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El ensayo es un género de escritura donde se expone un punto de vista

del autor en relación a algún tema social, científico o filosófico. El ensayo
en inglés es muy utilizado en los temas académicos, principalmente
científicos. El ensayo consta de 5 partes:

Parts of the essay

Title and author(s) (título y autor(es)): El encabezado de todo ensayo es
su título, que da una idea acerca de cuál será la temática del texto. En el
renglón inmediato seguirá el nombre del autor. En cado de varios
coautores, se citará el nombre de cada uno, si título o grado académico,
si lo tiene. En caso de más datos, como algún cargo gubernamental o
que sean profesores o investigadores en alguna institución o empresa,
éstos es preferible citarlos en una nota al pie de la página.

Abstract (resumen). Es una síntesis sobre el tema del trabajo, una vista
somera de algunos puntos de vista y cuál es el objetivo que pretendemos
alcanzar con la exposición.

Body (cuerpo o desarrollo). En esta sección exponemos el tema de
nuestro ensayo. Debemos usar tanto la exposición lógica, como
cronológica; también debemos hacer una exposición de los datos
expuestos por otras personas, tanto en favor como en contra, y
explicando nuestra posición sobre el tema.

Conclusion (Conclusión). En la conclusión expondremos el porqué de
nuestro punto de vista. La conclusión no debe exceder lo expuesto en el
cuerpo del ensayo.

Bibliography (Bibliografía). En la sección de bibliografía citaremos los
documentos que usamos en nuestra investigación. La bibliografía incluye
libros, revistas, documentales, páginas web, y otras fuentes.

El ensayo se escribe preferentemente en papel tamaño carta, por una
sola cara, a doble espacio, utilizando letra en tamaño 12 de las familias
Arial o times. Cuando se usaba máquina de escribir, el formato era de 60
golpes por renglón (60 caracteres monoespaciados, incluyendo espacios)
y 30 renglones por hoja. Esta medida es la cuartilla, que equivale a unos
1800 caracteres.

around 18-20 months old. not only English or Spanish. Along the time. taking that ancient languages as basement. Past some time. Ejemplo de ensayo en inglés: Language and productiveness By Diego Clemenceau Abstract: One of the first activities created by the human being. un ensayo es de más de 4 cuartillas. may learn to recognize (and after to talk) this languages. But taking them as start point. later screams and sounds. become along the centuries in the articulated language. a language improvement is necessary to be more efficient in our work. Is a paradox. to affect all places: schools. many people has watch for the adequate use of the language. In this period a child can use hundreds of words and use a correct syntaxes. language has evolved along human history. But this evolution is not linear. Los ensayos de menor extensión son llamados ensayos cortos: short essay. with the development of the mass media. Even. But across de 20th Century. all languages. many languages stop to use. government. this change during the social and scholar life. in our whole life. During this period of childhood. But the right pronunciation and context is a longer process that come around 6 or 7 years old. a baby has a vocabulary of about 150-300 words. this are death languages. That means that in this period we learn to hear and recognize the sounds of any language. especially in written media. And this overcome media. Like a dynamic entity. but in the Information Era now we live. The language is something we take for granted. Hand movings. business and companies. .En cuanto a su extensión. Introduction. is communication. This means in this period configure their basic language form. our business. Even. most of the time language is poorly used. new languages developed. From our point of view. We learn the “phonetic map” of our mother tongue between the six and the 11 months of birth. every person acquire his “mental map of language”. has a neglect use and abuse. A baby exposed to different languages in this period.

then. the person ways of communication are distort. Not only we talk about rudeness or vulgarity. code and decode to assimilate knowledge. business or companies) obstruct the development of the need activities. distort the right use of language. but sometimes we can’t understand the context. This sounds great. Other formation sources. This other formation sources has a “surprise” problem: the bad language use. Currently we hear that at twelve years. TV programs pass from educative contents to explode mainly violence and sex. The final ingredient. And why the “other” formation overcome school? This is due two factors. we mean the bad use of language: wrong use of words. Internet. and principally TV and since some years. By other hand. It’s not a secret that in the last 30 years. audiovisual info. Only in Youtube. government. Comparatively. is that the used of this media don’t note it. During this period. It hits in the organization productivity. applied in any organization (school. the theory is that this man or girl counts with enough knowledge and communication capabilities to face the world. the most seen content is music videos. Radio. slang between others. by one hand. followed by comedy. a child has seen ten thousand murders and know about sex more than his father. And it happened about internet too. This poor language. It becomes the normality. Why? Because. are a parallel info source: electronic mass media. this poor communication. Is like a dysfunctional phone: Sometimes we can rebuild a bad message. laziness to read. poor syntaxes. are one source of knowledge that acts during more time in a person’s life that school formation. This problem go further. a message is not as effective as it may be.When this person ends his formative period and comes to the social and working activity. code and decode written information (many prefer to search a video tutorial). and the worst of this. is assimilated . but isn’t completely true. Firstly the easily of acquisition. The school formation needs to enforce to understand information.

html Fuente: ejemplos de Ensayo en inglés . As Plato said. we may see that school knowledge is seen as obligation. without great effort and easy to assimilate. and not as a pleasure or a gain. the “how to”. are ever there: easy to see. because is a live sample how something is done. making then see study and knowledge acquirement as a burden. and clear dudes or show mistakes from media. Certainly may be better improve language. is necessary take some actions: Beginning from school formation. most teachers drown child’s curiosity. In the case of workers and professionals. but this is obstructed by the bad use of language in the media. to don’t feel afraid by the knowledge. teach the importance of a correct use of language and how to develop a clear and assertive speech or written messages. Unfortunately.ejemplode. something unhelpful and empty. TV and now internet. If we can ask people. URL del artículo: easily. They are there practically until person’s dead. but in this moment that’s not ejemplo_de_ensayo_en_ingles. Conversely. Banish the use of media or change the way they use language is utopic and unreal solution. Conclusion Is absolutely clear that a better and assertive communication is essential in any organization. short and effective by examples”. The second is continuity. “Long and tedious is the knowledge through theories. From our point of view. show the importance of a good language use. And over this. teach children that they can and may learn by themselves.