I have to make my bed. Your computer is broken! Don't worry – you ___________ use mine. A B C 1. We have to wear a uniform. I don't. sir. you_________ turn your cell phone off on the plane 3. I must make my bed. You must be over 18 to get in. 5. You don't have to speak so loudly. You mustn't talk in here. Someone has permission to do something___________________________ b. 6. I do / No. D E F 4. I don't have to make my bed. It is not necessary for someone to do something _____________________ d. Hurry up! We mustn't be late! 2. 1. 3. 2. I can stay out late. B. You can come in now. Do you have to make your bed? I mustn't wear make up. Write 1 – 6 in the boxes. Match the sentences and the pictures. Prohibition: Neutral: We can't have guest at home. The first has been done for you. It's only 8 o' clock. you _______________ hurry! 102 . Complete the sentences with a modal verb. Sorry. A. It is necessary for someone to do something ________________________ C. and the movie doesn't start until 10. 5. Which sentences say: (from the sentences in part A) a. It is very important not to do something ____________________________ c. 4. Yes.

103 .

4. When I lend things to my brother. We use 'not be allowed to' to talk about (prohibition / obligation). We use 'be allowed to' to talk about (obligation / permission). Rules make us do things right. Rule: Circle the correct option to complete the rules. 1. 3. Complete the sentences with the correct form of make. 2.LESSON 16 Obligation: They are going to make me do all the housework. ____________ you __________ use your parents' car? Make. _____________your teachers _________you study hard? 3. 1. We use 'make' to talk about (obligation / permission). B. let or be allowed to. I never__________ people use my things without asking me first. 2. 5. At school we (-) __________________ take out cellphones in the classroom. Do and Have These verbs have many common expressions that are very different in our language. We use 'let' to talk about (obligation / permission). Things we make Things we do Things we have a mistake(=an error) homework(u) a rest (= relax) a meal(= cook something) housework(u) food and drink friends research(u) (detailed study) a shower / a bath noise a favor a (nice/terrible) time a decision a course a party progress the shopping a baby 104 . so you need to learn them. A. I always ___________ him promise to be careful!. 4.

LESSON 16 A. I usually buy my food on weekends. 3. I'll clean the house this weekend. ______________________________________ 4. my little girl is jealous.________________________________ 5. I ate pizza in the restaurant. I think she enjoyed herself last night. 2.I was bitten by a vampire bat. 7 Warnings Watch out! (= be careful!) Mind your manners ! (= be have!) Mind your head! (= don't hit your head!) Mind your head! Mind your step! (=be careful you don't fall) Because of pickpockets. (=be careful. 1. there are people who will steal things from your bag or pocket) Mind your step! 105 . When it ________hot the best way to keep yourself hydrated is to drink a lot of water. 3. Let's drink something . I ______ a terrible nightmare last night.HAVE . Let's have a drink.She always _______her sister cry. do or have e. Use the correct verb form of DO . __________________________________ 3. ________________________________ 2. My granddaughter Charlotte is very fond of horses.riding as often as possible. She ________horse.BE 1.g.MAKE .. Replace the underlined word(s) with a expression with make. I am worried. I'm going to prepare dinner tonight. _______________________________ B.

I'm not silly. you know. noise make do about the bill. obligation and prohibition. I'm not allowed to___________ because I . a meal . d. aren't allowed to 2. I'm not allowed to___________ in class.Put the phrases in the correct column. 1. Fell / felt c. lets me 2. She's just a little girl and she wants to wear_____________ e. a course f. Me turn the car on. lets c. research . touch the ball. 4. They are really_______ d. Complete the sentences with 3. is allowed 2. makes me my room first. and I hate it! b. let Make-up / tidy / argument b. Complete the sentences. are allowed to a. We had an_____________ with the waiter . c. It's a secret. I __________ go to your party. Use modal verbs . b. I can't go out if I don't_______ 1. OK? You______ tell anybody. housework of permission. My parents don't let me do everything I want. you ____ ________ Felt is from feel / felt / felt explain everything to me! » I felt ill yesterday. My mother… do the shopping. In soccer. 106 . allowed to 2. . My father never…. In class.K.LESSON 16 1. / stay up late / strict 1. The words in the box. . We… talk during a test 1. friends . but I feel O. only the goalkeeper …. » Yesterday I fell and broke my arm d. a. Circle the correct alternative. a mistake 2. My teacher saw me sleeping in class and I ____________ wash my face. the shopping have to wake up before 60' clock. a. Dad says I'm Fell is from fall / fell / fallen not allowed to.

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